Clutching 23

[[logged by Pyrene]]

Quarith's clutching begins shortly at Ista Weyr! @go clutching to get there - just say a watchrider brought you!
— entered by Saria on 1999-07-19 22:58 MOO Time.

Tier and tier of benches rise high in these galleries, encompassing a sweep along a full third of the cavern's wall. Seats worn to slippery-smooth likeness, they are broad enough to offer security — but each one is also high enough to offer a clear view over those in front. Several lines of rope cordon off this area from the Sands below, and a precariously narrow pathway offers access to the multiple layers of draconic ledges that line the walls.
To view things on the sand, see <help here>.
Perched around the galleries are four firelizards.
Saendi and Zoey are here.
Obvious exits:
Ledges Stairs

Ilyena floats gracefully up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Indra walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Saendi waves at everyone. "Hi!"

Melissa walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Ciressa walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Tilarekna half skips up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Pyrene scrambles up, shooing a randomly grabbed handful of brats in front of her. She's here to educate them you see. That's it. "You saved us seats, Endi?" she calls over the bustle. "Come on kids, settle down."

Saendi nodnods. "Right here!" She points.

Zoey waves to Reka. "Hiya!"

From the hatching sands, Saria walks out onto the sands.

From the hatching sands, Liran walks out onto the sands.

Charis walks in.

From the hatching sands, Kira walks out.

Loria walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

From the hatching sands, Saria steps out onto the hot sands, feet smarting already even in thick-soled riding boots. "Keep hold of Liria, love," she says to Liran anxiously, "I don't want her to scorch her feet."

Ciressa cranes her neck to see around the people, sliding through the seats as a familliar face is spotted. "Reka!"

Indra glides up the stairs, poking her head around the Galleries before finding a semi-decent spot in the middle ranks. Of course, someone taller then her just /has/ to sit in front of her.. Grf.

Above the sands, Wiranth Slyly stalks the airborn shadows in through the upper entrance of the hatching grounds.

Above the sands, Wiranth swoops in to land on the ledge.

On the ledge, Wiranth lands neatly, and furls his wings.

Daneel walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

On the ledge, Ethree slides from Wiranth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Daneel scoots over next to Loria, feeling totaly unfamiliar with the area.

On the ledge, Ethree makes her way carefully down into the galleries.

Ethree scatters down off one of the ledges.

From the hatching sands, Liran nods and hefts his daughter as he smiles at Quarith.

On the ledge, Wiranth takes off.

Above the sands, Wiranth takes off from Ledge

From the hatching sands, Quarith rumbles loudly, the sound reverberating throughout the cavern as she makes a great effort and shifts her bulk side to

Loria walks in glancing back for Daneel… She has only been here a few other times, but finds a seat quickly where she can see the goings on.

Above the sands, Wiranth Slyly stalks the airborn shadows out the upper entrance of the hatching grounds.

Mhairie skips precariously up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Saendi snuggles Mhairie! "Here's a seat for y', Mhairie!"

Pyrene squeezes past people to sit next to Endi. "Can you all see, kids?" she asks her small charges, who are already shifting and craning in their seats. She peers about for anybody else from High Reaches, only to see Ethree. She's not waving /her/ over. One of the children does it for her instead.

Kenoryn drifts up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Hand slides to Smith girl's temple, wincing as she glares, Melissa apparently still asleep… "Dang nabbit… " she states, the craft dragonrider shushing her as he points out the massive gold queen.. "Ooooh.. mega firelizard.. "she bobbles, nearly toppling over..

From the hatching sands, Saria paces around nervously, keeping out of the way, walking indentations into the hot black sands, as much to keep moving and not burn her feet as from anxious energy.

Saendi noddles furiously. "Yah, I can see." No doubt about that. En's standing on her chair.

Tilarekna waves at her friends in the crowd, before gazing out at the sands. Out of nowhere, a tall man with bronzed hair places hands upon each of her shoulders. Glancing up, Reka grins at B'oat - he got them seats in the front row! And look, a spare… Eyes search for Indra… but she can't see her.

"And there's Indra, and Mhairie, oh dear." Ciressa has such a hard time deciding where to sit. Finally, a blank space in the front row, far from the entrance, is noticed and the girl makes a run for the prime spots, panting heavily as she plops down in one and throws her cloak over the spot next to her. Just in case someone interesting comes along.

Laoyn wanders up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

From the hatching sands, Quarith's great tail lashes back and forth, and with wide sweeps of her forelegs, she mounds the glittering sands up into hillocks and valleys, preparing them for her babies to come.

Mhairie bounces over to Saendi, amazingly enough no dead snake in attendence. She grins "Thanks" she remarks with a giggle and plops herself down with a thump.

Zoey gris at Saendi, glad she's a bit taller. "You ever been to a clutching Saendi?"

Giselle walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Darn tall people. Indra tries to poke her head around the taller male in front of herself, pondering useful remarks like 'Move it, bubba. I can't see!', but instead choosing to go see if she can find something down closer to the front. Hrm, hrm, hrm.

From the hatching sands, Saria pauses for a moment and stands near Liran and her daughter, murmuring something to the young dark-haired child and smiling at her weyrmate.

Pyrene strains to look at the sands. "This /is/ Sevareth's clutch isn't it?" she asks worriedly. Did somebody mention that there were two queens ready to lay? Drat it, well, a clutching's a clutching. Any excuse for a break.

From the hatching sands, Liran smiles back reassuringly at his weyrmate.

From the hatching sands, Quarith rumbles, for the moment seeming satisfied with her handiwork at sand-arranging.

Tilarekna looks hard, before half-calling loudly. "INDRA???" She sits in both seats - to stop anyone taking them. B'oat chuckles at her antics a little, but nothing more.

S'cud walks muttering things to himself up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

From the hatching sands, With a smooth undulation of muscles and golden hide, Quarith expels Flash Flood Egg, and it tumbles safely into the soft black sands.
From the hatching sands, Raging brown-blue waters froth over the surface of this ovoid, whose shape is reminiscent of a stone washed clean by turns of running waters peeking up from a riverbank as it sits cradled in Ista's dark volcanic sands. Stiff whitecaps of foam crest and dip, drawing the eye around dizzying whirls of light and shadow, with small flecks of black and green intermingled, like jetsam picked up by the swirling waters and carried madly downstream by the sudden overflow.

Charis goes home.

That front row is Ethree's goal, and many a toe suffer beneath her tromping boots as she winds her way through the crowds and towards it. No more room? People who've seen her, known her, or heard about her are quick to scoot to the side, and out of the way. Ethree settles herself gracefully and gazes out over the sands.

B'oat grins and taps Reka's shoulder sharply as the first egg is laid - "Look, Leka, dear!" Swinging round, eyes dance with joy. "EGGS!!"

From the hatching sands, Quarith croons lightly, mounding sand up around this first.

Ilyena goes home.

Ciressa bobs her head anxiously, trying to see through the massive throngs of nameless faces. She notices a familliar, if cranky at their last encounter, girl towards the back. Silly young woman. "Indra, dear, come over and take a seat!" Patting the space next to her, she motions with the other hand to her new friend. "It's starting!"

Daneel scoots closer to Loria, as more people press onto the benches of the gallery.

Zeron walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

From the hatching sands, Saria clasps her hands together - no matter how many times this happens, it's still magical. She watches as Quarith lays another one, then two, and carefully rolls them together with the first, mounding sand carefully to keep them in place.

Melissa gives a large yawn as opal eyes look drowsely around. She gets up with a stretch and spreads wings wide and then refolds, snaking her head around as to ask if she missed anything?….

Melissa has disconnected.

Pyrene points out delightedly, "There's the first egg, children. See it?" If it wasnt' for certain bluerider's sitting in the way. "It looks a little like… the sea. Ugh." She grimaces, and watches for one that doesn't make her think of times of nausea.

Laoyn hears a general noise sweep the crowd and peers about the people closest to her for a view of the sands, cursing her slight size

Indra, /dear/? Ciressa gets eyed, but the girl drifts towards Tilarekna: Better last encounter, and better seats. Hee. "Heyla, Tilarekna.." B'oat gets a polite nod as she begins to drop into the seat — Hope you move.

Loria looks over to Daneel, "Oh look at that first egg… Isn't it beautiful.. looks so lovely against the black sand."

Zoey cranes her neck to see the sands as the hollering begins. Stuffing one leg beneath, she gains a little more height, and a bit better perspective on the sands. Awestruck at the sight, she can do no more than grin from ear to ear.

Zoot blinks in from ::between::!

S'cud blinks softly as he looks over his shouler at the Nanny "Oh excuse me..I'm so sorry.." he says, rising from his seat and moving furhter towards the back of the galleries.

From the hatching sands, Quarith lashes her tail about to move more sand, so fiercely that one would think she'd upset the eggs already laid, but she seems to know exactly what she's doing and each leg is placed delicately as she shifts, moving sand to prepare for another new arrival.

Mhairie looks aorund at hte crowd and mutters something about that she should have brought a 'snake, then maybe she would get some room "HEy don't push you'll squish me!" she says with a yelp to someone.

From the hatching sands, Shifting her immense bulk to one side, golden hide gleaming, Quarith pushes out Raging Wildfire Egg into a carefully-crafted hillock of sand, where it comes to rest.
From the hatching sands, Billowing smoke sets a grayish cloud over bright jets of flame, muting their reds, oranges and yellows into earthy browns as one travels over another, heedless of anything in their path as they spread through brush, grasses and trees, all interspersed like spice over the shell of this roundish egg. The brightest blue of the center of the flames is visible occasionally as the fire burns hot and strong, fanned by the winds of the seas off Ista's shores.

and the height of the surrounding people. Laoyn ducks under the arm of someone in front of her and emerges the the front, peering excitedly down at the sands.

Daneel smiles and touches Loria's arm lightly with his elbow "Yes, beautiful. I have always loved blue." he chuckles lightly "I may be wearing blue soon. If I am fortunate enough to be a harper apprentice."

Tilarekna scoots over to let Indra have the seat, while her father nods back at the girl. Reka ooooos… "Da, was Shippith's egg like that first one?" He gazes at her fondly and shakes his head, shushing her a little. He likes these occations to be uninterrupted.

Javere walks with confidence and grace up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Pyrene beams as the rider moves over giving her a view of another egg. "Oh, now that's a pretty one. All those reds… bet it's a green." she informs Saendi wisely. She's experienced in this, really she is.

Saendi nudges Mhairie with a smug lil' grin. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out…. a snake! "Here y' go," she whispers, then gets back up on her seat. Standing.

Blue eyes riveted on the joyous event taking place, Ciressa can scarcely breathe. This is the first time she's seen something like this happen, and Indra is quickly forgotten. Hands clasp together eagerly, curls hastily pushed back from amazed face.

Zoey calls to S'cud, patting an empty seat next to her. "There's room for you here!"

From the hatching sands, Quarith bugles brightly and rolls this newest addition over into a space all its own, mounding up sand around it and nosing it into place with her great muzzle.

Saendi nods at Pyrene. "I like greens, really I do." She giggles 'cause she can actually look /down/ at her nanny.

Mhairie sets the 'snake on her lap, now let someone try and sit on her.. they'll b ein for a surprise now won't they? "Thanks" she says as she leans frawrd to try and see the eggs.

Loria nods softly, as her eyes stay intent out at the sads, watching the golden queen give forth eggs onto the sand. "Yes blue is a lovely color…" She drifts off a little at that, mind and voice. But at the sight of another egg she pays attention again.

While he can have them uninterrupted, Indra wants to chat. "That one is pretty. I like the colors of it, and all of that.. Don't you?" It'd make a lovely quilt, heh. "I particularly like the red over on that one side of it — See the piece I'm talking about?"

S'cud looks to Zoey and shakes his head slowly "No thankya.I'll just stand" and with that he leans up against teh back railing..

From the hatching sands, Saria smiles and holds onto Liran's arm, watching proudly. :)

The housekeeper arrives to cart Melissa off to bed.

Javere walks out.

Ethree is all buisnesswoman as she unfoalds a thin slip of hide, and smooths it out on her knee. A few random weyrfolk with heavy mark-pockets gather around as Ethree scribbles down bets, points out eggs and offers her very best 'advice'.

Saendi pokes Mhairie lightly and stage-whispers, "Hey, stand up! It's easier to see!" She herself is not only standing up, but also, leaning against the person in front of her's chair.

From the hatching sands, From Liran's arms, Liria points and yelps something about the eggs that's not quite intelligible, even to her parents.

Mhairie goes home.

Zoey shrugs to S'cud. "Suit yourself!"

Tilarekna nods brightly, spying said egg. "Yeah.. I have those colours in my fabric scrap bag!" she bounces a little at the sight of the eggs. "Y'know, we could make quilts with those patterns…"

From the hatching sands, Liran grins and chuckles, shifting Liria a bit so that holding her is abit more comfortable.

C'dar walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Above the sands, Aztereth drifts, a brilliant cloud of blue and white in through the upper entrance of the hatching grounds.

Above the sands, Aztereth swoops in to land on the ledge.

On the ledge, Aztereth lands neatly, and furls his wings.

Ciressa blinks a tiny bit, then more. After a second of fierce fighting with her body, she *yawns*. Can't help it, really, the event is so exciting, but
she's /yawning/. Silly Cira, and she curses herself for the dice games played late into late night. That wasn't worth missing /this./

On the ledge, Char slips from Aztereth's reedy neck, assisted by an extended limb into a gentle glide to the ground and landing with a light thump.

From the hatching sands, Quarith waddles to one side and digs a bit deeper indentation in the dark black sands, then positions herself over it carefully.

On the ledge, Char makes her way carefully down into the galleries.

Char scatters down off one of the ledges.

Sharyn walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

From the hatching sands, Rumbling powerfully, Quarith pushes out Violent Volcano Egg into a neatly shaped hollow of sand.
From the hatching sands, Blackened cerulean slithers through gleamingly bright slashes of sizzling red. Longer than usual, this ovoid shape seems pocked and bubbled with slow moving globs of melting magma. Blinding ruby devouers all in its path, crisping coal around the edges as it eats up a flaming bit of green, the last of what once was.

Zoey grins and offers C'dar the seat S'cud refused. "Empty spot right over here!"

Saendi waves energetically at Sharyn, "Sharyn! Here!"

Zeron slips around the outer wall and out onto the dragon-ledges.

On the ledge, Zeron comes up from the galleries looking for a dragon — I know I parked around here somewhere.

On the ledge, Zeron walks out.

Indra gestures towards the newest egg, pondering it this time: "I like that one, too. I think I have all of the colors in my basket.. Maybe not that shade of blue, though. What about you?"

Pyrene calls out to those weyrfolk not to trust Ethree, and for once it's not mere bias that prompts her. Never bet with a Reaches person. "Lots of greens… think that one might be bronze maybe…" she murmurs, ready to find someone to bet with herself, hypocrite that she is.

Sharyn looks up, after a swarm of people move in. She blinks a few times and moves over to the energetic Saendi with a shy smile, "Hello…" she comments softly, before looking out onto the sands, and her eyes widen to about the size of those eggs below.

Elli walks in.

Daneel watches, wrapt with delight at the beauty of the eggs, glistening and scintillating with colors, shimmering and sparkling, marked with their swirls and the fire of their origin. "They are all beautiful, but I think we both love blue. Blue of Sky and Blue of sea, blue of eye, for you and me." he glances at Loria's eyes and then looks again to the sands.

C'dar looks up from where he was about to set his fanny. Giving S'cud a pat on the back he takes the proffered seat near Zoey. "Thanks, I normally try to miss these events, but…"

Saendi looks at the terrifically cute eggies, bug-eyed in wonder. She turns to look /down/ at Sharyn from her "perch" on the seat, and grins. "Hi, there, Sharyn. Lookat those /eggs/!"

Elli heads down the stairs.

Tilarekna stares at it a moment… eyes absorb the pretty pretty blue. Indra's question flys over her head, but not her father's. "She's got that colour…" B'oat grins. "I got her lots of new ones today…"

Elli walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

From the hatching sands, Quarith croons and rolls this egg up next to the last one, settling them in together and mounding sand up about both, already in the process of laying one, two more, which she adds to the growing pile.

Zoot suddenly disappears ::between::!

Saendi calls to Rukh, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.

Daneel quickly asks "How many will she have? Do you have any feeling mi.. ah Loria?"

Ooh. B'oat can get /colors/ for people? Indra smiles — It's an attempt to be cute, you dig? — at the bluerider, batting her eyes once or twice. "How did you get her them?" Wait, maybe he went through *her* sources. Not allowed. "Not from the weavers here, right?"

Sharyn nods slowly to Saendi, eyes looking from egg to egg. A slow smile starts to spread over her lips, stopping when it's close to splitting her face, and she wonders softly, "How long has she been having eggs?"

Zoey grins at C'dar. "Enjoy the bathing and oiling?"

From the hatching sands, Saria shifts her bulk to one side in preparation for another…

From the hatching sands, With the ease of experience, Quarith lids great whirling eyes and casually lays Silver Flames Egg, then rolls it aside with one golden foreleg to make room for others.
From the hatching sands, Tempestuous darkness looms, black washed with swirls of navy tinged with a livid lilac. The storm blows around the egg, wrapping the shell into its angry embrace. At the crown, light blooms; a jagged dagger of silver fire extends from a heart of lavender to strike through thedarkness. The fire glows, purity surrounded by a halo to ward away the darkness of the clouds; as the lightning falls, it shudders into twin bolts darting towards the shadow shrouded foot of the shell.

Saendi prods Pyrene's back. "Nanny 'Rene! Nanny Pyrene!" She slurs her words a bit in her excitement. "Didja' see that really cool reddish one?"

"Oh Faranth's fifth toenail, what a beautiful egg." Ciressa knows no-one's around her, she does truly, but the young woman is tired and gets a bit woozy when that happens. "I think that one's my very favorite." Curse that last game last night! She /had/ to double-or-nothing then tie again! That's the old Igenite luck, yep it is. Precisely /none/.

Loria chuckles softly.. "I'll make a guess….. hmmm…" She ponders for a moment looking at the size of the queen and the eggs already out on the sands.. "How about twenty five?" She says with a blink as she looks over the sands.. "What do you think?"

Ethree leans towards the ledge, sizing up the eggs, and sizing up the bulk of Quarith's belly. "Only a few more, I would wager." She offers to the werfolk, with a coniving grin. "Keep the number's small, and it's practially a gaurentee." Eth' watches the volcanic egg with innate intrest, before she's jerked back into the hustle by a yelled comment. Too busy to take notice.

Latte walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Zoey ooh's excitedly. "Each egg is prettier than the last. What an amazing myriad of colors!"

From the hatching sands, Quarith shifts, even.

Char steps down from the ledges, a brilliant grin turned on the hatching sands as she scours the galleries for friends to join.

Daneel shrugs and looks sadly at Loria "I defer to your judgement Loria, I have never seen a clutching, and know little of dragons."

B'oat chuckles as Reka takes over. "He gets 'em from ecverywhere he goes about Pern. Some of it is scraps from his clothing though…"

Lyne walks with a skip and a smile up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Pyrene glances up at Saendi, grinning indulgently, "Yep, a bronze, I'm sure. Ooh, and that silvery one is a brown. It's too pretty to be anything else!" she starts shamelessly wagering with the five turn old on her lap.

Saendi noddles down at Zoey. "Ohyez, ohyez…." She giggles lightly and turns back to the eggies. "Oh, preetttty!" she exclaims.

Zoey beams and waves to Latte. "Over here, dear." She hollers, patting the other empty spot next to her.

From the hatching sands, Quarith croons, mounding up the eggs gently, even as another emerges.

Laoyn gazes, enchanted, as the second egg appears, and then a third, and leans on the seat in front of her. There are a few which seem to stand out from the others, and she glances at each and then at the dragon, a smile involuntarily crossing her face.

From the hatching sands, Form quivering with effort, Quarith shudders and Sudden Earthquake Egg plops awkwardly onto the sands.
From the hatching sands, Splotches of filmy white drift across a serene sea of stark cobalt, broken by bodies of vivid emerald, a pastoral scene of peace and plenty upon the heated sands. Ominous rivulets of darkened valleys rend the mellow canvas, a web of diminutive crevices spiralling downward to the turmoil at the base of the shell. Valleys rise and mountains crumble in a sudden upheaval of the life giving source, a black chasm opening amidst a wash of blood.

T'rell strides, boots clomping noisily up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Daneel sits silent, losing himself in color, and feeling the press of bodies all around.

Loria laughs softly, "I don't think anyone knows for sure how many eggs will result.. come on take a guess… can't hurt anything.. not betting or anything."

Ilyena floats gracefully up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Giselle falls asleep.
Giselle has disconnected.

Sharyn gasps softly as her eyes track the passage of the fiery silver egg which emerges from Quarith, "Oh…" she says ever so softly, her gaze locked to it. While the new egg emerges, it takes a moment for Shar to focus on the new one, but again takes in a sudden breath, "Look at the beautiful colours on that one…" she says more to herself, pointing.

From the hatching sands, Saria smiles and stands close to Liran, hopping back and forth a bit on hot boot-soles, watching the growing clutch. "It's looking well - even for an older queen like Quarith," she says.

T'rell slips into a seat with a light sigh of relief, using the vantage to count eggs so far. "You disappeared in a hurry," he whispers to Lyne.

"Not this last egg, but the one before it — That one was pretty, wasn't it?" Indra grins, eyes darting across it. "I like the purple on it." The scraps of color are forgotten, still watching the sands.

From the hatching sands, Quarith swings her great head over toward Saria, as if to say she resembles that remark, and warbles indignantly, laying another to prove that she's not as old as all /that/, just yet.

From the hatching sands, Liran smiles and nudges his weyrmate as he is unable to reach out to her, holding Liria as he is.

Ciressa can barely keep her bright blue eyes open and she falls over with a *plunk* onto the seat she had been saving for a special *male* friend. "*yawn* Ooooooh." Is the girls reaction to the next few eggs, so sleepy she is that in the kaleidescope of color one orb can't be told from another.

Latte slithers as inconspicuously as one can in heavy boots, up the stairs and 'round a bench to peer about for a friend. As Zoey is spotted, the girl slides in /that/ direction, plopping down beside her. No time is spared for trivial greetings, instead: "Has she laid many already?"

From the hatching sands, With a great grunt, Quarith pushes Earth's Wrath Egg out onto the sands, where it tumbles and rolls until bumping up against a mound of Ista's black sands.
From the hatching sands, Burnt umber pricked with roan extends over the curve of the egg shell, hue sunburnt and parched with shadowy cracks. Anger blooms, a fiery inferno blazing over the earthen solemnity. Ripples of the darkest chocolate extend from the heart of flames; between one ripple and another, water falls to drown the ground. Between others, traces of purple fire extend, jagged daggers delicately sharp against the gentle background, while others are immersed in shadow and an avalanche of grainy grey.

Char spots Lyne and Latte, and waves a hand towards her clutchmates as she trots down the final steps to bridge the distance between them. "Latte! Lyne!" she calls out.

"Now to find a seat." Easier said than done as Lyne peaks the stairwell leading up to the galleries — eyes switching from both sand to benches. Quickly placing herself beside T'rell, she grins and shrugs. "I have a tendancy to do that. At least we can't stay frozen long in this heat." A shudder.

Pyrene peers closer at the whitish egg. "That's a blue. It's ..ominous looking. Oh, and that browny one /has/ to be a brown." Or would that be a little too obvious?

Saendi shakes her head. "No, no! Blues are /nice/!" she insists.

Tilarekna ooohs and ahhhs appropriately. "Verra verra pretty… I like the meshing way it worked… and the swirls.. can you swirl fabric?" strange question, is it not?

Recoiling slightly, Sharyn stares at the newly born egg that shows its wrath over its shell. She wouldn't want to brave its anger… A slight grin to Pyrene, and Shar shakes her head, muttering gently, "I think it will be a… green." Just to be contrary.

Daneel looks at Loria nervous and at the border of fear "I feel so alone here, in this crowd."

From the hatching sands, Quarith rumbles lightly, and settles the most recent arrival carefully into a hollow, making sure it won't roll, and settles down into the indentation made by her great, bulky form.

Zoey points and noddles excitedly. "Yes, six so far. They're all so beautiful! I've never been to a clutching before, this is amazing!"

Pyrene glares up at Saendi. "I'm older than you, I know better." And that's her final word on the subject.

Saendi grins happily. "A green?! Oh, cool! Do you think there'll be any golds?" she asks, ignorant of the fact that Quarith was flown by a brown.

C'dar smiles over to Zoey, "Yes.. he's feeling much happier now as a result." Clenching his hands a few times to stretch them he notes, "Bronze dragons get to be a bit larger than one remembers from Weyrlinghood. And he's small…"

From the hatching sands, Quarith pauses, closing many-faceted eyes with relief as a moment passes before the next egg is ready to be laid, and then muscles tense again under sunset-golden hide.

From the hatching sands, With a long, low croon, Quarith lays Tropical Storm Egg, then mounds it up next to its clutchmates with a careful sweep of one massive foreleg.
From the hatching sands, Swirling blue pulsates around a murky, distorted yellow sand. White wisps explode into a spray of multi-coloured mists and slam into its edge. Continuing forever, hues of violent blue wrap around its base, caught in an endless swirling eddy as they encircle the pale islands and swallow them into the depths.

The housekeeper arrives to cart Giselle off to bed.

"Heyya Char! Comere!" Lyne scootches over so her fellow bluerider can situate herself there. "How many /has/ she lain?" A pause before she speaks towards T'rell. "I betcha she'll lay…19."

Loria pats Daneel on the arm, and giving him an almost maternal smile. "Oh it is alright… I'm here if ya need anything."

And Sharyn is older then you both, so she knows best. Not that she can tell. A small smile still plays over her lips as her hands grip the railing gently, and she comments softly to Saendi, "I heard that since Quarith was flown by a brown, there won't be any golds…" Again, this is a mere whisper, before Shar is distracted to the stormy newborn egg below.

Zoey chuckles at C'dar. "Well, dragons do tend to grow, or so I hear. You'll just have to garner yourself a troop of 'lizards to help out!" Rapt attention flashes back to the activities on the sands.

Pyrene shakes her head at Endi, "It was sired by a brown Endi… not Sev though. But because it was sired by a brown, it'll be a really great clutch, you'll see." She nods firmly.

Char plops down beside Lyne with a grin for her companions and waves to Latte once again, scooching over to make just enough room for her friend.

Ethree smiles as a few reluctant marks are slapped into her open palm, folks whose egg numbers were low and just got passed over. She watches the eggs make their colorful entrance, gaze lingering on some more than others, but mostly on the bet-riddled sheet of hide she keeps updating.

Saendi gasps! "No golds?" She sighs. That's alright. No golds. But golds /are/ awfully nice…

From the hatching sands, Quarith croons and warbles over her brood, pleased with all this, and then as if taken by surprise, settles down closer to the sands again.

Indra shrugs, pondering for a moment as she continues to watch the Sands: "Well, if you're a weaver, you could dye it that way, I guess. Maybe just really small bits of fabric sewn together?.."

Daneel looks at Loria "I wish everyone was as nice to me as you are Loria, I may come from a big family, but that does not mean I am not alone."

Ciressa peers moodliy up at a clump of people betting (loudly) near her. "No, can't y'see that the brown egg will have a green, the firey ones bronzes and browns, the violet one a brown, the last blue one ablue…" And on she goes, her rambling getting softer and softer as she gradually lays becurled head on the pillow she's made of her jacket, and promptly falls asleep.

From the hatching sands, Grumbling deeply, Quarith pushes out Blinding Ice Storm Egg, then resettles her massive bulk in the sands, surrounded by so many eggs.
From the hatching sands, Dark clouds hover near the top of the egg, looming over the rest of its surface imposingly. Almost as dark its base, a shade of brown from the earth's very core, blending into the sands that hold it captive. Splotches of crystalline white assault its centre with sticking chill, streaking clear and cold across its shell til the molten darkness collapses with its weight.

Ciressa falls asleep.
Ciressa has disconnected.

C'dar shakes his head. "Useless little creatures. I've got one who thinks he's attached to me from time to time. That's more than enough. Besides, taking care of one's dragon alone is an important part of riderhood." Here come the traditions once more.

From the hatching sands, Saria smiles over at Liran and Liria, and murmurs to them, "She says it's done, now .. she has to arrange them all, though," and even as Saria says this, Quarith has already begun to arrange and rearrange the mounds of eggs, until they're settled to the great queen's satisfaction.

Daneel listens to the banter, but hears the clear tone of the rider, and his lesson on the importance of caring for a dragon. He will remember that, because it must be important if a rider says so.

Tilarekna nods slowly. "That could work,… and we could always ASK the weavers here to do it fer us…" she pouts her lips in thought. "Now THATS a pretty egg!" she points out as another is rolled next to the others.

Latte leans forward, waving frantically towards Char and Lyne with grimed hands while tilting her head towards the sands. "Six - seven - ooo, that's a pretty one." Waving stops as abrusptly as sheit was started to point towards the Earth's Wrath egg. "What color do you think they'll be?" She got here late.

Debbie sneaks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

From the hatching sands, Liran laughs lowly and smiles, shifting around to Liria can see 'Auntie Quarith's' babies.

Sandy blinks in from ::between::!

Sharyn looks down to the collection of eggs, counting them mentally. A soft gasp, "Wow, that's a lot…" Or so it would seem to her.

Pyrene cocks her head at the last one. "Green again." she decides. "And that seems to be it… Did you have fun kids?" She looks idly around the galleries now, to see who's there.

Saendi giggles. "Ooh, lookat those eggs, Sharyn!" She pokes Sharyn. Then, turning to Pyrene, "Nanrene? Lookatallada EGGies!"

Char chuckles, shaking her head. "I don't think I want to even /begin/ to guess. I do hope there are quite a few greens - I mean, blues." She sends a glare up towards her lifemate.

Lyne snickers drolly as she shakes her head. "I thought I'd be able to come in time…She's done, now, and I froze my tail off between from Gar." More chuckling before she shrugs, placing her dancing eyes upon Char. "Oh well…G'evenin' Latte!"

"I dunno. I suppose we could, but why? I don't really want that effect as much as you might think.." Indra shrugs, turning her gaze from Sands to Tilarekna. "You could ask them, though."
After watching for a while, T'rell turns to Lyne and agrees. "Okay. A mark on it, how's that? I say twenty-three." He extends his hand, an offer to seal the wager.

Pyrene sighs at the girl, "I see 'em Endi." She smirks slightly, "High Reaches had more at our last hatching. Never mind that it was double dragonload on the sands then.

The housekeeper arrives to cart Ciressa off to bed.

Saendi giggles and pokes Pyrene again. "Didja' say the 'Reaches had more, Pyrene?" She grins and holds the fuzzy llama close to her.

Tilarekna nods again, before shrugging a little. "Mayhaps I will, mayhaps I won't. But if the colours are nice, they'll look verra pretty…" She thinks of dragon egg-coloured quilts, tie-dyed to order…. Eyes return to the egglaying dragons and laid eggs.

"Greens. Yeah…Nolth was going after Tai's Yshanth just the other day. I had to remind him how old he was." Lyne chuckles as she leans forward, her hands clenched about the bench she's sitting on. "Blues are good." Wise words from the totally unbiased bluerider.

From the hatching sands, Quarith rumbles lowly, warningly, suddenly aware of presences near /her/ babies. She raises up a bit, and hovers over the mounds of eggs, raising her golden head up to eye the crowds in the galleries suspiciously.

Pyrene nods, "Yep, we had nearly fifty in the last batch. Well, alright, so it /was/ a double clutch. But still…" She's patriotic, that's all. "Uh-oh, see that stare from the mummy, kids? That's our cue to leave."

T'rell chuckles at the totally unbiased comment from Lyne. "Sure thing. Couldn't run a weyr without 'em," he acknowledges evenly, a totally unbiased bronzerider.

Char blinks, staring in astonishment at her friend. "You mean her class is already old enough to graduate?" She grins sheepishly. "Time does sure fly fast, doens't it?" She sighs, glancing at Latte. "Hey, how've you been?"

From the hatching sands, Saria furrows her brow, and glances at Liran. "I'd better stay with her.. she's getting a bit.. well, broody. And it's well past Liria's bedtime. Can you take her up, dearest?" She leans over to her weyrmate and plants a tender kiss on his cheek, and then kisses her daughter's forehead. "Mummy has to stay with Quarith, dearheart. Go with daddy, and I'll see you soon, all right?"

Ethree takes a final count, finger waggling as she points out each and makes a little mark on the betting sheet. "S'all folks, hope your luck was good." She devides out meager a few winnings to over-excited weyrfolk, and adds her own gatherings to her pouch with a satisfied grin. All in a day's work.

Zoey chuckles, listening to all the banter about blues and greens and which is better. A bit startled at Quarith's new activity, she scrunches down in her seat. "Um…C'dar? Does Quarith find humans tasty?"

Saendi waves at Ethree. "Hey, Ethreeee!"

C'dar says, "Tasty enough not to get near her eggs for quite some time."

Daneel chuckles at the young voice and the question.

From the hatching sands, Liran winks to Saria and nods respectfully to Quarith, flashing a tiny smile at his weyrmate's lifemate before taking the excited but over-tired Liria off to bed.

T'rell grins further at C'dar's answer. "I hear she prefers them lightly toasted."

"If you want.." Indra shrugs again, pondering the eggs. "I really like the one with all the purple on it. It would be interesting to try and make a likeness of it.. I wish I could draw, almost, even though I'd never be able to get materials." Well, not get them and keep them. Who knows what pranks might be fall the items."

Zoey eeek's. "Guess now would be a good time to skedaddle then, eh?"

From the hatching sands, Liran walks off the sands.

Ethree winces. Someone noticed her? She makes a slow turn, and scans the remaning crow. Hurmph.

C'dar smiles. "The galleries are safe, but it is a good idea to be quiet hereafter until the thrumming starts, true enough." He stands, "Well, that's a good, healthy clutch."

Pyrene peers around at the children, trying to keep count. How many did she bring again? "Three, four… out from under the bench Peia, six… Endi, you coming?" Before Ethree sees them?

Tilarekna nods in sympathy to that comment. "Aint that just the way? But I bet the Harper's could lendja some…" eyes examin the purpled egg. It's nice but… the sea egg is /nicer/ in her opinion.

Harpy blinks in from ::between::!

Saendi waves at Ethree again. "It's /me/!" She continues to wave furiously.

Zoey grins, and thinks she'll head out just the same, thanks. "Latte, come with me to the Living Cavern for some juice or klah?"

Ilyena goes home.

Lyne chuckles and shakes her head as her eyes squint to attempt to count the number of mounds hidden beneath the ebon sands. "Naw, she hasn't graduated yet…that's why I had to remind Nolth of how young Yshanth is." A mouthful of a name, Tai's green's is, but Lyne quirks a grin upon the rememberance of the meeting. "Tai sends her greetings too. She wants to visit us." Another grin.

C'dar grins. "Well S'cud.. enjoying being on this side of the fence?"

Finding in his heart a delight not known before, being his first view of a queen, and this close, Daneel finds his heart soaring and his mind spinning, as at first his words fail and then the music of his soul speaks. "Gold is as right as gold queen does, and bright is the color of fire on her, and such is her delight at such a clutch, that for each one a special child, the finding of a life mate will be delight. For such a one as Quarith's clutch no other will do but the best for each, bronze, brown, green, blue, yet where the gold may be found, 'tis but sheer delight, and sweet adieu, to bid goodnight."

"They probably could, but.. I dunno. I'm not sure I'd want to waste materials learning how to do it. What would I do with the sketches afterwards? Give them to the drudges to use to start fires in the kitchens?" Indra grins, shrugging again after a moment. SHrug-shrug-shrug.

T'rell listens, eyebrows raised with some interest, to Daneel. At the end, he nods.

Daneel sighs deeply watching the colors on the sand.

Ethree spots that wagging hand, and comes to the quick decision to make her exit. A few brisk steps and she's merged among the flow of people. She's got what she came for, no need to linger.

Sharyn lets out a small sigh, looking over the colletive of people. She looks back to the eggs and the protective mother longingly, before trying to make a silent escape down the stairs.

Saendi runs after Ethree. "Hey, hey!" Her skirt flaps loudly as she races after the rider.

Tilarekna shrugs too. Shrug-shrug-shrug. "I suppose.. or you could give it ta the person who impresses the egg? as a gift and rememberance of the day their partner hatched?" ahhhh… what a sweet idea, no?

"Juice? Klah?" Tanned fais turned in Zoey's direction reluctantly, and Latte gives a nod. "Sure. It's too hot up here not to have something to drink." However, that said, she turns back to stare intently at the sands again. She'll follow, but someone will have to drag her away.

Harpy suddenly disappears ::between::!

Pyrene whews as Ethree heads out. Coast is clear, "OK, kids, lets move out. Quietly now, don't push… Endi, wait!" and she's going…

Ahem. Fais/face.

Zoey grins, and pulls at Latte's hand. "C'mon, you don't wanna go down there right now!" Tugging firmly, she heads for the stairs dragging Latte with her.

Sharyn heads down the stairs.

Zoey pushes Latte out.

Zoey heads down the stairs.

Ethree is stopped, mid-escap, and gives a reluctant turn around to look down upon that one girl. WHat was her name? Ah well. Luckily Eth's mood isn't especially sour this evening, having collected enough to afford a new pair of boots and some candles for her weyr. "What?"

"Maybe." Indra does another shrug-shrug-shrug, glancing at the eggs again. "Only if it was recognizable, though. I doubt it'd be even close to that.. Drawing is hard?"

Daneel stands slowly and holds a hand down to Loria "Would you like me to bring you back?"

Theo walks in.

Saendi giggles. "Hi, Ethree." she shrinks, giggling still. "Hello." She holds out her precious fuzzy llama. "Lookat! Do you like Agouti?"

Tilarekna doesn't know. She doesn't really draw much. Sewing yes, but drawing? nope. She can write though…? "Well, you could always paint it…"

Theo says, "Hi Saendi."

Saendi turns around. That step. Familiar. Ah… Theo. "Hi, there, Theo!"

Pyrene hesitates, and suddenly finds the sands very interesting. We'll just wait here until Ethree's really gone.

T'rell, relaxing on a tier, pushes to his feet. "Well, that's it, then. G'night, folks."

Char slips around the outer wall and out onto the dragon-ledges.

On the ledge, Char comes up from the galleries looking for a dragon — I know I parked around here somewhere.

On the ledge, With the assistance of a proferred foreleg, Char ascends the lofty height of Aztereth's neck to settle comfortably twixt sky imbued neckridges.

On the ledge, Aztereth takes off.

Above the sands, Aztereth takes off from Ledge

Above the sands, Aztereth drifts, a brilliant cloud of blue and white out the upper entrance of the hatching grounds.

Saendi turns back to Pyrene, Agouti clutched tight in one hand. She grins smugly. "I talked to Ethree." she states.

Loria stands up and behind Nadeel…

OOC: Loria kicks her dyslexia.

Alas, no: Indra cannot paint, either. "I don't know how to do that.." Let's change the subject. "Hey, do you want to stay here and stare, or d'you wanna go find something to eat?" Food. Food is Good.

Daneel reaches to Loria, taking her hand to help her rise. "Here, let me help you."

Kenoryn heads down the stairs.

Sandy suddenly disappears ::between::!

Saendi * wavers at all. 'Night!

Pyrene winces and nods to Saendi. "I'm impressed. C'mon, we've got to get to our ride before they leave without us."

Saendi heads down the stairs.

Laoyn heads down the stairs.

Ethree sighs loudly, dropping her shulders, scrunching her features. "Right, very nice and cute and all that blackdust." She spins again and begins to climb up the steps to the ledges. "Anyone heading back to 'Reaches, meet on the ledge for first transport." She keeps the announcment to a mumble, hoping it won't be noticed.

Loria takes his hand and stand, then behind him, "Lets get away from here… it is hot this close to the sands…"

Daneel softly asks, under the din of the crowd "Of course. Say are you hungry? I sure am, and I bet there is a feast from the smell coming in the mouth of the cavern."

Food… mmmmm…. Food, Reka's first love. Turning, not to Indra, but her father, Reka pleeds with puppy-eyes. "Can I da?" B'oat raises his eyebrows in what appears to be a family trait. "But I thought you wanted to watch…" Reka grins a little. "I can come later….Please dad…" Finally he nods, and
Reka grins at Indra.

T'rell heads down the stairs.

Daneel heads down the stairs.

Daneel leads Loria out.

Theo falls asleep.
Theo has disconnected.

C'dar heads down the stairs.

Lyne heads down the stairs.

Awesome. Indra grins, slipping out of the seat. "Let's go, then? We might get there in time to salvage something from the remains.."

Elli goes home.

Ethree slips around the outer wall and out onto the dragon-ledges.

On the ledge, Ethree comes up from the galleries looking for a dragon — I know I parked around here somewhere.

Tilarekna nods, slipping from her own seat. "See ya's Dad! Tell Shippy, I'll save him something.." she winks, before dashing after Indra.

Above the sands, Wiranth Slyly stalks the airborn shadows in through the upper entrance of the hatching grounds.

Above the sands, Wiranth swoops in to land on the ledge.

On the ledge, Wiranth lands neatly, and furls his wings.

"There's Ethree!" squeaks one young imp, dashing up to said nemesis. "Can we go back on Wirry?" "No!" Pyrene firmly states although getting rapidly dragged to the ledges.

S'cud goes home.

Are you a dragon? Do you have a dragon? Are you going to get on a dragon? Well okay then, this way! No divebombing the eggs on the way out.
So many ledges, so few Hatchings. Ledges both wide and narrow cut shallow perches the length and height of the cavern: some short and crowded, others broad and deep and wide. It doesn't matter, for each offers a distinctive view of the caverns below, the sands that fill it, and the clutch — should there be one — somewhere beneath those heated grains of earth.
Near the galleries the ledges are most numerous, broad and scarred by countless dragons depositing dignitaries and riders. Smaller ledges and the ocassional well-kept ladder or tricky stone step connect one to the next and so on out around the cavern.
Blue Wiranth is here.
Ethree is here.
Obvious exits:
Galleries Fly
Now, where did you parked the winged thing?

Pyrene frantically pulls the children in the direction of the Reaches brown who brought them, but they, in all their sweetness and innocence, want a ride on Wiranth. Pyrene doesn't.

Ethree is on the side of Wiranth opposite from the entrance stairs, unbuckling the carnival of straps to make room for passangers she does not yet see. "Mount on up." She calls at the sound of footsteps. "Make it quick."

The brown's rider takes off seeing the children apparently safe with Ethree, so Pyrene has no choice. She half throws the kids up, scooting on herself and trying not to look conspicuous. This is /not/ what she needed.

Wiranth looks appealing, of course. That curved lip and revealed row of teeth could be taken as a friendly draconic grin. He lowers himself to passenger level, eyes whirling some unidentified color.

Ethree climbs Mnt. Wiranth to settle between two dangerous-looking neckridges.

You climb Mnt. Wiranth and setttle yourself between two dangerous-looking neckridges.

Wiranth [Ledge]
Midnight has taken this dragon, wrapped around his dusky hide, and left a stain of the deepest black-blue. Eyeridges arc upward, following the acicular curve of his back, from which broad wings, hinting tar black, are set. The sparred line slides over cuspidate-muscled rear haunches, concluding at the ominous spade of his tail. Wide hunter's eyes gleam, adding to his wolfish features, at home in forest shadows, seeking the thrill of the chase.
Hunting ya' with Wiranth is Ethree.
Wiranth seems to be listening.

The tots sit in a cherubic row—cherubic that is, except for the vengeful smirks. Pyrene is vaguely expressionless, although that white-knuckled grip on the neckridges speaks a thousand words.

Ethree buckles her own straps good and tight, only giving a half-glance backwards to check the children. But that glance spies Pyrene, and tells all with a glare- dispite her current plesant mood. "You know the drill, no leaning over, throwing things, or sharding with your straps. Hold your breath when we go between." She drones, while giving an entirely diffrent line of instruction to the black-blue dragon.

Pyrene was already holding her breath. That warning reminds her to breathe and she glares defiantly at the brats. "Do what the rider says now," she says with that 'I'm writing up a punishment list when we get back' tone. Deep breaths, and she's ready as she'll ever be.

Wiranth launces without without warning and with a jolt. Passangers near the front- children, mostly, recieve only a little hop. Those in the back, and we can keep names out of this- Get the full effect of launching, and a whip-cracked tail.

You take off.
Above the Hatching Sands
You hover over the black hatching sands. Below, eggs cover the sands, waiting to hatch. To the west, light filters in through the large gaping maw in the cliff face, the upper entrance to the grounds from the Weyr bowl.
Below, you see Amerasuth, Quarith, and one person.
Obvious exits:
Down Bowl Ledge
You fly back out to the bowl.

Sky Over Southeastern Bowl
The jagged peaks of the Weyr's exploded caldera shelters dragons aflight from errant sea breezes, but the salty scent of ocean water pervades all. Weyr entrances pockmark the weathered black rock, sometimes allowing a glimpse of bright dragons on their ledges, and to the northwest, a large portion of the volcanic wall seems to have exploded outward in a trapezoidal wedge, allowing tradewinds to blow crookedly against the inner walls. Perhaps it explains the density of weyrs here in the more sheltered, southeastern portion of the broken bowl. They cluster above the living cavern and other public areas, whereas elsewhere the weyrs seem more isolated and evenly spaced. The five fingers of Ista Weyr block any progress seaward, but dragons sometimes slip between the peaks, nimble and delicate against the upthrust rock.
It is a summer late night.
Below, you see Malagath, Zoryanth, Kyanth, Ilsinth, Sevareth, Nhamarath, Magnolth, and Aztereth.
Gliding around is Laddy.
Obvious exits:
Down Hatching Grounds Central Bowl Ledges Weyrleader's Landing

Pyrene moans faintly and clutches neckridge and brats. If she dared, she'd allow herself to be sick. She doesn't think that digging her nails into the ridge will have any effect, damn a dragon's tough hide!

…or a rider's scheming mind as she deals out justice how she sees it fit. Wiranth gains sutible height, and pauses for instruction before betweening.

Wiranth slides into ::between:: with a primal howl!

You hang, senseless, in the dark nothingness of ::between::… absolute darkness surrounds you, and the profound cold stings you… you wait, and count…

Above Paradise Island
You soar above the tropical forests of Paradise Island. Just below, a plateau opens up before the Hold itself, and the grassy meadow is wide enough for many dragons to land. To the north of the plateau is the beach and cove, and beyond it, ocean. You can see the mainland from here, a distant purple outline on the ocean horizon to the north and east.
It is a summer late night.
Obvious exits:
Down Northeast Terrace Beach Pastures

Wiranth flashes into existance, shaking off the icy tendrils of ::between::!

One, two, caught your breath? Good, because here we go again.

Wiranth slides into ::between:: with a primal howl!

You hang, senseless, in the dark nothingness of ::between::… absolute darkness surrounds you, and the profound cold stings you… you wait, and count…

Above Southern Weyr
You soar above the lush tropical Southern forest. The only thing to indicate that you're above Southern Weyr are the various clearings in the forests, many occupied by dozing dragons. A larger clearing below fronts the main Weyrhall, a one-story structure containing the Weyr's kitchens and infirmary. Off to the east, just down the cliff, is the Weyr Beach. Southeast from here lies Ista Hold.
It is a summer late night.
Obvious exits:
Weyrhall Beach Southern Hold Weyrs

Wiranth flashes into existance, shaking off the icy tendrils of ::between::!

There's a chorus of gasps as children and nanny breathe again, immediately followed by the applause of tiny hands. Pyrene remains quiet though, staring nervously downwards, That's not Reaches.

Ethree flashes a grin back to the children, and loosens her hold on the straps. Wirath continues to pump his wings, making wide circles over the scenery.

Wiranth slides into ::between:: with a primal howl!

You hang, senseless, in the dark nothingness of ::between::… absolute darkness surrounds you, and the profound cold stings you… you wait, and count…

Above the Feeding Pens
Wayward breezes carry the mixed scent of herdbeast and wherry from below, occasionally fusing with the salty odor of the ocean from afar. Spires overlook and shadow the pens below, often blanketing the scythed, claw-cut ledges used for feeding. Thermals, unusually steady for this area, keep that scent aloft and ever-present, growing stronger as they descend to the feeding grounds below.
It is a summer late night.
Gliding around is Kya.
Obvious exits:
Up Pens Weyrling Air Above the Lake Above the Bowl Ledges

Wiranth flashes into existance, shaking off the icy tendrils of ::between::!

A wherry catches your attention, or something else equally delicious hrm?
Freshened breezes from the lake to the south linger with the stronger scents of herdbeast and wherry, dust and dung, that fill this ovoid enclosure. The sturdy fence sways out into the bowl, captures an outlet of clear blue lake, and, as it meets the bowl wall, grows into a stout wind-shelter replete with hay and feeding troughs; not too far above, a claw-marked series of feeding ledges lie, decorated by a few discarded and bleached-out bones. A few clusters of green sprout, downtrodden, in the hard ground, tracked over by the stampeding of the herds.
It is a summer late night.
Squabbling over leftovers is Taco.
Green Siulth is here.
You see Herd of Herdbeasts here.
Obvious exits:
Stables Barn Training Grounds Central Bowl Beach Flight

Pyrene tries to hush the cheering children and try to speak to the rider, "Very… nice Ethree, but can we /not/ hunt /now/?" She wouldn't be surprised though and keeps that deathgrip on the ridges just in case.

Ethree breaths in and shakes between's chill out of her hair. Wiranth lands with a satisfying *thump* letting the shock echo through him and catch the tail end again. Wings fold, as if to say: This is the place, home.

Ethree slides from Wiranth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Freshened breezes from the lake to the south linger with the stronger scents of herdbeast and wherry, dust and dung, that fill this ovoid enclosure. The sturdy fence sways out into the bowl, captures an outlet of clear blue lake, and, as it meets the bowl wall, grows into a stout wind-shelter replete with hay and feeding troughs; not too far above, a claw-marked series of feeding ledges lie, decorated by a few discarded and bleached-out bones. A few clusters of green sprout, downtrodden, in the hard ground, tracked over by the stampeding of the herds.
It is a summer late night.
Squabbling over leftovers is Taco.
Green Siulth and blue Wiranth are here.
You see Herd of Herdbeasts here.
Ethree is here.
Obvious exits:
Stables Barn Training Grounds Central Bowl Beach Flight

You slide gently down Wiranth's neck and land with a soft thud.

Ethree walks down Wiranth's length, unfastening straps and lifting children down. "The caverns aren't far, watch where you step in these fields. Good day."

Pyrene slides gingerly down, not so much assisting the children as being assisted by them… and straight into herder manure. Little angels, they are. Pride remains despite the green tinge to her face and she stares calmly at Ethree, "Thank you for your assistance, rider." she says formally, keeping firm hold of two sturdy brats for support.

Ethree waggles her fingers to the little ones, Wiranth whuffling and ready to follow the pen's new additions. "My duty kepy, weyrnanny." She states.

Pyrene's lips compress into a thin line and she stalks off, the effect ruined slightly as she keeps having to dodge herdbeasts and their droppings. Reluctant to end it, the kids cluster around their favourite dragon of the hour, Wiranth, but are eventually persuaded to follow their nanny back to the caverns.

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