Clutch 27's Dragon's Fly

[[Logged by Ali]]

Central Bowl
You stand in the center of the Ista Weyr bowl. You feel small as you crane your neck to look into the sky, at the towering five pinnacles of the Weyr rim, so tall they seem to reach into the clouds. The bowl floor slopes gently upward to the southeast, where various tunnels lead to the hatching grounds, ground weyrs, and living caverns. Across the bowl to the northeast are the weyrling barracks and training grounds. You can see the Weyr's artificial waterfall as it sheets down along the northern wall of the Bowl, its pool concealed at the base of the bowl by an ethereal cloud of mist. West, the entire wall of the bowl has been blown out by some long-distant eruption, and you can see clear out to the ocean from here. The view is breathtaking.

Ali glances around, cinammon toned eyes watching as Celth and Djarreth land nearby, moves into a quick salute for both of them, offering them a smile in greeting. Uillauth, being curious as always, sneaks up behind his rider, as if something that big could hide behind something as small as Ali, and nudges her in the back with his muzzle.

T'nar glances up and smiles a little, standing up and saluting to the two riders as they land.

C'ran offers a smile to each of the candidates, followed by a warmer one for Kita "Welcome guys, as you may have guessed, its your turn on the lesson schedule today." he crosses his arms over his chest, unsure whether they've heard what the weeks lesson is "How do your partners feel today?"

Ali steps slightly to the side, moving just enough for the brown hiding behind her to fully see and, of course, be seen. "Uillauth is fine today, he's just been cleaned, and checked, and oiled," the later being quite obvious, with the shine of the browns hide causing him to practically glow in the sunlight. "Curious, of course, about what we're doing out here."

T'nar smiles softly and glances up to the bronze behind him. Nodding his head and glancing back to C'ran, he says, "He says he's doing just splendidly." Chuckling, he pats the bronze leg beside him, "Then, he always says that."

Releasing her straps, Kita slides down a correctly angled foreleg, landing with a small 'thud' on the dusty bowl floor. Smiling widely, Kita returns the salutes granted her way. "I guess there's no reason in telling you not to salute me…you'll probably all do it anyway.." Ali's speech causes Kita to glance over, nodding appreciatevly at the younger brown's hide. "He's in beautiful colour, Ali," Kita admires, Djarreth putting in his two marks worth by snaking his head around his rider.

C'ran's smile widens brighter "Wonderful, so long as neither of them is feeling under the weather, I'd like to invite them both to take a little flight." thats right, times come for them to stretch their wings. "You think you're ready to start?" he asks, anticipating the usual answer of shouts of glee and such.

It's Ali's turn to glow, but the red that touches her cheeks is the glow of pride, both in her dragon, and for the hard work she's put into caring for him. Her mouth opens, about to say something, but it closes again as her thoughts are interrupted by a question from the smaller brown, a question that causes her to giggle. "Uillauth wants to know if he's going to be as big as your Djarreth when he's fully grown…." the comment to Kita is, of course, ended abruptly at C'ran's announcement, a broad grin appearing on the weyrling's face. "Didya hear that, 'lauth? You get to fly!" the excited words are spoken both aloud and in her thougts so all present can hear.

T'nar smiles a bit, no cheering for him, but he looks up to Salbaheth. The affect is not lost on the bronze, as he unfurls his wings and shifts a bit, standing rall, proud, at attention. T'nar does chuckle, though, and nods his head, "I'm ready. Sal's been ready since he Hatched, I think."

Uillauth's head is lifted high as he moves forward, presenting himself to the weyrlingmaster, aware that it's the weyrlingmaster that will say when he can Fly, not his Ali. Nonetheless, a slinky brown tail slips just above the sand, wrapping loosely around Ali's legs.

Kita blinks a little at Ali's related question, glancing back to her large brown indeed. "Djarreth believes so," she answers after a moment's hesitation, adding, "and he believes he can show your Uillauth all sorts of things…which wherry's are the best to catch, the best sunning spots - do you really know all of this, 'Reth? - and tricks in flights-" the last bit cut off as Kita gives her dragon a sharp look.

Salbaheth glances over towards Djarreth, a sly look on his face. Tricks in flight. Now doesn't THAT sound like a fun thing to do. T'nar, mostly unaware, smiles over to Ali and her dragon. He hears that part too, and glances back to Kita, "Tricks? Like what sort?"

Well, the time has come then, "Alright, there are rules to this I'm afraid… They are to only take one circle around the bowl, and if they feel any strain at all" not that they ever do "They are to land immediately. Celth and Djarreth are standing by to help if need be."

"Ah.." Kita stammers, giving her highly amused dragon a ferocious look, "trick tricks. Draconic tricks. You know…" she stammers, waving her hand around in an attempt to brush off the topic. "Look, maybe I'll tell you later." Moving away from the weyrlings to give them wing and leg room, Kita thumps the side of her dragon with the back of her hand. "What are you talking about..tricks don't know any tricks, do you? Stop it at once, I know what you're trying to do…" can be vaguely heard floating on the wind, Kita folding her arms to watch the weyrlings first attempt. C'ran is given a quick, once over glance, then her attention is diverted back to where it's supposed to be.

Ali's eyes twinkle brightly at the idea of the larger dragon teaching her 'little' one everything he needs to know, and she gives Kita an appreciative smile, after passing the information over to 'lauth, the littler brown spreads his wings out, showing the overly-large beauties off for Djarreth's approval. "One turn around the bowl, alright. Uillauth wants to know how high they should go." Ali's attention turns quickly back the the weyrlingmaster, hand reaching out to touch 'lauth's muzzle protectively.

C'ran tsk tsks, giving Kita a wink "No tricks until they've graduated Kita love, then we'll get em properly into firestorm." mostly he just doens't want to give them ideas right this moment. "and you can have your pick of the lot, promise." isn't it nice of C'ran to give them away like that. He gives a little shrug and a grin "As high as they want? No… try to keep within a distance so that they still look like dragons rather then specks."

T'nar ohs softly and nods softly. Far be it from Sal to even speculate, natural creature to the sky he is, but he resumes his proper pose for the moment. T'nar, nodding to Kita, then to C'ran, turns to face his dragon, "You heard. You're ready, and I trust you. Give.. give me a little time to get used to flying, before doing anything wierd, ok?" A whuff from Sal, and he crouches down, eager to get his rider aboard, eager to take to the air.

Djarreth responds approvingly, eyes sparkling and whirling at Uillauth's impressive wing display. Vocally, he warbles some draconic message to the younger brown, his own wings unfurling slightly as he raises his head to give his voice more strength.

Uillauth senses Djarreth's mindtone is soft and gentle, russet browns with a hint of gold pouring over the fibre of one's being, granting a strength few are witness too. <> to him.

Ali nods her head, her little braid bouncing just off the back of her neck. "You can do this, Uillauth. I know you're ready, just wait until C'ran gives us the OK, alright?" The little brown listens to his rider, but that doesn't stop him from stretching his large wings out a little more, as if testing them to make sure he knows exactly how big they are. Ali's hand remains on 'lauth's muzzle as the pair exchanges quick, unspoken conversation.

C'ran holds up his hand to forestall T'nars next step "Sorry T'nar… I know you really want to, but this one is a solo flight, they need to build up their wings before they start carrying things. And yes I know you think you can do it… this is a firm rule." that last is directed more towards the dragon then the rider. All the weyrlingmasters are well aware of this dragon's propensity for such things.

Uillauth's usual dark, deep mindtones are streaked with bright shades of red and yellow, showing his excitement for the upcoming moment. His first flight. « Ali says I have strong wings, too, but she worries whether I'm ready to go up on my own yet. » His mindvoice softens, pushing his pride to the back of his thoughts, « I told her that you will catch me if I fall. »

That wink has a rather impressive effect on poor Kita: the small brownrider's face remains stagnant in it's look of neutral appraisal of the weyrlings, yet a flush rises over her cheeks as her traitorous emotions find some method of release. Briefly caught unaware, Kita shifts her weight, allowing her long, long hair to flop over her face, hiding her expression. "'Properly' into Firestorm indeed," Kita mutters under her breath, finally raising her head to watch the events unfolding before her.

T'nar blinks, and glances back to C'ran, then ohs softly, "Oh. Ok." He glances back up to Salbaheth, smiling a little appologetically, "You go alone, I guess. I know, you'd rather me be there, but.." He shrugs a little, then pats the bronze neck. Salbaheth, peeking up at C'ran, warbles a little, then straightens up a bit. So much for HIS planned joyride.

Ali takes a deep breath and nods her head, the worry she feels about her 'little' dragon's first flight showing slightly, but her pride gleams ever more brightly. Together, they wait for the OK. Waiting is easy enough, they've waited this long.

Uillauth senses that Ali's excitement seeps into her thoughts, along with the worry. « You'll tell me if you feel strained at *all*, promise? Any pain, any discomfort, and you get back to the ground. You have to. » After the silent lecture, her mindvoice softens, the pride showing ever more, « I know you can do it. »

Spying Ali's concern, Kita smiles reassuringly and moves off the side of her dragon to approach the pair. "Ali, don't worry. His wings are very well formed. A little larger than average for his age, but possibly all to the good. Djarreth assures me that you'll be fine. Both be fine," she amends, glancing to T'nar to include him in the conversation. "Your dragons are strong for their age. They won't hurt themselves." That said, Kita steps back, one arm raised in preperation to bring it down in the signal of 'take to the skies.' "Are they ready?"

T'nar glances over to Kita and nods, stepping back away from his dragon. He's smart enough to know when those wings come down, anything beneath them's going to get kicked around. In fact, he heads over towards Kita, turning to watch his dragon, "He is, every so much so."

Uillauth's tone is tinged with light, sunshiny streaks of gold and copper lacing his thoughts. Even in his excitement, though, he still remains your solid, stolid Uillauth: « Have patience, my dear…good things come to those who wait. » A motto, perhaps? Or one to consider, at least. « You would know the very moment I did, though I shan't. See? Even she says I am strong. » A faint hint of pride seeps in at that, for he knows that he -can- do it.

Ali's smile for Kita shows her appreciation for the reassurance, and, after a moment, she touches 'lauth's warm, shining hide one last time before stepping away, giving Kita a nod of her head. "He says he's ready, and I think he is."

Ali releases a soft, mental laugh, imagining her big solid dragon in the air. « Go when she gives the sign. Watch her. »

Kita grins over to T'nar, the emotion of the weyrling's first flight infecting the older brownrider. What a memory to keep. One final glance to the riders, and her eyes are upon the dragons. Then, with an authorative, violent motion, Kita's arm is dropped, the signal to launch.

Salbaheth doesn't waste much time, wings comming down and leaping into the air. This may be his first time off the ground, but he's been waiting for this day, watching, waiting, practicing ;) Kicking ground debris around a little, he lifts up into the air, tail comming around as he gains altitude.

Uillauth, while patient, is still young…though the only signs of anticipation are the faintest twitch of tail-tip and stretch of wings. At Ali's words he dips his head, acknowledging his readiness….and then, the signal! A slightly awkward, though not ungraceful start is given, one step, two…and then slightly overlarge wings come into play, 'little' brown pumping to clear the ground. Another awkward moment or two as he's first airborne…but only a moment or two, as this boy was maaaade for flying. After all, those wings had to be good forsomething, besides just providing shade. Though is flight is not one of great show, merely setting into a steady, calming rhythm…uuup, doooown…uuuup, dooown…tuuuurn…and so on.

Djarreth thinks « You are both to tell me at once if you tire! »

Ali gasps softly as Uillauth lifts so easily from the ground, her small hands clapping together in pride, then clasping close to her chest, as if giving Uillauth all of her energy to use on this flight. "He looks so perfect up there," she whispers wistfully.

C'ran, for just a moment, watches the weyrlings rather then the dragons. Its always so wonderful to see the looks on their faces. After getting his fill of the pure joy, his gaze turns to the sky, following the draconic forms in their course upward. "Isn't it wonderful Kit?" he whispers in an aside.

T'nar smiles a bit as he watches his dragon, turning about and picking up speed a little. Fly high, he wouldn't do that, but a brisk pace, well, there wasn't anything said against that. To Sal, though, it's just casual, swinging out to circle around the weyr wall, making his turns a little more elaborate than simple, yet still being proper. T'nar just watches, almost seeming to be on the verge of purring, as he follow's his dragon around.

So caught up in the heightened states of young dragons and riders, Kita momentairily forgets any uncomfortable feelings, her face directed skywards with a wondorous expression on her face. "It is," she whispers in return. "I'd almost forgotten what the first time was like." With a brief sigh, Kita's smile deepens, and she briefly leans in a little closer.

Ali shuffles her feet on the sands as if trying to lift off on her own, to join her dragon in the skies. Her chin is lifted, face to the sky, brown eyes following the brown form above her. Fingers clasp and unclasp around each other, still keeping her hands close to her chest, as if pleading or praying.

C'ran slips an arm around Kita's waist with a smile. "they're doing wonderful guys, go ahead and have them make there turn at that end of the bowl. They really know how to soar."

Kita seems to shrink a little at the contact, but certainly not out of revulsion. The strange little smile is still constant upon her lips, her eyes soft for just a moment, before she assumes a look of authority once more for the weyrlings benefit. Who probably aren't even aware of the scene unfolding between the two older riders. If one were to move Kita's hair aside, they would see a small blush across her cheeks as she lowers her head to C'ran's shoulder. "Seeing this sort of thing makes being an Assistant WeyrlingMaster worthwhile…even with all the risks."

Uillauth seems undaunted by the immensity of what it is that he's doing, wings carrying him steadily higher. Though to some his calm might seem a clever facade, nothing could be further from the truth; this is what he's meant to do, this taking to the air. Though again, being groundborne isn't so bad…which is why his first flight is not a thing of triumph. It's merely what comes naturally. A different perspective on life, you might say…

T'nar glances over to C'ran and nods softly, smiling a little, "Alright." He glances up and relays the comment to his bronze. Salbaheth, barely glancing away from his flight path, churrs (very faintly from that distance) and turns, banking fairly sharply, his tail whipping around to keep his flight stable. A few quick wingbeats and he slows to a more leisurely pace again, glancing towards his rider on the ground.

"You'd think he's been doing this from the moment he fell out of his egg," Ali whispers, not caring if anyone hears or not, mostly for herself and Uillauth. "Oooooooh." The sound emerges from the tiny weyrling, sounding like a croon, or just a sound of joy.

Uillauth's mindvoice betrays what his outward calm, though it's a somehow more…dignified ebullience than that of his clutchbrother. <> The statement, while the obvious one, is no less important, the thought standing out in vibrant, shimmering, shifting gold. His next words are as molten, shimmers of copper and traces of silver working in as well. <> Again, the statement is of the obvious, brown having begun his descent even before he spoke to you…

Kita's starstruck gaze is still directed skywards, and hence she sees the landing of Larisseth. Initially, Kita just glances over with a smile of greeting to the green dragon, before the fact that that dragon is ridden by Elle finally sinks in. With a small gasp, Kita hastily pulls away from C'ran, biting her bottom lip. Shards, if Elle found out she'd tease her about it for sevendays. C'ran is given a small smile of explanation, her eyes flitting to Larisseth and back, her demeanor not angry.

Djarreth thinks « I knew your wings would be strong. And they will become stronger. Be sure not to tire yourself, young one, for you have yet to carry your rider this night. »

Ali waits patiently, as Uillauth begins his descent, all of the energy she has now being used to keep herself still. It's not going to get him to the ground again any sooner if she is moving across the sand. "Come on down now," she whispers, though not realizing the words were actually spoken aloud as well as in her thoughts.

Ali is proud, and it shows throughout her thoughts, with the image of her lifemate flying through the air, as seen from her point of view. « You look so beautiful up there. Wonderful job. C'ran says you need to come down now, though. »

Elle gives Larisseth a lingering carress upon her foreleg as the rider starts away to join the others, giving a particularly scathing gaze to Kita and C'ran? Kita is peered at far more than the later. "Whats going on, luvs?" She saunters on over as Elle-ish as ever with hands upon hips and a carefree toss to her hair.

C'ran smiles brightly "The weyrlings have just had their first flight, or at least the dragons have. And they did wonderfully. Go ahead and bring them down guys… You can fly again some more tommorrow."

Uillauth's thoughts are more shimmery-shiney than the brown's usual, sparkling pinpricks of light scattered 'cross a velvet backdrop…easily they coalesce, light overpowering dark, though only by a little. « You did. And as Ali says, and C'ran instructs, I come down. » As matter-of-factly as his words may seem, a touch of pride colors his next thought, shimmers tending towards golden. « I shall not tire, as there is no need to unduly exert oneself. But indeed, we shall soon see, once I take my Ali up. »

T'nar glances over at C'ran and nods softly, glancing back up towards Salbaheth in the sky. Smiling, he murmurs a little, sending in thought the request to come back and land.

Salbaheth, though reluctant, begins his descent, wings clipping the air with gentle turning strokes as he leans back on his growing bulk. His tail, as steerage, allows him to slowly maneuver into place. Suddenly, the ground leaps up beneath him and draws him back to gravity's sway, and he is forced to take a couple of staggered steps with the brunt of impact.

Elle continues to peer closely at Kita for quite a long moment. The glimmer of a lilted smile touches at the edges of her generous lips. With a throaty chuckle, she meanders up closer to them, but lets her feline gaze slide over to the weyrlings, most especialy T'nar and then the plummeting Salbaheth, "Good work, you two."

C'ran remains oblivious to any looks, or at least doesn't respond to them beyond a smile. "Wonderful guys, you are now officially allowed down to the beach and anywhere else on weyr grounds. You're welcome to fly every day until the next lesson, five minutes more each day if you like, but you are to report any strains or pain to me or one of the other weyrlingmasters."

Uillauth's descent is gentle, unhurried as the rest of his flight has been. Again there's that awkward transition, this time from air to ground…the only true sign of it (if one happened to be watching closely) is a slight -hic- in his movement. Wingspan was once again key, wings put into play to reduce his speed as he hit the ground. With a *flip* that leans just a little bit more towards businesslike than his norm, Uillauth furls his wings, taking the few steps needed to reach his rider. Ahem. We do not strut. There is no need to strut, as it was only natural, what was done. -li'l strut- Ahem.

T'nar glances over and blinks a little, hearing Elle behind him. He smiles and nods, "Thanks. Mostly Sal's work, though. All that practice he wanted to get in." Practice on everything except landing, it seems. Smiling, though, he wanders over to his bronze, "That was good." He tells the dragon.

Ali claps her hands together once again as Uillauth successfully lands, even if he did have a *little* trouble with the landing. Only a *little* mind you. As he reaches her side, both of her arms are lifted to wrap around the brown's big ole neck in something similar to a hug.

Elle can't help but continue to give C'ran not all that sneaky glances from time to time -acutally on a rather regular basis seeing as Kita has fled the scene. Feel free to tell her to whip that smirk off of her face, but she won't do it. Praise continues to flow for T'nar and Sal, "You can tell you two are working hard. Looking better and better each and every day." Is she talking about the dragon, or the rider?

Salbaheth stretches his wings before tucking them in at his sides and extending a muzzle of nigh smug greeting to his lifemate. His tail dusts the bowl floor and then is lifted. However, one might note that since the staggered steps of his landing, he hasn't walked further. Getting his 'land legs' back?

Ali's thoughts reach deeply, thick with pride and love, as colors continue to swirl around her words. « C'ran says you can do this once every day, to get in practice before we fly together. » Almost as a second thought, she adds, softly, « We can go wherever we want at the weyr now. Even to the beach. Better swimming there, *and* more fish. A reward for a job well done, love. »

T'nar smiles and gently rubs the bronze's foreleg, turning back to glance at Elle. Commentary taken the only obvious way, praise for his dragon's performance, such as it was, "Thanks, Elle. He's been antsy for this since he was able to really think about it." He grins and looks back up at Sal.

"So quiet out here," Char muses as she approaches weyrlings and weyrlingmasters, assistant and otherwise. She quips a brief salute to her superior, her daughter, squealing and giggling, tucked beneath one arm. "Good evening, all."

Uillauth whuffs softly, head canting to one side…the impression given that he's resting his head against Ali's. Though 'tis an impression only, of course. Jewel-toned eyes swirl softly, blue-laced-green…or is that green-laced-blue? Whichever color is dominant is neither here nor there, however…a slightly less 'collected' air surrounds him, and a gentle nudge is directed toward his rider.

Ali gulps as she realizes there are other 'riders here than when Uillauth lifted from the ground, and belatedly offers both Elle and Char salutes, grinning sheepishly at her lateness. Who can blame her, when she was busy watching her brown float through the air. "Good evening," she replies softly, her arm returning to it's looped position about 'lauth's neck.

Salbaheth peers over his lifemate's head at the seasoned rider beyond, a snort stirring his lifemate's hair. Blue conjoins with green in the merry whirl of his orbs. He offers T'nar a slight nudge in the side, urging him into a comradely embrace about his bronzen neck.

Uillauth's swirling, shimmering thoughts settle a mite, soothing forest green equally mated with still faintly sparkling gold. « To bed, my Ali, my dear. 'Tis been a day of much excitement. »

Ali's protective side shows, and she gives a mental nod, « Go on, love, and rest. I'll join you after my dinner. »

Elle doesn't pay attention to the salutes, unless she notices that one isn't being given when she is a particularly catty sort of way. That would not be today, thankfully. Eyes generously size up both Sal and rider with a cloying smile, "He'll be quite the flier as he gets older… probably be keeping you busy during those flights." With a turn of her head, she casts her attention upon Char, "Char," and then upon the kidlet in her arms, causing the greenrider to breifly wonder where her own brood has gotten itself lately.

Uillauth separates himself from his Ali, his dear, and trundles off to the barracks. 'Tis only right, you know…

Char sets her daughter upon the ground, revealing the line leading from girl to mother's hand. She takes in the tableau of greenrider and weyrling and her lips purse into a thin line of disapproval. "Tagging them a bit young, aren't we, Elle?" she almost snaps at the older rider—almost. In the presence of her daughter, she appears a bit less… prudish? She turns to gaze at the young dragons, a smile touching her lips. "I take it they did well, today, then?"

T'nar smiles and hugs his arms against the bronzes neck a bit. He tips his head, then lets his arms slip from the bronze as Elle addresses him. He nods, then blinks a little, expression going a little.. introspective, "Flights.." He wrinkles his nose, then looks to Char. He knows all about what THOSE are, and what it brings some riders to do.

Salbaheth picks up the thought from his lifemate's mind and cants his head to one side in perplexion. He looks to the other dragons for enlightenment, broadcasting horribly. « Flights? »

Ali watches as Uillauth shuffles off toward the barracks, the sparkle in her eyes and the way her lips curl up into a smile of affection, but she stays behind as he heads to rest. "He's had an exciting day, and decided now is a good time to take a nap, sweet boy that he is. Flights? They just flew, though," the younger girl takes a moment to realize exactly what kind of flights they're speaking of, and blushes when she does. "Oh, *flights*." With that, she takes a rather large step backwards.

Elle isn't a virgin when it comes to such accusations. It happened when they were candidates, not weyrlings… Rider just rolls her eyes in Char's direction, making a point of turning away, this time focusing her gaze upon C'ran, still rather amused by what she didn't exactly see earlier. Although, her words are for Char, "Why? Feel you might just miss out on all the fun?"

C'ran quite wisely steps backwards, and any weyrlings would be wise to do the same. Never get caught in crossfire for comments like that, especially when one might become a target.

T'nar spares a glance over towards Ali, then turns back to his dragon, speaking quietly, "Flights. Sort of like what you did, except a little different. A lot more.. excersize." Well, in a way, that's true. More flying, right? Hoping that'll keep the dragon from asking much more, he looks over at Ali, then towards Char and Elle, keeping from their conversation.

Char snorts. "Fun, indeed. If you…" she breaks off the thought, looking at the weyrlings and coloring to the very roots of her hair. Clearing her throat, she allows her eyes to drop to where her daughter strains at the line keeping her in check. She smiles at T'nar, then, including Ali in the gesture for the sake of propriety. The blue- and bronzerider were friends before he'd Impressed, but Elle might not know that. "How'd he do?" she asks, cocking her chin in Salbaheth's direction.

Ali shifts her position a little more away from the older riders, more towards T'nar and the barracks behind her fellow weyrling. Gulp. Maybe he's the safest one to be near at the moment, not seeming to care one way or the other about the subject. Gulp. As she moves, she keeps her gaze on the ones she's moving from.

Salbaheth regards his lifemate with only a hint of skepticism and then rolls his upper limbs in a shrug. He woobles after Uillauth, a bit belatedly, and considers retreating himself.. only for a nice.. warm…

T'nar bites his lip a little, then glances up and more attentively looks at Char. Ah, a topic sane to tend to, "Sal? He did very well. A little different landing than most dragons, but didn't hurt anything." He smiles, glancing back to his dragon, then glancing to Ali as she sneaks over behind him.

Elle seems to take some kind of preverted pleasure in Char's blush. Strutting a little, greenrider makes a point of sliding past Char, almost close enough to touch, to move closer to the 'retreating' C'ran. As she does this little movement, she does make a point to let a few things wiggle where the tight leather allows, "T'nar and Sal did wonderful, naturally. Right, C'ran?"

Ali's cheeks flush slightly as she continues to sneak behind T'nar, hoping to be hidden from view so she'll actually have a chance to bolt toward the barracks as she so obviously wants to do.

Char lifts her chin in a gesture of disdain as she ignores the words and movements of Elle—with difficulty, mind you. She tugs at the line confining her daughter and the child squeals in protest. "Syli.. dear.." she chides the child and then turns her attention back to bronze and rider. "I should hope nothing is hurt."

C'ran hides a very amused grin behind a rather serious looking nod "They both did wonderfully well. Perhaps you might give him a little congratulations. As did you two Ali, Uilluath."

Elle completely and utterly managed to miss Ali back there, 'tis a shame. Greenrider shifts to the side, canting to as to get a better look at the 'hiding' weyrling. Wherry-eating dragon grin accents her dark features as she places her attention momentarily upon Ali. With a dismissive flip of her hand, she rights herself only to lean all her weight upon one leg, the other bent at the knee. She glances askance at C'ran yet again, not at all hiding her wry grin.

Ali stops dead in her tracks upon being spoken to, and forces herself to turn so she's facing C'ran, and the others beside him, cheeks flushing a slightly darker shade of red. "Thank you, C'ran. I'm very proud of him, and he says he can't wait to do it again." A deep breath is taken, her chest visibly rising with the motion, and she steps a little further to the side, directly in the line of sight.

T'nar hrms softly and glances back to Ali, then back towards Elle and the other 'lingmasters. He smiles alittle and nods, "Might get to see him flying again tomorrow. He's probably going to stick as close to flying as he's permitted."

It is a brave individual who can step into both Elle and C'ran's line of sight. Just be glad that its only the green rider on the prowl and not the both of them for now. "You're welcome Ali, you two can both do it again soon enough. And I'll be about tommorrow T'nar, be happy to watch."

Elle smooths her hands down her sides, dropping to remain upon her leather-encased thighs. "Well, this has been mildly entertaining." He clicks her tongue, gives C'ran a wink, Ali and T'nar a lip-licking smack, and all but completely ignored Char's presence. Once her deliberate sauntering is complete, she has made it to the sublimly oblivious Larisseth. "Have a fun evening. I know that I intend to."

Char scowls in Elle's direction and adds her own offer to the young rider, as well. "And I. I will likely be around to offer assistance and a /mature/.." she glances suggestively at Elle and continues, "eye, should you need someone to watch."

Salbaheth snorts. He doesn't need anyone to watch him. He's the king of flight, he is. Without warning, he thrusts his wings out so that their powerful span might be admired by the others. Just look how shiny… meep! He closes them just as quickly before his hide manages to catch the dying light of sunset.

From Larisseth's neck, Elle's eyes glaze over as her lids begin to droop…off to daydream about men and draggies.

T'nar blinks and winces a littlea s he turns to see what rustlings come from his dragon, only to catch the sun against his reflective hide. He chuckles, rubbing an eye a little, stating, "Sal, carefull there. You shine so well as it is, you know." He chuckles, teasing a little.

Ali watches Elle walking away, and just shakes her head. This hold-bred girl needs to learn bravery, or something, to survive these sorts of encounters. Cinammon hued gaze shifts from C'ran to Char and finally to T'nar. Ah, a fellow weyrling. He's safe, right?

C'ran just grins and shakes hs head after his old wingmate "Alright guys, you're free for the rest of the night. You did wonderfully, now go ahead and relax. You're free to the beach now."

Char is safe. So far as anything sexual in nature goes. She's about as safe as you can get. Arms folded, she glares after the retreating greenrider and then turns her scowling attention back on the weyrlings. "Oh, C'ran," she addresses the Weyrlingmaster without looking directly at him. "When are their… gifts.. going to be ready?"

Salbaheth would blush if he could. Instead, he just ducks his shimmering features, dissembling in a droop of falsely heavy lids. He's tired. Really he is.

Ali's eyes light up at that gentle reminder. "So it would be alright if I went to have a swim, then?" Yes, he said it was, but being left with nothing else to say, she had to ask. "It just seems like a nice time for a swim and, well, if anyone wants to join me.."

T'nar smiles a little and nods a little, turning to look at Salbaheth, then to Ali. He looks at the dragon a moment before reguarding his fellow weyrling, "I could do that. Let me see about Sal first, though."

C'ran grins softly and nods "IT would indeed, no curfew tonight, you've had your big thing for the time being. Enjoy it with my blessing." yep, he's feeling magnanimous.

Char actually grins at Ali at the mention of a swim. "Swimming. How wonderful," she exclaims without even lifting her voice. She smiles at the weyrlings and rolls her eyes. "I'd assume, however, that you wouldn't want a stuffy assistant weyrlingmaster around."

"The invitation was for anyone that wants to come," Ali replies softly, giving Char a shy smile, not accustomed to dealing with the weyrlingmaster staff as anything other than teachers. "Please, come. Maybe we'll even teach your little one to float?"

Char's face splits with an actual smile. She bends to lift her daughter into her arms, the child squealing her protest and wriggling in her arms. "Actually, Syli has been swimming quite a bit, lately." She chuckles. "She's a natural."

T'nar smiles and nods softly, glancing to his dragon, then to Ali and Char, "That's good. Always a usefull skill on an island." He chuckles a little, quietly.

Ali's smile broadens as she motions toward the beach and the water beyond that. "Shall we, then? I'm looking forward to getting into the water that isn't directly attached to a waterfall. I'm not a big fan of stepping too far backwards and having that much water pouring on my head." Her shoulders lift, showing that she realizes it may seem silly but, hey, it's her.

T'nar smiles softly and nods softly, "Works for me. Lead the way?"

Ali nods, moving off towards the beach, not waiting for the others to follow. After all, they know the way, right? Hopefully so. Kicking up a small trail of dust, she wanders beachwards, the bounce of happiness reappearing in her step. Bounce. Bounce.

Main Beach
The beach here is of a fine, glittering black sand… volcanic sand, remnants of a long-past eruption. The beach is fairly wide, which is a good thing since many of the Weyr's dragons like to come here and lounge in the sun. The crystal blue waters of the ocean roll up in gentle hissing waves on the shoreline, sometimes leaving shells or other treasures from the sea in their wake. On the north and south ends of the beach, the cliff from the plateau retreats into the forest, and trees flank the beaches.

Ali drops to the sand as soon as she gets close enough to the beach to do so, immediately pulling her boots off, dropping them one at a time to the sand beside her. Next to follow are her socks. As soon as her feet are bare, that horrid orange shirt is tugged off, revealing a simple, but clinging, black swimsuit. A sheepish grin is offered for both T'nar and Char as she scrambles to her feet and tugs her trousers off, leaving them in a pile on the sand before darting towards the water.

Char lets her daughter run free upon reaching the beach, trusting her lifemate to keep an eye on the toddler. She tosses her shirt off and steps out of her trous, leaving them where they lie. Beneath, she wears her own curve-hugging bathing suit. With a silent admonision to her lifemate, she trots to the water, grinning.

T'nar glances to Ali as she strips to a swimsuit, then glancing to Char as she does too. Puzzled a little, he shrugs and smiles, shucking vest, shirt, boots and pants. They have their modesty, so he keeps his undershorts on. Trotting, he heads out to the water.

Ali stops just where the water touches the shore, letting the waves roll over her feet as she pulls her short hair out of the tight braid that keeps it off her neck and out of her eyes. Her gaze lifts to the sky, and the stars beginning to appear, "It's a beautiful evening, don't you think?" she asks, of both T'nar and Char and neither of them, at the same time.

Char pauses in her headlong flight into the water to peer up at the sky and grins back at the weyrlings on the beach before throwing herself into deeper water. She resurfaces with a sigh. "Now /this/ is what I live for," she muses to no one in particular.

A light laugh sounds from Ali's throat before she joins Char in the surf, waving T'nar in before she, too, slips beneath the surface of the water, enjoying its cooling and relaxing qualities. "It's nice to be able to just relax, even for just a few minutes."

T'nar grins softly and nods, "Very nice night." he wades in, then settles into the water, pushing out in a swim. He makes his way out deeper a bit, to about where Char and Ali float, treading in place a while, letting the water swish around his legs and arms.

Char allows the water to bouy her from beneath, a smile composed upon her features as she gazes up at the twinkling night sky. "I miss nights like this… swimming." She lifts herself out of the water, peering back at the beach, her newfound worry catching at her again. "Where's my daughter?" she asks no one in particular.

Salbaheth drops to the beach with a weary sigh, apparently more exhausted than he thought.

On a very unusually brave moment for Ali, she speaks up, "I think days like this are as important as the work we do all day. I mean," she pauses, as if unsure how her thoughts will be accepted by her fellow weyrling and one of the weyrlingmasters, but continues anyway, "when we're working and learning, we have to serious, it's important, or we won't learn but…" A grin is tossed in T'nar's direction, followed by one for Char, getting braver as she goes, "what do I know about either of you, except for your names?" Her gaze shifts to the sand, looking, as well, for a sign of Char's daughter. "There with Aztereth, isn't she?"

Char's gaze trails inward for a moment, the touch of her lifemate's mind upon her own reassuring, and the vision through her lifemate's eyes even more so. She lets out a sigh of relief and smiles. "The sweet thing is playing in his forelegs, happy as she pleases."

"I'm sure Aztereth wouldn't let her wander too close to the water," Ali reassures the mother before leaning back to allow herself to float along the top of the water, just relaxing.

Char shakes her head and smiles at the young brownrider, allowing herself to drop back into the water. "Of course he won't. I still can't help but feel a bit nervous at times.. now that she knows how to walk."

Ali smoothly moves her legs, propelling herself backwards, gliding easily across the water, her eyes focused on the sky above, but ear focused on the other riders in the water. "How old is she, anyway. Your daughter, I mean. And, even moreso, what's her name? I don't remember ever hearing it."

Char laughs, bobbing gently in the water as she waves her arms back and forth across the gentle undulations. "Her name is Syli and she's 8 and a half months." She sighs, her expression waxing nostalgic. "It seems like yesterday she was my little bitty thing."

"And already, she's walking and wandering around, keeping you on your toes, right?" Ali alters her path, moving back towards the shore now in order to keep herself within vocal range of the others. "Soon, she'll be talking as well, I suppose, and your weyr will never be quiet again."

Char laughs, shaking her head as she regards the young brownrider. "She's already talking, actually, though not much. She only talks when she has to."

"Like when she wants something and you're not paying attention?" Ali laughs lightly, obviously letting the warm evening and cool water relax her. "I sometimes wonder, now that I have Uillauth, if having a baby is much like having a dragon, at first, anyway. I mean, they both need your undivided attention for a while, then they learn to do things and don't need you to take care of them quite as much." She pauses, shaking her head, "then they just need you for other reasons. Because they love you, and because there are still things they can't do on their own." Philosophical at night, this one is.

Char grimaces at the comparison of dragons and babies. "It's quite a bit different. A dragon can easily tell you what they want and need. A baby just…. squawls." She chuckles, though. "It is very like, though. They rely on you utterly for everything and they adore you forever."

Ali moves her shoulders in a shrug-like motion, causing little rippling waves to surround her. "I've never tried to care for a baby before, so I guess all of my thoughts come from what I've heard. It would be nice if babies were born able to tell you what they want and need, like dragons are, wouldn't it?"

Char chuckles, rolling her eyes. Can we say UNDERSTATEMENT? "That would be a vast improvement on humankind. Unfortunately, I don't see it happening anytime soon. At least Aztereth can interpret her when I can't."

Ali gives Char an encouraging grin, which is interrupted by a rolling of her eyes and a twist of her body to head back to the shore. "'lauth's hungry, and it's impossible to ignore his stomach. I'm sorry, but I have to go," the apology is offered as she reaches the shore and scrambles for her clothes. "I can't wait until he's old enough to get his *own* food," she adds, pulling on her clothes. "I'll see you tomorrow though, right?"

Char waggles her fingers at the leaving young rider and smiles. "Certainly!" she calls out over the water and decides to head towards the beach herself. "I'll be around. I'm a weyrlingmaster, after all."

"Have a good evening!" Ali calls as she gathers the rest of her things and runs towards the barracks, boots in one hand, shirt in the other.

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