Closing Ceremony Log

Log Courtesy of Tilla!

Southern Weyr Beach
This wide strip of sparkling white sand is a popular hangout for the Weyr's dragons; at almost any time you can find them lounging in the sun. The clear blue waters of the ocean roll up onto the soft sands with a gentle hiss. Fairs of firelizards wheel and dive in the air, some popping in and out of nooks and crags on the cliff, others diving and playing in the waves. Occasionally you spot a firelizard dive into the water and emerge with a wriggling fish in his claws.
It is a winter afternoon.
Curled up in the sand are seven firelizards.
Gold Aevryscienth, blue Tosiekoth, Green Veriameth, blue Esryth, gold Jeyth, green Szarabhayanath, bronze Aojadinth, brown Sidaaeth, bronze Nylanth, green Amuirnith, gold Kaelidyth, gold Dedanseth, and green Izlasth are here.
You see Ista Weyr Preparation Tent (iwpt), High Reaches Weyr Preparation Tent (hwpt), Order of Events!, and Intra-Weyr Games Trophy here.
You notice Kangarru, Aislinn, Dill, Pippa, and Coora asleep here.
Andru, Xilaros, Linny, Lanti, and Il'ad are here.
Obvious exits:
Cove Stairs

Il'ad doesn't see the salute. He's too busy leaning back to stare up at the sky, eyes squinting. There's also that glazed look over his eyes, so likely he's talking to the voices in his head.

Jump. Well, not really a jump. But Xilaros certainly straightens, turning his head to allow a single eye to survey the turf behind him. A broad smile slowly widens over his face as he turns his body to follow his movement, and carelessly replies, "Oh, well, this chick decided she didn't want it, and I'm not one to waste liquor," delivered in that almost too-deep amused bass. "I'd offer it to you, but then we'd both get in trouble."

"Oh, so you were hanging out with some chick?" Linny immediately fires back, her tone a fair mix of sarcasm and seriousness jealousy. Eyes remove themselves from him them to look out at the water, catching sight of the humorous surfing lesson. "Someone's going to be sore tomorrow," she idly comments, to really no one in particular.

"Who was it?" Xilaros turns to his redheaded twin, who promptly supplies, "Think it was Cat. You know, that crazy girl that Impressed with V'arik's bunch." Xilaros turns to deliver a 'so there' type of expression to Linny, though it may be ruined by the fact that he's smiling. "Come on, now. We've had this discussion, what, a hundred times before?" There is an edge to that statement, however. He lifts his hand to shade his eyes, returning to watching the lesson, his smile slowly decreasing to a typically impassive expression.

Izlasth takes off, scattering sand about with her wings.
Overhead, Izlasth takes off from the beach.
Overhead, Izlasth winks into ::between::!

Ylisa comes down the stairs from the cliff above.

Kaelidyth meanders away from the grumptastic blue that was her escort arriving, her lithely swaying motions enough to cause a bronze to almost crash into a brown on descent. Damned pedophile. The little goldlet continues on, until she stands in front of Il'ad. Neck arches and delicate nostrils flare as she maneuvers her head directly above him, squinting down at him in a patentedly amused manner. Here. She's giving him something pretty to look at, if he's just going to stare at the sky, anyhow.

"Oh hi." There's no mistaking a dragon staring at you. Il'ad's eyes blink a couple of times as he shifts his head to the side to crack it. Ain't that sexy? "Aren't you a pretty giiiirl." That's about the most she's gonna get out of him. With a heavy sigh, he brings his chin to his chest as arms cross over one another. Nap time? Maaaaybe.

Linny falls silent as she continues to watch the lesson, almost uncomfortably silent while standing so close to Xilaros. Finally, she peeks up at him. "I didn't expect to see you here. Especially after you didn't show up when /I/ was competing." Sure, she's airing some dirty laundry out in public, but she hasn't see him to do it in private.

And the Harper contingent arrives, lead by Alesa in her typical purple tunic ensemble and followed by several younger and eager apprentices. Silfiel and Koeseran, both looking like the trip from between was enough to make them almost hurl, Moria, looking fetching with her plaited long blonde hair and, then Master Ylisa who is walking side by side to the Journeyman. Alesa is deep in conversation with the woman as they go towards the portion of the stage set aside for performances and begin to set up. "I've heard there is to be a feast, I'm looking forward to it during set breaks," she remarks.

Kaelidyth huffs out a breath full of stinky herdbeast innards all over Il'ad. Smell the freshness. The dragonet turns, then, and heads back towards her lifemate, taking the long way around. She ends up matching strides with Alesa, for no obvious reason other than to make the Harpers oooh and ahh over her freshly-oiled, brightly-gleaming self.

"I shall just be glad to get through this without mishap," Ylisa replies. "It's a while since I've performed, as I've little confidence in my voice at the moment." She's carrying a gitar case, and somewhere there's an apprentice with her pipes and a harp. "But this is an interesting occasion - I've never played here before, though I've visited once or twice."

Xilaros isn't uncomfortable to be standing next to Linny, though by all rights he should be. Instead, the big trader glances down at the little goldrider, and arches an eyebrow reflexively. "Do you /really/ want me to answer that?" he questions, dark eyes only half-amused. He returns to watching the surfers, evidently not wanting to get into a huge blowup argument in the middle of a similarly huge crowd.

Hey, she was really wanting an answer to that question, even if it was going to cause a fight, so Xilaros' lack of answer certainly doesn't appease Linny. Lips press together as brown eyes slant up at him for a decent dirty look before her attention is pulled towards Kaelidyth.
"Excuse me," she says to the muscular pair without even looking in their direction as she goes to see what her gold is up to, wanting to make sure she's not annoying anyone, like Il'ad and Alesa.

Xilaros is left standing there. His expression turns annoyed for only a moment, until he makes his way over to the drink table to get a, uh, 'more masculine' drink than before. And if his perpetual scowl is back— well, people get out of his way fast, now, don't they.

Alesa looks up at the gold weyrling as she walks next to her with a little surprise which is followed by amusement. "Ma'am." The harper says, doing a deep curtsey/bow type thing. "How are you today?" She grins over at Kaelidyth almost as if expecting some kind of verbal answer. To Ylisa, she offers, "This is my ah..second time visiting the Southern Weyr area. But it was quite nice of all the help offered by the riders to transport so many of us here." A scowl over to the drinks table, "Koeseran, I see what you're doing over there." she warns, "You don't want to be punished /again/ do you?" She sighs.

"We should get set up," Ylisa pronounces, and looks round to see where the harpers are supposed to be based. "Koeseran! We play first, and eat after - and drink not at all, unless it's juice. Come on, now." She's rather brisker with the recalcitrant lad that Alesa was. "Ah, that looks like our spot." She heads off to claim some space.

Tilla emerges from the Reachian tent, still looking a little tired and green around the gills. S'lo follows her as she murmurs, "Seriously, I still want to know what in Faranth's name posessed me to drink so much of..whatever that was last night." Hic. "I'm still feeling hungover, despite all the water I've had. At least Rhaeyn won the drink-off though." She sniffs the air where the smells of what the bakercraft are starting to waft and tickle her nose. But the look is half of hunger and half of slight nausea. Hangovers suck.

Linny sighs for once again having to play interpreter for her dragon. Shardin' social gold. Once she arrives by Alesa, she gives her a little smile. "Kaelidyth wants me to tell you that she's doing wonderfully and hopes that you're doing the same," she says, careful to use the same wording that her gold used. Despite leaving the trader, Linny turns then, if only just to check and see what he's doing, distracted.

One of Ista's golds appears from between high above the beach. She takes her time circling far out over the water, her shadow glimpsing off those fledgling surfers before she glides to a landing far down the beach, her hide nearly as light as the sands. The one passenger descends, then works with the gold's rider to slowly let a large crate down to the beach before the rider follows suit. The humans pick up the crate between them and head toward the staging for the festivities, the gold following slowly behind them. Eventually the faces sharpen to that of Lanti, Teric and Dedanseth.

"Yes, we should. I think its over there." Alesa says this uselessly as the Master already has found the proper spot without directions anyway, perhaps harpers have an instinctual draw to the location of any stage. A small snicker is given to the words of the Master towards the apprentice with the remark, "I swear, sometimes I wonder if he'd be better off in Vintnercraft given how much he's always trying to sneak the alcohol." She regards Linny next, "Ah, thanks very much..Ma'am..ah. I don't know your name. Journeyman Alesa, Harpercraft," she says confidently, holding her hand out to exchange pleasantries.

Ashan blinks in from ::between::!

As the harpers gather and set up their instruments, there's the sound of tuning from strings and pipes, then the distinctive tones of the Harper Hall's rare brass instruments. When they're done, those who are to play first sit quietly until the proceedings are about to begin.

Kaelidyth carries step with Alesa and the Harpers, obviously very interested in the Harper's going-ons. Music? Strings? Pipes? Her head tilts to one side in obvious fascination, while her bulk half-pirouettes to cozy up to Linny. Don't worry about /him/. Look! Music!

Xilaros turns his gaze towards the Harpers as they start to tune up, though his focus strays over to Teric and Lanti, and the load they carry between them. Picking a spot shaded by one of the tents, the big man settles down in the sand to watch the antics of everyone else.

Tilla makes her way to sit in one of the chairs near the stage, toting a large waterskin and a weak, headachey smile. She does give a little wave over Il'ad and Linny's way though.

"Linny," the weyrling says to Alesa by way of introduction, extending her hand and placing it in hers for a proper shake. Kaelidyth's antics have her smiling, giving her dragon an affectionate pat. "You're right." As always. And so the goldrider lingers to see where the dancing's going to happen, sending a wave over to Tilla in the meantime.

Lanti and Teric carry the crate up toward the Harpers' area as Dedanseth falls in with some of the other dragons. Teric removes a small prybar from a side trouser pocket and goes to work uncovering the new trophy for this Interval's Games. Lanti gives somewhat nervous greetings to some of the Harpers before quickly moving to join some of the Istan rankers near the front of the audience. Once Teric has carefully lifted away the covering from the trophy, he nods to Ylisa and moves to the side of the stage.

The harpers are poised ready to play. When their conductor gives the beat, a single trumpet plays a sequence of four long rising notes, then repeats it, the sound swelling the like a beacon of hope. A third repetition is joined by other instruments, adding chords in a staccato rhythm to make a fanfare while the original theme continues to repeat. Bright tones command attention as a second theme is added on a smaller bright-toned horn, then the whole crescendos to a final triumphant chord. Let the ceremony begin!

Alesa quickly shakes Linny's hand, "Well met Linny. Your lifemate seems to have some musical appreciation there. Its a wonderful thing to see." She smiles warmly both over at the weyrling and her dragon. "I think we're being summoned now, so I will have to excuse myself to my seat. Let us know if you have any musical requests for later during the dancing set." And with that, she makes her way back to her chair and is at the ready.

Tilla sits at attention as the Harper fanfare indicates something is about to happen. She's also eyeing the large crate that's being pried apart. Oooh. Shiny.
"Of course," Linny says to Alesa, sidestepping out of her way to fall into step with her gold, still paying attention to what the harpers are up to. But before that, she stops to get a drink, something obviously nonalcoholic but equally refreshing, and /then/ she starts paying attention, sipping at her fruity drink.

Whoever it is that chose Teric for today's master or ceremonies, they likely won't make that mistake again. The gruff Smith craftmaster takes his place in the announcement area and holds up his hands after the fanfare, waiting for silence. Once that silence is achieved, he assumes an "at ease" posture and gives those assembled a white-toothed smile. "Thank you all for coming on this last day of a most successful Intra-Weyr Games, a first for all but you old-timers out there." There are some comments from the field for that one, but Teric ignores them. "After some very close races, and separating High Reaches and Ista by just one point, it is my pleasure to announce that Ista Weyr is the first all-around victor of this Interval's Intra-Weyr games!"

Although its not her home weyr that won, Tilla still recognizes competitive excellence on the part of Ista anyway so she does raise her hands to offer some clapping in response to the judge's announcement, with a small elbow and mutter to S'lo.

You overhear Tilla mutter, "… alcohol … deal? … just … … on … … good … instead." to S'lo.

Xilaros watches, really. What else can he really do? Oh, other than golf clap. Golf clap! "Go Ista." His tone is so incredibly unenthusiastic. "Yay." Seriously.
Kaelidyth is less interested in Teric and more interested in the fanfare going on right before. She whuffs after Linny as her rider departs, then focuses seemingly innocent gaze on the Smith and the situation at hand. Most other dragons seem rather nonimpressed by all the pagaentry, but not Kaeli— she's /focused/, man.

S'lo mutters "Deal! I'm starving. And I still have a headache from last night. But food—I can do food." to you.

You overhear S'lo mutter, "Deal! … … And … still have a headache … … night. … food—I … do …" to Tilla.

Even if she shouldn't, Linny gives a hearty clap after Ista's win is announced. Despite riding for High Reaches now, she /is/ Istan, so there's a certain amount of pride there, though she makes sure not to go overboard with her enthusiasm for Ista, perhaps fearing Rhaeyn's wrath if word should get back to her.

Lanti's situation is just the opposite of Linny's. She, however, has the license to cheer as loudly as she'd like. Instead? A quick golf clap will have to suffice, followed by tugging at her jacket. Leather gets a little uncomfortable when under the sun too long.

Ylisa applauds politely, but she's mostly concerned with removing the fanfare music from her music stand and getting ready for the next thing - and then shooting a steely look at one of the apprentices who lets out a toot on his trumpet in lieu of a cheer. Someone will be hearing words on the subject of appropriate behaviour later on.

Teric waits for the cheers, catcalls and applause to end, then gestures perhaps a little impatiently for some others nearby to take over. One by one, some upstanding residents of Holds and Crafts announce the events won by the respective Weyrs, starting with the lowest scoring Weyr and working their way up. Eventually Petrisa, Vintner craftmaster, takes up the announcements. "High Reaches' event winners!" she calls, pausing just a second or two. "Mounted Obstacle Course: M'ntos and blue Fresheth. Weyrling Group's 600 Meter Swim: S'len's blue Cimarroth. Mounted Dragon Race: Dex and blue Nazkriuulth. Aerial Acrobatics: High Reaches Weyr."

G'deon, mostly quiet up until now (and rumored to be nursing quite the hangover), finally lets out a decent whooping, hollaring, clapping cheer, ended by a piercing two-fingered whistle. Which going by his expression, he soon regrets. Oww ow ow!
Xilaros gives a salute of his drink to the Vintner craftmaster. "Hear, hear!" his deep voice can be heard booming out in cheer for his 'favorite' weyr. The big man cringes, though, at the earsplitting whistle from G'deon, who's not too far away from him at the moment.

High Reaches awards? Booyah! Tilla can stand, whistle and clap for that one. Until she feels dizzy and back in her seat she goes, clasping at her waterskin like a drowning person would a floating treetrunk.

Rhaeyn dismounts the war-chariot of Aevryscienth's fortressing neckridges, slip-sliding down to land firmly on the ground below.

Rhaeyn would really offer her own cheering. High Reaches is /her/ weyr, after all. But, for some reason, the goldrider is wincing at all the noise and holding up a hand to press against one temple. Rhaeyn? Suffering a hangover? /No/. Couldn't be!

Lanti repeats her golf claps, though smiling at a couple of the names. Then she just goes on sitting there, all alone at the front, lacking both D'baji and Minka who perhaps hadn't heard that the night's drinking contest was already over. Or perhaps they were recovering somewhere.
In order to not show favoritism and to give High Reaches the proper credit, Linny cheers equally as loud when High Reaches' winners are announced. Her drink is pulled from the crook of her arm after cheering so that she can take another drink. No hangover here, whee!

Teric very impatiently waits for the 'Reaches people to finish their cheering and clips in at the end of it with, "And Ista Weyr's event winners!" complete with glare for some of the louder people up front. "Rib Eating Contest," he calls out, then pauses. Good thing there are no microphones on hand to pick up his muttered opinion. "Bajiren, no title given. Dragon Surfing: half point for T'zyn and green Nymerith, half point for Assistant Steward Andru. Foot Race: Weyr messenger Kyan. Small Group 600 Meter Swim: S'eron's green Lenculoth. Large Group 600 Meter Swim: R'lar's bronze Cojiroth."

Rhaeyn has her own muttered opinion of something or another. But it's her own, and it's muttered, so good luck making it out.

Xilaros finds himself doing the golf clap, again. His gaze slowly seeks out a certain brunette goldrider (that isn't Rhaeyn) during all of these proceedings, and he settles down to watch Linny, instead of Teric, for the remainder of the ceremony. Better eye candy, don't you know.

Lanti shifts up comfortably as she claps, then finally shrugs out of her riding jacket. She sends a searching look behind her, sweeping along the beach, giving belated nod-and-smiles to a few people in her path. Whatever she's looking for, she soon turns back to glance over at the Harpers, then back to Teric.

Tilla sees Rhaeyn arrive and does pat the seat next to herself in case she wants to have a seat. And then Istan awards are announced and she does clap a bit less loudly, but clap all the same. S'lo, who seems to be dozing off in his seat is given a poke. Wake up there sonny!

Linny suddenly has that feeling of being watched. And she is! Eyes slide in Xilaros' direction, giving him a level look before sticking her tongue out at him playfully before turning her attention back on Teric, clapping where appropriate. Even still, occassionally, she has to glance at Xil to see if he's still looking at her.

Oh yeah. Xilaros is still watching. What else would he be doing? He smiles in reply to her tongue stuck out, glancing every so often to the ceremonies going on, but returning to watching Linny with an idle look of contemplation about him.

Teric is all done with this ceremony stuff, so he gestures to Lanti, then to a pair of Smiths over by the Harpers. The Smiths begin carrying a trophy over to the announcement area. "Without further ado," Teric booms out, with quite the stage voice for a short guy, "I present this Interval's Intra-Weyr Games trophy to Ista Weyr."

Lanti gives Teric a quick nod and stands to join him, turning to face the crowd. Perhaps a little rushed, but just as loudly (and maybe a little staged) she announces, "On behalf of Ista Weyr, I accept this trophy." Pause. "Thanks. I heard there's going to be a party now." She lays a hand on the trophy, flashes Teric a smile, then waves at the Harpers urging them to get on with it.

Here comes music. And there goes Rhaeyn. Hey, the weyrleaders of the /winning/ weyr aren't here. She can definitely sneak out now that there's loud, pounding music (or maybe that's just the blood rushing in her ears) and the ceremony's actually /over/ with.

Rhaeyn scales the ruddy-armatured hide of Aevryscienth, settling among the argent-washed 'ridges with a boost from proffered silvern paw.

Aevryscienth takes off, scattering sand about with her wings.
Overhead, Aevryscienth takes off from the beach.
Overhead, Aevryscienth is there one moment, a looming, overlarge presence in the skies— and the next, in a flash of fractured argent-washed gold, she's gone ::between::.

The harpers strike up a lively tune, and dancers start to make their way onto the floor. The dance is one whose steps involve couples promenading around the floor in a large circle. The music is the tune of a well-known song, though nobody's singing it. Still, the music alone is quite humorous, with a distinct bounce in the tune and little ornaments added by the pipes, with a resounding crash from a tambourine at the climax of the tune.

Linny once more tucks her glass in the crook of her arm so that she can clap for Lanti, since at least it's someone she knows. It's impossible for her to miss Rhaeyn's exit, causing her to sigh and frown as she returns to looking at the goings-on, looking much more pensive and slightly uncomfortable. Of course, being stared at by Xilaros doesn't help that situation. And then since the music comes, she puts the drink back in her hand, looking to see where everyone else is going and what they are going to do now that it's all over.

G'deon ascends to Nylanth's bronzen neck and settles in between two neckridges.
Nylanth takes off, scattering sand about with his wings.
Overhead, Nylanth takes off from the beach.
Overhead, Nylanth flashes into ::between:: with barely a wink!

It is a very relieved-looking Lanti who returns to her chair to pick up her riding jacket, leaving the trophy to the Smiths to position where any curious on-lookers might… look on. She mutters quietly to herself while glancing back up the sands, seemingly at her lifemate who is amusing herself by building a crude sandweyr with one of the Benden weyrling greens. Lanti flips her hair out of the riding jacket's collar and looks around, face brightening as she spots Linny and heads toward the weyrling. "Hey! How's your newfound freedom?"

Tilla throws out a wave as Rhaeyn flees and then, pouts over to the still dozing S'lo. "Well, more food for me then!" she says, whapping him in the arm with her waterskin as she sprints..ok, walks slowly towards the food table.

S'lo isn't dozing! He's just resting his eyes. "Don't eeeeeat miiiiiiine."

The musicians are getting into their stride as the circle dance continues. The violin hands over the melody to a couple of pipes, and then takes off in some cheerful if rather unusual harmonies. The couples walk forward, hands linked, then turn and carry on in reverse. Then it's back the other way, until they end up where they started. Facing each other, they take small setting steps, then the man takes the woman's hand and she twirls, until he hands her off to the next partner. It's fun, and a good opener, so the floor is filling rapidly.

"Freedom? What's that?" Linny retorts, her expression serious before falling into a smirk. "We haven't reached /full/ freedom, yet, but I think it's only days away." And please excuse her while her eyes slide in Xilaros' direction for a brief second, but they quickly return to Lanti. "And it will be /glorious/ when we finally are free, even if that's when the real work begins." Lanti should know what that's like. "So how've you been?"

Xilaros isn't where Linny saw him just a minute previous. In fact, it seems as if he's wandered off, too, though he's sure to be around somewhere.

"Still, that's hardly High Reaches' frigid lake," Lanti counters right back to Linny, nodding her head toward the ocean and grinning. "And those aren't your usual Harpers." She tugs at the sleeves of her jacket and looks around. "Sorry, I should, uh… let you get on with the celebration and all that. Glad they let your class's leash out a little bit so you could join in."

Linny frowns slightly as Lanti seems to want to make an escape, so she hurridly says, "I guess I just wanted to say in person this time that—well, thank you for the gifts you sent me." Back when she first impressed and all. "I /was/ going to drop by Ista soon to tell you that. Honest. I guess it's just good luck that I ran into you now."

Tilla turns her head as S'lo speaks! Ahh! She sticks out her tongue, "Then get over here and wait in line with me then! S'looo poke!" She laughs.

The percussionists for this dance are a couple of apprentices, and theyre starting to enjoy themselves. The strings bound along, and each time the tune hits the high note, theres a different variety of crash: first a rattle of maracas, then another violent shake of the tambourine, and then an almighty thump on the loudest drum that has Ylisa mouthing, "Ease up!" at the young drummer. He looks rather disappointed, but his companion ends the dance with a clash of cymbals that's really quite spectacular.

"Yeah, well—I'll come up with something good to call you. Just you wait!" Alas, S'lo is up and moving at a snail's pace towards the food. "Backsies?" Since someone slipped in behind her and all.

Lanti shrugs uncomfortably and gives Linny a crooked smile before glancing over at the dancers for a second. "It's just… not many people on this planet go through… particularly, I mean, what we have to. So… I don't know." She laughs softly and turns back to Linny. "You're going to be great, Linny. You and Kaelidyth both. Just don't forget us little people all right?" She winks before waving toward the dancing, feasting and all that. "Go on, have fun. I need to track down an Igenite who owes me a dance." So not escaping, just edgy.

"You have fun, too," Linny says to Lanti, smiling big before giving her a salute, turning to, well, go and find someone else to socialize with, really, though it seems like everyone has disappeared or they've been sucked into dancing. So it's a perfect time to get her nonalcoholic drink refilled.

"Oh yeah, like what?" Tilla teases, waggling her eyebrows at him. " can.." she waves, "Hey, Linny, the food looks good, come get in line with us!!"

"Like Tillievanillie—/in public/," S'lo threatens. "Okay well. There's no play on words with your name. But I can still come up with embarrassing nicknames or something." Probably something.

Tilla has grabbed a large orangefruit slice and sticks it in her mouth like fake lips and then 'smiles' winningly and somewhat horrifyingly over at the bluerider. Her mouth is full at the moment, so no speech comes out.

The tempo changes as a hand drum sets a stately beat, and a consort of pipes at different pitches play the introduction to a slow, formal dance. Harp arpeggios create a gentle harmony. The music is measured, and the set-dance is one where dancers move through a series of figures, parting and coming together before changing position and repeating the moves.

Overhead, Nazkriuulth soars in from over the Weyr cliff.
Overhead, Nazkriuulth glides down for a landing on the Weyr Beach.
Nazkriuulth glides in for a landing.

Melissandria comes down the stairs from the cliff above.
Melissandria starts the long hike to the top of the cliff stairs.

Linne blinks in from ::between::!

Lanti clambers up Dedanseth's neck and settles in between two neckridges.
Dedanseth goes home.

Presumably everyone partied off into the night, drank booze in excess and then fell asleep on the beach or went home. The end!

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