Chatting In The Lc

[[Log file from Khaye]]

Living Cavern
The smooth, rounded walls of the vast living cavern sweep upward from an oval base, two dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat every member of the Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava which forms these caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets abound, dotting the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle greenish light up toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in the ceiling. Ancient lustrous tables run along the long axis of the cavern, and at the far end is the raised dais and high table, where the Weyrleaders and their honored guests eat during formal occasions. Behind the high table, the Weyr's symbol is chiseled into the stone: a smoking mountain in black, on an orange shield, trimmed in gold.
Perched near the food are thirty-two firelizards.
You see Moufles, Sketch, Snow, Calandra, Nappa, What's for Dinner, Ale Cabinet, full-blown yellow rose, Mending Basket, and a crawler in the corner here.
Nanoc, Siria, and Jozelle are here.
Obvious exits:
Northeast Caverns Kitchens Bowl Southern Caverns

Elle saunters with the best of 'em in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Jozelle wanders off, coming back with a picture of fruit-juice and several glasses. "Found somthing!" she grins at Nanoc and Siria. Then as Elle and Khaelyn walk in, she offers a pinky-wave towards them as she places the glasses down next to Nanoc and Siria before filling their glasses. Finally she pours her own glass before sitting herself once again.

Khaelyn comes stalking into the cavern — the first thing she does is sit down on the ground next to a table and peer under it, pausing to offer a half-wave back to Jozelle and everyone else before going back to her searching. "Has to be somewhere," she mutters, scooting over to look under the next table, too.

Nanoc smiles, picking up and holding the glass in a toast towards the handy dandy candie "Much thanks!" and he downs about half the glass, licking his lips as the glass departs from his mouth and set back down on the table "Mmm… ain't had this 'fore… is it new or somethin'?"

Siria quickly disposes of this second bite, before nodding thankfully to Jozelle. Through a half-full mouth she murmurs, "Thanks." The glass is grasped, and pushed towards her face to spill it's contents into the cavern. She turns at the 'wiggling fingers' to spot Khae. Khae not doing chores. "Khae!"

Kita quietly pads in from the Southeastern Bowl.
Beyla walks with a distinct bounce in her step in from the South Caverns.

Elle seems to have taken a place in a chair next to Nanoc, twisting the thing around so that she may straddle it and rest forearms on the backrest. Head tosses to the side as gaze drops to watch Khaelyn with a curious eye, "Problems, love?"

Jozelle shrugs her shoulders, "Some type of fruit joice…think it is yellow-fruit (Lemonade?)." she says as she looks towards Nanoc. She slips into her chair, poking her bubbly to see it it is cooled.

Kita has disconnected.
Kita falls asleep.

"Huh?" Khaelyn straightens at the sound of her name, narrowly missing smacking her head on the underside of the table. "Oh. Siria!" Beat. "And Jozelle and Noccy and ma'am." At Elle's inquiry, she nods, ducking back under the table again. "Lost.. my book.."

Beyla hurries through the caverns, eyes going straight to the food table. Foodfoodfood! Must eat. Guess this girl skipped lunch, eh? Hurrying over, she starts virtually shovelling food onto the plate.

Seeing as Elle can't recall ever picking up a book in her entire life, Khaelyn's search is quickly dismissed. Two fingers lift, beconning someone to wait on her, but that move is abrieviated at the sight of Beyla at the hearth —even better-, "Orangefruit juice, Beyla."

"It did not happen to be a small one," she says showing the dementions. "Some rider went carrying off with it…if that is yours?" she gives a shrug.
Jozelle * Twas I

"Eh?" But she's already got… oh wait. Beyla gets it. After a few moments of food-deprivation induced brain failure. Quickly pouring an extra glass, she tries to juggle the plate and both mugs without the food taking an undignified spill to the floor.

Siria takes a few more quick bites, before finishing off the bubbly. She then moves onto the drink, disposing of it as well. An eyebrow is arched warily at Khae, as Siria leans back into her occupied chair.

Nanoc just idly stares at the small group that has meandered into and around him. Once again, he motions to the bubblies on the table "They're fresh…" that comment directed more so towards the newcomers, of course.

Khaelyn evidently doesn't see it under the table, either. She turns to Siria, still sitting on the floor, with a plaintive, "Siria, have you seen my book? Y'know.. the runner one? That I used to throw at Seif?" That she probably still throws at Seif if he manages to wake her up at all hours of the night for no reason at all? "It's lost." Like she couldn't have heard it earlier. "Please?"

"Nope," Siria answers thoughtfully, "I haven't seen that one in a while. Not that it looked a lot different from most books. 'All the same, you know." Her shoulders fall with the usual burden of an unknowing shrug as her lips twist into a sheepish half smile. Emerald optics flash around the room, excecuting a quick search for effect. "I don't see it around here…" she offers, the sheepish expression on her face showing in her tone.

Elle's gaze is no longer on Beyla, just assuming her juice will make it to her, complete and unspilled. Its Nanoc that is glanced too now. "So, been wearing your clothes lately?" Doesn't she look innocent.

Nanoc only manages to turn a slight shade of pink, nothing like it had been previously. Staying came, he just grins and nods his head once "Aye. Sure have!" Not the green ones, of course. Oh, isn't that just too sad. He'll just pretend that those are the ones that got 'kidnapped'.

Beyla drops the juice to the table in front of Elle. She only spilled a few *cough*drops*cough* honest. "There you are, ma'am…" she says, grabbing her plate before it tumbles to the floor, looking about for a seat of her own.

Khaelyn just sits on the floor with a sigh, leaning back against the chair behind her. Elle's remark on Nanoc's clotheliness is overheard, recieveing a giggle muffled behind one hand as she looks under the table. Again. Even though it wasn't there when she looked three whole minutes before.

Siria bites her lip, surpressing a giggle which threatens to errupt. Duel optics flash from Elle to Nanoc, then back over to Khae, "Maybe it disappeared along with Rupa's brown." This is murmured playfully, eyes flashing with glee. Though that really is a possibility…

Elle grants Nanoc quite the scathing gaze, from scalp to toes. Dark lips quirk into a bit of a smirk, accompanied by a sniff, "That not what I've been hearing." Greenrider looks up and across to Beyla as her juice is finally brought. "So attentative, Beyla… you would make the perfect weyrling for an assistant weyrlingmaster…. now if only a dragon would oblidge…"

Nanoc raises a brow, keeping it cool "Oh? And what /have/ ye been hearing, eh?" Now he's just curious how twisted the previous night's event might have gotten—quite possible when drudges are involved.

Beyla blinks, looking rather surprised at the compliment. "Oh… well… thank you." she says, somewhat puzzled as to how she's meant to respond. Eventually she just shrugs. "Uh… here's hoping, ma'am."

Khaelyn rolls her eyes in mock exasperation at Siria, a faint grin curling the corners of lips. "If he stole it, then I'm going to throw more than a sandal at him," she mutters in reply, tugging on her hair as she begins actually listening to the other conversation going on.

Elle gives Beyla a sparkling grin before reguarding Nanoc out of the corner of her eye, "Well, I heard things about how close to crossing the candidate rules some people were. Too bad I wasn't there to enjoy the show." Elle is strict on the personal slavery, lax on all else. She will most willingly tempt them to the Dark Side. "Although, I'm sure it was rather…" Another scathing look up and down Nanoc's body, nearly stripping him of his clothes, "…lacking."

Nanoc drops his jaw slightly, shaking his head "Oh… is that so? Well… suppose you should talk to a couple of the /other/ drudges. They might tell ya a different story." he hold up a finger, nodding matter of factly. No need to explain this one, just an ego booster for himself.

Beyla quirks an eyebrow at Nanoc. /She/ could tell a fairly good version of the story. Having listened to so many, it's easy to read between the lines, when you think about it. Very tempting… if only to see what the reactions would be all round.

Elle's dark eyebrows lift to arch over her eyes as Nanoc is considered with a highly amused gaze. "Ah, he admits to the action." She reaches a hand over to take a long drink from her glass of juice, "Maybe when there aren't so many little ears to tattle over the fall of an assistant weyrlingmaster, or after those eggs have hatched, I suppose I'll just have to make sure for myself." And she takes another long drink.

Khaelyn blinks, mostly about the mention of little ears. The rest is listened to, but not heard. Just to make sure hers aren't too little, she reaches up and tugs on an earlobe briefly, before going back to just listening. Whatever.

Nanoc rolls a shoulder but remains silent for the time being as /that/ thought flushes through his mind. Eek? Ok, he just totally remains silent, instead content on staring at the juice within his mug. Yes, it's good juice.

Elle's attention seems to have left off Nanoc as Khaelyn is once more given the greenrider's eye. "So… Khaelyn, how have you been enjoying your time here in the Weyr? Finding it a rather eye-opening place? Speaking of eye-opening, I think that you could use some leathers…. it would really bring out the curve of your rear well. In damson, maybe?"

Kyrayna bounces joyfully in from the Northeastern Caverns.

That's something to catch her attention. Khaelyn, startled from her hair-ear-pulling, just stares at Elle for a long moment. Um. "Yes ma'am, yes ma'am, and.. um.." She bites her lip and tugs a little more on her hair. What is one supposed to answer? "Whatever you think, ma'am."

Kyrayna walks into the Living Caverns, making straight for a bowl of redfruit and taking a seat near the wall. She looks up to Nanoc and giggles, unable to contain herself due to the recent rumor…

Elle waves one hand about idly in Khaelyn's direction. "No need to call me ma'am, I haven't one foot in the grave yet, love. Elle will work just as well with you as anything else." Critical gaze slides over the rest of Khaelyn's form. "Maybe a tangerine instead… with fringe down the side. Only decorative though…"

Beyla coughs slightly, realising what she was addressing Elle as and dropping into a seat with a sigh, eagerly digging into the food. Munch crunch… you'd think she'd not eaten in months.

Nanoc can't help but grin wryly as Elle scopes Khaelyn out "Shards… ye hittin' every candie at this Weyr, aren't ya?" he imposes the question on Elle, shaking his head slightly.

Khaelyn blinks, looking slightly puzzled by yet another person who waves off the 'ma'am' and 'sir'ing. "Yes'm. Elle. Ma'am." Old habits die hard. And the color-choosing seems to be unnerving her a bit as she glances down at her own attire, trying to imagine it… tangerine. With decorative fringe down the side. Eek.

Kyrayna goes home.

Saria walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Saria walks in with a deliberate slowness to her step, long auburn hair unbound and falling 'round her shoulders, and her new son in her arms, wrapped tightly in a blanket.

Hannah walks with youthful grace in from the South Caverns.

Nanoc glances up from the table as footsteps are heard off to the side. Beaming brightly, he gives a distinctive wave towards Saria and the kewwwwt little baby "Feelin' better eh?"

Hannah peeks through the door to the living caverns, trying to see who might be congregating there. Finding a few familiar faces, she slips through the door and offers a small, shy little hand wiggle to fellow Candidates and to rider friends. "Hello," she murmurs softly, heading straight over go get herself some water. Before she can get her drink, however, she spots Saria and "Ooh"'s softly. "Saria? Is that…?" is asked shyly, a smile curving her lips.

Khaelyn pokes tentatively at her tunic — what would it look like if it were tangerine? Or damson? So engrossed is she in pondering the color of her someday-to-hopefully-be-clothing that she doesn't notice the Weyrwoman's entrance until Nanoc speaks. Eek. "G'day, ma'am…" And is that a baby? Oooh.

Saria is beaming. That's right, simply beaming. Bright chocolate eyes sparkle as she smiles back at Nanoc. "Aye, I am," she says in a soft'ish voice, not wishing to disturb the (so far) resting infant, "And how about you? Didn't crack your head too hard, when you fainted there, did ye?" She says. Keroonian accent flows through without effort, and she doesn't even bother to catch herself. Must be motherhood. She grins at Nanoc and then nods to Hannah. "This is my and T'rell's son - Sarell," she says, obviously eager to show him off.

Beyla folds her legs under her as she continues making inroads on the plate of food. Give her time and she might actually compete with Nanoc in the 'how much food we can eat in a short time' stakes. Heh. Not likely. She just doesn't have that bottomless stomach. Eyes go to Saria. Ooh… this is the new kidlet?

Saria nods to Khaelyn, Beyla.. "G'day to ye all, Candidates." She moves to the nearest seat and sets herself i it, then extends her arms slightly so anyone who might want to can come take a look at him.

And once again, a faint crimson tone takes over Nanoc's features as he slowly shakes his head in response to the inquiry "No'am." Eyes carry their way back to his beverage in hand, twirling it around aimlessly, causing it to dribble over the side of the glass.

Khaelyn scoots out from under the table, scurrying over more or less in Saria's direction and pausing a good deal away to peer at the be-blanketed baby. "He's… cute," she finally decides, before scurrying back to sit in a chair.

Hannah blinks at Nanoc. He fainted? Stepping closer to the weyrwoman, she softly says, "He is beautiful.." A sweet smile curves her lips again before stepping back so as to not crowd. Getting her drink, she curls herself into a chair, clasping her hands 'round her knees while still holding on her mug's handle.

The Weyrwoman chuckles. "Thank you," she says to Khaelyn, and then waves a hand over to Nanoc. "C'mon over here, you," she says gently to him. "Come an' see properly what you helped to bring into the world, eh?" She nods to Hannah, "Well, I like to think he is," she says. "Can't tell as yet what color his hair'll be, but I can certainly hope he's got a bit'o my height, cause his father's always been shorter'n most."

From Saria's arms, Sarell wiggles a bit, and under the blanket his little fists make bumps that move this way and that until he settles down again with a little snuffling noise and seems to sleep again.

Nanoc half grins as he pushes his chair back softly, stands, and makes his way over to Saria, peeking down at the little itty kewwwwt baby "Awwwwe… look! He's— punchin'?" or something like that.

Khaelyn looks a bit wary of babies that punch. "He's punching?" she echoes Nanoc dolefully. "Are they supposed to do that?" And now you see her vast knowledge of baby-stuff. "How /do/ they do that?" She stands up again, inching forward until she can see Sarell's face again. Hmm. No more punching.

Saria smiles down tenderly at little Sarell, and then up at Nanoc. "He's likely dreamin'," she says. Tucking the baby more under her left arm, she lifts the right hand, now free, and clasps the Candidate on the upper arm, holding him firmly for a moment. "Ye did well the other night, and no mistake. I was glad to have had you there," she says.

"Being tall.." Hannah murmurs softly, for a moment mourning her own very small stature, but then turns her attention to her drink. Sipping the water slowly, carefully, she watches the others, smiling as they google at the wee one. "He is adorable, Saria."

Nanoc chuckles "Ain't wantin' to know what /he's/ dreamin' 'bout! Punchin' and all that… shards, he's gonna be a tough one, eh?" Listening to her words of thanks, he just grins "M'pleasure. My duty afterall. And thanks."

Beyla pauses in munching on something very green and crisp. "But didn't he…?" No… she won't embarrass Nanoc. If only because she's too focussed on food at the moment to bother with the fun that would give her.

Saria gives Nanoc another appreciative glance, and then chuckles at Khaelyn. "He's not likely to punch you hard," she says gently. "They just move when they dream, or when they're hungry.. plenty'a reasons." She concludes.

Khaelyn blinks at the baby, and then looks back up at Saria. "Oh." Well, she would have figured that one out on her own eventually, considering that he's a baby and all. "Wonder what a baby dreams about," she murmurs, still scooting back until she's in her chair once more.

Nanoc about turns and makes his way back to his own chair, sitting quietly and propping one leg up so that his heel rests upon the seat. Turning his attention back to the weyrwoman, he questions "Is he a quiet one or a crier?"

Elle has disconnected.
Elle's eyes glaze over as her lids begin to droop…off to daydream about men and draggies.

Saria heads into the kitchens for a moment, excusing herself. "I think he's getting hungry again."

Saria walks to the Kitchens.

Khaelyn reluctantly stands up, heading for the exit while still casting glances all around. "Going to /find/ that book," she can be heard muttering as she leaves..

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