Castaliath's Maiden Flight

[[logged by Yla]]

Living Cavern

The smooth, rounded walls of the vast living cavern sweep upward from an oval base, two dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat every member of the Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava which forms these caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets abound, dotting the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle greenish light up toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in the ceiling. Ancient lustrous tables run along the long axis of the cavern, and at the far end is the raised dais and high table, where the Weyrleaders and their honored guests eat during formal occasions. Behind the high table, the Weyr's symbol is chiseled into the stone: a smoking mountain in black, on an orange shield, trimmed in gold.

Have you ever observed a proddy dragon or lizard blood her kill; how she flaunts herself with blood-stained muzzle and sway of the hips. Well, it isn't that far off for the Stardancer known as Melsa. Her thin brows raised, her thin mouth forced to a constricted smile. "Hello." Alto voice darkly purrs before she, with half-clenched jaw, seats herself. Hey. At least now when Xhuryth's proddy, she doesn't try n' bite people anymore.. or get in to screaming contests… We digress. Really we do. Her vacant eyes of iridescent ice mirror a glance briefly to the occupants, before eyeing her folded hands..

Boy, N'ano sure could be considered a lucky guy, by some anyway—in his own thoughts previously to impressing, he'd be the worst off guy in the face of Pern, being within the same cavern as two proddy rider types. That original encounter was a scar for life. Eyes wander back to Melsa's form for a moment's time before he stands, wandering back to the table for a refill of the cider. "Y'all want somethin' while I'm up?"

Yla folds her arms as she looks at N'ano. She's not very proddy! She could utter the refrain… if N'ano had spoken aloud. "More mosstea." is all she says, rather imperiously, waving her now empty mug in the bronzers direction. "And put plenty of sweetner in it."

Same tapered brows lift to their zenith over those icy-flashing eyes, "No thanks, sweets." Starlet purrs as she rests the heel of her right foot on the lip of the chair, one arm over her knee as she sighs heavily, occasionally allowing her slendered eyes to glance towards her own lifemate's direction.. Melsa's shoulders uplift in some muted protest -most likely debating silently with said Xhuryth.

Castaliath> From Banoth's neck, Nali blinks rapidly, stifling a yawn. Ayup, she's awake…

"Mosstea… sweetner, right." N'ano repeats for his own sake as Yla's mug is received, filling it promptly, especially with his idea of a lot of sweetner. Woops, was that the whole thing? Grinning sheepishly, he returns it silently, carrying his own cider mug back to his seat. "Mmm… alrighty then." It just got way too quiet, no?

Castaliath> Nali slides from Banoth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Castaliath> Nali meanders to the Living Caverns.

Nali meanders in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Yla takes a sip of the mosstea and makes a visible grimace. "Ugh! Shards, I can tell you're male. Can't make a decent cup of tea to save your life." She shakes her head in disgust, but rather than get up herself, she just continues sipping at the liquid, offering a nod to Nali as she enters.

Silent is an understatement.. But silent is what this rider likes.. As Nali might remember .. Proddy Melsa is a bad thing. Yup. Screaming contests n' throwing things. Eee. Silence is golden.. or greenen<?> as the case maybe. Disheveled bangs sharply shadow her features, tilted so jaw rests on the forearm danged across bent knee, her eyes shut and almost dead to the world for a moment.

N'ano raises a brow "Well, I should sure hope you can tell I'm male!" N'ano laughs, shaking his head "Y'never specified how much ya wanted, y'know… Hey Nali." N'ano regreets the brownrider as she makes her way back to the caverns. "So… what're you all up ya today?"

Nali flips a wave to the cavern's inhabitants in general, still tired and obviously thinking about something else, but at least she doesn't scare the lights out of any more drudges with near collisions. "Hey there, Yla, N'ano, Melsa," she greets the riders she knows. Her gaze rests a little longer on Melsa than it does the others — Nali has seen this side of her clutchmate before. Hoo boy…

Yla mutters something under her breath that probably would resemble the word 'git' if she were to speak up slightly. "Hey, Nali," she greets in response to the use of her name. "And I was referring to the male inability to cook, N'ano. Do pay attention…"

Dangerous as the situation grows, with the mounting noise, Melsa is oddly calm - soothed and irritated all in one by the presence of people, and her dragon. Oh yes, Nali is sensed, more or less.. that feeling of being watched. Eee. Her eyes open, threads of pale tourmaline cast past the bangs swept across her brow. Grr. People. Are. Loud. Well. This is the point in time you do not allow Melsa to have anything sharper than a spoon. For she will use that against you! Enguard! C_c; Down Melsa, Down. Green-rider shifts, nudging herself further back against the wooden backing of her chair, keeping her jaw against her arm.

Brid walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Castaliath> Banoth rumbles softly at his clutchsister, his eyes whirling a dark blend of blue with the occasional orange fleck. He inclines his proud head slightly to Xhuryth. It always pays to be polite to the ladies.

Should N'ano start heading for the hills now? There's definitely a weird aura of awkwardness looming in the air. Eee. "Well, like I said, y'should be more specific with how much sweetner ya want, y'know…" He's got a good point there, doesn't he? "Are you… okay?" N'ano's attention has since shifted back towards Melsa, expression on his face questionable.

Brid slips into the cavern, smiling at the riders she already met and heads straight to the sideboard for some food and juice. Grabs a plate, adds cheese and bread, snags some redberry juice and heads to an empty chair, ready to listen to the conversation.

Castaliath> Oh my dear, it pays alot. After all, Banoth himself has seen the wrath /she/ can hold. (insert evil cackle?) Xhuryth's elongated tail, more bright luminated silver instead of the normal green-silver dusting. Instead, near metallic with biological change, her eyes slit to slivers of fractured opals tumbling in bright reds and even pale blues in contrast with her moods. Banoth spared, for now, as she-devil rests her pewter laced jaw against balled fists.

Nali catches N'ano's shift in attention towards her clutchsib and nonchalantly sidles up next to the bronzer. "I'd recommend keeping your voice low. She's not terribly tolerant of noise at the moment," she says confidentially. Word to the wise, y' know?

Yla glowers viciously at N'ano. "I thought it would have been shardingly obvious that I didn't want the whole pot of sweetner in my mug." she hisses vehemently towards the bronzerider, eyes flickering around the caverns darkly, perhaps resting a little longer than is necessary for curiosity's sake on Melsa, before they move on.

"Dandy." Course alto tone rasps, bruise-colored eyes resting on N'ano, speaking softly as she wishes others had. Nali warning to N'ano is horribly justified. We will not mention how one of the pitchers got broken last time. C_c; No coughing in her presence! Er. Yea. Melsa shifts, like some mantling bird of prey, before reclosing her eyes, mouth hidden in the soft cotten fabric of her sleeves. Oh proddy riders are fun! Really. c_c;

N'ano winces slightly. Eep, he'll be a deadman no doubt before he's able to leave the caverns "Sorry… it slipped? 'n if I got ya another cup full, there wouldn't have been any left to put in it." To Nali, he raises a single brow "All—-right?" he won't question the obvious, for his own sake. And lastly, to Melsa, he just nods his head and grins. How's that? It work?

Castaliath> Banoth has indeed seen Xhuryth's bottled wrath when the cork is unplugged. However, he might see it as a fine champagne to be appreciated by the proper connoisseur rather than something from which to hide.

Yla glares at N'ano one final time, punctuated by a slight *hiss*, before she straightens up rather abruptly, tugging on her jacket and looking around the caverns as if she's just received an infusion of energy and cheer. Which is actually… a fairly accurate description. "But we all make mistakes, don't we?" she says, granite eyes resting on N'ano for a brief moment before they go to the mosstea before her. "That's why sandtrays can be erased."

N'ano nods his head, wrinkling his nose in mild confusion. Nope, he'll never understand the proddy-types "Uh… right. Mistakes." Eep. Ready to bite his head off one second, and forgiving the next? That's just downright frightening. Slouching a little further in his chair, he eventually rolls off onto his feet, occupying himself by walking around the cavern aimlessly. He'd whistle, but who knows what level of noise tolerance will set the other greenie off.

Nali sympathizes with the bronzer. Caught between a rock and a hard place, and no doubt. Greenriders are fabulous, no? Nali has been there, done that, and decided to forego the T-shirt because it didn't come in the right size. In other words, she might have a little more experience with this sort of situation than those just out of Weyrlinghood. And she's always glad to give advice. Or at least try to lighten the mood a little bit. "Anyone like a nice glass of juice? That always cheers me up."

Melsa censors what final reminder of quietness she loves, praises, adores.. but a simple sharp leer. All it takes in her mind. Hm. Yla eyed, briefly, or not so, lingering on the red-haired girl with some amount of venom. Yeesh. Melsa has heard quite 'nuff bout mosstea and sweetener! (Dear gawd. Two proddy riders at each other's throats. Ha. Like Primal Rage .>.<;; ) "Do you /have/ to continue on with that pointless ramble? There's no sense in it." Lip twitching and edging fine-colored edge of her mouth over the right canine tooth in some surpressed snarl. "If you don't want it. Toss it out and get new! No sense in continuing." Making this point evident, slipping so both feet are on the ground and she leans forward, sitting erect in her seat with arms firmly positioned across her chest.

Primal rage? You could probably sell tickets. But only if people got to stand well back. In contrast to Melsa, Yla is infuriatingly cheery, merely turning a smile, even if it has a disturbingly intense look about it, towards the other greenrider. "But dear… Melsa… isn't it?" Because she's never really spoken to her face to face much. "He /volunteered/ to get me the mosstea. Therefore he is to be held accountable for fuzzing it up." A glare is sent towards N'ano, even though her smile doesn't waver. "So gemme a new one."

N'ano stops in his tracks to nod at Nali, near squeaking "Cider…" Mug at the table is quickly motioned to before he startles himself at Melsa's outburst. Oh me oh my. Just so he doesn't fall on his face and make a loud noise (cautious, he is), he settles back down onto his seat with stealth. As Yla speaks, the knot that had been forming over the past few minutes starts tightening further "But… there ain't any—" No sweetner, none specified. Again, N'ano stands, abruptly pouring another mugfull and handing it off. "Here." Drink. Be quiet.

Mwhahaha. Melsa's like.. er.. Vertigo! Yea! Wicked. C_c; Yes. Player is.. out of her mind. But it's so fun! Oooo. From outside, Xhuryth's protesting reverberation can be heard, her own comment and two-marks for this.. tension that thickly hangs in the air. Sarcastically sweet smile atop Yla's lips are ignored, or less, annihilated by the pernicious smirk riddling her own wine-stained mouth and her own acrimonious leer flashing in starlight azure eyes. "Then announce such things and then be /quiet/" Oh yea. This is gonna get good./ =_=;; Start taking bets now folks. C_c; N'ano eyed as his movement snags her attention, even if briefly, watching him as he speaks and offers. Hey. Least he's learning.. Limited vocabulary is fun! Her hands fall away from her chest, grasping eitherside her chair with tapered nails lightly scrapping in to the wood-underside.

Nali deals with growing tension like an old pro: she ignores it. "One cider, coming right up," she says cheerfully and sloshes some into a mug. "Here you go, N'ano, enjoy it…" Left unsaid at the end of that remark is '…while you can.' The brownrider winces slightly as Banoth adds a bugle of his own to the draconic noise outside, but her outer calm is unbroken for the most part. She eyes the cider pitcher still in her hand, considering, but puts it down and goes for a wineskin. That's what we need — a nice relaxing glass of red.

Yla waves a hand vaguely in N'ano's direction. "But he's a /male/, dear." she points out, her tone fairly withering. "He needs to be constantly reminded of these things. Or they don't go in." She sips at her new mug of mosstea and nods slowly. "There, you see. Much better. He's learning." She'll have him scared into obeying her every whim in no time.

Consider N'ano an apprentice in this trade: 'How to deal with Proddies - 101 ways and variations to the craft'. *cough* Maybe after this is all over, he'll get a promotion. Hesitation delays an attempt to stand againfor whatever reason, only Faranth knows. How he could definitely just run nowbut what excuse, nature calls? His draggie ran away? Pondering sure absorbs much valuable time.

Throaty 'hm' is all she has to say on the subject, finding herself relaxing as Yla's complaints seem to die as she gets a good cup of mosstea. "Whatever." incensedly muttering, closing her eyes as she tries to monitor the cessation of sound with her jaw tilted towards her chest. N'ano, Nali, Yla.. Even Banoth's protests mirroring Xhuryth, are ignored for now -finding peace with the silence.. Yes. Silence is goooood. Say it with me people. Goooood. C_c;

Yla takes a deep breath, settling down her mug and raising her hands above her head in a langrous stretch. It doesn't take much to have Yla stop complaining. Just have N'ano do as he's told. Except… now she's hungry… and doesn't feel like getting up…

Castaliath> Navi glides to the Living Caverns.

Navi glides in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Silence may be good, but a nice red wine is better. Lucky for Nali she's all done with sweeps and flying drills for the day. Thus, she is able to flop (for lack of a better word) comfortably into a chair spaced somewhere between Yla and Melsa, Greenriders Extraordinaire. She can watch, and sip, and watch a little more…

Oh dear gawd. C_c; Don't make N'ano get ya food… then we'll hear bout it all night n' then Melsa will go postal. Ya don't want Melsa going postal, do you? Of course not. Standing finally, her full height -increased with the heel of her boot, not slouched or slumping. Oh yea. Work it girl. . Or not. Simply moving towards the table of sharp… food n' drink.? "Hm." Mumbling this lowly in debate of what to get. The Spoon or the Fork.. or both.. the Spork! Enguard! Er. No. Bad Melsa, bad..

Castaliath> Yaguth stealthy moves in from the Central Bowl.

Castaliath> Tynabith walks in from the Central Bowl.

Castaliath> R'ley slides from Tynabith's long neck and lands on the ground below.

Castaliath> R'ley walks to the Living Caverns.

R'ley walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Castaliath> Hesh slides down Yaguth's strong form and Yaguth gently extends his tail to gently cradle Hesh's descent, Hesh lands with a soft thud.

N'ano starts shifting awkwardly in his seat… there's just some really odd feelings coming to him—whether it be from the room, or sent through his lifemate, who knows. "Uhm… " would be his words to follow the long line of silence.

Castaliath> Pilloeth walks in from the Central Bowl.

Castaliath> S'nor slides from Pilloeth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Castaliath> Hesh smiles at S'nor as she pats Yaguth and heads to the LC.

Castaliath> S'nor's face lights up as he spies Hesh, tumbling down his lifemates neck he heads over towards her, "Hey.. Long time no see," he offers with a wave..

Castaliath> Hesh stops in mid stride and winks at S'nor, "Yes, it sure has been.."

R'ley strides in from the bowl having been told by his bronze who heard it from a brown who was told by a blue that some greens where a'glowin! Never one to miss the fun R'ley heads straight for the wine then mingles a bit trying to get a feel for whose proddy…then he spots Yla and immediatly his cocky smile grows broader. How nice one of the prettiest girls in the weyr rides one of the rising dragons!

Spinel snorts lightly as her eyes whirl and she disappears ::between::!

Castaliath> Tynabith takes a flying leap off his ledge arcing hard to swiftly dive towards the southern bowl, at the last moment he backwings landing neatly in an open space. R'ley dismounts heading straight inside leaving his dragon to leer at the glowing hides of green dragons.

Yla gets up abruptly from her seat in a flurry of motion. "Hmm…" she mutters to herself as she paces back and forth. "I'm very very hungry." she mutters to herself. And yet she makes no move for the food…

Brid walks to the Bowl.

Castaliath> Brid walks in from the Living Cavern.

Castaliath> S'nor smiles at Hesh as he takes her arm and leads her towards the LC, "Come now, I need a mug of Klah and we must catch up on old times..

Castaliath> Castaliath was snoozling, y'see. Zzzzz… like that. But now she starts stretching, seeming to exericise every muscle in her body as she clambers to her feet. Good morning sunny world! Oooooh… where'd all the boys come from?

Nali fingers the stem of her wineglass as her gaze flicks back and forth, back and forth between the two greenriders. Just a little bit of something… darker, more serious… slips through the cracks in her calm, seen-it-all-before facade. She knows what's going on. Banoth certainly senses it. But two greenriders? This ought to be an interesting evening.

R'ley moves towards Yla the moment it clicks she's the one coming into the throw's of proddiness, "I'd be happy to get you anything you'd like." he purrs soothingly towering over the small young woman.

Castaliath> Hesh grins and nods as she holds to S'nor's arm.

Castaliath> Hesh swiftly strides to the Living Caverns.

Hesh swiftly strides in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Can we say suck up? Oh yeah. R'ley's shot a 'caution: danger ahead' look by N'ano. Be wary man, be very wary… "'ungry? Didn't you just eat or somethin'?" N'ano rubs the back of his neck some, leaning forward on the back of an empty chair. Calmness shall keep his sanity, but right now would really be a good time to head for the hills, no?

Castaliath> S'nor walks to the Living Caverns.

S'nor walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Oooo. Yla moving in on /her/ food. Okay, so she herself is no Xhuryth.. but she's got a temper to match her silver-starling green. Do not mess with feeding proddy-riders.. good rule of thumb… Tempest-orchid eyes narrow to slivers, mouth pulled in some choleric frown as she finally selects a meatroll. Bah. Better than nothing, even if a little cold. Tearing a piece of the meat-stuffed pastry, she pops a piece in to her mouth and moves back towards her chair in some saunter; half stalking half hip-swaying. Gotta have that style? Swallowing dryly, Melsa's glance settles on to R'ley briefly, appraising him with a lifting of her brows before flopping back to the aged chair. Hm.

Castaliath> Brid walks to the Central Bowl.

Hesh looks around the lc for a moment and then pats S'nor's arm, "Seems Yaguth picked an interesting time to come back from Southern.." she wiggles her brows at the others in the room.

Castaliath> Xhuryth simply leers. Males. She likes males. Likes to eat them with a side of roast wherry. Er…or something like that. Throaty sounds occasionally leaking from the already-spastic green's throat as she begins a slow pacing, snatching occasional peripheral glances half-irritable, half-possessed to a few dragons that linger too close.

Yla beams brightly at R'ley, turning to look at him with a rather intense expression. "You would… awww… that's sweet…" She glares at N'ano. "See… he's sweet." And N'ano's not. Nyah. "Ok… R'ley. Get me food. And lots of it. I'm hungry!" the last is snapped, as Yla flops back down in her seat again. Let the males do all the work.

Castaliath> Southeastern Bowl

Castaliath> This area of the bowl is the highest point of the bowl floor; from here, it slopes down and to the northwest, spilling out to the plateau below the wide gap in the Weyr rim to the west. Various tunnels here lead into the Weyr's inner caverns; the living caverns, hatching grounds, and main Weyr tunnel all branch off from here. To the west lie the stables where the Weyr's runners are housed. There is also a stone stairway that leads up to the Weyrleader's weyrs.

Castaliath> It is a spring afternoon.

Castaliath> Above, you see Berwynth.

Castaliath> Perched on rocky crags about the bowl are Restless, Aftiel, Miki, and Etera.

Castaliath> Blue Cherenth, bronze Nhamarath, brown Morath, green Fellrath, blue Abracath, brown Banoth, brown Djarreth, green Fiareth, bronze Bydelth, blue Decuth, blue Nuadayth, brown Itazurath, green Xhuryth, brown Yaguth, bronze Tynabith, and brown Pilloeth are here.

S'nor chuckles lightly as he steers Hesh over towards the Hearth, "Aye, and Pilloeth quite the odd time to insist we come down here to visit…" he shrugs lightly, "But I'll survive," he smiles as he pours two mugs of klah, "How was your time in Southern?" he inquires..

So let's all forget that mosstea N'ano got earlier. Fine then! As more and more people file into the caverns, the bronzerider scowls slightly to himself before body shifts into a sitting position upon the chair. Bah.

Rhiannon flutters gently in from ::between:: floating like a silvery snowflake!

Hesh shakes her head and clicks her teeth, "Can't say that it wasn't interesting.." she almost purrs as her amber eyes take in the scene. "Alot of interesting riders there, and always a handy glass of ale.." she slaps S'nor lightly on the shoulder as she runs a hand through her locks.

R'ley turns slowely making sure N'ano gets a quick smug look as he turns towards the food tables. Being a veteran of what comes with flights he knows exactly what to get her to eat! Candied fruits and sugered tubers are piled on a plate along with two small meatrolls, she may want to eat but he isn't going to let her eat all of their meager meat supplies! Turning on a shiny polished heal his hair bouncing alurringly around angelic face the bronze rider heads back to Yla offering the plate before him, "For you m'lady." his voice varibly vibrates with alurring deap accent.

Castaliath> Banoth rumbles, a dark sound reminiscent of smokey lounges and hidden words. He stretches ever so casually, unfolding his long, slim frame from his accustomed pose of detachment. The two lady greens each receive a penetrating look coupled with the barest hint of a warble.

Castaliath> Tynabith leers back at Xhuryth scooting a bit closer, wings half furled so he can extend his huge knobbed head close enough to let the shiny green hear his deap almost inaudible with deapth purr. His tail twitches sporadicly with excitment raising a small cloud of dust behind him.

Castaliath> Yaguth snorts deeply at the young bronze as he inhales deeply, tail lightly twitching at the tip.

Castaliath> Pilloeth yawns. That's right, he yawns. Rolling his shoulders casually, he forgoes the usual leering, challenging, and whatnot that generally go along with the pre-flight bit. Eyelids droop lazily as he surveys competitors and greens alike. All in good time. Until then, why put forth the effort?

Castaliath> Bydelth is… awakened from his slumber state to find himself in a party? Wooyeah! Draconiclly vast sails stretch their frames to their sides, much larger than most present. Intimidating, maybe? Probably not. Sniff sniffing the air, eyelids open one at a time, viewing the bright lights out of the corners of each orb. Meeeaah.

It's that calm outter-surface that inwardly harbors undeniable rage -simmering and boiling inside of her as she plucks another piece off and slips it quietly in her mouth. Too many people. Too many noises. Noises are /BAD/. Yes. She will teach them of this important factor. Dryly, she forces down unsavory bite, finding little to no taste in eatting anymore, yet. .hungry all the same. "N'ano." rasping his name, her hawkish-dancing eyes focusing in on the bronze rider. "Can ya' get me some klah." Well, she'll test Yla's theory.. But.. even if ignored, she'll teach them.. I say jump n' you say how high!

Castaliath> Castaliath's tail coyly pokes at her hat's brim as Banoth's rumble reaches her. Why… is that gorgeous rumble for her? So deep and resonant… could send shivers down a girls neckridges. Do it again.

S'nor smiles and offers the extra klah mug towards Hesh, "Ahh.. That does sound quite nice," he comments with a grin as he turns to survey the room and blinks at the crowd…

Nali watches the other riders hover around Yla and Melsa from her seat. She raises the glass to her lips without taking her eyes off the greenriders for a moment — and makes a face when she finds the glass empty of all but a few drops. The brownrider fishes the wineskin out from under her seat, fills her glass. The wineskin stays in her lap this time. May come in handy later.

Yla takes the plate, looking at the contents and poking at them with a finger. "Hmmm… lovely… thank you, R'ley dear." Yla's voice has practically taken on a purring quality to it. Blissfully ignorant does she remain, however, about what the hell is going on.

<Local> Castaliath senses that Tynabith is a vibrant metallic rainbow tinted with pre-flight excitment in the minds of those near, «That's a very nice hat you have on today Cassie» he purrs plucking the nick-name from his riders mind as suitable.

N'ano stands abruptly, fulfilling his good 'ol buddy Melsa's request, retrieving her a cup-o-klah. Consider him whipped? Perhaps. Dodging this rider and that, he makes his way back with a huff, handing it off. Just… don't eat him, or do any other bad unmentionables and all will be swell.

Hesh takes the klah and sputters slightly as the hot liquid burns her throat, "I.." she manages as she watches the others in the room. Slowly amber eyes sweep from one rider to the next as Hesh downs her klah in scorched throated silence.

R'ley sips the wine from the glass held in his right hand, "Would you care for a drink?" he makes sure he obviously enjoys the one he holds. A bit of wine before a girls first flight is never a bad thing and despite the lust tickling the back of his mind from his dragon the rider of 7turns knows it can be traumatic…especialy since she doesn't seem to know whats going on or at least is feigning not knowing well.

<Local> Castaliath senses that she dusts Tynabith with coy pinks, a girlish giggle filling her mindvoice. « This old thing? I just threw it on. »

Castaliath> Xhuryth flails kiwi-laced wings bespeckled with small iridescent girls and motes of silvery dust wide all at once, flapping several times to clear herself a clean radius for a moment. Serpentine slithering movements seem to girl the green in upon herself as she pauses in her pacing, passing Castaliath the benefit of a glance, and an impatient glower to Tynabith who draws near. Yes, Xhu has many stages of proddiness. Killkillkill! Flirtatious…more killing…more flirting. Resuming her pacing once more in a steady mass of brilliant glowing green, the girl passes the soft tip of her tail under Bydelth's jaw once, in passing.

<Local> Castaliath senses that Banoth emits a mental rumble twined with a hint of rum. « Hat or no hat, you would be as lovely, Castaliath, » comes his lilting, golden-edged baritone.

S'nor chuckles lightly at Hesh as he takes a long sip of his klah, his eyes travling down the line of people, few of whom he knows, and now the 'scent' in the air starts to catch him as he blinks and glances at Hesh, "You think we should," he glances at the others in the room and then back, "Let them settle this is peace?" he whispers..

Castaliath> Never let it be set that Castaliath would allow herself to be outflirted. And she never passes through the kilkillkill stages. What fun is it to play with dead dragons? Cassie's throat almost starts making a purring noise, draping a tail across Bydelth's for a moment, before craning her neck at Banoth and batting her eyes. Oh doesn't he know /just/ what to say?

With eyes gleaming and throat burning from the klah Hesh nods, "I think that might be best.." she grins softly, just a slight tone of regret in her voice as Yaguth touches her mind.

Elgin walks in from the South Caverns.

Castaliath> Bydelth emits a dragon equivilent of a purr as Xhuryth passes by. Oh Faranth, she touched his jaw! Now… it shall never be washed. Something like that. Rumbling deep within his double chambered stomach, oh, but the thought of hunger surpasses as the other's tail drapes across his. Ain't he just the lucky guy. Me-ow.

Ha. Melsa would get any person whipped. Just give her a bullwhip to play with? Er. Maybe not. After all, how many of you trust a proddy greenrider with a bullwhip. She'll put someone's eye out! N'ano donated some splinter of an affectionate smile as narrow-fingered hands curl around the belly of the mug, supporting it and transfering it from his hands to her own. "Thank you." Taking a sip of the liquid gingerly. Oooh. N'ano earned brownie points! Ha. He might not castrated by this proddy-festival. c_c; Lucky him. . Melsa, clad in her normal dark attires settles in her seat, sipping gingerly while listening to the banter within her head. Oy. Xhu. C_c;

Yla offers the glass in R'ley's a rather scathing glance. "Now why would I need that?" she asks. "I don't need drink. I need food." She glances down at the plate in her hands, purring tone going abruptly sour. "And couldn't you have gotten more meat?" she demands.

S'nor's eyes go vague as he speaks with Pilloeth, then turns towards the door, grabing Hesh's arm again, "And before the lifemate discoveres what's afoot, You have someplace more private?" he inquires as they head out..

Hesh nods her head and heads out of the LC.

Hesh swiftly strides to the Bowl.

Castaliath> Hesh swiftly strides in from the Living Cavern.

Castaliath> Tynabith contains the urge to killkillkill Banoth as the other bronze bests him for the moment. As Xhuryth paces he doesn't move an iota no matter how much he becomes in the way, wouldn't be seeming of him to back down from something so much smaller..yet so beautiful. His throaty purr oh so much more alluring them the thrum that comes with hatching vibrates the ground around him.

S'nor walks to the Bowl.

Castaliath> S'nor walks in from the Living Cavern.

Elgin walks to the Northeast Caverns.

Castaliath> Banoth tilts his head just a shade closer to Castaliath and exhales an intimate warble. Charming, no? It is nothing for him to compliment such a lady — it is an easy task.

Melsa added to your monitor list.

N'ano grins? I mean, what else could he do. He's still alive and not about to be 'de-equipped'. Oh happy joyous occasion. "It ain't too hot or—" Right, let's keep it quiet. "Y'welcome, anyway." His own mug is retrieved with an outstretched hand, settled down in front of him as he takes a new seat.

Castaliath> Hesh climbs up Yaguth's foreleg and gently settles between two neckridges.

Castaliath> Xhuryth rolls her shoulders back just once, sending small ripples of sinew down along her lean form in fleeting, slithering hues of crushed peridot and molten silver. *thump* goes Xhu's tail on the ground near Cassie unexpectedly, dispelling a small cloud of dust. Oh yes…at any other time, she might be treated as just another girlfriend but this is /war/. Or…close to it. Settling back onto muscled haunches, spade-tipped appendage merely sets to flicking gently again in the manner of a ponderous feline.

Castaliath> S'nor clambers up Pilloeth's neck and settles in between two neckridges.

Castaliath> Pilloeth takes off.

Castaliath> Yaguth rumbles is displeasure at leaving, his great wings take to the sky as his eye whirl with anger.

Castaliath> Yaguth takes off.

R'ley covers smoothly, "I'll just get you some juice…and more meat." lithe form turns again to the food and beverage tables giving the two pretty green riders a nice view to look at whilst his back is to them. Flexing to get rid of a cramp makes tanned Adonis of a male look even better whilst re-filling his glass and getting the rider some juice. Two more meatrolls are snatched with a wince since he knows well how little is left, "Here you go." is thrummed at Yla…though the glass he holds out to her may or may not be the one with juice in it.

Castaliath> Castaliath sashays her way across the bowl, nudging the underside of Tynabith's head with her own, even as her tail swishes around to avoid Xhuryth's tail, a slight hiss going towards the other green, then she turns her attention to the Boyz. Relaaaax… plenty of Cassie to go around.

Castaliath> No harpers? No music? Some party this is. Rumbles are emitted from Bydelth once more as he too, stands and paces. Perhaps dancing will prevoke music… it did before at the gather, didn't it? Tail twirls this way and that as he makes his way across the bowl in a zigzag—yeah, it's patented, so don't copy, muwaa!

Castaliath> Tynabith flicks out his serpant like toungue lustily as Castaliath brushes past him. Sunburst of colors, lust, happiness, and excitment all contribute to make faceted eyes a rainbow of fast whirling hues. Slyly the bronze chooses now to move…right between the competing greens. Better apart from each other then close enough to bite eachother!

Yea.. Jollies! (player runs around. Inside joke.) Jollies. Ha. "No, N'ano. It's fine."Easier to appease than Yla it would appear. Even if the brew she sips on is a bit too hot and a bit spicy; it does the job of warming her stomach, coating it and washing her throat to be less parched-feeling. Melsa's stiffen features, coated in apathy, do soften slightly, more or less to the coy manner Xhuryth deals with her males. Yes. Her's . .. Yea. We digress.

Yla waves R'ley off impatiently, snatching both plate and glass from his hands. "Yes yes… you've given me the food. Thank you… shoo." She wants to eat in peace. And where'd all these people come from all of a sudden?

R'ley obligingly heads away, drinking whats in his glass the bronzie quickly refills it again with wine. N'ano is tossed a competative smile as he wanders about waisting time intill they rise and the real fun begins.

Castaliath> Xhuryth slivers compound eyes bright as freshly polished riverstones glinting tiny rainbow mists as Tynabith situates himself oh-so-smoothly betwixt herself and Cass. She hesitates, as though torn betwixt snapping at the bronze or cooing passionately, at last settling for a slight bump of the hips and brush of tail as she rises to her feet once more. Everyone, now….it's not easy being greeeen…

Of course, the jollies… x.x. N'ano nods once, sitting back relieved. "Alrighty then." And silence as he sips his own mug of cider, now lukewarm like… well, take a guess. Catching R'ley's look, he thinks nothing of it. Nope. Not gonna think of it. Nope nope nope. Grr.

The brownrider with the wineskin continues to keep a steady eye on Melsa and Yla. Melsa, she knows, is acting more or less as Nali has grown to expect her to over the Turns. Yla, she's not so sure about. One never knows with these young riders, so all there is left to do is watch — just as she has been. Things are bound to take their course.

Castaliath> ~/Or being a sexy sashaying love maaachi…/~ uh… Castaliath twirls on the spot, heading over towards Banoth again. He complemented her on her hat, thus is deserving of her attentions at the moment.

Castaliath> Tynabith turns his attentions easily to Xhuryth as Castaliath heads towards the brown. Boldly he flicks his tail feather soft across her side in a teasing return of her taunting touches. Ahh it's so great being the big strong sexy bronze type!

Castaliath> Xhuryth stands quite still for a moment, muscles along her hips and sides and legs coiling as she rocks back on them a little, tail flailing back and forth across the ground briefly. Yep, that's enough flirting for Xhu. This green is flying the coop here and now.

Castaliath> Xhuryth takes off.

Castaliath> If it's not easy being green, then it's murder being one of the males. But difficulty and danger do have their rewards, apparently. He lets Castaliath move closer before he casually stretches his wings, one spar at a time, until the slick pinions catch the light in just that certain way, if the green would deign to admire him.

Castaliath> Castaliath isn't going to be beat by another green… and before anyone can stop her, in the spirit of 'me FIRST', she takes to the skies, heading for the pens.

Castaliath> You take off.

My food, my food, mineminemine. You can bet this is the chant that is going through Yla's mind as she huddles protectively over her plate, looking around at the people in the caverns suspiciously. "What are you doing out there?" is snapped aloud. No prizes for guessing who she's talking too. "I'm hungry and all you can do is flirt and think about food." Hmph.

Know what? Melsa thinks N'ano needs a jolly rancher! Er. Maybe not. Vampiric glance towards the few circulating around the caverns, draining their image in to her thoughts as she also tights the grasp on her mug -until a fine crack becomes prominate on painted surface, setting it down against the table not-so-delicately, sloshing the stinging-hot liquid against the side of her hand -though Melsa doesn't recoil from the pain…. Faintly, she growls as she stands abruptly, tilting her head towards invisible sky, the ceiling will do for now, picturing as Xhu pictures.

Castaliath> Corral

Castaliath> This part of the plateau has been fenced-off to provide an enclosed pasture and grazing area for the Weyr's herds. Grass covers the fields, rippling like waves in the wind. Herds of herdbeasts wander about, grazing lazily. To the north is the exit to the plateau, and from here you can also see the forests and beaches below the plateau to the west, as well as the ocean, stretching off to the horizon.

Castaliath> It is a spring afternoon.

Castaliath> Bronze Bydelth and brown Banoth are here.

Castaliath> Xhuryth has arrived.

Castaliath> Tynabith has arrived.

Castaliath> Bydelth swipes down for the first kill… 'cause he's quick like that, you see. Neck snapping auriates throughout as the large buck is carried to the side, instantly drained of life. Got blood?

Castaliath> Castaliath was here first… and that means… she wants the fattesh, juiciest herdbeast all for herself. Granted, ovine woulda been better, but she'll take what she can get, and before she can barely be seen to start descending, she's got a squealing buck in her talons.

R'ley approaches Yla slowely, he's so cute generally being the one to break the news doesn't result in painfull bites or scratches. "Your green is rising.." he starts hopeing she gets the point right off, "But don't worry, I'm here." he adds with a flirty heart thumping smile.

N'ano licks his lips as the last of the remaining cider is drained. But no, that's not enough. Chair is shoved back as he makes a mad dash for another cupfull. Need… cider. Eyes flicker back to Melsa, wincing slightly upon taking notice of the fissure crack in the mug "Are you… alright?" within a second's time, the new cup of cider is downed, the empty mug tossed aimlessly to the side to shatter.

Castaliath> Banoth takes his time selecting the proper beast to take down, like a gentleman perusing the menu at a fine restaurant. The good things in life cannot be rushed, you see. He finally settles on a plump herdbeast, and in one silken-quick movement, he is enjoying the still-hot blood.

Castaliath> Tynabith dives straight from the sky landing with a slight backwing right over one of the carefully seperated beasts. It's lean since most of the good beasts have already been eaten, he'll take anything with blood though. Dagger teath rip out the mewing creatures throat splashing just as much blood over bronze muzzle as inside broad mouth. Tougue laps insanely fast catching as much as he can before Tynabith, who is only 6 feat smaller then Bydelth, looks about for another.

Castaliath> Xhuryth slings her flight pattern low over the corrals. No…Xhu doesn't stop and drop on any old herdbeast…instead, the green executes a long, winding bank in a gracefully sloping circle, buzzing low back over the herds and scattering beasts right and left with terrified bellows. *WHUMP* falcon-like, the green tackles and bleeds, casting steaming rivulets of crimson to the ground about her with which to slake her thirst.

Castaliath> Castaliath's incisors, most indelicately bared, crunch down on the herdbeasts neck, silencing its squeals and causing a gushing of fluid to come forward, slurping at it eagerly. She never knew that it could be so… tasty… Hers. All hers. Hers to munch and crunch and slurp… and… now she wants a new one! She wastes no time in securing her second, returning to her eager feeding.

Castaliath> Bydelth is messy about the ordeal, tossing the first drained carcass to the side before springing back into flight for seconds. Drool… talons dig into a young's back, the scream of the beast echoing throughout before silence follows and blood splatters, dripping precariously from his muzzle.

Yla glares at R'ley, glowering nastily. "What are you talking about? She's not… she's hasn't…" A brief look of confusion, and for a moment, she looks torn between two sentiments. One is 'well it's about bloody time' and the second is… "WHAT?? What… what… what…?" She'll get there eventually, give her a moment. "What am I supposed to do?" The panic's clear in her voice. "She… she… I… I can't even remember my own dragon's name!!" And before anyone can stop her, she's ducked under the table. Maybe if she hides, it won't have happened.

Nali is standing up and out of her chair a smooth movement more reminiscent of Banoth's grace than of Nali's own standard movement. "And so it begins," she says, her voice low, eyes firmly locked on Yla even as she ducks under the table. "You have to go to her," she says sharply. "Hiding's not going to change anything." There's no time for nice sweetness-and-light gentleness at the moment — now's the time.

R'ley hunkers down putting a soothing hand on the greenriders shoulder, "It's alright hun, Cassie's doing just fine, if you have a preferance think strongly of me-err him." he slips up a little showing a flash of his always presant cockiness.

Castaliath> Xhuryth casts her head back with a grunt of dissatisfaction, spread fores snatching a drained beast aside with a crack of bones and squelch of still-moist flesh before the green murders another that flees too close, crushing its heart with one firm press of her paw to its chest to offset its balance, incisors seizing to suckle at the drawn blood.

Splintered mug leaking, allowing ringlet of continents to flood around the now broken mug. "Fine." Melsa barely finds it in herself to answer N'ano, and yet, chasing anyone foolish enough to close grounds near her a throaty growl not unlike those southern wildcats rumors fly about. Though she is not Xhuryth, she can taste the blood in the back of her throat as lewd liefmate laps at the lifeforces of the beast. "Rising." She mutters, affirming this situation further with her mouth turned downwards, causing a slight crease in her slender colored lips.

Yla tremulous voice can be heard under the table. "Maybe I can!" is what the young greenrider cries, as if in denial. "I don't know what to doooo!" Yla laments, still hiding.

Castaliath> Castaliath's muzzle has completely changed colour from its usually twilight's dusk tones to an angry dark red, as she finishes off her third buck. Yummy… but now she has all this excess energy… muscles in her hindlegs start clenching and unclenching as if in anticipation.

N'ano nods his head sagely at Melsa "I know." Mmm… but that blood's at least flavored with the redfruit tinge in N'ano's throat. "Buthow will ya get back to your weyr? You told me" he trails off, recollecting the previous conversation from days back "Are you gonna be alright?"

Castaliath> Banoth maintains his painstakingly precise method of selecting his next victim, which turns out to be a fine young thing stupid enough to stray from the rest of the panicking herd. He fells the scrambling thing and tears at its throat with ruthless efficiency and drains it of its life. The brown trumpets his victory over the beast, his tongue flicking out to catch a crimson drop he missed. Eyes whirling with anticipatory orange watch the greens blood, waiting, waiting.

Castaliath> Bydelth is content on just the two beastsmore for a big boy like himself, you see. Protein's good for muscles and good health, is it not? But time's awasting and he's no fool despite his greeness (ee… the synonym for new, not glowy!) And away he goes, preparing himself for the mad dash to the finish lineone step past the flight. He's ready, no doubt.

"Hms. " Melsa answering N'ano with a curt and rather shorten mumble, lifting her shoulders. "Just because someone catches Xhuryth, they will not catch me." Lying to herself, a fraction, after all, one of the few times in a long while has she ever been in the Living Caverns when her beloved Xhuryth has risen and flown. Melsa returns to her state of mind, blocking out many and seeing things through the compound-colored eyes of her dragon, her silver angel, her Xhuryth.

Nali ducks down to put herself on eye-level with the Yla under the table. "You /do/ know what to do. You wouldn't have gotten through Weyrlinghood without being told exactly what to expect," she reminds her, encouraging, though there is an unmistakable hardness in her voice. "Now get out from under there and pull yourself together."

Castaliath> Xhuryth snaps her wings back once more with a leathery *snap* of anticipation, and for a moment the green is suspended upon her hinds, dancing back and waiting…waiting for a headwind. Yes, she knows enough not to gorge to heavily upon herdbeast blood lest it slow her in flight but st—ah, there! And the green is to the skies with a brassy scream and flurry of silver-streaked sails, the first into battle as always.

Castaliath> Xhuryth takes off.

Castaliath> Castaliath bugles loudly in response to Xhuryth's launching ahead of her. Don't think you're getting away with it that easily, these boyz are /hers/. And thus she springs up right after the other green.

Castaliath> You take off.

Castaliath> Sky Above the Plateau

Castaliath> You soar over the plateau, in a place that was probably once the western wall of the bowl of this volcano, but the distant past eruption blew out the wall and formed the plateau below. On the southern end of the plateau here, a fenced-off area corrals the Weyr's herdbeast and wherry population, and serves as the Weyr feeding grounds. Beyond it, to the west, the plateau slopes down to the turquoise waters of the ocean. East lies the Weyr bowl itself, framed by the five pointed pinnacles of the rim, reaching skyward as if to touch the sun.

Castaliath> It is a spring afternoon.

Castaliath> Green Xhuryth is here.

Castaliath> Bydelth takes off from Corral

Castaliath> Banoth takes off from Corral

Castaliath> Tynabith takes off from Corral

Castaliath> Bydelth surges into flight, on the pursuit after the greens, and only lagging by a mere couple of dragonslengths. All of those adolescent marathons work up to something, don't they? Or so he hopes, because he has one intention this day at this time, and should this race be won, he will be claimed vanquisher. Now it's just a matter of strutting his stuff. Here Superdraggie comes to save the day! Faster than a speeding—er, wherry!

"Do I have to?" is the uncharacteristically weak voice of Yla, but in spite of that, she creeps out from under the table, looking like she'd rather curl up in the corner, but her eyes distinctly unfocused, hands wringing together.

Castaliath> Castaliath beats her wings in smooth even strokes, star sprinkled sails shown off to their full effect. Imagine a constellation dancing, now imagine the constellation in draconic form. She wiggles her tail towards the males. Can't catch her and… hey… did anyone see where her hat went?

N'ano nods his head once at Melsa before about turning and pacing himself back and forth for preoccupation. Hand rub together as they become clammy with perspiration before interlocking fingers clasp them together. "They're… flyin'." As if it ain't obvious?

Castaliath> Tynabith pauses deliberatly between the two green's taking off roaring a challenge loudly to the males as they launch into the air. Finally just before Castialeth takes off he leaps pinnions suddenly flooding with air as he chases after the competitors….and the prize.

Castaliath> Xhuryth strains muscled sails hard against warring currents, dispelling them into slithering slipstreams as the empowered green beats higher. Oh yes…she wants strongest, fastest, most agile. Reminiscent of a winding serpent, Xhu turns back over herself in a loop, perhaps only a forewarning to her intended aerial acrobatics.

Castaliath> Banoth, too, launches himself after the magnificent ladies. He's on a mission now, and no mistake. Tuxedo-slick wings spread wide, and the powerful surge of each sweep carries him aloft with amazing speed. His lean, long form is built for pursuit, and the objects of his attention can be no match for his determination.

R'ley rubs the rider's shoulder once, aww isn't he the sweetest! Before his own joining with his dragon and the lusts that follow claim him to much to stand within reach of the rider, "It'll be alright, just stay with her." his voice is an even deaper more alluring sensual purr then ever,

Nali, still on the ground by the table, says firmly, "Yes, you have to." There is no room for argument in her tone, with its crackling snap that says she is thinking more and more in line with her dragon. "Now, don't you think you ought to come out of there and head towards the ground weyrs?" she asks, a little softer, more cajoling. "It'll be okay, Yla, I promise."

She'll strike anything that dares touches her… She is an untouchable! Like fire, or thread… Ripple of silver glimmers in her vacant-focused eyes, staring at a ledge of the ceiling and yet, not seeing that striped Weyr-rock, instead, seeing the sky, the craggy outside of the Weyr and the colors of browns, bronzes, and one straggling (in her biased opinion) green… After all, Xhuryth is the best!~ Anyone can see that! Again, Melssa is biased.

Castaliath> Tynabith is after all of Firestorm, your not in that wing inless you can both fly well and with some litheness. So despite his long thick body and giant wings he tips a wing and is swung in a tight curve without faltering in the rushing air. Tail swerves from side to side occasionaly directing the impashioned bronze as the green infront of him moves about whilst the one behind gains.

Castaliath> Castaliath's training in the acrobatics in her new wing haven't gone for naught, and the green starts dipping and weaving through the skies, deliberately rearing towards Banoth, then pulling away towards Tynabith. She's the sleekest, the fastest… and those boys should come for /her/ not Xhuryth.

Castaliath> Aerial acrobatics eh? Wasn't that on the agenda this sevenday for the Wavecutters? No doubt, Bydelth's been practicing a little himself, and with a spin move, his pursuit to catch the greens are delayed for a mere moment. Look at me! Oh, right—it's a flight. They're strutting their own fancy, being their big day! Or at least Cassie's for it's her maiden flight. Wings curl in to increase speed and velocity; a key to success no doubt. Afterall, as /Wavecutter/ motto states: Fly Fast, Fight Hard! And he'll do just that.

Yla has already crawled out from under the table, and stands looking apprehensive. "That's where I'm meant to go?" she asks, looking rather dazed. "Ok. I believe you. Where are they again?" High brain functions disabled… check!

Castaliath> Xhuryth bothers not with taunting the males, no. She is not a prize so easily has as the whirling, dancing sister in flight, Cassie. Xhuryth merely flies hard, flies fast, in banking circles ever higher until the point will come when she must turn earthbound once more. But for now….for now the green only flies with a warbling scream punctuating her wingbeats every now and again.

N'ano just keeps his distance from the others as he motions the way towards the ground weyrs. Are they rubber padded? Insanity at its best might be looming about no doubt and it's best not to have any tragedies this time around.

Castaliath> Acrobatics? Banoth can handle acrobatics. As Castaliath ducks and weaves, the golden-flecked form of the pursuing brown slides easily into stealth-mode. He will stalk his quarry as through smoke and mirrors. An almost amused rumble escapes his throat, tinted with a darker need as it is ripped away by the wind. Patience, patience… one virtue that will always aid those who seek to fly betwixt beauty.

Nali smiles, relieved that Yla has — inevitably — come out from under the table. "Follow me, we'll go to the ground weyrs… don't worry, it will be all right," she soothes even as she strides towards the Bowl and to the ground weyrs. Step lively, now. "Come on, we go now."

Arcane smile threads her mouth, closing her eyes. She's better .They are better.. They being Xhuryth and herself. Can you not see it? Rising , falling naught to the clutches of males, the throngs of earth-colors as her lifemate strives higher. Briefly, Nali interupts her thoughts.. Unable to really protest, she follows, hazed by the drugging effects of flying proddy via Xhu's thoughts. [Melsa]

Nali meanders to the Bowl.

Melsa walks to the Bowl.

Yla moves with an absent-minded grace to the Bowl.

You go to the Ground Weyrs.

Castaliath> Tynabith angles higher following Xhuryth's circle upwards in wider arcs so he never gets to far ahead of Cassie or to far behind the green in the front. His multi-metallic hues gleam like polished metal, partly from the sun, and partly sweat from flying so fast and far beneath the sun. He stays stealthily silent not waisting his blood accented strength on anything other then mental bugles intil his win is withhand…after all, he never looses.

Castaliath> Lalala! Can't catch Cassie… the girl that straight lines forget… she turns in spirals, ducks and weaves, then throws a coy glance at the chasing males and abruptly backwings, slowly herself to almost nothing, rocketing off in another direction. Ain't she a tease?

Ground Weyr 1

You enter into a comfortably sized weyr that is large enough for two dragons to curl up in peace without disturbing the other. A few tapestries hang on the walls giving the place a feeling of home, instead of a place to just convalesce away from the others. In the back a divided sleeping chamber with a couple of beds is curtained off so the riders can sleep with a bit of privacy.

To the south, you see Dhiammarath and four people.

Nali is here.

N'ano walks nonchalantly in from outside.

Melsa walks in from outside.

R'ley walks in from outside.

R'ley moves with the lightness of someone not quite there, his eyes glazed slightly as when deaply inetrenched in dragon talk. Not having gone to the guest weyrs yet he tails behind everyone though quickly moves close to Yla once inside, her being the one his flicker of consious mind says he knows. Though emerald eyed glance is as often on Melsa as Yla infront of him.

Castaliath> Xhuryth rears far back all at once, wings slicing open the air currents as wind-stretched leading ages cut like finely honed blades. Her body, the weight and power of her flight and tail only streaming effortlessly back in a bannering motion as the green plunges down again, directing herself into wide spirals around first Tynabith, then Bydelth. Oh, the dizziness of it all.

Goodie… some place Yla can hide… maybe deny this is happening… but it's kind of hard to do that. Instinctively, she backs away from Melsa, even though her eyes are unfocused and not at all in the hear and now. And she hovers in an empty patch of floor, lightly swaying on her feet.

Castaliath> Now who's up for a game of follow the leader? Wings flatten out to catch a draft of air as Bydelth soars in quest of keeping up with the surreptitious movements of the verdant glows that form the figures of objection. Consider this game his specialty.

Absently, she lifts her hands, stretching and making lean body become thinned further save for feminine curves that hardly are changed from a stretch. Recoiling, she allows her fingers to run through her hair, pushing back the sepia locks from her face, her eyes closing. Ooo. Yes. Herbal .wait. .wrong channel. There we go. Pern. Yup. Hawkish girl, her body tensed 'neath the black fabric of clinging tanktop and pants, against her pale skin -glowing as if she herself was proddy, caused by the glow light. Choking on her own laughter, smug, knowing.. pictureing herself, Xhuryth, chasing the clouds and then cometing back only to race past the pair of bronzes. Ha. See. Xhuryth is just too slick!

Castaliath> Tynabith is a well honed master of flights plotting his moves as quickly as his lust dredged mind can. Huge bursts of speed at the right moment sends him spiraling at Xhuryth but from the direction of where Cassie went so he still has more time to choose which to follow closest after. One a delicate first flighted beauty, the other a spirited firey green with more expieriance.

Castaliath> Banoth banks to the left, then clips to the right in an abrupt change of vector. Though direction changes, the deliberate, disciplined pace is maintained; cognac-colored wingsails catch whatever trick gusts and flutters the thinning, high-altitude air can toss at a dragon. Still he pursues, still he stalks. His adversaries, the other males, are arrogantly discounted — how could they be any competition to a professional such as he?

Castaliath> Castaliath bugles enticingly to the bronze and browns following her. Over here… a wiggle, a luxurious slow wave of her tail, and the green tempts them with 'yes… you can have all this'.

N'ano keeps his distance and serenity to himself upon entering the weyr, sliding down upon the wall into a seated position. Eyes dance around curiously at the others. Oy, if he doesn't have a headache now—all that spinning to keep up? At least he's not banging his head 'gainst the wall yet…

R'ley belatedly tries to give Yla a reasuring smile though it comes out rather strained from his serious cloudy eyed face. A moment later he looks serious again at Melsa, almost at the same moment his dragon turns to gaze at Xhuryth.

Castaliath> Xhuryth whirls dangerously close to Castaliath all at once, a delicate beauty in her maiden flight, fluttering as a tiny, pale lacewing. Having quite some length on the other green, Xhu takes her time in whirling past, swooping, and climbing skybound again. She doesn't zip about to wear the males through, you see, Xhuryth goes long distance. Swish! And past Banoth with just the tips of her ridges moving to brush at his belly. Oh yes, Xhu's a daredevil flier, and proud of it.

Nali's attention flicks with alacrity from Melsa to Yla to the sky far above any of them and back again. In moments of lucidity, she tosses concerned glances at the younger greenrider. Melsa she trusts to understand the situation. A first-timer is a bit of a different situation. But a moment is not a long time to worry, and presently Nali is more a brown dragon chasing a glinting, fleeing tail than an earthbound brownrider.

"Too warm…" Yla's murmured voice seems somewhat disconnected from the expression she wears, even as fingers clumsily tug at the clasps on her jacket. "Far too warm." She repeats, before finally getting her jacket undone and shrugging out of it, even as she licks her lips compulsively.

Don't even think of it pal. Melsa bites. Hard… She's a 'no touchie' type of person. Most of the time, though even she herself cannoy deny the feeling of accomplishement and want to be caught -in this time of flight. Experienced compared to Yla, Melsa's features melt to a fine one. Her garnet stained mouth parted just enough, as if whispering, while eyes, while open, see nothing.. Nothing that belongs to her that is — seeing only Xhuryth's thoughts and sight..

N'ano's mind is entirely with his dragon's, his limp body sitting and staring at the opposing wall. At least he's not hypnosised into flapping his arms in an attempt to fly though, thank Faranth! Ears do catch Yla's words as he too, notices the build up of heat. Riding jacket is removed, now snug in his lap without a sense of knowledge.

Castaliath> The contention must be won, Bydelth's opposition of darkness dislodged from the expedition to the cessation. Facets swirl, now deeply focusing upon the elder green. Weapon-like wings work to his advantage in treking after her, though keen wits keep in tact with Cassie's whereabouts as well.

R'ley stays visibly cool not being one to sweat much under preasure. He doesn't even remove his shirt..yet. A damp tinge to his luxerious hair betrays he is a bit over-heated from flying with his dragon's swift body, though only in his mind.

Castaliath> Tynabith wonders how many more till the catch pose? And can we pose now?

Castaliath> Tynabith ooc erp mav!

Castaliath> Banoth's bugles of protest that Xhuryth would dare venture so close to such a danger ring loud over the Weyr, and the chase continues. He will bide his time, wait for the perfect moment to strike. He tucks his pinions closer to his slim, long torso and streaks through the air like a bullet, a misty trail of disturbed cloud streaming behind him like gunsmoke, and his steadying wings are the silencer that keeps his approach under wraps.

Castaliath> Tynabith once more passes between the two greens as if a mediating influence, though his hot burst of breath sent towards them in passing isn't very mediating, more of flirting ardourus thing. Since he has gone past the two he loops sharpely up making the tightest of half upsidedown turns to head back towards the glowing prizes—err beautifull greens. Though he constantly moves quickly everyonce in ahwile the bronze lets his giant wings fill fuller and push more air away bulleting him forward in bursts so he can fly faster, farther, and longer to finally catch one of them like the stud he is!

Castaliath> Castaliath's taunting of the chasing ones only increases as she dives into their midst, passing by Banoth close enough to touch, her tail flickering past Tynabith's nose, and she twirls around Bydelth before heading out again. Honestly, they're meant to be /trying/ to /catch/ her here.

Castaliath> Xhuryth snaps a glance down…down…down to the zigzagging males. Some for the younger green, some for the elder. She shall simply…fly, and fly, 'till ensnared in the talons of one of the males. A scream at Bydelth is lost in the wind as Xhuryth streaks higher, though her ground she is beginning to lose, gravity beckoning back towards the bronze as her energy at last begins to wear.

Castaliath> Tynabith sends that serpent tail of his out again as the green's tail passes his nose. Ahh the sweet musky smell of dragon sweat, the sweat must be pheremone scented for like a canine following a trail he zones towards the younger green putting all his energy behind his wingbeats, they come so close together as to make the soft crack noise of wind being displaced swiftly. A throaty roar is bugled as he makes his claim for her, and once he's made his claim the others might as well stop trying, cause in his biased opinion, he's the spiffiest coolest dragon around…next to Cassie of course.

Castaliath> Closer and closer Bydelth's steathy stratagem carries his lean physique until alas, he's entitled enough space between him and the elder green to pull her to safer levels. Tail entwines with Xhuryth's as the pair falls—bye bye birdies! And thus, a catch is made…

Yla's breath quickens slightly and blinks against the hair in her eyes, an impatient sweep of her hand moving it out of face. She flinches slightly as Cassie's displeasure at one of /her/ boys dropping out of the race.

Ha-ha. Xhu caught a bronze! A big cute brooooonze. Er. Yes… But that's besides the point, Melsa herself melting back, feeling half alone as her arms enfold around herself, closing her eyes to the draining effect of caught and paired dragons; lifemates.. Xhuryth and Bydelth. Who'd of thunk it? C_c; Spicy feeling, a heat like one eatting one too many chilipeppers, growing as if skin itself is on fire as pair falls… Melsa's eyes remaining shut, standing alone in her corner of the room.

Castaliath> Xhuryth 's body melts against the larger form known as Bydelth, tongue scrapping briefly at his brass-colored neck, whilst she depends on his wings to open and give them safe landing. The heated blood from her kills has melted away, leaving a cool and if not sensually calm feeling; especially while blended against the metallic Bydelth.

Castaliath> Banoth slips past the already-caught Xhuryth, his predatory determination fully locked on the elusive Castaliath. Secret stores of energy power wingstrokes, and a half-rumble, half-bugle proclaim the heat of his need, his complete assurance that he will be solace to the green, his arrogance that no dragon is a match for his stealthy hunt. Gunsmoke-grey talons reach for his quarry, and smooth muscles bunch in anticipation of the final lunge.

Castaliath> Castaliath deliberated… she thought about it… and she lost her hat somewhere in the process. The star spangled wings dip she grows tired of all this playing, especially now that Xhuryth has stolen one of her boys. *hiss* Tynabith… Banoth… And she drops back, backwinging in a manoeuvre so similar to the one she performed before, but this time, makes no move to veer off in a new direction. This one. He's the one she wants, the one who was so gentlmanly when complementing her hat. Calling out in a loud, but somehow teasing and flirtatious cry, she drops back and allows the brown one to catch her. Banoth.

Castaliath> Tynabith lost…he hovers in mid air confused for a moment before it sinks in and with a haughty sniff and desision to forget it happened, he's got a reputation to keep after all. *Between* he goes to get his rider.

R'ley goes home.

Castaliath> Tynabith goes home.

Yla makes a noise that can perhaps be interpreted best interpreted as 'ngh', and a hand reaches out before her, clutching at midair frantically, eyes flickering vaguely about herself, still unfocused.

N'ano, despite his overpowering feelings, remembers the words said in past, by his friend and resists the urges to slink towards his lifemate's mate's rider—complicatedly put, but rather remains curled up, gripping his jacket tightly. Let her have the call should she wish, 'cause he's the good guy, yep.

Castaliath> Banoth was absolutely right to be confident in his abilities, apparently, and a very nearly smug rumble makes very clear to all his satisfaction in his catch, his constellation-green, his lady. His slender tail curls about Castaliath's, and they are one.

Not far from N'ano, the pair of twined dragons felt in her mind, body, and every being that makes up her.. It isn't hard for her to deny, but it is hard to actually submit to the yearning to be held, comforted as Xhuryth is by Bydelth. Her mind is made up, but not willingly, more or less, a subconcious vow as she moves down a step or two against the wall- sliding towards N'ano and seating herself a foot at most beside him. Ha. Silent invite. Take it or leave it. Only chance. Yup. Melsa's going once.. twice…. sold?

Nali whoops loudly and suddenly, a very curious sound indeed coming from her throat in the near-silence of the ground weyr. Unfocused eyes are immediately focused again, and they find Yla, clutching at air. Torn between Banoth's influence and concern for the young rider, she waits for a cue, some sign, an indication.

"Naliii!" Yla's voice takes on the tone one would use when searching for something, and she manages to detach enough of her consciousness to look around the ground weyr. Searching… Aha! There she is. And Yla steps towards the brownrider.

That would be a sign, yes it would. "Yla…" And not another word is said as Nali pulls the greenrider close in a fierce, rather possessive embrace. Yep, Yla found her.

Anyone got a mark to flip? To go, or not to go, that is the question. Well, whether or not her antics are deliberated from the flight, N'ano's body—lifemate more or so controlling, slides a bit closer to Melsa, turning to face as hands reach out to cup hers and not letting go.

Bah. Who needs a mark. She's cute! Better get yer bronze butt to her! — Besides, you'll know if ya not wanted. Yup. Bite. Gnaw. Chew.. We digress. Fingers, palms, her hands in general engulfed by his larger hands; okay, so she'll succumb to him just this once (not telling on her now..) Drawning herself forward, -maybe her own hidden want or maybe influenced by a certain happy-dragon, soft lips move in attempts to kiss N'ano. Ha. Run boy.!!

Your wish is his command! At the 'go', N'ano pulls the cute 'lil green rider foward, embracing her like he's never done before, his own lips searching hers lustily.

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