The day after the barracks incident, Lanti interviews Zaria

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The time is 03:42.
It is before dawn of the eighth day of summer.
It is the fourteenth Turn of the Tenth Interval.
It is a summer before dawn. The early morning hours are calm, and only a faint breeze stirs the air. The air feels cool, still, after the passage of the storm, and the scent of rain lingers.

Note: Since this is ICly the day after, the IC date is the fifth day of summer, not the eighth.

Council Room
The Weyr's council chambers balance the necessity of a show of power with the austerity of good-taste and few resources. A vast, stone table rings most of the chamber, its slate-grey tableau polished to a subtle sheen and surrounded by straight-backed, black-padded seats; the centre of the table is a wyverthian tangle of dragons in a mosaic of ceramic, shell, and stone. Obsidian darkens the inner circle, the ebony glass surrounded by a thin ring of orange that splinters outwards into the flight of dragons like Rukbat's seering fingers.
Sisal banners of black and orange flutter along the walls of this windowless room, broken only by Thread-maps that are tacked to wall and table or neatly rolled up onto some of the many ledges.

Zaria stands roughly five foot in height, not remarkably tall, but not short either. She keeps her dark blonde hair in a single braid that falls to about half way down her back. Hazel colored eyes sit in a mostly round face on either side of a short and fat nose. Deeply tanned, Zaria is not a stranger to hard work out of doors. The girl is neither fat nor skinny; merely average.
Zaria is dressed in a simple A line dress that stops just short of her ankles. The dress has the appearance of being mended many times. While it is clean, there are many stains on the mostly light brown fabric. On her feet, Zaria wears a pair of sturdy boots, that also are heavily stained and showing signs of much wear. A green firelizard is perched on her shoulder.
Zaria wears the single looped white knot of a candidate
She is a teenager of about 19. She is awake and looks alert.

As the Turns have passed, time has chiseled away most of the softness from Lanti's body, leaving behind angles lean and stark, though not altogether harsh. She is a shade taller than average, but her skinny frame serves to make her look just a bit taller than she really is. Lanti sports the same red-gold hair of her mother, its waves just brushing her shoulders. From her father she has inherited eyes of a clear sky blue with darker flecks of navy, and her pale lips form a generous mouth. The rigors and demands of her profession have given Lanti a muted but harder edge, only strengthened by her intensity.
Dressed for some serious riding, Lanti's outfit is made of leather, and little else. At least, not that the casual observer could see. Her boots and wide riding belt are heavy black leather, against which the metal rings and clips shine like silver. Her trousers and jacket are also leather, dark brown and trimmed in glossy, thick cording of Istan orange. On the back of her jacket, the symbol of Ista Weyr has been embroidered in sleek black and orange thread. If headed Between or colder altitudes, Lanti usually wears a white scarf that peeks from behind the collar of the jacket, and her leather riding helmet with goggles.
Lanti wears the knot of an Istan junior weyrwoman, with brilliant gold thread winding its way between the cords.
She is an adult of about 33. She is awake and looks alert.

Zaria walks in from the landing.

Zaden gives Zaria a wide eyed stare as he makes his way out of the council chamber. Zaria is still fighting back tears from the sight of her wrecked cot, as she passes her fellow candidate and stops at the council table.

The various weyrleadership members seem to have split off into separate groups, the better to get this task done quickly. It's still early with the sun just barely peeking over the horizon, but that doesn't mean there weren't plenty of assistant weyrlingmasters available to rouse the first few candidates to be asked about the previous day. And so waits Lanti, all alone up in the council room. All sorts of breakfast pastries and breads are laid out on the sidebar, and pitchers of juice, milk and klah dot the large table. Lanti is just getting resettled after that first candidate, with a fruit-covered pastry on a plate in front of her, a freshly steaming mug of klah, and a pen she's in the process of cleaning. "Good morning, Zaria," the weyrwoman calls over brightly before waiving to the chair next to her. "Help yourself to some breakfast if you'd like, then we'll get started."

Zaria blinks and nods as she seats herself in the indicated chair. The pastry is eyed, but left alone, the girl really doesn't think she could hold anything down just now, "Th-th-thank y-you, n-n-no,' she answers in reply to the invitation to eating something before starting. Privately, the girl is certain that she'll be kicked from being a candidate.

Lanti gives the candidate a quick smile at least meant to be reassuring, but Lanti's never exactly been the matronly type. She pushes the pastry away and turns her chair toward Zaria's. "Don't worry, Zaria. I just want to gather as much information as possible. I need to know where you were yesterday afternoon and evening. If you were with anyone… another candidate, a supervisor, a rider… I'll need names. And if anything of yours was damaged, I need to know that, too." She hesitates as if to say more, but instead she picks up her mug and sips at the klah, waiting.

Zaria blinks as she looks towards the door, "Z-z-zad-den and I w-w-were c-c-cleaning p-p-pots in the k-k-kitch-chen. W-w-we d-d-didn't g-get d-done unt-til aft-t-ter the t-t-touching," the girl sounds absolutely miserable as she looks back to Lanti, "I d-d-d-don't have anyth-thing t-t-to w-wreck, b-b-but m-my c-cot and p-pillows w-w-were t-tossed ar-round," Zaria blinks a few more times as she tries to keep tears in check and fails.

Lanti merely nods a couple times, glances down at the hide stretched out the table beside her, then takes another sip of klah. "Well, we'll be sure to find you the next time Dedanseth is feeling like a bout of show-and-tell. Have you ever been to an egg touching, Zaria?" she asks, turning back to the candidate.

Zaria nods, "O-once," she answers, "b-b-but th-that w-w-was T-turns b-back," she adds as Dreamer gives a sudden croon of comfort in the girl's ear.

Lanti smiles quickly as she sets down her mug. "We'll have to change that. One last question, then you can go. Were there any other candidates with you other than Zaden, or did you see any other candidates during your time at that chore?"

Zaria shakes her head before she answers, "N-n-no, M-m-ma'am," she reaches absently to give Dreamer's eye ridge a scritch.

Lanti sets down her pen and stands. "Very good. That's all, Zaria, unless there's anything else you'd like to add. But please don't worry, okay? We just want to fix what happened. Do you need anything?"

Zaria shakes her head as she stands, then makes her way out of the council room, "N-n-no M-m-ma'am," and with that she's gone from the room. So it wasn't so bad, but the girl was still scared silly.

Zaria walks back out to the landing.

[End of log]

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