Eggs for Clutch 55 (Gold Dedanseth x Bronze Tyroth)

01. Legends of Rock Egg

The soundtrack of life winds its way across the ebony gloss of this larger egg with a rhythm to rock. Frets of green, red, yellow, blue and orange, simple in their coloring, create solid dots upon the lines of the note highway. They wind themselves about the shell, helix and curved, in a pattern that manages to curl upon itself. Electrifying, flashes of famous blue shock and amplify between them every so often, a bonus of beauty as a stairway to heaven.

02. Band of Legends Egg

Similar to its sibling, but so much louder, this egg has four separate tracks sounding along its shell, all dotted with different rhythms marked out in blue, yellow, green and red. Intertwining here and there, each track is exposed at a different point. Now and then the borders of the tracks are lit with incandescent blues or yellows, when the rhythmic dots are especially sharp and defined. From bottom to top, the helices weave a story of increasing complexity until meeting at the climactic apex in an explosion of colourful applause.

03. Gaudy Samba Egg

Of all colors to be combined in one egg, this ovoid somehow chose goldeny yellows, verdant greens and cherry reds to swath its perimeter, albeit in equally wide portions. On one side, lighter hues predominate the middle of each stripe in a pattern reminiscent of the outline of a celestial body, most similar in appearance to Rukbat. Near the bottom, an almost imperceptible group of mahogany brown blotches forms the body of another design, either something close to a Terran monkey or a pile of dung, take your pick. If disturbed, the egg emits a festive rattle. OLE!

04. Midnight Bloodbath Egg

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The being within this egg might know. Inky clouds of black darkness permeate the shell of this egg, punctuated with dripping, oozing globules of crimson that look a bit too much like someone or something was recently murdered. A ghastly patina of lighter browns surrounds the egg in entirety, giving an almost supernatural sheen. Oddly, two lighter silver strokes wend their way from bottom to top of the egg on either side, resembling metal blades.

05. Grilled Cheese Aspiration Egg

Different shades of orange and yellow swirl along this somewhat squat egg's middle section. From dark cheddar to creamy mozzarella, the warm and comforting colors seem to ooze together in haphazard and messy ways, giving the optical illusion that the colors have been melted onto the shell. The gooey center is sandwiched between the top and bottom sections of the egg. These ends are darker, using shades of toasty brown and tan in gritty textures, blending in with some of the sand around it.

06. Las Plagas Parasite Egg

At close inspection, this egg seems to have the pale complexion of human skin. Riddled with discolored veins and splotched with red, this egg is a little intimidating. Here and there, black spots appear, looking round and disastrous, almost like smoking bullet holes. Oh! Look! Something shiny reflects on the shell of the egg, suggesting dropped money or munitions. An air of danger and infection surrounds this egg, making it both mysterious and frightening.

07. Raving Rabbids Egg

Disporting white on blue presses against the curvature of fragile shell with the suggestive illusion of a crazed lagomorph pounding with rounded limbs struggling to get free. Its eyes bulge in rabid insanity, one larger than the other while its surrealistic mouth screams gaping wide to reveal only two oversized buck teeth set inches apart. Clutched by a creamy paw is a chocolate shaft topped by a half circle of red resembling a toilet plunger used to batter the invisible wall to no avail. Streaks of black against shades of blue blur behind it as if the leveret in the forefront was hurled with tremendous force by the outline of some ray traced figure in yellow.

08. Zum-Zum-Zuma Esta Egg

Pale, multicolored lines trail over this otherwise nondescript egg. One of the smallest in the clutch, the surface of the mottled brown egg looks suspiciously like muddy liquid was poured over the egg then froze. Wrapping around, over and under the mud-colored surface are lines which appear to be made up of red, yellow, green, blue, purple and silver spherical shapes. They trail around the egg, ebbing and flowing, looping around one another from top to bottom. There is no particular pattern to the colors, but the lines seem to follow a designated path which ends in a splotch of gold. A greenish, amphibian-shape appears in the midst of those colorful lines.

09. Cloud Strife's Epiphany Egg

Of harmony and discord, warring factions of blue and red coalesce upon the shell of this egg, coming together only to burst into strife. Cosmos in sky, lightened blues seem to curl upon each other, made of Cloud and Squall and Shantotto's magic might in ethereal swirls upon the heavy base. Chaos in blood, darkened reds froth and boil, misunderstood sin born of Sephiroth and Gabranth and Kuja to grant their cunning touch upon the narrowed apex. In the middle they meet, to battle and mix.

10. I Choose You! Egg

The gloss of red tops a base of white, banded across the center with delineating black and centered with a circle of metal. Simple, this egg. But it is what is within that is the true mystery. A legend? An evolution? Basic or rare? The band of black across the middle cannot hold it all in, as sparks of lightning flicker yellow, leaf's verdant curls an ivy tendril beyond, and the dust of gravel dirties the edges of that white. There may be a flicker of a flame, or a dribble of water, possibly the hoarfrost of ice to web across the shell. From a ghostly purple haze to poison's acidic dribble of green, what this egg contains is a partner for life.

11. World of Warcraft Cataclysm Egg

Captured in crystal is a world sundered in pyrotechnic fury. Continents are divided by dark blue oceans and a maelstrom of magnificent proportions at the center where only the bravest would dare to venture. Lands dotted in verdancy are slowly being consumed by blazing lava, bright hot red flowing against cooler black that slices through once pleasant terrains and turning them into devastation. Even the deserts of banded red sand and the frozen tundras have been destroyed by deep chasms that span from shore to shore, 'til all that was familiar has been transformed — a new world emerging from the ruins of the old.

12. Steering Wheel Not Included Egg

The premise is simple; a path of beige winds around the shell, widening a bit where it curves, narrowing on the straightaways, but generally no different or more exciting than everyday courses. What differentiates is not the main theme, but the flourishes all around the shell: explosions of green that mimic big, friendly trees, square, almost jeweled rainbow splotches to tempt onlookers, and an impressive array of extra forms, ranging from squid to mushroom to shell to fruit skins. But the real hook? When the egg is moved, either by its mother or by its inhabitant, one gets the impression of steering along that beige road.

13. Safe in the Darkness Egg

Mottled reds and browns, whites and yellows cut their way across this ovid, obscuring a black background in a shower of pages. Larger, rectangular brown splotches appear to be made of weathered leather, whereas the slightly more squarish whites and yellows have the look of aged paper with light blue cutting thin horizontal lines across each page. Overlapping and scattered amongst are circles, squares and triangles so red they are headache inducing if studied too closely. Some are simplistic slashes of color while others contain gibberish script, frighteningly childlike, but calling forth pagan rituals to mind.

14. Twilight Link Egg

Twilight orange clouds mingle with navy blue skies, hinting at a sun recently set and the growing night to come. Edges blur together across this egg, glowing colors making the details difficult to make out. Moving through the gathering dark are thick strips of milky bronze, beveled and double edged like swords, cutting outlines into the shadow. From one side, they form a canine's head, from the other, a man, the third, a winged individual, and a forth interlocking triangles, a symbol evoking courage, wisdom and power.

15. Conquer the World Egg

Blues of ocean deep, maritime cool and tropical turquoise form a swirling backdrop to the larger and more defined elements decorating the shell. Tans and browns glitter like fresh sand, outlining patterns that resemble evergreens, pale prairie grass, and the dark brown of freshly tilled soil. Up close, intricate geometric designs glitter in colors of faintest blue like some sort of diagram laid over the more natural eddies of color. In some places, that blueprint nearly overpowers the earthen tones, while in other spots the harsher designs appear to disappear. At the most narrow end of the egg, all colors seem to swirl and combine, blending to form a silver-speckled blue as dark as the midnight sky.

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