Eggs of Summer of 2012

Jeyth X Ruenalth - 61st PC clutch of Harper's Tale

Splish Splash Egg
Crystal clear aquamarine washes over the majority of this egg's shell, interrupted with occasional ripples of cobalt and splashes of cream. Strangely symmetrical blotches of color appear all over with gold checks forming a star shape over here while tan and navy lines appear to be a wheel over there. Towards the bottom of this egg crimson and ivory marks clustered into a pyramid while on the top there are graceful curves of blue and white.

Careful of the Current Egg
The tranquil patches of forest green and russet brown have been pushed apart by the violent stripe that snakes its way across the shell. Having too much energy for just one color, the stripe is constantly shifting as it curves about the shell with hints of payne's grey here and patches of azure there. There is a spot where it calms down into a deep indigo, but its small compared to the streaks of slate and cerulean. Along this treacherous path, a small dash of crimson fights to make its way out of a patch of frothy cream.

White Elephant of Athletics Egg
Feast your eyes upon this marvel of engineering — the egg, the acme of architectural perfection, its glory epitomized in the sleek, modern contours of this one ovoid shape. Light reflects gently off its silvery surface, girdled with swooping rings of steel and platinum that seem to interlock in patterns of complex perfection. This is an aspiration, a glimpse of a future in which the striving of all sentient beings is realized. But like most aspirations it is not perhaps as flawless as at first it seems. The side of the egg that rests on the sands — what can be seen of it — looks just… slightly warped, its looping bands flexing as if under some heavy strain, and its colors stained faintly with tarnish and grime. What rot has beset this wonder? …Will it spread?

Perfect Poise Egg
If ever an egg could be described as full of both power and grace, then this one would likely be it. Loomingly large amongst its siblings, the darkness of its glistening shell does little to diminish its overbearing stance - and yet upon coming closer, there's really nothing at all sinister about it. The powerful, polished deep brown of its shell has almost muscular-like patterns hidden beneath tiny, hide-like striations of umber and chestnut, while a million-striped whorl of hair curls around the narrowed apex. Oil-slicked black flashes near the base, where flashes of white merge to bandage the rounded bottom, accenting the perfect pirouette of precisely-placed feet.

Open to Interpretation Egg
Supple tan, sparkling turquoise, delicate pink; all whirl into one slender ovoid to create a kinetic pattern that simply oozes artistic elegance. Hidden within a swirl of rosy ribbon that encircles the egg from top to bottom is a figure; dancing within the pink, seemingly caught behind the masterfully-placed, delicate ripple of a ribbon that is directed with absolute expertise. The figure within is sparkle-spangled, turquoise blue studded with diamonte and laced with dainty patterns that twinkle and glisten against Ista's dark sands, and the light cast upon them.

London Calling Egg
For all it may have been pushed aside to make way for something far more exciting, the smog-ridden presence that encompasses the majority of this egg refuses to be denied. Crowning its peak is a glittering jewel; neon-lit whites and lush grassy green surrounded by a mantle of peachy pebbles and watery blue. But beyond that, beyond the glare of international fame and glory, is a grimier tale built upon millennia of civilisation: buildings both new and old huddled side by side in the city gloom, straddling cobblestones and tarmacadam alike. White-and-black Tudors nestle alongside Gothic relics, which in turn rub shoulders with solid-glass skyscrapers, all pressing close in the hustle and bustle of a busy city - all waiting with bated breath for the heavens to open and the deluge to begin.

Cheering, Roaring, Crowded Egg
The base of the egg is white, streaked with black, or brown, or gold in various defined and yet somehow still indescribable shapes. As the white reaches the middle of the egg, it erupts into a flurry of color. Tan, brown, black, cream, peach - all of these and more are visible in the mishmash of color upon the egg's shell. Here and there upon the shell are bits of orange, blue, red, and a few other colors. The top of the egg is a sky blue, rimmed with an odd yellowish tint.

You'll Never Skate Again! Egg
Like a collapsible police baton to the knee, this egg is a bludgeon to the senses. Awash with garish shades, it is top-heavy, the apex seemingly padded in a fashion trend gone awry. An obnoxious rainbow shimmer coalesces in large, ridiculous patterns to form a frame for the delicate lacework which plunges in a reveal of peek-a-boo flesh tones along the sides. Precise and dizzying, yet a marvel to behold, are the pale, icy whorls that swoop and circle the circumference, creating a tear-producing whole on Ista's sands.

My, You Look Fletching Egg
Copper and bronze hues wrap up the shell like tinfoil, waiting to expose the prize underneath. Painted jags of black makeup smear across the sides as if a piece of ash did a fly by. Hidden just under the sands enveloping touch are feathery white pinions interrupting the copper in precise strokes. If anything, this egg is probably quite aerodynamic.

Trinity Egg
Bleached white robes the egg with unwrinkled splendor from top to bottom. The white motif is uniform and entirely unremarkable except for the thick black band constricting its midpoint. The edges of the belt trail down on either side, wavering as they go. And let's not forget the cap of crimson that hugs the narrowest part of the egg's top.

Flame On Egg
Black metal burnishes and locks about the bottom like a vise. Rumpled and crumpled, the shell appears to have multiple layers that build about the midpoint and taper at the top, burning in bright lemon yellows, burnished golds, and crimson tongues that flicker their crackling essence about the outer edges. Cobalt blue dares to peek out from the dead center like an unblinking eye. Keep your eye on the prize.

Sweeping the Competition Egg
Places northern, places chilled, places frosted as nacre leaves a hoarfrost along the shell of this sizable egg, a frozen sheen upon which the colors play a game of strategy. Blue hone granite, a glossy wet that smooths along the base, curls perfectly round, set exactly as it was meant to be. A length of virgin white leads to the apex and a target of cardinal inside ivory inside cyan. Breaking away to sweep furiously across the shell is a dart of ebony, putting the hammer down and right into that topping target.

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