Candidate Questionnaire!

Please read through all these questions carefully and answer them thoroughly and to the best of your ability. E-mail them to ac.spuorgoohay|ochcraeswi#ac.spuorgoohay|ochcraeswi by 23:59 MOO time on Sunday, July 13th.

Please ensure that the subject heading reads '<Candidate>'s Completed Questionnaire', and that you use only .txt attachments when sending in the questionnaires.

And now, onto the questions!


1) Has this candidacy been a good experience for you so far? What could have changed to make it better? Would you have added anything to it? What would you have taken away?

2) Among your fellow candidates, whom would you like to spend weyrlinghood with? Is there anyone you wouldn't care to spend it with and why? Again, please be honest with us! We won't hold it against you!

3) Please list the colour choice(s) you would be happy impressing. Feel free to rank them in order of preference, and to explain those preferences if you so wish, but remember that SearchCo will consider all colours listed here for your dragon. (Basically, don't try to impress us by putting a colour here that you wouldn't be happy with; we want to make you a dragon that you'll actually want to play!)

4) Tell us why you chose the colour(s) in question #3. What opportunities (IC and OOC) will these colours provide you with that others would not? How do you see them best fitting your character?

5) What colours don't you want your character to impress? Why?

6) What physical characteristics would please you in a dragon? Big… small? Special colouring? Give us details! The more we know, the better we can give you what you want. (If characteristics are specific to colours, ex. you want a big green or a small blue, don't forget to make that clear!)

7) Which egg is (or which eggs are) your favourite? Is this the egg you'd like to see your dragon hatch from? Why? (Please keep in mind, if applicable, that the gold dragon can only come from the gold egg.)

8) What kind of individual would mesh well with your character? What personality would you like to emerge from the egg destined to be yours?

9) Since you have the honour of a name change come impression, is there anything you have in mind? Males are allowed an honorific (apostrophe). Females aren't. However, they are allowed to shorten their name anyway they like!

10) Are there any other characteristics you'd want of a dragon? This can be /anything/, including quirks, name, etc.

11) Is there anything you would dread on a dragon? Anything that would clash considerably (that you don't want, of course). Is there any type of dragon that would definitely /not/ fit your character?

12) We're hoping to have the hatching in the last week of July/first week of August. Please give us a list of dates and times that would work best for you between July 27th and August 4th. (Keep in mind you should have a minimum of two hours to devote to the hatching.)

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