Candidates Who Battle The Ire Of Miyakath


06:15 PM
Logfile from Hannah.

You go to the Candidate's Barracks.

Candidate's Barracks (#1942)
Long and low, this large room angles back into the mountain in a near-perfect rectangle, devoid of windows and hearth. A functional room — the black volcanic rock has been painted with a cheerful mural, with the other walls painted in green and orange thoughtfully, before resuming the stark simplicity in the seemingly endless rows of cots that scatter back into the shadows. A small clothespress sits at the end of each puce-covered bed — yes, puce. Every cot sports a rather gaudy and obnoxiously purple cotton coverlet, leftovers from PranksPast. Boys to the right, girls to the left. Enjoy.
Hanging out on a long wooden shelf on the wall are eight firelizards.
You see Beau's Spiffy Alpha Male Pad, Ashlee, Den Of The Alpha-Female, Jesus's Omega Universe, The Loner-NonFish Hideout, Aradia's Harem of Shiny Goodness, Xarine's Cot, Nei's Nest, Ora's Beta Fatale Sanctuary, Malek's Cot, Nefret's Gamma Core, Sainin's Cot, Amaril's Hammock, Mlina's Comfy Cot, Xveiya's Dangerously Stinky Hideout, Niara's Cot, Livesta's Cot, Nayla's Cot, Hikaru's Cot, Oogly, Pasha's Cot, Issket's Cot, Perky Guard Bikini Delight, Ultra Bootylicious Weyrleader Bikini, Sexy Miner Bunny Bikini, and A Mural here.
You notice Jhishivyl, Oralia, Niara, Pasha, Beau, Xarine, Livesta, Xveiya, Hikaru, Mlina, and Aradia asleep here.
Jesiya, Nefret, Issket, Rielle, Sainin, Nayla, Sapha, Tstar, Tasi, and Malek are here.
Obvious exits:

Issket isn't thinking about moving. But then, Issket doesn't think very much at all. She twitches slightly as the girl in the cot beside her is assigned to auntie Destia (har), but otherwise doesn't move, only daring to cast a wary glance down the line at the others. Ohmy. Squeak.

Nayla chews on her lower lip, hardly daring to /breathe./ Green eyes nervously dart from person to person, then towards her fellow candies, sympathy spreading across her face at the person assigned to auntie Destia. But she can't give verbal sympathy — who knows what might happen to her.

Malek slants a look over his shoulder at Sainin with a shrug and a miniscule cant of his head in the direction of the female riders. His look is blank, nothing actually -implied- in the look other than a simple, '-Women-.' He falls into a stance of relaxed attention, slipping into a recruit mindset with little difficulty. He drops the towel on the edge of his cot, a flick of his wrist folding it as he waits for this mysterious 'visitor'.

Nefret isn't moving, honestly now. Giving the other side of the barracks a sidelong glance, she spots Malek's gesturing at Sapha and tries not to laugh. Her face remains blank, however — because Nefret is the epitome of suckup sometimes. The one assigned to latrines for being too slow is her sister Khepera, and at this the messenger turned candidate tries not to laugh.

Hannah slips into the Candidate barracks, looking specifically toward Sapha, Tstar and Tasi. "Are they ready?" she asks them before giving the group of Candidates a once over. "Have they all had their physicals? Miyakath isn't likely to let them on otherwise."

Rielle straightens a bit more, deciding a polite stance with hands behind her head is better than the poor imitation of Nefret's salute. Chewing on her bottom lip, the candidate regards each of the 'riders in turn with a varying degree of fear. Tasi with a bit of relief - someone she's friends with at least; Sapha receives rather neutral and generic 'Rider-Respect', while Tstar and Hannah each receive in turn their own Blanch-White Terror sort of thing. Tstar doesn't look friendly at all, and Hannah might remember her comments the other sevenday about N'ano's dress. Ri's blue eyes glance quickly over each of her fellow candidates, eyeing their reactions. What should /she/ do? What Sapha told them to!


Oh-so-casually, Tasi makes her way down the room, nodding greetings or approval to a few of the candidates as she walks to the end of the room. Feeling boxed in yet? She stops at the far wall, leaning up against it as she waits for the visitor, eyes scanning the barracks as she does so. Hannah's entrance prompts a straighter stance and a quick salute towards the goldrider, nodding. "Ready, Weyrwoman," she says with a grin. "Sapha's got 'em all set," she adds, redirecting focus to the rider-in-charge.

OW. Jesiya is right beside Isskets cot. Ouch. Man. Oh wait. The person on the -other- side of Issket. Right. Whew. But oh! No. Latrines? Didn't she move fast enough? Fingers twine in the little hollow of her back as she waits, heels rocked on and eyes expectantly on the door in. Then Hannah walks in. Oh. My. "Weyrwoman." She immediately greets, knees buckling to give a proper display of respect. Maybe she won't /have/ to do latrines. Knees only buckle so far however and her little curtsey ends up being a little bob of the head instead of really anything else.

Sapha should be feared, she is after all pregnant, and a greenrider with authoritaaa! "That one, and that one haven't" She points out the two assigned the 'special duties'. "You two may go and do your chores now." She smiles sweetly, strangely enough, it's the girl beside Jesiya that toddles off to see to Destia, lucky break for Jesus huh? "They are all yours Gold Rider."

Tstar remains silent and simply inclines her head solemnly to Hannah, all the menace smoothed out of it. Clutchmate or not you don't scowl at the Weyrwoman, in public at least. She steps asside to clear the door, her intent to bring up the rear and keep the stragglers moving.

Sainin gives a small grin towards Malek, though his eyes are quickly moved to the various riders who fill the room, more seeming to come. This can't be too good for them. Did someone finally pull off the ultimate prank or something? he continues to stand by his cot, hands in pockets as he awaits what may be in store for them all.

Khepera tries not to sigh. She's done this a million times, and most of the Weyr knows her — and the fact that she's gone through the Candidate run enough to be partially bored with it. Glaring across the girls' side at Nefret for a moment, she returns her face to its blank position, only nodding, "Weyrwoman."

Sketching a proper salute for the Weyrwoman, Malek eyes the female half of the barracks. Rielle's nerves and Jesiya's bob get only half as much attention as the pair sent off on special errands, a vague twinge of sympathy half-curving Malek's lips. The look falls away soon enough as the ratio of candidates to riders swiftly begins to turn against them. Yes, feeling a little boxed in, we are.

Nayla squeaks something incoherent as Hannah enters, and then she tips her head with another salute. "Weyrwoman," she manages with a bright smile. Then, her face smooths into an expressionless mask, and she shifts her weight from foot to foot. Better to show no emotion than too much, eh?

Issket follows Jesiya's lead in the quasi-curtsy thing toward Hannah, but.. that's it. Twitch. Yeah. "Weyrwoman." Chirp-chirp. Cower.

Lyria meanders in from the South Caverns.

Hannah acknowledges the Candidates offer of respect before holding up a hand for silence. "We're going for an Egg Touching. One thing you *must* remember is to not smack, crunch or otherwise harm the eggs. They will still be soft so any touching will be gently. Me, Sapha, Tstar, and Tasi will all be there to watch and make sure this goes smoothly and to answer any questions. Walk softly and slowly and you *must* bow to Miyakath." Giving the group a small smile, "Any questions so far?"

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Tstar looks to Malek a faint hint of startlement, then approval in her eyes at the salute. The expression is quickly flattened before it gets out of hand. Well there's one good one. She deliberately does not think of the way she found him a sevenday ago. She might laugh. As Hannah speaks Tstar's eyes turn that way just enough to make it clear she's paying attention.

"Egg touching…" Rielle breathes softly, so quietly no one is likely to hear her unless immediately adjacent to where she's standing. Fear is battered out of those icy orbs that ornament her face - its all curiosity now in the depths of her eyes. Bow to the queen, don't hurt the eggs - as if anyone /would/… but some need to be told, she supposes. After a moment's thought, Rielle raises her hand and waits until she's called on before asking. "May we wear our regular shoes out, or must we wear our sandals, Weyrwoman?"

Lyria slinks into the doorway, with a much quieter, barely notable entrance than Hannah's. Word spread of an egg touching and, well, who is Lyri not to give up the chance to attend and watch the candidates ooh and ahh. The brownrider leans against the doorframe with crossed arms. Gee. How quiet the wild little things are when the weyrwoman's about.

Nayla relaxes slightly, and nods. "Bow. Go slow. Don't hurt the eggs," she mumbles to herself. "Oh. No. No questions." And that's all she says, though she gives a slight cant of her head in greeting to Lyria. Lots of riders. Eek.

Oh Jesus is going to be eternally grateful to Sapha. She nods instead of toddling off to go and clean latrines, hands still staying tucked neatly behind her back as she nods to every little bit of what Hannah said, "Um, I do have a question. I didn't /bring/ shoes..or sandles." Bare feet and looked down at and toes give a exploratory wiggle, "Does any one have some I could borrow..I'll give 'em back?"

Issket needs to be told! "Bow. Slow. Don't smack, crunch, otherwise harm," she echoes — softly, mind, mostly to herself — with a brief headbob. She's got it now. Or so we hope. Perk. "Ooh, Jesiya, y'could borrow my other-other sandals if you want," she chirps, momentarily perky again. "If y'r feet'll fit." And it's back to the shutting-up and cowering.

Tasi smiles, overhearing Nayla. She nods encouragingly, she's got it all down. Hands relax again at her sides as she waits for the questions to end, poised at the end of the soon-to-be-moving train of candidates, along with the 'rider escort.

Eyes fixed on Hannah, Malek misses Tstar's look; if she had laughed, he might've caught it, and then he'd just have to go shrivel up and die. He will never, ever live down the shame of Jesiya's bikini. He inclines his head slightly, acknowledging Hannah's rules rather than volunteering any questions. Hands tuck into his pockets as the rush of formal greetings ends, dark eyes flicking from candidates to riders as he silently listens in on the questions and answers. Just cause -he- didn't have any himself doesn't mean he isn't interested in their answers.

"No questions, ma'am," responds Nefret curtly and rapidly, instantly taking in the information. Bowing, walking slowly, no smacking, crunching, whamming, or abusing … nod, nod. "I have two pairs of sandals." Of course she does. Nefret has two of everything.

Nayla grins at Tasi, catching the nod. But she stays temporarily silent, waiting for further commands, and then peers over at Nefret. Two of everthing? Does that include two heads? Haha. "I have an extra pair if Nefret's don't fit," she offers. Yep, little miss sunshine and light. Who wants to bet she'll be one of the most hated candies by the time this is over? Haha.

Niara slides into the room from a back corner, stopping at the sight of all the people. oooOOOoo… She edges up behind someone and whispers "What's goin' on?" before the general drift of the conversation enlightens her and she straightens up, cheeks flushing slightly as she focuses on the instruction being given.

Sapha is concentrating on her looming. After all it helps maintain discipline. "Alright you sorry little lot, Get footwear on your poor little baby tootsies and line up in front of Tasi." She barks, however her eyes show just as much twinkle as the other riders, she's enjoying this she is. But she does glance at Hannah to make sure her orders are acceptable.

Hannah nods her head, "Well then, we'll be off. You may whatever footwear you want to wear, there isn't a restriction. But if anyone gets too rowdy, you will just have to take your shoes off." There's a slight teasing glint in her eye before heading toward the entryway. "Everyone stay in a nice group and no one lag behind. Are you guys ready?" The last is asked of Sapha, Tasi, and Tstar.

Tasi nods smartly to Hannah. "Ready when you are…I'll make sure we don't have anyone lagging behind," she calls up from the back, stepping away from the wall in preparation for the trek out to the hatching grounds…not everyone knows their way around the weyr, and it always helps to have someone watching from all angles, when it comes to candidates.

Still looking bored, Khepera just gestures at a pair of sandals next to her cot. She doesn't ever bother to talk to anyone. "Egg touching," is said in a monotone directed at Niara, -very- quietly. She then glares at Nefret again, who responds with a simpering smile and a nod to the Weyrwoman. Nefret's just so much smoother than her sister is.

Lyria updates Niara, as she happens to be nearby, in a lowered voice,"Egg touching. Fancy coming along? Rules are bow to Miyakath and no harming the eggs in any way. Use your common sense, dearie." A wink goes to the ex-Harper and Lyria sidles over to stand by Sapha, making a very quiet comment that consists of something like,"Hey, nice looming."

Tstar purses her lips ans simply nodds once ot Hannah, pushing away from the wall and taking up her spot in the rear of the procession. Anyone wanting to sneak off would have to get past her. Not that she expects anyone to /want/ to sneak off from this.

Yah, Malek's definitely about to get too rowdy. Lookit that wild-child, dark hair all in disarray post-bath. He starts to inform Niara of the going-ons, but pauses when the girls do it for him. No need for him to stretch himself that far into the realms of courtesy then, eh? Heavy boots cover his feet, as ever. He's in little danger from the sands. He clomps along, lining up with a bare, wry look for the militant handling. It's like being a recruit all over.

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Hannah's head snaps around when she spots one of the glaring Candidates. To Khepera, "You do not want to take part in this? You have such little respect that you would glare at that girl rather than listen to make sure you have everything ready?" Neither rude nor angry, she asks her question blandly. To Sapha, "Maybe she should stay behind? Miyakath will not tolerate extreme behavior. Not after the plague. What do you think?"

Jesiya darts over to Isskets cot now, "They don't need to fit, I just don't want my feet to burn." Fingers wiggle impatiently, "Huuurrrry, I don't want to get left behind." Fat chance of that happening however Iya has only /looked/ at eggs, never touched them, "I've only ever seen eggs, never ever touched one." A verbal reiteration of the mental. She does however quiet down as she listens to Khep, then Hannah respond, eyebrows just crawling their way on her forehead as she gives Iss a 'c'mon' look for the sandles.

Rielle glances at her feet, noticing the thin sandals covering them, then peers at Malek's feet. Playful challenge rises up in her, and she kicks off her boots, running to stand in line behind the Istan Guard-Candie. "Going with shoes on?" she murmurs, not even letting the grin she's holding in break out. She'll suffer the scorching Sands, barefoot… and probably pay for it later. A wave is passed to Tasi, before Rielle folds her arms across her chest and teasingly mimicks the stern look of Malek - though it comes off more as grumpy. Well, that's a fine impression of Malek isn't it?

"She's my sister," is Khepera's only comment. "It's my job to glare at her when she acts like a moron, Weyrwoman, so says our father." Khepera is also an emotionless, weird girl who's been at this weyr for -way- too long. So she basically always thinks Nefret is being a moron.

s/boots/sandals ._.

Issket hurriedly digs a pair of sandals out from beneath her cot, shoving them Jesiya-wards. Twitch at Khepera. Ack, freaky!authoritative!Weyrwoman! "Here, here, take 'em. THey might be kinda' big and eek." Twitch. See her skitter into line, or .. whatever formation-thing they're getting into.

Sapha squints at the girl. "Hey I thought I told you to go and clean latrines or something?" She directs Khepera towards the door and other less fun things. "Shards no, you aren't going out there bare foot girly." Her neck does something scary as she whips it around to look at Rielle. "The healers have enough on thier plates without treating blistered feet." She raises a brow, but otherise nods her approval of the rest of the group. "Already Weyrwoman." She nods, and paces her way to the head of the formation.

Tasi winces a little at Hannah's outburst, staying perfectly silent. She smiles in response to Rielle's wave, but otherwise stays as expressionless as she can manage, waiting to see what happens.

Actually, it's a pretty good impression, Rielle. Malek glances over his shoulder at the younger woman, eyes her feet, and doesn't reply. He just rolls his eyes with a soft snort. When her little feet scream in agony, he'll look smug in the corner.

Hannah claps her hands, a little glee in her actions. "Then, let's go. Sapha's the leader until we get just inside the Hatching rooms. Then I'll lead everyone out onto the sands." She gives everyone a little eyebrow waggle — happy now that someone's taken care of the snappy Candidate— "Let's be off!"

Tstar simply steps slightly forward, but Sapha beats her to any scathing comments. HOwever it is Nefret's face her eyes rest on. Never trust the sweet ones. Especially when they hide behind the loud ones.

Rielle would tuck her tail if she were a canine. Scolded, for trying to show up Malek at that. Shuffling with dampened enthusiasm, Rielle slips her feet back into those discarded sandals and mumbles. Well, /now/ she's ready… and at least she's still got less of foot-covering than Malek and thus can still gloat later. Uh oh! Time to go! And Ri's ready, too!

Sapha leaves for the Whee.

Hatching Grounds Entrance (#4385)
The imposing height of this tunnel is a mere shadow of the cavern beyond. Worn smooth by time and touch, the walls and floor reflect turns of passage by candidate and observer alike, dusted gently by a smattering of coarse black sand; heat and excitement are palpable here as well, cooled somewhat by the breeze that filters in from the bowl. Broad, shallow stairs sweep up to the galleries for more general observation, while a broad, lower tunnel leads towards the sands themselves.
Sapha is here.
Obvious exits:
Sands Galleries Bowl

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Hatching Grounds Entrance (#4385)
The imposing height of this tunnel is a mere shadow of the cavern beyond. Worn smooth by time and touch, the walls and floor reflect turns of passage by candidate and observer alike, dusted gently by a smattering of coarse black sand; heat and excitement are palpable here as well, cooled somewhat by the breeze that filters in from the bowl. Broad, shallow stairs sweep up to the galleries for more general observation, while a broad, lower tunnel leads towards the sands themselves.
Sapha, Rielle, Malek, Lyria, Sainin, Nefret, Issket, Nayla, Niara, Tasi, and Jesiya are here.
Obvious exits:
Sands Galleries Bowl

Sapha saunters hypnotically onto the hatching sands.
On the sands, Sapha saunters hypnotically out onto the sands.

Hannah allows everyone to gather around the Hatching Grounds before motioning everyone to pause for a moment. "Okay. It's time to go out on the sands. Follow me and remember to Bow."

Oh ho ho! You had better be a Rider or a Candidate to have business on the sands! Brooding dragons are not reknowned for their good tempers.

Hatching Grounds BROADCASTING (#4321)
The heat here is stifling, encompassing, swallowing mind and hazing sight into waved oblivion. Sparkling, coarse black sand simmers with volcanic urgency underfoot, its hillocks and dunes arranged to queen's liking; reflected light filters in, offered no even perceived respite. When empty, the vault of this cavern is hushed, still that echoes and rebounds; when occupied, it is intensified. Latest clutch dominates the view — a veritable garden of eggs, separated into the two distinct clutches of Ista's newest queen and her pale mother. Sands are cordoned off with invisible lines as each golden mother carefully guards her clutch; Older queen's strange pattern of eggs is somewhat visible from around her watchful form. Every sound resounds twicefold as loud as was intended.
Gold Miyakath is here.
You see Shang Yuan Lanterns Egg, Floating Lanterns Spirit Egg, Dia De los Muertos Egg, National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day! Egg, Pumpkin Pie Egg, Winter Solstice Egg, Autumn Equinox Egg, Summer Solstice Egg, Spring Equinox Egg, Chinese Lantern Egg, Goddess of the Moon Festival Egg, Canadian Thanksgiving Egg, Pohutukawa Christmas Egg, Trite Chalky Sugar Hearts Egg, Traditional Badnji Kruh Egg, Fall Bazaar Egg, Slurred Guinness And Green Egg, Orient's Lantern Egg, Peaceful Mind Doll's Daydream Egg, Black Thursday Egg, Flames of Prosperity Egg, Bonfire Night Egg, Giant Disco Ball Countdown Egg, Living On In Infamy Egg, Homage to Spring Egg, and Apples n' Honey Egg here.
You notice Yulianna asleep here.
Sapha is here.
Obvious exits:

Hannah walks with youthful grace out onto the sands.

Nefret sashays out onto the sands.
Malek walks out onto the sands.
Issket nances out onto the sands.
Rielle strides purposefully out onto the sands.
Nayla walks out onto the sands.
Sainin walks out onto the sands.
Lyria meanders out onto the sands.
Jesiya steps swiftly out onto the sands.
Niara slips softly out onto the sands.
Tasi saunters, hips swaying gently as moves out onto the sands.

Sapha pussyfoots out on to the sands, bowing as respectfully as she can manage with her baby bump to the Very Large Gold Mommie. "We bring food for you." She murmurs playfully loud enough to be overheard by most of the people with ears, large rooms echo don'tcha know. "Now remember, be nice, Bow and when she starts grumbling make your way calmly and carefully back to the entrance." She intones, before stepping back towards the less hot Rider's platform, usually used by the weyrling staff during a Hatching.

Hannah gestures to the milling Candidates. "Bow to Miyakath, then you may begin Touching. Just be -careful-. Even Dhiammarath won't be able to protect you if you damage one of the eggs." Weyrwoman gives the gold an incline of her head before she wanders off to stand on the side, watching.

Lyria meanders off the sands.

Rielle rounds into the caverns, trailing behind Malek as she glances around. Wham! Insert awed, wide-eyed, gaping face here. A moment of that, and a bit of a red flag sounds in Ri's mind, alerting her to bow. Bow, right. Miyakath. A sweeping and rather flourishy curtsy is offered to the queen, before Ri stands straight again, shifting on her feet. Shards, its a bit warm under her sandals and its not even Hatching day yet. Not to mention a few of the pseudo-burning embers (aka grains of sand) have gotten into her sandals, and she's shaking her feet delicately to rid the sand from her feet. The glimmers of eggs catch her attention, and even the foot-shifting stops for the candidate to stare in wide-eyed awe yet again. Touching? Oh, right. At Hannah's words, Rielle waits for some of the /other/ Candidates to make their way out there, before trailing off after them to simply mingle around the shining orbs in the ebony sand. If there was a religion on Pern, these eggies would be the object of divinity for candies - no doubt about it.

So they are -actually- just supposed to walk up and touch these things? Malek looks to the rider, surprise evident on typically less than expressive features. "Just… touch them?" His voice is quiet, likely drowned out by some squealing girl or another — but maybe not. Hands come out of his pockets, palms absently rubbed on the side of his trousers as he takes in the heat radiating from below. He bows to the looming gold dragon, eyes dropped as he delivers the measure of respect without the slightest trace of sarcasm or irony.

Nayla stares at Hannah. How reassuring. She'll have to be reeeeally careful not to hurt the eggs. The girl turns towards Miyakath and tries to bow, but ends up stumbling. Eek. She'll have to work on that. The eggs are stared at. "Wow, there's lots. So we just touch 'em? That's it?" She doesn't quite understand the concept of that..

Tasi stays silent as she heads in after the group, fanning out away from her fellow riders to keep an eye on the eggs and the candidates. She smiles as she walks across the sands, offering Miyakath a bow of her own as she nods to Nayla. "This is to give you a feel for the eggs that will be hatching…you may feel things about them now, you may not feel things until they're a little harder. But look at them, touch them gently. See which ones catch your eye." She smiles reassuringly.

Issket skitters out after — well, everyone else, wide-eyed and shuffle-footed. Oi. Taking her cue from (again) everyone else, she bobbles a little swoop-bow-curtsy motion, gingerly sidling off after a few other candidates egg-wards. Burble. "They're so.. /neat/." Just like a Hallmark store.

Iya steps with exaggerated strides onto the sands, each step meant to keep sandles on her toes. A pause as the girl bends at the waist with all the respect she can muster and instead of just going to the eggs she waits for every single other candidate to go first. She's wearing a pair of boats on her feet right now, she needs /time/ to go and get over to the eggs and she refuses to waddle in front of these people. Her sarong is however given a quick once over with fingers to straighten it, Iya's eyes staying on every single person shuffling by, that's right ladies and gents. Hurry it along.

Nefret obeys with perfect grace — or else, the best grace you can get being a gangly runner. Bowing to Miyakath not too stiffly, the queen gets a nod of respect and a, "Junior Queen." Or perhaps she should just say 'Miyakath' or even 'Lady.' Who knows. "Just touch one … Okay." Head spinning, the thought of 'which one?' nearly confuses her to the point of insanity. Colours! Everywhere! Eggs. Heat. Very head-spinny.

Grumble? Oh there will indeed be grumbling from Miyakath as candidates start making their way onto the sand. Indeed, the golden head lifts, hovering over a few in her clutch. She does eye the bunch though, offering simply a snort in response. She doesn't like it. No, she doesn't, but they all /seem/ healthy enough to be allowed near the eggs. Head simply lowers again, though she keeps her gaze warily on her shelled offspring.

Sainin steps slowly out onto the sands, eyes glued upon the rather large dragon. His gaze finally drops away from the gold as he gives a nervous bow to her. Hmm, that done, he glances back up at the dragon and then towards the other candies. Any questions that spring to mind seem to be asked by others already, therefor, his feet move him carefully back a little, still confused of just what or where he should do.

Niara steps gingerly out onto the sands, pausing before Miyakath to offer her own respectful bow, her movements constrained and wary. With a nervous smile, she turns and heads for the eggs, marveling at the size and heat radiating in near-visible waves. She pauses next to one and gingerly reaches a hand out to brush her fingers delicately over the surface.

Hannah stands back, watching the Candidates to let them roam. Sapha and Tasi are given quick looks. "Think they'll be gentle enough for Miyakath?"

Rielle floats out amongst the eggs, eyes taking in each one fully before moving to the next. Rielle won't touch them, not yet. A sparkle amongst the sands draws her eye to the Floating Lanterns Spirit Egg in all its glory. Glancing uneasily at Miyakath, Ri tries to pretend the looming gold isn't there. Another candidate, a girl from Southern, stands behind Ri murmuring in awe - a moment of exchange occurs between the two girls, each pointing out things about the egg, before they move off in a pair, whispering to each other and pointing out their favorites. "This one's pretty," Ri answers, pointing out a glimmering green and blue mottled egg, flecked with silver and gold.

Tasi smiles at Hannah, nodding. "I'd imagine so. I mean, they don't want to hurt the eggs any more than we want to see it happen. And there are enough of us around, we should see it quick if anything starts to go bad." She smiles reassuringly at the goldrider, but her eyes are no less attentive as they turn on the candidates. Much as she may think nothing's going to go wrong, that doesn't mean her attention's slacking.

A pair of girls skip past Malek, feet kicking up sand that causes him to cough, once. Really, Miyakath, he's perfectly healthy, cough aside. It was more of a clearing of his throat: I swear! He circles well away from the other candidates, trying to shake the girls between eggs so that none follows him. He eyes the eggs, latent curiosity slowly waking. He glances around, almost furtively, finally reaching out to rest a light hand on a rather dull-colored egg near the edge. There's nothing outstanding about it, which is likely why it caught his attention.

Issket bustles along, vaguely circling Rielle at some point close enough that she hears her remark. "Oooh, it is — but that's one's better. Ooo/oooh/." And she shuffles off, beaming at Sainin before she putters toward Giant Disco Ball Countdown Egg. Shiiiiny. Woooo. "It's so /glittery/." So she touches it. Gently. Pet-pet.

Jesiya steps forwards at last and shuffles her way through the sand, the sandles on her feet not helping to keep granules from attacking her toes now as they gather and begin to warm in a rather uncomfortable way, "Oh." But never mind the hot sand accumulating between toes, oh no. -All- the eggs are now getting Iya's attention as she steps towards one in particular, a rather runty looking thing but just perfect for this girl. It's short, she's short, how good can it get? So a hand reaches out as she comes within touching distance and just hovers over the shell, face nearing as she gives a whisper, "Hello you." Lips purse and she gives a light whuff of air, herself pulling back to look at it with a sigh, hand edging away and herself walking around it once to get a good view of it.

Sapha keeps a weather eye on her little bunch of candidates, making little clucking noises at the first hint of a possibility of trouble. However Malek catches her eye, and she spends long moments glaring at him until her eyes widen and she is forced to shake her head. "I -kissed- that one remember?" She hisses as soon as she's close enough to Tasi. Yes the Greenrider has only just made the connection. She was drunk, remember?

Squawk! Yes, Miyakath just squawked. Rather chicken-like actually. Head shoots up again at the coughing, the gold immediately zeroing in on the culprit. Malek. Quick! Get dissinfectant! The large head /looms/ over the candidate, massive nostrils flaring as she /inhales/. Careful that she doesn't suck up the poor candie. Could take days to fish him out.

Tasi laughs at Sapha, nodding. "I remember," she murmurs back softly. "It was funny," she says, poking the greenrider teasingly in the side. She smiles fondly at Sapha. You kissed this one, too. Oh, smug Tasi.

Dhiammarath thinks to you, « I bespoke Miyakath with: Dhiammarath thinks « Do not worry. Mine says it is because sand-dust flew in his face. He has had — and passed — his physical. » »

Sainin moves towards the eggs, his step a bit hesitant. He blocks out any thought of the gold dragon, at least until the dragon seems to take interest in Malek. His feet move him quickly back behind a couple eggs at the side, glad that its Malek the dragon seems to be taking an interest in, for he'd surely run from the sands if she did that with him.

Hannah turns her attention to Miyakath, but lets Dhiammarath do all of the talking. However, she watches the other Candidates closely, "No running. No kicking up sand."

Nayla scoots across the sand, being careful not to kick any up, but ends up sneezing anyway. Sigh. The candie eyes all the eggs, then veers towards the Winter Solstice Egg to lay on hand gently on it.

Niara stumbles backwards as a large head swoops in at her… no, not her, she decides after dropping to her knees and watching Miyakath move past to snuffle Malek. She edges around an egg to watch the proceeding, unconsciously wrapping her body around it, cheek a mere breath from the surface.

Malek looks up, and up, and up. Nostrils. Gee. Not daring to breathe for a moment, he recovers smoothly with a tip of his head. How good is a dragon's hearing, anyway? A half-snicker at the sound the gold emits covers an increase in his heart rate, though he stands still under the scrutiny. Remember, kids: if you turn and run, by all logic, a wild beast will only kill you faster. He moves awkwardly, waiting for Miyakath's attention to turn aside. If he heard her, rest assured, he'd be glaring at Sapha instead with no regard for the gold.

Cower. For a moment Issket freezes at the general squawking and whatnot going on at Malek's section of the sands — ha — but after a moment, she shuffles onward again. Egg #2. Whee.

Issket goes home.

Niara goes home.

Rielle startles slightly, body going rigid at Miyakath's squawk. Just like /Malek/ to be causing trouble on the Sands! Relaxing a bit that it's not Ri that Miyakath's whuffling at, the girl continues moving amongst the eggs, spying the Goddess of the Moon Festival Egg. Whoa, what is it with her and the dark ones? Hmm… but they're so mysterious! The Southern girl has moved on, giggling with her friends softly as they reach out timid fingers to touch a shell or two. Seeing them doing this, Ri decides to try her luck and reaches out her own hand, fingers brushing lightly against the glimmering shell. Gasping softly, she pulls away, murmuring to herself. "I didn't hurt you did I?" Just like Ri to be talking to the presently-inanimate objects. Still, her fingers reach out gingerly again, just daring the lightest brush once more. Wow.

Dhiammarath senses Miyakath thinks « But he was—oh. Hm, well I /suppose/ that's all right then. Hmph..any more running and they'll have flat candidates on their hands. They are not to run! »

Miyakath seems satisfied, after a moment, snorting out all the air she had inhaled..straight on Malek. WHOOSH. The gold resituates herself though, settling back down in the sand again with a tiny grumble.

Sainin looks away from the dragon, trying his best to put her out of his mind and to try and concentrate more upon the eggs. Quite strange these things are. His fingers reach out to lightly brush one that sits near him, carefully given it just the lightest of touches. The smallest hint of a smile graces his lips as he does so.

"Whoa momma." On breathy rush of air as a great big golden head just comes down, but oh. She's stopped. At Malek. Good. Easing her beating heart with a raised hand and a gulp of air the candidate continues to move about the one egg before taking a step backwards, bottom lip chewed in indecision. Should she leave this one and go to another? But all of a sudden..there's like..this sharp tingling sensation all over her skin and wouldn't you know it. Miyakath, with her snort of air for Malek, has sprinkled the girl liberally in the hot sand. Insert a wince and a quick dance on the sands to rid first her -bikini- top of sand, hands dipping in to get out granules of sand before she moves to shaking her sandles out, "Malek why can't you be -nice- for once." A sour mutter, Iya moving away and behind another egg so she doesn't have to endure any more sand snorted her way that was meant for the guard-turned-candidate. Only once out of view of Mal does she notice Sainin touching the egg she was about to touch, "A beauty, isn't it?" One whisper, Iya moving on letting Sai have this one. For now..

B'ane traverses solidly out onto the sands.

Hannah calls out to Tasi, Tstar and Sapha, "Don't let them run. If they do, I can't guarantee what Miyakath would do to them."

Ew. A less than pleased look turns up at Miyakath, Malek's eyes dark. There's one good point: at least he didn't get snotted or drooled or other such pleasant things. He rubs the back of his neck sheepishly, lips compressed to a thin line. "Shut up, Jesiya," he says, voice lacking any real ire as he brushes sand from his sleeves. "I haven't done a thing." And he hasn't, -yet-. For Malek, he's almost being sweet. He edges along, hands stuffed into his pockets as he scuffs through the sand.

Tasi nods, eyes glittering a little evilly as she calls out, loud enough to be heard by the candidates near her, "Right, Hannah…we don't want anyone hurt, they'd better not run!" That should help, at least a little. She turns toward Malek and Jesiya, calling out in a warning tone, "You two…" No more than that, she doesn't feel like there's any real trouble growing between the two. But the warning seemed worth it, nonetheless.

A fresh line of symmetrical tracks form onto the Hatching Sands - AKA - B'ane joins the bevy. Nothing is articulated as he just joins up with his peers, hands protected in the caves of his pockets. Actually, that was a lie. "Hi Mi'kath." Floats waywardly to the queen mother with a curt nod, but that's about as far as one will hear B'ane's voice.

Sapha saunters hypnotically off the sands.

Sainin grins over at jesiya as he brings his hand back to himelf and away from the egg. "Yes it is." he agrees, though his attention is already drifting off to another egg, his feet moving accordingly so as to take him towards it.

Tstar stalks out onto the sands.

Nayla has disconnected.

Rielle pries herself away from the egg she's at, allowing a couple other girls to have a turn. Drifting out toward Jesiya, Malek and Sainin, Rielle waves at them. Hmm… what eggies lay over here? A bit of investigating and Rielle manages to root out yet another dark one, nearly purring as she runs her fingers over the soft shell so light she really probably doesn't /feel/ anything. Imagination is a wonderous thing, though, and Rielle can always pretend she felt a little something. Silver and green streaks down this one's sides, in jagged patterns that seem as though someone clawed it when it was clutched. "Oooh…" Ri murmurs, kneeling to inspect the egg a little closer. Better not kneel in the sand, she'll have blisters on her knees for weeks. Standing back up, Ri notices B'ane and waves at him silently, giving a thumbs up. Not that he may notice, anyway. Uh oh, time to move. Ri shuffles reluctantly through the sands, further away from her beloved two favorites: The Goddess of the Moon Festival Egg, and the one newly discovered with its claw-like marks. But don't fear, Ri! There's more to touch!

Jesiya gives a sniff at the 'you two'. She didn't do anything. It was Malek. However instead of voicing her complaint she just moves along to another egg, the Spring Equinox Egg espied before she continues her little action of just hovering a hand over it's shell to lean forwards, say hello, and blow a kiss to it. That's all. And then a walk around it to inspect, indulge and offer respect. A few moments of this and Iya takes a moment to pull up her curls from shoulders into a high knot at the back of her head, fingers twisting this way and that as she makes her way carefully to another egg, Miyakath eyed every so often /just/ to make sure she's not going to snort anymore..

Malek attempts to feign innocence, but lacks the required sweet expression and wide eyes necessary. He settles for a nicely stoic look in lieu of coy innocence. "Yes, rider," he says, voice flat. He -almost- sounds sarcastic due to the monotone nature of his slow words. He resumes his pacing about the sand, familiarizing himself with the eggs but actually touching few. Malek slants a look at Rielle as she nears, silently sidling off in the other direction — namely, away from the girls.

Hannah continues to stand off to the side, watching the Candidates closely, but not really paying attention to the conversation. Instead she seems to be caught up in her own pensive thoughts.

Tasi nods to Malek, smiling. She doesn't seem terribly angry about any of it, she just doesn't want to see Miyakath go nuts-er on any of the candidates. She is careful to turn her smile to Jesiya as well, and Rielle and Sainin, as they're nearby, but for the most part her attention wanders as she looks from egg to egg and candidate to candidate.

B'ane drags out a hand that had been hibernating in his pocket and gives Rielle an open palm shake which in layman's terms is some sort of mutated wave. A 'hi' forms on his mouth, yet isn't exactly given any volume. Man, he's awfully quiet today. He must have lost money gambling or something. Having just had his first physical in eight turns, B'ane can ergo come onto the sands at his leisure. At least when Yulianna isn't hitting him or calling him bad names.

Sainin moves off over towards some eggs on the other side of the sand than where he is now. His eyes scanning over those he passes by. So many to look at. His attention glances for a moment back at the gold once more. Hmm, best not to think of her, he decides, and so stops at the next egg he comes to. he shifts his feet a bit as the warmth of the sand starts to agitate him a little. For now he stays off in his own little world.

Tstar stalks off the sands.

Another glance is spared for Malek, Rielle directing her course slowly in his direction yet again. Silly Malek, thinks he can escape! No going too fast, though. A few eggs are stopped at here and there, the brighter ones given some less-awed regard than the darker shelled ones. Shuffling carefully between the precisely constructed mounds that house the queen's lovely offspring, Ri starts to stray from Malek. He's lost her attention - the Goddess of the Moon Festival Egg is lonely, and it simply gravitates the nanny-can toward it. As she's wandering that way, though, Rielle spies B'ane's wave and returns it again, allowing herself to crack a smile. Shards! She'd been doing real well, too, trying to show up Malek. Hmph, maybe next time. Trying to pretend like she's not too eager to get to her Favored Egg, Ri pauses at yet some more along her path, giving a bit of a 'hmm' and an 'ooh', and maybe pausing to exchange softly murmured comments with another candidate before slowly but surely working her way toward the dark orb in the dark sands.

A few more eggs are made part of Jesiya's round until she's pretty much given air-kisses to each and everyone of them, a few even getting some stories of 'When I was younger I wanted to be a dragon-runner..I don't suppose you like runners, or maybe you will, or even do, but I don't think they'll like you. Too big.' and other inane bits of conversation like that until she comes to the last egg, emerald eyes considering it for a moment. The Floating Lanterns Spirit Egg is then given the barest of touches, her first real 'egg touching' and fingers linger but a moment before she retracts them, blows a kiss, and begins to tell the egg that she'll be back another time to see it. She'll even have a poem for it.

Hannah senses an overstay of welcome and calls out, "Everyone! Candidates! We need to draw this to a close, so begin making your way to the entrance. Make sure to give Miyakath another bow, but be careful not to stir any dust. Anyone running and they won't be allowed back on the sands." She turns to Tasi and B'ane to obtain their help.

Talk about -timing- for Jesiya. With a nod she gives Miyakath a deep bow, and then the eggs a deep bow, "Thank you for letting us view your eggs." Grateful words are intoned, Iya turning to walk /carefully/ from the sands with her too big sandles, one backward glance given and a pursing of lips to blow all the eggs a kiss, Iya off the sand in a good amount of time.

Malek escapes from Rielle by simple virtue of the fact that he keeps moving, never stopping — and certainly not stopping to tell an egg his life story. Jesiya gets a cursory sneer as he passes, look fading as he lifts his head to catch Hannah's words. He turns with a crisp, recruit-perfect bow, a trace of irony in the perfect execution before he walks on off the sand. Simple as that.

Tasi nods to Hannah, smiling a little sheepishly at Hannah as she blinks a couple times to wake herself up fully. She stays silent for the moment, assuming that Hannah's word is enough. She turns to dip her head gracefully in Miyakath's direction and begins, slowly, to move towards the entrance, herding candidates as she goes.

Rielle awws softly under her breath, Hannah's proclamation coming just as she reaches the egg that was in her sights. Shards, shards and more shards. A soft touch is passed over it before Rielle works her way back towards the entrance, not running but certainly not walking slow either. When the Weyrwoman gives a directive, well, it's followed. Getting out of the denser patch of eggs, Rielle turns and bows deeply again to Miyakath - hearing Jesiya's words, Ri echoes something similar. "Thank you for letting us among your children," is murmured with a tone more of awe and reverence… which is pretty close to thanks as well. Somehow. Another brief bout of walking and she's off the sand and out of the way of Miyakath's potential wrath. A glance back and Ri sees some doddling candidates, who get a rather exaggerated waving-movement to them before she finishes her exit.

Sainin looks back towards the riders at the words, feet moving him slowly back towards the entrance as well. He stops a little ways from it to give the Miyakath another bow. He stays silent though, turning quickly to walk swiftly the rest of the way to the entrance, careful to keep at a walk.

When all of the Candidates are gathered at the Entrance, Hannah instructs, "Go through the doorway. Once you get through, you're free to go and do your chores or take your rest period. Hope you had fun." The last is said with a smile before adding, "We'll do this again, but not until Miyakath's had a little more time."

B'ane sees no need to get the cattle-prod or anything as the candies seem to be moving on their own initiatives. Yay. "That went smooth." Yes, no eggs were harmed in the making of this session. Heel, toe, heel, toe, B'ane flanks the remaining several candidates and makes sure everything that should be off the sands is in fact absent. And now he's going up to his weyr to have a rendezvous with his pillow. Miyakath is given another cant of his head as he heads out.

Jesiya steps swiftly off the sands.
Malek walks off the sands.

Rielle beams at Hannah and bow-curtsies to the Weyrwoman and 'riders as well. "Thank you for bringing us, Weyrwoman, 'riders" Ri murmurs before scampering past at a still-quick walk. Oh how much /fun/!

Rielle strides purposefully off the sands.
Sainin walks off the sands.

Too hot for you? Or you just need a break? No matter, this way is out!

Hatching Grounds Entrance (#4385)
The imposing height of this tunnel is a mere shadow of the cavern beyond. Worn smooth by time and touch, the walls and floor reflect turns of passage by candidate and observer alike, dusted gently by a smattering of coarse black sand; heat and excitement are palpable here as well, cooled somewhat by the breeze that filters in from the bowl. Broad, shallow stairs sweep up to the galleries for more general observation, while a broad, lower tunnel leads towards the sands themselves.
Gliding about is a gold firelizard.
Malek, Rielle, and Sainin are here.
Obvious exits:
Sands Galleries Bowl

On the sands, Tasi saunters, hips swaying gently as she moves off the sands.
Tasi wanders off the heated desert of dragon-sands.

On the sands, B'ane goes home.

[end of log]

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