Candidates Oogle The Eggs

[[logged by Yla]]

Tier and tier of benches rise high in these galleries, encompassing a sweep along a full third of the cavern's wall. Seats worn to slippery-smooth likeness, they are broad enough to offer security — but each one is also high enough to offer a clear view over those in front. Several lines of rope cordon off this area from the Sands below, and a precariously narrow pathway offers access to the multiple layers of draconic ledges that line the walls.

Beyla bounds up the steps, obviously full of energy today, and drops onto a bench with a slight 'oof', obviously too wrapped up in this brief moment away from chores to notice anything about her as she stares at the pretty eggies on the sands.

Khaelyn is already staring at the eggies on the sands, but at Beyla's bouncy entrance, her gaze lifts briefly. "Oh. 'Lo, Beyla," she murmurs, before going back to looking at the eggs. "What brings you up here?" Like that has an obscure answer. On to next question. "Which egg d'ya like the best?"

Beyla tilts her head at the familiar voice, smiling cheerfully as she shuffles closer to her fellow candidate so she doesn't have to raise her voice. "To stare at the eggs. And to avoid cleaning out more stables." she grins, eyeing the eggs. "Uh… I like that one." she pronounces, pointing to Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Egg. Hmm. Wonder why.

"I'll take over the stables for ya if you want," Khaelyn offers, nno longer taking her eyes off the eggs. Her egg. Oooh. "I got out of latrine duty.." See, burned arms can be good things sometimes! "'n' I need something to do. After this." She squints at the eggs upon Beyla's pointing, trying to separate the eggs enough so she can try and distinguish Beyla's favorite; in the meantime, she nods approvingly and murmurs a vague, "Yeah.." As an afterthought, she adds, "That'n's my favorite," along with a point in the direction of Southern Pecan Pie Egg.

"They're all very pretty…" Beyla says, a slightly dreamy tone in her voice. Uh-oh, better focus before she goes off into a daydream. "Yeah… well… latrine…" she glances at the burned arms. "Wait a minute!" She frowns, peering at the arms. "What did you do?" she says rather sternly, frowning. "If you say… spilled cooked tubers on your arms I'll note the irony…"

Single arm. The right one, to be exact. Khaelyn blinks, taken aback for a moment and reluctantly looking away from the eggs to blink again, this time at Beyla. "Do?" she echoes blankly, until she notices the focus of Beyla's gaze. "Oh. Um. I got hot watered." To say the least.

Beyla sighs, mock-fiercely, a slight smile creasing her face. "Honestly, dear. Stabbing yourself with needles and now this. You are in the wars. Don't get what that means, but my mother used to say it whenever I came home black and blue, so it does have something to do with injuries." Don't mind her. The heat's making her babble.

Khaelyn lifts an eyebrow with a faintly indolent grin, glancing down at her arm again. "I didn't do it to m'self," she feigns protesting. "It was all the healer's fault." Come to think of it, she never even got the healer's name. Hrmph. As Vesper appears and attaches himself to her shoulder, she sighs. At least he didn't bring the others with him. "And I'm not black and blue. I'm… red."

Beyla tilts her head, attention totally turned aside from the eggs. "I thought the Healers were meant to fix stuff like that," a hand wave to Khaelyn's arm. "Not contribute to them." she looks fairly puzzled on that front.

"Mmm." Khaelyn at her most noncommittal. The herder shrugs it off, nearly upsetting Vesper in the process. She turns back to the eggs, squinting at them again. They're all… eggs. "Which one was the one that you liked again?"

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Egg
Spots. And spots within spots. Like some complicated Shakespearean plot. Or not. Grainy lumps of golden brown, marred and blackened with chips of chocolate, and yet perfect; the pale complexion of an ovoid meltingattempting to meltinto the dark sands, chunks and lumps whirling together into the smooth ripples of cosmic creaminess enveloping its shell.

Beyla points to the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Egg again. "I like its spots." she says with a giggle. "And it reminds me of a cookie." Beyla's sweet tooth strikes again.

And suddenly it's a lot clearer. Khaelyn's eyes focus on the spotted cookie as knowledge dawns on her. Ah. "It's nice," she remarks, studying it much as she's studied her favorite. Sure, it's got a few faults that /her/ egg — as she's come to think of it — doesn't, but it's still a nice egg. "Very… spotty."

Beyla grins and folds her arms. "Sure it is. That's part of its charm. Spots are cute." she says with a mischievous grin. "My cousin made me a very spotty shirt once. Of course I don't wear it. Spots are cute in principle, but fashion wise…?" Beyla wrinkles her nose in distaste.

Hannah walks with youthful grace up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Khaelyn might wear something with spots on it — depending on what the spots are there for. And how many there are. And what color they are. And how far-spaced they are… Okay, so she might not actually wear spots. "In principle," she agrees, going back to staring at the eggs. Oooh.

From the hatching sands, Quarith is sleeping soundly, her golden form silent and still. Don't be fooled however, she is still the ever watchful mama who knows the exact location and position of every egg.

"It still reminds me of a cookie." Beyla says ponderously, staring at the eggies. "Of course, I wouldn't want to eat the egg. Nonono… that would be bad." Not the mention the biiig gold mama that would then proceed to eat /her/ for such a thing. Probably. A grin and a wave and a "Hiya!" is send in Hannah's direction.

Smooth and Creamy World's Best Vanilla Egg
Rich golden-white cream and deep russet brown swirl and fleck the gently ovoid surface as it comfortably rests in the warm, fragrant sands. Plain and simple and yet, in its simplicity, elegant; sepia shadows slide and flow in fresh, thick flavor. No bubbles mar its texture, nothing diminishes the purity of this smooth expression of transient ecstasy.

Hannah nearly tiptoes in, her eyes wide and shy. "Hello.." is said in her soft voice, eyes darting from candidate to candidate. She tries to sidle up to the edge of the Galleries and peer down at the eggs. "This is the first time I've been able to come look.."

Khaelyn is busy staring at the eggs by the time Hannah arrives, and it isn't until Beyla's greeting to the other candidate along with the return greeting that she notices. She half-turns, blinks, offers a faint smile in greeting, but nothing by verbal means, before turning back to stare at the eggs.

Beyla rummages in her bag and pulls out a small bag full of nuts. Lots of different sorts, taking a couple out, she pops them in her mouth, munching quietly as she joins the others in staring googly-eyed at the eggs. "Oh… anyone want any?" she asks, indicating the nuts.

Hannah shakes her head mutely, though her lips curve in a slight, shy smile. "No, thank you.." Attention is turned out towards the eggs and the girl tilts her head to the side. Leaning elbows on the back of a seat, she puts her chin in her hands and asks softly, "So.. do you guys have a favorite yet?"

Khaelyn shakes her head at Beyla's offer, declining with a, "No, thanks.." A nod goes to Hannah, the faint smile still touching her lips. "Yep. That'n." The finger that points at the eggs levels with Southern Pecan Pie Egg — at least, it does from her point of view. Manners prompt her to ask, "Do you?"

"That one." Beyla declares, pointed finger aimed squarely at Chocolate Chip Cookie DOugh Egg. "Because it reminds me off a cookie, and the spots appeal to my sense of whimsy." Yes. She has one, and it makes itself known at the worst times, really. She pops a couple more almonds in her mouth before ferreting the bag away.

Hannah gestures towards the sands, slim fingers wriggling in the general direction of the Smooth and Creamy World's Best Vanilla Egg, "That one is mine.." She likes those the others picked, but there is an allure about the creamy vanilla egg that holds her attention.

Khaelyn shifts at the rope-border, still looking over the eggs. She can't sense any of that attraction to any of the other eggs, or the whimsy that Beyla speaks of. "I just like mine." It's hers, too, because she says so.

Beyla would grin, but since that would show the nuts she's still chewing, she just settles for a broad smile at the possessiveness that candies are showing towards the eggs. As long as the pretty… and very big (don't argue with anything bigger than you being Beyla's first rule) gold doesn't take exception. "They're all very pretty." she says judiciously.

Hannah knows better than to be possessive about eggs. She merely has a favorite egg that appeals to her visually. "They all are very pretty.." This she does agree on, but still the creamy vanilla egg holds her gaze more often than not.

"All of them are," Khaelyn amends, since everyone else is, but her gaze stays steady on the pecan pie egg. Yummy. She scoots back, settles on a bench, and tries to keep a good angle on the egg from her seat.

"Glad we agree." Beyla says dryly, leaning back slightly on the bench so she can kick her legs out in front of her comfortably. "Soo… what colours do you think are in which eggs?" Ah yes, that pressing question. Which colours…

Hannah ducks her head, "I .. don't know?" She turns her head so that her chin sort of swivels on her hands so that she can look at the others. "Is there any particular color you are attached to?" She's had all kinds and types of candidate friends.. seen some impress and some go home like she did.

"I think mine's got… a gold. Or a bronze. Or a brown. Or a blue." After a few seconds, she tacks on the end, "Or a green." Which basically means that she has no idea what's in hers. After all, if she tried to predict something the egg might lose its appeal to her. And that would be a bad thing. "I like the shiny ones… and brown. And blue. And green." Extremely decisive, isn't she?

So said Khaelyn.

Beyla hmms softly, pondering. "Well, they're all so colourful. Greens are nice… blue is like one of my favourite colours… but gold is so pretty. Sparkly and stuff. Green's nice though. Reminds me of plants." She's almost as indecisive as Khaelyn.

"I think my mother has hopes that I'll impress the kind of dragon she did," Hannah murmurs, "But I doubt it. All the colors are so pretty.." Wow, nearly a speech from the shy girl. A little too much talking, it would seem, for she blushes slightly and dips her head back towards the sands.

From the hatching sands, Quarith hears the chatter that drifts down from the galleries. Crystalline eyes open and flood with pastel peach stirred in with deep ruset orange. She lifts her head and does a quick spot check of eggs before her eyes fixate on the origin of the chatter.

Khaelyn isn't quite so shy anymore. The eggs are peered at speculatively. "Maybe they're all golds!" Or not. Hey, a girl can dream, can't she? "Pro'lly not. But alla the colors are pretty." As Beyla's already stated. Quarith's movement on the sands isn't noticed, as her attention has dropped from the eggs to the book beside her. "Do either of you know a good way to fix a ripped page?"

Beyla actually laughs at that, also not noticing the now not-sleeping Quarith, eyes more on eggs than the mama. "If that's the case, the boys'll be awfully disappointed." she says with a note of mock-sympathy in her voice. But they all agree on the general prettiness of things. "You'd think we could find better words for these lovely things than 'pretty'." she comments absently. "Oh, and not a clue."

Hannah blinks as the gold's attention fixates on her and the others. "Uhh…" she murmurs towards Khaelyn, "I don't know…" Lifting her head off her hands, her fingers drift to pull up the ends of her waist length hair to idly search for split ends. "If they were all golds… that would .. be ah interesitng..

Wouldn't it, though? Khaelyn flips through the pages of her book until she comes to the ripped one. It's not like she can sew it closed… And even if she could, it would probably come out a lot worse than it started, considering Khaelyn's tailoring skills. "Um. Very pretty?"

Beyla rolls her eyes at Khaelyn's turn of phrase. "If they were all golds, in a few turns, we'd have more eggs than we'd know what to deal with. Just think… hatching grounds crammed to capacity. So many eggs you don't know whether you're coming or going? That wouldn't be very fun. Besides…" She sniffs slightly, giving the sands a good glance over. "It takes all the fun out of guessing colours." Wait… is Quarith looking in their direction?

Hannah nods her head, still fluffing through her split ends. "I wouldn't mind.. if a little blue dragonet were to peek it's eyes up at me.." Not a gaggle of golds.. that would be trouble indeed. "Um.. guys, I think we've gotten the attention of .. the mother."

Khaelyn didn't notice… until now. Her gaze lifts above the top of the book until they come to rest on mama-draggie. "I s'pose I wouldn't mind…" she contemplates aloud as she blinks back at Quarith. Is she supposed to bow or something, even up here? "But I dunno' what I'd do with my pets and stuff back in Keroon." Gaggle of golds. Interesting.

From the hatching sands, Quarith keeps her attention on the little chatterboxes in the galleries for a moment before she begins to make her egg rounds; turning them, making sure they're all nicely warm and buried. Her special egg is doted upon longer than the others. Eventually, she curls her form around that special egg and settles down so that her head faces the galleries and she watches. Stares, even, without a blink.

Beyla blinks at the biiiiig gold. "Um… my first instinct is to hide." she whispers, sotto voce, to the others. After a moment of contemplation, a hand raises of its own volition, and a wave is sent towards mama-gold. Uh… maybe bowing would be a faaaar better idea. She jerks her hand back down to her side.

Hannah offers a soft, shy, "Hello, Quarith.." Bobbing her head in a psuedo bow, the girl acknowledges her mother's friend's dragon. "I think she is being… protective?" is offered to her fellow candidates, though she does back away from the galleries just a bit. Doesn't hurt to be careful, even if you know the dragon.

Khaelyn can't seem to manage to uproot herself from the bench to bow — not that she's sure it would be a wise move up here, either. Hrmph. "Right… Protective." That's it. SHe settles back, glancing down at her book evert now and then. "/Nobody/ knows how to fix a ripped page?"

Beyla looks thoughtful for a moment, then bobs her head sharply, as if agreeing with her own thoughts. "Well, I most certainly would. If they were my babies." Not that she has /any/ plans to get kidlets in the near or distant future. "Try sewing?" Uh… bad idea.

Hannah peeks over at Khaelyn and shakes her head, "Nope.. I don't know.. sorry.."

"Sewing?" Beyla's talking to /Khaelyn/? That's just not right. "I think I'll pass.." She might accidentally kill the entire book if she tries that. "I s'pose I would, too, if I had that egg. My egg." Her egg. Her special one. Yes, she's being possessive. "It's /really/ pretty."

Beyla tries not to snigger rather tactlessly. "Say that again," she murmurs teasingly, "But louder." A glance is cast towards Quarith and her eggs, who, at last look, was still staring away.

Hannah glances back at the still-staring Quarith — who was staring last she saw — before picking up her split ends again. "Umm.. Possessiveness about eggs isn't necessarily a very good idea to … act out around the mother?" Or so she's found out from previous Candie stints.

Oops. "I wasn't /trying/ to be… Sorry?" Khaelyn offers that last bit to Quarith, if the mama-gold is listening. "But it /is/ really pretty." Really, it is. She looks down at her book again. "Nothing? At all?" Well, if worst comes to worst she can live with a torn page.

Beyla won't laugh. She'll just snerk quietly before regaining her decorum. If she ever had any. "Look at it this way, you're out of swiping distance." is murmured to Khaelyn, too soft for Quarith to hear. Hopefully.

From the hatching sands, Quarith is listening, has been listening, and will continue to be listening for quite a while. Dragons can't sleep with Candidates chattering like magpies up in the galleries. Well. She doesn't /really/ mind the chattering magpies. A low rumble is emitted from her golden throat at the possiveness shown by one of the candidates. Tailtip gently smooths more sand onto the queen's own special egg; hiding it from view? Showing it off? Who knows..

Hannah eyes the gold before moving away from the edge. "I can't wait for them to be hard enough to touch…" She turns a shy grin to the others, "Egg touchings are one of my favorite aspects of candidacy…" She just hopes the gold doesn't get too antsy down there.

That would be a bad thing, wouldn't it? Antsy gold; antsy candies. Or at least this candie. Those dragon-stares can get a bit unnerving. Khaelyn pokes at the page of her book. "Maybe I can get something… sticky." Or not, considering the amount and ingredients of the sticky-stuff at the Weyr. "Touch? The eggs?" She blinks, stares at Hannah. "/Those/ eggs?"

Beyla stretches slightly, trying to unkink the muscles in her shoulders that seem to seize up on a regular basis. "Oh I don't know… the lovely Quarith…" Rule two: always compliment what's bigger than you are. "Seems awfully protective. Especially of that one egg." Eyes go to the special egg, and the care being given to it.

"Yes.. there are egg touchings. Touching the dragon eggs.." Hannah says softly, her eyes flicking to the eggs and then back to Khaelyn and Beyla, "They're quite.. interesting to touch," comments the assistant. Or former assistant.

"Those eggs? Down there?" Khaelyn just can't believe it, it seems. Her gaze flickers down to the sands before going back to Hannah. "All of them? As in actually /touch/ them?" Note to self: make no sudden moves. Wouldn't want to get eaten by an irate clutch-mama by accident or something. "Why? I mean, I don't doubt that they're interesting…"

"I'd heard about that." Beyla's a hopeless eavesdropper and gossip freak, if you didn't already know. A look of amusement goes to Khaelyn. "Well, there aren't many other eggs about the place." she says with a grin. "I'm sure they're those eggs. If they're not, I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere."

Hannah shrugs her thin shoulders before pulling thin legs close to her chest. "Yes.. they do…" She bites her lips and leans her chin on her knobby knees. "It's.. quite.. interesting. The eggs.. are soft.." is murmured quietly, shyly.

Khaelyn is in complete disbelief, but decides to take their word for it. "Right.." She shrugs, looks at her book again, and goes back to pondering ways to seal it. "D'you think sweetener and water might stick it back together?" After all, it seems to stick everything else..

"The eggs? But they're not… oh! The page!" Beyla heaves a sigh, shaking her head and making her hair bounce. "For a horrific moment there, I thought one of the eggs had broken." Although Quarith would probably have been making a great deal more of a fuss if that were the case.

Merra walks in.

Hannah merely raises her eyebrows at Beyla's comment before giving the new candidate and fellow High Reachian a shy wriggle of fingers. "Hello.." is softly murmured, ".. Come to look at the eggs too?"

Merra saunters in, tuber peelings stuck to her tunic and decorating her hair. Despite her easy-going manner, this was probably not a planned addition to her look. Other candies are spotted and small woman crosses over to them, returning Hannah's finger wriggle with one of her own. "Hey, Beyla… Hannah… Khae. Yeah, I have a break, so I thought I get a good look at them. Haven't really had a chance to…" she admits somewhat sheepishly. "I wonder…you haven't gottena chance to touch them or anything, have you?" This is said with her attention half on the hardening eggs.

"Why would I be talking about the egg being… What?" Khaelyn's lost. "What's broken?" Forget lost, she's just confused herself again. The herder wiggles the ripped page in her book again — for her efforts, the page tears a little more. Oops. Merra's entrance isn't noticed until her name is spoken, at which she looks up and accientally tears the page a little more. Before she can do any more damage, she releases the book and lets it drop onto her lap. "'Lo, Merra.. Touch 'em?" She's lost again. Why does everyone else know about these things before she does?

Beyla laughs lightly as Merra asks that question. "Are you sure you don't have a spy down here? We were just talking about that." she grins, tucking a curl behind her ear. Which does nothing to the overall mass. "No. No chances yet."

Hannah shakes her head, "No.. I haven't gotten to touch them yet." She adds, "This is my first time to actually -see- the eggs up close…" As close as she can get without angering the queen.

Merra grins, perching lightly on one of the benches near the other three. "Just making sure. I wonder when - if - Quarith will let us touch the eggs…?" Wistful hope laces her voice just for a moment, as if by touching the eggs she can make one of the dragonets inside Impress to her.

Southern Pecan Pie Egg
Slow velvet, the most genteel wraith of ethereal lace in coolest hues of liquid copper, enraptures the folds of this singularly stunning eggshell. The longest, softest drawl of toasted syrup slinks sumptuous rivulets along the creamy canvas of truest ivory, the very ideal of a filigreed sweep in softest mother-of-pearl. Whispers of magnolia mingle with ideal leisure among the warm ribbons of sugary brown, lending a sleepy, refined attitude to the already languid glamor of this milky soft eggshell in its distinctive hues of buttery cream and toasted nutmeg.

"Why do we touch the eggs?" Khaelyn wonders aloud finally. She has to know. Everyone else seems to. "NOt that I don't want to or anything…" No, of course not. The book is carefully picked up again, flipped to the torn page again, and pored over. "Merra, do you know how to fix a ripped page?"

Beyla hmms thoughtfully and rubs her shoulders, eyeing the eggs mama gold is protecting. "So… we're not so unnerved by them when they hatch?" she theorises wildly. "I don't know. No one tells me these things." She has to eavesdrop and find out that way.

Entangled Mints Enchanted Egg
Soft, velvety mint green enraptures this elliptical form with shadows of marbled fudge and splashes of crumbled cookies. Serene chocolate spins an elaborate tale of bewitchment and beguilement, serenading the velvety green to an enticing dance of love and commitment. Smooth silkiness draws one closer and closer to see the tiny specks, almost a fine mist of chocolate, surrounding this egg. Two contrasting hearts melding together to make a unique kinship of harmonic enchantment bring this dance to a blissful end.

From the hatching sands, Quarith does what a lady does best when confronted with something she doesn't like: she ignores it. So, the queen ignores the chattering magpie's talk of touching eggs. Her eggs? Being touched? That will be something to decide later. For now, she dotes more on her special egg. A little sand here, a little pat here. The egg is now all cozy.

Marianne sweeps confidently, with just the slightest hint of a whisper up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

On that thought, Beyla will steer well away from Quarith if and when they get to have a nosy around the eggs.

Ignore them indeed. Could Merra read thoughts, she might point out that someday those eggs would hatch and that the dragonets inside would find their own lifemates, just as a young Quarith once found Saria. Not that this will particularly endear her to the gold… She nods towards Beyla. "Aye. I think it's to get us used to the notion that hungry dragons are going to come out of the eggs so that we don't panic." She glances at Khaelyn. "I don't, sorry, but you could probably ask the weyrharper…"

Hannah looks up and offers a shy smile of greeting to the newcomers. "Hello.." Seems the shy candidate is getting shy by the entrance of all the newcomers. "Egg touching is fun…" She likes it.. been through enough of them to know. Though the queen mother's are always a bit intimidating.

"Weyrharper.." Khaeltn stands, closing the book and glancing over at the eggs speculatively. Maybe she'll try that suggestion out. "I'll try that." And she takes her leave, without so much as a goodbye. Zoom.

Khaelyn goes home.

Beyla watches the Khaelyn shaped blue disappear down the stairs. "Well, I wouldn't know." she says in response to Hannah. "Never done it before." And the idea, frankly, intimidates her. Not that she'd let on.

Walking into the galleries with a rather quiet stride.. well, quiet for Mari, anyway… with a sprightly step, she bounds into the gallery area with an almost dancelike landing behind the others.. only the softest of sounds being heard. "So *this* is where everyone has been hiding from their chores," Marianne laughs soflty, and wipes off her dusty hands on her skirts delicately.. "I wish that I had thought of this earlier…" Flicking some hair out of her face, Marianne looks over their shoulders, and onto the sands full of eggs with bright green eyes.

Jozelle moves gracefully with a habital swing of her hips, up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Beyla grins at Mari as she enters. "We're not hiding. This is called strategic avoidance." she says, rather primly. "It's different than just… say… slacking off. Slacking off is so amateurish." Yes, Beyla is the master of avoiding chores and classes. She's had practice, y'see.

Jozelle does a cartwheel as she makes her way into the Galleries. She feels funny doing it, but she also wishes to keep all of the other candidates in good spirits. What better way then to be the candidate -clown-, right? She brushes her hands on her hips as she wiggles her fingers to the other candidates. "Hello!" My, aren't we cheerful? "I do not slack off, I just have other important things to do." she comments with a devious smirk.

Merra may or may not have been ready to make a retort to the harper appy, but something on the Sands catches her eye… And Mer's in love, despite the potato peelings all over her person, despite her empty hopes for the coming Hatching, just…despite everything. "Oooh, Shells…" she breathes. "That egg…that one there…oh, Faranth, it's gorgeous," she nearly whispers, pointing at Entangled Mints Enchanted Egg, her expression nothing short of reverant and stunned.

Hannah turns to the new voice and happens to see Jozelle coming up the stairs, "Jozelle?" she exclaims softly, her eyes enlarging. "We're not hiding.. just egg looking.."

Beyla eyes the candidate turned gymnast and grins. "I won't ask what." she says with thinly veiled amusement. Why is it she's always on the verge of cracking up around this lot? Well, that's not hard to figure out. "They're all beautiful." she says of the eggs.

"Ah, yes…. more in the nature of a battle by deception… clever girl," Marianne shoots off the smooth rejoinder with barely a thought. It's routine for the harper appy… but her mind is elsewhere. Her intelligent green eyes seem to scan everything at once, trying to memorize every detail, as if to put a picture in her mind of everything… as her attention settles on one and then another with all her usual feelings of lively interest, slight amusement, and considering intelligence.

And the better to riddle you with, my dear. Merra stares at the harper appy with something between annoyance and amusement, for the split second she can tear her gaze from the Enchanted Egg. The 'Reacher has never claimed intelligence, though she isn't exactly the dimmest glow around. "I bet it's a green that hatches from that one," candi murmurs, to herself, really. For a split second her expression might be described as longing, but she quickly composes a look of simple admiration on her features.

Golden ringlets bounce along her slender shoulders as she prances over to stand next to Hannah. "What'cha all doin'?" she asks. She can guess that it might possibly be 'gawking at the eggs', but this is a good way to keep conversation going. She pulls a ringlet behind her ear, still a smile lingering on her palid lips.

Beyla tucks in her legs in order to lean forward and peer at the egg that Merra seems to have fallen for. "It does look like it would be a green's egg. Hard not to think so, with the egg looking like that." It's hardly an indication of course, but you never know. "We should take bets." she suddenly says.

Marianne has disconnected.

Marianne falls asleep.

Beyla stands up, stretching from having being sat in one position for so long. "I'd better get back to the stables before someone realises I've been ogling the eggs for too long. Strategic avoidance only works so long." she throws an amused glance at the others. "See you later…" she says cheerfully trotting down the stairs.

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