Candidates And An Egg Touching

[[logged by Yla]]

Living Cavern

The smooth, rounded walls of the vast living cavern sweep upward from an oval base, two dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat every member of the Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava which forms these caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets abound, dotting the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle greenish light up toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in the ceiling. Ancient lustrous tables run along the long axis of the cavern, and at the far end is the raised dais and high table, where the Weyrleaders and their honored guests eat during formal occasions. Behind the high table, the Weyr's symbol is chiseled into the stone: a smoking mountain in black, on an orange shield, trimmed in gold.

Perched near the food are twenty-nine firelizards.

Nanoc blinks as Tierza starts talking and talking… well someone's bubbly, no? Her inquire is returned with a simple shake of his head and a grin. Better not to get her started on another subject. Nope, he's not a starrie, he wouldn't really know. Beyla enters and she's offered a wave before attention diverts to the hearth and then back to Tierza. Not a good combo if she's like this already "Uh, no thanks…"

Tierza says, "That's fine.. Beyla, since I am pouring, will you have anything?" Ahhh, the joys of a solid night's sleep after a day in a garden… "Or maybe juice, you don't like klah, right?"

Tierza says, "Look what I got from Gar this morning.. via my own Periwinkle. My yellow roses!" Smile and sniffs the small bouquet of sweet-smelling flowers. "Have you every seen anything this beautiful? Aww, I do miss my roses and sweet little blue noticed and wen and brought me some."

"Sure that's all?" Nanoc mutters half under his breath. Sleep and garden work… Well, that might wake someone up, apparently so. "Sure you don't just want juice yourself? I mean… you don't really need to wake up, do ya? I mean, any more than you already are? Beautiful? Wha?" his attention shifts to the flowers "Aye… I have indeed, something even more beautiful—" No need to get into that though.

"That's right," Beyla runs a hand through her hair as she pads into the caverns. "Klah equals yeech, so sure, juice'd be nice… ooh! Roses? Oh! How pretty!" She claps her hands together cheerfully, approaching Tierza and leaning towards the flowers.

Tierza eyes Nan and shakes her head.. nope, he's not going to shake her out of her good mood. "hey Nan.. you didn't even really look. And I didn't mean people, I meant things.. Of course people are more beautiful…" Here she stops and sighs… her mind wandering a bit to a traveler she worries about. "But smell them, they are lucious.. " Pours Beyla's juice, her klah and grabs a plate of sweetrolls as wella ssome bread and butter. "Here, may as well eat too.

Nanoc shakes his head "I wasn't talkin' 'bout no people… I'm talkin' bout the Istan seas… I ain't much of a flower fan… they make me sneeze, really. But the seas… those are spectacularwith the sun settin' or just shiningjust creates an image that I'll never forget."

Beyla rolls her eyes at Nanoc. "Men have no sense of aethetics." she mutters, entranced by the roses as she takes her juice off Tierza. She conveniently ignores the fact that he finds the sea spectacular. How can anyone not like flowers?

Tierza says, "Well, that's easily solved nan.. go to the beach! Ohh, maybe we need a Candie picnic? I love the beach myself… especially at sunrise and sunset. I try to see as many as I can.. none are ever the same. But still, I think the fact that my little sweet periwinkle sought out these flowers for me says alot about these pets." Reaches up and scritches all on her shoulders and head, not really sure who she is 'wearing'. "And you don't have to like the flowers, really."

Nanoc shrugs "Well, I was goin' to the beach anyway… Carelock wants me to wash her dragon—you two are welcome to join on in if y'want? Ain't no harm havin' a few extra hands, y'know?"

"The beach?" Beyla looks up from the flowers, as she sits back in her seat and sips at her juice. "With sand?" It gets in her hair and stuff. Ick. But if there's a picnic in it…

Tierza sighs and indicates the scrolls she brought into the room with her. "Sorry Nan, I have my work cut out for me here. T'rell did ask me to do it." Grimaces, a dragon-bath sounds like far more fun to her.

Tierza scrambles with her notes and heads to a quieter place to work.

Nanoc nods "Don't want to disturb the workin's he's havin' you do then, that ain't right… maybe next time then…" he says before flopping around to reach across the table for a roll "Whatta 'bout youNanoc wonders… repose for ya?

Nanoc nods "Don't want to disturb the workin's he's havin' you do then, that ain't right… maybe next time then…" he says before flopping around to reach across the table for a roll "Whatta 'bout you Bayla, you in?"

Beyla bobs her head, running a finger around the rim of her mug and looking at the pulp that accumulates on her fingertip. "Oh, sure," she agrees easily. "I'm in. "

Nanoc grins "Great! If'n get a few more people… it'd be great… so if you see anyone, try 'n snatch 'em, eh?" a brief pause to eat is soon followed by a "We're gonna be washin' and oilin' him… likely to be an all day thing knowing his demeanor—'ccording to her, that is."

Beyla grins, wiping her fingers off on her skirt. "Well, there is a /lot/ of dragon to take care of. Lots of hide."

Nanoc nods "Aye, true, but she said that he'd probably be rollin' round in the sand soon after, or movin' round to make it harder… but if he rolls in the sand, we'll haveta wash 'em all over 'gain!"

Beyla hmms out loud. "Lesse… cleaning out the latrines… again… or help clean a dragon… I know which one I prefer." She grins and winks at Nanoc, sipping at her juice.

Nanoc chuckles "Aye, far better choice, I think…" he agrees and sighs "Soon as the sun rises or somethin—or is it already up? Anyway, she said she'd come back when she was ready to go down."

Beyla leans slightly to the side, so she can peer through to the bowl outside. "It's just gotten light." she says, waving a hand to the outside. "But then I have no idea when she might be ready and everything."

Nanoc shakes his head "Me neither… ah well, guess I'll just sit here and wait or something so she can nab me when she's done? Could do something useful-" he looks around before his attention is caught by a rag off to the side "'ppose I can clean up some of the tables, eh?" With that said, he stands, performing a unique 'wash onwash off' technique.

Very zen. Beyla watches Nanoc for a moment, before the whole cleaning thing gets to her. "You could always… I don't know… do something other than cleaning? We do cleaning all the time. Doesn't it tire you out doing it to kill some time as well?"

Nanoc considers that, tossing the rag onto the table and slumping back onto his chair "Suppose you're right. Ain't really got anything else t'do, though… don't wanna just sit here—ain't really my thing, y'know? Never got to do that 'fore candidacy… never really got to either during… I just don't know what t'do!"

"You could always do a song and dance routine." Beyla mutters under her breath, before smiling brightly at Nanoc as if she'd never spoken. "Well, don't look at me for ideas. I'm good at sitting around doing nothing. I just daydream the time away…"

Nanoc grins "Song 'n dance routine? Ain't likely… that's just—-well, no. Leave that for the harpers or whoever…" Anyone but him. Not going to happen if he can help it. "I could probably read over some of m'hides or something… meant to catch up m'readin' on herbs."

Libby strides in from the South Caverns.

"Herbs." Beyla wrinkles her nose as if she can smell the herbs herself. "If that interests you…"

Nanoc nods "Well, it's the only thing I need refreshenin' on, really… got everything else down pact, but for some reason, herbs always slip m'mind… 'prolly since I ain't worked with them in some time now… bein' here and all."

"Whatever the herbs did, they can't be as bad as those children." Heading for her breakfast, Libby pulls a slight face, collecting her things and then sliding into a chair. "They've worn me out." She annouces to the cavern in general, then gives a smile to Nanoc and Beyla, and a nod to Elle.

Beyla smiles gently at Libby. "Am I the only candidate that doesn't mind the children?" She looks from Nanoc to Libby and back again. "Am I just weird?" she holds up her hands and waves them in the air. "No. Don't answer that."

Nanoc raises a 'brow "I downright pity ya if'n gettin' stuck in there with those brats… they're horrid! And there ain't no convincin' the nannies 'bout that either. They see'm as 'perfect little angels'" he mimics as her previously from one. "Shards, those things do worse than biting!"

Smiling at Beyla's questions, Libby pushes her hair back from her face. "I didn't get biten… Well, at least not yet. I was just running to and fro trying not to let them upset each other. The arguments they have over the green pot of paint…" Candidate rolls her eyes.

"Oh, it's not worth arguing over green paint." Beyla asserts, shaking her head. "Pink paint is another matter entirely."

Nanoc scrunches his nose "Pink? Green? Eh, I think we can all live without either… really. Ain't no need for /those/ colors."

Libby decides not to get into the colour thing with Nanoc again. Been there, done that. "What was all that about herbs earlier?" Starcrafter enquires over her juice, then carefully eyeing her redfruit for a moment before biting it.

Nanoc shrugs "I was just tryin' to think of somethin' to do to pass the time till Carelock finishes up with whatever and comes t'get me to wash her dragon… so I was just think'in I'd catch up on my hides or something…"

"And I was thinking how much herbs… smell." Beyla says, changing her sentence at the last moment to resemble something more diplomatic than her original statement.

Nanoc chuckles "They ain't that bad… gotta develop a sense for them—that is, to get used to the smell… kinda like firestone. That's probably why it ain't botherin' me all that much anymore… gotten used to it."

"You're washing someone's dragon?" Doing a slight double take, Libby eyes Nanoc a moment, then just shakes her head slightly. "That'll be… interesting." Candidate comments, then nods in Beyla's direction. "I see…" Smelly herbs. Right.

T'rell strides cheerily in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Beyla scritches her head. "Sure we are." she assures Libby. "Morath, to be precise. Carelock's dragon?" Eyes go to T'rell's entrance, and she inclines her head in greeting.

Nanoc shrugs "Just as interestin' as every other time, I 'ppose. Ain't that much different. Haven't ya ever done it 'fore?" he questions Libby before cocking his head towards the entrance, giving a head-nod and a hand sweep in greeting.

T'rell carries in a small, laughing girl on his shoulders, toting the toddler with him over to the klah hearth. There's some discussion as to what he should pick up, small soprano exclamations of "Bubblies!" followed by explanations that there aren't any. Meanwhile, the rider, bemused at his passenger, grins slightly to those already present.

"Me? Never. Apart from Ivrylth kinda sitting on me, and the ride over here, I've not really ever touched a dragon…" Shrugging slightly, Libby finishes her breakfast and shifts in her chair, sitting with her legs over one arm. T'rell gets a smile and a nod as he walks in.

Nanoc frowns "Ye ain't know what you're missin'! Come join us then when she gets back? It'll be fun, really." he offers while reaching across the table once more for his sixth roll that morning.

Beyla bobs her head to Libby. "Yeah, come on. Many hands make light work and all that." She grins, finishing off her juice and fiddling with the pulp remaining in the mug.

Chuckling slightly, Libby nods. "I'll give it a go, as long as Carelock doesn't mind. I'm sure there's enough dragon to go around, anyway." Dragon bathing counds like fun, and anything has to be better than going back to chores. "I haven't had a swim since I left Gar…"

T'rell steadies a small foot with one hand so that his active passenger doesn't topple off while bringing something akin to a meal with him to the table. "Mind if we join you?" The girl protests as the man lifts her bodily from his shoulders, putting her back on the ground.

Nanoc shakes his head "She ain't gonna mind—asked her m'self if it was alright to get a few people to help out." he pauses, glancing nonchalantly around before doing a double take "You haven't since /Gar/? How long 'go was that?" he questions her before turning to T'rell again "Seat's open!" he grins, motioning to the unoccupied ones on the opposite side of the table "How's Sejith doin'? And who would this be?" he grins, nodding a greeting to the child.

Beyla automatically shuffles over a little way to make room for T'rell, even though there is more than enough free seating available. She drops her mug to the table and pushes it away, leaning forward to rest her arms on the table.

"Um… How long have we been here?" Turning to Beyla, Libby starts counting on her fingers a minute… "Well, it's been a while. I've had time for a quick clean at the baths when it's needed, but no swimming recently. It'll be good if I get the chance between washing." T'rell gets a quick flash of teeth as Lib too shuffles around a bit.

"'Cia, don't wander off," T'rell abruptly warns, catching the little girl by her waistband to tug her back over to the table as she starts making a getaway. "This here's my daughter, Brencia," he introduces her with a smile, hoisting her up to his lap despite her intent interest in a wandering feline over at the other end of the cavern. "We were just visiting Sejith, and he's fine, thanks. Wasn't he?" At mention of the dragon, the girl's face lights up. "We saw Sejith!" she declares. "And eggs!"

"Over four months." Beyla says in repose to Libby, then blinks and looks at her fingers. "Wow… that long… feels longer…" Beyla smiles brightly at Brencia as the little one is introduced.

Nanoc grins "Well, she's a very lovely girl 'deed." No worries, he's not a child seducer, really "Y'got to see the eggs? That's great!" Well, children aren't as bad when solitare and under the guidance of a parental unit, the complete opposite of those crawlers in the nursery. "Big draggie, huh?" he adds. They always are, aren't they?

"Four months?" Eep! "Have I really been wondering around here that long?" Blinking slightly, Libby bites her lip for a moment. "I guess chores have kinda taken away time passing…" Or something. Lib smirks slightly at Nanoc's manner, but smiles sweetly at Brencia. "Hey there, honey." This child has no paint. That has to be a good thing.

"Bigger than everybody," Brencia asserts seriously. "Excep' Quarith." She beams around at everyone, always pleased to be the center of attention.

Nanoc nods "Yup, he sure is!" He's seen Sejith before, right? Of course he must have… quite hard to miss. "Y'have fun?" Might as well keep the child beaming—better than biting anyway. "You wanna cookie?" he questions her before glancing back to T'rell "S'that ok?" he questions, hesitating on pushing the plate of them over.

Beyla nods seriously at Brencia. "Yes… Quarith's a bigbig dragon." she says with a grin. She bobs her head at Libby. "I suppose that must be it. Chores… passing time."

Libby eyes her fellow candidates with a slightly wary look. One little girl, and they both start talking funny? Ah well… "Have you ever had a ride on daddy's dragon?" Okay, so maybe that's a silly question, but Libby isn't really used to kids.

T'rell nods to Nanoc with a smile. "Sure, why not?" It's a rhetorical question. "Pick one," he directs the girl as she reaches for the plate with both hands outstretched. "Just one." Brencia heaves an exaggerated sigh and accedes to her father's wishes. "And what do you say?" "Thank-you," Brencia tells Nanoc formulaically.

Then, with a mouthful of cookie, Brencia immediately answers Libby excitedly. "Yeah, we rode him all over the place today!" Crumbs spray everywhere.

Nanoc nods, grinning "My pleasure m'lady, and you're welcome." Yep, he's a ladies man and he knows his manners too *cough* Well, at least this'll pass time until the draggie bath, right "So, how old is she?" he first asks 'daddy' before turning back to 'daughter' "Y'have a lotta fun? Y'get to see a lot of places?"

Beyla isn't talking funny. She always talks like that. She clambers to her feet, grabbing a couple of meatrolls off the table before returning to her seat to munch on them quietly, just listening for a moment.

Kitana hops over to the table and grabs a meatroll. She sits down and starts to chew on it, cheeping a slightly muffled greeting to the humans.

Libby wrinkles her nose up slightly at the crumbs, but smiles at the child anyway. It was kinda her fault, she did ask… Nanoc's manners get a slight chuckle, and Lib winks at him.

T'rell puts a calming hand on the girl's curly head, softly reminding her, "Chew first, then talk. Right?" There's silence for a second, and then he grins to Nanoc. "Two and a lot, as she says. Three turns, come spring." He's almost interrupted as Brencia pipes up again, having swallowed, "We went really high! And then we went swimming!" Dad takes the opportunity to grab a bite to eat for himself.

Nanoc chuckles "Sounds like fun! Say…" he pauses, thinking for a moment "She would want to help us wash Morath later on… or is she too small?" he questions T'rell. That'll probably keep her happy. Happy children=safe children.

"She's pretty good in the water," T'rell answers consideringly. "She's been swimming almost from the start. I've got some work to do, but I can bring it to the beach if someone will watch her in the water." He bends over the girl. "What'd'ya think, 'Cia? You wanna help wash Morath?" Vigorously, she nods and beams excitedly to Nanoc. "Yeah!"

Kitana finishes with her meatroll and flies over to Frost. She starts to chitter something to Frost, flipping her wings to her back when she is done.

Nanoc grins. "Great! Well, we can do that once Carelock comes back, k?" he turns back towards T'rell "Sounds like a plan… I'll watch her… or one of us…" he motions to the other two candidates "She won't get 'way, promise." charming grin plastered on his face here.

"Morath's brown," Brencia announces wisely to those gathered.

Frost jumps over to the table where Kitana was eating the meatroll, grabs one, and flies back to the older flit.

"Indeed he is." Beyla says solemnly to Brencia, fighting the urge to lick her fingers to clean them of the meatroll juices, just giving them a quick swipe on her top instead. "Very brown."

T'rell chuckles quietly. "Perceptive, ain't she?" he jokes aside. "But sure. Just come grab us when you're ready."

Nanoc nods his head "Will do sir. Ain't wanting her to miss out on that opportunity… well, not like she wouldn't be able to later on, but still."

Libby goes home.

"Oh," T'rell grins, "She's got plenty of chance for washing dragons, but she never misses it. Why, we already washed Sejith this morning." "Yeah!" Brencia bounces on her father's knee, waving part of her cookie about. "He was dirty!"

Naomi bounces in from the South Caverns.

Nanoc grins "Well, I've only washed a few times—she's a lucky gal!" his attention diverts to the sudden crowd within the caverns and the interesting conversation going on before returning to the pair "Well then…" Yep.

Libby strides in from the South Caverns.

"Boys who kiss girls on the mouth're the ones who get all the attention," Naomi notes with a crooked sort of smile, baby Aiken held in one arm, and the other reaching out for a piece of fruit. "Of course, the attention may come in many forms… a smile, or a slap on the face." Nanoc gets a fingerwiggle immediately, and a wink. And then, shifting the baby to her side again, she drops into a chair. "How's everyone?"

T'rell is apparently very used to being bounced upon, for he tolerantly ignores the child's activity while he sips from his mug. "Oh, you'll have plenty of chance," the man assures Nanoc. "And if you ever feel the lack of it, you just let me know." He smiles calmly.

Beyla eyes Naomi for a moment, then the baby in her arms. "Naomi, what /are/ you teaching that child? How to traumatise its playmates?" She grins and winks teasingly. "The facts of life? Little young, right?"

Nanoc grins "Just discussin' washing dragons… wanna join in later on? We're washin' Carelock's 'soon as she comes back… 'cia there included!" he motions to the little girl with a wink before looking back up towards T'rell "Eh? I'll take that opportunity then… 'something I don't mind any at all."

Libby trudges back in with her pile of mending, prefering to get it over with somewhere a little less… occupied than the candidate barracks. "I still don't know why they let Nao anywhere near the children. She's worse than they are sometimes, aren't you, dear?" Lib grins at Naomi as she takes her seat again.

Naomi brings the fruit up to her lips, biting into it carelessly. With a somewhat full mouth, she eyes Beyla, nearly clueless. "What else do I have to teach 'er, sweetie?" Tongue is prodded out at Libby, fruit and all, and she quickly corrects, "They don't." She swallows, before explaining, "I'm sort of… banished. From the playroom. But I get to keep this'n." Until his mother finds her… And then, to Nanoc. "You're washing dragons? Isn't that… messy?"

T'rell's eyebrows raise, but it doesn't seem connected with the conversation at hand. He appears to consider for a moment. "Hey, folks — you, you, you and you," he indicates the Candidates present, "I hear that Quarith's in a good mood and wouldn't mind if you folks wanted to have a peek at the clutch." As he announces this, he surveys the faces around him, and Brencia immediately squirms, turning on his knee to face up at him. "Can I come too? Can I?"

"I dunno," Beyla says to Naomi, shrugging. "Teach him advanced needlework, perhaps?" Hey, it's just a suggestion. "Quarith… wouldn't mind… us peeking?" Well, those are several terms she didn't think she'd get to hear in sequence.

"After what happened the last time?" Nanoc asks under his breath, looking around for the 'culprit' but shrugging "Sounds good, I guess—?" No, he's really excited, but no giddiness for the time being.

"Peek at the clutch?" Naomi echoes mindlessly, standing from her chair and tossing the half-eaten fruit aside. "Just a moment, please." She disappears through an exit, and then just as quickly returning… Aiken-less. What she did with him is unknown, but she -has- been speaking of cages an awful lot lately… "Ah. Right. Clutch." And then a blink to Nanoc. "What happened last time, boy?"

Beyla narrows her eyes at Nanoc. "Why? What happened?" Dare she ask. Yes. She's a hopeless gossip. She hasta know.

Marianne sweeps confidently, with just the slightest hint of a whisper in from the South Caverns.

Nanoc frowns "Well, not to mention any names… just—well, someone tried to touch the gold egg…" he responds "We got booted off the sands…but I guess all's swell if she's lettin' us back on."

"Eggs?" A hopeless look is giving to her pile, before Libby places it out of the way and returns to her 'group'. Candidate eyes Nanoc a minute, not sure if she wants to know about previous bad moods of the queen. Hmm. "Hopefully…" She tags onto the end of his comments.

"Is that so? How very… strange." Naomi's eyebrows waggle a little at the piece of information divulged by Nanoc, and she kneels on the seat of her chair, eyeing the others carefully. "Don't try anythin' like that, okay? I'd rather not become Quarith's lunch 'til the hatching. It'd make all the chores seem so meaningless…" She smirks, before sending a wave Marianne's way.

Beyla absently rubs her palms together. "Well," she says after a moment, her voice fairly neutral. "You can't exactly blame Quarith for being protective of her daughter." Beyla sure doesn't, but it does mean that she plans to in no way infringe on that particular eggies 'personal space'.

T'rell laughs briefly. "Believe it or not," he answers the incredulous inquiries. "But she might change her mind at any moment, you know how Quarith can be, right?" Abandoning his plate, he hoists his daughter again onto his shoulder. "Whee!" she exclaims midair, surveying the candidates. "We're going to see the eggs again! They're gonna be baby dragons," she announces to all.

Nanoc nods his head, standing and heading towards the exit "Alrighty, should we all go down now or…?" he inquires, turning his head to look over his shoulder.

Okay. So that did absoulately nothing to reassure Libby. Still, she's going to have to go out there when the eggs start hatching, so she might as well do a dummy run now, right? Swallowing, Libby nods in T'rell's direction. She can just stay around the edge or something…

Khaelyn bounces over, appearing out of nowhere, and /pounces/ tackling you with huggles and snuggles and higgles and sniggles, so very terribly glad to see you once again, and with yet one more hug and a cheery 'Hihi!' the hyper one disappears again, vanished without a trace.

Beyla hugs Khaelyn! Khaelyn screams and swings a bat at your head. I got Beyla cooties!

Her arms stretched high above her head, Marianne wanders into the caverns, as she laces her fingers together to blink and stretch away the haziness that is still lingering in her eyes. Her ears walk in on the pronouncement that there are going to be baby dragons, and she blinks a few times and then laughs, shaking her head. "You know, I really hope there are going ot be baby dragons, or we're all here for a lot of nothing…" Sending a friendly salute in the direction of the rider, Marianne flops into a nearby chair.

Khaelyn hurries in from the South Caverns.

Naomi smirks a little at T'rell's daughter, hissing something under her breath that's only faintly audible, sounding much like, "Baby monsters s'more like it." But… no. She wouldn't have said that, would she? Hm. "Well, let's hope she doesn't change it -too- quick. Pre-hatching casualties'll probably make some of the younger candidates squirm." Not the aged Nao, of course, but… A grin is flashed to Nanoc, and she nods. "I'm ready."

T'rell pushes the chair in, beckoning to the small group to follow. On his shoulders, Brencia claps her hands excitedly, starting to sing loudly and mostly on-key one of the earlier teaching songs — can you tell her mother is a harper?

T'rell strides cheerily to the Bowl.

Nanoc walks to the Bowl.

You head out to the bowl.

Hatching Grounds Entrance

The imposing height of this tunnel is a mere shadow of the cavern beyond. Worn smooth by time and touch, the walls and floor reflect turns of passage by candidate and observer alike, dusted gently by a smattering of coarse black sand; heat and excitement are palpable here as well, cooled somewhat by the breeze that filters in from the bowl. Broad, shallow stairs sweep up to the galleries for more general observation, while a broad, lower tunnel leads towards the sands themselves.

Nanoc walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Naomi bounces in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Libby strides in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Marianne sweeps confidently, with just the slightest hint of a whisper in from the Southeastern Bowl.

T'rell gathers the Candidates in the entranceway. "Now, you know the drill," he reminds them. "You each will need to ask Quarith's permission to enter the sands, right? Shh, Bren." He reaches up to quiet his daughter's hands, and she sings a little more quietly, echoing off the stone.

Beyla quickly tries to wipe off her hands on her skirt, devoutly wishing she'd had time to wash her hands. She bobs her head in understanding to T'rell.

Khaelyn is just scurrying along with the group, looking somewhat out of breath. It must be a bad thing when one gets lost in the place they've been staying in for a longlong time. Drill? She just stares for a moment, nodding at the instructions. Right.

T'rell studies each face momentarily, then, satisfied, steps onto the sands.

T'rell strides cheerily onto the hatching sands.

On the sands, T'rell strides cheerily out onto the sands.

Naomi raises an eyebrow, falling into a 'line' behind whichever candidates have stepped along before her. "I'll let -you- ask her first. If she gets angry, I'll know not to go in…" What does it matter if a few limbs are lost? So long as they're not hers… "Here we go."

Elle saunters with the best of 'em in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Hatching Grounds BROADCASTING

The heat here is stifling, encompassing, swallowing mind and hazing sight into waved oblivion. Sparkling, coarse black sand simmers with volcanic urgency underfoot, its hillocks and dunes arranged to queen's liking; reflected light filters in, offered no even perceived respite. When empty, the vault of this cavern is hushed, still that echoes and rebounds; when occupied, it is intensified: clutch dominates view, and off to one side, protected by broody and watchful gold, is Smooth and Creamy World's Best Vanilla Egg. Every sound resounds twicefold as loud as was intended.

Gold Quarith and bronze Sejith are here.

You see Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Egg, Cherry Garcia Egg, Southern Pecan Pie Egg, Smooth and Creamy World's Best Vanilla Egg, Entangled Mints Enchanted Egg, Creamy Vanilla Scoop Egg, Coffee Heath Bar Crunch Egg, Everything But The… Egg, Extremely Caffeinated Bean Egg, Urban Jumble Egg, Peanut Butter Chocolate Egg, Wild Blueberry Strawberry Everyberry Scoop Egg, Doonesbury Sorbet Egg, Peanut Turtles Egg, Pulp Addiction Egg, and From Russia With Buzz Egg here.

Khaelyn hurries out onto the sands.

Libby strides out onto the sands.

Nanoc walks out onto the sands.

Naomi bounces out onto the sands.

Marianne sweeps confidently, with just the slightest hint of a whisper out onto the sands.

Elle saunters with the best of 'em out onto the sands.

T'rell halts just inside the entrance, at the head of a gaggle of Candidates, and salutes — only minorly inhibited by the small girl that rides on his shoulders. But she too salutes, a mirror of her father's gesture. "Good day, Quarith, Saria," he smiles to the pair of them; one large and golden, the other human, but hardly less impressive. "May we enter?"

Elle strides in on the heels of the last of the candidates, having caught the end of their little caravan and then making sure nobody gets lost along the way.

Beyla tries not to wringe her hands as she stands just behind T'rell, waiting for some sort of cue that she can proceed, but not willing to move anywhere until someone else goes first. You've got to love that bold daring-ness about her, eh?

Well, the gold queen doesn't seem to object, anyway, and at Saria's nod, T'rell continues in toward the gathered eggs, waiting for the others to do the formalities.

Khaelyn is taking her cues from everyone else around her. She manages to fumble something resembling a curtsyish bow — it must be hard to curtsy in pants — and more or less echoes the other requests to enter. "G'day, Weyrwoman Saria and… and…" Blank. Cringe. "Quarith." She takes a shot in the dark, expecting to be eaten any minute. "MayIenter?" she squeaks. What's she to do?

Beyla bows, tucking her clenched fingers towards her middle, bobbing up and down in a smooth motion. "Saria… Quarith…" she follows on from the others. "May I please enter the sands?" She's not squeaking, but her knuckles are definitely turning white.

Libby isn't altogether too sure of herself as she salutes to the dragonic parent and her rider, biting her lip slightly. Taking her cue from Khaelyn, she takes a step forward, keeping the wobbling to a minimum. "Greetings, Weyrwoman, Quarith." Well, at least she can speak clearly. "I'd also like to enter… Please?" The last is said in a slightly hopeful tone.

Sejith watches the curious procession, motionless on the hot sands while Quarith overlooks them all regally. The weyrwoman nods her permission to Khaelyn, then Beyla and Libby from the golden dragon's side.

Nanoc beckons the queen's permission after a few others have gone "Good day, Weyrwoman and Quarith." he greets first "May I have permission to enter??" he asks in a slightly tenor pitch, posture as proper as can be. Gotta make an impression, no?

Elle continues to floows after the stragglers, muttering words under her breath, "Be sure to give your respects to Quarith before approaching the eggs." With arms outstretched to either side of her, she ushers the candidates fruther in. Show no fear.

Coming in near the end of the trail of candidates, Marainne jumps up and down off the ground several times to be able to see over the shoulders of those in front, owing to her rather.. not exactly grand stature. Tossing her hair over her head, when she reaches the edges of the sands, Marianne sweeps a low, performer's curtsy, sweeping her skirts regally to the right as she quirks her mouth upwards on one side to smile at dragon and weyrwoman, "May I have your gracious permission to place an unworthy foot on the sands?" Her eyes dance as she walks forward, but there is a serious, respectful question in her eyes.

"I've come to see the eggs," Naomi declares, with a decidedly arrogant tone, nearly bursting with self-proclaimed importance. But, shuffling around the horde of candidates, she catches sight of both Saria and Quarith, and goes somewhat more timid. Even… meek. "'Lo, ma'am, and … ma'am. And sir." She even turns to Sejith, before twisting back to stare at the gold. "May I go on in?" Fingers knotted behind her back, she taps her foot, nearly impatient.

It's really impossible to tell whether one can make an impression on either Quarith or Saria at this moment; but all are given permission to enter. Just be good, children.

And Khaelyn breathes a sigh of relief, scurrying out after T'rell, doing her best to keep her hands apart and off the hem of her tunic — she might rip it in half or so. Scurry. once she scurries far enough, she stares at the eggs. Just stares. Ooooh.

Beyla steps onto the sands, the heat instantly felt through her soles as her boots sink into the loose black sand. Hands automatically going outwards to keep her balance, she picks her way onto the stands, not going any further forward that anyone else about, most definitely on a knife's edge of nerves. Nope, never done /this/ before.

Just take it slowly. And so Libby does, placing one foot just slightly in front of the other as she gradually makes her way further forward, fanning at her face a little as she goes. Just looking is enough for her at the moment.

Elle quirks a grin as her ushering can only go so far. "Well, don't just stand there, go touch them." She bobs her head to T'rell's words a s she moves around to stand where he is and then bobbing her head in greeting to Sarai and her lifemate.

Rising from her curtsy, Marianne sends a half ironic bow in the direction of the mother dragon with a rougish grin that spreads across her face. Lifting her skirts slightly, Marianne passes by the bronze-rider and the green-rider with a smooth, confident stride to head for the first egg. Hopping from one foot to the other in an odd sort of dance, Marianne twirls to a stop in front of the first one, and cocks her head to the side as if in deep consideration, although the twinkle in her eye.. who knows?

Merra walks out onto the sands.

She's been here before? Khaelyn looks a little leery of the eggs, but not nearly as leery as she does now of Quarith, thanks to T'rell's remark. Someone must have bashed her really hard over the head with that Literal Stick. "Touch them?" Her voice ends in a squeak again. Must be the heat. As Marianne takes the lead, though, she hesitantly makes her way toward an egg. The closest egg. Convenience over color and all.

Naomi's lips are pursed tightly, and, rigid, she steps forth onto the sands behind some, and in front of others. Eggs are eyed, and without further delay, she steps up to an egg at least moderately interesting to her, giving it a little glance. Hand reaches out a little, fingers just barely brushing against its surface, and she narrows her eyes to a near squint. "Hey you."

Beyla glances back at Elle, then takes a deep breath, summoning her courage, and hopefully her ability to move, and steps forward uncertain, bobbing to Quarith again reflexively. Glancing at Elle again, she reaches out and places a single finger against an egg, as if worried she'll break it if she weilds any force.

"I didn't do this before…" That way she can't be blamed if she messes up, right? Libby takes a couple of minutes to select the egg furthest from the queen dragon, and then squats down next to it, eyeing it close up. She's still not quite ready to touch…

Nanoc has been here as well, and seems just as excited as before, judging from the expression of pure glee on his face. Making his way over to a small grouping of eggs, hand reaches out to caress one at a time "Wow—they really did get harder…" he mutters to himself, shuffling to the side a bit for a better touch on the one in the back.

Merra has some confidence in her movements, though this is hard to keep going as she does the traditional Sand Dance. Managing to stand still, she bows, first to Quarith, then to Saria and T'rell. Rising, she minces across the hot Sands to Entangled Mints, her personal favorite. "Hiya, gorgeous," she murmurs, as if the egg is going to answer, stretching out her right hand to gently caress its smooth surface. Puppy love? Well, egg love, actually.

Saria watches the group quietly, keeping a close eye on the gold egg after the events during the last egg touching.

Khaelyn traces a finger over the patterning on the egg she's standing in front of — or behind or next to, come to think of it. She cautiouslyplaces her entire hand on the egg, still tracing over the swirls and sweeps of color over it. "Looks a lot prettier than it did up on the stands," she murmurs contemplatively, fingers still moving slowly over the surface of Southern Pecan Pie. "A lot prettier."

Making sure her weight's placed so that she can't fall forwards and into the egg, Libby carefully extends one hand, brushing her fingers lightly over the eggs surface. Blinking slightly, the candidate then places her hand flat against the egg, but so that it barely makes contact, in the lightest of touches.

"Yeah… ah… harder." Naomi's brows draw closer together, and she wrinkles her nose. "Never been here before either," is muttered towards Libby, as she once again scans the sands, searching for a more receptive, or maybe more 'fitting' egg. Eyes land on the Urban Jumble, and she crouches near it, though avoiding touching the dark sand with her knees. "Now, you, sweetie… you're a cutie." Glances are occasionally tossed toward the clutchmother, but she remains where she is.

Beyla doesn't really know details of that last egg touching, but she's heard stuff, and she has no desire to go near the queen egg. Well, not in a bad way, but you know what she means. Feeling a little more confident when the egg doesn't burst like a soap bubble under her touch, a few more fingers reach out to brush the smooth surface of the egg, watching the others out of the corner of her eyes to see what they do.

Green eyes turn first curious, then impish, and then downright leaping with a gleeful dance as her lifted skirts swish down around where the egg sits.. a mass of what appears to be a tanish color. Wrinkling her nose, Marianne laughs slightly as she talks softly to the egg, "Almost missed you there, sweetheart. Camoflaged to hide from all of us nosy Candidates, are you?" She leans down and lays a caressing hand on the egg, letting in trail down it's length slowly and lightly as she grins down at the inanimate egg. "I promise, we're not as scary as we look…"

Quarith raises her head slightly and rumbles, disgruntled, eyes whirling slightly faster. Saria gives a warning gaze to all the Candidates. "Let's keep our voices down, a bit, okay?" she says in a stage whisper. "It echoes a great deal in here."

Never mind whether the Candidates had actually been speaking loudly or not - Saria just does NOT wish a repeat, or even a close approximation, of the last incident. And with Quarith growing seemingly restless… she'd rather not take a chance.

Nanoc shuffles over to another batch of eggs, vibrant in color, as far as browns and shades go. Eyes dance over the various patterns as his hand reaches out to mimic each, sliding across the shell, following the trail until train of thought is interupted by the Weyrwoman's voice and the low rumbling of the queen, to which he replies with a simple head nod before returning to his business of entrancement.

Khaelyn immediately lowers her voice to something barely above a whisper — rather, she just clams up completely, running her fingers carefully over the shell of the egg in silence. She shifts from foot to foot as she slowly walks around the egg, fingers brushing lightly over it.

Beyla flinches at Saria's voice, swallowing hard and swiping the back of her hand against her forehead, blinking her eyes against the heat. Nope, this girl does /not/ do well in high temperatures. She tries to shrug it off, fingers tracing the patterns on her particular egg.

Merra knows she should move on. She really does. But there's something terribly enchanting about this egg, and she's not feeling inclined to move. Every nuance of the shell is explored with sensitive hands, 'Reacher silently nothing the way egg feels harder than the first time she touched it. "You are a beautiful egg, and I promise we're a harmless lot," she whispers, unable to contain a grin. "I think I shall call you… Eithne." Again in a whisper, the name seeming appropriate to her, though one might hope she's kidding.

Elle's gaze follow the progress of Nanoc as he approaches the eggs, admiring the boy in the clothes that she had made for him, "Much better… much, much better." She grins proudly as she openly admires the candidate, or maybe it is more the clothes that he is wearing.

Nanoc cocks his head to the side, returning Elle's compliment with a mock grin "Gee, thanks. I—I just don't know how I survived without this attire for so long!" he exaggerates just /slightly/, knowing just what she's talking about, and of course, keeping his tone to bare minimium as to not cause any disgruntled reactions.

Naomi simply shuts her mouth, gazing at the egg in adoration, and at the same time, curiosity. Fingers skim over the shell, lightly trickling down to where it touches the sand. And then, blowing a kiss, she moves on to the next egg, making a rather odd face, still following patterns of color on the shell with her fingers and eyes. "Hm." No need for words here — she can keep her voice down if need be.

Yes. She is having a lovely chat with an egg, is Marianne. Well.. they make lovely conversationalists, if you listen, she's sure. Or at least, she's determined to find out. Casting a glance to Saria, she sends a mock salute in that direction and then bends her head down to mock stage whisper to her egg. "Your mommy is getting irritated with us, darling. We'll have to keep it down, I think," Doing a little dance to another side of the egg to look at it from a different angle. "Well. I can already tell what an intelligent egg you are… Perhaps I'll call you.. Creamth?" Her eyes dance as she thinks of possiblities.. "Cookieth? Tuberith?" Ridiculous names pour forth fromher mouth.

Saria glances at Elle and wanders over toward her. "Perhaps," whispers the Weyrwoman, "you should encourage them to move around a bit more? I'm concerned that some of them seem to be picking an egg and sticking with it. They should get a feel for all of them."

Elle casts Nanoc a toothy grin, taking his words at face value, "If only you could wear those when the eggs hatch. No dragon could resist a boy in some fine threads." The pun is purely coincidental.

Beyla isn't gonna name any eggs, not with big mama gold so close by. Deciding that it's time to move to a different egg, she turns to the next nearest one, breathing quite heavily in the heat, and almost stumbling as her vision blurs. No. That did /not/ happen. She can /not/ be reacting like this to the sands. She pauses for a moment, catching her breath.

Nanoc turns his head just in time as he feels his eyes roll in disgust. He'd rather get eaten. Really. Overhearing Saria's request to Elle, he shuffles over to the next batch of finely formed eggs, performing his past routine over again with the trail marking of his hand.

Khaelyn, finally satisfied that she's seen everything there is to see that she can see from her angle on the egg, scoots to the one next to it, beginning the same process all over again. The heat's nice everywhere except for her feet, judging by the way she's shifting from foot to foot again. Hopefully the soles of her boots are still there. The new egg is gently brushed over with her hand, one nail accidentally tapping a sharp staccato note against it. She nearly freezes on the spot, waiting to get eaten — when she doesn't, she goes on running her fingers over the egg again. Carefully.

Merra continues her exploration of… Eithne, although there's only so much one can find on an eggshell. However, as if she actually heard the Weyrwoman, she heaves a sigh and minces onward, but not without a final farewell stroke for this egg. Her mince-hop takes her to the wildness of Urban Jungle, and she begins anew in her explorations. A glance goes briefly to fellow candi, and she carefully murmurs, "You okay, Beyla?"

Blowing a kiss at her egg and placing a hand on it, Marianne says laughingly, "I dub thee.. Camoflaugth!" Turning around, Marianne dances on soft, silent feet to the next egg down the line and slides to a stop in front of it, sending a grin in Nanoc's direction and a wink. With an innocent smile, Marianne says sweetly, "Nanoc, you've never looked better, really." Then her attention returns to the new egg.. which is the opposite of the last. Brightly colored, it stands out starkly against the sands. "Well. Here's an attention grabber. I /like/ that in a.. thing…" Marianne isn't sure what to call the egg, and so settles for generic. "Good for you…"

Elle opens her mouth to relay Saria's request, but instead shuts her yap as the candidates seem to be doing just that -moving on to other eggs. Instead, she just grins, "Apparently they aren't all dimglows." To think they might actually have searched a compentant grouping, but she does add in, "Feel free to try others… sample."

"Fine," is Beyla's rather grouchy hiss, even as she licks her lips and rests a hand against her forehead, pushing back strands of hair. @emit "And I thought outside was warm." She stands over a new egg, feeling somewhat bolder now as she reaches out a hand and runs her hands down the side. See. Nothing wrong. Perfectly fine. Ignore that rather bright shade of pink she's turning.

Naomi doesn't quite need to be told twice. Immediately distracted from the egg under her fingertips, she slides along, weaving her way through the eggs to give a tap there, a touch there, a gentle tickle or a caress on some of the more interesting ones. Never pausing long, she continues to move along, but always keeps away from the gold egg, and nearly twitching each time she sees it. Luckily, or perhaps not so luckily, the girl doesn't experience quite so much as Beyla, as she continues creeping about the eggs.

Quarith raises her head and swings it smoothly around, a shadow cast falling over each Candidate on the sands in turn, ominously. She turns her head to watch one or two in particular very..very.. carefully. Distastefully, she chuffs air out her nose, a hot breath only adding to the sweltering temperature of the hatching caverns, and perhaps fluffing the hair of one or two upon whom the gold queen keeps a wary, watchful, broody eye.

Khaelyn samples, moving on to another egg; as she passes, she notices Beyla's coloring. "'re you all right, Beyla?" she inquires softly, pausing at the egg beside the other candidate's to run her hand over that one briefly.

Nanoc just casts Marianne somewhat of a mocking sweet grin, "Your compliment's greatly 'ppreciated. Really." Hardly, no, not at all. Perhaps he should just meander to a secluded bunch, or at least secluded from any sign of passing comments about his hideous attire. And he does just that, to a group of eggs opposite of where he stood just moments ago.

Merra merely shrugs as she's grouched at; being raised on the southern continent made her rather heat tolerant. Except her feet, or so her continuous tiny hops indicate, but we needen't dwell. Hot breath wafts over her, and candi glances up nervously from the egg, first at the great golden queen, then at her Weyrwoman, as if to inquire if the queen's watchful and brooding eye has fallen on her. And not literally, thank you.

Beyla fights the urge to stamp her foot in the sand. Why are they all pestering her? She's just warm… and has blurred vision… that's all! "I'm /fine/!" she hisses, again. She will not let the heat get the better of her. She won't let it. Ooh… but she really needs to sit down before she falls over. Almost thudding to the sand, she flops next to the egg she was touching a minute ago, trying to get her balance back.

Naomi nearly shivers as the shadow of the gold passes over -her-, definitely feeling the ominous nature of it now. "Well, I think we've had enough time together," she chirps quietly to the egg nearest her, whose shell she'd previously been touching lightly. "Moving right along…" The next egg holds her attention a little while longer, and jaw slackens a little bit as she runs her fingers along it, and then her palms, tongue lolling nearly canine-like out of her mouth.

Saria shrugs lightly, noncommittally, at Merra's quick glance, as if to say that not even she knows what lurks in the heart of a broody queen, sometimes. Her expression reads simply that everyone should be wary, as queens guarding their clutches are always unpredictable.

Khaelyn ignores the hissed grouching at herself, as well as the dire shadow that falls over her. "You don't look fine," she murmurs matter-of-factly to Beyla, crouching on the pretense of looking a little closer at the egg. "Are you sure?"

Saria glances at Elle. "Perhaps you should get that one to a healer," she suggests quietly, "and make sure she's fit." She gestures minutely toward Beyla, flopped on the hot sands, appearing to have a case of heat stroke.

"I'm just a little warm…" Beyla mutters, trying to struggle her way back to her feet again. "Just warm… I'll be fine… fine." The thought of not being able to withstand the sands is more than enough to get her upright again, even if she's still swaying rather precariously.

Healer instincts still in tow, Nanoc makes his way over to Beyla "You sure? You look a bit flush… and pale…" he comments "You're not feeling dizzy any, are ya?"

Elle seems to have missed this lastest bit of candidate drama. She attributes that to her lack in height. She rises to her tiptoes, which is rather hard to do in sands, she peeks over the rim of an egg to spy the candidate. The name rises to the greenrider's lips, "Beyla?" Moving across the sands, she approaches the girl, dropping to one knee, "What happened?"

Khaelyn runs a hand through her hair as she stands up, too, still eyeing Beyla. "If you say so…" She actually looks over the egg she's standing next to, gaze flickering back to Beyla on occasion. As soon as everyone else starts coming over, she edges away, choosing another new egg to look over.

Merra tries not to worry too much, choosing instead to hop minutely on to the next egg, Cherry Garcia. Attention, however, is drawn back to Beyla, and she moves towards the forming group. Glancing at Saria and Elle, she offers quietly, "I can run and get a pitcher of water or fruit juice from the kitchen."

Beyla looks at all the concerned faces, and blinks a little, her eyes looking a little shimmery. "I'm fine. Nothing wrong. I'm just warm…" Why is no one believing her? Maybe it's the swaying and the incoherence. Who knows? "I'm just warm… really… nothing wrong…" Eyes flicker to the eggs and then blink more rapidly.

Naomi snaps out of the near trance, rubbing her forehead gently with her palm. "Beyla, sweetie, you want me to take you to the infirmary? Get you some water?" Ever the little girl scout, Nao twists her way through the eggs, getting random touches from all she passes, before she reaches Beyla's side, holding an arm out to her shoulder to help steady her. "Or, if you'd rather not…" Jaw tightens again, and she looks back towards the gold, and then the eggs. "We can stay."

Saria, a healer as well, jumps straight into action. "Take her to the infirmary.. Naomi," Saria says, bringing to mind the name of the Candidate closest to Beyla. "Get her some water, and she needs to lie down for a while. The rest of you may stay, with Elle."

Elle reaches over as if to take Beyla's elbow, "We need to get you off of the sands then." She hesitates at Saria's words though, allowing the goldrider to take charge.

Nanoc rubs the back of his neck in contemplation as he takes another look at the girl "You don't wanna overheat yourself… it ain't good at all… 'pecially around now." he nods in conclustion after Saria steps in, giving her an assuring nod "That works…" he grins, nodding once to the Weyrwoman before stepping back to return to the eggs.

Having moved on to a new egg, Marianne skips in and out of the candidates who are bending over their own, executing a neat twirl around one to avoid colliding into her. Turning around, she offers a smile of apology, and in so doing catches sight of Beyla not far away and her eyes narrow with concern. "Beyla?" She questions softly, and shakes her head in mock disapproval. "I told you that you should have gone to the healers the other day…." She seems to be about to take a step in that direction, and then Naomi gets there first. Good. The situation is in hand.. but she can't help but ask… "Shall I fetch some water? I can be back right quick… these feet have to be good for something else than running from the drudges, my father always said.." She laughs slightly, but dthe concern in her eyes is very real.

Beyla half chokes back a sniff… or maybe a sob… as Saria steps in. "But… but…" She's not in any condition to argue, really, eyes being cast back towards the eggs. "Oh… what if I can't stay here too long…?" the thought's too much for her and she swipes at her eyes, allowing Elle to lead her off the sands with Naomi to take her to the infirmary, muttering refusals at those offering to help, telling them to go back to the eggs.

Saria smiles. "It's fine, Elle," the Weyrwoman says, "Naomi, hurry up and take Beyla off the sands before she really does faint. Go on!" She says in her 'snap-to-it' tone. "Elle, you stay here with the rest, they can continue."

"Absolutely," Naomi pipes up, in agreement with Saria, as she looks over Beyla. "You'll see 'em again, you know." Hands raise in a dismissive gesture to the other candidates, and she points back to the eggs. "Don't worry 'bout it. I'll take care of 'er. Just don't get too hot!" She adds the last demand with a slightly softer voice, as she once again reaches for Beyla's arm. "Let's just be safe 'bout this. You'll do better at the hatching if you don't die now." And she scurries off, holding to Beyla's clothing wherever she can grab.

Naomi bounces off the sands.


This large bubble shaped cave is most obviously natural. Showing sighs of recent renovations and overhaul, the walls are freshly painted and the fittings look quite new. One wall of the cave is covered in cupboards, one prominent one is marked with a black skull and crossbones, a heavy lock bolted to it. In the center of the room directly under a large glass glow basket is a stone bench covered in a padded sheet, this area is obviously the examining table. Around this bench are racks, draped carefully with sterile cloths. A bench against the back wall contains a sink and a water heater as well as some research equipment including a white cloth draped over what must be a microscope. The wall opposite the cupboards has three beds against it with curtains designed to be drawn around them on tracks, a chair beside each bed. The room smells faintly of redwort and numbweed.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Khaelyn snaps out of her egg-gazing trance in time to see Naomi and Beyla depart, turning back to the eggs once she sees them both leave. From Russia With Buzz is looked over carefully, while she keeps an ear open for any conversation. "Overheating?" Well, that would be perfectly plausible to her if she didn't keep thinking that it's winter. She shrugs and goes back to running a finger over the egg.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Saria nods. "It's common, and simple to deal with. Water, lots of it, and a good rest will see her back to business in no time," the Weyrwoman says matter-of-factly, keeping an eye on the remaining. "Good that so many of them offered to help," she comments.

Mosiah is sure busy. There he sits on an examination cot, with a tome of knowledge set in his lap and hands gripping either side of the book. Always studious is this boy. He licks a finger before turning a page, hesitating in mid-turn to reguard the newcomers, recognizing Beyla. "Yes?"

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Merra isn't one for getting hot, but she does take a moment to silently assess how she's feeling. Evidentally satisfied, small woman returns to Cherry Garcia egg, fingers carefully tracing it's gentle curves. After a few moments, she moves on to a whole little cluster of eggs, pushing away the nervousness she feels around Quarith, and ever exploring.

Beyla seems to be wilting now that she's out of the sweltering heat of the sands, keeping her eyes downcast, in an uncommonly miserable display for one so cheerful. Her face is still that rather worrying shade of pink, but she waves back to the direction of the exit as Naomi leads her in. "Naomi, honey… go back to the eggs… I'm fine… I'm just warm…" She says, on the verge of collapse. She doesn't seem to have noticed Mosiah's presence until he speaks. "I'm just warm… just got warm on the sands… I'm fine… really I am…" Yes, she's in denial. Most definitely.

"Come on, love… it's not so bad." Naomi nods curtly to the other candidate as they enter, eyes searching the room for some sign of life… and finding it, in Mosiah. "You're a healer, aren't you? How can we cure her?" Finger is jerked back towards Beyla, and hands go to her hips. As Beyla mentions returning to the eggs, she shakes her head, moving a little closer into the room. "S'much as I don't normally pass m'time in infirmaries, I'm not about to leave you here all hot an' sick an' all. Not 'til I see you're better."

Forseti> From the hatching sands, "In no time at all, with all the healers up here now, eh?" Nanoc contributes as he looks up idly from the egg he's currently postured to the side of. Hand reaches down, gently scritching with his palm.

Mosiah sets the book to the side at the same moment he hops off of the cot. A hand waves Beyla over to take the place he left. "Just take a seat. On the sands, eh? A bit of overheating, i would imagine." He gives Beyla quite a look over, then glancing to Naomi, "She'll be okay with me. Just need to cool her down."

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Sending a wave of encouragement in Beyla and Naomi's direction, Marianne gives them her best smile to match, watching them as they leave. Just in case Beyla fainted then and there. She looked very close to it just moments before.. she doubts that Naomi could carry the girl by herself. When they are safely off the sands, however, Marianne turns around and looks to the goldrider with a shake of her head, "She's been having reoccuring headaches and things of the sort… I just wish she had visited the healers earlier…" With a slight shrug, she sighs. 'A what can you do,' sigh, most likely… Leaning down over a nearby egg, she touches it lightly and asks of it, "Now *you* would tell us if you didn't feel right, wouldn't you, darling?"

"See… just overheating. I told you… warm… too warm…" Beyla's voice trails off into breathlessness as she sags bonelessly onto the cot with Naomi's help, breathing hard. "It's always too warm on the sands… I'm always going to do that…" her eyes close briefly, mind unwilling to accept that her heat addled brain is making things up.

Beyla shakes her head. "I'll be too warm during the hatching. I'll pass out." THose are the visions her brain is conjuring.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Khaelyn peels herself away from the egg to go find another one she hasn't seen yet. Aha. New one. Fingers graze lightly over the new egg's shell, contenting and occupying herself with thoughts of What This Egg Might Have In It.

"But…" Naomi starts to protest, tugging at a strand of her hair. As the toe of her boot jabs at the floor idly, eyes follow Beyla, expression still riddled with concern and, even more, nervous excitement. But that part of her emotion is easily pushed aside, as she hurries to the side of the cot, and looks down at her fellow starcrafter/candidate. "It's not true, girl. They wouldn't have Searched you if you weren't strong enough to last the hatching, and you wouldn't have passed your physical, and… oh, a number of things wouldn't have happened. So don't worry 'bout it." No uncertainty in her tone, but she does look to Mosiah for a little support.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, She's been good up until now, climbing all over Sejith, but all of a sudden Brencia takes it into her head to go skipping across the overheated sands toward an egg, calling loudly in curiousity, "Daddy, what's in this one?"

Forseti> From the hatching sands, T'rell, over at the far end of the cavern, looks up in alarm. "Catch her, will you?" Without waiting for a response, he strides around the carefully-planted eggs to intercept his daughter even though he'll be too late without outside intervention.

Mosiah leans over Beyla, reaching out a pair of fingers to check her pulse, gaze tracking to Naomi, but words are for Beyla, "Hey, you passed your physical, didn't you? Wouldn't do to prove wrong the healer that did that, eh?" He follows that up with a grin as fingers are removed and he retreats to the cabinet. "Just need to get you cooled down is all. That and a bit of rest and relaxation. Shells, some of those candidates will be envious you got to lay up in the infirmary and remain under the minstrations of me." Returning to Beyla, he moves to set a cold cloth across her forehead.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, "Dearie!" Marianne calls softly, picking her way through the eggs, careful to place her feet far away from their shells. Reaching down, she grabs for the little girl's hand, smiling softly as she laughs down at her. "Wouldn't you like to come over here and see the eggs with your daddy? He has some lovely ones, dear…." HOlding out both of her small hands to the girl, she catches hold of hers and winks to T'rell, mouthing, "Got her…"

Beyla can't help but attempt to laugh at that, even if she only manages to chuckle once or twice before her vision starts to swim again. "Naomi…" her voice is slightly firmer this time. "Go on back to the eggs. See…I'll be fine when I'm cool…" She was protesting she was 'fine' on the sands, but that's in the past now, ne? "Go on back and play with the eggs." She reaches out and grips Naomi's forearm, giving it a friendly squeeze before dropping her hand again. It's obvious when she thinks of the eggs, her eyes starting to fill up again, mind tormenting her with nasty images.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, T'rell rolls his eyes ceilingward as he gives a quick sigh of relief. "Thanks," he murmurs to Marianne gratefully as he steps up to the Candidate and toddler. Brencia, completely oblivious, beams a smile to the woman. "What's in that one?" she repeats her question.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Merra might've been on her way, but the other, faster candidate intercepts the girl first. A brief thought is spared for the little girl with green eyes so like Merra's that's being raised by the nannies at High Reaches. She pushes away the thought almost violently, returning to the eggs, though she thinks this egg-touching session might be winding down.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Saria glances quietly over at T'rell, refusing to make eye contact with the candidates wrangling little Brencia. A pained look crosses her face, and she turns away, pretending to inspect the carefully set-aside gold egg. Quarith begins to shift a bit, raising herself up to stand watchfully over her brood.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Khaelyn is as oblivious as Brencia about any near-mishap that could have happened. She manages to circle around back to the first egg, running her fingers over the swirls and patterns that cover it. "Didn't I say I'd come back to see you again?" she murmurs. Khaelyn? Making promises to eggs? ANd next the sky's going to fall.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Nanoc stands up after a short session of 'bonding with the boys', despite the fact that the hatchings inside might very well be green. Hands rest upin his hips as he glances about, first at the other candidates, and then to the eggs he has yet to encounter.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Suddenly, and without much notice, Saria drops to one knee on the hot sands, bracing herself with one hand. "T'rell!" she yelps, a panic in her voice that is unmistakable.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Holding out her arms and bending down what she has to.. which isn't much.. considering her rather.. less than regal stature, Marianne laughs delightedly at the little girl and gathers her up into her arms to twirl her around in the air once. "Well, dear, inside there is a wee little dragon… who's not really a dragon yet, it's still in there, inside that pretty shell of his or hers…. But one day, it will be just as big as his or her mommy…" She grins and winks down to the girl. "You'd need an awfully large egg to hold her, huh?" She tickles the little girl and looks over her shoulder to her father. "Is it all right if she touches one?"

Forseti> From the hatching sands, T'rell kneels on the sands beside the little girl, his expression stern. "You don't run on the sands, Bren, you know that. Right?" When the child just keeps grinning at Marianne, he insists. "Right?" Yet the little disciplinary session is interrupted by Saria's cry, and he's on his feet. "Can you keep her for a minute, please?" He asks, urgently, of the harper-Candidate.

Naomi shakes her head slowly, taking up a spot opposite Mosiah, yet still by the cot. "No, I don't think so. I'm okay… 'sides, I think I got 'em all out there before. 'Cept the gold, and I'm not getting anywhere near that thing with Quarith breathing all over it." She nods slowly, solemnly, crouching slightly to look closer. "You don't look quite so bad anymore. Good."

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Khaelyn jumps, turns at the call of T'rell's name, but stays put — until anyone asks for her, that is. She begins shifting nervously from foot to foot again, one boot toe digging into the sand as she glances around. She didn't do it.

Mosiah goes back to the cabinets, beconing a fellow apprentice and then sending him on a quick errand, something to do with ice. The healer then turns back around, a mug of water in hand, "Here, drink this. It'll help you cool down some. But you will have to be careful on any further journeys onto those sands. Loose clothing is always good. This /is/ Ista, after all. Skin is always in." Naomi is afforded a kindly smile. Not long after, one of his fellow apprentices are returning with a bucket full of chipped ice. "There we go."

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Saria tries to look back over her shoulder, off balance, and her face is drawn. "T'rell," she calls again. "Please.. I need your help…" The call is weaker, now.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, "I've got her, sir," Marianne says, nodding once as she cradles the girl against her shoulder, and begins to try to distract her fromthe situation going on as she urgently gestures to the bronzerider to go to the queenrider. "Go, go…" She says quickly, and bounces the girl up and down and tickles her in an effort to keep her calm.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Nanoc feels his own rise of concern upon the Weyrwoman's sudden cry, alert eyes bouncing up and examining the matter. Several thoughts run through his mind at once as he takes a few steps around the eggs to the dorsal side of them, ready to assist if need be, healer instict returning once again.

Beyla smiles slightly. Skin is in… catchy. She manages to shakily prop herself up on one elbow, reaching for the mug, trying not to gulp it down greedily at first, before giving into the urge and draining to drain the mug as quickly as possible. "I don't really have much other clothes…" she admits. "Not that are loose like ye say, anyway." She doesn't say anything about further journeys on the sands, trying to shut out the depressing part of her mind.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Merra whips around to face Saria, biting her lip before a decision is made. 'Reachian minces to the very edge of the Sands, both in case they need to get something or someone, and in case Quarith gets upset over her rider's distress. As discreetly as she can, she tries to motion other candidates towards her. Just in case.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, "Thank you," T'rell breathes distractedly, patting the young woman's shoulder as he crosses the sands with long strides. "Hang on, Saria." It's an order, almost. "What's wrong?" He arrives at the weyrwoman's side, steadying hands around her waist.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Saria croaks a bit, her throat dry from all the dust and the amount of time she's been spending on the sands, at T'rell. Letting herself be braced by his supporting hands, she seems a bit relieved. "Cramp.. of some sort. Not sure," she says. "It's still with me, though - I think I need to see a healer. Not sure if I can walk, though.." she looks at him, fearful, pleading, wishing this hadn't happened in front of the young Candidates.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Sending a look over the sands to each candidate, Marianne's green eyes send a clear, calm message, if backed by emotion of her own slightly nervous feelings at the moment. Her training serves her well in that only a flicker of the roil of emotions that she is feeling shows on her face, and she can mouth, "Stay calm. Don't upset the dragons and the eggs," to everyone on the sands, clearly. Ducking her head back to the bronzerider's daughter, she smiles down upon her and points to a brightly colored egg near her.. "Darling, isn't that beautiful? It will be as beautiful as the queen one day…"

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Quarith hovers protectively over her still hardening eggs, eyes whirling a bright shade of pastel orange laced with a dark, dark red. She rumbles, her voice low and expressing the worry over her lifemate while being torn with protecting her eggs. Compromising, she snakes her head out to get closer to Saria, while the rest of her hovers over the eggs. The queen becomes more and more agitated, her attention torn between her hurting lifemate and her eggs.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Discretion is good, and one of the few things Khaelyn doesn't take so literally she dies of shock. The herder begins inching toward Merra, eyes flickering between Saria, T'rell, and the 'Reachian by the entrance to the sands, slowly making her way over. Oh-so-extremely slowly. At the queen's rumble, however, she moves faster.

Naomi looks at Mosiah, near-frantic, but doesn't move. "Can I get anything? Water? Food? Anything?" And gaze goes returns to Beyla. "Don't worry, sweetie… I'll get ya some clothes. Faranth knows I've got too many things. It'll be okay. Drink." The last word is more of a command, as she gives the other candidate a mere tap on the nose. "You're gonna be alright, I think."

Forseti> From the hatching sands, "Get away before Quarith gets really angry," Merra snaps in an undertone to the other candidates, flashing a tight smile to Khaelyn as the other approaches. Quarith is eyed very nervously, and 'Reacher just -glares- at the others. Move it.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Nanoc blinks a few times as the word 'healer' runs through his mind. Healer… he's a healer, sorta? On hold… but still a healer. Taking a few steps closer to Saria and T'rell, not meaning to intrude but merely to assist, healer instinct ringing once again. "C—can I help any?" he peeps up.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Catching the gold dragon's look, Marianne begins to gingerly step over all the eggs and away to the edges of the sands, motioning to all the candidates and pointing to the queen if any further clarification is needed. The little girl in her arms whispers, "Whatsa' going on? Where's my daddy?" Clutching onto Marianne's shoulder, she tightens her grip on the fabric. Leaning down, Marianne runs a soothing hand over her head, and says softly, "It's all right, sweetheart… your daddy needs to help the goldrider for a bit. Everything is just fine.." Crooing a soft lullaby, Marianne takes the last steps off the sands, comforting the little girl in her arms, but loks up long enough to say flatly to Nanoc, "Fetch a healer. Now."

Forseti> From the hatching sands, T'rell slips under Saria's arm, supporting her weight easily while Sejith raises his head, hovering equally as protectively as the queen. "I've got you, don't worry. Hang on… Can you walk at all?" Carrying her might be a bit awkward, though if necessary… "Could you?" With relief, he answers Nanoc, gesturing him over.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, "Where are they going?" Brencia's innocent soprano rings through the cavern, twisting in Marianne's arms. She's not particularly alarmed, despite the tension among the adults.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Saria grunts with the effort, but tries to raise herself. Knees wobbling a bit, she manages to get mostly upright, though most of her weight is borne by T'rell. Eyes widen with a look of panic growing on her face, and she looks desperately at T'rell, and glances uncertainly at Nanoc, her gaze moving back and forth between the two.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Nanoc nods his head fruitfully, making the last few steps necessary to the pair, slipping his own arms around on the opposite side for support "Sure thing…" he states, giving a headnod towards the exit "Shall we?" he asks with questioning eyes as they turn back to the rider.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Khaelyn moves it a little faster than before, keeping one eye on everything else on the sands and the other on Merra. When she finally reaches the entrance, she turns around to just stare. "What's going on?" she asks in an undertone to Merra, unconsciously beginning to dig her toe into the ground again.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, T'rell nods decisively, bearing the goldrider out with Nanoc's help.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Saria's breathing seems a bit shallow, and she begins to look as though she might pass out.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, T'rell strides cheerily off the sands.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, T'rell carries Saria out.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Nanoc walks off the sands.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Quarith remains torn by her conflicting obligations, though her attention and worried gaze never leaves her lifemate's form. Rumbling rather unladlylike, the gold hovers above her eggs, her emotions and state of mind ragged with worry for her lifemate forcing her to be extra sensitive to the presence of her eggs.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Merra shakes her head, lips compressed into a thin line. "I don't know. Looks like the Weyrwoman is having trouble breathing. Come on, we should head back and get on our chores. Nothing's gained standing around, and Quarith is upset enough." Not waiting for a reply, she heads out to the bowl.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Merra walks off the sands.

Nanoc walks in from the Northeastern Caverns.

T'rell strides cheerily in from the Northeastern Caverns.

Saria is carried in by T'rell.

Forseti> From the hatching sands, Khaelyn hurries off the sands.

Saria starts to breathe a bit easier now that the heat of the sands is taken out of the mixture, but she still looks pale. "Th-thank you," she manages.

"Incoming!" Nanoc calls out somewhat quietly as he assists T'rell in helping Saria, motioning to an empty cot to the side "There… that looks good.."

Beyla blinks, raising her head off the cot, mug still clutched in fingers, eyes narrowed as she stares in confusion. Alright… now she /has/ to be hallucinating. "Is that the weyrwoman?" she asks Naomi in a croaky undertone, before turning her attention to Saria. Don't tell her the heat got to /her/ too…

T'rell supports Saria's right side, Nanoc her left. "Set her down, then. Thanks, Nanoc." He settles her down, hovering for a moment over her.

Mosiah was just sorting through the recently aquired ice, folding them into a cloth before handing it over to Beyla to use in cooling her down. And yet once more, the infirmary is stricken with another person. Ice bucket in hand, he casts a glance to T'rell and Saria. "Another?" He moves about to gesture to another cot. "Right there."

Saria looks up at T'rell. "Can you.. stay?" she asks quietly.

"Whoa." Naomi is, stunned, to say the least, as she recognizes Nanoc, Saria, and T'rell as they enter. "Yes, dear. Shh. Drink an' sleep. The healers'll take care of 'em." She shuffles out around Beyla's cot, and pads towards the center of the infirmary. "What can I do?" is pleaded of Mosiah, as she stares from one person to another, knotting fingers behind her back. "I have to help."

Saria looks up at Mosiah. "I'm - with child," she says. "I was, have been.. on the sands a lot." Her breath is still short. "I had a cramp in my gut, and started to feel weak and a bit dizzy."

Nanoc gulps firmly and nods once "Aye, not a problem." with that said, he takes a step back, swabbing at his forehead with his sleeve as he glances around at the small crowd, a nod given to the others before returning to Saria upon her explanation.

Beyla sags back against the cot again, cloth-wrapped ice pressed against her forehead. Her eyes are closed, out of deference for her completely dizziness, but ears are pricked up and listening to everything that's being said. Eye's snap open at Saria's words and she turns her head, instantly regretting the motion.

T'rell is slightly stunned himself, and stammers at the weyrwoman's question. "Brencia," he gets out by way of excuse. "She's still on the …" But he stops as Saria recites her symptoms. "I'll stay."

Serafa wanders in from the Apprentices' Dormitories.

Mosiah hands the bucket over to Naomi, lifting a finger to her, "Make sure Beyla eats some of this." Eyes flicker over Saria, lips forming into a tight line at the mention of a pregnancy. This reaches beyond his own meager knowledge and he will be the first to recongize it. Eyes flicker to the side, motioning for the J'man esconed over in the corner to come over. Said Journeyman rises from where he had been sitting, well and able to let the apprentice deal with the sands overheating, but with the goldrider's delima, things have changed. The Healer Journeyman comes forward to stand beside Mosiah, "Sit. You need to get your feet up."

Serafa wanders to the GroundWeyrs.

Saria glances up at T'rell. "You.. should go.. get Brencia," she says, putting a hand over her abdomen. "They'll..take care of me."

Naomi's eyes widen quite a bit at Saria's explanation, and she seems almost numbed when taking the bucket from Mosiah. "Yes, sir…" Gulp. Back to Beyla's side, and she quickly holds out the bucket. "He says to eat some of this," she recites, gaze straying to the other group with jaw again hanging open. "Beyla," she hisses, crouching again. "Just eat this and stay here, with that thing on your head, okay?"

"Are you sure?" The bronzerider's hand touches the weyrwoman's shoulder as he hesitates.

Saria sits up as directed, and looks at T'rell. "No," she says honestly, "But you should go. Kae would.. not like it. Come back, if you can.." she says, her eyes welling up a bit.. tears from pain, or sadness? Even she's not sure.

"Eat ice?" At least Beyla seems to be recovering some of her sense of humour, even if it's her rather caustic side. "How nutritious." she says sarcastically, popping an ice chunk into her mouth and crunching it as quietly as possible, trying to keep her eyes in the weyrwoman's direction, trying to listen to what's going on with more subtlety than she usually uses.

T'rell takes a deep breath, his features drawn with concern. "I'll get her to the babysitter," he decides. "I'll be back." The last is said with the utmost certainty; there is no room for doubt. "Kaeryn will be fine."

The Journeyman Healer moves over to stand beside Saria, moving his hand down to feel her forehead and then reach for her pulse, murmuring at the speadiness of it. "We'll need some ice over here as well. And cool cloths." He looks to Mosiah for this. The apprentice nods, moving back to get yet another cool compress , making a pass by Naomi and the ice bucket to gather up some more.

Saria looks at the Journeyman. Having that same level of training herself, it's tempting to diagnose her own condition, despite her knowledge that that's not a wise idea. "I.. I'm worried about my baby," she says, that note of desperation creeping into her voice. "I /can't/ lose this child."

T'rell watches the healer journeyman critically for a moment; dissatisfied but resigned, he squeezes Saria's shoulder once for reassurance — whether for her or for him, it's not entirely clear, but he shakes his head slowly as he strides animately out.

T'rell strides cheerily to the GroundWeyrs.

Naomi bobs her head mutely at Beyla, pointing one finger towards the ice, and then directing the finger towards the girl's lips. And as the demand for ice grows, she spins to one side, holding the bucket out towards the apprentice. "Take," is commanded, as she searches for a second container of ice, to keep some for Beyla and give the rest to the others. "Find… buck… et." Not quite capable of anything more than single-syllable communication, she hurries about her work, sending an equally concerned glance Saria's way. "Ice?"

Soon after, the journeyman looks to the Weyrwoman with deep concern as he gently places the compresses upon her "We'll try our hardest not to let that happen. Tell me, are you feeling any more pain in your abdomen?" he questions, leaning over to feel for uncertainties and adds "And how far 'long are you now?"

Beyla raises her head, resting the cloth-wrapped ice against the back of her neck, still an uncomfortable shade of red, but her eyes are worried not for herself, but for the woman on one of the infirmary's other cots. Ice is crunched, and she tries to keep her vision clear enough to stay aware of what's going on. Not easy, considering her exhaustion.

Nanoc retrieves a glass of water for himself before settling down on a chair off to the side. Eyes glance up every now and then to the Weyrwoman as he listens in. No one says this can't be a learning experience, right?

Saria gets her breath back a bit. "It seems to be dispelling a bit," she says of the pain in her abdomen, "But the pain is still there, just sort of dull now. And.. I'm as far along as Quarith's eggs are - I'm not sure right now, I can't think properly. It's.. from the flight," she says, glancing meaningfully at the door where T'rell just left.

Mosiah returns to stand beside the Journeyman's side with ice and cold cloths ready. The apprentice moves to give Saria the cold cloths to cool her down. Meanwhile, the Journeyman speaks, "Did this start while you were out on the sands, or have these pains been occuring for some time?" His hands drift down to move over Saria's middle section, eyes closed. Fingers press here and there, "Tell me if anything hurts."

Saria feels, eyes closing a bit, trying to get in touch with herself a bit more. "I.. it started suddenly, out on the sands. I - felt a sharp pain, then I couldn't stand up, and I was short of breath and woozy.. it kept on for a while.." she shakes her head as the Journeyman feels around. "No.. nothing hurts, what you're doing doesn't hurt."

Naomi goes home.

Beyla tries to prop herself up on her elbows, but, after a moment, sags, not having the strength to do so. Quietly sucking on an ice chip, she turns on her side, so she can watch the proceedings without falling off the cot in her concern. Pain in the abdomen… that can't be good…

The journeyman nods at the explanation, halting momentarily in the process to look at her "That's good… no pain… what can sometimes happen in extreme heatlike you were in, are pre-term contractions. And those can be caused by not drinking enough fluids" he snaps his fingers in Nanoc's direction, who takes a hint, and stands up "Fetch me a glass of water for her, will ya?" Nanoc nods obediently, returning shortly with said request "Here y'go, sir." he hands it off to the woman, feeling her forehead once again "Drink up… it's always good for you."

Marianne sweeps confidently, with just the slightest hint of a whisper in from the Northeastern Caverns.

"What you need is rest. The heat from those sands were more than likely getting to be too much for you. And I expect you've been on your feet most of the time?" The journeyman moves to stand up to his full height, "We'll keep a watch on you, to make sure nothing further occurs. I'll also make up a tea for you to drink that should slow down, if not stop, any premature contractions. But above all, you need /rest/." He stresses that last with a nod of his head.

"Yes… heat… too much." is Beyla's rather incoherent and low contribution to the whole thing, her eyes falling closed as exhaustion sweeps over her, one hand absently brushing hair strands back from her face.

Saria drinks obediently, and nods.

Adding, the journeyman says "I'll be checking up on you periodically. As for the rest of you, thank you for all of your help." he grins, starting any cleanup necessary.

"I understand." The Weyrwoman finishes her glass of water and lays down to rest. "Tell me.. when T'rell returns, please? even if you have to wake me?"

Saria closes her eyes and sleeps.

Mosiah nods to the Journeyman who waves his hand for Mosiah to go and get the herbs. A fraction of a second later, he is off and retrieving them.

Mosiah's attention wavers as he… *Snork* Well, he is asleep again.

Marianne goes home.

Serafa wander into the infirmary, looking to do some chores. Seeing /him/ there she looks as if she was about to say something, then decides not to, instead turning on her heels and leaving the way she had com

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