Candidate Profiles

Candidacy: Summer 2012

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Questions not covered in the CandiePak can be addressed either by asking SearchCo Members or posting in the lovely Ista Weyr Search Forums! The forums (in addition to just being logged in on game and chatting on the Candidate Channel) are one of the /best/ ways to meet and greet the other candidates, talk about dragon ideas and chill with SearchCO!

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Currently, Ista Weyr is in it's cycle for it's 61st PC Clutch.
The current candidates are:
* Rocco
* Lucian

Our super shiny, sparkly candidates have submitted information to us and you'll find it posted below! If you have information that you would like added to the tabs below (a blurb, link, photo, etc) please contact SearchCo members in-game, and they will plop in some stuff for you right away! If you'd like to do it yourself, feel free to create a wiki account; to edit the info, you will need to add yourself via the 'join the site' link on the left column of the page. Enter whatever you'd like, as long as it doesn't contain anything that nooooooo one wants to know.


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