PC Candidates for Clutch 55 (Gold Dedanseth x Bronze Tyroth)


Age: 14 turns
Affiliation: Ista Weyr
Info: Bajiren has lived at IW most of his life, the exception being a stint with the HRW guards as a trainee for about six months last winter. He's D'baji and Sin's son, he's impulsive, he's cocky, he's stubborn, and he's only just starting to figure out things like filtering the responses that come to mind before blurting them out. Still, if something strikes him as stupid or ridiculous, he's more than likely to tell everyone just that. He'll be one of the younger candidates, at 14 turns, and he has a really, really big canine (think Great Dane) named Gilgamesh. Gil was staying in the barracks at first, but probably will have disappeared now that they're starting to fill up more quickly. Still, you can expect to see the dog coming along for any cardio exercises the candidates might be doing.


Age: 16 turns
Affiliation: Ista Weyr
Info: This Madeline is the freckled strawberry blonde daughter of eccentric abstract artist greenrider Rishk (formerly PC) and a Healer Journeyman (NPC). Madeline's family on her mother's side is all Harpers, and her younger sister Matilda (NPC) is currently a Harper Apprentice. She spent a few turns fostered at the Hall with her maternal grandparents, and had recently returned to the weyr after deciding a Harper's life just wasn't for her. She then decided to become an Assistant Nanny, but that didn't last too long - and here she is!
Madeline, to me, is a healthy mixture of Maria von Trapp from The Sound of Music and Fran Drescher's character in The Nanny. She's nurturing, and has a tendency to "mother" people perhaps far more than is needed. She continues to strive to be what she considers /normal/, as her mother is somewhat the antithesis of it. She can be somewhat childish at times, as she is only sixteen, and is beginning to realize just how attractive the opposite sex really is. She has a good sense of humor, an extremely creative mind, and a healthy respect for authority.


Age: 21 turns
Affiliation: Ista Hold
Info: Alysia was born and raised in Telgar Hold, and as Telgar's eldest daughter, it was expected that she would be wed quite soon. Fortunately, Lys was her father's favorite and managed to sweet talk him out of marriage for some time. After a series of events, Lys found herself working in Ista Hold as the Assistant Steward, helping with the administration and minor details about the Hold. And, in seek of adventure when the chance was offered: she took it, not wanting to become a lonely old maid without experiencing anything in her life, first. So here she is, but still as closed minded as ever. Here's to hoping she breaks away from Holder ideals enough to make friends.
Lys isn't really one to talk about her background, at least not in the Weyr. The fact that she is Holdbred is very obvious, but who her Father is will remain a secret for some time. She is actually quite shy, which may be surprising at first. It's notable when she speaks; speaking formally and in full sentences. And when she has nothing to say, she remains quiet and calculating. It will be just a bit of time before she breaks this habit.


Age: 16 Turns
Affiliation: Trader
Info: My name is Zyrana, I'm a trad- or well, I was a trader. I was born in Paradise hold and traveled around pern with my family on the Dilse Caravan. Ma was a carver and Dad was kind of a jack of all trades, but he specialized in jewel crafting. We had a good family life, Ma, Dad and me. Just the three of us. We shared one of the caravan wagons and spent most of our travel time coming up with plans for entertainment the next time we hit a gather. We put on Dancing shows! Ma was real good at dancing, always brought in a good chuckl of marks. Da would juggle and sell his jewelry and ma's carvings and I would play the tambourine and the reed pipes. Those were good times.
I got to travel a lot, and I've seen amazing things. Caravan life is good. Gathers, travel, mystery, and good money…er…marks. I spent some of the summers in Paradise with my grandmother, but loving caravan life, I soon got bored and only visited when the caravan came through. But don't think caravan life is all nice. Raiders, winters… Harsh rains in the spring, many things can cause things to go awry in a caravan.
But I digress, I babble! And so here is the finish:
I got searched just after I turned 16 turns, much to Ma and Dad's excitement. So I get ta stand for this clutch at Ista and maybe become a rider. After all, there's no guarantee, the dragon picks you right? right.


Age: 19 turns
Affiliation: Ista Weyr
Info: Zaria is a drudge. She was born at Igen weyr where her parents were residents (her father never having Impressed). Poor girl has a horrible stutter so tends towards shyness, as to how she got to be a drudge? Well that's easy, her mother never figured Zar had much smarts. In fact nothing could be further from the truth; Zaria is a very intelligent girl she just dislikes the sound of her own voice. Her parents moved to Ista when her mother got sick, both being accustomed to weyr life found hold life too restrictive. Once Zar finished her mandatory learning, her mother set her to work as a drudge. What good is a child that does not speak anyway? So here she is, now a Candidate, and that's Zar in a nutshell.


Age: 19 turns
Affiliation: High Reaches Weyr
Info: Ailae was born and raised an Istan native, at a little cothold known as Runner's Green. She has an older brother who has two kids of his own and a wife, and her father. The fact that Ailae never speaks of her mother hints at the fact that her mother is dead, though that's yet to be confirmed by anyone. Almost a turn and a half ago, Ailae headed up to High Reaches Weyr after an explosive fight with her brother over some things, and became a nanny up there. A lot happened while she was up there, including her brother being banned from the Weyr the one time he went to go see her, though Ailae's never exactly specific on why that happened - unless she's pressed.
Overall, despite the things that happened while she was up there, Ailae has returned to the decently cheerful young woman she has typically been in life, though there might be times you catch her staring off in the distance or lost in thought. She was not expecting to be Searched, but she's here, so she intends to make the most of things, including getting to know her fellow Candidates.



Age: 13 turns
Affiliation: Ista Weyr
Info: Ianto was born in Master Seahold in Tillek, son of a fisher and his wife. However he was little more than four turns old before a terrible pestilence swept the area and erradicated many families that lived there. His father was amongst the first to succumb and his mother managed to carry Ian away to her brother's hillside holding before she too died. Ian's uncle Kobin was not truly ready to raise a child, but he did his poor best for several turns. Then he fell on difficult times, losing much to debt and finally the holding itself. Taking Ianto with him on the road, they roamed holdless for a while till his uncle fell in with some rather rough elements. Ian's education was sketchy at best when it comes to the typical harper lessons, but the lessons of life were many and harsh as Kobin started becoming surly and hitting the wineskin to forget his troubles. When he started taking his frustrations out on his nephew however, Ian ran off with some of the other renegades and brigands.
A natural thief, Ian spent several turns amongst them, pickpocketing at Gathers, running errands at odd black market bazaars. It was at one such gathering that Ian was picked up by a actual gang lead by a rather dangerous man named Shaitan who took the kid under his wing. This arrangement worked out quite well for Ian, safety from others and learning the tricks of the trade. Sadly it didn't last long as Shaitan was killed by another shady character named Mick. The remainder of the gang took Ian with them, crossing through the Northern Continent and causing some minor troubles here and there, but without the leadership of Shaitan, the group fell apart and Ian drifted southward once again and stowed away on a trawler heading for Ista.
There Ian scavanged the shoreline and hitting small cotholds and sneaking occassionally into the Weyr for several months till winter came rolling in. While not that cold, he could really have done without all the rain. It was not long before he encountered several weyrfolk on a beach, impressed a firelizard at an impromptu hatching, then got picked up by Andru and Madeline. Ian has been adapting to weyrlife in the past few months with Andru's brotherly guidance.



Age: 18 Turns
Affiliation: Harper, Ista Hold
Info: Sadaiya is the last daughter of the Lord and Lady of Southern Boll. Her @history has the whole spiel. What that doesn't go on about is the point in her life she is in. Who am I? What am I doing? Do I do what I want or keep following the invisible guidelines of blooded children?
It's a great place to be in. Pretty much right now she's in this constant state of vacillation from prim and proper to "well I'll just try ONE hit". If she weren't a candidate I'd say she was on the cusp of some serious rebellious 'experimentation' with 'boys of ill repute'.
She's still very sheltered and doesn't QUITE get that not everything spoken is literal. Not that she's dumb. She just takes pretty much everything at face value. She's kind except when riled, a shoulder to cry on, and her turn ons include 'Not getting married' and 'Being born a normal person.' Her turn offs are her cousin and the Lord Holder of Ista. That last one changes categories though.


Age: 14 Turns
Affiliation: Ista Weyr
Info: I'm Aiyana, a former refugee (from the volcano TR) who took came to the weyr and never left. More or less an orphan, I've been working in the kitchens for two turns or so, and now I'm a candidate! Yay! Tyroth searched me, and I arrived in the barracks with T'ab on the night of the 56th day of Spring. I'm a little dazed and confused, but one of those quiet types who are eternally helpful. (Yeah, even to the point of being a little annoyingly helpful!)


Age: 13 Turns
Affiliation: Ista Hold
Info: Abriwind is the daughter of Windsgryp and Abrienna, former Lord and Lady Holder of Ista. Her brother is the Istan Lord Holder Nicholarin. She also has an older sister, Windrienna. And, apparently, craptons of cousins she nor her player ever knew about! She's the youngest of her family, so was third in line for the Hold. Needless to say, she didn't get it, her brother did. ;) Though that doesn't mean that every day of her life, a dark, disturbing part of her wishes for her brother's elimination and her sister's end. But that's all hidden beneath sugary-sweet awesomness!
Abriwind is a teenager like any other, minus the fact she is so freaking spoiled it's not even funny. She's used to getting her way, used to having nice things, and used to people doing what she tells them to do. For a while, don't be surprised if she tries to pull rank. The whole concept of candidates not having any baffles her, so she chooses to ignore it. At least until she'll get in trouble for it! Already, she's called to her Hold to bring forth many of her belongings, since she truly cannot live without all her clothes and dolls and shoes and jewelry. Just /can't/!
She's fully aware that her duty is to her Hold and fully suspects to marry another Lord Holder's son some day, to create a nice, strong alliance for her brother. Or possibly destroy all her family and take the thrown of Ista. All depending, of course. She's a total snob, has no issues telling others they are unworthy, but can pretend to be sugar and spice at the drop of her expensive hat. Abriwind borders on power hungry, enjoys being of high rank and truly just wants more. She's devious, cunning, and altogether adorable. She'll steal you blind while trying to charm your socks off!


Age: 17 Turns
Affiliation: Harper Hall
Info: The youngest daughter of prominent Fortian masters, Jamilah led a very comfortable life. Not only did she have her father wrapped around her little finger, but she spent her early turns playing up her reputation as the doll of the family. A talented dancer, passable at both guitar and violin, with a decent voice, she was expected to excel within the Harper craft.
It was upon enrollment in the craft, however, that her weakness was discovered; lacking the dedication and focus required to advance in a Craft, Jamilah's apprenticeship hit a wall. Frustrated by her inability to soar through her courses, angry with family members reluctant to pull strings and push her through, and dogged by instructors who clearly expected more from her, the girl turned sour. Her sense of entitlement, her tendency to manipulate others, and a wild temper, were all magnified in her frustration.
After four turns at the Fortian Hall that ended in some small scandal, Jamilah was quickly packed off to Ista and the Harpers there, in the hope that a change of scenery might straighten out the haughty, unmanageable youngster.
She doesn't talk a lot about her youth, preferring to deflect with sarcasm. She has her pleasant moments, but they can be few and far between, and she is as quick to judge as she is slow to forgive. As such, she has more enemies than friends. It is possible that candidacy will put her enough out of her element to change her attitude, but only time will tell.


Age: 18 turns
Affiliation: Herder Hall
Info: Aloniel was born at South Boll, and worked with animals from an early age. As a middle sibling among six, he was quiet in the large group of children - which included his older brother, T'ab. He apprenticed at Keroon, but transferred to the Hall at High Reaches when he was sixteen. Since then he's been on a rollercoaster ride: after adapting to life in a new Hall, he was "Searched" by Lendai for Ista Weyr, where he was the only non-Weyrbred candidate. He didn't Impress, but did end up in the Weyr's infirmary for some time after a hatchling got him across both legs. After his lengthy recuperation, he returned to the Hall. Months later, M'erc snatched him away for Ista Weyr's clutch, though this was no ordinary clutch for Al: it was his brother's dragon's children who he would be stood in front of this time. Al's quiet overall, though not a bad chap.


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