Dragon: Bydelth
Color: Bronze
Name: Silvera
Egg: Urban Jumble Egg
Egg Desc: Zella; Saria tweak
Dragonet: Fireborn Duelist Bronze
Dragonet Desc: Char
Messages: Saria
Inspiration: Saria; Silvera tweak

Clutching Message:

Quarith-mother-goddess-queen looms with regal grace, to which others might only aspire, over those glorious orbs that will one day produce her children. As her worshippers, supplicants all at the altar of her majesty, wait with hushed silence, she effortlessly deposits another minion-to-be upon the glittering black sands - Urban Jumble Egg.

Urban Jumble Egg:

A swirling safari rollicks from broad base to sky-scraping peak of this jumbley, jungley egg, all the lush diversity of a city crammed into one bustling, shuffling, rustling array. The colors of a chessboard-coconut cream and raw, rarewood black-dapple dark shadows and blinding glass-reflection across each spired pinnacle; for the surface of this life-packed shell seems crowded with spires, window-covered and skyscraper tall. Great metal beasts of silver-black and chrome sprawl across every available surface, filling the air with the imagined clamor of an unrehearsed orchestra of horns, horns, /horns/, each squawking its loudest beneath the patient glory of the nobly towering buildings. And yet in this very peak of civilization lurks the wildest heart of all: a core of luminous ferocity burns beneath the black-and-white towers and screeching hubbub, breathing its feral-hot blood into every corner of the urban jumble.

Hatching Message:

Urban Jumble egg shakes with the intensity of the humming around it, the heart of the crowd, the jumble, the jungle come to life. Cracks appear deep beneath the surface as tiny hairline fractures that grow, gradually, into splits, and finally burst with one immense expenditure of effort into a thousand shards, revealing the glistening body of the bronze dragonet it contained. Eyes alert, and whirling red with determination and hunger alike, he scans his surroundings immediately and purposefully from the moment he is freed from the high-walled confinement of his shell.

Fireborn Duelist Bronze Dragonet:

Alcoholic shades dribble drunkenly across the bulging muscularity of a roguish bronze, a perfection of proportion but monstrously so. Rum darkens the lids that droop over space engulfing orbs, settling in the hollows of a blunt, but broad muzzle and attenuated cheekbones. Whiskey's richness blends with cider's ruddy hue along hulking sides and colossal limbs to spread across the exterior of voluminous sails. The fragile fabric twixt chardonnay spars of the inner wing fades to mead's honeyed gold. Champagne bubbles in frothy highlight along the ridged arch of his back to the very tip of his tail, slashes of chambourd a crimson hint of passion's hue upon capacious hide.

Impression Message:

Fireborn Duelist Bronze Dragonet approaches one of these white-robed creatures and stops a few paces away. At first he appears to challenge the young healer, still-wet wings fanned slightly, almost to the point of rushing headlong at him - but instead, he moves slowly closer, sstep by step, until he is face-to-face with the bright blue eyes of the strong young man who has finally captivated him - his match, his equal. His partner now for life - Nanoc.

Personal Impression Message:

You feel a sudden warmth rising through you, and from deep within, a rich, mellow voice crackles to life…« Nanoc. » It is stalwart, sure, and all-encompassing. Wispy tendrils of smoke rise from the source of the fire, reaching out to you and enveloping you. « I have found you, brother of my heart. I am Bydelth, and we will always be together now. »

Name Inspiration:

Bydelth - from Welsh 'byd' meaning 'life' and 'ufel' meaning 'fire'. Pronounced: 'by-DELTH' — you may find another way you like to say it, but this was the way I heard it and the only way I thought it sounded good to pronounce it in my mind as I was creating him. :)

Egg Inspiration:

Ice cream! A dragonrider's best friend. And comfort. If things ever start to go awry, I want you to know I'm here for you and happy to listen. I truly want you to be happy with Bydelth, Ista Weyr, and your
time on HT. —Saria

Description Inspiration:

Silvera came up with the idea of alcohol colours for your dashing rogue of a bronze, combined with crimson slashes, to represent Mercutio's wounds when he's slain in Romeo and Juliet - and Char took the idea and ran with it, beautifully I think!

Mind Voice:

Bydelth's mindvoice is mellow, baritone, and easily languid — his thoughts are almost smoky, slipping from him as insubstantial tendrils of darkness that slink towards their target. His mind feels like a dark globe, with emotions from within playing across the surface like reflected lights — he has a deep, almost unfathomable mind, and he's not easy for his fellow dragons to read, except for those escaping tendrils of targeted thoughts. You, however, N'ano, can 'reach' within, exploring the dancing and almost dueling thoughts.


Bydelth is a /big/ boy. Bulky, almost awkwardly so when on the ground, but very masculine, and full of bright, rich colours that make him attractive to the ladies he loves so well. On the ground, his bulky yet symmetrical body and his impressive wingspan may make him tend to waddle, if just a bit (think of a body builder whose thigh muscles are /that/ well developed). In the air will be his time to shine, literally and figuratively, his grace a-wing and his agility unmatched by others of his color. His bright colours, including that touch of honeyed gold gifted him by Quarith's genes, will be radiant when sun- or moon-kissed. This is a dragon who will always be hungry - gotta load up on those herdbeasts (carbs!) to keep that muscle mass up, because he'll be constantly active physically. Not a dragon to stand still for long, Bydelth will be alert and aware of his surroundings constantly - watching for interesting events to unfold, or watching your back in Threadfall. I think of Bydelth as a young, strong, handsome kid from a rough'ish neighborhood - the kind whose intelligence is visibly superior to his peers', his eyes filled with life and energy, determination, so much so that you wonder how he survives in the rough world he's been born into. He's athletic - one of the young kids with rippling muscles, wearing a tank-top and shorts who you'll find constantly working out or shooting a pickup game of basketball at the gym or the local park.


"Where the devil should this Romeo be? Came he not home to-night?"

Bydelth is bold, flirtatious, and self-assured; from the moment of his joining with you, you are fully aware that he will forever be your strongest defender and your joyful playmate all at the same time. Bydelth is a carouser - you might find yourself going off and getting drunk (once you're out of weyrlinghood, that is…!) on a whim that may only partly be your own. « Have some more, enjoy yourself, N'ano… it's all right! I'll make sure you get back to the Weyr okay… » Never mind how you're going to get on his back when it's all said and done!

My fan, Peter.
Good Peter, to hide her face; for her fan's the fairer face.

Bydelth may be callous, even a bit brash, when it comes to his opinion of the ladies.. both yours, and his. Careful you don't let slip one of his decidedly blunt comments to that girl you've been eyeing.. if Bydelth doesn't think well of her, he'll put his two marks in fast! As for *his* ladies, he'll follow anything cute with wings - females are as much 'sport' as they are 'pleasure' for your rogue bronze. If she's coy, it'll make the game that much more attractive. He knows what he likes, and he goes after it!

"Nay, I am the very pink of courtesy."

…on the other hand, *he'd* never let anyone know he said those (possibly wicked-sharp) things. They're meant for you, and only you, so he keeps them close to his chest and in the deepest reaches of your mindlink - and when he is courting a particularly glowing specimen of a lady, he will be deferent, gallant and in all ways courteous. This is the dual-edged sword that Bydelth can be at times.

"I mean, sir, in delay
We waste our lights in vain, like lamps by day.
Take our good meaning, for our judgment sits
Five times in that ere once in our five wits."

Bydelth will enjoy partnering with you in all aspects of your life together, and he'll insist on offering his opinion on the best course of action to be taken at any given time. He will, however, defer to your judgment, though likely with a dry, even sardonic comment or two if he doesn't agree with your choice in the end. He believes in acting *now*. If you delay, then you're just wasting time, 'cause you need to do it anyway. And if you wait and think and think on it, then you'll spend all your time pondering. Act, don't think! Time's wasting, and there's so much LIFE to be lived!

"Thy wit is a very bitter sweeting; it is a most sharp sauce."

Bydelth will enjoy a good verbal spar with you - trading jests and even perhaps friendly insults with you. Kind of a "yo'momma" good-natured prod at you, perhaps, meant only and always in fun. He's a wisecracker, in quiet moments, and if you're in a serious situation he finds amusing for some reason, he may throw in a comment that could cause you to blush, or worse, break out in a laugh right in the middle of a heated discussion.


"You are a lover; borrow Cupid's wings,
And soar with them above a common bound."

Bydelth in flight will be an amazing sight to behold. His muscular bulk may appear awkward on the ground, but once his powerful hindquarters have pushed him skyward, he will surely be known as one of the most agile and beautiful to behold bronzes Ista Weyr has seen this pass. Romantically? Well.. like breeds like - and Bydelth will be drawn to beautiful females, whether green or gold, with his playboy love of the chase and his rugged good looks, he wants to propagate his better-than-average genes where it'll count.


"A challenge, on my life."

"More than prince of cats, I can tell you. O, he is the courageous captain of compliments. He fights as you sing prick-song, keeps time, distance, and proportion; rests me his minim rest, one, two, and the third in your bosom: the very butcher of a silk button, a duelist, a duelist; a gentleman of the very first house, of the first and second cause: ah, the immortal passado! the punto reverso! the hai!"

Bydelth with take on Thread with the fireborn duelist that always lives within him - think of Bydelth fighting Thread like you think of a fencing match.. 'En Garde!' —'Touché!' In flight, his large wingspan will never cease to be impressive, and his sense of balance will make him a strong Thread fighting machine despite his size. He'll be very vocal when fighting Thread, a natural leader with his focus, and excellent at communicating to you, and with your wing, during Falls. He revels in the movement, the flight, the fall, the innuendo of a windy gust that carries his opponent Thread at treacherous angles. He'll wait until the last second to ::Between!:: to rid himself of the deadly Thread, should it come close, and you may feel a heartbeat from disaster - but his timing is impeccable, and he does it with /style/. He has a way of uplifting his wingmates and, indeed, any dragon with whom he might come in contact with during a fall - bolstering their courage, as though he had it in droves and to spare.

"Ay, ay, a scratch, a scratch; marry, 'tis enough. Where is my page? Go, villain, fetch a surgeon."

If injured, whether in Threadfall or in other pursuits, Bydelth will put on a brave face, for you, his most faithful friend - but don't let him fool you. His vulnerable side is deep - often so deep that you must reach down to him and draw it out, when necessary - but when the need is there, you will always know it.

Harper's Tale's 29th PC Clutch

Ista Weyr
Saria's Gold Quarith and T'rell's Bronze Sejith
Sunday, April 29th, 2001

Lib's green Alishath
E'an's green Fiareth
Yla's green Castaliath
Tstar's green Elbareth
Naomi's green Kaith
Jozzie's blue Riyth
Izz'y's blue Nuadayth
S'cen's brown Neolyth
Khaye's brown Itazurath
Hannah's gold Dhiammarath

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