Breakwater Wing (Diplomatic Relations)

Breakwater: a barrier built out from a coast into a body of water as part a coastal defense or to protect an anchorage or harbor from the effects of weather, waves and longshore drift.

Trains with Harpers and others to be ambassadors of the Weyr. Their job is to help ease Hold, Craft, and Weyr into the new types of cooperation that the Weyr leadership hopes to set up, and assists in maintaining these relationships. They are ready to hear complaints, resolve conflicts, and basically make sure everything runs smoothly.

Rider Color Dragon Position
Lida blue Vrykth Wingleader
T'sei bronze Xhiyanth Weyrsecond
N'ayl brown Gudrotgoth Wingsecond
D'baji bronze Nverath Wingrider
Tala green Tsukiath Wingrider
Lanti gold Dedanseth Junior Weyrwoman
K'rru green Aukaith Wingrider
Kriane green Ikkasanaith Wingrider
Sadaiya gold Jivayath Senior Weyrwoman
Ei'es green Sarezith Wingrider
N'iel green Roxeauth Wingrider
Alys green Rakshamanith Wingrider
Kanga brown Ruenalth Wingrider
Ada green Fionabhairth Wingrider
Charli green Dzakath Wingrider

Other Units:

Search/Rescue/Exploration Wing - Riptide

Guard Wing - Uprush

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