Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. ——N'ano and Hytiaf

Dragon: Bralath
Color: Bronze
Name: N'ano
Egg: Heavenly Frankincense Egg
Egg Desc: Decadre
Dragonet: God of Fire Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: N'ano; Hytiaf tweak
Messages: N'ano and Hytiaf
Inspiration: N'ano and Hytiaf

Clutching Message: Dhiammarath puts her bulk between her actions and the audience, even the gaze of her mate as she deposits the rich treasures in their allotted places, safe, and out of easy access from the rest of the clutch. Hissing slightly with effort, two eggs arrive in rapid succession, diametrically opposed, light and dark, yet both treasures of equal value… the last gleaming with the subtle brilliance of additional promise.

Heavenly Frankincense Egg

Silver drifts in smoky tendrils across the surface of this egg, warping the edges or perhaps only the perceptions of the edges. Mirage shimmers with muted mystery, permeating, potent and persistent, a cloak of rich, alluring illusion, an image of perfection, though seemingly lacking substance. Yet under the shifting pattern is something darker… more substantial, taunting hues and fragrances just beyond definition.

Hatching Message:

Heavenly Frankincense Egg starts starts shaking… slowly at first, but within just a moment's time, the vibrations from within become so strong that an eruption of egg shards occurs, the shards so fine they glitter the blackened sands beneath like snowfall. One talon begins scratching away the remaining shell until the small form emerges with all anticipation, his eyes viewing the stands at first with mere curiosity before attention is brought to the multitude of white clad individuals. One shudder later, he's bounding across the sands on unsteady legs towards the brightness. He's not wasting any time!

Flame of the Forge Bronze Dragonet

Molten erupting rock cascades down craggy neckridges along this bronze's spine. The fiery red and orange mingles with blackened midnight char that traces its way down his shoulders like lava filling ridges and common trences. Lava streams down, burning rivers and lakes along his flanks and pooling into a leading edge of bright fire down his underbelly. Peaks of a deeper, earthy hue lay beside the volcanic explosion of colors, with glistening metallic soil gird his strong legs and ebon claws. His wings are transparent, yet tinged with the slightest hints of bronzen-ash and glittery speckles while sails are disproportioned to his sinewy compact body. Orbs radiate luminescence even in the depths of darkness, set parallel to a platinum muzzle 'neath deep, creviced eye ridges.

Impression Message:

Patience is no virtue to the God of Fire Dragonet for he's shuffling his way in a weave about the candidates, stopping ever now and then for a good whiff. He's hungryfor the companionship that he'll share for the rest of his life. But none of these are good enough… who's to share the strength he beholds? Certainly not one of these scrawny ones. One group of boys is approached, wuffled accordingly before half pushed out of his way as he charges towards another. But, on his way, one lad is spotted and studied skeptically. He's much like the others… perhaps a little weak compared to himself. There's just something about himsomething that calls out that he is the one. As he steps up to the boy, there's no doubt in his mind that he has a new friend for life, Relian.

Personal Impression Message:

It hits you hard like nothing you've ever experienced before… the voice is deep « Relian, » …almost seemingly muffled through the background noises of other candidates, patrons and dragonets alike. The sensation may be overwhelming, but the tingle that follows is warm, almost hot to your mind. And yet, there's just something illuminating, perhaps the words soon to follow holding a significance one will never forget « You are the one. My name is Bralath. Together, we are one, one forever. »


Name Inspiration:

Well, we knew how much you liked the ancient Romans, and well, what better way to make you ecstatic than to base the entirety of your new lifemate off of them! That's right, we went through the liberty of researching for the perfect name and came up with Bralath… Bralath is derived from the words Brontes, meaning thunder, and Alastor, meaning avenger. And since your lifemate is comparable to the God of Fire, Vulcan, they fit pretty well, no? And in case you're wondering by now or no one told you, each inspiration for you and your fellow clutchmates was your own, personal choice! We luff you that much ;)

Egg Inspiration:
The inspiration for these two eggs is rather biblical. They were 2 of the 3 gifts of the wise men who visited Jesus in Bethlehem. The other gift was gold, but as that was not a scent, I went with these. Frankincense is a form of incense, expensive, and used in some parts of the world in religious cerimonies. (I have yet to find which religions I'm afraid.) Myrrh is a perfume, also very costly, but more often used in burrial services. The former is a very light scent, the latter a very heavy. The other source of inspiration is the christmas carol 'We Three Kings of Orient Are'. The moods portrayed by the third and fourth verses (Frankincence and Myrrh respectively) was what I was trying to convey, partially, in the desc, as the verses mirror the scents.

Description Inspiration:

Like mentioned before, we wanted to base your lifemate off of the ancient Romans… though that was slightly vague to work off of. Narrowing it down to a single God, we thought that Vulcan, the God of Fire, was a perfect match for the qualities you gave us in your questionnaire and a fun way to work off of seeing as you gave much choice to us to work with when creating perfection. Vulcan was a son of Jupiter and Juno. He was the craftsman that forged the armor of the gods, their drinking vessels, and many of their objects of ornamentation. He also forged the thunderbolts of Jupiter. It is said he built metal robots that carried out his every order. Venus was his wife, and because he trapped her in a compromising position with her lover Mars, Vulcan was considered the patron of cuckolds. Vulcan was also the god of fire, usually in destructive form like forest fires, volcano eruptions, etc. Because of this his temples were always built outside of the town. He was also lame and deformed, but very powerful. We took the deformed part, a quality that you had mentioned you wouldn't mind—or well, oddly proportioned, and worked that into the description itself along with his destructive demeanor to make your dragon perfect! Or so we'd like to think so… ;)

Mind Voice:

Warm earthy tones of dirt brown and russet red travel along sensations of warm dry air when Bralath bespeaks to you. His tones are low and strong, sounding a bit muffled at times. It’s a little bit of a task to get him to speak actual words into your mind, because he tends to rely more on images and feelings. His tone turns bright red, orange and white whenever he is excited, like liquid molten metal and rock. When he is angry, or whenever he fights thread, his mental state sinks into something black and charred. The smell of brimstone and ashes can almost seem overwhelming at these times.


Going back to the description inspiration, we mentioned that Vulcan was very powerful. This goes the same for your lifemate! Though he's not bulging in muscles and ready to squish one of those green sisters of his; He can best described as one tough cookie. Coloring on your lifemate varies, from the deep reds of burnt sienna to the antiquity of tarnished brass. We wanted to go with the volcanic-effect, so magma, lava and ash certainly played a factor. The first part of his description is the explosion; spouts of lava covering the tips of his neckridges. The lava rolls down over the land, engulfing the browns of the soft soil that lies beneath. The lava continues to flow over your lifemate, broadening in color within the shadows, or flanks of his limbs and his underbelly. You mentioned wanting a nearly average-sized dragon… not too big, not too small, but just right. Well, you got it! He may make himself out to be big and strong, but he's no bigger than the average Joe-dragon. Maybe if you flattened what muscles he does have, and perhaps his ego, you might make something out of it. Though his tail is slightly longer than the norm, his limbs are over all, rather stout, compared to his body as a whole. He doesn't flop or waddle though when he walks. Nope, he's found the perfect way to carry himself with utter grace. His disproportionate wings are hardly a handicap, for the wind they catch in flight make him into a wealthy flier.


Kinda mixing in physical traits with his personality, we bring to you, his eyes. Bralath's eyes are always bright and alert, keen in observation as he makes sure you, his lifemate, are safe from danger. He's always one to look after you, like a mother hen. He just wants the best for you, really! Whether it be an advisory not to get too friendly with that greenrider, or to clean up your weyr because you have visitors, he wants you to present yourself as the best that you can be, much like he does for himself on a daily fashion. He could be described as being a bit over-protective and won't hesitate to tell you if he doesn't like something, or some/one/. Bonding is the best way for persuasion. Do a lot of it. That means don't neglect him! Perhaps if there's something you two don't agree upon, you can work it out and maybe get /your/ way… he's good for negotiation, as stubborn as he is.

When thread's in the air, it's certainly no match for this bronze. He's strong witted and a fierce fighter. His personality lends to him working hard and never giving up. Fire is his game, no doubt, and he'll fight to his death to rid it from the sky. With the monstrous flame that he can produce, it's no wonder if he could make an entire wing out of himself!


Flights are fair game. He's certainly competition amongst his peers, having the advantage of slightly longer wings than the rest, meaning he can catch wind much easier. It also means that he has to pump them harder to get airborne, but alas, that's one feat he needn't worry about for his muscles are strong enough from constant workout to pull it off with immense ease. When it comes to mating flights, he's quite the avenger. He wants to win and that's all there is to it. Trickery is fun, and he's good at italways the one to use those unique aerial tactics of his if it means stumping out fellow chasers and the object of affection. And with the way he sleuths after the female, gold or green, he's one who'll have no problems in catchingif she's the one that he truly wants… perhaps his dragonmate for life.

But for now, he's just a baby who's yet to see what's to come in his future. Like any youngen, he probably thinks that girls are icky… that gold sister and greenies alike. He's more one to bond with his brothers while growing up—but there's the start of his ego… he's bigger that the blue and brown, which means sibling rivalry! They /better/ not touch his toys or oil. After all, it's the most horrible thing in the world if he wakes up one night (oh, he'll do this /constantly/) with a particularly itchy spot and there's no oil! But eventually, he'll grow out of this into adolescence. Girls will be beautiful, his brothers will become his equals when there's the task of thread to fight… yet in drills, he'll always want to lead or be ahead of the gang. He won't be the handsomest, but he's still not one to give up for he carries one of the most charming personalities on a good day… being sly and quick witted. And after growing up with those sisters of his, how's he not to know what females want? To wrap this up, we hope you enjoy your new lifemate as much as we enjoyed writing this inspiration up for you. Many turns of enjoyment for you and most importantly, clear skies!


Relian's Bronze Bralath
Harper's Tale: 31st PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Hannah's Gold Dhiammarath and R'ley's Bronze Tynabith
Date: December 15th, 2001


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