Birth Of Liria

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The time is 20:15.
It is evening of the sixtieth day of summer.
It is the sixteenth Turn of the Tenth Pass.
It is a summer evening.
The Place: Saria's Chambers, Ista Weyr;
Healer Hall, Ista Isle
The Scenario: The birth of Saria and Liran's daughter

Saria's Chambers
This chamber serves as both a workplace for Saria and a couch for her queen, and the stone walls of this chamber have been smoothed to an almost marble-smooth finish, where you can see them. Draped around the expansive cavern from the entrance around the left side are lengths lengths of a deep purple fabric, pinned up at various intervals. On the opposite side a large tapestry depicting a mating queen dragon and her suitor bronzes hangs brightly on the wall, gleaming with newness and its' colors of purple, blue and metallic. A large purple carpet covers most of the floor from the center of the room back to the far wall, and the other side is taken up by Quarith's couch. A plush chair, highbacked and contoured to Saria's form, sits in mahogany and purple splendour at the head of a round mahogany table with four matching chairs. Glows fill small hollows in the natural rock walls and illuminate the room with a soft light. A smooth wooden perch sits to one side of the tunnel entrance for Salic and Flick, the Weyrwoman's brown and bronze 'lizards. Sitting on a stone shelf are Salic, Moon, Anatole, Arrow-Lynn, Klah Bark Brown Hatchling, and Flick.
Liran is here.
Obvious exits:
Quarith's Weyr

Saria looks up at Liran. "Love - I think it's time that we sent for a healer. I'm worried. It's been four days since Narali saw me and nothing's happened yet." Lines cross her face and her mouth turns down into a grimace of concern.

Liran takes a breath and nods, frowning slightly. "SHall I go down to the bowl, or…?

Saria shakes her head. "I'll have Quarith call for Y'all and his blue Brillith. They are speedy messengers. I'll send for Narali over at the Healer Hall. Besides - I want you here, selfish though that may seem."

Saria's eyes glaze a moment, and Quarith rumbles slightly, lifting her head and her eyes whirling faster.

Liran smiles sheepishly. "I forgot about having Quarith send a message."

Saria heaves a great sigh. "Quarith tells me that Y'all and Brillith are fast on their way to the healer hall, love."

*Meanwhile… Y'all and Brillith, receiving their Weyrwoman's urgent request, spring into action and arrive at the Healer Hall.*

Healer Great Hall
The ceiling soars surprisingly high in this large room. Comfortable looking chairs are arranged to face the front, where a speaker might stand to address an assembled group. This is also where the Caduceus is prominently displayed for all to see, serving as a reminder daily of the oaths a Healer takes. On one side of the room is a doorway that leads to the Healer Passage, where the infirmary is located, and towards the main hall of Ista Hold. On the other end of the room at opposite ends of the wall are two more doors, one leading into the Healer Lounge, and living quarters of the Healers posted at the Hall, the other to the Healer Center where all the offices are located and the book learning takes place.
Jaqui is here.

A bluerider, looking pale and tired, rushes in. "Please, Master Healer, I come in search of Narali, with an urgent message from Weyrwoman Saria of Ista!"

Jaqui looks up surprised, "I'm sorry Rider, but Narali is off at High Reaches gathering herbs, Is there something I can help you with?"

Liran smiles and comes over to sit next to Saria.

Y'all blinks, then decides that any healer will do, especially as this one's a master, and the Weyrwoman said that it was urgent. "Please, the Weyrwoman wishes to see a healer right away - she's concerned for the health of her unborn child. Please come!"

Jaqui nods, quickly grabbing her bag off the floor. "Let's go" (OOC: for sake of time we'll pretend she went after her leathers)

Y'all leads her out toward his dragon. (OOC: you can @go to Ista, since I'm @emitting the NPC and haven't a real dragon to take you..)

Jaqui walks out.

Jaqui stands in the doorway calling out, "Saria?"

Y'all follows close behind the healer and stands with her in the doorway.

Saria blinks. "Jaqui?" she says, "Come in… Y'all, thank you for your speedy work, and Brillith, too."

Y'all salutes and recedes into the shadows, back to his post.

Jaqui walks quietly in from Quarith's weyr. Jaqui looks around and quickly moves to Saria's side, "What's up Saria?" she asks softly.

Liran stands and makes room for Jaqui.

Saria chuckles. "I'd stand, Jaqui, but as you see," she pats her rotund belly, "I'm in no position to just now.." she smiles up at Liran, despite her worry. "It's the baby, Jaqui - we're worried. Narali came to see me four days ago, and said that if nothing had happened soon, we should call again - that we might need to induce labour." She looks earnestly into Jaqui's eyes. "I want this baby - it's my only child - OUR only child. Please, can you help?"

Jaqui nods a little bit, getting out her listening tube and warming it up, applying it to Saria's abdomen, "How long has it been?" she asks softly.

Liran stands close to Saria, clearly concerned and doing his best to remain silent and not distract Master Jaqui.

Saria thinks for a moment. "38 sevendays (OOC: we're saying nine months, two weeks) and a few days."

Jaqui nods as she listens, "Have you felt the baby moving ok?" she asks softly, looking up at Saria.

"I have," Saria replies, "But I've been worried because it didn't seem to move as much of late.." Although a healer, she's never been pregnant, nor delivered a child into the world with her book-learning. "I thought perhaps it was settling down, getting 'ready'.." Her eyes grow wide with worry.

Jaqui nods a little bit, "Either that," she says with a small grin, "or getting too big for the space he or she is in. I think Narali's right, it is time to induce labor. What do you think?"

Saria looks up at Liran, eyes pleading. "Love, this may be the only way, although.." she looks at Jaqui for confirmation of her fears, "It may be dangerous for me, if the child is too big.. but we can't wait any longer, one way or another, it has to come out." She reaches for his hand and squeezes it. "Are you all right with this?"

Liran nods quickly. "If Master Jaqui says it's the best way, well, she /is/ a masterhealer," he says, putting more confidence into his voice than he feels.

Jaqui nods as she watches, softly reminding the couple, "If we need to, we can do a c-section if it looks like you are needing some help Saria."

Saria squeezes his hand and pulls him down to her to give him a quick kiss. "It'll be all right," she murmurs, then turning to Jaqui and nodding.

Jaqui nods, "Ok, let me go and make up some tea for you to drink. Liran, if you want to gather up some clean cloths and help Saria get comfortable, I'll be back in a minute."

Saria nods to Jaqui. "I'd rather not," she says to the prospect of a C-section, "But if it has to be done, I understand. Thank you."

Saria tugs at Liran's hand urgently as Jaqui heads off to mix her herbs.. "Love…"

Liran nods and bows to Master Jaqui. "Yes, Master." He busies himself around the room, inspecting and discarding several pieces of cloth before returning with about a dozen or so acceptable specimens.

Jem blinks in from ::between::!

Liran looks down at Saria as he piles the cloths close by. "Yes?" he answers.

Saria reaches for his arm and tugs him down so he bends over her, as if to listen to her words - but instead, she kisses him tenderly on the lips. "I love you. If.. anything happens," her eyes brim up with tears, though she promised herself she wouldn't do that, "Take care of our baby."

Jaqui walks quietly to Quarith's weyr.

Liran blinks rapidly for a few moments then smiles, patting Saria's hand. "Nothing will happen," he insists, almost as if by force of will alone he can make that statement be true. "Everything will be fine."

Saria snuffles and wipes her eyes with the back of her hand, nodding mutely; although she wishes she could believe him, she doesn't share his optimism - she's scared!

Jaqui walks quietly in from Quarith's weyr.

Jaqui returns carrying a full and steaming mug of black and blue cohosh. She carries it across the room and hands it over to Saria.

Liran holds Saria's hand, gently squeezing it in reassurance.

Saria takes the mug, reluctantly letting go of Liran's hand. She sniffs, then winces a bit. Pungent! She raises it to her lips and drinks as deeply as she can without burning her mouth. She keeps drinking, little sips, then bigger as the drink cools slightly, until it's gone, and she can hand the empty vessel back to Jaqui. A slight smile passes over her face as a childhood memory flashes before her mind's eye. "All done," she says softly, reminded of her mother, who would bring her water at night when she was very small and cried out after a bad dream.

Jaqui smiles and carefully takes the mug, setting it aside, while waiting for the herbs to kick in and start working, she begins setting up for a birth, tying one of the towels up near Saria's head, and working to set up the instruments she will need, lots of clean cloths, redwort, numbweed, thread, needlethorn, and a cutting tool, a couple of clamps, everything is neatly set on a clean cloth, ready for a moment's notice.

OOC: Saria says "Time passes IC'ly - 1 hour.. :-)"

Saria lifts her hands up a bit, after sitting idly for an hour. "Jaqui.." she murmurs, "I think it's time.."

Liran hovers close by, unsure of what to do besides holding on to Saria's hand.

Saria is grateful for his presence, and squeezes his hand firmly, refusing to let go.

Jaqui nods as she takes up her position, placing a hand lightly on Saria's stomach, "Feeling pains then?" she asks softly, fingers waiting to feel the muscle tightening herself, "Do you feel like you need to push yet?"

Saria shakes her head. "Not yet.." she says, unsure of herself. "I don't know what it's supposed to feel like," she says. "I just feel.. something. Different." Anything is better than the nothing, the waiting, now - even if it be painful.

Liran squeezes Saria's hand. "Is there anything I should be doing?"

Saria, growing shorter of breath due to the pressure on her lungs from her swollen uterus, looks toward Jaqui. "Ask… her - I don't know. Just don't leave, stay here with me, love.." She seems agitated, distraught.

Jaqui nods and chuckles softly, "You are probably feeling the aching back that often starts before the pains, and just a strange feeling, with my last, I know that I wanted to clean the whole infirmary." As she speaks, Jaqui is thouroughly washing hands up to the elbows in redwort solution, turning her arms a nice brownish-red color. "I'm going to check and see how far along you are."

Saria mumbles to Liran, oddly, "You should watch - good for your studies.."

Liran just stands there, holding Saria's hand. He figures that's the best he can do since it's all he can do just to stay calm right now.

Jaqui nods and smiles, placing a hand on Saria's knee to make her more comfortable and then gradually reaching up inside of her, gently, feeling for how open she is.

Saria winces. "I'm starting to.. feel.. some pains." Saria's face twists into a grimace and she cries out, half groaning, half yelping, as the sensation passes over her.

Liran grows a bit concerned and anxious, but manages to retain his composure.

Jaqui removes her fingers slowly and nods, "Ok you are about 2 or 3 fingers right now, how are you feeling?" She looks up at Saria and then seeing the wince she slips her hand onto Saria's abdomen again, feeling for the tightening and nods, "Ok, they are going to get stronger and closer together," she informs, even if Saria is a healer, it doesn't mean right now that she remembers any of her training. "Eventually you will feel like pushing the baby out, but don't push until I'm ready ok?"

Tears welling up in the corners of her eyes, she nods her head vigorously, although she doesn't want to do anything but get this child OUT of her… "Aaaow!" she sobs through clenched teeth as another contraction hits her, and as it abates she gasps for her breath slightly.

Liran grips Saria's hand a bit more tightly as the contractions start.

Jaqui reaches into her bag and tosses Liran a packet of herbs and nods towards the empty mug and a pitcher of steaming water, "Why don't you make her some tea," she says softly, "That will help lessen the pains." Hands keep track of the muscle tightening, and the progression towards childbirth.

Saria, tears still streaming down her face, whimpers. "No.. no, don't go, love.." she clenches like a vice down on his hand.

Saria begins to wince again, still keeping Liran's hand locked in hers.. then her eyes open wide and her mouth, too - "Jaqui.. did you feel that?" she asks the healer, dumbfounded.

Liran smiles down at Saria, murmuring encouraging words.

Jaqui chuckles softly and nods, "Yep, that is just your bag of waters breaking, it means that the child should be coming soon. A few more pains and I'd bet you feel ready to push." Hand is reassuring put on Saria's knee.

Saria shakes her head, "I don't want to push… it hurts too much!" Her voice is loud and insistent again.

Quarith senses that she is heard to bugle! loudly, sharply, the sound echoing across the Weyr bowl and conveying alarm at her lifemate's situation.

Jaqui nods, "I know Saria," she says softly, "but the baby has to come out."

Quarith senses that Teradyth returns the bugle softly, and with a note of query.

Quarith senses that she holds fast to the mindlink, both with her own kind and with her lifemate. « My lifemate is making a new small human. » A flash of Saria's face, pained, and Liran holding her hand.

Quarith senses Kimianth sends instantly, »What is it?« Waves of concern and compassion are etched into the green's thoughts. to her.

Jaqui checks again and nods, "Good, I'd say you are 9 or 10 fingers now Saria," she informs, "baby should be here anytime."

Saria cries.. "Can.. can I push now, Jaqui?" she says. Suddenly, as before, the urge to get this child *out* of her is strong.

Quarith senses that Mayuth's tone roils with gem-facetted fascination. » She clutches? «

Quarith senses that Teradyth shrugs that off in a ripple of unconcern as only a jaded lady could. « Oh. That. /Why/ does that fascinate humans so? »

Quarith senses that Kelawith yawns slightly, blinking and idly having a thought. « My rider should do that sometime.. she doesn't want to though. » Kela doesn't understand this.

Quarith senses that Rhyath sends her condolences. She knows what it feels like. How many? 35?

Quarith senses that Kyleth responds, rousing self from lazy lounging to soft burble assurance with warm thoughts in own honey soothed notes, »Oh…a hatchling? should we be thrumming?« nope. Ky don't understand this either.

Quarith senses that Teradyth snorts. « We could trade riders, Kelawith? Mine wants to… I don't care for the little ones. »>

Quarith senses that she rumbles softly, worries allayed only slightly by Saria's quick reassurance that all will be well - between "pushes", whatever those are. « She clutches - but only one at a time, it seems. It is odd. »

Jaqui nods as her fingers withdraw and she gets situated in a little different position, "Ok, let's start pushing with the next pain ok? Remember, breathe while you push, the baby needs the oxygen," and she smiles encouragingly up at the soon to be parents, "We are getting close to being done now."

Quarith senses that Tiareth thrums for the fun of it, welcoming any and all little ones in any size. Even if they don't have the sense to come out of an egg.

Liran manages a smile back.

Saria blinks. "It's coming closer to… togeth.. now," Saria pants. "I'm going to push.. now.."

Quarith senses that Kelawith shakes her head at Teradyth. « No, my rider is perfect for me, yours couldn't be. » This she knows.

Quarith senses that Tiareth notes /her/ Rider was good at clutching them in twos and threes anyways, even if she could not manage thirty-five. « Is it noisy? »

Quarith senses that Gith expresses curiosity, « She clutches only one? » This is a foreign concept, though a bugle of triumph is sounded, « Any clutching, regardless, is good. »

Quarith senses that Chiqueth doesn't know much about clutching.

Quarith senses that Teradyth ripples another shrug of nonchalance, « It was a thought. » A strong disagreement issues forth: « Nasty tail-tuggers and eye-pokers! »

Quarith senses that Mayuth sends comfort, though it's still crackling with intense interest at the edges. » My rider does not want to clutch.« A pause, and a reassurance. »She says with humans it hurts. It is natural.«

Quarith senses that she thrums softly. « It is not out yet. My rider is worried though she does not want to tell me so. I *know*. There is trouble. » Alarm surrounds her mindvoice, seeping out, searching for comfort in the company of her many kin and kind.

Saria cries out and pushes again, with the pain that comes on like a knife twisting in her gut. As Jaqui said, bearing down with the pain. "Like.. that?" she gasps, sobbing a bit from emotion as well as the sensations.

Liran holds his weyrmate's hand, offering encouragement and support.

Jaqui nods and smiles, helping the child's head to crown. Healer's fingers slip along side of the baby and make sure the cord is not wrapped around the baby's neck. Chin is pushed towards the baby's chest, "Good Saria!" Jaqui encourages, "Another push like that, and the baby's head will be born."

Liran peers anxiously down at Jaqui as the baby begins to appear.

Saria cries, looking up at Liran, locking her eyes on his as if to draw strength straight from them, and then forces herself to push, despite the pain. "Aaaugh!" she groans, and as the contraction subsides, she feels a bit of a change.. "Did.. that.. do it?" she gasps, catching her breath.

Liran smiles encouragingly at Saria.

Saria continues to fight for her breath, gasping and panting, tears rolling continuously down her face.

Quarith senses that she croons joyfully. « The hatchling is halfway out! »

Jaqui carefully guides out the baby's head and nods, "Ok good," she says, grabbing a cloth and carefully clearing the baby's nose and mouth so it can breathe. Hands help to turn the baby slightly as healer smiles, "One or maybe two more good pushes, and the baby will be out!"

Liran grins and smiles down at Saria, speaking words of encouragement and support.

Saria clutches Liran's hand - her lifemate in the next room sending constant assurance, her love here, and her friend the healer - it is time for this child to be born.. She bears down again as the contractions come almost unceasingly now.

Jaqui nods as the baby practically pops out into her arms, "It's a little girl!" she calls out, quickly wrapping the girl in clean cloths, rubbing her dry and trying to rub some color into her.

Liran beams at Saria as he leans down to kiss the exhausted mother.

Liria cries, albeit weakly, wiggling under Jaqui's gentle ministrations.

Saria looks down. "Liran.. we have a girl..!" she says, rubbing the sweat from her tangled locks and pushing them back off her forehead with her arm.

Jaqui continues to rub at the baby's skin, getting her dry and trying to improve her color. In just a bit Saria will feel the cramping to bring the afterbirth, but for now, the baby needs some attention.

Quarith senses that she bugles gleefully, and with obvious relief, projecting a picture of the little human girl-child, a shock of black hair like her father's and tiny dark brown eyes like her mother's. « She is here! »

Liran nods, grinning. "I see!" is all he is able to say.

Saria looks down. "Is.. is she okay, Jaqui?"

A tiny newborn with a shock of black hair like her father's and dark brown eyes like her mother's, when they're open to see. Her tiny fists ball up and her mouth opens - whether it's to cry, for food, or a yawn, you're not sure just yet… wait and see!
She is wrapped in a soft blanket.
She is awake and looks alert.
You notice Liria looking at you.
Liria is 2 hours, 20 minutes, and 44 seconds old.

Saria winces as Jaqui's unspoken prediction comes true, and she feels another pain in her abdomen.. but it goes virtually unnoticed as the worried mother cranes her neck to see. "My baby.. is she all right?" Panic-stricken, she tries to lift herself up, reaching her arms out.

Jaqui nods a little bit, clamping cord close to Mom and close to the little girl and cutting it quickly with the cutting tool, "She'll be fine Saria," Master Healer reassures as baby is wrapped in a blanket and carefully carried to Mom and handed over.

Liran smiles down at baby and mother, a look of awed amazement on his face.

Quarith senses that Chiqueth bugles a congratulations.

Saria heaves a huge sigh of relief which ends in a long, drawn out sob - she gathers the child to her and tries to calm herself.. then she looks up at Liran. "Our daughter.. Liria?" she asks tentatively.

Jaqui smiles as baby is handed over and Jaqui moves to deliver the afterbirth, check to see if Saria needs any stitches, which she doesn't and she smiles on the new parents as she begins the clean up process.

Quarith senses that she croons softly. « My rider says she is … Liria. » A pause. « It will do. »

Quarith senses that Dalgreth thinks « who's here? »

Liran blinks and, after a few moments, nods. "I…I guess so, yes." He smiles. "Liria. Yes, that sounds like a good choice to me."

Quarith senses that Chiqueth thinks « the new human »

Quarith senses that Mayuth ponders, and drawls, »It is a pretty name.«

Liria, wrapped in her blanket, squirms a bit, and moves her mouth, building up to a tiny cry, not very loud at all.

Saria beams. "Oh, look, love… she's perfect." She tilts her head up at the new father. "Do you want to hold your daughter?" she asks tenderly.

Liran blinks down at Saria. "I…but I don't know how! She's so tiny! What if I hurt her?"

Jaqui smiles and keeps working, letting the family some time to work together.

Saria smiles, eyes laughing but face remaining serious for her weyrmate's sake. "You won't hurt her.." she's never been a mother, but she's held enough babies before. "Just keep your arm under her head, her neck's not strong enough to support itself yet." She carefully adjusts the small bundle and hands Liria up toward her daddy.

Liran gently takes Liria in his arms, clearly worried to death that he might break something so small and fragile-seeming.

Saria chuckles. "If you want, come sit down next to me," Saria says, eyes starting to droop. She pats the ample space next to her on the edge of the heap of sleeping furs. "Then you won't be so worried about dropping her and you can get to know her."

Liran grins sheepishly and then slowly and carefully lowers himself onto the sleeping furs beside Saria, being very careful with Liria.

Liria gurgles as she is moved and handed up to her father, and her tiny feet wiggle within the confines of the blanket. Eyes open wide, revealing big pools of chocolate like her mother's - and the blanket slips back from her head to reveal a shocking tuft of black hair much like her father's.

Quarith senses that Chiqueth thinks « Is the new human well? »

Saria leans her head over on Liran's shoulder, peering at their daughter and smiling.

Quarith senses that she croons softly. « The new human is well, my lifemate says - but… » a picture of Liran, looking panicked as he is handed the new child, « the 'father' is still recovering. »

Quarith senses that Sindiath wakes sleepily, wondering which human had a hatching.

Quarith senses that Chiqueth thinks « Is he hurt? »

Jaqui smiles and finishes her cleaning, standing and looking at the new parents, "How are you feeling Saria?" she asks softly.

Quarith senses that she warblechuckles. « He is scared. He does not wish to break the Liria. »

Saria looks up at Jaqui, having honestly almost forgotten she was there in the wonder of this moment. "I.. I think I am well, Jaqui." She says, beckoning the master to the side of her bed opposite where Liran is sitting.

Liria sets up a soft fussing cry, tiny face squinching up with the effort of it all.

Quarith senses that Mayuth sends a rippling giggle across the link. »Males are so strange.«

Jaqui moves over to Saria and sits on the edge of the furs, smiling softly, "That's good to hear."

Quarith senses that she croons agreement with Mayuth. « Indeed. They act quite strong but really seem weak. Liria is smaller than he but he acts as though he is afraid. »

Quarith senses that Chiqueth sounds quite upset. »I am male«

Liran looks anxiously at Jaqui as he holds Liria in his arms. "So she /is/ alright, Master Jaqui?" he asks.

Saria takes the healer's hands in hers, turning momentarily from father and daughter. "Thank you, Jaqui. Thank you from all of us - especially Liria."

Quarith senses that Mayuth prods delicately. »Not bad to be so. Just strange.«

Quarith senses that she delicately refrains from comment in this instance.

Jaqui smiles as she peers on the new family, "anytime Saria, I'm glad I could be here.

Liran smiles at Jaqui. "Yes, thank you, Master Jaqui," he adds belatedly.

Liria's cry fades down again, for a moment anyway, and she settles down into her father's arms, tiny mouth half-open and apparently falling asleep.

Quarith senses that Danzith snorts. <>

Quarith senses that Kelawith thinks « All bronzes are strange »

Quarith senses that Mayuth mentally pokes the bronze cheerfully. »You are so strange.«

Quarith senses that Chiqueth is blue, so there.

Quarith senses that Gith snorts.

Quarith senses that Kelawith purrs towards Chiqueth. « Blue is good. »

Jaqui smiles and nods, "If you are all feeling ok," she says softly, "I think I'll return to the hall with Y'all."

Quarith senses that she rumbles softly. « We are all strange at times. »

Saria nods. "I will have Quarith call him."

Momentarily, Y'all, ever faithful to the Weyrwoman whose queen is his Brillith's clutchmate, appears at the door. "Yes, Weyrwoman?" he asks, peering in to see the new arrival.

"Come in, Y'all," Saria says, "Meet my daughter - then, if you please - Master Jaqui would return to the Healer Hall. She has performed a great service here today.

Jaqui nods and smiles, gathering up all her things.

Y'all steps forward, nodding respectfully to Jaqui and to Liran, and peering down at the babe in Liran's arms. "My congratulations, lady," he says, "And to you, sir," he says, addressing Liran. "And has she a name, yet, if I may be so bold as to ask?"

Saria looks at Liran. "You tell him," she smiles at her weyrmate.

Liran smiles a bit self-consciously. "Liria, is her name, dragonrider," he says with a grin.

Liria gurgles softly, but remains soundly asleep, as newborns are wont to do - sleep through thunder and threadfall, they could.

Y'all nods. "Aye, a fine name. A fine, traditional name," he adds, nodding to the Weyrwoman. "Congratulations." He smiles. "And now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be glad to convey the Master Healer back to the hall."

Quarith senses that Chiqueth thinks « Green is good »

Quarith senses that Mayuth merely agrees. Ayup. Good.

Quarith senses that Danzith agrees.

Quarith senses that she rumbles gently her assent. « Green has always seemed good to me. »

Saria nods. "Thank you, Y'all. Be sure you get some rest - I'll have someone take your shift on sweeps this morning - you've been faithful in your duty."

Y'all smiles, "My thanks, Weyrwoman." he smiles. "After you, Master Healer?" he offers her a hand with her things if she should need it. "Brillith awaits."

Quarith senses that Kelawith pipes up a bit late. « Of course green is good. »

Quarith senses that Chiqueth rumbles affirmatively.

Jaqui smiles and nods, "Have a good evening and let me know if you need anything ok?"

Saria nods. "Thank you, Jaqui." she smiles. "I will."

Jaqui walks quietly to Quarith's weyr.

Jem glides to Quarith's weyr.

Saria smiles as Jaqui and Y'all leave, and turns again to Liran. "So, daddy.." she says, relishing in being able to call him that. "What do you think of our daughter?"

Liran beams down at Saria, flushing a little in pleasure. "I think she looks beautiful."

Saria rests her head on your shoulder. "As do I," she says. "Now we have to figure out how to take care of her." She smiles. "I'm not going to foster her, ever - I'm old enough, and retired now - we can care for her ourselves."

Liran nods and smiles.

Quarith senses that Chiqueth wants to play. Does anyone want to play?

Quarith senses that Kelawith rumbles uncomfortably. She wants to fly.. soon soon..

Saria kisses you on the cheek. "She looks like her daddy, I think." She reaches a hand down gently and pulls back the coverlet just a bit.

Liran smiles again. "Well, I hope I'm able to continue with my studies." He grins at Saria's comment.

Saria nods. "You'll be able to study. We can take turns caring for her, my love."

Liria gurgles, then sets up a steady *wail*!

Saria jumps a bit. "Love.. here, let me have her.. she must be hungry." Well, she doesn't *have* to be.. but that's all Saria can think of.

Liran nods and hand Liria to her mother, totally out of his depth.

Saria takes Liria, and adjusting her nightgown, bares one breast and gently cradles Liria so her mouth is near the nipple. Soon, the baby is suckling, instinctively finding her mother's breast, and Saria looks from child to father with wide-eyed wonder.

Liran smiles softly as he gazes on mother and daughter.

Saria catches a breath around the lump in her throat. "I.. I'm a mother.. I never thought I would be.."

Saria sighs softly and cranes her neck a bit to kiss you on the cheek again.

Liran smiles softly at Saria. "And I never imagined myself being a father."

Liria's suckling noises grow softer until her tiny lips disengage themselves and she settles back into another deep, deep sleep.

Saria readjusts her nightdress and smiles. "Perhaps we should sleep," she says, snuggling down. "Our first night as a family." she says lovingly as she lays down onher back, cradling the babe in the crook of her shoulder.

Liria makes a tiny coo and her little eyes shift for just a moment, then she settles down as well.

Liria falls asleep.

Liran nods and smiles. "Good idea." He snuggles next to Saria and Liria.

Saria reaches a hand over and touches her lover's face gently. "Sweet dreams, daddy," she says. "Good night."

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