Beyla 's Accident

[[logged by Yla]]

Public Bathing Chamber
Steam billows, shrouding the many glow-baskets that line the low, tunnel-filled walls or swing down over the variable heated pools of clean water; light dances, lithe and sharp, defining the racks of freshly washed clothes yet to dry, or the tangle of muddled bundles yet to be washed. Shadows play over the large cupboard that holds fresh towels of orange and black, and a variety of bathing items including a vast array of sea-sponges from pumice hard to gentle softness.
Naomi is here.
Kaltia walks in from the Northeastern Caverns.

Egan squees in from the Northeastern Caverns.

Marianne sweeps confidently, with just the slightest hint of a whisper in from the Northeastern Caverns.

Beyla enters, and heads straight for the cupboard, rummaging around in it for something, discarding towels that apparently don't meet with her satisfaction.

Naomi wraps a towel around her midsection, though it's clear she -is- wearing a bathing suit beneath, as the tell-tale straps are visible wrapping around her neck. Barefoot, the starcrafter shuffles forward with the tiniest steps possible, dipping a toe in the water, and letting out a deep sigh. Towel tossed away, she plunges forward into the pool, oblivious to others around.

Marianne wanders into the bathing area with a long robe flowing down about her that is drawn together with a loose piece of cloth that holds it gingerly in place with her whispering stride. As she reaches the edges of the bath, she stretches her arms over her head, hooking her fingers together and bending them back to stretch out all those sore kinks, with a small yawn. "If I ever get any feeling back in my shoulders, I'll count myself blessed," she groans softly, the sentance said half to herself as she unbraids her hair.

Kaltia slips in, wearing her bathing suit, a towel wrapped loosely around her waist, the bottom edge falling to midway down her calves. Smiling at the others, she wiggles slightly, eyeing the water with a grateful look, desiring to get rid of the scraps and bruises from chores.

Egan is already in the water. And it's hot. But Egan got used to it. Admist steam or whatnot, nanny waves to fellow candidates. "Hello! In here!" Obviously. "Come on in! Water is /fine/." And so it may be. The question reamins if /Egan/ is wearing a bathing suit beneath the surface of the steaming pool or not, but that water's too murky to see, and no one really wants to have to be the one to see, anyhow. A few brats run around the baths as well, splashing and playing and whatnot. They are obviously of Istan origin, but currently under Egan's duty.

Beyla makes a sound that can best be described as 'ugh!' as she rummages through the towels, finally grabbing one with the hand not employed in keeping the rather muddy clothes from falling, rips in it from where she got the skirt caught on a nail in the stables. "I hate stables." can be heard. "Bloody death traps if you ask me."

Kaltia snickers quietly at Beyla. "Atleast its not the ash pits, Beyla? Those are the worst…" For obvious reasons. Dropping her towel near the edge of the pool, she slips into the hot water, gasping slightly as the hot water seeps into her scrapes, causing them to sting.

Naomi glides through the water, avoiding any and all children that might happen to be around. "I got tubers again," the starcrafter announces cheerfully. Most likely, it was a chore-trade of some kind that worked out -her- way. Thankfully. She dunks herself under the water, rising to twist her wet hair into a runnertail and keeping it over her shoulders, before moving over next to Egan. "How long've you been here? You know you turn wrinkly and old if you're in the hot water too long, doncha, nannyman?"

"My vote goes for the kitchens," Marianne raises a weary hand, unbelting her robe.. yes, she *does* have a bathing suit beneath that, thank you very much. Gingerly taking her robe from her shoulders, she groans softly.. "Do you have any idea what carrying bags of hard flour can do to your back? I swear, after this day, I have more respect for the kitchen drudges than ever…" Still holding her robe around her elbows, she dips one foot in, looking wryly to Egan at Naomi's statement.. "You'll be one of Naomi's tuber-men, soon if you don't watch out," she cautions with a sideways wink.

Egan blinks. "Oh no! You aren't serious, are you?" Blink. No! Egan can't be /wrinkled/ and look /old/. But at Marianne's somewhat form of confirmination, Egan just… gasps..? "I can't.. be wrinkled…" Grabbing onto one of Naomi's free arms, nanny shudders. "No.. no.." And finally Marianne's words spark something. "A tuber! I'm going to be a live tuber!" Flailing Egan flails into lower waters, not out of sight. Oh, well. If he drowns, one less candidate to worry about. One more chore to do, though.

Beyla starts to peel off her muddy clothing, dropping them aside in distaste and slipping into the pool quickly, rather viciously attacking all the mud remaining in her hair and on her skin. "At least tuber men don't fall over." she mutters, rather annoyed. "Slipped on… well… manure… as I went over, caught my skirt on a sticking out nail and it ripped as I went face first into the mud. I hate stable duty." is hissed. It's not often, or even ever, that she shows this sort of vehemence. Remember this moment. "I'd rather have just seen people become tubers without having to join in."

Y'know. Going all wrinkled. Does Pern have prunes?

"Eew… Beyla! You're getting the water dirty." Naomi sticks her tongue out at the other starcrafter, while reaching out to pinch Egan in the side as he passes her by. Teasing a strand of her hair around her finger again, she props herself up on the side of the pool, grinning toothily at Beyla once more. "No more stables duty for me. Ever." Or, at least until a certain drunken greenrider changes her mind. Ah-hem. Gaze flips over to Marianne. "What's wrong with my tuber-men? Lord Tuber -was- a cutie… you hafta admit."

Oh no! Not all wrinkled, and stuff! Rolling her eyes… she reaches for a hand of sweetsand, heading towards the shallowest part of the pool to scrub at her arms, dirt from the ashpits floating away, before ducks underneath the water, streams of green and gray flowing away from her as she attacks her hair with the sweetsand. Well, it works pretty well… dye and dirt is leaving.

Beyla rolls her eyes at Naomi. "It runs through. Currents and everything." For good measure, a now clean hand slaps the surface of the water tin order to splash Naomi.

"Nothing is wrong with your tuber-men," Marianne protests mildly, looking over to Naomi with a pair of slightly widened eyes, as if in mild surprise. Perfect pose… "Your tuber-men were silent, didn't talk back or try to attack me… which is more than I can say for some males…" She mutters this last under her breath, but the twinkle glinting in her eyes shows that she's teasing, as she begins to lift her legs into the water.

Kaltia *claims the nameless pose.

Egan only sends a few bubbles as acknowledgement of the pinch. Then he emerges from beneath the surface of the water. "Oh. It stings my eyes." Nod. Rubbing the mentioned opticals, Egan paddles towards Naomi. "I'm not going to be a tuberman. I'll get out if I start to grow the tuberskin." Nod. And he doesn't want to be eaten, either (no, not /that/). "I liked Lord Tuber, though I liked his evil twin more." That was Egan's tuber… the Evil Lord Tuber. "And so.. um… I think the worst duty is cleaning. Because it hurts my back to bend down and use a small brush containing oh-so few bristles to scrub a whole cavern floor." Nod.

Beyla makes a sort of laughing sound at this discussion of the tuber dynasty. "Oh, just give me a pan of boiling water and I'll reduce 'em all to mashed tubers." She's not feeling very nicely inclined towards thoughts of chores as the moment. Taking a deep breath, she ducks under the water to get her hair soaked through.

Naomi recoils from Beyla — and the splashes — whimpering softly. "Beeeyla. Do be nice." Gaze flickers back to Egan, and she sends a splash his way, and displays her tongue in that immature 'neener neener' way… "Evil twins aren't nearly so good-looking as the good ones, though… at least, yours wasn't." And tongue is pulled back into her mouth as she leans back, eyes closed, sighing slightly.

Another splash ripples the pool as Marianne finally decides to make the plunge into the water.. resurfacing a moment later with a gasp for air.. "I.. never.. knew.. there was so much dirt down there…" Shaking her head to clear it of droplets of water, she splashes her face again and shakes the wisps of hair away from her face, blinking her eyes open.. "You know.. I have the feeling I missed meeting some charming personalities in Lord and Lady Tuber…"

Kaltia giggles, rolling her eyes as she nods at Marianne. "Such wonderful personalities." And Kal was the one that got to weed out the ones that didn't get to join the ranks of the Tuber People. Rubbing at her hair, she sighs as part of the dye floats away on the water. "You know… I wish the dye didn't always float away. It means I have to keep redoing it."

Beyla seems to have calmed down a bit now that she's relatively clean. As the water cycles through, she wrings out her hair. "I knew it. You're all nuts. You've spent so much time peeling tubers that you're believing they're alive." An eye roll is added as she reaches for a sponge.

Kaltia is so /not/ nuts. She's relatively sane, even. Compared to the others. Eyeing a kidlet running around outside, she talks softly, convincing the little girl to retrieve a set of bottles from her bag that is lying near the entrance way. If the green is coming out, she's just going to put it back it. No one has said she couldn't.

Sending a light splash of water, *accidentally* of course, Beyla's way… lucky that Marianne's in one of her calm moods tonight… they don't come along every day. "But… didn't you know? Everything has a personality. For example… look!" She lifts one small finger to point to a shallowly carved cabinet. "That cabinet. Carved by an apprentice who was bored, half asleep, and thinking about his next meal with great anticpation.. see? You can almost see the little curve of a fruit on some of them…" She smiles lazily, swimming slowly through the water with a twinkling smile.. "They *all* have a story…"

Beyla eyes the bottles that Kaltia is ordering brought over, spluttering from the splash slightly. "What is /that/?" she asks after a moment, her skin turning slightly pink from the scrubbing with the sponge. "Aren't we not meant to stay /away/ from drink?" Not that getting drunk in the baths wouldn't be funny. She looks back to Mari. "Um… yeah…" maybe it's the lack of harper in her that doesn't let her see that.

Kaltia turns around in the water to glance over at fellow Starcrafter, blinking a few times. "Stay away from…" Then she glances down at the bottles in her hands. "Oh! These…. these aren't drinks… dyes that I got while I was still at the hall." Dyes that have gone through lots. Holding up a pair of bottles, she grins. "These are red and green, and then these other two are to get it out." No matter that the solutions inside seems purple and blue.

Turning a twinkling gaze and teasing grin on Beyla, the harper winks. Very deliberately so. There's no way to miss it. IN this way, she conveys that she's just teasing.. just acting…. Laughing merrily, Marianne kicks her way to the side of the pool to lean up against it with a long sigh. "Beyla… don't take half of what I say seriously. You'll end up worse than I am…" She grins impishly at the other girl. "And that's awfully insane to be dealing with, really." Yawning, Marianne blandly begins to scrub her back, wincing slightly.

Beyla pouts as if her mental stability has been insulted. "Hey!" she protests. "Are you saying I'm not insane enough for you?" Well /really/. Affecting an air of mock-hurt, she pouts and turns to Kaltia. "Ooh… dyes?" Uh-oh. The sense of whimsy is kicking up.

Kaltia giggles, nodding slowly to Beyla as she pushes at her wet hair, trying to get the pieces still tinted a pale green seperate from the rest without losing the bottles clutched in her hands. "Yes, dyes… red and green." And the 'cleansing' solutions.

Beyla scratches her head, picking a stray piece of hay out and tossing it aside. "Soo… why are the removers… /that/ colour." she does sound genuinely puzzled.

Kaltia glances down at the bottles in her hand with a quick shrug. "I'm not really sure? I haven't really had to use them…. it usually comes out by itself. But we can try one of the other colors on you, then see what they do?" Make someone else the test subject.

Beyla eyes the bottles. "Hmm… well… ok… I suppose we can use different bits of hair to test it." she pauses. "It's not going to make all my hair fall out, is it?" Woe betide whoever makes her hair fall out.


Kaltia stifles a snicker, quickly shaking her head, pointing to her own hair. "It didn't do it to me? So unless you're totally weird, I doubt it?" But then, there is a first time for everything, isn't there?

Beyla hmms. "Well… ok… which do you want to try first?" she shuffles her way through to pool so that she's close enough to Kaltia to pick up the bottles.

Kaltia thinks slowly, glancing at Beyla's hair, trying to decide, gaze wandering from the bottles to the hair and back to the bottles. "Um… Red?" That way if it looks bad and the other stuff doesn't work, it won't show up. Atleast, she hopes not.

Beyla nods slowly, fingers fiddling with her hair to separate out a section of her hair to experiment on. "Ok…" she says, finally separating strands to try. "Do your thing."

Kaltia slowly unplugs the bottle placing the others gently on the edge of the pool, glaring at any kidlets who wander too near. Pouring a bit of the dye into her hand, she reaches out tentatively, spreading the color along the section of hair, trying to cover it evenly, adding more red dye first to her hand, then to the hair.

Marianne falls asleep.

Beyla looks at her hair that's being coated with dye. "It's kinda hard to tell." she notes idly. "They're fairly close in colour." Except her hair is a more auburn shade rather than bright red.

Kaltia tilts her head, staring at it for a minute, nodding in agreement. Hand drops to the water to rinse off the dye, before replugging the bottle and wading over to switch the red for the bottle with the blue solution. "Well, we can see what this does? The trader I got it from said this was suppose to take out the other colors…" But then, who knows? A few drops of blue fall from the side of the container, hitting the water and spreading outwards as the move downwards.

The housekeeper arrives to cart Marianne off to bed.

Beyla eyes the bottle for a second, then nods. This is what she volunteered to test after all. "Alright. Blue bottle it is. You're sure it won't make my hair fall out?" She's just making sure you see.

Kaltia giggles, nodding her head as she upends the blue bottle, liquid pooring out into her hand. "I'm sure… and I'll find you something to cover it up if it does…" A mischieveous gleam resides in her eye as she slowly slops the blue stuff over the red, trying to keep from crying as it turns more of a blueish purple, instead of disappearing. "Um… Beyla….."

Beyla doesn't seem to notice that anything's wrong at first. "What?" She looks fairly unconcerned, mainly trying to get the worst of the dirt out from under her fingernails.

Kaltia glances at the other girl, quickly shaking her head, scooping some water up in her hand to toss at the purplish-hair, maybe you need to add water to get it to come out. "Um… nothing." She'll find out soon enough, and Kal plans on being /far/ away by then.

"What do you mean no-" Beyla's gaze turns towards Kaltia, and catches sight of the hair. "Oh my… Shellcrack!! I thought it was meant to remove the colours!" Beyla's voice goes up several tones in pitch out of sheer shock.

Kaltia takes a quick step back, nearly dropping the bottle in the water, somehow managing to close it before it gets spilt, and setting it on the edge, tries to approach Beyla. "Maybe if you duck under, it'll come out?" Oh, she's full of suggestions today… anything to keep her from Beyla's wrath.

Beyla splutters vaguely, following those instructions, then attempting to squeeze out the dye from her hair. "I don't believe this." she says, her voice nearly squeaky. For a full minute she just attempts to get the dye out, then sighs, placing her fists on her hips under the surface of the water. "That does it!" she says decisively. "I'm going to have to go stripy!"

Kaltia huddles just out of Beyla's reach, eyes closed, waiting for her wrath to descend on her. At the exclamation, she opens her eyes slightly, peeking out at the StarCrafter, blinking a few times. "Stripy?" Still not quite trusting the girl, she wades, reaching for her bottles of dye, leaning lightly against the edge of the pool.

Beyla bobs her head, waving the now completely blue locks in Kaltia's direction. "Yes. Stripy." she says decisively. "As in stripes of this blue stuff. I don't know, but I just can't bear to dye all my hair. I happen to quite like this colour." is added with a sort of sniff. "So, in order for it to at least look symmetrical, you, my dear, are going to help me turn my hair stripy. Alternating colour and normal." She seems quite set on doing this. "And when you remember, give me that traders name." Just so she can disembowel him when she finds him.

Kaltia smiles, nodding her head, cautiously approaching the girl with the dye in one hand, the other reaching for Beyla's hair. Walking around her in a a circle, she tilts her head, slowly counting to herself. "How many stripes then?" Atleast she's not going to die… yet.

Beyla hmms as she looks at her hair. Or what she can see of it without a mirror. "Well, under normal circumstances, none, but in this case… in the interests of evenness I will say four. So that's three more that need doing. One here, one here, and one here." she indicates where she wants the dye going, separating the hair in strips. "If I'm going to be walking around with colourful hair, it might as well be interesting colourful hair."

Kaltia nods slowly, and gently, wrapping her hand around the first section of hair that is to be dyed. Examining the bottle she tries to think of an easier way to do it this time around, and simple turns the bottle upside down, blue trickling out to land on the hair. Carefully massaging the dye into the hair, she evens it out, adding a bit more here and there, as a few drops fall to the water.

Beyla ponders the first section of unexpectedly dyed hair, turning it this way and that as if it would offer an explanation as to why it decided to take over her hair. "Well, at least it's a pretty blue." she comments, attempting to see the light in the situation.

Snore… did Naomi fall asleep? No… a'course not. But as her eyelids slowly slide open once again, and she notices a little wrinkling on the pads of her fingers, she nearly screams. "Who let me stay in this long?" comes the first cry, and the rest are idle accusations directed at anyone around. Eyes grow wider as she notices Beyla and Kaltia, and her jaw drops. "Are you both mad?"

Kaltia blinks at Nao, green eyes gazing over at the pruny girl. "You let yourself stay in that long, and no, we're not mad. We are perfectly normal." Well… define normal. Leaning forward, she nods at Beyla, before dunking her blue hand in the water, trying to rub off some of the coloring before she starts on the next section.

Beyla smiles sweetly at Naomi. "Absolutely." she agrees. Whether she's agreeing that they're both normal or that they're both mad is something else entirely. "I happen to believe that this is making the best of a bad situation."

"But… but… you're /blue/!" Naomi's powers of observation are indeed astounding. "Bad? That's bad? Aaagh. You all confuse me." She reaches out of the pool for her towel and wraps it around herself as she crawls on out, finding herself a seat not too far from the other pair. "Why are you blue?"

Kaltia giggles, shaking her head, more then a little amused with Nao. "Why wouldn't she be blue? Its better then… brown or something, no?" Kal logic solves every problem…. even if it doesn't make any sense to anyone else.

Beyla tilts her head. "I'm not blue… just… bits of my hair are blue. In sequence." she raises an eyebrow at Naomi. "Well, it wasn't planning on being dyed!" she exclaims in a sort of huffy tone, rubbing the dye in a completed section in a bit more.

Naomi pouts, arms crossed over her chest, shaking her head slowly. "I like brown. It's… neutral. It's dirt-like. People sometimes like dirt-like. It's nice." She pauses for a moment, pulling a strand of wettened blonde hair out in front of her face. "Yellow. Bleh. I don't know about yellow…" Legs are pulled in tight, and she hugs her knees, eyeing Beyla closely. "Don't you think someone'll be angry with you?"

Kaltia stares once more at Nao, staring out from under her golden lashes. "What's wrong with yellow?" And she had better say nothing. "And who would be angry with her? Mine's been green and they haven't said anything?" Nao's so… Nao-like. Take chances, live a dangerous life.

Beyla frowns, deep in thought. "Why would people be mad? It /was/ an accident." she clarifies. Again. "I mean, I thought it wouldn't actually be dyed… this blue stuff was supposed to get rid of it. If I ever get my hands on that trader…"

Stripes. Yes, that's right. Stripes of blue alternate with Beyla's own natural red locks, the result of a rather nasty accident with a bottle of dye with a fellow candidate at Ista Weyr, and her natural sense of style taking over to prevent a complete disaster, resulting in these… stripes. Vividly blue-purple, they stand out against any sort of background they may be places against. The pale skin of her face betrays her origins from colder climates that no amount of Istan tropical sun can seem to tan out of her. She is not particularly tall, having to tilt her head to look up to most people and talk to them, and is quite rounded, the natural result of her love of food.

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