Beyla Learns Some Interesting Things About Dragons

[[logged by Yla]]

Living Cavern

The smooth, rounded walls of the vast living cavern sweep upward from an oval base, two dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat every member of the Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava which forms these caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets abound, dotting the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle greenish light up toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in the ceiling. Ancient lustrous tables run along the long axis of the cavern, and at the far end is the raised dais and high table, where the Weyrleaders and their honored guests eat during formal occasions. Behind the high table, the Weyr's symbol is chiseled into the stone: a smoking mountain in black, on an orange shield, trimmed in gold.

Perched near the food are twenty-one firelizards.

Libby is just about keeping up with Nevarre as she half-jogs along after her fellow candidate. She just about manages not to run straight into her when Nevarre stops staight in front of her. "Oof." A quick step back, and Libby's wiggling fingers in Beyla's direction. "Beyla, I do know… 'Lo." Then Lib offers Merra a wave too, and a smile. "Hey."

Merra says, "Hey, more candied corn," Merra greets, grinning. She cocks her head to study Nevarre, hands automatically folding the laundry. "Nevarre, right? You were a little bit behind me at the clutching, I think." Don't kill her, she has all the memory capacity of a sieve. At any rate, "I'm Merra, clothing folder extraordinaire. I can fold your clothes and sew your robes…" For a fee, of course. Or not."

Beyla just sits back, Merra having kindly relieved her off her folding duties. "Hello…" is said with a grin. She already knows these two, so she just sits there quietly.

"Ah! Merra!" Nevarre's eyes light up in recollection as she manages /not/ to fall flat on her face. The horrors of being short. "This is Libby. She's also a Candidate, from the Starcraft. Libby, this is Merra from High Reaches Weyr." A slow smile grows at the proposition, but she shakes her head. "Tch, tch. No gouging while being a Candidate, Merra. Especially not off of your poor fellow Candidates."

"Nice to meet you, Merra." Libby says, incling her head a little in Merra's direction. Lis and Tatia are the only 'Reaches people she's met before. "If you need a hand… ?" Lib's not too sure if her tour of the Weyr is over now she's bumped into someone or not.

Halic slinks silently in from the South Caverns.

Beyla has somehow managed to push all her chores onto other people, which should give her an hour or so reprieve, (honest, she didn't plan it). But she still grins at Libby. "Sure. Come join in the folding. You can't do worse than me." she grins at Merra. "Not that you're doing bad or anything…"

Vivian pads in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Achenar bounces into the Cavern, studying forgotten for now. Evil light glints in her eyes; This lil Herder's gonna annoy people again. She stops, watching the other people somewhat like a feline looking for a mouse, grinning.

Aziza leans back in her chair as she settles her legs on to the chair across from her. taking in a deep breath she lets out a sigh.

"Hullo!" Vivian greets the cavern's denizens cheerfully whether she knows them or notit's easy to be friendly when one's finally over the flu and can venture outside and be social again. Butwhat, did they all stop moving because she appeared, or is this just one of those pauses that happens in any conversation?

Certainly not. Nevarre reaches for a damp cloth, quickly wiping a free table clear of crumbs, then pulling out chairs for all three of them. Vivian's arrival, however, is greeted by a broad smile. "Weyrwoman Vivian!" Courtesy has become integral to Nevarre over the Turns. "We just finished clearing the tables and folding laundry. Would you join us?" She gestures to an extra chair at the low table, then hastily waves her hands behind her back. Hide the laundry.

Merra laughs. "Well, I'll be happy to sit back and watch you make your robe," she answers Nevarre, tongue in cheek. "Well met, Libby." Lis? Poor starcrafter, meeting Lis as representative of High Reaches. Beyla gets a grin. "I'll take that as a compliment?" Snickering at Nevarre, she shoves the laundry under the table she's at. "Good day, Weyrwoman," she greets quietly, inclining her head.

Beyla plays with the ends of her hair, jumping slightly at Nevarre's addressing of Vivian. Uh-oh. Big Person. Best act relatively normal. "Good day." she greets with a happy smile, fingering the solitary sock sitting in front of her to do something with her hands.

Libby pats a nearby pile of folded clothes, stepping beside it and smiling. "We're done." She agrees with Nevarre, then nods in Vivian's direction, following the lead of the others, "Good day," chimed along with Beyla.

What, join you folding laundry? What fun is that? No, wait—they were finished, that's what they said. "Sure. H'lo Nevarre. Everyone." A pause in the still-thick brogue as Vivian realises she doesn't have names to match all these faces-of course, that's usually what happens when dragons start hauling in Candidates.

Hunter-eyes focus on certain people; she blinks a moment Weyrwoman's way, before she toddles around, thinking she's all invisible-like, even though her bright blue is sure to give her away. She watches, waiting.. Will pounce soon..

Nevarre turns back to Merra, a slight smile upon her face. "One of the useful things about not growing is the fact that clothes still fit after lots of Turns," she replies cheerily, flipping the tail end of her braid over her shoulder before pulling out a seat for Vivian and tossing a grateful smile towards Libby. "Weyrwoman Vivian, this is Libby, that's Beyla, and Merra is right there," she continues, smile not wavering a whit. Achenar, however, is unknown and a child to boot — therefore, Nevarre's not about to move. "Everyone, if you don't know Weyrwoman Vivian, you do now."

Achenar gallops… canters.. walks to the Southern Caverns.

What more can Merra do in greeting? "I think I had some idea of who she is, Nevarre," 'Reachian says rather dryly. "Well met, Weyrwoman Vivian. I hope you and and your queen are well?" Stiff courtesy is not this woman's best field, and it shows in the tense lines of her body.

Oh, don't worry. Stiff courtesy isn't Vivian's field eitherit took Turns of practice before she could get used to hearing her title without wincing. "I am, and Amerasuth is as wellwe both thank ye. Now don't get all nervous on me, I don't bite. Well, not unless provoked, anyway, or asked /really/ nicely. "

Beyla stops playing with the sock, tossing it into a laundry basket. Must stop fiddling. "Well met, Weyrwoman." She grins. "Do… many people ask you to bite them?" Not that Beyla would stop someone from asking. It might actually be rather amusing to watch.

Tierza walks in from the South Caverns.

"Well met, Weyrwoman." Libby just about manages to get the greeting out, standing next to the pile of laundry and not moving much. She already got pinned by a dragon, and Libby doesn't really want to get herself bitten. She nods her hand a bit in Vivian's direction, thinking a curtesy too much and a wave too little.

Tierza says, "Okay.. I wanna know who's baby I am watching the /insists/ on screaming all night! I don't mind kidlets or the chores, but this is gonna kill me. "And indeed, she is begining to look a bit bedraggled and tired. "And please tell me there is fresh klah."

As dry as Merra, Nevarre returns the comment. "Consider it repayment for the robe remark." The unaccustomed tone of voice quickly vanishes as she winks slowly. "I'll have to show you how bad it is. If there hadn't been a couple Weavers in the Candidate group that time around, I think I would've ended up with a sack with no holes in it." She sits down, fingernails tapping absently upon the table. "Libby, come, sit! Please?"

Vivian laughs. "Sometimes," she informs Beyla in a conspiratorial tone. "There are riders around here, after all." And to Tierza—"Klah is usually that way, though I can't vouch for its freshness as I haven't had any yet. And I'm not claiming any screaming babies!"

Merra snickers. "I don't know if I should be more worried about the rider biting me or the dragon," she quips. Freed of the folding task, her left hand twitches slightly, and her right hand plays over the newly acquired bronze dozing on her left forearm. Nevarre gets a wry look. "My parents were weavers. I don't claim to be a master, but I can certainly handle a robe!"

Tierza nods and smiling heads directly for the pot.. "Anyone else want any? Since I'm pouring anyway…" She waits, pitcher poised for action. Okay, really she just stands there and waits.. she's too tired to be clever.

"Ah… sure?" Lib replies, flashing a grin at Nevarre and then scooting over to sit next to her. Candidate bites her lip for a minute, then decides to join in the conversation. "My sewing's okay, but I tend to have problems getting things even. I hope the dragon's won't mind a lop-sided robe…"

Beyla chuckles softly. She'd ask what circumstances would prompt a biting, but that would be somewhat akin to asking for trouble. "I'll be lucky if I can get something that resembles a robe at all." she says with a slight sigh and a rueful smile. "Sewing is not one of my talents."

Vivian waves her arm in the air toward Tierza and the klah—"Aye, please! if you could…and a dragon, if /your/ dragon is out there, isn't going to care what your robe looks like in the least. But if anybody's really abysmal, we've extras in stores."

"No, no, no klah for me," Nevarre demurs from her seat, offering a smile to Tierza. "And that robe… I'll have to dig it up." Tilting her head at Libby, she chuckles lowly. "Considering that some of our current riders wound up sewing themselves together… I think that you'll be fine, Libby. And Beyla, I can help you with sewing." She grimaces at Vivian's words, nose crinkling up. "The extras haven't been washed in Turns, and I don't even know if they're white anymore."

Halic goes home.

Tierza pours out several mugs, sets 'em on a tray and carefully carries them to each of the persons who asked. "Okay… and just so everyone knows, I'm Tierza, and I /was/ at Gar and now I'm here…" Still not quite sure how that happened, but.. "And I guess I can help with the sewing, I'm pretty decent at it. I even brought some supplies from home." Returns the tray to the sideboard and sighing, sits down to slump and sip.. oh, it /is/ klah!

"Libby here. Also, from Gar, in a round about way. I was at the Starcraft hall." But now Lib's got a pretty white note instead of her apprentice one. As for extras… "I think I'll get by with whatever I can make."

Beyla smiles her gratitude to Nevarre. "Thanks. My sewing ability only extends to sock wherries. And that's only because I watched my brothers do it for so many turns." And no, sock wherries are /not/ harder than robes. She thinks.

Merra grins. "My friend Daeyn was horrible at sewing, and her robe was…interesting. Now, she's a brownrider at High Reaches. So, it's definitely proof that a newly-hatched dragon doesn't care!" Not that she thinks a dragon will care anyway. Eternal optimist? Hardly. "Merra from High Reaches, in case you missed that. And I can help with robes also."

Vivian chuckles. "H'lo Tierza. I'm Vivian. I /was/ a seaholder, then I was a Weaver, and now most of my life is devoted to caring for a large gold Stomach-on-legs. Welcome to Ista. And," she adds to the others, "I suppose I can help out if somebody needs help with their robe." Really, she can usually whip a plain one out in around twenty minutes, it's not like it's a hardship.

"Nevarre, Ista Weyr born and bred," she offers, nodding politely at Tierza. "Sock wherries?" A smothered snicker is vaguely audible from behind a quickly lifted hand. "Never got to play with those. Ah-" Her eyes begin to dance teasingly as Vivian re-introduces herself. "-maybe I should re-make my poor robe, then, Weyrwoman Vivian?" Unless asked, she's not going to drop the title.

Tierza says, "Well, I was never anything beyond a gardener and dreamer of dreamers about dragons. But I miss my runner and I was wondering if I could get permission to have someone from Gar ride him up here? I already arranged for them to care for my canine and feline." (Yes, she collects pets.. she loves animals). "And I know Sunset loves to play with the dragons. He had a great time with Sejith at the beach on day. And I still have the bruises to prove it."

Beyla realises, with all the introducing going on, that Tierza doesn't know her name. Oops. "Beyla. Starcrafter-turned-candidate, at your service." She send a grin and a sidelong glance towards Nevarre. "Yes, sock wherries. Wherries from socks. Cute little things." Beyla, personally, probably couldn't bring herself to ask someone, especially not the weyrwoman, to make her robe. She'll just muddle along herself.

Tierza says, "Ah, I thought I recognized you Beyla, possibly at the Harper?"

Beyla blinks, rubbing her temple as if trying to push her brain into working. She doesn't really have what one would call a wonderful memory for faces. "Ah… probably. Yes, it's very possible."

Correction, Beyla will muddle along with Nevarre's help. Said personage stands and quickly draws more chairs over, drawing them in a vague circle around the table. "Before all our legs get tired and our excuse for a break stops, why don't we sit down?" she suggests, waving a hand at the chairs. Libby gets a smile; it's easier to sit than stand.

Vivian tilts her head toward Nevarre, thoughtful. "If you want toand you live here, you know. Just 'Vivian' is fine. Cut down on the syllables." Waifish goldrider lounges idly against the edge of the table, klah in hand. So many questions! Tierza, next"Your runner? Of course, send him along. Though there won't be much use for him, if you Impress."

Merra has never heard of sock wherries, alas. Now, anything involving llamas or tunnelsnakes named Toodles… But never mind that. "We can make our robes whenever, can't we?" One never knows. There could be some strange time restrcition.

"Very well, Vivian," Nevarre replies slowly, dubiously tapping her chin. "It's become a habit since I grew up. When I was little, I could call you Vivian. And then I got scolded for it." The finger that had been tapping her chin waggles at the goldrider cheerfully. "But that's all right. Oh-" Libby, now, gets her attention. "That's easy enough. I can show you where the material for the robes is stored. It's not used for anything else, after all."

Vivian blinks. "Got scolded for it?" she repeats—that's news to her. But nothing to be done about it now, and the past is dismissed with a delicate shrug. "There's closets full of it back in the Weavers' area. Somehow, we always have a use for plain white robe material around this Weyr," she adds with a grin.

Beyla looks down at her own white and off-white clothing. As if she doesn't wear enough of that colour already. But its for a special occasion, so she won't complain. At all. This is the non-complaining Beyla, see? "What else would it be used for?" she asks, sounding genuinely puzzled. "Apart from clothes."

Aiana strolls barefoot in from the Southeastern Bowl.

"Thank you." Nevarre gets another grin, which Libby then turns on Vivian, "Both of you," added with a smile after the Weyrwoman speaks. "I might eventually be able to sort myself out without someone to hold my hand." Lib pulls a slight face at the slightly daunted way she's currently acting. She gets better, honest. It's just the shock.

"I wonder why," Merra comments wryly. She stands suddenly. "I think I might go and get a length of that right now, in fact. Wouldn't hurt to have my robe done and out of the way, after all." Really, why concentrate on her robe when she can be silently fretting about the Hatching…? "If we cadnies aren't needed for anything else…?" Yes, that's an oblique request for permission.

Tierza walks to the Bowl.

Nevarre can understand being daunted, indeed. She tosses a smile to Libby, then shakes her head at Vivian. "It doesn't matter; just a headwoman who got irritated at me. No more." That, and she managed to mature. Smoothing a strand of golden hair back into its place, she nods at Merra. "I'll go with you, show you where they are. If, as you say, we're not needed for anything else."

"Sure, why not?" Vivian isn't the mother to all those eggs the Candidates are after, she can be as laid-back as she pleases. "Oi, sorry Libby—of course you can. We're trying to be helpful, that's all."

Aiana shuffles in and just shakes her head and rolls her eyes before meandering to the drinks table to pour a tall glass of water and snag a juicy redfruit.

"Thank you, Vivian." Nevarre stands, nodding at the goldrider before jerking her head towards the back caverns. "Come on, Merra, I'll just show you where we keep our robe material, and you can get started." And, with that, the teen makes her way through the breakfast crowds and towards the storage areas.

Nevarre walks to the Southern Caverns.

"See you!" Vivian doesn't seem inclined to follow them, not back into the recesses of the caverns with all the dust and—well, really she just wants to sit here and finish her klah.

Kaeryn slips quietly, a bounce in her step, in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Merra follows Nevarre obediently, nodding to the others. "See you all around. It was nice meeting you, Weyrwoman." And with that, she heads the same way as Nevarre.

Merra walks to the Southern Caverns.

Aiana snorts auditbly after she sucks down the water, "Ain't never seen such o'display o'grovellin…"

Aziza pulls her feet off of the other chair and then stands up. She is sure she is needed in the infirmary she she leaves without a word.

Aziza walks to the Northeast Caverns.

Vivian laughs into her klah. "Oh, it was mild compared to when the Holders get here for the hatching. Just wait. This is just 'cause they're all still getting used to things here."

Beyla pointedly ignores Aiana's comment as she gets to her feet to get herself her own cup of fruit juice. After all, klah is simply not her drink. Yucky stuff. She sips at it slowly.

Kaeryn wanders in, a little more slowly that usual, probably due to the larger than usual belly. Gracefullness isn't shot though, not yet, which is proven as she walks toward the food and pours herself a mug of juice.

Libby blinks slightly as Nevarre and Merra disappear, finding herself and Beyla the only candidates left. Getting up and scooting over to Beyla, she grins at her fellow crafter. "Apart from the chores, it's sure different to the hall here…"

Aiana smirks as she watches Aziza leave. That one had absolutely no backbone or gumption at all. She gives Beyla 'the eye'…purposly to try and unsettle the girl before she turns to Vivian, "Ach, I'd ruther go between! Don't it just urk ya t'have fluff brains grovellin and droolin at yer feet? Turns m'stomach. They act all nice-nice and then' gossip like old wherries later."

Beyla turns her head towards Libby in mid-sip, grinning mischievously. "I /know/." she says, sounding a little awestruck. "It's just so… different." she says, trying not to giggle.

Vivian laughs, shaking her head"People act like that anywherehere, crafthalls, holds. Between is about the only place y' /would/ get away from it. Kaeryn!" Distraction—she bounces to her feet, waving toward the Harper.

Libby nods her agreement, unable to think of any other word that fits quite like different. "/Really/ different." She eventually voices, still nodding a bit. "Have you met any of the other candidates? Apart from Merra and Nevarre?"

Kae's mug is placed on the table while she fills a bowl with stew, carefully ladeling it so as to not burn herself or mess up the table. After all, who wants to face an angry Annly when you're responsible for messing up her tables? Food and drink claimed, the harper gathers her things and searches for a table, and the search quickly ends when her attention is forced on Vivian. "Vivian! Hi!" she calls out, much like she did back in the days of her apprenticeship. "Mind if I join you?"

Aiana finds a chair to straddle backwards as she peels a redfruit heedless of the sticky juice staining her fingers or dripping. "Pathetic…" she mutters shaking her head listening to the candidate's conversation and she turns her attention to the sylphen rider and the rotund Kaeryn while she sucks at a pice of fruit with a slurp.

"Of course not, come have a seat." Vivian flops back into her chair, looping her legs over the arm. "How've you been?"

Beyla bobs her head enthusiastically. "Yes. Well, only one. Nanoc, the Healer? Met him when we first arrived. But that was just before he got searched himself." Somewhere around that time anyway. "Um… the others I haven't really had a chance to talk to yet." After all, they certainly put a person to work quickly around the weyr.

Kaeryn places her bowl and mug on the table and carefully lowers herself into a nearby chair before giving Vivian a grin in response. Hand touches her stomach and she lifts her shoulders in a shrug, "Pregnant again, which puts a bit of a damper on my travels, but things are well. How are things with you, and Amerasuth? I'd wager you're just glad it isn't you out there on the sands."

"S'one more than I've met then." Libby comments, rubbing one of her fingers slightly. "Well, apart from a few snores when I've been in the barracks. Don't think that really counts though…" Slightly cheeky grin lights Libby's face for a moment before she looks at her finger. "I forgot how sharp needles can be…"

Aiana strolls barefoot to the Bowl.

Vivian eyes her friend's rounded belly. "Aye, I am. Is this baern from the same rider then? Since I know I've seen you running around with the other one—she's growing, isn't s he?"

Beyla hugs Orbit! Orbit reaches out and hugs you tightly. Deathgrip??? Nah, she's just trying to pull you out of the way of Ivrylth. Splat Ooops. Orbit didn't manage.

Beyla chuckles, trying to remember if a lot their fellow candidates snore. She can't remember. She's a very heavy sleeper. Noticing Libby's peering at her finger, she also peers, before leaning back and raises her cup of juice to her mouth. "What did you do?" she asks, indicating the finger as she takes a sip.

Kaeryn lifts her mug halfway to her lips before pausing to give a slight chuckle, "Yes, this one's T'rell's as well, of course, and he seems to be as enthused about it as he was Brencia, so that's a good sign. Of course, it seems he's another child on the way as well." That bit in information is offered with a most unhappy frown. Juice is studied while the mug hovers inches from her mouth, "I've noticed they've brought candidates in already. Don't suppose they've done anything to the juice, do you?"

Libby gives the finger one more glance, then tries to ignore it. "I think I must've poked it with a needle. Can't see a cut, but it kinda tingles a bit." Candidate shrugs slightly, letting her hand drop, her finger with it. "I'm sure with the amount of sewing I'll be doing I'll get used to it."

Vivian leans closer to peer into Kaeryn's glass. "Hope not—that's the one problem with having so many people around, not all of them have outgrown pranks yet. Does it smell okay? And who's T'rell having another baern with?" Vivian is way behind on gossip. All gossip.

Libby goes home.

Kae takes a very small sip to test the juice before taking a larger drink to wet her throat. "Seems alright, but it does make me want to keep my own juice back in the weyr instead of having to trust this stuff," mug finds its way back to the table and the harper gives a shake of her head. "Saria. It's a 'flight baby', but that doesn't make it any easier for me to deal with." Nose wrinkles and head shakes again. Even with the number of turns she's spent in the weyr, she'll never really learn to deal with the way things happen.

Vivian, on the other hand, has never had jealousy issues. Fortunately, since it would make her one of the biggest hypocrites on Pern. "Weyr families are twisted, tangled creatures, aren't they? Y' end up being attached to just about everybody by the time all the lines are drawn."

Beyla sighs slightly to herself as the other half of her conversation departs the caverns, lost for something to do for a moment. Taking a sip of her juice, she leans forward slightly, listening to the words going back and forth between Vivian and Kaeryn. She's not trying to pretend she's not listening, so it's not strictly eavesdropping. Er… right?

"They are twisted," Kae agrees with a not exactly pleased look and a shake of her head. "It's funny the way things work out though. Nine out of ten flights that Sejith participates in, T'rell's with me, so give the one that he isn't and it winds up that someone else is having his baby." Fingers lift and run through her rumbled curls, "You'd think I'd be accustomed to the way things work around here by now, but I guess it's the first time it's been in my home."

Pale, calloused fingers abandon her mug and reach for the Harper's hand. "You gonna be okay?" Vivian asks bluntly—sure, /she/ might not mind sharing lovers, but it's plain enough that some other people do. Would it help if she pointed out that at least she's never slept with T'rell? No, probably not. "Keep repeating t'yourself: just a flight."

"I'll be fine, once it really sinks in, I think. He just found out two days back, and just told me yesterday, so I'm still in shock." Kae's fingers curl around Vivian's, giving them an affectionate squeeze. "I think mostly, my idea of what my family would be like, the last time I was posted here, was completely different from the way it is now. Of course, back then, I was with another harper, not a bronzerider. Leave it to me to choose the path that will be the most difficult for me." Nose wrinkles again, but this time in amusement, "Here I am, surrounded by people that are accustomed to life here, and I'm still trying to figure it out."

Beyla looks vaguely shocked at the whole idea of sharing lovers and the whole thing to do with flights. After all, no one's actually ever told her any of this. Wrinkling her nose slightly, she sits back, peering into her juice.

Beyla's reaction does not go unnoticed. Vivian's free hand moves in a subtle wave of invitation, if she wants to come and share her thoughts as well. "Aye, because harpers are all known for being monogamous, settled, domestic creatures," she notes wryly. "It'll take time, love, that's all. Like y' said."

"I was a settled, domestic creature until T'rell came back in my life when Jerran and I starting having troubles. I guess I always *will* be, which makes me wonder how you can even deal with all the things tossed you way when it comes to flights." Kae shifts back into harper mode, always questioning everything and everyone in an attempt to really understand things.

Beyla hesitates a moment, having a slight block about approaching people who rank higher in the overall order of things than her, but takes a deep breath and shuffles a little closer after contemplating what to do, her curiosity about the conversation overriding any thoughts that she might be intruding. For the moment anyway.

Vivian is like a bit like a dragon that wayshe doesn't really try too hard to understand, simply accepts the way things are and enjoys them to whatever extent she can. "Because unlike you, I've never /been/ a settled, domestic creature," she answers simply. "Even before Amerasuthif anything she's calmed me down some." Slender fingers return the squeeze before returning to lift her mug. Head tilts ever so slightly toward Beyla—"Making y' nervous yet?"

Beyla clutches at her mug a little tighter, thinking about the proper response. After clearing her throat, she offers a slight smile. "Um… not so much… ah… nervous… as confused?" Well, alright, maybe a little nervous. This is one aspect of the weyr she really didn't know about.

Kaeryn gives Beyla a warm smile, making others feel comfortable around her usually being one of her strong points, and motions for the younger woman to come a little closer, if she dares. "If you're going to be around here a while, you'd might as well find people you aren't afraid of," she coaxes. Vivian is given a look of dismay, which is followed by a laugh, "It amazes me, sometimes, just how different people can be. I mean, what feels right for you just doesn't for me, and vice versa I guess. Isn't that…strange?"

Vivian used to be good at making people feel comfortable, but in recent Turns it seems most of them can't see past the damn knot. And that includes times she doesn't wear itthe pale Weaver-turned-rider has enough of a reputation in her own Weyr that it precedes her everywhere. More's the pity. "Well, somebody ought to fill you in, thenbefore you find out the hard way and really do get scared off."

Beyla starts to raise the mug to her lips, to take a sip to make her voice come a little easier, but at the phrase 'scared off' she lowers her drink, looking a little wary now. "Ah… fill me in?" she echoes, looking from one to the other.

Kae sips from her drink once again and slides her pink tongue across her lips to dampen them before speaking. "Well, this is from a non-rider that's spent more turns of her life at the weyr then not, but, weyrlife is just different. If you're squeamish about relationships and privacy, like I can be, it might be a little difficult for you to get accustomed to." Juice swirls in the mug as it's twisted in circles on the table, daring to splash some of the contents over the side, "T'rell and I kind of have this…agreement, or plan, but you can't always plan for things here. Too much can happen, too quickly."

Vivian props her chin on folded hands. "Aye, that's basically what I would've said. But she's a Harper, she's better at it. Things happen—especially with riders, because there's not a person on Pern who can ever be to a rider what their dragon is, no matter how much they love them." Or something like that.

"Um…" Beyla's definitely looking more confused than anything now. "Squeamish? Relationships?" She rubs the back of her neck, trying to think. "I still don't quite understand." she admits in a quiet sort of voice. Not so soft as to be inaudible, but not exactly shouting at the top of her lungs, either.

Kae offers a sad nod in agreement with Vivian's comment. Like it or not, it's the way it is, and something you just have to accept. "I love T'rell, he and Sejith, and Brencia, of course are everything to me. Loving T'rell didn't come with an option of either I love him or I love him and Sejith, because when a person and a dragon come together, they form this bond that, well…" The harper pauses, looking around for some sort of an example to help her explain things. "To me, they aren't two separate entities, at least not in my heart. I love both of them, or I love neither of them, that's the way they come, because each of them makes up so much of the other. Does that much make sense, at least?" She'll try to explain, even if it has to be just a little at a time.

Beyla takes a deep breath, nodding to Kae. "I… get that." Even she, who has never been to a weyr before, knows about bond between rider and dragon, so she gets that. The confuzzled look isn't really being dispelled though.

"Which is to say," Vivian explains a little more bluntly, "that if you're looking for a monogamous relationship and a fellow to settle down with, it's not likely to happen here. Or any weyr—it's not how things work. As Kaeryn here's discovering, even the most committed lovers is subject to mating flights."

Beyla blinks slowly, absorbed the more down-to-pern terms that Vivian put it in. "Oh. I see." Eyes widen. Subject to mating flights… subject to… not monogamous. "OH!" The realisation comes crashing down on Beyla like a tunnel collapsing. "I… I didn't realise." she raises a hand to her mouth for a second before forcing it down and trying to pick her jaw up off the floor. "Oh… my." is said, somewhat less loudly.

"T'rell and I are weyrmated," Kae adds to Vivian's example, pausing with an amused grin, as the walls seem to tumble from around Beyla's mind, "which is basically the most bound relationship you'll find at the weyr. We love each other and would do anything for one another, but in order for it to work, I had to understand that things happen that aren't always under my or his control. If a gold, or even a green, rises, Sejith will chase, and if Sejith chases," she pauses, licking her lips and giving Vivian an 'I'm not so good at this part' look before attempting to continue, "T'rell and I made an agreement that basically says that I know he doesn't always have control over who's bed he winds up in, as long as I'm the one he comes home to at night. And he always does."

"Same thing going on over at High Reaches," Vivian continues blithely. "Areiah's pregnant, but it's not her weyrmate's, it's another rider's. And from what I hear, he has pretty mixed feelings on the whole thing too. But it's part of weyr life, and there's no real getting around it." Best not to have any such ties, perhaps?

Beyla still looks rather stunned, drink now forgotten, eyes blinking every few moments as if trying to force herself to process the information. "I suppose." she admits slowly. "It was just something of a… surprise." And that is an understatement.

"It doesn't exactly please me to know that another woman is going to have T'rell's child," Kae admits with a shake of her head, "but it's just the way things worked out. I'm not upset with either T'rell or Saria over something that's beyond their control. You'll see what it's like, though. Greens fly every day around here, and even without a dragon to tell you about it, you'll feel it more than likely."

Vivian nods. "It's even stronger with golds. They permeate everything. And," she continues, more because it needs to be said than because she gets any enjoyment out of scaring Candidates, "the losers in a flight are often as not looking for somebody to comfort them."

Beyla's eyes widen again. If that was at all possible. "Oh." is weaker this time, and she forces herself to smile a little. "Well… I'll make sure I'm hiding then." This is most definitely an aspect of the weyr she wouldn't have considered. At all.

Kaeryn laughs sympathetically, reaching over to pat Beyla's arm, "There are several places to hide around here, and I think I found them all when I was an apprentice. Do a little searching around here when you've a little time to yourself. Trust me, private hiding spots are a keeper when it gets as crazy around here as it can on any normal day." This harper would know, after all, she spent more time hiding than around people.

Vivian nods. "Ayeand it's not like y' have to worry about somebody throwing you over their shoulder and dragging you off or anything, it's not that bad! Justwell, we've already got a bit of a reputation with the Holdfolk, and a lot of the time we do live up to it."

Beyla smiles weakly at Kae as she's patted on the arm, mind still reeling. "I must have missed hearing about it." she says. She can handle this. No really. She /can/ handle this. Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, Beyla makes an effort to appear less shell shocked. "And I didn't really think to ask…"

Kaeryn blinks slowly for a moment and then holds out her hand, definitely belatedly, "I'm Kaeryn, by the way, Harper Master, and your friendly weyrharper, mostly at the service of all the fine people here at the weyr."

Beyla blinks at the sudden shift in topic, holding out a hand that's not as steady as it was five minutes ago, but is definitely not trembling as much with shock. "Well met. Beyla. I'm Beyla." in case that was in doubt at all. "Formerly of the Starcraft." A glance is given to her pristine new white knot.

Vivian barely escapes spitting out all her klah in the giggles that threaten to escape. "Oi—sorry about that! I always figure everybody around here must know each other, at least as long as I've met them."

Kaeryn brushes the palm of her hand against Beyla's in a polite greeting and winks at Vivian, "You should at least tell your candidates who their weyrharper is so they can run to me when they want to hide, right?" Eyebrows raise in amusement and she nods her head in the direction of the beach, "We've a weyr on the beach, ground based so my daughter and I can come and go without dragon assistance, so if you ever need a place to hide or someone to talk to, I'm usually around, since my office is there."

Beyla smiles, less nervously, and more with geniune gratitude. "Oh I will. And thank you. For the offer and for…" she traces odd swirly patterns on the surface of the table with her fingertip, looking from weyrwoman to weyrharper. "Explaining." She has now officially been given the biggest shock of her life. Be proud.

"If you're a starcrafter then you must know my cousins, Ali, who's a rider here now, and Ashlyn, who I believe is still an apprentice?" Kae makes a stab a friendly 'getting to know you' type conversation. "Alister spent a large deal of her candidate free time in my room because she was so horrified of being around all these strange people and how different things were here. You should talk to her sometime, she could probably show you around a bit and maybe help you feel at home a little more."

Look at it this way—it could have been much, much worse. Vivian nods. "Kae's good at that. And Amerasuth usually doesn't mind if people hide out in her weyr either, though I don't think she'd care for a crowd. It's on the ground, at least."

Well a lovely big gold would be good to hide behind. Or underneath. Although that would probably result in pancaked Beyla, which would certainly not be pretty. She bobs her head in response to Kae. "Oh… I know of them. Never really met either. If I see them around, I might just to that." And see if there are any other coronary-inducing shocks in store for her while she's here.

Nherys stealthily slips in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Kaeryn drains the rest of the juice from her mug and pushes the now-cold-stew away. No point in eating it now, right? "I usually try to spend a little time with each of the candidates before the hatching, see if I can't do some sketches I can use when doing a painting of the hatching. Resident artist as well, so I'm sure you'll see me around trying to do that as well."

Beyla looks at her juice as if just remembering that she's holding it, and takes a sip to clear her throat a little. "Artist?" she echoes. "I'm in awe of /anyone/ who can draw." On ground that's not likely to surprise her, Beyla sounds a little more confident, her voice firmer now. "I can't. My felines look like misshapen tubers."

Vivian brightensnot that she wasn't happy to be out and about already. "She's a good one, tooI've still got the picture she did of Amerasuth's hatching. It's gorgeous."

Kae smiles modestly at the praise and lifts her shoulders, "I've been doing it as long as I can remember, so I've had plenty of practice. Most of the time, I just do it to relax me when things get hectic. Not that I've had a chance to do anything for 'fun' with a toddler at my feet most of the time."

Beyla frowns, running a nail along the rim of the mug, feeling out the small chips and nicks in the ceramic. "I don't really have any hobbies like that. Someone back at the hall suggests I find one, but…" she muses. "No real talents I suppose." She's fairly pragmatic about that, to be honest. What would she do with a hobbie after all?

Vivian shrugs delicately. "My hobbies were usually work-related. I like sewing, and embroidery, and all that, so I became a Weaver. Or they worked the other way around—I like sailing and swimming because I'm seahold-bred. I suppose making things could be considered a hobby, even if I'm not picky about what it is I'm making."

"Hobbies are good for the spirit, and for relaxing," Kae notes softly, tapping her fingers on the table, revealing a few of the ever paint-splattered spots that cover them. "This close to the water, swimming is a great way to unwind, good for the body too.

The housekeeper arrives to cart Nherys off to bed.

Beyla looks faintly embarrassed now. "I… ah… don't swim very well. Oh, I can, but not very well. I've never lived by the coast or anything to practice." Hmm… maybe she should give it a go. That's if she can find time between the chores, after all.

"So sneak off and go play in the water, it's the best way to learn." One hopes Vivian didn't say that too loudly—is she /advocating/ ditching chores in favour of fun? Our junior weyrwoman's liable to get into trouble for corrupting Candidates.

"It's also a great way to wake up in the mornings," Kae presses, smiling all the while. "I swim every morning before 'cia gets up, and generally before T'rell as well. If you're not afraid of getting up before chore time, you can join me sometime and we'll see if we can't strengthen those swimming skills."

Beyla giggles for a moment before managing to suppress it. She's not going to object if one of the Big People say she should sneak out to go play. "Really? You wouldn't mind? And getting up early isn't a problem at all. I think I irritate people at the hall because I don't have a problem with that." Be afraid. Beyla is a chirpy morning person. /Fear/.

Kae practically glimmers, a maybe-early-morning swimming partner. "Just meet me on the beach just after sunup any morning. Granted I can't move as easily as I usually do with this big belly and all, but I can still swim."

Vivian is /not/ a chipper morning person—unless she's been up all night, then she somehow manages it. "Blecch. You two can have your early morning swims and I'll stick to my late night ones, thanks!"

Beyla grins, not quite giggling this time, draining her juice mug before speaking. "Last to bed, first to rise. That's me."

Dea toe dances in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Dea enters, taking off her gloves, smiling slightly as she looks around.

Vivian is /not/ a chipper morning person—unless she's been up all night, then she somehow manages it. "Blecch. You two can have your early morning swims and I'll stick to my late night ones, thanks!" [repose]

Beyla grins, not quite giggling this time, draining her juice mug before speaking. "Last to bed, first to rise. That's me." (repose)

"I used to prefer sleeping in, but after two turns on the Lady Rose, I grew accustomed to things shutting down kind of early and getting up before dawn. And now, that's just the way I work, but since 'cia and T'rell are both late nighters, that means I usually just get a few candlemarks of sleep per night," Kae's sleeping habits may have changed, but her eating habits haven't. Juice. Stew. Bread. The usual.

Dea enters, grabbing stuff up for a picnic, putting them in a basket, grabbing a bottle of wine. She salutes all the people as she turns to leave. "Got a hot date." is all she say as she heads back out.

Dea toe dances to the Bowl.

There's only so much variety in weyrfood anyway. And not being in the mood for any of it, Vivian stands, like a drop of water falling backward, tossing a wave toward Dea's quick greeting. "I think I've caused enough trouble around here for one afternoon," she says lightly, "and besides, I've got some things to get back to—see you both later, I imagine."

Beyla smiles up at the weyrwoman as she stands. "Thank you, Vivian." she said, honestly sounding grateful. "I appreciated you talking to me." the politeness is automatic for her, and seems to be reflexive.

Vivian just flashes her a warm, almost playful grin. "No problem. Feel free to come hunt me down if you need anything else. Good t' see you, Kae!" She leans over the harper to plant a quick farewell kiss on her temple, and scoots out the door.

Vivian pads to the Bowl.

Kaeryn pushes herself up from the table as well, gathering her dishes, preparing to carry them to the kitchen to be taken care of. "I'm afraid I need to get going as well, before 'Cia drives Cirrus completely crazy. She's only two, so she's fully capable of doing so in a short period of time. Don't be afraid to stop by somtime, though. My family and I, we're all harmless, especially since Sejith is on the sands with Quarith lately."

Beyla sighs lightly. Awww… she's going to be all on her lonesome. Maybe she should go back to the barracks and actually make her bed. "Alright. I might just do that." she grins. "Hope to see you again then."

Kae smiles encouragingly, pausing near the kitchen door to do so, "The next few sevendays'll be hard, but keep in mind that they work you hard to make sure you'd be capable of caring for a dragonet as a weyrling and of doing the duties required of a rider after graduation. They aren't just trying to be mean, they need to make sure all of their candidates will do a dragon proud before they let you on the sands. Keep your head up and mind your manners, and it'll be easier though." With that last bit of advice, the harper disappears into the kitchen.

Kaeryn goes home.

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