Ozeunzi! No - Oz! You're definitely not in Kansas anymore(ha-ha.)!
Congratulations on Impressing here at good ol' Ista Weyr! We're glad to
have you. It is my deepest desire that you'll find Beniodyth to be a
wonderful lifemate. This inspiration is just a guideline for how you might
like to play him, however - he's all yours to develop and play with as you
see fit. SearchCo has spent lots of time tailoring him to your desires, but
now it's time for you to take the proverbial reins. Have fun! — Lira <3

Dragon: Beniodyth
Color: Brown
Name: Lira
Egg: Well Orchestrated Dramatics Egg
Egg Desc: Tstar
Dragonet: Master of the Rats Brown Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: M'er, Lira
Messages: Lira
Inspiration: Lira

Clutching Message:
Quarith crouches quietly in a spare patch of sand. It's off to one side, already formed and shaped, though it has been passed over until now. Her sides heave and her tail flicks imaginary obstacles out of the way as she
rises like a curtain, revealing Well Orchestrated Dramatics Egg. Breathing a heavy sigh, she then moves on, leaving it alone in its corner like a dusty reminder of long-forgotten glory.

Well Orchestrated Dramatics Egg
Black, white, and grey swirl across the surface of this small egg. Melodramatic streaks of white and black clash over the base of smooth silky dove. The narrow point is almost completely capped in a silvered white, catching light whenever it can, in spite of the looming tendrils of ebony threatening to invade. The broad end is not so firmly entrenched in its midnight shading, a single off shoot of white reaches out across one side as
if attempting to bisect the entire egg.

Hatching Message:
Well Orchestrated Dramatics Egg shifts jerkily, emitting a train of clicking sounds - the affectation a rusted film reel beginning its vigorous spin. After a moment or two, the grey-scale eggshell splits itself a number of vertical cracks, ribboning the girth of the egg. Finally, shell becomes shards as the egg rips and crumbles, unleashing its inhabitant.

Master of the Rats Brown Dragonet
Svelte lines of vintage mahogany combat a mess of angles, casting dramatic shadows down a dark form. Peaked eyeridges deepen a pair of burgundy-tinged eyelids, dabbles of inky black spilling down sunken cheeks and striping a long, chiseled muzzle. Lean to the point of gauntness, his body is a puzzle of sinews and obvious joints that stretch the length and height of his long whip-like neck and tail. Wings are nothing but billowing capes of bleak darkness, only allowing slivers of brown light through at the very thinnest of the large sails. His paws are deepened to the color of moist soil, or possibly even the black sands of Ista, and they holds dangerous claws that
seem all the more darker. In one last morbid act, a stain of red cascades in dribbles down his lanky haunch, smudging a little bit of crimson onto the base of his dark tail.

Impression Message:
Master of the Rats Brown Dragonet heightens his pace to a nervous stalk, worming his way among the loose throngs of pale-clad figures. Thrusting his chiseled muzzle in first one direction, then the other, the gangly dragonet
rumbles a clicking purr of certainty. There's something - no - someone out there waiting to befriend him. He pauses before a similarly angular, dark-skinned girl, neck arching in calm triumph. Ozeunzi!

Personal Impression Message:
Deep.. deeper.. Your senses plunge into velvet sepia, a dark, melancholy cello note easing from somewhere unseen. As if a bit confused, itself, this new addition to your entity shudders quite suddenly, quaking your
consciousness like a series of short mental stumbles. Perhaps the most tentative of this new wave of emotion is a sudden, calm kinship - it blooms slowly, intertwining with your very being. « Hello, Oz. » Low, purring.
« I am Beniodyth. I will do anything you tell me. »


Name Inspiration:
Beniodyth - pronounced "Ben-ee-OH-dith" or "Ben-EYE-oh-dith" - was the result of much online searching and pondering. You said you'd like a name that started with 'B', so that's where I began my search. Taking the name
of one of Willard's beloved rats - Ben - I found 'Benicio', which means 'Benevolent One' in Spanish. Next I tripped upon 'Odysseus', whose Greek roots mean 'Full of Wrath'. Putting them together, his name is a bit of a
contradiction; Kind-hearted and brave(..eventually) like George McFly, vengeful and dark a la Willard.

Egg Inspiration:
Silent films! A long forgotten, but still cherished as a source of many, many a comedic routine. The over dramatized clash between good and evil where the villain always had a handle bar moustache and black cape, and the hero always wore a white hat and arrived in the *fanfare* nick of time, to untie the damsel from the rail road track.

Description Inspiration:
He's dark. And angular. And thin - hey, one of Crispin's characters is" Thin Man", isn't it? His style is, nonetheless, well-groomed. In fact, it reeks of the dapper days gone past, though it certainly holds a more morbid
air. I used Crispin as inspiration for the most part, especially his facial structure; The sunken cheeks and long nose. As you wished, he's a bit odd-looking, from his jagged edges to his inky, billowing wingsails.

Mind Voice:
Have you ever seen the film "Donnie Darko"? Don't bother lying about it - I know you have! And I know you've heard the voice of Frank the rabbit as Donnie hears it. It's a low, synthesized, velveteen purr in your head,
tinged with bemused irony and lazy matter-of-factness. He speaks deliberately, inviting hypnotic darkness shot through with tendrils of chilled vodka - and always, always the dark cello accompaniment. His voice
isn't all seriousness, though - oh, no. Whenever he becomes frustrated or embarrassed, his mindvoice becomes more broken and flustered, bordering
something of a stutter.

Though his length is nothing to be ashamed of, he's far too lanky to be considered 'large'. He's _quite_ long from nose to tail, in fact, but slender to the point of gauntness, heightening the foreboding air that hovers about him. His body seems to lack the musculature to fill out an all-too-bony form, leaving him with knobby joints and protruding bones every-which-where. Thin and thinner are his neck and tail; They're sinuous and whiplike as can be, with neckridges running from jagged spires atop his head to crooked bumps at the base of his tail. Though such a build may seem awkward, Beni is anything but! He's graceful and calculated on both paws and wings. His flight is neither speedy nor full of harrowing stunts, merely a steady sort of hover that is sufficient to carry him wherever he needs to go. Whether it be stealth of the hunt or the simple desire to remain unseen, he'll always take care in his movements and positioning. Speaking of hunting, your Brown comes equipped with an impressive set of talons. They're long and immaculately sharp, curling towards the tips in a deadly barb. His hide is dark, its coloration bordering aged blood(especially the distinguishing splash along his hindquarters), and darkening to a matte coal on his appendages. His eyes have a bit of a bruised look around them, almost sunken or battered, adding a sense of intensity. Like a dark guise, his wings have the tendency to hang a bit more loosely when folded, fanning and relaxed like a flowing cape. Take care that they aren't snagged on passing brush or rocks - it's could happen!

*snag-trip-stumble!* "Oh.. Ahem. It.. it's rather uneven ground here, is it not? Hm. No, I-I'm quite alright!"

Eccentric. Though he'd like to think he's nothing more than a calm, intellectual being, Beniodyth has quite a few little quirks that might raise an eyebrow or two. He's an extension of Ozeunzi, after all; How could he escape a small lack of sanity? Beniodyth loves nothing more than to sit and watch something - anything - for hours, that subject amuses him enough.

" I found this trundlebug on its back at sunrise. It was so fascinating - the way his legs waved about in the air! …They've stopped now, though…"

Yes, he may be a bit obsessive-compulsive. Everything must be done /just so/, and exactly so many times. He may be uncomfortable and demand to switch weyrs several times a turn, if the current one is not angled or
shaped or decorated to his liking. His personality is touched with a bit of a cynical, disdainful nature, at times. He's not a fan of water; Bathing may be a necessary evil, and don't expect very many spontaneous dips.
Beni may never fully "mesh" with the rest of his Draconic kin. Like Oz, his mentality seems to have wandered from the beaten path, leaving him subject to confused receptions among his own kind. He pays apt attention to
details; The tiniest noise of the wind in the palm leaves, the way the light catches on the Star Stones. He's not a very sociable fellow, and he'll be prone to creating bonds on the basis of whoever amuses him the most at any
given moment. You are his haven. Oz and Beniodyth are quite possibly the only ones who understand the other. He's fully devoted to his lifemate, and fully willing to humor and take part in any fantasies Oz conjures.

He's not very fast. He's not all that agile. He's certainly not very charming with the ladies. Heck, he doesn't even care much for this Flight business, anyways! Then how, oh, how will Beniodyth ever manage to get any
action? It's true; While most Bronzes, Browns, and Blues are eager and ready to flex their muscles and strut their stuff when a girl starts a-glowin', Beniodyth may seem a bit more.. apathetic.

" Oh, Imacinth's blooding her kill? Hm.. Never much cared for herdbeast…"

Undoubtedly, instincts are instincts, and he will rise to the occasion(however reluctantly). You can expect Ben to hover with the pack, muttering the most un-romantic commentary you can imagine.

" Ugh, I'm really regretting that old wherry I ate yesterday. It feels like I've swallowed firestone down the wrong stomach, and now it's wreaking havoc on my intestines!"

Will he ever win a Flight, though? Maybe! His endurance is fairly strong… and you know how girls are - some just can't STAND when a male isn't fawning over their every move and word. It's possible that one will become so intrigued by his aloofness that she'll just have to have him. You know how that old song goes - I want you to want me, I need you to need me, I'm begging you to beg me! Some always want someone who doesn't seem
interested in them.

Fighting Thread may be difficult for you and Beniodyth. He'll find the whole task rather unpleasant and stressful, sending him into fits of brooding whenever the time to fight is at hand. He will be sufficient at the task, but may carry a constant feeling of inadequacy and disdain as he soars along with more enthusiastic wingmates. He does have a few advantages over others while Threadfighting, though; His narrow profile leaves less of
a chance for scoring, and a long, lithe neck offers a better range of aim when he's belching flame.

So, here he is! Beniodyth! To have and to hold, in sickness and in health… *ahem* May he and Oz forever be the eccentric pair at Ista Weyr.

Ozeunzi's Brown Beniodyth
Harper's Tale: 35th PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Saria's gold Quarith and G'deon's bronze Nylanth
April 27th, 2003

Clutchmates: Rhaeyn’s bronze Akamieth, Thistia’s blue Aeokiath, Drutoley’s brown Febanteurigith, Kaefe's Brown Tanzheth, P'renn's brown Cinestioth, Ajala’s green Myrrheth, Khristeen’s green Imacinth

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