Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that she is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. —Sapha and N'ano

Dragon: Belissaith
Color: Green
Name: Sapha, N'ano
Egg: Spring Equinox Egg
Egg Desc: Sapha
Dragonet: Parisian Spring Sonnets Green
Dragonet Desc: Sapha, N'ano
Messages: Sapha, N'ano
Inspiration: Sapha, N'ano

Clutching Message:

Miyakath recovers rather swiftly from her chilly offspring birthed only moments before, as she prepares a divot for the impending ovoid next to grace the sands. This one it appears doesn't tax her so much, and it's almost a surprise when Spring Equinox Egg is finally settled upon the sands.

Spring Equinox Egg:

The deepest shades of forest green compete with the vibrant shades of rampant new growth and the delicate blush of palest pink much like sunlight filtering through leafy treetops. Patterns form and shift around the circumference of the egg, appearing to be dictated solely by the randomness of the gentlest of breezes, allowing the egg tranquility despite the juxtaposition of old and new green. The haphazard dappling of the eggs surface sometimes allows the unexpected glimpse of deep cerulean, which is quickly hidden from view, once more by an artfully placed blossom of white or an unruly sprig of verdigris.

Hatching Message:

Spring Equinox Egg has had about enough. Seriously. Being cramped up in this poor excuse of a home for so long? It just doesn't suit ones fancy. Fissures engorge the eggs surface within a matter of seconds causing shards to spray about like a volley to the sand beneath. And then nothing. Silence. But silence is only the awakening of such a surreal being of vigor and beauty to emerge from the depths of her chassis - a war in bloom for her own freedom. Militaire De Dieu?

Parisian Spring Sonnets Green Dragonet:

Heavenly pigments of chartreuse and lime coalesce along the illusive feline-striped texture of her hide; bright as Rukbat through new foliage and vernal brilliance unrelenting as it smothers every delicate curve and angle in a rampant joie de vie. Lovingly inspired, it dapples over dainty haunches and along exuberantly shaped shoulders before giving way to helter-skelter daubs of sun-kissed caramel; the innocent splash of a springtime shower forming forest puddles amongst a lithe muzzle, neck and head knobs alike, aged with fresh moss to contrast such muted earth. Pale subdued mist visits her hide once more, upon the leafy vibrancy of powerful wings, obscuring Rukbat’s luster with the unpredictability of a sudden spring squall.

Impression Message:

Parisian Spring Sonnets Green Dragonet thrusts herself into a wary weave, her body nearly lagging behind her through the coarse black sands of the hatching grounds. It's been a long battle, but hunger takes toll all too soon. Alas though, a strong warrior she must find, for she cannot fight this battle of starvation alone! And came this voice with brightness… a great light… a voice of an angel? No, it's that of her soul mate-the one that shall bring peace of mind and hunger, Aradia.

Personal Impression Message:

Inexplicably the silences in your mind eases, slowly replaced with a muted murmur, like the gentle song of bumblebees or the mingled chatter of a crowded street cafe. « Good! You are Ariah, no? » A husky alto echoes across the din, bringing with it the slight scent of toasted almonds. « I am Belissaith, naturally. » And it is natural as almost unbearably the murmur escalates, and just when you think you can't stand it anymore, it all falls away, the noise, the heat, everything, leaving only the void. « It's just you and me now, ma cher. »

Clutch Theme:

Places around the world (climate, local flavor)

Belissaith's Theme:

It didn't take us too long to decide on France for inspiration for your dragon. You asked for A cynical dragon to round out Aradia's sentimentality, and France especially Paris has that aura of rude, intelligent, avante guarde stereotype that we were really willing to work with. Not only that, but normally when something of French origin is used to inspire a dragon it is fluffy-lovey-dovey, and we wanted the chance to show the bad side of France, the one that runs the Fashion Parades :D. Essentially Belissaith is a typical French woman: chic, intelligent, artistic and rude obnoxious cynical and with just a dash of ennui (French term, meaning bored, but has tones of been there, done that)

There are oodles of sites dedicated to France and it's landscapes, so we won't include links here. We hope you find France just as enthralling and beautiful despite its flaws. Viva La France!

Name Inspiration:

I was fairly firm that I wanted a French sounding name for your dragon, but I didn't think that it needed to be derived from a French word. So I looked up some words on Babelfish, just to get the creative juices flowing. However, from my rather hazy memories of French they didn't look quite pretty enough so I decided to start with 'Belle' which is pretty. The next words that popped into my head were blossom, and bliss, and then Chateau de Versailles gave me the final ingredient and lo Belissaith was created. I have been saying it BEL-es-SAIth, but you may say it however you please.

Egg Inspiration:

Actually, this egg is one of a set of four commemorating the four major times of the year when there have been the most holidays, past and present. Spring was another important time of year for many primitive agricultural societies. It was a time of birth and new growth, and of hope for the coming year, and the coming harvest. It was and still is a season of plenty, after the harshness of winter. There has always been something magical about the renewal of spring that continues to capture people's imaginations. Perhaps the most enjoyable thing for me about spring is all the new growth, it is a time for dreaming, and there is no better place to dream than under a blossoming tree. The spring equinox is one of the two days in the year when the day and night are balanced, this even occurs about March 22nd in the Northern Hemisphere.

Description Inspiration:

We tried hard to give you what you asked for. You wanted bright and/or pale, so we did our best to accommodate you on both of these counts. Spring seemed to fit these two idea's fairly well, and seeing we were basing your dragonet on France I decided to take a look at some French artists. I hope you like French impressionists, because the initial inspiration for her desc comes from Vincent Van Gogh's "Almond Tree in Bloom" It seemed to fit both your ideas of bright, and our ideas of spring. However to give her a little interest we added a touch of spring showers around her face and wings. Mainly because while we liked the dichotomy between her desc (Happybrightfluffy) And her personality (Cynicalmanipulativedark) We didn't want to make it something ridiculous. And thus Belissaith came out beautifully, we hope you enjoy her as much as we enjoyed creating her.

Mind Voice:

"C'est le ton qui fait la chanson. (It's the melody that makes the song). —French Proverb

Belissaith understands the power of subtlety (Even if she doesn't always exercise it). Nowhere is this reflected as clearly than in her mind voice. Even straight from the shell she has a certain old-world maturity that is more than a little startling. It is probably the husky alto that she uses that first lets you in on this little secret; languid, and sexy it loiters over some sounds, and barely elucidates others. Her voice doesn't need much accompaniment, it's a delight all on it's own. But she does however tend to allow a background noise that's reminiscent of bumblebees or the murmur of a crowd, but at the levels that she runs it at it will always be fairly difficult to differentiate which one exactly it is, Belissaith isn't exactly an aural dragon.

She is how ever extremely visual. Color is her medium, the richer and more luxurious the better; you should expect to see many glorious hues of honey, gold, champagne and pearl. Either as a bubbly over-lay to emphasis her story, or in elegant groupings unconsciously suave in usage, that is if she is in a good mood of course. Her base colors change as her moods change, should she get down about anything she'll go through a 'blue period' equally as rich as her 'champagne' or 'red' or 'green', she will use color to let you know how she is feeling, her voice will always carry that same almost bored cynicism, it's up to you dear Aradia to read between the lines.

Her scent is probably the most contrary thing about her contact with you; it lingers lovingly with scents of toasted almond, chocolate and spring blossoms. All very delicate very feminine scents that you may find remain, even when you are fairly sure she's left you to your own devices. And finally there is one other thing we'd like to note: The Void. This won't come up very often. In fact she saves it for when she really feels she needs your undivided attention. It's like your own personal Between in your head.


Your darling Belissaith is bright. Blessed with a spring fresh hide, and a delicate figure, she is sure to turn heads almost straight from the shell. She isn't conventionally pretty; her colours a little bright even for gaudy Pernese tastes. But that's okay; she makes them work for her. She knows that she cannot be mistaken for her other muted green sisters, and that suits her just fine. Maintaining her hide will take a lot of work, and guess who'll be doing it sweet pea? For her it isn't a question of good grooming, nor is a question of self-involvement, but rather it's part of her ritual of facing the world. Simply put, it's something that must be done, and don't ask so many questions.

"À la Sainte Catherine, tout arbre prend racine. (To the Holy Catherine, any tree takes root). —French Proverb

Her hide is not only bright, but also patterned like the fall of sunlight through leaves. The colors dance and melt into one another in what can only be called a delightfully random, artificially natural design. And it suits her to a tee. As she grows and becomes more familiar with her body, the area's that she demands you pay most attention to won't be the brightly patterned patches of hide, but rather the small little daubs of caramel that decorate her head like a disintegrating wreath of spring blossoms, after all the rest of her hide doesn't need any help looking beautiful, those daubs however, are just a little too plain, they need help.

As she grows it will soon become apparent that she isn't going to be as big and sturdy as Zeimyth, and even though she'll be a fraction larger than Tifareth, she has a delicacy her sisters don't share. Which makes her stand out even more. When she grows it will start with her legs and move upwards, one week she'll be trying to master walking with bigger feet, the next she'll be trying to fold her slightly too big wings so she won't trip over them. Eventually everything will even out. And when that happens you'll realize that she isn't quite as big as she makes you believe.


"La fin justifie les moyens." (The end justifies the means). —French Proverb

Despite her charming and innocent appearance, Belissaith is anything but. As I'm sure you'll soon discover. She's cynical, and overly critical of her surroundings. Everything has to have an aesthetic, or else she won't have anything to do with it. Initially it will be outright temper tantrums. But as she grows older and more astute you'll find her employing more subtlety than that. Suddenly she may become very generous with the ugly things, randomly gifting them to other dragons, other riders, visiting travelers, anyone who is willing to take it off her talons. And if she gains a reputation for being generous, it makes it even better for her. And if you catch on to her little ploy, she'll just change her method again, this time even more subtle and sneaky.

"Qui vole un oeuf vole un boeuf. (Who steals an egg, steals an ox - Give her an inch, and she'll take a mile). —French Proverb

You'll need to set some boundaries for Bel almost as soon as her eyes lock on to yours and Impression is made. She's one of those dragons that will test her limits, and yours and the weyrling staffs, and just anyone who she feels she has something to prove. Part of it is her letting loose some of her intelligence, her natural ability to spot flaws and point them out. Part of it is her inclination to get into mischief, and lastly her desire to be noticed, and admired. She isn't the type of dragon to rest solely on her attractiveness, she also wants to be recognized for her daring, and her brain.

"La nuit, tous les chats sont gris." (All cats are grey in the dark). —French Proverb

While Belissaith has a wicked tongue and a tendency to get into trouble, deep down inside you will know that she isn't as bad-apples as she appears to be. There will be times when she'll turn to you and be adorable in her need for reassurance and love. However these moments are far and few between. Most of the time that will be her role. To encourage you to do daring things, be nasty and general jump on the Belissaith band-wagon. Her cynical, devil-may-care attitude, may get you in trouble, but it's an awful amount of fun. The most important thing she'll teach you is that it isn't just black and white, gray is just as important when you look at the world.

"Mieux vaut être seul que mal accompagné." (Better to be seen alone than in bad company). —French Proverb

This is one of Belissaith’s peculiarities, she is fussy about whom she's seen associating with. After all, she is perfect, so why shouldn't her companions also be? Out of all her siblings, Lesoleth is probably one of her favorites. You'll need to be particularly careful that she doesn't them incite him into mischief too often, she's a little more sophisticated in her tastes than he is, but that doesn't mean she doesn't appreciate him. As you can probably guess Bel's actions are calculated and deliberate, from the way she moves and flies, to what she says to whom. It's something to keep her occupied, and amused. But none of that compares to the amusement and attention she gets from you.


"À la guerre comme à la guerre." (All's fair in love and war). —French Proverb

And all is fair for Belissaith when she is feeling extra specially glow-y. The attention of the males around her, instead of filling her with her usual exasperation will delight her almost uncharacteristically. This sudden shift towards sentimentality and love will more than likely be your first clue that your life-mates going to go up. But don't let her sudden descent into romanticism fool you, she's still the non-nonsense cynic you know and love deep down inside. All the while she's twitching her tail just so to capture the eye of that particular brown, she'll be craning her neck to entice the bronze on the other side of the bowl. It's not that she's 'loose' or in particular in any way, but the more males she can charm to her side, the less her competitors will have, and undoubtedly there will be competitors.

"Les fruits défendus sont les meilleurs." (Forbidden fruits are the best). —French Proverb

If there isn't another dragon due to go up the same time as she, Belissaith will gravitate towards dragons that are already in stable relationships with other female dragons. You know the ones, those cute little couples that twine necks whilst sunning in the bowl. Not because she wants them, or she wants to have a permanent attachment, but because a) she can, b) she wants too, and c) They are forbidden, and that reason alone makes them more attractive to her. The amusement she gets from watching other less disciplined dragons airing their little spats after she saunters past gives her a certain amount of satisfaction as well. She is after all the ultimate 'other dragon' and at no other time is she more attractive than when she's proddy.

When she does finally go up, it'll be a relief for you. Not only does she enjoy her little games, but also each time she rises it will seem to you like she stays proddy longer and longer.

« Nonsense, I was this way last time no? My Ariah, such an active imagination! »

When it comes time to blood her kill, she will discard her usual delicacy and go straight for the jugular, inevitably giving in to her primal hungers. The same is true in the air, her usual nonchalant pace succumbing to a heady, almost insane speed, as she uses that tiny body of hers to the greatest advantage. Zipping this way and that, she will often out-maneuver the larger bulkier browns and bronzes. Not that she won't be caught by a brown or bronze, just often she has the advantage over them.

Harper's Tale's 37th PC Clutch

Ista Weyr
Yulianna's gold Miyakath and N'ano's bronze Bydelth
Monday, December 15, 2003

A'mar's green Naluth
Raine's green Zeimyth
Rele's green Tifaryth
Iya's blue Canllaith
B'au's blue Niwath
Issket's brown Lesoleth
Nayla's brown Manaslath
S'nin's brown Kismetath

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