Beau Is Searched

Logfile from Saph.

Waterfall's Basin
The weyr's fresh-water pool flows clean and clear, almost undisturbed by the river that rests here after crashing down from the heights above. This small bay is neatly surrounded by a series of smooth stone steps and hidden beaches, a haven from the wider lake beyond before the water drops further to the sea below.
One gnarled, ancient tree has survived the ravages of time and Thread, reaching up towards the cliff above and the water below. A set of cruide boards makes the climb an easy one. The beach stretches, wide and warm, the waterfall quite a swim distant.
It is a spring before dawn.
Gliding above are three firelizards.
Green Phirath is here.
You see Radnazak here.
Beau is here.
Obvious exits:
Branch Forest Path
You slide gently down Phirath's crystalline neck and land with a soft thud.

Sapha is looking rather chilly this morning as her and Phirath start the day with the usual, lotsa lotsa hide to wach ritual. Lucky Sapha's a tough little thing as her and Phirath frolic and clean in the sweet fresh water of the Waterfalls pool. Of course there is the usual laughing and splashing, and wait, is that Sapha singing? It could be, can't find out unless you get closer how ever.

Beau dislikes mornings intensely, but for some reason, today isn't too bad. Perhaps it's because he's just glad he's here at Ista, where at least he can feel his fingers. High Reaches isn't missed that often when it's before lunch. Perhaps he didn't stay up late last night. Perhaps he stayed out of the wine. For whatever reason it is, though, he's walking happily towards the pool, whistling quietly, until - wait! A voice! He creeps a little closer to see….

And what a vision it is, with Sapha all wet and in her bikini, and proudly displaying her nearly 4 months baby-belly. It appears that the greenlet pair are deep in conversation, the topic? Well how Phirath can avoid catching what everyone else has got mainly, perhaps this is the reason for the pair to be out so early? After all, they are barely aware so all the sick dragons and firelizards aren't just going to show up and infect Phirath. "I know I worry, it's called hormones dear….You think they have any more of those cherries left?" Sapha moves the conversation on to other things, as her voice drifts over the crashing of the waterfall.

Beau is amazed to see someone is /up/. He never really believed all those scary mother's tales about such horrors as 'early risers'. "/Gooooood/ before-morning," he greets her with a slight shiver, walking towards the woman. Phirath is nodded to politely. After getting on the wrong side of a certain green, Beau has decided he should try hard to please dragons as a whole. They are… rather large.

Sapha squeaks, and immediately moves to hide behind the craning neck of her lifemate. "Goodness, you gave me a fright." She breathes, clasping a hand to her chest, her fright however soon fades to something less well, nice. "What are you doing sneaking up on people like that? Are you stalking me?" Her voice becomes shrill. "You're sick!" Sapha is pregnant, need we say more? Phirath however only snorts, obviously voicing something through that special link, causing Sapha to exclaim. "I am not being silly, his eyes a shifty, that makes him a stalker."

Beau is rather taken aback. "Sorry," he says very slowly as if chosing his words carefully. The woman is pregnant. She should wear a /sign/ to warn innocent folk before they get their heads bitten off. "I didn't mean to scare you… I wasn't meaning to sneak. I normally walk quietly. No, I'm not stalking you. My eyes may be shifty. I haven't checked. And I can leave, if you want." He doesn't want to stay and get attacked, or anything.

Sapha does have a sign, its the slight puku that she's developing. "Well then." She sniffs, Phirath's relaxed pose indicating that Sapha is getting a speaking too. "Don't suppose you have any cherries?" She asks, looking rather miffed, but unable to hide behind Phirath any longer as the green moves away. "Yea, your eyes are the shiftiest I've seen since N'ano's, and we all know about N'ano don't we?" Her tone suggests he better, or there is more where that came from

Beau shakes his head woefully. "I'm sorry," he says with a sigh. "I don't have a single cherry at all…" He laughs at her comment on his eyes, wishing he had a mirror to check them. "/Are/ they? Wow, I'm impressed. I always thought my eyes were rather… boring? Normal?" He then notices the rest of her comment… "N'ano?! My eyes are as shifty as /N'ano's/?!"

Sapha nods, a smile of some sort, not entirely nice playing around her lips. "Maybe even shiftier." It doesn't take much to amuse her these days, as she continues to stand lamely knee deep in water, Phirath having moved away to some other spot away from her much to hormonal lifemate. "So what's your name, and what are you doing here so early in the morning?" Ahhh, now she's channelling interrogation Sapha(TortureBoy N'ano sold seperately)

Beau arches an eyebrow slightly. "Oh? Well that's /very/ impressive of my eyes to graduate to more shifty than N'ano's…" Laughter rings slightly in his voice. "I'm Beau, and I came for a walk. I couldn't sleep at all," and Myrrheth had been staring at him in a nasty way. So he had left.

Sapha paces a little, in her knee deep safety patch. "Beau huh? So, how come I haven't seen you before huh? And where are you walking from huh?" Perhaps Myrrheth would have been the better bet. It sure seems like it this way. Surprisingly Phirath appears to be allowing this more erratic behaviour, even going so far as to suddenly loom over the poor boy. And that's alot of looming the green can do.

Beau looks up to see what colossal shape is shadowing him, and then sees - oh - it's a /dragon/. Large and green. Ahhhhh. He decides not to look there, and after a bright smile at Phirath turns his attention to Sapha. "I live in High Reaches Weyr, so I'm not normally here. I've been living with Jala for a while, but when I do leave her weyr it's normally to get a ride up to 'Reaches. And I sleep too much to be seen that often," he adds with a laugh. "So that answers your next question - I'm walking from Jala's weyr."

Sapha thinks about this for a long moment, tapping her teeth. "Jala? Jala, Jala, Jala. Oh Yes! Oh yeah…" Her tone range from puzzlement to triumph to something anti-climatic. "Jala rides that green. The one I won't mention cos -someone- has forgotten they are in a snit with them." However the violent head-nodding towards the still looming Phirath kinda communicates who that someone is. "Dragon memory is a blessed thing, however you still gotta watch what you say around them, they can keep the most peculiar things locked away in thier heads sometimes." She prattles, all suspision and brattiness melting away, can you blame her? She's talking about the most important thing in the world to her, her lifemate, her one and only…. "Not now Phirath!" Snap, or maybe not.

Beau looks with considerable more respect and even - is that /agreement/?! - to Phirath. "Someone shares my point of view then. That green hates me. That green wants to push me off the ledge." He shakes his head a little. "Not good, and I'm always worried that one day she will…" He raises an eyebrow at her snapping, but doesn't say anything.

Phirath croons as her loom melts into a protective huddle, obviously she hasn't forgotten as Sapha so obviously thinks, however Phirath's new found commraderie with Beau doesn't stop her sneaking a little hiss towards her lifemate. "It's just that the, um, well the two-feeted people are talking now love. And I know how that bores you so…" She pleads somewhat with the miffed green. Snorting Sapha rolls her eyes. "You know it doesn't work like that love. You've got me for life, so stop being silly." She moves on to scolding. Oh wait, she's talking to Beau isn't she? "I feel the same way about N'ano's feline. I swear it's like evil, but with fur and fleas."

Beau considers this, with a friendly grin towards Phirath. This is a spiffy dragon. "Furry, flea-bitten evil. That sounds very… entertaining. And felines tend to be evil. My sister has one. Or two. Or three." He shrugs. "I lose count. Maybe only one is hers after all…" he shrugs. "But that's not the point …" Phirath is smiled to again. Lack of looming appreciated.

Sapha nods, somewhat distractedly, as she operates in two conversations. "Did you get Jala pregnant?" She suddenly asks in a violent sudden switch in the conversation. Or perhaps she's getting things confused. "Well what else did you mean by babies? I know he didn't get me pregnant, it was N'ano, even if I can't remember." Switch once more. "Oh Yeah I think half of Pookie's problem is that it's owned by N'ano, and the other half of it's problem is that it's evil." Yeah see, I think I'm getting dizzy.

Beau reels under the weight of conversation. "Me? She's /pregnant/? Wha? Wha?" He rubs his eyes slightly. "Jala's sharding /pregnant/?! How long?" Oh yes, he /needs/ to know. This is very, very important, and could help him with her question. "/Pregnant?/" He gasps again. Ooooh, look, one very shocked Beau.

Sapha looks a little sheepish under the near heart-attack Beau's having. "I dunno, I just. Um she's babbling about babies or something. Maybe Jala isn't pregnant. I just assumed…" She stops now to take her foot out of her mouth, while Phirath continues to make odd little warbles, no the green isn't cutesy like that, the noise is just a disguise for her true intentions, which more than likely include completely encircling Beau as her current oh-so-relaxed posture indicates. "I got confused." Sapha adds, glaring at her lifemate and returning the hiss.

Beau is nearly collapsing onto Phirath. He does look kinda… drunk, as he can't stay completely upright. "I /really/ need to know how long," he half-begs softly. "Please? Please?" Aaaaw, he's cute when he begs. And he really is worried, by the look on his face. "Pregnant…" he drifts off again, wondering why he wasn't told…

Sapha cocks her head. "Oh she isn't pregnant anymore, she had quite a few of them." She mutters, paying more attention to Phirath than to the poor begging boy. However the voice in her head quiets long enough for her to ask pleasantly. "Now, I'm just double checking, you didn't get Miyakath pregnant did you?" She asks, probably not entirely aware of what it is she was being asked to ask.

Beau is deeply confused here. "Who isn't pregnant? Had a few /what/? Mikayath? /No/. She's a dragon…" His head spins a little more. "No," he says finally in a firm voice, "I am /not/ the father of Miyakath's eggs. Of course not." Sapha is confusing him. He's only male. He can't take this.

Beau isn't the only one who is confused as Sapha's dark eyes seek out the eyes of her own lifemate, now successfully curled about Beau, Phirath is sneaky like that. "Oh, Oh, Now I get it." Her sudden smile is all beautiful like the sunrise, however for this pair the game is rather old hat, so Sapha doesn't say anything more, but rather grins at Beau, much the same way a cat would with a mouse. Phirath naturally keeps up her odd little crooning, all the better to keep him on his toes don't you know.

Beau is surrounded by a crooning green dragon. He doesn't move at all. He has a nasty mental image of being squished to death. "Oh, oh, what?" he asks as calmly as he can. This smile of hers is more scary than Phirath's way of keeping him still. "You look like you're going to eat me. And I don't even know your /name/." Therefore Sapha can't eat him. Logical.

Sapha assumes a look of mock regret, although it could easily be mistaken for a leer. "But I can't eat you darling, it's against the rules." What rules? Who knows? eventually she shrugs, "Oh I'm Sapha, and this is Phirath, we live here." She offers by way of indroduction. "You will say Yes when we ask you to stand for Miyakath's clutch right?" She flutters a few moments later. Ooh yeah baby you've been offically Searched!

Beau is about to reply to the darling comment when he nearly collapses. "Wa?" he asks dumbly of Sapha and Phirath at once. "Wa?" ohhhh, he's intelligent, this one. "Of course," he says finally, mind still reeling. /Search/?! /Him/?! "I mean, uhm, yes…" he's eloquent, yes, as eloquent as an eight year old who's just been told it's Turn's End and their birthday all at once. "Yes!"

Sapha claps her hands, while at the same time Phirath warbles. "Oh Goody. SO do you Beau, of High Reaches Weyr accept our invitation to stand for Miyakath and Bydelth's clutch?" Oh wait that's a little redundant isn't it? "Um when you're ready I should get you set up in the barracks 'n stuff. But I can't carry you so you'd better be able to walk by yourself mister."

Beau is standing upright still, which is quite an achievement. And apparently Sapha's not joking. Scaaaaary. "Yes… And I can walk." He thinks. He hasn't had a heart-attack yet, so hopefully there's none forthcoming. "That would be great…" good. Incredible. Though this is of course all a dream, a nasty pitfall in return for rising early. Maybe. He hopes it's not. For someone who's never even considered being Searched, it's made him pretty sharding happy.

Sapha recognises that expression, oh yes she does, she's looked the very same way, twice in her life, and then there was the chores, and the no time off, and the lack of privacy and everything else that help shaped who she is today. "Excellent, we should get going then, so that you know, Phirath doesn't get sick or whatnot." She nods absently. Noticing all the awakening activity. "Beau follow me. Phi, go home." She issues orders like a pro, slapping Phirath's flank affectionately as the green ambles off with out her, and takes off.

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Candidate's Barracks
Long and low, this large room angles back into the mountain in a near-perfect rectangle, devoid of windows and hearth. A functional room — the black volcanic rock has been painted with a cheerful mural, with the other walls painted in green and orange thoughtfully, before resuming the stark simplicity in the seemingly endless rows of cots that scatter back into the shadows. A small clothespress sits at the end of each puce-covered bed — yes, puce. Every cot sports a rather gaudy and obnoxiously purple cotton coverlet, leftovers from PranksPast. Boys to the right, girls to the left. Enjoy.
Hanging out on a long wooden shelf on the wall are five firelizards.
You see A Mural here.
Obvious exits:

Beau wiggles his hips provocatively in from the South Caverns.

Sapha sends a drudge running for a cot. After a few minutes the drudge returns dragging a big heavy cot for Beau.

Beau follows in a rather stumbling daze, tripping over the odd pitfall for the unwary (felines, rocks, brats). He finally reaches the Barracks /very/ out of breath and still shocked - though from the pain in his toe he's obviously not asleep. Which is good.

Sapha clears her throat as she enters the barracks and winces. "Dear Faranth, I knew it was a bad idea to leave them alone with the paint." She mutters under her breath as she perveys the mess that is now the Candidates barracks. "Well, this'll be your home for the next couple of months or so.." Well actually longer, but you know who's counting? "Just to go over some ground rules. No Alchohol, no sex, no getting anyone pregnant, and do lots of chores." What can I say she's consise. "But you get a couple of days to settle in and all." She grins, before flopping on a random cot. "I remember when that one there was Debajirin's. We used to try and see how many of us could fit into it." Ooops, perhaps she shouldn't have said anything.

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