Bathing Lesson

[[logged by Ali]]

Weyrling Barracks

C'ran steps into the barrack and calls out in a parade ground voice, a pleasant baritone suddenly echoing through the caverns "All weyrlings not currently involved in chores please step forward!"

Ali and Uillauth lift there heads as one, two pairs of eyes, one cinammon, one whirling blue, looking at him. Uillauth gets slowly to his feet as Ali leaps to hers and salutes before stepping forward.

T'nar glances up from where he's crouched by his dragon, apparently having been having a nice little discussion with the 'little' guy. He didn't even see C'ran enter. Oops. He stands up and does a vagely hesitant salute and walks forwards to C'ran, Salbaheth trailing a little behind, "What's going on?"

Uillauth senses that Ali's thoughts are cluttered with nervousness and the determination to behave as she should. « Looks like we've work to do, 'lauth, » are the thoughts at the front of her mind, but lurking behind, the dark colors of her nerves appear.

C'ran waves everyone closer, decided apparently that all who are coming are now here "Alright young ones, I'm afraid I have some bad news for you… None of you smell particularly lovely. Understandable having been cooped up here in the barracks, but really, you could all do with a good cleaning. So here's what we're going to do today, we're going to go down to the bathing pools, and you're all going to dunk each other."

T'nar raises an eyebrow at that, glancing back to the bronze now standing beside him, "I didn't think we smelled *that* bad." A soft whuff from Salbaheth. Apparent'y he doesn't share that opionion.

You sense Uillauth's thoughts whisper through the your mind with a slight hint of incense, surrounding you in a soothing medly of chocolate brown, golden rivulets of thought wending their way through. <> he answers, with the unspoken assurance that he will be /there/. And thus, there's no need for nerves.

Ali looks down at herself and her not-particularly-clean self, even if she is neat and tidy as always. Fingers reach out and touch Uillauth's warm hide, and, at the brown's urging, she forces herself to move a little closer to C'ran, but not without a soft gulp. "Dunking?" she repeats the word softly, wrinkling her nose in the thought…or is that in the odor of her fellow weyrlings?

C'ran snorts and just shakes his head, not commenting "At any rate, you lot follow me out, /carefully./ Watch that your little babies don't step on their wings, its painful for them. Come on then?" he strides out, thankfully keeping upwind of the group behind him.

Uillauth draws himself up, chiseled head slowly turning to watch C'ran's exit. Wings are settled against his back as the brown then turns his attention to Ali, coaxing her onwards with a gentle nudge. And then it's back to standing tall…or in this case, moving out.

Uillauth senses that Ali imagines Uillauth accidentally tripping on his wings and winces inwardly, « Careful of your wings, love. C'ran says to hold them up high so you don't hurt them. They're bigger than you think. » With the warning, her thoughts brighten considerably, thinking of the water. « Time to see if you like outdoors as much as I do! »

C'ran wriggles on his way, shake it groove thang, shake it groove thang, yeah yeah out to the bowl.

T'nar nods softly and turns a little to try to say something to Salbaheth, only to stop short as the bronze already lifts up his wings proudly, happy to prance out into the splendor of the sunlight outside, leaving T'nar once more to trail after

Ali laughs softly as she is nudged forward, those cinammon brown eyes watching 'lauth as he moves, keeping a careful look on his wings.

Waterfall's Basin

The weyr's fresh-water pool flows clean and clear, almost undisturbed by the river that rests here after crashing down from the heights above. This small bay is neatly surrounded by a series of smooth stone steps and hidden beaches, a haven from the wider lake beyond before the water drops further to the sea below.

One gnarled, ancient tree has survived the ravages of time and Thread, reaching up towards the cliff above and the water below. A set of cruide boards makes the climb an easy one. The beach stretches, wide and warm, the waterfall quite a swim distant.

Quarith follows curiously behind the weyrlings and weyrlingmaster. A soft rumble emits her sunset hued throat as the queen settles herself into a relaxed pose. Whirling eyes survey the group with curiousity, yet she is patient.

Following along behind the others, still watching Uillauth more than where she's actually going, Ali stumbles, barely catching herself before she falls headfirst into the water. A deep blush touches her cheeks, but she stands up straight and tall, trying to act as though that didn't really just happen.

Salbaheth leads his rider on down the path, trundling and shuffling his way down. Occasionally, the light catches his hide, showing ripples of light as the sun reflects from him. T'nar, smiling a little at finally being permitted outside again, takes just a few moments to enjoy the outside.

C'ran waves the young ones forward "Go on then, never yet met a dragon that didn't take to water. And you yourselves could use a dunking, get a little rinse done and then I'll come in and give you a few pointers on the babies."

Oddly mixed patterns curled up betwinxt human flesh and greeny hide, the young green's eyes open at the shuffling sounds of many approachers. Blinking facets blearily, Jhiateshyrth seems to be winking in slow motion, a hidden secret within her luster. Ever so thoughtfully she untangles her mass from her dear sleeping Kwanne, making sure the woman is carefully settled before looking at her clutchmates and humans.

Uillauth's focus shifts from the glories all around him to narrow in on Ali, head lowered in concern over her near miss with the pool. As there seem to be no ill effects he makes his way into the water, wings held high as she instructed.

Uillauth senses that Jhiateshyrth thinks « What's going on? »

"Careful 'lauth," Ali's calls out softly as she bounces about, one foot in the air, as she tries to pull her boots off before wading out into the water. Giving up on balance, she settles down on a nearby rock, pulling them off quickly and dropping them to the ground nearby. Glancing around at the others and then back at her clothes, and deciding they'll be fine getting wet, she carefully slips down into the water just behind 'lauth.

Quarith shifts, stretches, and then springs into flight.

T'nar smiles a little and walks over towards the water, glancing into it. His dragon, on the other hand, makes no pause, shuffling and bounding into the water, being perfectly shiney all the way. Splash splash *plunk* as Salbaheth gets out, and pushes out into the water, floating his way out a little further.

"It's a little colder than I expected it to me," Ali calls out to the others, shivering just a little as she makes her way through the water behind 'lauth as they move to an uninhabited portion of the water. Uillauth's wings graze along the surface of the water, creating ripples as he moves, causing Ali to bobble a little in the water so she isn't covered completely.

Jhiateshyrth watches the others, her query going unanswered. Though she soon figures out 'what's going on' and allows herself to set back on her haunches, watching them. Freshly oiled, cleaned, and fed, she doesn't need a bath, however appealing the water may be.

C'ran winks from the edge "Water from the mountains you know, quite cold." and they seemed to have cleaned off a bit "Alright now, I don't suppose any of you have ever had the opportunity to bathe a dragon before? Helping about the weyr or some such?"

Uillauth senses that his usual deep, dark thoughts are highlighted with streaks of brilliant shades of red and green, « Outside finally. Ali seems pleased to be in the sun again. Time for a bath. »

Salbaheth backpedals in the water and slowly manages to turn around to face his rider. Dipping his nose into the water and lifting a splash out towards the shore, the dragon warbles and calls to him, attempting to chide T'nar into a brisker entrance into the water. T'nar, shaking his head a little, chuckles a little and strips down, heading out to the water's edge, "That cold, huh, Ali?" A light test of the water, and a quirk of his mouth lightly. Fun.

Uillauth senses that Jhiateshyrth 's thoughts too seem upliftened by the bright sun and crisp air. <>

Shaking her head to and fro, Ali replies, her voice soft as silk, excluding the little nervous shaking that appears in it now and then. "I've watched a few of the riders and their dragons, but usually when I was busy doing other things and didn't have ti… well, err, no, I haven't." As T'nar opts to strip out of his things, Ali turns her head, her attention immediately returned to the 'floating dragon' beside her.

T'nar shakes his head at C'ran, "First time out, really." He tenses his expresion a little as his dragon once more chides him for not being bolder. It's only water, you know? With a deep breath, T'nar hopjogs out and dunks himself in a little deeper water, gasping softly, "Shards.."

Uillauth senses that Salbaheth awakens to the conversation quietly, almost like the sound of a light breeze accompanying his rich tenor, « It is wonderfull to be outdoors. So much better than being within the caverns all day. »

Jhiateshyrth pays little attention to the Weyrlingmaster, nor many of the other humans as she makes her way slowly to the waters edge, staring down at it with a mixture of thoughts. Should she enter, thus ruining Kwanne's efforts? Or should she remain, thus ruining all her fun… Well, oiling could not last forever. Wings spray against the air, the sound of a cloud of whispering moths belaying her attempt as the green 'leaps' into the water, the chill not affecting her brokenglass hide.

Uillauth dips his wings just beneath the surface of the water and lifts them just enough for the cool water to roll off them and back into the water, his tail curls and uncurls as it floats around Ali, keeping her close in case she needs him. "'lauth really likes the water, and wants to know if we can come out here more often," Ali announces to the others, turning to face C'ran with what seems to be a little nudging from her dragon.

Obviously, someone's too lazy to actually *walk* down to the waterfall. That doesn't mean that Zoryanth has to be happy about it, however; neck gives a little wiggle with each step, bouncing her rider up and down. "Stop it…" Silvera hisses, leaning forward, only to be insulted by yet another wiggle.

Uillauth senses that Zoryanth's mindvoice is stubbornly sulky, inflamed with flakes of sharp citrus. » I'm not a runner. You could *walk*. «

T'nar glances up from where he is, hanging onto his dragon in the water, lightly keeping himself aloft as does the dragon. They both tip their head and T'nar chuckles a little at a relayed message.

Landing with an almost 'dainty' splash, the greenlet's eyes widen just before her entire form disappears beneath the water. Obviously she'd landed a bit on the 'deepish' side. After a few seconds, her long neck pushes her head above the water's surface, saphiric eyes gazing quickly around to see if any saw her blunder. Pushing off the bottom of the 'bed, she paddles ackwardly, moving towards the more shallow bank.

Ali does her best to look dignified and salute to Silvera and Zoryanth, despite the fact that she's floating around in the water being splashed by the dragons that float all around her.

"Fine, fine, I'll get off…" Silvera slides from Zoryanth's neck, landing with a force helped a little by Zoryanth, who instantly begins to amble towards the water. "Hey, 'lings — enjoying your bath? We thought that we might join you."

Khantuth puts a paw to a stone step, gait hindered by weyrling's awkward shuffle as confidence cancels haste. Upon finding the opportunity, wings are spread out to their full span, silvery hue shimmering among flecks of golden sand, and multihued orbs gaze about lazily, the notion of the pool absorbed before a slight pause, allowing the soft flurry of Kin's feet to come within hearing range.

T'nar smiles a little at Silvera as she dismounts from her dragon. He nods a little and slowly paddles around to the other side of his dragon, reaching under Sal's wing to gently rub and itch lightly. He nods a little and smiles, "Enjoying it so far, though it's cold." He frowns only a moment before Salbaheth gently nudges him in the water.

Silvera slides from Zoryanth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

"It's a little cold!" Ali calls out in warning to Silvie before the elder rider dares to enter the water. "'lauth says he likes it, though, so I have a feeling we'll be spending a pretty good amount of time here." As the brown tail snakes around Ali's waist, she laughs, batting it playfully away, "Not sure how he'll like being cleaned, but the water itself he does."

Silvera glances up at the sky. "I know — well, it could be worse. We could be in the High Reaches." A delicate shiver is given — "I'd freeze…" Meanwhile, Zoryanth is lowering her wedge-shaped head to touch her vividly hued muzzle from the water. For a moment she stills, eyes aswirling as they watch minute waves spread from the touch, as if hurrying to escape from her; then she snorts, sending water flying as she begins to glide into the water. Silvera, at the same instant, tests the water with her big toe. "It is cold!" What else did she expect?

Ali wrinkles her little nose a little and shivers, "C'ran said we *smelled*, but what did he expect when we've been in the barracks for so long?" Slender fingers lift from beneath the surface of the water and slip along Uillauth's warm hide as she waits patiently to be instructed on the proper way to wash a dragon.

Imagine being cooped up in the weyrlingbarracks right after hatching. Then imagine suddenly being allowed to see beyond one's small world, where everything's so -large- and freespaced. These glimmers of awe paint green streaks within Jhia'shrth's eyes as she carefully stands on the shore, water just enough to sweep over her crimson-marron hued belly. The crisp water seems not to bother this frost-kissed dragonet as her wings billow out, spreading to full length. Though, weither to 'impress' that so-very-large version of herself, or simply to warm against the sun, is left unknown.

T'nar frowns a little as High Reaches is mentioned. Ugh. he can do without the thought of that one, too. Salbaheth noseshoves T'nar out into the water in amusement, once more chiding him for being worried about cold. The weyrling lifts an eyebrow, then chuckles a little. Fortunately, the water that laps against and covers Salbaheth's hide mutes the glare from the sun at times, else he on the water might just stand out like a beacon upon the surface

Eyes dart away from the green towards all the rest of the gathering group. Then they dart towards Kwanne, a small croon coming from Jhia as she pulls herself out of the water, shaking her wings and tail much like a canine would. Lacking the grace that surely -must- be present, the greenlet stalks over to Kwa's side, curling up beside the hapless sleeper.

Upon spotting the sumptuous form of his flirtrider, Khantuth resumes his crawling pace toward the water, dipping his paw lightly as the bronze is given a casual glance. /He's/ the king here: face it. Kin simply bounces to her dragons' side, pausing to twist herself in such a way as the eye R'kii coyly and particularly admire the nice pink sheen of his dragon's hide. So manly. "Yup. Bathing…isn't it great?" Uh-huh. Sure.

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