Nali's Secret Agent Brown Banoth

Dragon: Banoth
Color: Brown
Name: E'ral
Egg: Rites of Imbolc Egg
Egg Desc: J'ret; Annie tweak
Dragonet: Secret Agent Brown Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: E'ral; Annie tweak
Messages: E'ral; Annie tweak
Inspiration: E'ral

Clutching Message:
Serath gives a toss of her head against the scorching heat, sands swirling and flying away as she gives a determined lash of her tail. Her pale belly distends for a moment as a wave begins moving down her golden form, a soft rumble beginning low and deep in her throat as a silver-tinged egg slips free and onto the sands.

Rites of Imbolc Egg
Murky fog enshrouds the crown of this egg, darkening round curves; wispy grey tendrils curl, muting the template of variegated greens and blues into a pale wraith of its former self. White mist dances in delicate whorls across the surface, near-obscuring the silver accents glowing underneath the secretive surface, a promise of what is to come. Dappled water-marks soften and blur, defocusing what would otherwise be sharply distinct — edges are fuzzed, blended into soft swirls of elusive colour: seeping absinthe entwines, mixing with cream to gloss the shell.

Hatching Message:
Rites of Imbolc Egg shatters into a silvery spray of glitter as misty shards tumble to the sands. A pair of nostrils pokes through the rest, snuffling at the murky greys of its former home before lifting high to reveal a brown head and two whirling eyes. With a kick of his foot and a twist of his tail, the dragonet frees himself from the crumbling walls of the egg and surveys the sands.

Secret Agent Brown Dragonet
Golden-flecked cognac smooths over the fine angles and slim symmetry of his form, darkening to tuxedo-slick shadows across his long back and broad wings. A paler hue colors the distinguished arch of his neck and pools along the inner length of his forelegs, while elusive tints of smoke trail the underside of his lean torso and the slender coil of his tail, matching the duller gunbarrel-gray of large talons. Wide, sunken eyes glitter with confidence and a certain amount of detachment from atop his finely tapered muzzle; a subtle roguishness marks the arrogant tilt of his high-browed head and the easy grace of his lanky frame.

Impression Message:
Secret Agent Brown Dragonet stops slinking long enough to notice a rather fascinating young woman. With a swish of his tail, he nonchalantly moves around and behind her, oblivious to anyone else. Nostrils take in a quick whiff of Nalisa's strawberry-blonde hair before he sets his muzzle on her shoulder and eyes her with a sharp gaze. She is coming with /him/.

Personal Impression Message:
Faint at first comes a sound, then a presence; smooth and unyielding it encroaches upon your thoughts, overwhelms them… /is/ them. A trail of smoke winds about a sudden flash of light and then another as a sweet, rum-touched scent coils about your senses. Darkness, then; the sands, the crowd, your fellow Candidates: all gone — just darkness. From the shadows comes a voice, a rich baritone with a lilting accent: « The name is Banoth. We have much work to do, Nalisa. Come with me. »

Name Inspiration:
There's no nifty meaning to the name I picked. It's just a name that I've always liked. Since you wanted a dragon with a pronounceable name, I figured it would work perfectly. I also think it has a rather 'Bondish' sound to it. :) Pronounced: BAN-uth

Egg Inspiration:
Imbolc is the feast of light, and signifies the first signs of spring. I was feeling hopeful for spring as I was looking out the window — I live by a lake, and the view of the waters is utterly gorgeous, especially in the pre-dawn light as I was writing the description. It's inspiration for me because of how spring is my favorite season, foggy yet full of light, and everything is /growing/. All the soft, tender green buds and new leaves springing forth… it's all the subtle beauty. — J'ret.

Description Inspiration:
I knew right away that your dragon just had to be based on a secret agent because you're such a fan of James Bond. Initially, I considered using more of a 'trenchcoat' spy template, but I later decided to create something more sophisticated and high-class (tuxedo… cognac) with just a touch of danger (those gunbarrel talons) in the background. I guess I mostly based him on the Connery and Moore versions of Bond.

Mind Voice:
Think of Sean Connery; that rich, rolling baritone with a touch of brogue to give it an edge. I hear the gals go crazy for it and with Banoth it's the same. His thoughts are usually composed of muted shades — much like those found in a gentleman's library: leathery browns, age-worn reds and blues, with the occasional touch of gold. It's easy to get carried away listening to him, especially when surrounded by that rum-sweet scent that always accompanies his mental touch. When angered, those muted shades are riddled with bright flashes like gunfire and his voice verily booms with his displeasure. Luckily, he isn't angered easily.

Banoth is long and lean with a wiry musculature and an inherent strength that isn't all that obvious due to his slender physique. He will never amass much bulk, but instead, retain that slim frame as he grows to quite a respectable height. Primed with a swordsman's grace — whether on land, in water, or in the air — he moves with great ease and confidence. Because of this grace, he will be a magnificent flier — and although he won't necessarily be able to outdo the greens and blues when it comes to acrobatics, he will certainly give them a run for their money.

As far as coloring goes, he is a delicious shade of golden brown that darkens across his back, wings and tail as if he were wearing a tuxedo. His neck lightens towards more of a coffee hue that slips down under his torso where greyish wisps pattern the hide. The imagery is supposed to be that of smoke rising from those gunmetal-grey talons.

His personality is modeled after Fleming's Bond: cold, serious, and quite a bit arrogant. To the average person it's hard to discern what exactly is going on in his head; his actions do not always give insight to his moods. Any appreciation he may show in gesture or in thought almost seems forced as if he were only doing it for appearances sake. Only you, his rider, will ever be able to be sure of what he's feeling. He will always show genuine affection towards you. It may be that he just doesn't trust anyone else and that he's wary of their intentions. What is certain is that he likes to keep some distance between him and 'them'. Does this mean that Banoth is uncaring or cold-hearted — not necessarily. He's an approachable dragon, but he may not appreciate Blueth's splashing in the lake or Greenieth's flirting as much as some might. He will be a mystery to everyone but a chosen few: you and the special people you invite into your life. Only you will ever know him entirely and you're probably the only one that will fully appreciate his dry sense of humor or that arrogant streak that stems from his hardened self-confidence.

He does have a 'favorite' in life: flying at night. Flying, itself, is a wonderful thing, but doing it at night is far better. What could be more thrilling than sweeping through the cool night air, flirting with the shadows and moonlight, while blanketed by a tapestry of stars? Expect him to get a little impatient around you when he gets his first chance at flight.

He also has an uncanny knack for 'knowing things'. Perhaps it's because he's such an observant dragon, but you'll find that he'll interject tidbits of information about dragons or their riders whenever they come up in discussion. It's not really gossip since that's not his style, but simply information that he thinks should be filed away for later. Of course, he needs you to do the filing since there's only so much he can remember and only for so long.

Banoth is a handsome dragon and he knows it, but he's not some playboy of a brown that'll wag his tongue at any female that passes by. He'll participate in flights to fulfill an instinctual mission of sorts; not because he wants to wrap himself around that cute green or show that yummy gold a good time. He will do what he must and when he catches (of course he knows he will) that's the end of it. No snuggling time… no happily ever after. Just a note on her pillow — 'See you around'. There will only ever be a single 'the one' if at all. He doesn't toss his affections around liberally.

Fighting Thread is a mission that Banoth takes very seriously. He will develop a keen understanding of air currents and how to manipulate them that will prove to be extremely beneficial to himself as well as his wingmates. His determination will be unrelenting; he will strive to rid the skies of every last piece of Thread even to the point of exhaustion. Should he get scored, don't expect him to go back to the Weyr on his own. You will have to be the force that tempers the storm within him. However, should you get scored there will be no question as to what he does next. You are always the priority.

Itchy spots: most dragons have them and Banoth is no different. There's a an itchy spot that persistently plagues him right under his jaw. Since he doesn't want to come across as overly dependent, he won't whine to you about it, but instead, indicate his need by hovering his head over yours and then gently nudging the spot against your hair. That's his code to you, his signal. In fact, a lot of his needs are relayed to you, if not by thought, then by secret gesture.

Banoth is also a neat eater. No messes for him, he's dressed in his finest. He will savor every morsel of flesh that touches his palate, like a food taster in a expensive restaurant. If Pern had dragon-sized bottles of wine, you might expect him to order a nice red of only the best vintage to go with his meal — or at least that's the impression you get from listening to him rate his food. « This beast is stringy, but ever so flavorful. Mmm. You should really try some, Nalisa. »

Finally, Banoth is not a playful dragon. He prefers a good book over frolicking. Actually, he prefers to listen to you while you tell him a story. That's what he enjoys doing during his free time, relaxing to the sound of your voice while you weave images in your mind and, of course, he prefers a tale with action, a hero, and impossible odds.

Nali's brown Banoth
Harper's Tale: 25th PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Annie's gold Serath and J'ret's bronze Ilyddth
Tuesday, March 7, 2000
Nali & brown Banoth, Orbit & green Ivrylth, R'kan & bronze Maraith, Ndi & green Estsanth, Torey & gold Vaelyth, Dea & brown Ftoranth, Melsa & green Xhuryth, Alfi & blue Decuth

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