B'ane Entertains The Ladies In The Living Caverns

Living Cavern
The smooth, rounded walls cavern sweep upward from an oval base, two dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat every member of the Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava which forms these caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets abound, dotting the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle greenish light toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in the ceiling. Ancient, lustrous tables run along the axis of the cavern, and at the far end rests the raised dais and high table, where Weyrleaders and honored guests eat during formal occasions. Behind the high table, the Weyr's symbol is embedded into stone: a smoking mountain in black on… [look closer]
Perched near the food are twenty-eight firelizards.
You see Gigi here.
Sapha is here.
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Northeast Caverns Kitchens Bowl Southern Caverns K'av walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Sapha is settled in a chair, her legs comfortably swinging as she consumes yet another bowl of cherries, what's this? Has she not had enough of the dark fruity goodness? Apparently not. But at least she's looking happy, even going so far as too hum quietly to herself as she watches the comings and goings.

If the rezzies assembled here aren't morning-people, then B'ane should have enough zest here for everyone. "Gooood morning," he declares whilst shuffling through some sort of stiff cards of hide. Well, maybe it's not exactly a good morning with ill flitters and dragons, but something seemed to have happened last night to change his most somber of moods. Heck, he was even right near K'av's level.

No one ever makes it to K'av's level! Just look at the way the brownrider shuffles in, a suspicious glare ready for anyone whom he even suspects is glancing his way. One such unfortunate inhabitant of the weyr quickly loses a staring match with K'av. Another is almost trampled on, getting in the sullen rider's path. Whoa, boy. Eventually, K'av slumps down into a chair in a slightly less-crowded portion of the caverns, still watching everyone around him warily, fingers running slowly through his hair.

Nayla walks in from the South Caverns.

Of course Sapha isn't K'av's sister for nothing, and thus she follows him because that's what sisters do. "So, um. What's the problem this seven day?" She asks charmingly flopping into a chair and generally making herself annoying. Just for K'av, see how much she likes him. B'ane's cheery good morning earns a wave, that quickly turns into the age old beckoning gesture. " B'ane, darling. Come sit with us." Of course the darling is just for K'av's benifit…or is it?

Nogagon strolls in from the South Caverns.

"None of your shardin' business," K'av snaps back at his approaching sister, eyes narrowing dangerously at Sapha as he allows his hand to fall from his hair into his lap. Not that the threatening look ever stopped Sapha from irritating K'av before, did it. When B'ane is gestured over, the brownrider's frown deepens, making a not-so-subtle shift in his seat away from Sapha. Which means he ends up almost squished against the other side of his chair. But oh well. It's not like people notice… Right? Ahem.

Nayla stretches languorously as she makes her way in, green eyes heavy-lidded with a hint of sleepiness, but she chirps a bubbly "Good morning!" to everyone in the cavern, accompanied by a megawatt grin. Just imagine what she'll be like once she gets ahold of some klah. The lass shuffles towards a chair farther away from the little cluster, and collapses unceremoniously into it.

Nogagon wanders in with five very tired looking firelizards just barely managing to hang on to their perches, except for the smallest one, a young brown, which is being carried. "Some food will help you." the boy says softly, worried about the poor creatures. "You'll be back to helping me hunt those nasty little snakes in no time, yes you will." as yet, Nog doesn't appear to have noticed anyone else.

B'ane pockets the notes he'd been looking at while walking, surprisingly not crashing in to the other Weyrees filing to and fro ahead, around and behind him. "Certainly," he replies to Sapha with a courtesy simper. K'av, the blessed sibling of the greenrider is looked upon, but even B'ane's sunshine rays today probably aren't enough to reach K'av's Dark Place. "So how is everyone and theirs today, huh?" This is almost disgustingly chipper. He must have the plague too or something.

Sapha chuckles towards her brother. "You know, if you relaxed a little this wouldn't be so much fun for me." She rolls her eyes. "Is it really nessecary to run away from -every- female being in sight?" She contines before patting the seat next to her she invites B'ane to sit. "Oh excellent, the cooks -finally- got me a guarenteed supply of cherries, and Phirath is still not sick." Which of course is a huge relief to the now visably pregnant rider. " Not like some I guess." She gestures to the new arrivals, and in particular to the sickly looking firelizards. "Morning." She replies absently before her hand delves back into her bowl and more cherries are consumed

Nogagon moves over towards the serving tables, filling a plate with a variety of foods often eaten by firelizards. "If this doesn't make you hungry.." the boy says, then sighs. "I'll have to go out and get more firelizards, you know. I can't do my job as effectively without help from you guys." is the complaint of the young tunnelsnake hunter. He moves over to a randomly chosen table. The same one that the riders are sitting at — what a coincidence.

Nayla plucks at a loose thread on her shirt, listening to the conversations with interest. Normally she'd be jumping in, but she has no idea what the topic is and it's too early for her. She's not obnoxious until at /least/ early afternoon. Nogagon recieves a curious look. "Your firelizard sick? Both of mine are, too. Dunno where my blue is." She absently pats her green, who just creels pathetically. "Yeah, I know darlin'. You're not happy."

B'ane buffs a hidden spot on the sleeve of his jacket and observes the firelizards more so than the fellow humans in attendance, at least for the moment. "Is there anyone taking on firelizard patients in the Infirmary? Or at least looking at them?" Dry skin is scratched on the soft underside on his lower jaw. Taking baths everyday really takes its toll on a guy's skin. Time to exfoliate I guess. Determined to keep the topic semi-bright, unlike his bought last night, the bronzerider will veer away from any of the thoughts reproducing in his head.

Nogagon glances at Nayla, and nods glumly. "All of them are. All five." he says, with a shake of his head. At B'ane's query, about firelizard patients in the infirmary, the lad's face brightens slightly. "Oh, yes. I hadn't thought to check there. I mean, they're just firelizards after all. Plenty hatching all the time. When they get sick, you can replace 'em." Like any working animal.

Sapha shrugs, content with her cherries. "I dunno, I mean I've keep mine away from it, well at least none of them seem like they are sick. so yeah. I guess I'm lucky." She comments with strange cheerfulness, that has been rarely seen in her pregnancy so far. "Any of you taken them to the infirmary?" She calls out over the din. It's one way of finding out.

Nayla eyes the cherries, ponders asking for some, and then dismisses the thought. "Infirmary? No..I mean, would it make sense to? They deal with people, not firelizards. What about the Herders? They might have some idea." She's grasping at straws, here. The girls chews on her lower lip, uncharacteristically worried as she studies her little green. "I didn't think Yin would get sick, but yesterday she just..didn't act right."

B'ane reclines back into his seat at Sapha's side, the front legs of the chair lifting a few inches off the ground. "Well flu-like symptoms appear in many species, not just humans. I'm certain the same rules apply like feeding them soft foods, keeping them warm and making sure they get fluids and if not, give 'em a drench." Shards, why wasn't /he/ a Healer? "But I don't believe the Herders would turn you away, but I can't imagine what kind of mayhem they're going through right now." His flits have been practically under lock and key, although there's no telling how long they'll put up with it. "Been well-stocked up, Saph?" The bowl of cherries are referred to with an indulgent, for B'ane, smile. "If only people weren't so attached to them.." Is the reply to Nogagon. B'ane's guilty of liking them.

Nefret sashays in from the Southeastern Bowl.

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Nogagon shrugs lightly. "They're useful little things, when they're healthy, that is. Takes time to train 'em right, but when you do, they can be deadly." To tunnelsnakes, of course. "Really helps, in my line of work." the boy nods, then picks up a bit of food and feeds one of the firelizards by hand, although the others have enough energy to eat on their own, the youngest was just hit particularly hard.

Sapha nods, happy with a bowl full of cherries. "Yeah, I'm trying to get it so that you know, I get all the cherries that come into the weyr, so I don't have shortages in the future." See Nayla was wise not to ask Sapha to share. It isn't pretty that's for sure. "Not to mention, that the Healers here work real close with the dragonhealers, and they know alsorts about that kind of thing." And Sapha was the Healer.

Nayla's forehead bunches into a frown, and she sighs. "Yeah, I'd hate to bug them. They're my only pets, y'know? I don't want them to die if I can help it." Now she's getting pessimistic. "Well, there's my pony, but I haven't picked him up yet." She shakes her head, then drops it onto the table. " Ugh."

As always, Nefret enters the caverns head held high and a package in her right hand. "Another for M'er," states the Weyr's personal messenger from the Hold - for that's what she's become, brining messages to the Weyr all the time - while waving the package once or twice. "I think the Assistant Headwoman is in love with him." And who is Nefret speaking to, exactly? The Weyr at large — she's the Weyrleader's friend, so they're nice to her, of course. Nefret logic. Finding a seat at a random table, she crosses her legs and scrutinizes the conversation. "Nobody's seen him or Suith, have you?" A pause. "Is Suith sick?"

B'ane imparts a pleased expression to the greenrider, but discontinues the expression once another soul joins the congregation. "Negative, I haven't seen M'er or his Suith in a few sevendays, come to think of it. Maybe he, Sarah and their young one are all walled up within their weyr for safety purposes. I'm not sure if she's sick, miss." Good thinking, miss is a nice generic term when you don't know names. "But something has to be done about this phenomena, has there been a meeting scheduled to find out what's going on? I'm afraid the Weyr's left in the dark about this.. epidemic." Dundundun!

Sapha peeks as Nefret enters. "Is it wing business? Because I can take that, being his wing second and all." Albeit a grounded pregnant wingsecond, but that just means she gets to do all the paper work. After a moment her eyes regain focus. "Besides, he's on sweeps right now, out Nerat way." Or at least that's the excuse he gave Suith to pass along to Phirath. "Oooh I love it when you talk business like that B'ane." She gushes, she could be teasing, or she could be entirely serious, with her cherry induced euphoria it's kinda hard to tell.

Nogagon eyes his ailing firelizards, then sighs. "I'll bet the tunnelsnakes love this." he mutters, then leans right back in his chair, so his head hangs over the back of it and looks up at the ceiling. He might care about his firelizards after all, for all he tries to hide it behind professional interest.

This fact slowly dawns on Nefret. "Oh, yes, of course you are!" It took her a minute to make the connection that Wingsecond Sapha and Wingleader M'er happened to be from the -same- wing. "I assume it is … Last time there was a package for Sunfire I think it had cookies in it. M'er and Tasi ate them." Nefret the squealer, apparently. "But, here." Offering the package - which sounds like a combination of paperwork and food when shaken - to Sapha, Nefret finally turns her attention back to B'ane. "And I'm Nefret, sir. Messenger at the Hold."

"What business? Something /has/ to be done." But being only a human male, a flush of red becomes B'ane's cheeks upon Sapha's assertion, whether kidding or not. "The records, have someone been pouring through the records for similar outbreaks?" Was that a volunteer? "So Messenger Nefret, have you got a solution to whatever plaguing us?" Gotta love those double-entendres. He sits up and turns his torso around. "Is this sickness everywhere, have there been discussions, have any cures been found?" Whoa, down boy!

Sapha takes the proffered package and kinda throws it on the table…Hard, but she has her cherries, so it wasn't an intentional making-sure-the-cookies-are-crumbs thump, more a careless, well who are we kidding, of course it was intentional. "I'll make sure he gets them as soon as possible." She lies, but with a pleasant expression on her face. She's a darling isnt she. "Tunnelsnakes?" She queries in a panicked tone. "Where?" She asks, her voice still squeaky, turning to B'ane and getting more ot that shop talk. Oh swoon, she's in Heaven!

Ashlao walks in from the South Caverns.

Ashlao whistles softly to herself. No work today! So she could relax and maybe have some time to play with poor Filtiarn. She grabs a few meatrolls and sits down.

Nefret actually stops to think for a moment, as if perhaps she knows what to say to B'ane. Eventually, she settles on a simple account of what -she- has seen, opening her mouth and simply stating, "It's everywhere. It's swept all of Ista Island, and the High Reaches and Igen areas are infected too. As for cures, I've had no message about it, but perhaps somewhere, they've come up with something. I sure wish I could be part of it — figuring things out has always been a favourite pastime." And then Sapha gets a bit of a smile. " Sure, sure … the cookies sound like they've been destroyed, however."

Nogagon sits up, blinking a little at Sapha. "Tunnelsnakes. Not here, they like to hide. Firelizards are good at going after them, and it's my job to help keep the numbers down. Which is easier with healthy firelizards." he says, before going back into his leaning back looking at the ceiling posture.

Ashlao sits down, hearing more talk of the plague. It seemed like that was all people talked about the Plague and the Hatching, or combining the two favorite subjects and asking whether eggs could be infected with the plague. She sits down near them and joins in. "Hopefully it'll be something like a cold, just running its course and in a few week the ones first infected would start to feel better." she said

"Oh? They do?" Sapha has had many turns to perfect the look of innocence she is now giving Nefret. "What a pity." That doesn't come out so nice, but she did try. "Good girl, keep him talking, I like to hear him use the big words, it …er stimulates my mind." Turns her on in other words. She visiably relaxes as the threat of tunnelsnakes recedes. "Oh, that's a relief." She comments, then realises, that she hasnt had a cherry in five minutes, which precipitates yet another handful being devoured. "So, B'ane. What are your thoughts on the matter." Go on, use the big words, you know you want to.

Ashlao sits back and listens, munching happily upon her meatrolls. She liked to sits back and watch people most often, hard to believe what people did in public when they thought noone was watching.

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Ashlao has connected.

Boy, B'ane really gets eccentric when he /really/ wants to know something, eh? "Oh," rather crestfallen in manner, the Maverick rider will now proceed to brooding-mode. "Oh it doesn't matter what I think, I'm no expert on pathogens anyway," Big word #1. Something tells you he's holding back though. "But I really think there needs to be a consensus," Looky, there's #2, "somewhere, a place where our options can be discussed so everyone's on one page, so to speak, not scattered throughout a whole book. I'd really like to get to those Records too." Saaay.. "Is anyone busy?" Brown eyes reallocate to various faces, leaving no one out. Beware that look.

Nefret and Sapha must be on the same wavelength, because that's certainly what the messenger girl does every time she's trying to play the innocent one and charm people. It usually works, too. "Don't you want to eat the cookies before M'er takes them?" she queries just as innocently. "I would have done that, I think …" Her glance travels back to B'ane, taking in the Weyrlingmaster's words. "… No, not a bit! I'd love to come down there."

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Ashlao shakes her head. "Nope im off duty today." she says, now she can recover from unloading firewood and cromcoal yesterday.

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Nogagon just sort of sits there, not saying much. He winces slightly at the pathetically weak sounding creeel from his littlest brown, then just closes his eyes. B'ane's suggestion gets him to open them a little. "I just want my firelizards to be able to hunt tunnelsnakes again." he says, in an 'I'll do anything' kind of tone.

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Ashlao nods "Yeah, even though my flit is good for little, I would like her to be able to get up and around again." she says, thinking back to the little green.

Sapha has one of those grown-up smiles that are best not asked about on her face. It's those big words, she's a sucker for them. "I'm never too busy for you B'ane….er What is it?" She asks, hormones aside she's not really one to agree to things with out the full disclaimer (big words, need I say more?) "And I want your firelizards to hunt tunnelsnakes again too. They make my flesh creep."

The housekeeper arrives to cart Nefret off to bed.

Nogagon shrugs lightly at Sapha's opinion of tunnelsnakes, sitting upright again with a small grunt. "They're just nuisances, that's all. When I was younger, I had one as a pet." He didn't really, his parents wouldn't let him. He just likes to make stuff up.

Ashlao makes a face. "I don't mind Tunnelsnakes, but I don't think I would keep them as pets, Tunnelsnakes and crawlers are the only animals I really don't like much." she said. But not wanting to offend Noganon she adds. "But they do seem pretty neat, I just never really had much empathy towards them." she said with a shrug.

A grin discharges from B'ane's face complete with a few dimple indentations. " Great! We'll go do that and see if we can't single-handedly save the day and be written into some song for our ingenious tactics. I mean, no one else suggested the records idea, did they?" Okay, now he's just plain a sight to behold in the 'go get 'em' fashion. "I like tunnelsnakes. They make for good eatin' too." Sure, he's saying that now because he's in a good mood. Finally, something productive'll be done. "And I'd bring refreshments along for the ride, but I don't trust food and drink with ancient scrolls. Even I have been known to be a klutz.." B'ane? Who woulda thought.

Sapha regards Nogagon much the same way anyone would if they had grown a second head, and then it's down with the cherries and on to the B'ane's lap. " Make him stop." She manages to command in a very small voice, taking the opportunity to wrap her arms about his neck, she feels safer that way you see. "Make them both stop." She adds, her voice muffled as she buries her head into his shoulder. It must be the cherries, ordinarily she isn't so…peculiar.

Nemikassin walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Nogagon glances at B'ane much the same way, then shrugs. "My firelizards won't even touch tunnelsnakes.. They're not good for much, dead or alive. But it's better to have them dead, I suppose." Again with the shrugging. As Sapha seems to react more extremely than intended to his comments about having a tunnelsnake for a pet, he shakes his head. "Well, I wanted one, anyway. My parents wouldn't let me have one though."

Ashlao nods, and lurks back into silence and just watching people. Alot could be told about people by just watching body language.

B'ane has been receiving a lot of hugs from women lately. Maybe his new cologne is starting to kick in after all. "Oh, they're just saying what animals they like. Why 'snakes are just like runners in some people's eyes." You know, without the fun, legs and size factor. "Why don't we relocate to the Records Room and make a fun day out of it." Like perusing through moldy, dusty dried skins can be considered fun. But it's for a good cause! And you'll make B'ane happy. C'mon, help the poor.

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Ashlao thinks. "Eh why not? sure sounds okay as I have little else to do." besides, pehaps society was desperate enough to need her help.

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Nemikassin traipses into the Living Caverns with a fishing pole in hand. The bronze firelizard the usually resides on his shoulder is cradled in his other arm. Glancing around he notices no one he recognizes so the pole is stashed in an out of the way corner before he heads to the food table to retrieve some snacks for the 'lizzen.

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Sapha is strangely reluctant to uncurl herself from her rather comfortable position on B'ane's lap. "We don't have to get them to help us do we?" She asks, her voice throaty, and her manner coy. "You don't want to follow us to the records room." Her tone is less nice for the others. "I'd need to change first, Come with me?" She asks of B'ane.

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B'ane scans the greenlet from head to hips briefly and clears his throat. " But Sapha, the more eyes we have looking the better. It'd save us from having to be in there for several days in that stuffy, dark room." Okay, any other guy would possibly count his lucky stars to occupy a small room with a pretty face, but B'ane doesn't look at things from that angle, only the direct approach. Naive isn't the word. "Yeh, you might want some old clothes, I can help you up to your weyr lickity-split. You guys go ahead if you want, we'll be back faster than you can say 'cure for the plague!'" Oy. This is sad. He needs a hobby.

Nogagon nods a little, then sighs as the firellizard creels again. "I think I'll go see if anyone in the infirmary can help.." he says, wandering off, five very tired looking firelizards perched unsteadily in various places on the lad.

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Ashlao nods. She calls her green flit Filtiarn, she was worried about her.

Or a girlfriend, However Sapha may have plans to fix that, as she stands up and takes his hand and leads the bronzer towards the outside.

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