AWAS Search Information

Introduction to IW AWAS Search!

Posted on 2/5/2013

The first of many updates to give players of HT a bit of information related to the upcoming AWAS Search at Ista Weyr!

What is AWAS Search?

AWAS stands for Add-Water-And-Stir (also known as Insta-riders), and this means that the riders that will come out of this Search will not go through traditional, on-camera (both OOC and IC) routes to Impression. All applicants will not Impress with their current characters, but rather, if they are selected, will make new character objects that will immediately be set up as riders.

Why is Ista Weyr doing AWAS Search this round?

The staff of Ista Weyr felt that it would be interesting to approach Search a different way. By doing AWAS search we open up the opportunity for current players, whether or not they have a 'Search ready character', to join the Weyr as a rider. These riders will be somewhat older than the traditional age of Impression and therefore will be already ICly prepared to take on leadership roles around the weyr.

In addition, due to the AWAS nature, the applicants will take an integral role in the inspiration portion of the process. They will be the lead on the personality of their riders and their dragons, while 'Co will take a more peripheral role in the dragon development.

Ista Weyr has tried to be the type of place that does things a little bit differently and we felt, as staff, that this was one way to create some exciting and fun RP!

So we just apply with the personality and find out who gets it? Is that it? That seems pretty boring and not Ista Weyr-like.

Absolutely not! We're not doing some basic 'apply and get chosen' type AWAS system.

There will be a two-application system with RP in between! "RP with a nonexistent character? That is ridiculous!" you may say, but we have a plan!

  • First, players will apply for a rider/dragon combo with a very basic personality.
  • Then, there will be a period of time where players will RP those characters using a fun feature that T'ab has designed! Players will be able to RP as their characters without actually making the character object. There will be a TP involved (to be announced later) and players will get a chance to develop their characters, make changes, and have a lot of fun with a very interesting set of scenes (no klah-sipping this time around).
  • -Lastly, the applicants will submit a more thorough rider/dragon personality/history description that is very similar to a traditional Inspiration. (not gigantic 20-page Inspirations, mind you, but more detailed than the first application).

We should note that there will be specific requirements for the rider/dragons to fulfill related to the TP, which means that anything beyond very basic conceptualizing may be counterproductive right now, as it may not fit into the requirements that SearchCo will announce soon. So feel free to brainstorm but try not to get too stuck on the details..

Also, there will be opportunities for people who do not want to actually have another rider but want to take part in the TP!

You mean there will be a Stand-Only (SO)-like opportunity?

Yes! And, in fact, we want as many people to participate as possible! Essentially, players will go through the first pass application and develop a basic rider/dragon pair, then they will be able to RP with the To-Impress applicants and participate in the super-awesome TP.

Oh, and did we mention the process is going to be entirely anonymous?!


Yes, along with many other aspects of AWAS Search. We plan on making the application process as anonymous as possible so that people can feel comfortable applying and being as creative as possible without fear of judgement. Both full applicants and SO applicants will be anonymous and it will be encouraged for folks not to try to find out who is who (Co will do their best to monitor this).

What about my current characters?

The point of the entire AWAS process is not to create a new character while ignoring your current characters. The activity of your current character will be factored into the final vote for character creation. Yes, this means you'll need to RP on two characters, but so will everyone else. Get out there and get active on HT! That is what this whole thing is all about.

Will there be a goldrider coming out of this crazy AWAS Search?

This was a very difficult decision for IW Staff, as an AWAS Goldrider would mean the character has not been established in RP on the game. BUT we have decided to open up the option for a goldrider.

To note: SearchCo will be especially critical of goldrider applicants; they will be scrutinized more carefully and may require additional interviews.

Who is on AWAS SearchCo?

The current 'Co for this cycle is T'ab (Search Czar), Siraji, and Tussart

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