Arienne! We are so excited to now, officially, have you as one of us Istans! Your enthusiasm got us hooked on Arienne and we're very happy to keep you as a rider! Below is the inspiration we wrote for your Auralyth, a bubbly blend of Casper the Friendly Ghost and The Land Before Time's Ducky, just what you asked for! Of course, these are just ideas, guidelines for Auralyth, but you are now Nerai and Auralyth belongs to you, so play her how you feel is best! We had a lot of fun creating the wonderfully optimistic Auralyth and we hope you have fun playing her! — Pippa, Rushka, Sienna and T'ab

Nerai's Friendliest Green You Know Auralyth

Clutching Message
Four… four is the size of Dedanseth's first clutch ever! Thank Faranth this is not one of those clutches. It was embarrassing. One might be able to see Lanti anxiously reassuring herself that her lifemate is still fairly heavy with egg. In answer, Dedanseth just squats again. Hmmph. How do you like /them/ apples? And yet, she's still holding more. Could this be a record setting clutch for the normally slender gold? Just like that, we're up to seven.


Candy Corn Egg
Creamy, creamy white perfection swathes the narrow top of this egg, reminiscent of unblemished sugar. This thick band of color forms a triangular point with the egg's top, while at the base of such creamy delectable white is the essence of pure orange fruit. Brilliant is the large, thick band of citrus orange that covers the majority of the ever widening egg body, winding 'round and 'round down the egg until the edge of sweetened orange meets the base. Here, where the egg is fattest, is the purest of butter yellow, gilt in sun-gold brilliance. Each segment is perfectly placed, with no sugary, sweet section melting into the other. Why, it's almost like a dragon-sized snack, for who can resist the temptation to bite off one layer of candied color? From top to bottom, this egg is a pure, sugary confection of good and happy feelings.

Hatching Message
Candy Corn Egg shivers violently and pieces of the candy-coated shell begins to chew away as an emerald snout peeks out, OMNOMNOMNOM. First, the white surface melts away, followed by the sugary orange and finally the oh-so-sweet yellow, until finally the egg is gone. In the place of the sweet treat egg comes a green that seems to have absorbed all of the sugary goodness, bouncing energetically onto the sands.

The Friendliest Green You Know Dragonet
A sun-warmed giggle kisses her sweet snout, smoky olive matched by the creamy pistachio that curves around a suggestion of a smile. Three simple shades delineate her pear-shaped form, shaded dark to light, top to bottom, from delicate forequarters to powerful haunches. Shadow-dappled moss lines the delicate boning of her wide wings, sails and 'spars cast in a paler shade; the same sooty green runs from her withers along her back to encapsulate the tip of her thick tail. Olivine green coats her curves, across her shoulders and down the outer edges of her slender front and stocky hind legs, while a spring softness lights up the paleness of her belly, right down to her celadon claws.

Public Impression Message
The Friendliest Green You Know Dragonet continues down the line, sniffing and peering and generally exploring (what's under THIS Candidate's robe?!). Her pace increases to a stumbling, awkward and somewhat dangerous run as her energy can't be contained, and her hunger also drives her forward. She has to find someone to PLAY with. She bounds down the line, her tail swishing back and forth eagerly (and maaaaaybe knocking a poor Candidate from Nabol down - whoops!) until she senses something and skids to a halt. What is this? This is interesting. The little green dragon tilts her head at the hand that is held out and sniffs it, and then gives it a little lick. Food? Swirling eyes lift, and then with a gleeful and thready trumpet, the green bounds forward against her chosen one, taking them both tumbling to the sands in a delightful POUNCE. You are MINE!

Private Impression Message
Suddenly a fog begins to roll into your mind, engulfing the scene on the sands and clouding all other thoughts. But this is no simple mist, no! It is alive as it tickles your brain and blankets you with its chilly touch, and it pulsates with colors of pink and green. Suddenly a singing voice surrounds you with the mist, rapidly speaking directly into your mind: « Nerai-Nerai-Nerai! Oh hi! How are you? Oh, good, I am lovely. It is really nice to meet you, I have been looking for you, you know? Well, that is fine because now we have found each other. But, first, I am really hungry, are you hungry? I am so hungry I could eat a whole… something, what whole something do you think I could eat? My stomach is rumbling, so I think we should probably find me something to eat, huh? » The clouds begin to tinge with a crimson of hunger as they cuddle you tightly. « Oh yeah. I forgot! My name is Auralyth and I think we are going to have so much fun together! Yep-yep-yep! »


You would think that with a theme like 'Haunted Legends' it would be awfully difficult to find a good inspiration for a bubbly personality like Auralyth, but it was not hard at all! For there is one legend of a friendly, optimistic ghost that has entertained us all as children (although it is a fiction story), it is Casper the Friendly Ghost! He embraces everything about Auralyth that we wanted to incorporate: a playful being that is always up to making friends and is through-and-through a good soul! It just so happens (completely coincidental! I swear!) that in the live-action movie of Casper, Christina Ricci plays Kat, who is Casper's closest (alive) friend! What luck! So here we give you your Friendliest Green You Know Auralyth, a Ducky dragon with a dash of ghostly Casper in her!! We hope you love her as much as we loved making her!


(Hey look it is Arienne and Casper!)

Casper the friendly ghost,
the friendliest ghost you know.
Though grown-ups might look at him with fright,
the children all love him so.

Casper the friendly ghost, he couldn't be bad or mean.
He'll romp and play, sing and dance all day,
the friendliest ghost you've seen.

He always says "Hello," and he's really glad to meet-cha.
Where ever he may go he's kind to ev'ry living creature.
Grown-ups don't understand why children love him the most,
But kids all know he loves them so, Casper the friendly ghost.

"Casper the Friendly Ghost" Theme Song, by Little Richard

Egg Inspiration

Candy Corn! That sugary sweet snack that's vaguely triangular in shape, colored in layers of white, orange and yellow, and full of tasty sweetness! A favorite Halloween candy treat that causes sugar rushes, aids to cavities of the teeth, but is soooooooooo yummy!

Name Inspiration

Auralyth was developed from a mixture of meanings to try to incorporate a smooth sound, that is easy to pronounce and has a good meaning for your lifemate! We started out with Saurolophus, which is the genus of dinosaur that Ducky is in the movie The Land Before Time and Rushka brought in the Cherokee name Ahyoka, which means 'she brought happiness'. And since you wanted a dragon with a bubbly dinosaur personality, we felt that Auralyth blends this together! She is your 'little she-dragon who brought happiness' (as Rushka puts it!).

We pronounce Auralyth: are-uh-lith, are-uh-leeth, or-ayh-lith, or however you want to pronounce it! Plus you have a beautiful nickname of Aura as well!



You have Impressed to quite a small dragon, she's lovably tiny and that is just fine with her. Aura's small body allows her to sneak into places that most dragons cannot and she we be able to maneuver around all of the other dragons as she bounces along with boundless energy. She may even enjoy her smallness, because a small dragon is much less intimidating to the children of the weyr and hopefully that will lead to her being able to make more friends!

Once she first bounded out of her egg it was quite obvious that Auralyth possessed a significant amount of energy, both physically and mentally. Some dragons move with a calming grace, who act like there is nothing in life worth rushing toward and they will make it there on their own time. But not Aura. No, she is a little ball of energy, always the one that is first in line for drills and weyrfolk will soon recognize her form as she goes with her bouncing walk across the bowl, almost as if she had a little skip in her step at times. Honestly, it is no mistake at all that she and Eabryllth are clutchmates, possibly even bouncing along together hither and thither.

Now, with so much energy and enthusiasm toward everything, there are bound to be some problems while Auralyth is an awkward, growing weyrling. Limbs can get twisted up, wings can be accidentally tripped on, and that sharding tail can sometimes have a mind of its own, « Oh, I am soooo sorry Dzyveth! I did not mean to knock over that pail of oil on you, it was my tail, I heard that pretty harper singing and it just started swinging all by itself! » She will be getting plenty of scrapes and cuts from her stumbly nature, but luckily you have plenty of experience dealing with children getting booboos while they get used to their growing bodies. Aura may even insist you kiss her booboos as well. ;) But the awkward phase will not last forever and once Auralyth's growth slows down, she will be a graceful bouncing dragon.

With all of that energy, especially when she is young and there are few things for her to do, it will be up to you, Nerai, to help find ways of dissapating that energy. Maybe a quick game of hide-and-seek among the dragon couches or see how many laps around the training grounds you can do in an hour? Luckily it will be much easier to find energy-draining activities once she gets a bit older: she will love to go flying out to the deserted island beaches that surround Ista Isle and you two could probably take up competitive acrobatics for the next interweyr games! There is an endless list of activities for you and Auralyth to do and with all her enthusiasm, although it will not be surprising if you go through that list rather quickly!


Auralyth will have a certain obsession with water from her hatching up to when she gets old and wrinkly (although I don’t think dragons get old and wrinkly, but you get the idea). Luckily you Impressed at Ista Weyr, where there is plenty of water and tropical beaches around the place. At first she’ll just love to float around and soak up the warm water under Rukbat, but soon she will learn to swim through the water. And when she /does/ learn, Faranth, you’re going to have trouble getting her out of the water and into the air. She will be a swimming star! This will lend to her grace both in the air and on land, with all of that exercise and flexibility developed while in the water.

She has the energy, she has the small body, it will be no surprise that Auralyth will be an excellent flyer when she grows up (more Petrie than Ducky in this case). This skill, and her general enthusiasm for fun, may cause some troubles with drills and just flights in general, « Why should we move in a straight line, huh, huh? It is much more fun to do loops and rolls than any boring normal flight. » Your dragon will prefer a more erratic form of flying, wanting to explore all of the air space rather than straight and boring. In addition, these acrobatic skills and her speed will make mating flights awfully difficult for all of the male dragons that chase her.

When it comes to eating, Auralyth will have a healthy appetite throughout her entire growth period and up to adulthood. It is quite normal that she will need to eat plenty to sustain that high level of energy that Aura puts into everything. What won't be normal is her behavior when she eats her food. You may not notice it the first few meals, but soon it will be quite obvious that Auralyth plays with and even talks to her food.

« Oh hello Mister Meat, I am going to enjoy you! Yes I am! Yum yum yum! »

But things will start to get more interesting once the weyrlings move on from pre-chopped food and onto the food that is still alive, like the wherries and herdbeasts in the feeding grounds. Auralyth will want to play with them, maybe a light game of tag or hide-and-seek, but that will only last so long as her primal urges take over and she decides to eat her brand new friend. And she will chat with them the entire time, as if nothing was weird about this behavior.

« Oh hi Miss Wherry, let us play! Oh this is fun, I like chasing you! Why are you falling down? Oh! Oops! I did not mean to step on you. Oh, you are bleeding. That smells really good. I think I will eat you now. You are delicious! Thank you so very -very much for being so delicious! »



Auralyth’s mind is like that of an ancient landscape. A primordial swamp filled with dampness and teeming with life. Now, it’s not a yucky place by any means. Sure, there’s mud, but it’s *fun* mud - mud for playing in and building things and mud that’s good for your skin! And what’s that, is that a reed? That tickles! And OH! OH! What’s THAT?! Let’s go SEE! Her mind is a limitless place to explore, full of all sorts of adventures and mysteries and things that not even she can identify. It’s like her imagination is constantly running rampant and getting away from her conscious thought, and sometimes she can even confuse herself.

Overall, though, her thoughts are those of the interplay between mist and light. Playful mists and cheery lights will envelop your mind as she converses with you, other dragons, and probably some of the Weyr's children (although you may need to restrain her from scaring them too often). At first it will be a mysterious and almost ghostly feeling to be engulfed by these cool, tickling mists, as if you were in a dream state. And maybe you are! Who’s to define the interplay between rider and dragon, and the link of your minds? Her connection with you is a fluid one, but it is solid at the same time. Like iron chains wrapped in silk, she slips in and out of your thoughts and yet is tied to you the same way a ghost is tied to the moral realm. She is there, but she is not. She can see things that are beyond your own grasp, and sometimes can seem to drift to the very fringes of your senses, but just when you start to get nervous, she floods back to you with a torrent of thoughts and a cascade of mist and blinding light.

Of course, Auralyth cannot have just plain old, boring mists for a mindscape, can she? Oh no, these are colorful mists, flashes of playful pink fog and energetic emerald clouds will roll around in your head as she speaks. In her most excited state, it will be a playfully windy fog that hugs and tickles your mind and bounces around as if the mist were almost alive, along with those flashes of light. The entire rainbow of colors will be used during those moments of absolute glee. But if she's nervous, or shy, or even sad, it will feel more like a settled fog upon a town, just rolling slowly with shy cyans and awkward auburns.

Just like any mist, or any interplay between water vapor and light, there will sometimes be illusions, as well. Out of the corner of your eye you might *swear* you see an approaching wherry, only to turn and see nothing but a young boy staring at you oddly. Or, in the deepest part of the night, you might open your eyes and have a scare when you think you see a drifting orb of light bobbing in the distance, or the faint outline of something in the shadows. It could be sinister or it could be playful, depending on your mental state upon waking. For Auralyth, it’s all constantly rolling out of her thoughts, and sometimes into the thoughts of unwary folks who happen to be nearby. She’s an emotive dragon, and it might be some time before she’s gained the control necessary to keep her thoughts to herself. And even then, she still might wish to reach out to people who aren’t you, either to share a sudden flash of inspiration, or lend a comforting thought, or a curious question. Don’t be surprised if she suddenly pounces up to a poor trader with a misty, « HI! I am Auralyth, and I think you have got the most *amazing* shirt on, and I love how it shimmers in the light like that and it kind of hurts my eyes but I LOVE IT. » And you, her poor rider, will have to run damage control. Both with the shocked (and probably terrified and/or offended trader), and with Auralyth, who will simply not understand why someone could be frightened of her. It’s this lack of understanding that will sometimes upset her.

Your Auralyth will be prone to bouts of depression, especially when she realizes (from time to time, and then promptly forgets) that she’s different from the other dragons. And she is remarkably different. Friendly, over the top, energetic, creative, and child-like, she’ll often run aground on other dragons’ more mature or stoic natures. She can be, frankly, annoying, and will probably be shot down quite a bit from other dragons who don’t understand or can’t handle her zealous nature. During these times, her mind will be somber and grow more heavy, like the worst Istan humidity you can imagine. And cold, on top of that. Bone chillingly cold. It will cover you and smother you and it will be difficult for you to shake your own thoughts. You might find yourself thinking about all the sad and depressing things in your life, and if you’re not careful, both you and Auralyth can spiral down into a vortex of unshakable depression. It will be up to you both to help pull yourselves out of the depression, with you taking the lead, because if you’re sad, it’s sure to pull her down.

« Nerai, why are you sad? What is wrong? Did I do something? I am sorry for what I did. I can’t remember what I did but I am sad for it. Can I fix it? I can fix it, I know I can, if you tell me what is wrong. »


And when she's angry, which will be rare (see below), the clouds of color will become dark and swift swirls of revolting red and violent violet and there may even be some flashes of lightning that arc across the mind as she unleashes her inner beast. When those moments come, because they are so uncommon and so frightening, you may find yourself scared due to the primal nature that Auralyth can possess. It will come swiftly and it will come unexpectedly, and might strike at you without much warning.

She is a talker, though, and you'll be the primary target of her conversations, being her lifemate. For the first few months it will be like you have a constant narrator in your head that will always find something in life that is worth discussing. Her speech rhythm is rapid fire with that higher pitched sing-song quality to it, just like Ducky.


« Nerai-Nerai-Nerai! Did you see how I ate that piece of meat, it was a big piece meat, I'd bet it was bigger than my head, do you think it was bigger than my head? I think so, but it was so delicious and I was able to eat it in two bites. Two bites! Is not that just amazing? I think so too. Oh, I think I itch a little bit, do you feel how I itch, you know when I am hungry so you should know when I itch, too, right? That is so interesting, I think we should probably get me some oil, did you see that Tyroth has special scented oils? I like those oils, do you think we could get some oils from T'ab? I bet we could if we asked nicely, I will ask Tyroth! Yep yep yep! »


Ahh, Auralyth. If you were looking to extend your period of caretaking and nannying into the rest of your life, it happened when Auralyth looked into your mind and Impressed. Because your Auralyth is quite the child-like creature. She is exuberant, she is inquisitive, she is endlessly curious and adventuresome, has boundless energy, talks incessantly, will ask the same question over and over and over and over and over again, and she loves you, her rider, with every fiber of her being. She is friendly, she is awkward, she doesn’t fit in and (most of the time) she doesn’t care. She can play hide-n-seek with the best of them (even Kehemath will be hard pressed to find her, sometimes!) but she can have moments of a truly profound nature, the way that only a pure soul and an innocent heart can.

An eternal optimist, she will see every problem or negative event as an opportunity to improve herself and yourself. She sees the positive in every person, even the darkest of souls, and is always willing to give a fellow dragon a cheery greeting and a conversation (even if the other party is not willing).

« Hello! How are you? Oh, I am fine, yes. It is a fine day to swim, huh? I love to swim so much, they say I am a pretty good swimmer, I do not know if that is true but I try really hard to swim well. Yep yep yep! »

This optimism will seem almost blindly positive at times, Auralyth believes that she (and you) is capable of anything that she puts her mind toward. Her personality will sometimes come across as naive to others (and possibly you, at first), as things that should be impossible will be treated as possible by her. Most dragons cannot do more than one lap across the bowl for their first time flying? She's going to attempt to do two. Dragons can only hold their breath underwater for two minutes? She will try for three. And even failure will not shake her belief in the impossible, Aura will always dust herself off and try again. And she will attempt to instill this optimism into her fellow dragons, Auralyth will be the clutches' cheerleader, always willing to offer motivational comments or support her 'mates in their efforts.

« You can do it Fionabhairth! I bet you will be the bestest flier out of us all! Yep yep yep! »

But of all of the people on Pern that Auralyth will cheer for, you, Nerai, will be her favorite one. She is your #1 fan and always will be. Aura will gently push you to be constantly improving yourself, to run than extra lap and to stuff that extra sack of firestone, but also to find time to play and relax and enjoy all the wonderful things that life has to offer. You and her are duty bound, but Auralyth will always make sure that you have a little bit of fun every day, to maintain a positive attitude and a light heart. If Nerai is in a funk, Aura will be right there with all of the equipment to build some sand holds on the beach. If Nerai just got dumped by a boy, the green will convince as many of your clutchmates and other friends to come over for a giant slumber party! She will always know what is needed to fix whatever bad thing that has happened to you, or at least help you forget by distracting you with games and play.

Her exuberant amount of energy will not just apply to situations when she wants to play, it will definitely carry over into Auralyth's everyday duties. She will turn every activity, no matter how dull it may seem, into a game of some sort and she loves games! Firestone duty? « We should see how fast we can fill the bags and how big of a tower we can build! It will be fun, yep yep yep! » Elevator duty? « Let us see how loud we can get this drudge to scream? I bet you I can make him scream the loudest! » Mucking duty? « Can we build a muck hold? Please please please? » … okay that is a little gross, but you get the picture. With the insane amount of energy Auralyth possesses, in combination with her fun-loving approach toward work, you two are destined to be very successful in your duties and maybe one day you will see the reward through promotion to higher ranks.

You will find Auralyth extremely interested in your past as a Nanny at High Reaches. She will be fascinated with the littlest of humans, because they often see the world as Auralyth does: with a playful, optimistic outlook! It will start off as an observational interest, she will love watching children play and often comment on how much fun they are having.

« Nerai, look at that sandhold! It has shells and seaweed and they even made a flag out of driftwood and cloth! That looks so much fun. Can we make one? Oh-please-oh-please-oh-please? »

Like Casper, Auralyth will feel like an outsider to the children's world, because she knows she is not a human child and may even be worried she'll scare the children (or maybe she will scare the children on accident when she tries to play with them), but with time and with your help, she will begin to understand them better and the weyrbrats will begin to recognize Auralyth and her playfulness. Soon you will have trouble separating the children and your lifemate, they'll be out on the beach playing games or having a splash fight in the waterfall's pool. By the time weyrlinghood is over, do not be surprised if Aura is often followed around by a little posse of children.

This love toward playing and teaching little ones, along with her inherently strong amount of empathy, you may find yourself leaning toward positions like assistant weyrlingmaster and (maybe one day) weyrlingmaster, where Auralyth and yourself are able to utilize your strengths of compassion and teaching. Dragonhealing might also be a potential life goal, because it often requires the same set of tools as weyrlingmastering.

Of course, this energetic and gregarious nature will not sit well with everyone she meets. There will be dragons who are put off by her energy, her curiosity, and her need to be liked by everyone. She might have some rather rude and abrupt encounters, particularly with the more mature and stoic of dragons, and it will be up to you to give her a hug and tell her that it’s okay to be different. She won’t really understand why everyone doesn’t like to play all the time, and it’ll be a difficult line for you to walk with her, between encouraging her natural born energy, and being calm enough to get by without constantly being snapped at. Don’t be surprised if some of your comments send her into a true sulking pout, and she’ll probably even go find a corner to curl up in, dejected, until she either thinks of something else, or you go and soothe her wounded heart.

She is a dragon who feels all things intensely, with her whole being. When she’s happy, she’s over the top, boundless, sing it from the mountaintops happy. To the point where sometimes you might want to cover your ears and yell at her to stop pushing HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY feelings at you. When she’s excited, it’ll be a near whirlwind of thoughts spinning through your mind, and sometimes it might actually make you throw up from the sheer movement of it all. Her depressions are sudden and crushing, and you might not be able to make her get off her couch for a few days, until you find a way for it to lift.

Like a moth to a flame, or more like a butterfly to a black light, Auralyth will be oddly attracted to the dark soul that is Dzyveth. She will find his mannerisms, and his mindscape, intriguing and will often find excuses to try to associate herself with him. Her bubbly personality will overflow as if she is attempting to counteract all the negativity that the bronze can bring. Quite often she will pepper him with conversation, with questions, any interaction that can help her better understand what makes Dzyveth tick.

« Why do you brood all moody-like in the shadows, Dzyveth? You should come out to play with me in the ocean, I do like to swim, do you like to swim? I do not see you a lot in the water, but maybe that is because you like to swim only at night because it is darker. Is that true? Huh, Huh? And why do you scare all of those children, that is not very nice, no not nice at all. Nope nope nope! »

« Will you /shut/ /up/ Auralyth? »

« Why would I want to shut up? I enjoy talking, although I have been told that I talk a lot and that can sometimes be annoying, but I really like people. And I really like you, you are funny, Dzyveth, do you want to play hide-and-seek with me? Huh, huh? I bet you that I can find the bestest hiding place in the whole weyr and you will not be able to find me for days! I am a good hider. Yep yep yep! »


While it will be rare and far between, there is the possibility that your lifemate will reveal a much darker side. When she’s angry, look out. These periods of temper will be very brief, but like a sudden earthshake, they can leave devastation all around her. This side only comes out when there are certain people being threatened: you, the people you love, or children. Angry-Aura stops being the playful, fun-loving creature and will be a dragon that would scare the Faranth out of even the largest gold. She will be quick-witted and sharp as a dagger in her speech and her typically diminutive size will suddenly feel overbearing. The poor aggressor that finds themselves in Auralyth's sights will not soon forget their experience with her dark side. But never worry that she will ever stay that way, because just as soon as the matter is resolved will Aura snap back to her bubbly personality, ready to look at the world again through her rose-colored glasses.

Happy people generally find other happy people to hang out with, and this will also be true of your Auralyth. And who is happier or more playful than dolphins? She will find herself very interested in their behavior, their ability to swim so fast, their social structure, everything! This would be a great time to utilize D’ren’s past experience with the dolphins. Don’t be surprised if she wants to spend hours upon hours laying on the dock or floating in the sea, listening to the dolphins talk or simply playing with them.


When Auralyth is proddy there will be no major, glaring changes in her general personality, not like some of the more intense proddy greens. The changes will be much more subtle, at least emotionally. And it may be because of this subtlety that it will be much more obvious physically than emotionally, Auralyth will not be slow to glow, instead from the first day of proddiness her hide will be much more bright.

Normally Auralyth could care less about whether a fellow dragon was female or male, as long as they were fun they were worth playing with, but come proddy-time you may find Auralyth is a tad more distracted by male dragons than usual. Soon she will begin to focus just a little more energy on getting the male's attention, making sure she is bathed more often and that you use the pleasantly scented oils instead of the plain old ones. Her talons will need to be buffed a bit more and she might want you to reserve a special pair of riding straps just for her proddy times. All of these actions are meant to be little hints to the males that they should be getting ready to chase her. And she will not always be so subtle about it when conversing with these potential suitors, either.

« I see you are eating that large herdbeast, Vrykth. That is very good because I will be rising soon and you will need all of the energy you can get. Yep yep yep! »

The actual flights will be a demonstration of all of the abilities Auralyth has, like a serious game of tag, Aura will swoop and dash through the skies as she forces all of the males to push themselves just to keep up. To her, it is not only a mating flight but a game and she will revel in the fun that can be had during the flight. For this reason, blues and small browns will probably be the most common catchers as they are the few able to keep up with her aerial acrobatics.

And that, in so many words, is Auralyth! Or at least how we saw Auralyth in action, she now belongs to you, Nerai, so play her however you want! We fell in love with you and Auralyth and are excited to see the fun that the pair of you create at Ista Weyr! Good luck!


Egg desc: Alys, Lanti tweak
Dragonet desc: Rushka, Team tweak
Messages: T'ab, Lanti tweak
Name: Rushka, T'ab
Puppetted by: Sienna
Inspiration: Pippa, Rushka, Sienna, T’ab

Nerai's green Auralyth
Harper's Tale: 61st PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Lanti's gold Dedanseth and T'ab's bronze Tyroth
November 20, 2011


Ada (Adalaya) and green Fionabhairth
Reana (Breannah) and blue Eabryllth
Iili (Yaiili) and brown Jhiovharameyth
Sk'ar (Skylar) and bronze Dzyveth

Candy and green Cornth
Bunn (Bunnia) and green Iculath
Meiji (Meisjin) and green Leitanith
Mary and green Sanderth
E'gan (Eagon) and green Slimerth
S'rah (Sarrah) and green Ssonth
R'ler (Rydler) and blue Derbith
J'ack (Jovack) and blue Sallyth
M'rry (Murray) and blue Shelleyth
J'ber (Jiber) and blue Wokth

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