Assassination Attempt On The Weyrleader

Logfile from Hannah

If you've missed Ista Weyr's events, you still have time to come and down and participate! Clean-up on Ista Weyr beach will be promptly followed by a dinner served in the courtyard for all of the helping-hands and those heading home. * Pst, TP in progress! So, come on down… More the merrier! *

— entered by Jozzie on 2003-09-29 18:45 MOO Time. (23 minutes and 27 seconds)

Main Beach (#590)

The beach here is of a fine, glittering black sand… volcanic sand, remnants of a long-past eruption. The beach is fairly wide, which is a good thing since many of the Weyr's dragons like to come here and lounge in the sun. The crystal blue waters of the ocean roll up in gentle hissing waves on the shoreline, sometimes leaving shells or other treasures from the sea in their wake. On the north and south ends of the beach, the cliff from the plateau retreats into the forest, and trees flank the beaches.
It is an autumn evening.
Out on the pier, you see two ships.
To the south, you see a bronze dragon.
Curled up in the sand are sixteen firelizards.
Green Alishath, green Kitiarath, bronze Aboleoth, blue Agzanth, green Hiakith, gold Dhiammarath, brown Chelath, brown Tanzheth, and brown Cinestioth are here.
You see Smith Booth, Minecraft Booth, Wine Table, Party Table, drink tray, The Harper's Band, and Dolphincraft Booth here.
You notice Zixane, Lib, Serlan, Dot, Nanli, Kyren, Brid, Caeri, Janaelis, Trik, Shimmer, Lexi, Bryann, Yue, Cynda, Z'diah, K'av, and P'renn asleep here.
N'ano, Jozzie, Nefret, Keriny, Dea, and Jesiya are here.
Obvious exits:
Plateau Hillside Path North Beach Pier Water South Beach

From above, Cinestioth glides down from above the plateau.

From above, Cinestioth wings down and lands on the beach.

Cinestioth lands, scattering sand about with his wings.

P'renn slides awkwardly from between Cinestioth's sorral-splashed ridges to land with a gentle thump.

P'renn falls to the sand with a soft 'whump' of contact before immediately sliding against Cinestioth's hide with a little yawn and stretch. Cushioned by an obliging forepaw, the brownrider perches upon his dragon and proceeds to converse quietly. Occational words slip out in reguards to the nature of the talk, but for the most part it's all internal. Trik and Agzanth were seen on the descending flight, but P'renn'll let the bluerider come to him, should she choose to be chummy this afternoon.

Trik was so pleasently passed out in the sands from last nights events of this lushed wingleader being introduced into the wing for a round of drinking. Face planted in the sand, the bluelet begins to stir and come to as she lifts herself from the ground and more to a squabbly sitting position. Hand to brow and then mashing down her face, Trik gives a squint of eye to see around the beach before spotting P'renn and his brown. A little wave is given before the rider topples back to laying down in the sand with a 'huff'.

P'renn peers closer at the bluelet, Cinestioth following suit as his nexk arrows out and his nostrils expand to cause great clouds of loose sand to billow towards Trik. "You alright, Trik?" Is called out, with as much quiet as possible, as P'renn guesses the nature of her splayed position. "Want me to get you some water?" Grinning faintly, the brownrider slowly stands, stretches once more, and begins to plod towards the flattened Trik.

Muffled and distrought muttering can be heard from the rider for a few moments before she turns comprehendable once more, "Arrg…" A groan is given from Trik as she stuffs a arm over her eyes and responds back to P'renn, "Aye, I'm fine. Just rusted, thas' all…No water. Dun' wanna /damn/ thing. I neva' wanna see a bottle of lemos again in m'life.."

Jurrel scrambles up the sandy trail to the plateau.

P'renn is now thoroughly amused at the bluerider's predicament, and decides /now/ would be the time to get revenge on anything Trik may have done in the past to warrant it. "Hey, wait, I hear the best cure for a hangover is some more wine, and it just so happens— I've got some Lemos bubbly for just this occation!" Applause? Cheering? Well, a silent gurgle will get the same reaction. "Now open wide Trikky, I don't want to spill any." Does he have any wine? Maybe. Cinestioth is usually encumbered with a few skins.

Pagan suddenly disappears ::between::!

Moving her arm from her eyes, Trik gives a hooded look up at P'renn before the mention of lemos hits her ears. And at that time, She's already clamping a hand over her mouth and shoving herself up to a sitting position before the rider gets sick over the browners leathers and boots. A blunt swallow is reinforced with a few swats at P'renns legs, "I swear to farnath's great squishy behind, Pendren, I'll wash'er behind with my Weyr's floor!" Oh. Such a name coming from her mouth should be so formal as 'Pendren'.

From above, Nezdarvyth glides down from above the plateau.

From above, Nezdarvyth wings down and lands on the beach.

Nezdarvyth lands, scattering sand about with his wings.

P'renn eyes Trik with mild interest before manuvering his legs from harm. "I'm only playing, no worries. Had a little too much to drink, did we?" Sniffing faintly in remeniscence of the good times, the young rider works a few fingers into his shoulder muscel, attempting to loosen up a few knots. "Never overdose the Lemos, that's the worst for hangovers, you know."

X'ner is freed from Nezdarvyth's clutches, landing with a soft thud on the ground.

Swoop! Nezdarvyth is growing..a little fond of Ista. It's warm. The water's..warm. He doesn't have to worry about being turned into a /llama/ by the water here. ..Right. X'ner hops down to the sand, nearly bouncing on his feet as he looks around. Tsk. Such a shame big parties have to come to an end. Oh well, not like the rider can't enjoy himself.

From above, Laeth glides in from the east.

From above, Laeth wings down and lands on the beach.

Laeth lands, scattering sand about with her wings.

A figure shifts upon Laeth's neck, slowly, carefully, descending until they land with a thump next to the tabby-green. Nylca has arrived.

Sensing it's time, Laeth kindly shifts her weight to her haunches, stretching out a compact forearm for Nylca to climb. From there on, thick, sturdy loops of leather offer a ladder up Laeth's neck, where Nylca can easily swing their leg over the side, and settle into place.
Laeth goes home.

N'ano walks down the path from the forested hillside.

Jozzie moves gracefully with a habitual swing of her hips, down the trail from the plateau.

Nefret sashays down the trail from the plateau.

N'ano strolls down the path, bluerider in towor something like that. Arms stretch behind his head for a moment's time, pausing in the meanwhile. Scanning the beach, the weyrleader lets out quite an audible groan at the sight, "Sharditthis is go—well, actually, it ain' /too/ bad, y'think?" he asks, cocking his head towards his weyrmate before continuing down to the beach in proper.

Jozzie comes on down to the beach, picking up what odds-and-ends were left from the big events. Her two kidlets are running around madly in front of them, chasing after each other while Enos as something in his had that he is waving about that Corona really wants for some preculiar reason. Jozzie isn't even seeming to pay any attention. She cocks her head to N'ano as she bends to pick something up. "Huh? Oh, right." she replies.

Ambling down the path to the beach comes the overly energetic Nefret, who's heard word of cleanup going on and for some strange reason slightly unlike her, decided to help. "Weyrleader, Wingsecond," she nods cordially to blue 'n' bronze weyrmates. "Anything I can do to help?" For once she's without that rather loud gold firelizard. A break for everyone's ears.

Keriny walks down the trail from the plateau.

"Ayehow's it goin', kiddo?" N'ano grins, greeting the messenger, "I guess just whatever's 'round 'n out of place can be picked up'less you wanna help me take down these tents, eh? Oh! Or those tables," N'ano says, motioning to both before stepping towards the latter. "Guess we can start with these. Y'strong 'nough to hold it up there?" Not that it weighs -that- much.

Dea toe dances down the trail from the plateau.

Jozzie smiles, then catches Corona begining to tug harshly at Enos' tunic. "Hey!" she hollars. "Play nice, you two… behave and help one of the nannies over there." she points to one of the off-duty nannies that is cleaning up with everyone else. Then, she turns towards the messenger and smiles. "Ah, what's that you needed help with N'ano?"

Dea waves to all. "Wow! Must've been some party here!" Looking at the all the debris and odds 'n ends. Picking up a bikini bra, "Anyone I know?"

Keriny giggles. "Sure hope they found another way to get home."

"These tableswe gotta fold 'em up 'n tuck 'em away," N'ano replies, tapping his knuckles against them before kicking the legs in, "Y'got it there? Oopnice 'n steady now. We don' want 'em to break." Dea's arrival causes a minor smirk to form on the bronzer's face, "Ayethat be mine, Dea'was wonderin' where that got to!" Er, yeah. Dork. "Canni have it?"

Nefret laughs at the Weyrlingmaster's last comment, amiably smiling at N'ano and nodding. "Yeh, I can lift this. Unless you need help with the kidlets, Wingsecond?" She doesn't know Jozzie's name, of course, and she doesn't know her dragon's either — or she'd be calling Jozzie 'Riyth's rider'. And -then- her face brightens once more into another charismatic Frettylaugh. "It's -yours-, Weyrleader?"

Dea raises an eyebrow as she passes the item over. "N'ano! I never knew. Finally, coming out of the closet? Heh?"

Jozzie bites her lip, resisting to smile towards N'ano. "Oh, no." she replies to Nefret, "They're alright." The woman takes one end of the table and helps the other woman move it to where it will be placed onto a caravan later and carted off somewhere. "And you can call me Jozzie." she says, clarifying things a bit. She raises her brow to Dea, "What isn't new with N'ano, huh?" she winks teasingly.

"All right, then, Jozzie. I'm Nefret. Messenger over at the Hold." And isn't she proud? Youngest of the troupe, but right now Nefret isn't up for bragging. Snatching up a table end and awaiting another's lift of the other side, Jozzie gets another nod. "And what's your dragon's name? Blue, isn't he? Blues are my favourites." No offence to Bydelth, of course.

N'ano simply shrugs, grinning widely, "Sure! Why not?" After finishing with the first table, N'ano makes his way towards Dea, snatching the bikini top from her hands. And with a little shake of his tunic, it's soon shed and bikini squeezed on for amusement's sake. "How do I look?" he asks, altering his voice to a light alto before sidestepping his way towards Nefret, "And you can call -me-… uh, N'ano." So what if it's not a feminine name. Ah, but now it's time to tease his weyrmate, "Oh Jozzie pet…"

Keriny, on her hands and knees, picking silverware out of the sand, pauses and sits back on her heels to watch N'ano. Boys will be.. well.. girls, it seems.

Jumping back from the snatch and grab, Dea can't help but laugh as N'ano dons on the bikni top. "You look….." She can't help as she doubles over laughing.

Jozzie laughs, then rolls her eyes as she wanders towards another table with Nefret. "Riyth is the name," she replies, "and, yes, he's blue. As blue as they come." Then, she smiles to Nefret. "Oh, fantastic. I was once a messenger." Ages and ages ago, of course. Another look is spared towards her weyrmate. "Oh, he's better than some I have been with…" she murmurs.

And now it's time for N'ano-chick to turn all butch. With a satisfied grunt, he nods his head and returns to the former tasks at hand. "Alright ladies," he says, unfortunately returning his voice back to normal, "let's finish up here! Someone—actually, three of you wanna grab the other corners of this tent?"

Inside Dolphincraft Booth, Jesiya walks out.
Jesiya steps swiftly down the trail from the plateau.

Keriny deposits her collected silverware on a tray and dusts her hands off. "I'll grab a corner."

B'ane slides from Aboleoth's neck and lands neatly on the balls of their feet.

Dea wiping the tears from her eyes, "You going to wear that all day N'ano? What if Hannah sees you dressed like that?"

Nefret, satiated as someone grabs the other end of the table and the two move the object to the designated place, simply continues conversation with that perfectly-trained politeness of hers. "Messengering is an absolute joy. I've got a runnerbeast as well — Name's Simply Devine, a Fortian breed." Seeing Hannah's approach just as Dea makes the comment causes Nefret to need to stifle laughter yet again.

Speak of the Devil! "So what if she sees me dressed like this! What's wrong with it anyway? I mean, it ain' like ya'll fault chicks from wearin' 'em around… if you'd rather I go without it though…" he smirks, shrugging before turning his head towards the incoming weyrwoman and his fellow wingmate with a finger waggle. Girly-voice returns with his "Good /evenin'/!" greeting.

Jesiya trails in from the plateau, three other apprentices flanking her, hammers in hands and baskets aplenty to go between them all as they head towards the DolphinCraft Booth, "What? I'm not joking, some of them ate nearly all the bubblies to just 'em selves. Swear it on faranth. One day, guys. My turn at the booth and I watch it m'self." One of them continues on about what he's seen as the four apprentices converge into the booth to clear the contents out, shells and corals swiftly put away in their own seperate little slots in baskets, each apprentice having paired up to either display case, "Oh you exaggerate Keilrn, no one eats /that/ much. Now hush, someone will hear you and take offense. Or best yet stuff you quiet." Sniffing Jesiya carefully continues clearing out the booth.

B'ane unfolds a burlap sack with a crisp 'snap' and immediate begins to attend to what's left of a downed fruit salad. N'ano is looked at and then given a hard double take. "Uh…, N'ano?" One eyebrow shoots up followed in hot pursuit with a second one for unity. "Are you drunk, is that it?" Fruit salad forgotten, B'ane's close to hiding in the bag he brought.

"Ah," replies Jozzie, purely intrested in the conversation with Nefret. "I had an Igen-mix, she was an excellent runner." The woman sets the table down with Nefret's assistance, "I am not sure if or where she had gone to or if she is still alive. That was some turns ago that I had her." Which makes Jozzie old, right? Then, another look to N'ano. The woman bursts out laughing, tears brought to her eyes. Good Faranth, this is /her/ weyrmate.

Astet blinks in from ::between::!

Hannah slips down the beach, halting when she sees the Weyrleader. "N'ano..?" She coughs and then frowns, "Are you a little on the tipsy side of drunk? Wearing a woman's top?" Wrinkling her nose, she shakes her head a little, "It's not you. You just, well, don't fill it out."

Still chuckling, Dea starts picking up the odds and ends from the beach. Seeing Hannah, she gives a wave, "hannah, you're keeping secrets from us poor riders? Why didn't you warn us that N'ano likes to cross dress?"

Practically in awe of N'ano is Nefret, who is indeed the type of person to cause some sort of ruckus in public, but not -that- blatantly. "I don't think he's drunk, just being himself … strange as he may seem." The actual -speaking- of the Sr. Weyrwoman makes Nefret revert to polite-mode again. "G'day, Weyrwoman." As she continues moving tables with random people, the dragonriders and their odd banter is kept monitored.

Bryann has connected.

Bryann steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to someone.

N'ano continues to grin and work just the same, "Nah, I ain' had a single drink yet! Hard to believe, ain' it?" So maybe that's the reason for hisinteresting behavior. Hannah's comment makes N'ano sniffle purposely, the bottom lip pulling out, "Y'don' think? Awwwell, maybe in a few turns they'll fill out." But for now, N'ano'll keep the thing on. "Ya'll gonna help us or what? These tents don' come down by 'emselves!"

Frau Bleucher glides secretively down the trail from the plateau.

Jesiya nearly faints as a basket is dropped on the contents of the basket tinkle and shatter in delicious motes of crackling skeletons and softly crunching sand, oooh. The way it makes Iya wiggle she's nearly crawling across the floor to recover contents, "Oh shells and bells!" Fingers quickly scoop up fragments as one other bends down to help while the others soon converge out, their own shells collected, to begin taking apart the display cases, pieces of wood connected by pegs of wood, easily taken apart, "Maybe we can make a jewelry box from these…"

Bryann returns, sending a firelizard off to deliver the message.

Bryann goes home.

Klyph has business elsewhere, and bustles off to the nothingness of ::between::.

Tent-shment. B'ane's being a garbage-picker. And a good one at that. Shaking his head and grateful for the fact that with N'ano's idiosyncrasies, less and less is starting to bother him. "I can help, just a minute. Lemme just get this mess picked up.." Slimy food is swept into the bad as is a whole butt-load of sand since there's no way he's going to pick out each individual piece, dust it off and place it in the bag.

Dea dumps what she's collected in a blanket to be sorted later. "Well…" Finding the bottoms of the bikini top that N'ano's wearing. "Uhh N'ano? This your's too?"

Hannah lifts one eyebrow, "Planning on gaining enough weight to fill that top? You'd better discuss that with Jozzie…" Voice trails off as she considers the Weyrleader. To Nefret, "Good day," is offered with a quick smile before turning attention to the beach. "Cleaning up already?"

Sapha saunters hypnotically down the trail from the plateau.

Nefret can't stifle it any longer, laughing at Dea's comment. "I should hope he's not going to try -that- piece on in front of us." And she certainly hopes Jozzie wouldn't let him, either. Or Bydelth, for that matter. "And yeah, I'll help with the tents — Where do you want me, N'ano?" First names now! Except with Hannah, because the Weyrwoman didn't tell Nefret it was okay. And Nefret's like that. Perfect politeness.

N'ano sucks in a breath through his teeth, holding back a laugh as best he can from Dea, "I'll have to refrain on -that- one… it never really fit right," he smirks, shrugging helplessly before uh, cupping his non-existant breats, "Just like this thing," he sighs dramatically while turning back to the tent, "Alright—gotta pull up 'n /carefully/ fold it towards me."

Keriny pulls at her tent stake… and pulls… and pulls… and pulls some more. Nothing. "Help?" she asks, in a purposefully pathetic tone. "My tent stake's dragonproof!"

B'ane has disconnected.

Carefully. Okay, Nefret can do that. Messengers are good at precision. Slooooowly and carefully as ordered, she pulls and folds the tent like so. "That all right, Weyrle—hem, N'ano?" Only titled person who gets called by name is Andron. Guess that just changed. "Didn't fit right? Such a shame," is recapped from the beginning conversation.

Dea drops the bottoms on to pile that she's collecting. "Too bad." She sighs. Looking around, she picks up a few more items.

"Maybe" N'ano pauses, stepping back towards Dea's pile and scoops up the bottom, stuffing it into his pocket nonchalantly. Surely he's not getting ideas. And back to the task at hand. "Alright" or not? Clasping his hands together, he slips the bikini top off, replacing his tunic upon his torso. "I'm gettin' hungry…"

Jozzie finishes up with whatever she was working on, looking across to N'ano. "I believe something is being served in the courtyand," she replies to him with a warm smile. The woman looks over the beach to see if the main clean-up has been done. Have to make sure to have a clean beach, don't you know? A clean beach, is a happy beach.

Sapha of course wanders in at that exact moment. "N'ano put those back right now!" Is the cry that announces her presence. "There's probably some poor weyr girl sniffling right now because she can't find her bathers, and she's scared that the weyr-leader wearing them, stretching them all out of shape, and more than likely ruining them." Of course that exact scenario is about as likely as Sapha finding a weyrmate, it could happen, but don't hold your breath ;)

Keriny claps her hands. "I can see sand again! well.. clean sand…no, sand with no things on… oh nevermind." she scratches her head.

Dea grins at N'ano. "What are you trying to do, N'ano? Find the girl and offer to give them back if she goes swimming with you?"

"Some good weyrgirl sniffling that carelessly forgot it on the beach when she went rollin' in the grasses!" N'ano exclaims, letting out a whoop of laughter. "But yes—maybe I -will- find that girl! I'll put a notice up right away!" he adds sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

Jozzie gives a light snort to Dea. "Only if they were mine." she says, nibbling on her lower lip. Then, Enos ducks behind a crowd of people and hides behind N'ano for a moment before dashing off towards the weyr with Corona and a rosy-cheek colored nanny following after. The woman rolls her eyes just then and looks across to N'ano.

Sapha stands with her hands on her hips and with a roll of her eyes contines. "Never you mind what it was that she was doing to loose her swimsuit. I for one know you've done it yourself a time or two." She adds a playful finger waggle for good measure. "Put it back." And at the end, she concludes her remarks with a wink.

Jassay walks down the trail from the plateau.

"I'm sure she'll respond right away, but pretend to be not the owner, but the owner's best friend's weyrmate's half-sister's cousin on the other side of the family's roommate at some out-of-place crafthall. Because, of course she was doing something rather inappropos that she doesn't want -N'ano- of all people to know about," quips Nefret as she digs up and folds tents accordingly. And secretly, she's wondering if the bathers belong to Sapha. But! That will stay secret.

Hannah just finishes cleaning up her area, giving N'ano and co odd looks. Shaking her head, she mutters various remarks under her breath, chuckling wryly. "You're going to try to return them? And will you be wearing the top while you talk to this poor hapless owner of the bikini?"

N'ano retorts, scrunching up his face before mockingly saluting the greenrider and tossing the bikini back down onto the pile, "Yes ma'am," he snorts good humorly, before quipping, "Yeahy'should know!" towards Sapha. No further comment necessary. "Wait thoughdidn' you have a suit like this one?" she probably didn't, but N'ano couldn't pass up the opportunity to tease his good friend.

Hannah suddenly remembers something, "Oh, dear. I've got to head out." Without another word, she runs down the beach in the direction of the Weyr and the Council Chambers.

"On the contrary, if she is a good little weyr-girl she wouldn't really care. Things are very much different here at the weyr. I'd suspect however that the grasses weren't the only place where they could have been lost, if you know what I mean." Sapha feels it's her duty to inform the young and innocent. "No, Mine is white. And now I'm hurt that you couldn't even remember the most famous bikini in all of Ista Weyr." As she's been told on numerous occaisions.

Jesiya pahs as she finally, after long ardous moments of picking up broken shells with fingertips, baskets now full with the wares from display cases, Iya is content to start taking apart thing with the other apprentices present, "Do we have to carry these things back?" "Nah, we got a wagon, well..we will when everyone else arrives…"

Xveiya stumbles her way down the beach, dragging a pale blue blanket in the sand. Fangy is clutched in her other fist. "We're going to see if there's some raw fish for dinner, Fangy." She approaches the adults, eyeing their activities. Work. See, that's the thing she /doesn't/ do.

Senile blinks in from ::between::!

"Oh, I 'member all too clearly, don't you fret now," N'ano replies, waving his hand at the greenrider to dismiss the issue as he turns back towards Jozzie, "Hey, maybe we should have 'em bring all the food down here—bound to have a mess wherever, y'know?"

Jozzie giggles towards Sapha. "Um, right." she says with a broad smile. Meanwhile, it looks like things are getting underway of getting cleaned up. Yes, the beach looks visible again. "You think the cooks are going to bring out some food?" she asks N'ano, looking a bit impatiently towards the courtyard. The beach seems to be becoming more crowded with people coming out to clean-up and participate in the dinner that will be served on the beach, perhaps leftovers form the roast the night before. Harpers are gathering up their wagon, playing in the more heavier instruments into cart. Jozzie pulls a strand of tress away from her eyes, looking around the beach. "Nice show," she announces. "Probably won't take us much longer to get cleaned up."

Keriny groans and plops down on the sand. "Not /another/ mess… we just got almost done with this one. "

Jassay arrives? Naw, she's been here the whole time, serving dual purposes, certainly. "Hopefully everyone else will arrive soon enough," she states with a chuckles towards Jesiya.

Jesiya makes a face towards Jassay, "They'll arrive right when dinner starts and the work is done." She does quirk a half smile however as she bends to her task of poking out the stakes holding together the display cases, "Do you think anyone else is willing to help us?" Settling down on the backs of heels she looks out of the booth to the people massing on the beach and calls out a "Anyone willing to help somedolphincrafters take down the tent???" She's got arms the size of limp seagrass.

Xveiya settles herself on the ground, placing the blanket beside her and stuffing Fangy back into his pouch. "Mrph." She mutters, struggling with the knot. Eventually she undoes it, and places the stuffed canine safely within the bag. "Come near me and I'll kick you," she warns, glaring at the passers-by. "I'm just here for the fish."

Jassay chuckles. "Might be able to convince some healers… once they finish they're own work," is given by the young woman with a laugh. "Anyway, hard work won't kill us, will it?"

Sapha sniffs a little. "You can ask anyone." She directs towards Jozzie with a hurt tone, and then indeed proceeds to ask the closest passing male. "You know my bikini's famous dont you?" She asks with a simper and fluttering lashes. THe lad just blushes and mumbles something that sounds distinctly like. "Well I do now." Before beating a hasty retreat. "See, I told you." she declares in triumph. "Did someone say food?" She's gotta preen before eating don'tcha know?

"AlrightI'll be right back," N'ano says before sprinting up the hill, only to arrive moments later, a tad out of breath. "They're on their way downhere! They're here!" Toss the confetti! The food has arrived. Roasted herdbeast, rolls and fried tubers are carried down the path carefully, their pots and serving dishes set atop one of the tables left standing. "Thanks guys!" N'ano beams, grabbing three plates to hand off to Jozzie, one for himself and one for Sapha since she's standing right there. "C'mon! ShootJozz, mind gettin' me a plate? I'll start the fire up 'gain" and with that, he takes off again to gather kindling.

Jesiya is about to reply to Jassays comment about hard work but then the food rolls in and Iya nearly falls over at the sight of it, "Not fair, not fair. Look at that, we finish this and watch people eat until we're done." Well, five apprentices should get the work done quick, no? Planks of board are now settled neatly, the remains of the display cases, and all pegs are put in their own carrying sack, Iya standing up to stretch out and assess the tent, "I say we kick it over. Then we can eat."

A small chuckle is emited from Jozzie over Keriny's reply. She returns her attention to rest of those gathered about. Some of them are helping while others are milling about, pretending to be helping someone else at work. Jozzie, however, acts like some sort of cordinator. Head of the clean-up crew, that's right. In due time, the cooks finally arrive, bringing with them plenty of food and drink for all of those helping out with cleaning up or those just stopping by to have a chat with someone who may be gathered on the beach. Nodding to N'ano, Jozzie wanders away for a few moments to go pest a cook. "Ah, smells delcious…" she says.

Nefret hears her nickname, though it was unintentionally said. The mention of 'Fret', however, is forgotten, as food is mentioned. "Food?" Tent is dropped and plate is snatched, gathering meatrolls and a -load- of tubers. "Mmm … I love tubers," she says to no one. And it's true. Tuberloving is a big part of Nefret.

Sapha doesn't need to do more than stand there and look pretty, which she does exceedingly well. "Why Thank you." She beams as a plate is handed her way, that's all the invitation she needs to get stuck in. And stuck in she does with healty helpings of everything. Espeically the roast and rolls. "Did they bring wine?" She asks, suddenly anxious.

Rhavie walks down the trail from the plateau.

Dea dusts off her hands, "There I'm done. I'm for a swim."

Xveiya has disconnected.

Jassay chuckles. "I say we at least get it taken down, and in one piece," she quirks a brown towards Iya. "And then we partake in the meal, that way we won't sit and not want to get back to work."

Keriny maneuvers for a plate, accidentally josteling Nefret in the process. "Oops," she gives an apologetic smile. "Tubers okay?"

"Eeep!" Snatching at falling tubers, Nefret catches one on the edge of her foot, two in her hand and the rest remained on the plate. "None grounded, luckily. But it was a close one! Don't care if you knock -me- over, but my -tubers- are different." And then she decides to be social. "What's your name? Where y'from?"

Jesiya purses her lips to pause in mock thought of the idea Jassay proposes, "Well I'll be, Jassay, you're idea is better than mine. All right. There's five of us all together it should be quick.." she looks around the booth mmming, "Who put this thing up? I think we have to lift it in one piece..I've never taken down a tent before…"

Badabing. Badaboom. Voila. Ze fire is made. Making his way back to the food table, N’ano tosses an arm around Sapha's shoulders, having heard her comment, "Wine? Surely y'don't think I've forgotten!" he laughs, motioning towards the crate full of it off to the side, "Have y'pick," is quickly added as he slinks off to the side, nudging Jozzie on the shoulder as he takes his plate, "C'mon—wanna sit over there?"

Keriny juggles her plate to another hand, and offers the empty one to Nefret by way of greeting. "Keriny. Formerly of Keroon, now of the Smith Hall.. an Apprentice applicant. "

Rhavie trots down to the beach nearly on her tip toes, bright gray eyes flashing this way and that as she comes into the crowds. She pauses once she's at a good vantage point and then little nose sniffs the air, smells of the Weyr's best dishes swirling 'round her. "Mmm." she licks her lips and then ducks into the mass of mostly older people, slipping between them like a fish through water. Like a tiny imp she pops up to the table of food and quickly nips here and picks there, plate full of all her more favored foods rather quickly. That done, she looks for a place to sit and eat it.

Jozzie is completely knowledgeable of N'ano's favorites as she loads up his plate, and then her own with food. She does a balancing act between the two, meanwhile giving Sapha a smile. "Um," she murmurs. "I hope they did." Or else Jozzie would be one little unhappy dragonrider. Then, N'ano having remembered, the woman smiles. She passes along his playe towards him before taking her own. The line around the tables grows longer as people line up, especially quite a few crafters that are going to be on their way back to their place of residence. Harpers, Herder, Smiths… you name them. All the rest, of course, are riders and holders. Jozzie slides aside, heading towards N'ano. Everyone else seems likely to be able to handle themselves nicely.

Jassay ponders a moment or two. "Hmm, hang on," she slips inside the tent and nods. "I think…" She then nods. "Alright… I think it's collapsable, or whatever," she mutters. "If everything's out of the tent we can take out the stakes and remove the pole, that might help…"

Sapha grins as her eyes alight upon the free booze. "Excellent." She murmurs to herself as she makes her way over and takes the best vintage of the ones available, she's N'anos student in that regard. "And be sure that I will be watching all you apprentices very carefully. If I catch you even thinking about taking a sip of this wine, I'll be seeing your masters before you can even say sweet sharding shells thrice." There, and now her supply is rightfully protected by the threat of her wrath, or something.

Nefret shakes the hand proffered with a grin. "I'm Nefret. Messenger, Ista Hold. Never left the Island in my life." And, of course, this pure Istan blooded stuck up child is -proud-. "Wine … I wonder if the Weyr thinks me too young. They usually do at the hold…"

Xveiya perks up as she hears that magic word: food. Tucking her blanket into her belt, she scrambles over to the group, pushing through roughly. When she finally gets to the dishes, she finds - horror of all horrors - there's no fish. "What?" Pause, as she considers. "Oh well." She snatches up double portions of everything, and winds her way back to her seat.

Jesiya scoots along with the other appies into the tent, baskets hastily grabbed before they all duck out to stand next to their pile of wood, watching Jassay, "Okay. we'll get the stakes.." Baskets get set down and the remaining four apprentices each to to either sides of the tent and begin tugging out stakes driven down into the dirt, "Few more!" Fingers pry but finally after grunting and falling onto bottoms the stakes are removed, "'kay, collapse it!"

Jassay chuckles and slips into the tent again to help remove baskets, before she collapses the tent upon command. "Mmph," is given as she's promptly buried under the tent. Good thing, though, is that she does manage to wriggle her way out from under the blue and cream fabric. "There, now, I think… it should just need folding and that stuff. I hope."

"Oh c'mon SaphaI know stuff 'bout you that you can't -possibly-" he pauses, shaking his head and waving it off with a grin. "Just 'member the Inn!" And that should be enough. WIth a final grin, N'ano starts to devour his food contently—or rather, inhales it contently. "Hey, Saph! Toss over one of 'em bottles please, would ya?" "Does it matter what kind Jozzie?"

Line? There was a line? Well if there was then Rhavie has quite the advantage in her petit build because no one seemed to notice her cutting in… or maybe they thought she was too cute to tell her to move to the back? Either way she got what she wanted with out any fuss. She finds a spot to eat, a somewhat secluded little niche that is near to where N'ano and his little troupe are sitting, strangely solitary from the other children that play and romp all over the beach.

Jesiya covers her mouth with a squeal of a laugh as the tent collapses on Jassay, feet quickly taking her to a corner of the tent, two other apprentices sneaking off towards the food table leaving herself and Jssay and two more who both go to corners, having done this before, "lets get this folded up then before we've no chance at the food tables!"

Sapha takes four more bottles for good measure, scowling at all those who dare to approach the wine before she's finished. As a result it takes her more than a few moments before she's heading towards the WeyrLeader with as much of the good stuff as she can carry without spilling her dinner. "Oi, If I can keep 'em from making my mistakes…" She drifts off with a wink, before collapsing close to the pair, but not close enough to catch thier love-cooties.

Jozzie smiles to N'ano and shakes her head. "Nope," she says. She pickes up a utensil and scoops a helping into her mouth. The woman does not concern herself with the watchful eyes of strangers that are gathered around to join them for a fantastic meal down at the beach. She leans against N'ano some in a reclining fashion, simply enjoying the evening as the gather winds down towards it's end. Meanwhile, Corona runs up to little Rhavie and begins to lightly tug on the girl's shirt and whispers about some bubblies some cooks have left on one of the other tables. Really important business of kidlets here. Corona seems not to want to share this information with her half-brother, it seems. Enos is nowhere in sight. What is very peculiar is some eyes that seem to be on the pair, the Weyrleader and the Wingsecond. Jozzie looks over the crowds, spying on someone, but then sees no one at all. "Hey, N'ano?" she asks. "You see that person over there?" The woman gives a look of curiousity.

Jassay grins and nods. "Fold we shall, if we can coordinate ourselves," she states, laughing slightly as she brushes the dust off her outfit.

"You know it ain' gonna happen—it always happens one way or another!" N'ano snickers, rolling a shoulder towards Sapha before indulging in the bottle, eyes slanting towards Jozzie at her inquiry, "Huh? I see a lot of people over there," he replies, shrugging. "What 'bout? It ain' Ryran again, is it?"

Rhavie peers down at Corona and smiles, "Sweets?" plate of food is set aside so that she can slip off her perch and follow the other girl to said treats. She figures her other food will be safe till she returns, and if not she will just be /forced/ to fill up on bubblies. Can't you just smell the hyperactivity?

Watching Jozzie and N'ano isn't what Nefret's doing, exactly, so much as just watching. The observation the bluerider makes, however, piques Nefret's interest as the type of person who likes investigating things. "Is something wrong, Jozzie? N'ano?" Spies are bad. Nefret learned this early in life.

Sapha has the ears of a mother. "It better not be, I grounded him after his little impromptu strip-tease the other day. I swear he gets more and more like his father every day." And just for added emphasis she turns to look at N'ano significantly. "I remember when I was pregnant with Phoebe, I always thought there was some one watching me all the time. You're not pregnant are you Jozzie?" She asks this time the look directed at the WingSecond is a little more concerned.

Jesiya presses her lips together as she lifts up her corner of the tent, nodding towards Jassay, "Coordination smordination, lets just get this thing folded and done with." The two others are already leaning into the air tugging their edges of the tent towards the center, Iya following their examle instead of talking about doing so, "The first thing I'm eating is dessert then I'll have always tastes better that way and makes more sense."

N'ano shakes his head, "Not that I know of," N'ano shrugs again, eyes widening at Nefret before he takes another sip of wine from the bottle. Yes, a sip. Not a swig. He's for once taking it slow for the evening. "Woooooahwaitasec… /striptease/!?" N'ano should be upset, but no, he's leaning over in a fit of laughter, "Sharditare you serious!" Another hoot of laughter follows "'n 'course I was watchin' ya! Someone had to look out for you, y'know," he says matter of factly, still leaning over but resting his head upon Jozzie's now.

Xveiya stuffs food into her mouth, crumbs scattering all over her and her belongings. "Mmm…good," she mumbles through a mouthful, oblivious to the others gathered in the area. "Fangy, try this." Canine is tugged out of his pouch, and some roast is rubbed over his stuffed mouth. Mmmm.

Pagan blinks in from ::between::!

Jassay grins and grabs at her corner and goes about doing as the other apprentices do. "True, true," she states laughing as the tent gets folded…

Inside Dolphincraft Booth, Jessa goes home.

A dark figure looms over the crowd, making a breif appearance as it come out of hiding. It looks to be a man cladded in dark, billiowing clothing. Suddenly, *zoompth! zoompth* arrows from out of the man's bow go shooting inbetween N'ano and Jozzie. The bluerider screams, seeming to be quite surprised as they land in the sand. They barely miss N'ano, which he is saved from being hit when he laughs. The person in dark clothes seems to vanish into the crowds before anyone can catch them. A red ribbon on the arrow is tied on to the shaft behind N'ano. "Get that man!" Jozzie cries, but it is really to late for that.

The tent /was/ getting folded until a scream causes Jesiya to drop her portion and swirl around, eyes wide as Iya looks for what it was all about. Jozzie yells for someone to catch a person and she gives a confused look towards Jassay, unsure of what happened or what to do.

Sapha is one of the first to react, Standing up and shouting. "Phirath, tell the Queen's there's been an attempt on the WeyrLeaders life!" She doesn't even bother to internalise the reaction in the midst of the shock. "You!" She points out a trio of likely looking Smith Journeymen, all big and burly and buff. "Follow that man, if you can. If you can't he won't be going far with the dragons on alert." She declares with more confidence than she feels. "You okay?" She asks, gesturing to yet more of the crowd to protect the trio (You think she's gonna risk her own skin?) with thier bodies if need be.

Dea jumps up from where she was lazing around, "Huh? What?"

Rhavie squeals and ducks into the corner of some tent that is still half up, the dark man and arrows flashing just behind her as she follows Corona. She peeks out after Jozzie yells only to squeal again when the man fly's by, disappearing into the chaos. "Did you see that!" bright eyes are wide and peering over at N'ano and Jozzie, not about to come out of hiding, but still concerned.

Jassay shrugs. "Meh, get that man…." she offers to the confused Iya. "Dunno what else we're supposed to do…" she states, looking around to see where the person went.

Cornona looks up from her bubblie-searching as she hears her mother, Jozzie, cry out. "Huh?" she looks to the girl beside her, looking confused. The kidlet has never heard her mother scream that way before. "What happened?"

In the distance, from the Landing overlook many draconic voices rise in anger, some of the younger bronzes even going so far as to take flight without thier riders, the news of the incident travelling fast and far with the speed of dragon wrath.

N'ano's eyes are wide with fright, and his body limp, seemingly drained from any chance of an adrenaline rush coming forward. Finally though, he emits a rather squeaked "What just happened there!?" from his mouth. Nevermind himself, he's quickly reaching out to grasp at Jozzie's shoulder, "Are you alright!?"

Xveiya squeaks, gripping Fangy to her chest in surprise. Meat is smooshed all over the place as she rolls behind someone. "Fangy…that man tried to /hurt/ someone." She tucks the canine away, and slowly emerges from her hiding place to approach the rest of the group. "What's going to happen?"

Rhavie motions back towards the girls mother, "That skeery man in the black clothes just shot arrows at Jozzie 'n N'ano." still, she's not gonna go check it out up close, hiding is a good thing.

Jesiya lifts her hands up helplessly, looking towards N'ano and Jozzie, still not sure what happened her back being to them as it was, head shaking, "Ehm…" Bending down she continues to fold the tent, unsure glances cast over her shoulder towards the now chattering group of people, everything punctuated by the roaring dragons.

Confused, Dea looks around, "What happened? Who was that?" She is pushed out of the way by a young bronze rider.

Jassay also goes back to folding the tent, if the rest of the phins are, so too shall she, unless someone gets hurt…

Jozzie blinks, looking to N'ano. "You're… I am the one who should be asking -you- that." she says, flustered. The woman flickers tresses from out of her eyes. Suddenly she looks up towards Sapha, nodding her head and looking over the crowd. "Faranth," she murmurs. Meanwhile, Corona crouches and looks towards N'ano and Jozzie. "Hmm," the little girl says, not really understanding. Jozzie finally shakes herself out of her confusion. "You," she points to a brownrider from her own wing. "Go check on Hannah, the other junior goldriders, and the Weyrsecond." Her eyes dart towards someone asking what happened. "Someone tried to… to…" she is imediately lost of words.

"Tried to kill someone more like." Sapha declares, fuelled by anger and adrenaline. "I don't really think that that ribbon is there to signify a little love bite." Her eyes flash darkly. "I think for now, if you are both able, we should seek the protection of stone walls, and many watchful eyes." Her own continue to dart this way and that, just in case they come back for a second attempt. "Thank Faranth for small mercies, thier aim is atrocious." Was that an attempt at a joke?

<Ista Weyr> Dhiammarath senses that Phirath flames flicker with angry intensity as the green continues to project. « Ware! Someone has tried to kill Bydelths rider! » Complete with the fuzzy image her lifemate has provided for her. « Find him! »

<Ista Weyr> Dhiammarath senses that Aeokaith springs to life, lazy greens and blues replaced by angry, wary sparks of red and yellow.

<Ista Weyr> Dhiammarath senses that Aeokaith springs to life, lazy greens and blues replaced by angry, wary sparks of red and yellow. < Someone what? Kill? Who? » comes the dim understanding as the blue rousts himself from his nap, the image conjuring nothing more than confusion in his fuzzed head.

Rhavie blinks as someone mentions her mother. She may be only five turns old, but she can put one and two together. "Mamma?" she would never have thought that someone would go after Hannah as well, but the simple idea is enough to send a fright through this particular little girl. She seems unsure of what to do for a moment, then bounds out of her hiding place and shoots across the beach faster than a prize racing runner… or seems to any ways. Poor Corona is left to her own devices.

Rhavie scrambles up the sandy trail to the plateau.

N'ano nods his head quickly at Sapha, not quite knowing what to say about this little endeavor. Giving Jozzie a firm embrace, he stands, stepping over the log to the other side, "We should pro'lly stay up there," he motions towards their home above the woods, eyes wide and alert. "Although" he sighs, brows furrowing. "Or maybe mine? I meanthere's always people 'bout… could be on the lookout for strangers at all times—'n I want watchriders up at all points!" Okie, now N'ano's finally starting to react with the rage he should possess over this act. "We're to have all available wingriders perform sweeps as soon as possible!" Since it'll be a difficult task, given the time of night. Calmly, he runs his hands through his hair before turning back towards Jozzie, "We ain' gonna let 'em get 'way with this… that wasn't no poorly aimed shot by a smith apprentice practicin' their lessons!"

<Ista Weyr> Dhiammarath senses that Phirath contines to cry « Find him! Kill as in, sending Bydelth into Bewteen permanently Aeokaith. Dead, gone forever. He shall not escape punishment! » This last is given with the icy chill of certainty, quite alarming amidst the flames of her rage.

Xveiya frowns, and says quietly, "Perhaps he /meant/ to miss." She doesn't make sense very often, but this is one of those rare times when she's speaking lucidly. She reaches down to Fangy for reassurance, adding, "Doesn't anyone want to know why they tried to pillow you?" She said pillow, and she meant pillow. Really.

<Ista Weyr> Dhiammarath senses that Aeokaith snorts loudly, the green's anger infecting him as he joins the cry, < Kill, find…Bydelth, no… » The words become confused as they blend together into shadows of uncertainty, fear and anger.

Sapha rolls her eyes. "Look, kid. If they can get as close as to miss, then they can get as close as to not miss, if you get my drift." She comments succiently, but with oodles of signifigance. "You should probably get the guards and watchriders for the last couple of days to give you a report, although, with the number of people…" Her voice drifts off as she she shrugs suggesting the hopelessness of such an endevour.

Tasi saunters, hips swaying gently as moves down the trail from the plateau.

<Ista Weyr> Dhiammarath senses that Riyth shows alarm, becoming edgy and confused. « My lifemate… » Colors spread. Alarm, confusion, disgust echoing his lifemate. « Stay calm, my lifemate says. We will find. »

Tasi has disconnected.

Keriny suddenly jerks out of her stupor… "Jeez… I… jeez…" She's at a loss for words, and is whiter than a sheet, (freshly laundered, of course) Finally, she gets words out…"What can I do… anything?"

The tent gets folded, if rather slow, Jesiya herself listening in to the conversation with rapt interest now trying to piece everything together to make sense of why there's a commotion, "Shells!" She finally whispers towards the apprentices finishing the folding, "Why anyone would attempt on the Weyr Leader is disgusting…not a full set of glows in that head, not at all." Words are hurried, Iya folding faster, intent on leaving as fast as she can incase something else is attempted.

Jassay nods her agreement as they finish. "Aye, that's just insane, I hope they get caught," is stated with a scowl. "And I'm glad no one was hurt."

Jozzie hugs N'ano, pulling him close as she tries to decide where to go for now. The woman looks over the crowds, calling for attention. "Stay calm, everyone! Sweepriders have been sent out and guards have been posted. We will find who did this." she declares. "The best thing for now is to head across to the Living Caverns and have yourself some klah and rolls. I doubt anyone will be able to leave without a through check with the guards." Corona, meanwhile, is taken by the hand by one of the nannies that finally finds the young girl hiding under a table.

N'ano nods his head quickly, slipping his hand into Jozzie's and resting the other on Sapha's shoulder, "C'mon—let's get up to the caverns…" "Someone wanna put that fire out?" is yelled over his back as a small shudder takes over his body.

N'ano scrambles up the sandy trail to the plateau.

Jozzie scrambles up the sandy trail to the plateau.

Dea will.

Sapha scrambles up the sandy trail to the plateau.

Dea snuggles Z'diah

Pagan suddenly disappears ::between::!

Xveiya walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

[move to the Living Cavern]

Living Cavern
The smooth, rounded walls cavern sweep upward from an oval base, two dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat every member of the Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava which forms these caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets abound, dotting the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle greenish light toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in the ceiling. Ancient, lustrous tables run along the axis of the cavern, and at the far end rests the raised dais and high table, where Weyrleaders and honored guests eat during formal occasions. Behind the high table, the Weyr's symbol is embedded into stone: a smoking mountain in black on an orange shield, trimmed in gold.
Perched near the food are Vahn, Klah, Gymir, Dizzy, Dawnfire, Neolithic, Cozano, Autolycus, Misere, Camouflage, Uriel, Muse, Prushal, Shippo, Dogma, Zet, Majicke, Terrible Tsunami Tadpole, Denim, Auroriel, Fefefe, Zrik, Victor, Equivocation, Crystal, Puffin, Rin, Kainan, Night Wish, and Pagan.
You see Seven-Layer Tiered Cake, Decorations, and A tray of hors'd'ouevres here.
Sapha, Jozzie, and Xveiya are here.
Obvious exits:
Northeast Caverns Kitchens Bowl Southern Caverns

Sapha saunters hypnotically in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Jozzie moves gracefully with a habitual swing of her hips, in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Pagan blinks in from ::between::!

Dhiammarath> Xveiya frowns, glaring at Sapha. "Well…still." With that, the girl storms off after the rest of the group, blanket in tow.

Dhiammarath> Z'diah hugs Dea. "Well, that was interesting." THe master of the obvious understament.

Dhiammarath> Xveiya scrambles up the sandy trail to the plateau.

Dhiammarath> Dea smiles and nods. "Very."

Dhiammarath> Senile suddenly disappears ::between::!

Dhiammarath> Nefret scrambles up the sandy trail to the plateau.

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Assassination attempt has been made against Weyrleader of Ista Weyr. People are now being moved into the Living Cavern. Sweepriders have been sent out to look for the assassin.
— entered by Jozzie on 2003-09-29 21:43 MOO Time. (23 seconds)

Nefret sashays in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Serina walks in from the South Caverns.

Dhiammarath> Jesiya works on her second set of wrinkles as she frowns deeply, tent given a kick as she hears they won't be leaving. Sighing she looks back now to Jassay, "Well looks like we won't be going anywhere…Get this loaded into the wagon?" She asks, the thing along with a few apprentices and two journeymen rolls in, Iya waving to them in less than an exuberant manner.@party

Tirek walks in from the South Caverns.

Dhiammarath> Jassay nods. "Yah, sounds like a good idea, that way it's ready to go when we are," she offers, moving over to inform the journeymen of what had happened, finishing off with 'there's klah and rolls' sort of thing.

Dhiammarath> Dea steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to someone.

Still in absolute shock, Nefret is no longer a faux-innocent. Not one bit, after that. "… Jozzie?" Standing behind the bluerider with a look of sincere concern, the young messenger attempts to make simple conversation, in a very quiet, timid voice. "Are you okay? Will N'ano be all right?" Her usual arrogance is broken now, and she's acting like what she is … a child. A scared child, at that.

N'ano walks nonchalantly in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Senile glides in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Jozzie looks to Nefret, smiling, although it is a very nervous expression. "Oh, I am sure we will both be fine." she replies. "Whoever did this will be found, on a dragon's honor." She looks across to N'ano, giving him concerned look as she wraps her arms around his waist. "I want to make sure that everyone else is alright first, however?" she asks, seeming to be the least concerned about herself. More for N'ano and everyone else.

Aimee whistles her way in from the Southeastern Bowl.
Aimee whistles her way to the Northeast Caverns.

Serina can't sleep with all the racket going on through out the Weyr. The dragons more so than the comotion from the people. She'd hurriedly donned clothes and run her fingers through her bed-head hair. Katrina is inconsolable for a few moments, quieting only when she is sure everyone is apprised of her disapproval about the noise. Serina is left rocking the infant and speaking quietly with a gathering of 'cavern women. "The Weyrleader? Really?!" She's as shocked as everyone else milling 'round the large room. "Oh my.. at least noone was hurt." So much for feeling safe in her new home.. Folks are taking shots at the 'leader! This can't mean good things.. "Let me know if anything needs doing," she tells the woman with whom she'd been conversing. If everyone is fine.. She's going back to her bed, which is the only place she can be of any good to anyone.

Xveiya approaches the gathering group, Fangy clasped to her chest. She pauses, and then changes direction, heading instead for the dorms. This is a little too much, even for her. Perhaps after she goes to bed, it will all be alright in the morning?

N'ano can't help but solicit a little PDA… that is, he wraps his own arms around Jozzie tightly, giving her a nice long smooch. Really, it's Disney. "Let's not worry 'bout it—I don' think they'd be gutsy 'nough to show themselves 'round here 'gain with so many guards." Of course, that's likely false, but it's just N'ano's way of comforting the bluerider, or rather, racking the nerves down a notch.

Dhiammarath> Jesiya nods and as Jassay moves off the left over apprentices heft up the tent and make their careful way through sand each intent on not rolling on an ankle. Apprentices just arrived jump out as journeymen are informed and grab the wooden boards of the display case, hauling those back as Jassay finishes off with mention of klah and rolls, "All right..done…lets go eat."

Sapha is a little shaken now that the need for immediate action is over. "Some how I'd doubt we'd find anyone closer to the arrows than the two of you." She clucks a little , shooting little dissapproving glances to the gossiping women. "You think we could get some blankets and warm thing here hmmm ladies?" She asks pointedly. "Please." She asks when none of them make any move to get things sorted. Eventually one of the older women shrugs and scurries off to the green-rider bidding. "Oh no!" She gasps, her face going pale. "You were lucky, they've found a body, on the other side of the plateau. One of the guard recruits." She mumbles as the information is relayed to her via Phirath. "Very Lucky" She declares.

Dhiammarath> Jassay grins and smiles as she watches the apprentices go about their work…. she may well be one herself, but that makes no differance. The healer laughs and moves to help finish loading everything, once done, food is in order.

Jozzie eventually pales. "This had to be some sort of renegade," she murmurs. "Who else would be so suspicious?" She leans her head against N'ano's shoulder. The woman does not show any sign of fear, but that of concern for N'ano. Jozzie, herslef, has been through a lot more terrifying events.

"What? Lucky that someone else got the brunt of the battle? Somehow I don't find that luck," N'ano frowns, holding a hand up to his eye as if to rub it before letting it run and rest on his neck for a moment's time. Of course, thinking that it could very well possibly be the culprit never crosses N'ano's mind. "Maybe we should stay down here for the night, Jozz—Bydelth 'n every other dragon out there's already guardin' the caverns… 'n we know that guy didn't run this way so I doubt he's hidin' in here."

Dhiammarath> Jesiya claps her hands together and waits for the journeymen to lead the way to the living caverns, "No dessert today…"

Dhiammarath> Jassay also waits for the journeymen to take the lead… what an odd feeling, this…

Dhiammarath> Jesiya scrambles up the sandy trail to the plateau.

Jesiya steps swiftly in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Sapha shrugs. "Yes lucky. Think about how horrible it would be for us if we lost our Weyrleader, I don't think any of our queens are due to rise for some time, and the other bronzes dont have your experience. This is far more serious on second reflection than just losing my closest friend." Her thoughts wander this way and that, and so does the words from her mouth. "Between you and B'ane I swear…" She mutters before slumping into a seat and looking about blankly, she needs a hug, but there isn't any way she'll be interrupting those two anytime soon.

Oh, just wait a moment. Jozzie sympathizes with Sapha and detaches herself from her weyrmate as she tosses her arms open and gives Sapha the biggest hug that she could ask for. It's one of those hugs that Jozzie always gives Jessa when they always are reunited. That is just how big that hug is. "Poor Saphy," she sniffles. Fanaranth, Jozzie cannot think what she would do -without- N'ano. Gee.

Jesiya slips in, gaze unsure as she looks around, "I've not actually been in /here/.." An awed whisper is given towards her fellow apprentice, the two walking with linked arms to a table, watching, waiting, wondering why they all have to stay here, questions evident in wide eyes and firmly closed mouths.

Aww, but Seffy's gonna get one! Here comes N'ano-bear! After her little speech, N'ano follows Jozzie and maneuvers towards Sapha, adding to that wanted hug "Awwyou're sweet, y'know that, kiddo? I don' know what I'd do without yaeither of you! You two are the bestest friends a guy could ever have!" Aww. Kodak moment. "Alright, I don' know 'bout you two, but I think I'm ready to hit the sack. Too much excitement for one day, m'thinks."

Sapha nods and returns the hugs, both of them. "But I don't wanna sleep alone." She mumbles in a small voice before the tiniest of chuckles. "It sounds good, I think I'll see if Ry wants to snuggle, just us two." Nothing kinky, just quality Mum and Son time. "Take care you two." She mutters before disengaging herself and wandering forlornly towards the slinky sneaky tunnels that Ista Weyr is famous for.

Cyanide glides shibbily in from the Southeastern Bowl.
Jozzie gives a little stretch and nods to N'ano. "I think I will set my knives by the bedstand tonight," she murmurs. Oh… they should be safe in their own quarters, make no mistake. "I'll be joining you."

N'ano walks nonchalantly to the Bowl.

Sapha saunters hypnotically to the Bowl.

Jozzie goes home.

Message 3 of 3 on *Gossip (#627):
Date: Mon Sep 29 22:28:08 2003 CDT
From: Anonymous :)
To: *Gossip (#627) and *Ista Weyr (#608)
Subject: The Weyrleader, what?!?

After what appeared to be a nice, easy going gather turned deadly at the end of the last night clean-up. An assassination attempted was made against the Istan Weyrleader N'ano of bronze Bydelth. Witnesses say that the shot was fired by a man in billowing dark clothing. The shot was fired between N'ano and his weyrmate, Jozzie. Dragons became immediately alarmed, sending the message far and wide. Some of the younger bronzes even went as far as to take flight without their riders, the news of the incident traveling fast and far with the speed of dragon wrath.

Guarders were immediately stationed in and around the weyr and sent out to other nearby holds on the isle, watchriders posted at every station, and sweepriders sent out to look for a man on the loose. So far there has been one casualty, a guard that was found dead outside of the weyr in the forest. So far there has been no evidence to where the assasian has gone, some say that he must be in hiding somewhere other than the weyr itself.

Stay tuned to find out more!

OOC Note: Thanks for everyone who turned out! Stay tuned and gossip about. :)

Message 7 of 7 on *Ista Weyr (#608):
Date: Mon Sep 29 22:41:18 2003 CDT
From: Jozzie (#17026)
To: *Gossip (#627) and *Ista Weyr (#608)
Subject: Possible leads.

Witnesses claim that the assassin had used a hand-crafted long-bow. The arrows have been gathered and are under study by Istan guards. No further attempt of studying this piece of evidence has been made. Istan guards have contacted woodsmith-crafters to find out about the wood that the shaft of the bow was carved from.

The assassin still remains on the loose.

— Ista Weyr Assassination Tiny-Plot 2003 … Stay tuned!

[end of log]

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