Aradia Is Searched

Logfile from Saph.

Main Beach
The beach here is of a fine, glittering black sand… volcanic sand, remnants of a long-past eruption. The beach is fairly wide, which is a good thing since many of the Weyr's dragons like to come here and lounge in the sun. The crystal blue waters of the ocean roll up in gentle hissing waves on the shoreline, sometimes leaving shells or other treasures from the sea in their wake. On the north and south ends of the beach, the cliff from the plateau retreats into the forest, and trees flank the beaches.
It is a spring evening.
Out on the pier, you see two ships.
Curled up in the sand are twelve firelizards.
Brown Xylyth, green Imacinth, and blue Agzanth are here.
You see Smith Booth, Minecraft Booth, and drink tray here.
You notice Lib, Serlan, Dot, Nanli, Kyren, Yue, Cynda, Kazra, Ashlao, Trik, and Rielle asleep here.
Keilan and Aradia are here.
Obvious exits:
Plateau Hillside Path North Beach Pier Water South Beach

Keilan has gone back to his clamdigging activities. Also searching the tidal pools for mites and 'claws and things. And he's muttering to himself. "Am I sure this isn't some sort of a prank? No I'm not. Catch me sending out the youngest apprentice when I become a Cookmaster. Somebody really oughta have more sympathy." Mutter mutter. But he appears to have been relatively successful, as his clam crate is about half full and swinging about idle in the surf.

Sapha is all alone in the world, well not really as she stumbles down onto the beach with her bed-hair and her eyes still in need of rubbing. Unlike normal people she's just woken up, and it shows. Perhaps they shouldn't let her intergrate with the population at large as she sniffs distainfully at Keilan's crate and mutters. "Still aren't cherries." Uh yeah, but cherries, clams, it's easy to spot the difference.

Keilan shakes his head. He's seen everybody that's been coming down the plateau, and waves to the faces he recognizes. "'Course they aren't cherries," he agrees cheerfully. "We're gonna have fish stew tomorrow, an' 'sides, I'm not in charge of fruit. Yer'd have to talk ter the other cooks for that."

Having retired early, only to find the ability to sleep is non-existant at best, one particular brunette has settled her green firelizard in her hammock, curled up in her blankets, and has headed out to the beach. And soon enough, Aradia finds that she isn't the only one. Keilan's still there, and now there's others arriving, too. She hadn't realised the beach was so popular at night, but, she supposes, with the weather warming as summer approaches, she can understand why. She waves to Keilan, and dips in a bow of sorts to Sapha, before just watching, for the moment.

One dolphincrafter- Enter stage right, "Shells and shards." Curled in the nook of the arm of Jesiya is a green little lump wheezing and just looking plan /sick/. Iya herself looks tired/worried/grouchy as she steps onto the black sands of the beach, feet finding solasce in the grains crowding between her toes, "Good evening everyone…"

Sapha scowls somewhat, her expression, well not a fun one anyways. "It's just not good enough I'm afraid." She declares before running her fingers through her hair. Squinting at Aradia, she also has a few choice words. "You don't want to bow at every strange rider you meet, some of them are peculiar." She nods, and of course Sapha is one of them, probably the leader for all accounts and purposes. "Evening." However is offered somewhat graciously.

Aradia grins up at the rider, raising one brow ever-so-slightly. "Indeed they are. Most of them, I think. I don't think I've met a single sane rider yet." The bow is ingrained courtesy. Otherwise.. she's just herself, which might not quite be the best person to be. She turns a smile to Jesiya, before her expression falters and she skitters to the girl's side. "Oh shards.." she whispers as her gaze takes in the little green. "Is she okay? Well, obviously not, but…" She chews on her lip a little.

Keilan shrugs. "Sorry, Sapha, that's what we got. fish stew for dinner and I heard there were gonna be… Oh!" Suddenly he smacks himself. "You know what? I heard we was gonna have bubblies fer dessert tomorrow. Kind of helpin' all the candidates ter get settled an' whatnot. Maybe they're gonna be cherry?"

Jesiya carefully shifts Gaia in her arms and gives a little shrug and a nod towards Sapha, her evening once again murmered before attention is back to Aradia, "She wouldn't let me leave her in my cot or she'd be with my other ones." She lets a half smile twist her lips though little of the shine reaches her eyes, "She'll be fine. She's just being clingy today." Gaia sniffles and doesn't bother to lift her head. So what if she's clingy. She's tired. /Not/ sick like her pet claims, "I'm sorry.." Apology to Sapha, Jesiya dipping her chin ever so slightly, "I'm Jesiya.." Might as well meet and greet while the little 'lizard is calm enough not to bite everyone near her.

Sapha sniffs somewhat distainfully. "Not if I get those cherries first." She mutters under her breath, leaving the omnious cackling for later on. "Um Jesiya, nice to meet you." Something in her tone indicates that the name and more than likely the face will be forgotten shortly. Which probably explains why she isn't using Aradia's or Keilan's names. "Um so what are you doing?" She asks finally, ignoring the sick flizzen, much like she's ignoring her own.

Keilan blinks and looks confused. "What, me? I'm catching tomorrow's dinner. Best ter do it when there ain't nobody on the beaches. They're closer t' the surface then, you see." He notes the lack of names and briefly re-names himself to Sapha. 'I'm Keilan, by the by. Suspect you've forgotten."

Ashlao yawns and comes in, talk about a bad time to be scheduled for Work. But work was work and she enjoyed spending hard earned Marks. Approaching the beach she is suprised to find people still there. "Heya, sorry for going, work.." she makes a face.

Aradia's head jerks up at the mention of bubbly pies; the girl beams. "Really?" Pies! Yaaaay! She bounces a little on the balls of her toes, now at least outwardly satisfied that the green will be okay. She'll dwell on this later. To Sapha, a rueful grin. "Couldn't sleep. The beach is pretty." She shrugs, then, that apparently being her entire reasoning. She's not stupid, as such, she just doesn't see much of a need to rationalise things. Idly, she draws in the sand with her toes, watching the people.

Ashlao hears the P word.. Pies… Sleepiness gone she snaps awake. "Eh wha? Pies?"

Well at least Jesiya won't have to remember a name so it all evens out. The apparent 'p' word doesn't exactly exhilerate the dolphincrafter who parts a partial smile towards the two seemingly brought to life by mention of bubblies, "Keilan you'll have to let me stand in on one of your baking sessions…I need to learn how to bake at some point in time." She doesn't know if Sapha's question is directed to her, or the whole of the beach but she doesn't answer it either way. She's on the beach, she's beaching.

Sapha draws herself up to her full hieght. "I have perfect memory, I never forget anything." Uh-huh. "Like, her, her name is…Jesus, yes." She says as she waves an airy hand in Jesiya's direction, oh yes that's perfect memory for you. "Eh, it's okay I suppose, just gotta watch out for those mites that like digging under peoples skins, and sand that gets everywhere." She directs to Aradia, she's charming and cheerful, yes she is. "Baking is over-rated." She mumbles before her eyes start searching the sands for interesting shells and the like

Filtiarn Cheeps and flies to Ashlao, setting down on her shoulder, wings saggin she curls up and goes to sleep, she sends vivid thought of tiredness.

Keilan chuckles as he hears Jesiya's declaration. "When I learn to bake, I'll be sure to let you know."

Aradia smothers a soft laugh; she's not sure whether its worth correcting the rider.. but she does anyway. "It's Jesiya, Rider Sapha. And I'm Aradia." she murmurs, her head dropping to studiously watch her toes as she tries and fails to hide a grin. "Baking? Over-rated? Surely not. It all tastes so good." Idly, she finds a longish stick, and begins poking at the sand with it, creating intricately random patterns of holes. "Hey, do you think the water'd be good for swimming?" she asks suddenly, her gaze rising and eying the water thoughtfully.

Ashlao looks over the water. "Swimming would feel great, I had to unload a bunch of cromcoal and firewood. Ick." She said, rolling her eyes.

Sapha shrugs. "I dunno, it always seemed good for me, but with all those sick flizzen and all, Phirath and I don't get to swim much." She looks very sad as she speaks, showing that she isn't all no memory and grumpiness. "What can be better than sun-warmed fruit, you don't need to add anything to it, and you don't have to learn how to prepare it." Hence the baking is over-rated part of her last speech. "Oooh good idea love." She murmurs, obviously involved in two conversations at once.

Jesus merely shakes her head as the rider gets her name wrong despite her having given it not so long ago. Ah what can you do but be a saint about it and just let it slide, "Oh don't worry about it, Aradia..Names are merely tags." Unless you happen to be partial to your 'tag' then you might take offence, "Or..Keilan…" Jesiya begins offhandedly, "You could teach me while you're learning. Just let me watch your progress. If I have time..Maybe I'll have kitchen duty." Well no doubt about it..mostly tuber peeling if this little lady is lucky enough, "The water is /always/ good." A little prideful sniff is passed, Jesiya looking toward said waters, "Maybe we can get some dragons to bathe.." Oh yeaaaaaaahh. Start scratching the hides of dragons while her flizzard is sick. Gaia looks thrilled. (Gaia's sleeping. Ignoring her pet.)

Keilan looks a bit alarmed at the talk of swimming. "You all go right ahead. I'm just going to. .. going to stay on the bank and make sure everybody's fire-lizards are ok." Yeah. There you go. He grins at Jesiya. "You sure you want a brand-new apprentice ter teach ya? I hardly know much more than how ter make soup myself, right now."

Aradia offers a small grin. "Mmkay, Jesus. Let's go swimming, then!" She pauses a moment, to eye Keilan, before raising a brow. Something about this doesn't quite sound right. She skitters to Keilan's side, loops an arm around his shoulders, and just keeps on grinning. Isn't she eeeevil? "Aww, come swimmin' with us. What's wrong, don't you know how? You could just stay in the shallows." She grins again, impishly, before undoing the plaits her hair is in, using the scraps of cloth that bind them to tie her pants to a reasonable length. "Who knows, Jesiya, maybe the dolphins will be nearby!" she chirps cheerfully, as she begins padding down to the water's edge.

Keilan politely removes Aradia's arm from about his shoulders and nods. "That's right. I don't know how ter swim. And I don't plan on learning, neither, so you all can just go on ahead." He does consider her suggestion of staying in the shallows, though. "Didn't yer see me earlier? I were in up ter my knees. That's far enough ,I think."

Sapha nose-wrinkles at the younger girls. "Ya know, if we went up the coast a-ways from the weyr, I could talk phirath into joining us and you can give her a scrub." She infuses her voice with all sorts of sweetness and light, cos you know, scrubbing 43 feet of dragonhide every day is no-one's idea of fun. "But if you want to swim here and miss out, then well…" She drifts off. She's evil yes?

Ashlao thinking that scrubbing a dragon would be much funner then say.. scrubbing a floor hastily agrees. Poor naive Ashlao, _volunteering_ for extra work.

Keilan offers to help with alacrity. "I'll help, so long as I don't actually have ter swim," he offers. THen he thinks twice. "But maybe yer dragon'd let me hang onter her if I get in over my head."

That's /exactly/ what Jesiya wanted to do. Swim and clean a hulking dragon. She did ask for it, didn't she? Of course she did. She walks over to Keilan and holds out her snoozing green, "You going to walk with us and hold my Gaia?" He did /offer/, so he should play the gentleman and carry it out, "Or do I have to wrap her up in my sarong.." Green is held back against chest as Jesiya frees a hand to reach down and rip off her sarong with a 'fwip', dolphincrafter bearing her sexay legs, "All right, Aradia??"

Ashlao prods the sleeping Filtiarn with a stick. Out cold. So no need to be watched over now will she? But Ashlao, being ever so helpful heaps the snoozing Filtiarn onto Keilan. "Yeah, and im a tad worried about Filtiarn, hope you don't get Wherry pox! or whatever this plague is." she says in a cheery voice.

Aradia tilts her head thoughtfully as Sapha proposes more chores under the guise of fun. She can almost see through it - at least, she can see an ulterior motive - but apparently not enough for the thought of swimming and such to matter any less. "Sure! It'll be fun." Watching Jesiya for a moment, she eyes her pants a moment, holding an inner debate, before she just shrugs lightly. "Let's go!"

Keilan is a gentleman but not that much. "Sorry, if yer lizard is sick I'm not about ter hold her. Might infect mine, ya see." And, to make his point, he also brushes off Ashlao's lizard as well. "I'm not a lizard perch, especially if I want my lizards to stay healthy." He is apologetic, but firm. "That's the way it 'tis, ladies. Sorry.'

Ashlao takes away Filtiarn and gently places her in the sands. She gives a sleepy chirp, eyes whirling slowly as she settles back off into la-la land. Ashlao grins sheepishly "Sorry 'bout that"

Jesiya keeps her green to her belly and gives a shrug to Keilan, "No problem, she can have a snooze in the sand." Gaia most likely would have bitten the man anyhow, she's not exactly a humanpet lover, or a flizzard lover. She's all for herself and Jes, "Or.." Better yet put the sarong to better use. Cradling the green Iya makes a sling with her wrap about her shoulders and across hips and plops the little green in, "Oh, this'll work. All right." She blinks at Sapha, "Lead the way?"

Sapha stands, tapping her teeth with one finger while she thinks, really really hard, you can almost see the steam eminating from the cogs in her head. "Excellent, well how about 3 or four bays over in that direction?" She asks, all smiley and not at all thoughtful as she gestures northwards. "Towards Silver Cove more." She nods. "Oooh Phoebe hasn't been there yet." She exclaims suddenly. "Well if you just keep walking in that direction, you'll soon get there. You, you're coming with me to help with my daguhter." She singles Aradia out of the fray. "I haven't seen you near to any sick firelizards so you are the safest." She declares with a scowl at the others.

Ashlao does a broad gesture to the direction she hoped wherever they were to go would be. "Aye, so we can get a move on and not sit here like sun-struck wherries."

Keilan protests the scowl. "My lizards are healthy," he declares stoutly. He takes up all his equipment and makes ready to follow. "Guess I can set traps and stuff just as easy there as here."

Ashlao sniffs. "Mines just sleepy, shes after all only a little un" she says with a mock scowl.

Could you be happier to have a sick firelizard than Jesiya is right now? She actually /smiles/ as she's not made to go look after little brats..Or /a/ brat, "I have no idea where Silver cove is.." Gesturing in the general direction isn't helping to the newly arrived crafter who just turns to Keilan with a raised brow, "You know the way I'm assuming?"

Aradia blinks as she finds herself given rather more attention from Sapha than she possibly deems safe; looking to the others, she offers a smile - is there a hint of uncertainty there? - and waves, before skittering a little close to Sapha. "Mmkay." she offers, simply enough. She won't mention that her own green is back in her hammock. Because that could possibly incite a scarier side of the rider.

Ashlao nods "Ive never been to Silver Cove but.. I could just follow you guys." she said with a small shrug.

Sapha scowls, not at all mockingly at the others. "Since when have residents argued with a rider. Phirath may not let you scrub her now after all." She folds her arms. "Yeah just keep on heading north along the beaches til you stop seeing dragons and firelizards, we'll find you." She says much more nicely to Jesiya. "Okay Jesus?" It's obvious Sapha thinks 'Jesus' has a head on her shoulders. To Aradia she smiles. "Come on then, You'll adore Phoebe, she's in the shin kicking stage."

Keilan shrugs. "No idea," he admits. "Usually when I go out of the weyr it's deeper inland, ter th' holds or whatnot."

Keilan mutters something about being an apprentice, not a resident, but strikes off northly anyway. "And I wasn't arguing!" Riders.

Aradia swallows, hard. "Oh, joy." Is that sarcasm dripping from her voice? Surely not. Well, the sooner there, the sooner escaped, right? "We should probably get going, then, right?" She offers another smile to the others. "I'm sure you'll find the cove." She'd try to escape by offering help.. if only she know the way herself.

Ashlao nods. "'Righty then and I wasn't argueing" At least she hoped not, she sometimes said things without thinking, trust her to mess things up. But then she shrugged it off, not to big of a deal she hoped.

Jesiya arranges her little bundle against her belly, Jesus not looking too far off from someone toting their baby along with them, "I can find it, thank you." She certainitly does have a head on her shoulders and wants to keep it that way, "Have fun, Aradia. I'm sure Pheobe will take to you like a…child to sweetballs." Of course she will. That done and said the candie turns her body and heads to follow behind Keilan, "Hold up, Keilan!"

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The Living Area
Chaos plain and simple describes this part of the Weyrleader's weyr. The walls have been painted a bright cheerful yellow, at least that's the color of the parts you can see. Doorways leading to other parts of the weyr and outside are scattered just about everywhere. Each doorway has a covering of some sort to block out drafts and prying eyes, some door hangings are more creative than others. Off to one side near a hearth of rather large proportions are the high-backed comfortable chairs that many of the occupants tend to favor. Worn rugs dot the floor in places; a few rugs have toys strewn about them however so beware of walking around barefooted. Another corner of the room seems to be… [look closer]
Gliding about is a brown firelizard.
Bronze Bydelth is here.
You see Sea Painting and Pookie the Wonder Kitty here.
You notice Serina and Uiije asleep here.
Obvious exits:
Kiddie Korner Parental Corner Ground Weyrs Landing Overlook

Sapha reaches the saftey of her home only slightly out of breath, see she's been lazy lately, what with the pregnancy and all. "Um yeah, this is where I live, or well, I live through there. This is just where everyone gathers." Well naturally, the combined N'ano/Sapha weyr is almost a Weyr in itself. Upon hearing her mothers voice little 3 turn old Phoebe toddles out from yet another entrance. Upon spotting both Phirath, and a new person she squeals as only a toddler can. "Fweewath! Go 'ride? 'Lo, stwan'er" She burbles, finding some part of Phirath that she can sprawl across.

Aradia follows Sapha quickly enough, pausing at the threshold before following the rider in. Her gaze flits around the room, eyes wide. "It's huge." she offers, quietly.. and then her attention is caught by Phoebe. Her lips curl into a smile - hey, maybe this won't be as painful as it first appeared - and she drops into a crouch, waving to the girl. "Hey, there!" She smiles up at Sapha. She will not coo. Will not coo. Will not.. "Your daughter is adorable." So much for that.

Sapha nods, maternally proud and all that. "Yeah I told you so." She smiles softly as a hand sneaks to curl about the small potbelly that will one day be her next offspring. "And you should have seen her father, he was hot. Hotter than N'ano and that's saying something." She seems more relaxed, and well less insane now that she's somewhere she feels comfortable. "We can fo for a ride baby, once you've found your leathers." She too squats down to get face to face with her chortling daughter. Of course that gets the toddler zooming of on her chubby little legs. "Bu-bye." She waves as she starts her search for her leathers. "That'll take her a while, can I get you anything to drink? Some fruit perhaps?" Just not cherries okay?

Aradia grins, then blinks and smothers a giggle. "I wouldn't be able to judge so well, I haven't seen the Weyrleader up close except for when I was at the Mug and you were kissing some guard guy… but I'd say that would mean he was /really/ gorgeous." She shrugs, idly, before waving a farewell to Phoebe.. and then she shakes her head. "Mm… thank you, but I'll be fine, thanks." Rather belatedly, she dips a bow of sorts to the dragons. "Bydelth, Phirath." More ingrained courtesy, forced into her my her mother a long time ago.

Sapha looks a little sheepish. "Do you know, that's the night that N'ano got me pregnant?" She adds conversationally before giving her lifemate a scratch, complete with mysterious chuckle from herself. "Phirath says it's nice to meet someone with proper manners." She elucidates, before adding with a frown. "She says she likes to be scratched just over her shoulder if you wouldn't mind obliging." What Aradia doesn't know is that Phirath has personal space issues.

Aradia can't help but laugh, now, raising one brow. "Really? I'd say the guard would be jealous, but I think he'd be relieved - he looked a little scared, dontcha think?" She's not thinking that Sapha's so scary, now. A blink, before she smiles and nods, skittering to Phirath's side and stretching to her full height, reaching up to scritch the dragon's shoulder.

Sapha waves her hand airily, it appears to be one of her favorite postures. "Oh him? That was just a bit of a luagh you know, I wasn't really going after him. Just trying to get him to loosen up a little." She dismisses the guard. "It's different when you live in a Weyr you know, kisses don't really mean anything." She explains, before her eyes loose focus momentarily. "Phirath says that feels good. She likes your scratches." Her look of disbelief isnt for Phirath's words, but rather for the actions of her dragons.

Aradia grins, nodding as she continues her scratching. "I kinda guessed - the Weyr is so different, like that. Back home, there would've been an uproar about something like that. Here it's fine. I think I like the Weyr better." she comments. "Haven't been here long enough to /really/ judge, though." A moment later, she's flushing with pleasure. "Really? Thanks, Phirath." Idly, she notes to herself that her arm is getting a little fuzzy from lack of blood rushing to it.. but she continues scratching. Because the dragon likes.

Sapha nibbles on her lips some. "Yeah, Living at the weyr is good. It isn't like repressive or anything. Phirath says she is glad you decided to come live with us." She grins, quirking a brow as she repeats Phirath's return compliment. "No dear, she lives in the resident's dorms." She adds to the other little bits she didn't repeat. "So Aradia, what do you want to be when you grow up?" Sapha's just making idle conversation here really.

Aradia nods, thoughtfully, then blushes. "I like it here - it's so much easier to make friends, and nearly everyone is nice - well, everyone I've met so far has been, except Xveiya, and I think she must have her reasons." She shrugs, lightly, then thinks for a while when Sapha asks her about her future plans. "I've.. got no idea. Keilan suggested I become a Baker, but I don't think I'd be much good at it. I guess I'll work everything out as it comes." She pauses a moment, concern flickering across her features. "That's okay, isn't it?"

Sapha nods. "Definately, you aren't planning on working everything out right now are you?" She asks suddenly, shooting a glance at the very kittenish green. "Yeah yeah, I'm getting there. You have no style." She mutters, tapping her toes. "I think Xveiya, that's the one with fang's right? Anyway I think she's just spoilt or something."

Aradia wrinkles her nose a little, shaking her head. "I figure things'll work out by themselves. If not, I could always just stay here and do chores. I get the feeling it's gonna take a lot to convince myself to leave the Weyr, now." Confusion flits across her face a moment, and her brows furrow. It's hard to work out what's going on with half a conversation. She sticks to a relatively safe topic. "I dunno.. Either she's spoilt, or she's trying to hide something. Maybe she hurts easily, or something?"

Phirath thinks to you, « I bespoke Aradia with « In your mind, you hear a soft voice say, « Good, because I have plans for you. » » »

Sapha cocks her head at Aradia, smiling brilliantly. "Excellent, because Phirath says that you can't make any plans for the rest of your life just yet." Her smile gaining brilliance. "Phirath -says- it wouldn't be fair on Miyakath and Bydelth's babies if you went and made plans that didn't include them." She winks, letting the cat out of the bag. "We're officially asking you to Stand of Ista's latest clutch, and to make us proud." Is that an extra sparkle in her eyes? Why yes, I think it is.

Aradia blinks, once.. twice… three times, looking a little stunned by both the voice in her head and Sapha's spoken words. Her gaze turns slowly to Phirath, as a slow smile lights her lips. "Really? I… wow. Are you sure?" That smile's still widening; it's possibly about to fall off her face and grow on the floor. "Thankyou, so much, Rider Sapha, Phirath!" She's bouncing a little, now, hands covering her mouth. She will not squeal. Really.

Sapha nods. "Yes really. She doesn't ask just anyone you know." She comments, as she moves closer to her immured dragon. "So is that a yes?" The greenlet queries, in these situations it pays to double check. "Because we still have to go and get you set up in the barracks and what have you." She says as she pads over to the Kiddie Korner. "Aww how sweet Phoebe's put herself down for her nap." See the kidlet wasn't forgotten, just you know, asleep.

Aradia nodnods quickly enough - like she's going to refuse, really - and renews her scratching of Phirath for a moment, before pausing a moment to skitter over and look in at Phoebe. "She's so cute. You must be proud of her." she offers, softly, so as not to wake her. Her smile falters for a moment, then, as she remembers something. "I.. what about the others? They'll be waiting at the cove by now, to give Phirath her bath…" she's really not sure which way she's going, right now. She's in a little bit of shock, to say the least.

Sapha just kind of makes a face. "I forgot about them. But trust me this is much more important. We'll get to them once I've seen you safely settled into the candidate barracks." She answers sweetly before heading towards the door. "Some along dear, it won't take no time at all."

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Candidate's Barracks
Long and low, this large room angles back into the mountain in a near-perfect rectangle, devoid of windows and hearth. A functional room — the black volcanic rock has been painted with a cheerful mural, with the other walls painted in green and orange thoughtfully, before resuming the stark simplicity in the seemingly endless rows of cots that scatter back into the shadows. A small clothespress sits at the end of each puce-covered bed — yes, puce. Every cot sports a rather gaudy and obnoxiously purple cotton coverlet, leftovers from PranksPast. Boys to the right, girls to the left. Enjoy.
Hanging out on a long wooden shelf on the wall are ten firelizards.
You see Beau's Spiffy Alpha Male Pad, Ashlee, Den Of The Alpha-Female, Jesiya's Cot, Oogly, Jhishivyl's Cot, and A Mural here.
You notice Jhishivyl asleep here.
Obvious exits:

Aradia walks in from the South Caverns.

Sapha sends a drudge running for a cot. After a few minutes the drudge returns dragging a big heavy cot for Aradia.
Aradia searched.
Aradia set as a Candidate (Searched).

[end of log]

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