gold Amerasuth

Weyr: Ista Weyr
Dam: Fia's Gold Synth (Sr. Weyrwoman)
Sire: C'dar's Bronze Mnedzanth (Weyrleader)
Date: Saturday, Sept 19th, 1998

Fellow Weyrlings:
Yiddae/brown Tyrdinth
Fredia/blue Gith
Teza(Tereza)/green Briganth
Silvera/green Zoryanth
K'lis(Kelis)/blue Chiqueth
Danae/green Almirath
G'rwin(Garwin)/blue Bezath

Sibling Rivalry Egg was last to clutch and second to hatch.

Egg name:
Sibling Rivalry Egg

Egg Description:
Blazing fire streaks through the sky, banishing the outer darkness that looms and threatens to attack. Defiling black burns red and grudgingly renounces it's hold in favor of the searing flame's golden-red glow, pushed back to encircle the sphere in a dusky halo. Darkness' reign is remembered with one glance cast toward the scorched remains that bear silent reminder to the ominous rule of demonic suffering that leaves naught but barren harshness in it's wake.

Egg Description by: Fia (tweaked by Fia a few days later)

Egg myth:
Iranian Creation Myth

Two brothers, one darkness and one light, created the world. The first man worshipped the brother of Light and the brother of Darkness became angry and attempted to kill his brother and rule. The plan didn't work so well. The brother of Light was nearly defeated but fought back, and the brothers fight to this day.

Dragonet Name:
World Without Sun Gold

Dragonet Description:
Sunset's fingertips have left streaks ablaze atop head's crown, leaving an intense crimson capping that crests headknobs and pools into coppery reds. Ruddy shades melt and fuse into orange-toned bronze that skims over and past each perfectly, euphoniously, formed neckridge and finally spills across her shoulders to culminate into thin limbs. Brassy gold, simplistic in a shade that brings to mind freshly buffed brass, flirts with wingsails sodden with faint hints of summer expiration's yellow-green streaks and darker verdant veins that end in an equally green frilled edging. Pure sun-speckled gold washes across form and culminates into bronzed tail as rusty talons flecked with marigold match the finalization of tail's ruddy tip.

Dragonet Description: Fia

Hatching Message:
Sibling Rivalry Egg cracks and splinters, red-tipped tail is revealed and helps push the shell's flaking bits away. Slowly, the form inside unfurls from the egg and left in the wake of shell's breaking is — World Without Sun Gold Dragonet.

Impression Message:
World Without Sun Gold Dragonet takes the encouragement from her mother and plows forth on still-unstable legs to a smaller group of the white-clad ones. Again, that odd volcalization is given, and the sun in a world without rises to melt the ice nymph.

Controller: Annie

Goddess: Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu
World without Sun - A Japanese Story
When the god Izanagi gave birth to the sun goddess Amaterasu, the mood god, Tsuku-yomi, and the god of tempests, Susanowo, he was so pleased with his offspring that he divided the world between them. To Amaterasu he gave the rule of the High Plains of Heaven; to Tsuki-yomi he entrusted the realms of the night; and to Susanowo he gave the rule of the oceans.

But while Amaterasu and Tsuki-yomi where pleased, Susanowo screamed and howled, and complained that he did not want to rule the oceans. "I'd rather have been given charge of Yomi, the Land of Gloom," he said. But that was the province of Izanami, goddess of death and decay.

So instead of looking after the oceans, Susanowo just hung around in heaven and on earth, causing trouble wherever he went. He uprooted trees, destroyed rice paddies, and knocked down buildings. Finally he skinned a dappled pony in the heavens and dropped it through the thatched roof of the sacred weaving hall, where Amaterasu and her maidens were at work, weaving the world into pattern and order.

Amaterasu was so shocked and terrified that she fled. She shut herself inside a cave and wouldn't come out. The whole world, both heaven and earth, was plunged into darkness. Nothing would grow, and soon chaos reigned.

The gods decided that they would have to lure Amaterasu from her hiding place. They trooped to the entrance of the cave and hung a magic mirror from the prances of a tree. Then they caused the roosters to crow constantly, as if it were dawn. They lit bonfires, and, while some of the gods provided music, a young goddess named Uzume climbed onto an upturned tub and began to dance. She shimmied and pranced in a way that was at once so seductive and so funny that all eight million gods laughed and laughed until the heavens shook.

Amaterasu was so intrigued that she opened the cave door a crack and called, "What's going on?"

"We're celebrating," replied Uzume, "because we've found a goddess who shines even more brightly than you!"

Amaterasu looked out, and the gods turned the magic mirror toward her so she saw her own reflection. As she gazed in wonder at her own radiant beauty, one of the gods seized her hand and pulled her from the cave, and another stretched a rope of straw across the entranced, saying, "This is as far back as you may go."

So Amaterasu was tricked back into the world by the laughter of the gods and the beauty of her own reflection, and since that time the sun has never again failed.

As for Susanowo, the gods punished him for his part in the affair by cutting off his beard and his fingernails and his toenails, and they banished him from the High Plains of Heaven. But he and his powerful storms are still causing mischief on earth.

Dragon name: Amerasuth
Dragon name by: Fia

Soft. Quiet. Confident. Articulate and smooth, her voice can make it sound as if what she is saying is always the most logical thing.. even if she's trying to explain why the sky is orange rather than blue. It's not as much what you say as how you present it. Still, as well received as she usually is, she tends to be the last one to speak and usually has the fewest words to say. Her voice can range from it's usual low alto with an almost musical undertone to a shrieking mind-shattering screech when she's upset or loses her temper. In a way, I imagine her voice sounding similar to Winona Ryder's, only with more range.

Filled with both infinite patience and a volcanic temper, she's a study in contrasts. Her voice is usually fairly quiet and composed but can raise to a shrieking siren's sound in a moment. She is articulate and intelligent, ladylike and seemingly always mature, but behind her exterior of maturity is a rather self-conscious child. She's gold. She knows she's gold. She knows that it's her duty to set an example, yet she frequently glances to everyone else to make sure that what she's doing isn't too far from the norm. She picks up quirks and personality traits from others that she's around a lot and will often, without realizing it, start to mimic them. She's like a mirror; people look at her and often see reflections of themselves in her personality. This isn't to say that she doesn't have a strong personality of her own, just that she usually only shows this 'private' personality rarely. If she gets caught up in something, she'll sometimes let herself shine through (and shine she does!), then stop later and think Ohmy,Ijustdid/what/?! And in front of /people/?!.

If she was a human, Amerasuth'd be in one of the more creative crafts. She'd be the one to design the clothes rather than make and sell them. She'd be the one to write the music rather than be the one to perform it. She works best behind the scenes and likes to remain low-key. She could fancy herself a movie producer in the way that she feels if she does her job well, nobody notices, but if she doesn't do her best, everyone knows it. To her, this is one of the things that being a gold dragon means. It isn't as if she flaunts her color but she often sees
herself as having to be a particular way and is less inclined to just 'loosen up' and be herself when note alone with you. In fact, it's quite possible that being this way /is/ being 'herself'.

Amerasuth is very much the younger sister who gets caught sneaking off to be alone and indulge in the capabilities of her rider's mind. Often overlooked and sometimes underestimated, the few times that she does speak, everyone listens. It's not as if she demands they listen to her, yet the combination of her actually having /input/ into things rather than letting them go how they will, plus her self-confidence that comes with just /knowing/ that this is the most logical thing possible combine to make her the one that everyone shuts up and looks at. After all, she wouldn't speak unless she had something to say, right?

She'll be possessive of her clutches to any gold that comes from outside the Weyr. With Ista's older queens, she's likely to inquire often of them, making sure (especially her first few times) that she /is/ doing things properly, right? She's not as worried about messing up anything as she is about not living up to the expectations of all those /people/ that are there. If she's clutching, she's likely to waddle around the sands before the eggs come, making certain that everything is just as it's supposed to be before checking it again. And again. And again. She's thorough. When she does start to clutch and nature takes over, she's not just a natural, but she's brilliant. Ista has reason to be proud of this queen and while she's often thought of as just another gold, the times that she sparkles, she can outshine Rukbat on a clear day over the water.

One thing that you'll realize quickly is that she also echoes all her rider's moods and sometimes tends to magnify them. All without realizing this, of course, and usually quite innocently. A wash of happiness over you can turn into a delirious bubbling joy that she emits. Hints of melancholy are picked up and reflected as heartbreaking loneliness. Not that she's always overdramatic or even constantly broadcasting all of this, but she does pick up on it easily and will let, if nobody else, you know that she feels this way.

As visually attractive as she is, Amerasuth is also kind and sweet. She's caring, charismatic, lovable, loving, attentive, protective and utterly adoring of each and every little thing. In return, she often demands to be the center of your attention. She's rather secretly egotistical without being vain. She knows that she's wonderful and perfect (after all, you probably tell her this daily), but she cares more about being perfect for /you/ rather than for the world in general. So long as you think she's great, she's full of the type of self-confidence that that brings. It's like a secret knowledge; she might be shy when she feels the rest of the world is inspecting her, but when you're telling her what a perfect shade her hide is, she's almost bursting with love and joy.

Physical information:
She's rather.. uniquely colored. Her hide is bright brassy gold for the most part. Her head and tail are both tipped with red, the red on her head fading into a bronze that in turn swirls into the gold along her shoulders. Her wings are yellow-green in tint and the edges of her wingsails are frilly and deeper green. The yellow and green of her wings is slightly mottled, bringing to mind thoughts of laying on your back in a thick forest and peering up at the sky above where the sun shines bright yellow between leaves. She's much smaller than her dam (Synth is the largest of the golds, measuring in at 42 meters in length - Amerasuth will stop at 39 meters, which is a bit larger than Kira's gold Amieth who barely reaches 35 meters, but still smaller than Annie's Serath.)

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