Amaril Is Searched

Dea walks out.
Central Bowl

Blue Aeokaith and green Elbareth are here.
Tasi, Tstar, Sainin, and Amaril are here.

Dea walks in.

Dea sighs strolling in, with a wet towel, a picnic basket. "HI, I'm heading back to the LC for a bit of food."

Elbareth is never one to turn away from a male, and obliges by shifting closer herself, towards Aeokaith, snuggling up if he'll let her. She sniffs once at the other males in the room, human, dragon, doesn't matter. Ftoranth gets a flirtatious croon from the green.

Ftoranth walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Tstar just shakes her head and rolls her eyes approaching TAsi and Sainin. "Good day to you both," She greets with a faint smile. Unlike Elbareth she keeps her eyes to herself, then grins at Tasi. "You seem to be feeling better…"

Aeokaith nuzzles Elbareth in return, enjoying the attention. But as more people enter the bowl he leans away, moving closer to his lifemate and warbling something. Tasi sighs, stopping in the middle of a wave to Amaril. "I'm fine, but Aeokaith insists the baby or I will get sick if we're around this many people so soon…come to the caverns with me, love?" she asks him with a smile, glancing apologetically to Dea and Amaril. "Tstar, if you have time for the update on me and the baby, you can brave Sainin's and my excited babble," she adds over her shoulder, practically pushed out of the bowl by her insistant blue.

an unhappy firelizard creel announces Amaril's entry, his greeting already given to those in the bowl. He nods to Tasi, apparently understanding, and glances about worriedly. Long hair is in its typical braid, but mussed, as if it were done quickly; Ke'chara and Ashke droop on his shoulders, and a tiny green curls and wails in his cupped right hand. "Congratulations, Tasi," he states belatedly./

Tasi saunters, hips swaying gently as moves to the Southeastern Bowl.

Sainin smiles and nods as he moves to Tasi's side, walking with her back towards te living caverns. Staying silent for now.
Sainin walks to the Southeastern Bowl.

Aeokaith nudges Tasi the rest of the way out, leaving her barely enough time for a wave of thanks to Amaril before she disappears.
Aeokaith scrambles, whirling eyes taking everything in as he moves to the Southeastern Bowl.
Tstar stalks to the Southeastern Bowl.

Dea smiles at Amaril, "hello, I don't believe I've seen you around here before."

Amaril gives the same small wave to Dea, his usual half-smile resurfacing for a moment. "I've been around for a while, but it's a big place. My name's Amaril." He extends the free hand, reshuffling the lizards on his shoulders. "And you?"

Ftoranth senses Amaril looking at him.

Dea smiles offering her hand, "Dea. Sorry just been to the Beach for a swim. Care to join me for a hot meal in the LC?"

Amaril takes her hand and bows slightly, an antiquated gesture that somehow fits him. "A hot meal sounds wonderful, and from the sound of it, my friends could use feeding, too." Ashke, ever the chowhound, seems to perk up slightly at the mention of food. Ke'chara remains uncaring, and Crescens only creels more loudly. Amaril attempts to hush her with an apologetic look to Dea. "She'd have you believe I starve them all," he states wryly.

Ftoranth grumbles a bit. Fine leave him alone. He's not important enough.

Amaril gazes up at the massive dragon, apprehensive. "H..Hello, there."

Dea turns to her brown, "Ftors, what's wrong with you? I'm just going for a bit. Go find a green to snuggle against." But the big brown sighs, whuffling a bit at Amaril, eyeing him a bit.

Amaril blinks and, not really knowing what to do, offers a hand to him. "You're beautiful," he says, softly. Deep eyes flick to Dea. "May I ask his name?" In his hand, Crescens gives a cheep rather than a creel, and attempts to sit up. Disease-weakened limbs have a hard time of pushing the babe into a standing position, but she does her best to whuffle back at the dragon, convinced all attention must be focused on her.

Dea sighs, "This is Ftoranth. He's being a big baby at the moment. If you reach up you can scratch his eyeridge if you want. He likes that. Ftors behave yourself."

From Amaril's shoulder, Ke'chara turns her head languidly, eyeing Ftoranth with one glittering orangey orb. She's not happy, no she's not- and if this great creature intends harm to HER human, he'll have to go through her first. Ashke twitters and steps on one of her wings, keeping her down; it wouldn't do to have her being rude!

Amaril nods. "Thank you, both of you." He reaches up tenatively, standing on tiptoe as much as he needs to in order to reach the eyeridge in question and scratching gently, his smile returning and growing.

Dea looks at the little spitfire on the kid's shoulder. "It's alright. Ftors won't hurt him. Behave yourself, IMP." Ftor has eyed the little fl and lets out a soft wet whuffle intending to blow the bronze off his perch.

Ke'chara is neatly blown off her perch, taking Ashke with as he's still attached to one of her wings; Amaril (distracted by the dragon) turns too late to catch them, and the two end up landing with twin thumps on the ground. Ke'chara looks quite contrite, for a fire lizard; Ashke flattens himself and looks entirely submissive. His partner in crime launches herself back to Amaril's shoulder only to have her nose tapped gently with one long finger. "Hey, now. He's not doing anything, so you'd better behave." The green croons, pressing her head into her human's hand. Ashke, meanwhile, takes the easy way up and hooks his claws into Amaril's pant leg to start climbing. The boy reaches down to disengage him and places him back on the proper shoulder. "Sorry 'bout that. She's been awfully grumpy lately. They all have." An apologetic look to Ftoranth, as well. "Don't know what's gotten into her."

Ftoranth snorts, slowly moving away and up to spread his huge wings, sending whorls of dust and sand up around them. "Ftoranth! Behave or I'll turn your wings into ship sails." Dea threatens, but the big brown isn't listening. With a loud deep sigh, "Why me?" turning to Amaril, "I don't know what's gotten in him."

Amaril shields his eyes with one hand, trying to keep the dust down. "I wonder if it isn't the same thing." He refrains from mentioning that the firelizards look very much like tiny dragons- the larger kin don't seem to like the reminder, and with Ftoranth already miffed? Not a good idea. "Nice to meet you," the boy calls, before gesturing toward the caverns. "Shall we?"

Ftoranth isn't going to go quietly. His tail comes down blocking the way. "Ftoranth! Go find someplace sunny and take a nap." But the big brown snorts, eyeing the young boy again with his little pests clinging to him. Dea sighs, "he says he has an itchy spot and he wants you to scratch it for him."

Amaril nods, looking a little shaky- after all, he's SO big! "I'd be honored. Where should I…?"

Dea sighs, "He says it's on his neck and he's not so bad. He just wants attention."

Amaril gently places his three lizards on the ground, where they wind and sit, suddenly obedient; perhaps the presence of the dragon and his attention have finally put some fear into them. The boy steps closer to the enormous brown. "If you'll put your neck down, I'll scratch it." He starts scratching at the first reachable place on the assumption that maybe that's where the dragon wants his attention. Dark brown eyes examine every inch of skin, untrained but curious; long, sensitive
fingers explore Ftoranth's hide. What an amazing creature.

Ftoranth arches his neck like a feline receiving a scratching, leaning into the fingers. "He likes you."

Amaril grins and continues to scratch. "I'm flattered. Thank you again." The boy's really putting his heart into it- apparently, not being eaten or stepped on for a few months has removed the greater part of his fear of dragons. Both hands continue their work enthusiastically.

Ftoranth snakes his head around, «Can I keep him? Please? I like him.» Blinking, Dea says, "No you can't keep him." «but.. but…I like the smell of him. We have eggs on the Sands. How about…?»

Dea's mouth cruves into a smile, "Yes we can Search him, if you want, IMP." Turning to Amaril, "How about it? Ftors here wants you to come and Stand on the Sands andtry for a dragon of your own."

Utterly unaware of the conversation, Amaril continues to scratch, doing his best to keep his fingers moving even as Dea speaks aloud, inviting him for the chance of a lifetime. A dragon… of his own? Stand for Miyakath's clutch? His jaw drops, hands moving at a crawl, and he sputters for a moment. "Ah. Er. Me!? Wow!"
Before the moment can pass, he gasps out a near-frantic "Yes!"

Dea chuckles, "You. And yes." Ftors rumbles an agreement. "Well? Yes or no?"

Amaril nods enthusiastically, setting his braid to dancing. "Yes, yesyesyes." Such a chance… one should not pass up such a thing as this. Infected by their human's sudden excitement, his three lizards launch into a symphony of chattering.

Dea chuckles, "Alright, then. Come along. Let's get you settled, then I can get that hot supper."

Amaril nods again, slightly lost in the excitement. "Get settled?" He looks up to Ftoranth with an impish grin- first things first, after all. "Is it good and scratched?"

Ftoranth snuzzles Amaril, almost pushing him towards the Living Caverns. Dea chuckles, "It's good enough, come along." She starts off to the Caverns.

Amaril walks in from the Central Bowl.

You go into the living cavern.
Living Cavern

Tstar and Jesiya are here.

Amaril walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Amaril snags a handful of scraps for Crescens, for the moment leaving the other two to their own devices; they quickly flutter over to the scraps themselves.

Dea waves, "meet Amaril, our newest candidate. Ftoranthsays he gives good scratches."

Jesiya blinks as she shakes herself out of a self-induced little coma, "Amaril??" Head turns and the candie nearly trips over her own toes as she steps away from a wall she was leaning against, "Hello..and he gives good scratches?"

Amaril smiles self-deprecatingly and waves hello to Jesiya between stuffing Crescens with scraps. "Hello, and apparently so."

Dea grins, "This way. I still have to get him settled. Then you can catch up on the news." heading for the southern caverns, "This way."

You go to the South Caverns.

Amaril walks in from the Living Cavern.

You go to the Candidate's Barracks.
Candidate's Barracks

Amaril walks in from the South Caverns.

Dea sends a drudge running for a cot. After a few minutes the drudge returns dragging a big heavy cot for Amaril.
Amaril searched.

Amaril glances about curiously, not having been in here before.

Dea smiles and heads out. "you are now all set. Enjoy."

You go to the South Caverns.

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