Weyr: Ista Weyr
Dam: Fia's gold Synth (Sr. Weyrwoman)
Sire: C'dar's bronze Mnedzanth (Weyrleader)
Date: Saturday, September 19th, 1998

Danae! Danae! Here she is, rush delivery: your Almirath! It is a sort of tradition to build an inspiration for each weyrling's dragon as a sort of template. Remember: this is just to get you started. Almirath is yours to RP however you please. I hope you enjoy her and have many hours of fun with this girl — she's yours! All yours!

~*~ Annie, Big Sister & Rider of gold Serath ~*~

Egg Name:
Out of the Ice Egg

Egg Description:
Conflict rises, raging and rolling out cross sultry white heat and icy white cold. Steamy crimson battles the icy hues that spread and dissipate into a chilly embrace. In the midst of the clash of extremes, ruddy color drifts and melts over a perfect spherical shape before drizzling into paler milky shades that leave ashen grey rivulets to spread from the swollen center, reaching tendril-like in an embrace that take root in the paler shades of cold.

Egg Myth:
Norse Creation Myth
Odin is the All-Father. He is the oldest and most powerful of the Gods.
Through the ages he has ruled all things. He created heaven and earth, and he made man and gave him a soul.
But even the All-Father was not the very first.

In the beginning, there was no earth, no sea, no sky. Only the emptiness of Ginnungagap, waiting to be filled. In the south, the fiery realm of Muspell came into being, and in the north, the icy realm of Niflheim. Fire and ice played across the emptiness. And in the center of the nothingness the air grew mild. Where the warm air from Muspell met the cold air from Niflheim, the ice began to thaw. As it dripped, it shaped itself into the form of a sleeping giant. His name was Ymir, and he was evil.

As Ymir slept, he began to sweat. There grew beneath his left arm a male and a female, and from his legs another male was created. These were the first frost giants, all of whom are descended from Ymir. Then the ice-melt formed a cow, named Audhumia. Four rivers of milk flowed from her and fed Ymir. Audhumia nourished herself by licking the salty blocks of ice all around. By the end of her first day she had uncovered the hair of a head. By the end of her second day the whole head was exposed, and by the end of a third day there was a complete man, his name was Buri, and he was strong and handsome. Buri had a son named Bor, who married Bestia, the daughter of one of the frost giants. Bor and Bestia had three sons: Odin, Vili, and Ve.

Odin and his brothers hated the brutal frost giant Ymir, and they slew him. So much blood flowed from the slaughtered giant that it drowned all the frost giants save Bergelmir and his wife who escaped in a boat made from a hollowed tree trunk.

From Ymir's flesh, Odin and his brothers made the earth, and from his shattered bones and teeth, they made the rocks and stones. From Ymir's blood, they made the rivers and lakes, and they circled the earth with an ocean of blood.

Ymir's skull they made into the sky, secured at four points by four dwarfs named East, West, North, and South. They flung sparks of fire from Muspell high into the sky to make the sun, the moon, and the stars. From Ymir's brains, they shaped the clouds.

The earth was made in the form of a circle and around the edge of it lay the great sea. Odin and his brothers gave one area, Jotunheim, to the giants. They also established the kingdom of Midgard, protecting it from the giants with fortifications made from Ymir's eyebrows.

One day, as they walked along the shore of the great sea, Odin and his brothers came across two logs. Odin gave them breath and life; Vili gave them brains and feelings; and Ve gave them hearing and sight. These were the first man, Ask, and his first woman, Embla, and Midgard was their home. From them all the families of mankind are descended.

Below Midgard is the icy realm of death, NIflheim. Above it is the realm of the Gods, Asgard, where Odin sits on his throne and watches over all the worlds. Asgard and Midgard are linked by a rainbow bridge, Bifrost.

At the center of all the realms is a great ash tree, Yggdrasil, whose branches shade the world, and whose roots support it.

Clutching Message:
Again, ripples mar the ebon-touched golden hide, moving in rhythmic spasms down the side of Synth's golden belly. As the queen strains with labor's pain, her thick tail curves 'round a little mound of the volcanic sand. Showing signs of tiring, Synth's movements are slower now yet another egg is left upon that aforementioned mound, the colors at war with each other even as the egg's slick glassy coating wars with the drying heat: Ouf of the Ice Egg.

Hatching Message:
Out of the Ice Egg quakes with an energy that springs from deep within, the shockwaves sending striations and cracks a-plenty across the ovoid's clashing colors. These cracks give way to rifts, and rifts to gaping gorges in the surface that give view of something writhing beneath the surface. Talon first, then a paw, then its twin — all appear, coated over with a layer of the damp sticky stuff that once fed this dragonet. The muzzle pushed through, and a reedy creel is given. Birth!

Dragonet Name:
Protector of Youth Green Dragonet

Dragonet Description:
Fresh seagrass delicately crowns the soft angles of a dainty head, travelling down the neck's shortened length to dissipate into her back's creamier coloring. Algae-dipped eyeridges grace a pair of amethyst-toned eyes, glinting with youth's sparkle within. Sweet mints swirl lazily in shifting hues o'er her arched back, slipping their cool embrace about the supple hide, while trailing tendrils twist down from her slight dorsal ridges to the ivory-toned underside. Bright apple weaves a fragile lace across her diaphanous sails, flaunting its contrast to the pastel hue beneath its weaving. Delicate curvature is prominent in her build, budding from a slight frame to add femininity's distinct touch to all aspects.

Impression Message:
Curiosity springs first into your mind, followed by youth's innocent delight at what /she/ has found. Sweetgrass and redfruit intertwine with the palest of shell-pink iridescence to create an indescribable sensation that overtakes even the farthest reaches of your very being, seeping and binding and blending with all that is there. « I am Almirath, » come the words, floating in like flower petals on a spring breeze, « Are you mine? »



Dragon Name:

Name Inspiration:
Almirath is from "almira," meaning princess. You request this name, and you got it, Naebear! We aim to please, you see. It could be pronounced: Al-MEER-ath or Al-MUR-ath or Al-MY-rath.

The goddess is Idun, the Norse goddess of youth. The net does not hold much about Ms. Idun as far as I could see, so if you find anything, that would be appreciated. Basically, she is the best fit for what Danae wants in a dragon. "She is married to Bragi and is the keeper of the apples which keep the gods eternally young. The storm giant Tjasse abducts her and the gods start to age until Loki kills the giant and retrieves Idun. Goddss of youth, her name means 'The Rejuvenating One'."

Almirath's a tiny little thing, but she's just got a /touch/ of curve gracing her body. When she's full grown, she's likely to be one of the smallest dragons in the Weyr — perhaps one of the smallest on all of Pern! She's definitely the runt of the litter, at least in size. She's proportionate, though. While her body is small, so are her wings, head, tail, legs, paws. Even her talons are petite! She's really got no angles to her, just soft, flowing lines from head to tail. Muscles are there, yes, but tightly packed, so they do not seem so bulky. Just a delicate little flower of feminity, she appears to be.

The dominating color of her hide is a pastel, minty color. It's not completely minty, though; her wings have a very striking pattern on them: a vibrant green — sort of a mix between apple and jungle green — runs like little veins across the background of that pastel-mint color. Her belly is one of those colors that barely is. A pale, pale ivory, it has just the slightest touch of green to it, but some of the mints from her back do invade in little swirls and tendrils. Her head is topped with what could almost be described as a tuft of a light, grassy green. It could almost be described as comical — a wig.

Her eyeridges are interesting. They dip low — almost droop — over her eyes, which usually have a calming touch of light violet. Anyhow, the eye ridges have a coloring that can only be described as algae; that not-quite-sea-green color. Kelpish.

She's youth embodified. Everything is new and delightful to her, and nothing is taken worth a grain of salt — it's all so amazing! Curiousity is present in all aspects of her being, which almost always seems to lead to her poking her nose in everything too. Each new thing will be carefully inspected, poked, prodded, and pulled apart to sate Almirath's curiousity. She'll often try to drag you along on her "missions of discovery," whether or not you are /truly/ interested, and your missions can often end up in not the most desirable of positions:

«Danae, did I just knock over that paint on you? I just wanted to see what it would do! »

Mischief, too, can go hand-in-hand with her curious side. After discovering what each new thing /can/ do, she will want to /do/ it — and usually in the way that will be most amusing to her. New thing — paint? Let's paint the weyrling barracks magenta! When she gets in trouble for her mischief or isn't allowed to do the certain thing she likes, however, she does have a tendancy to get a tad whiney and difficult. She's stubborn when it comes to getting her way and it takes a lot of kind words and convincing to keep her from pitching a fit to do what she pleases. Of course, a single word from a queen will set her straight, just as it would for any dragon.

Maternal instincts are oddly prominent in her personality, and she inflicts them upon the one thing smaller than herself — firelizards. She'll herd and lead the little things about to her heart's content, and the 'lizards seem more than willing to follow along. Some of the weyrfolk would claim that firelizards have gone and impressed to Almirath. When she's older, her maternal side might also spill over to new batches of weyrlings beneath her, calling them "children" and possibly bossing them around a bit. This might make Almirath and you a good pair for an assistant weyrlingmaster or even weyrlingmaster position in the future.

Almirath, in addition to loving firelizards, finds humans — especially children — quite fascinating. « May I have one of my own, Danae? » She's as at home with humans as she is in her own kinds, and adores frolicking the Weyr's children, giving them ride, and taking them swimming (perhaps they'll give her a free bath?). Your younger siblings, of course, are a focus of Almirath's attentions, as are her various cousins and neices that inhabit — or will inhabit — the weyr. Perhaps you will even give her a baby to play with, someday.

Almirath and Danae: It's true love.

Almirath, of course, adores you to no end, and tries to show it endlessly. She'll try to "straighten up" your weyr, leave some weeds — « Flowers! » — on the ledge, or decorate the weyr with firelizards /just/ for her Danae. With this adoration, however, comes that maternal protectiveness. « No, no, no, Danae, you should not swim. That is dangerous. Let /me/ swim for you! » she might say. She's wary of letting you do /anything/ that might be even remotely dangerous. When that first Threadfall comes along for you, she might take some convincing to let you even come along!

She loves you, Danae, so much so that getting a weyrmate could be difficult — she prefers to sleep /touching/ you. If you don't curl up with her, she might just attempt crawling into bed with you. She's small, but not /that/ small.

When you are upset, Almirath is sulky; when you are happy, Almirath is elated. She is your feeling super-magnified. Be careful, though, Danae! When you think that new transfer from Fort is quite a handsome one, Almirath will be sure to fawn over his dragon. Just for you, of course.

There's something quirky about Almirath — among all those other things: that joint where her wings join her body. If she has any complaint, it will be « Danae, that /spot/ itches again. » Her skin can never seem to be properly oiled in this spot, and causes Almirath much irritation. Be quick to soothe it, or she could inform the entire Weyr of this annoyance.

Alternately, she gets great pleasure from the massage of her feet. Yes, her feet. Instant ecstacy comes from the rubbing and oiling of the tops /and/ bottoms of her paws. At first touch to her paws, her mental voice will instantly loosen and relax, and she might even start rumbling, audibly pleased.

She really adores to be touched, though, and will constantly harrass anyone for a scratch or a rub or a pet. Unlike Serath, who shudders at the mere thought of anyone but her Annie touching her, Almirath is quite social and adores physical contact.

When Almirath speaks in your mind, her touch is fresh and sweet. The tang of fresh-cut grass is present on the dominating essense of ripe — though not overripe — fruits of the sweet, crisp family (no citrus here). Along with this spring time blend comes a wash of pastel pinks and violets which are brightened only by a definite /shimmer/ that is always present. Her tone is soft and lilting, but not overly so. It's one of those not-quite-Southern voices: soft and slow, but not drawn-out.

When angered — which is rare — the colors dip into a magenta or fuschia hue, and the shimmer gains a rough edge to it. The fruits become an overpowering super-sweetness, and the soft, pleasant tone will turn to a biting one, but the lazy speed is still there. It just has an edge.

When fighting Thread, Almirath becomes vicious and spunky. None of that /stuff/ is going to touch /her/ Pern (sense the maternalism, again?). She fights in short bursts, spaced apart by trips back to the Weyr to rest. When she's in the air, she weaves and ducks and can be the queen of aerial precision, catching Thread from every angle — not much will get past her quick movement, though sometimes her enthusiasm causes her to get a bit /too/ zealous, but a sharp reprimand from her wingleader will set her straight again. She's no-nonsense when Thread is in the air; a calm, cool, angle fighter.

Uh oh.. When that time comes around, men beware of Almirath! No, she's not mean or the like, she's /clingy/. She's more than sweet, now, and wants to share her incredible /sweetness/ with eerything male within the Weyr. Her preference tends toward browns, as she like sth eway they're big enough to give her a feeling of protection, but not so huge as the bronzes. A small bronze, however, might catch her fancy. When her hide starts to glow, she'll turn into the most subservient of creatures for the males — browns especially. Anything and everything she can do for them will not be enough. She wants to pamper her boys. It's not all selfless, however; she's vying for attention, and if another green steals her show, she'll become sullen and rather nasty to the other green until her attention returns in full force.

When she's in the air, though, she'll not to the males any favor. Like when fighting Thread, she is a fan of wild acrobatics and maneuvers — anything that displays her compact, energetic little form in the most flattering way. Since her energy comes in bursts — much like a sprinter — her flights won't be too long, but they'll be a wild ride, nonetheless.

Egg Name: Fia
Egg Description: Annie (Fia tweak)
Dragonet Description: Annie (B'ran tweak)
Clutch Message: Annie
Hatch Message: Annie
Impression Message: Annie
Hatch Controller: Annie
Dragon Name: Danae!
Inspiration: Annie

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