Alister's Search

T'rell (#5123)
A small fellow, his shoulders are broad, his hands well-calloused, and his form compact and fit. His dirt-brown eyes sparkle with mischief and humor to lend a joke to his short and wavy hair, which has become quite a remarkable shade of light grey. His features are unlined except when he's laughing and are free and mobile with his expressions, such that all his five feet and four inches of height are alight with a juvenile and contagious spirit.

A short beard is trimmed more or less neatly, the light brown-grey adding definition to a firm jawline.

A well-worn, ash-scarred wherhide jacket hangs well on his shoulders over a plain shirt, his wingrider's knot slightly frayed at the edges but otherwise neat with its bronze strand winding unevenly through the orange and black of Ista. Work trousers end at sturdy brown boots, patched here and there but with several turns to go.

T'rell is 37 Turns, 1 month, and 3 days old.

You scramble up Sejith's broad shoulder with the help of a convenient foreleg.

Sejith (#4466) [Sejith's Ledge (#638)]
A bright brassy hide gleams, deepening in gradual shadow under wings and down to graceful talons in a rich bronze. Filling out with age and maturity, Sejith is well-muscled and sleek, his lack of obvious threadscore speaking of his easy coordination and airborne precision. Calm and steady in just about any situation, his exacting skill speaks of an inner intensity.

His eyes whirl a deep aquamarine blue, matching the ocean.

Sky High Over Northeastern Bowl (#582)
From afar, Silvera emeets you above Gar, then?

You visualize Above Gar for Sejith. Sejith thinks to you, « Ok, I am now envisioning… »

Sejith winks into ::between::!

You hang, senseless, in the dark nothingness of ::between::… absolute
darkness surrounds you, and the profound cold stings you… you wait, and
Above Gar (#2246)
Sejith blinks in from ::between::!

At the Gather below, Glissandra manages a grin in return for the starcrafter's, and, always the demure lady (Not!) Baker keeps her ankles crossed as she shifts in her seat. "Wow. Constell…ations? I'll have to take you up on that." Glissa would really like to see pictures in the night sky. Cooool. "So… is that it? What about regular stars?"

At the Gather below, Alister walks out.

Zoryanth blinks in from ::between::!

You glide down for a landing.

Sejith folds his wings neatly, taking up less space that way once he's landed.

Gar Hold CourtYard (#4104)
You stand on the porch of Gar Hold. Just inside you can see the elegant, yet simple design of this burgeoning hold. Outside, you have a beautiful view of the hold valley. Large trees line the trail here, creating a nice canopy of shade for the weiry traveller. A couple of paths diverge from the hold to follow their own paths. Each path is set with red brick cobblestone. Flower Beds line the porch creating a nice feeling of returning home. Several rockers, a bench or two, and a swing can be found on the porch, for those who wish to come out and enjoy the beauty of nature. It is a summer afternoon.

Circling overhead, you see Zoryanth. On the perch are Shadowfax, Erik, and Bruin. Brown Djarreth and bronze Sejith are here. You see a wagonmaster, Rocking Chair, Rizza, and Istan Wagon Two here. Jerek and Glissandra are here.

Obvious exits: Danak's Rabbit Field Fenced Lane Gar Hold Entry Hall Hold Field Gar Stables Orchard Path

You land with a thump. That was a long way down!

Jerek smiles some, "Well, there are some normal ones, but most stars make up some sort of constellation, well, I think most of them do, at least."

Above, Zoryanth glides down for a landing. Zoryanth glides in from above, and lands.

From afar, Silvera peeks. Can we move out of this room bgefore we give Gliss and Jerek the fright of their lives?

Eyes the color of midday sky widen. Impressively. Big Flappy Things? At Gar? Oh no. Oh no no no. Well, girl, play it cool. Markedly *ignoring* the riders and dragons, Glissa grins at Jerek. "Um… wow. Tell me about…" Take her mind off *dragons*, she means, "These comet thingies. Or the moons." Anything!

T'rell attends to loosening Sejith's straps just a little, making them more comfortable for the dragon to lounge around in. "What do you think?" He calls up to Silvera. "We can head in, at least hit the Happy Harper," he grins, merriment touching his eyes.

Silvera slides from Zoryanth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Silvera (#9849)
Curls of darkness tumble down in twisting locks from the top of this young woman's head; in the light, it glistens gently so that — when it moves — it seems like moonbeams dancing against the dark onyx of night. Her face, darkened with a smooth tan, looks as smooth and soft as sisal; a faint dusting of freckles dusts the skin over a slightly upturned nose. Full lips are shaped in a way that suggests mischief, a hint of a dimple hovering near the corner of her mouth. Light is almost absorbed by the smoke that cloaks the woman's eyes, muting a brilliant jade to moss. Lush lashes shadow her eyes, accenting the almost feline like shape; above, brows arch expressively, dark curves firmly shaped. Her figure seems fit, from firm breasts to thin waist and strong thighs; but she's short, built delicately in proportion to that demure height.

Bright grass-green sisal falls from Silvera's shoulders, surrounding them in folds of silky springtime that rustle against her skin as she moves. Leaving bare her curved and slender neck and tan arms, a form-fitting bodice has white flowers painted carefully on, with large white petals leaning away from a golden center. This glides gracefully down her in a slim line, following the growing curves of her young body to ruffled golden lace, delicately embracing Silvera's waist where a skirt gently drapes down, before flaring into ruffles at her knees, letting layers of foamy green sisal flounce to her feet and the white satin slippers that adorn them. Perched on Silvera's shoulder is Eevyl.

At Silvera's shoulder, a knot rests; A Double Cord of black entiwining with a bright orange sweeps into a Double Loop before falling to swing in a tassle, designating Silvera as an Assistant Weyrling Master. Slipping through the twisting cords is a ribbon of bright, proud green, growing through the knot like a vine, and weaving in a twisting duet with the green is a shining silver thread, an undercurrent of delicate moonlight.

Silvera is 28 Turns, 9 months, and 26 days old.

Alister walks in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Jerek grins to Gliss, and then blinks at the dragons, he looks a little scared for a moment then nods to Gliss, anything to take his mind off of big flyign dragons, that might want to snack on little boys, "Well, meteors, like I said, they fall out of the sky, but most of them burn up before they get a chance to hit the ground, and sometimes they can be as big as dragons, and even bigger than that. SOmetiems ones of those sizes don't burn all the way up, and do hit pern! but most people who've had them land on their land, have just thrown them into a river." he sighs.

Alister bounces out the door and down the steps to the courtyard, a box of paints and brushes in her hands, and glances around, nodding politely to those she sees before heading straight for the path toward the orchards, upon seeing T'rell, she pauses, tilts her head to the side, and gives him a wave. "T'rell, what are *you* doing here today? More research?"

T'rell, looking around and admiring Gar, as always, notices a familiar girl. "Hey, Alis," he calls brightly. "Yeah, I was hoping to research the, uh, hops in the local brew," he grins to her.

Silvera dips her head in a slight nod, distracted, it seems, but thoughts from Zoryanth. "Wha'? Sure. Go on." Immediately, the dragon begins to wander off, moving away from the group tothe much more interesting fruit trees.

Sejith, always more interested in attractive green dragons, watches Zoryanth with interest until he finally decides to follow.

Zoryanth (#7575)
Chartreuse clings against a curvy, sinewy — /sneaky/ — form, sereptine vines of this vivid green twining to lithesome neck, delicate shoulders; wedge-shaped head sparkles in more than shimmery green, for the faint touch of dawn's golden color spreads jaggedly down abrupt nose and circles deep-set orbs a-twinkle. The dawnlight erupts upon the bulk of her stomach, oh-so rounded and glittery with the clash of chartreuse and morning light. Wingsails — great, sweeping 'sails, they are — are fringed by fading gold, but only are the markings light: the brilliance of malachite coats thin, fragile wings. Paintbrush's bristles stripe both forearms and forelegs, though traingular neckridges are left to the sinuous vine of chartreuse; vines, too, overtake broad paw, narrowing tail.

Darkness reaches in thick vines of leather, growing in a supple curve over the vivid green to reach around Zoryanth's neck. The darkness is outlined by light; bright yellow peeks out from under the shining leather, soft wool reaching out light tendrils to stroke her soft hide. Silver buckles shine, the silver tinged green with the reflected colour of Zoryanth's hide, brightly polished intervals around the black riding straps. Between these, metal rings rest; subtly darker, their colour blends with the dark straps.

Zoryanth is 9 Turns, 2 months, and 11 days old. She is 48 feet (14m) long, with a wingspan of 80 feet (24m). Zoryanth seems to be listening.

Zoryanth seems well pleased to rid herself of her rider, and without a backward glance, tramps off towards the otrchard. Well, perhaps one backward glance. Something approaching a coy look is cast w towards Sejith, before she's off again, wings flipped back into place.

Zoryanth walks to the Orchard Path.

Glissandra feels Jerek's pain, really she does. They could snatch *her* up in one…small…bite… But wait… what is that green one doing? Those are the *Hold*'s fruit trees: it'd better not eat 'em! "Um… yes." Comets are forgotten for the moment. What about her precious mangoes"

Jerek watches the dragon's go, and then looks at Gliss, "Do dragon's eat trees? or fruit? Or do they just eat meat?"

Alis laughs and shakes her head, altering her course so that she's now headed toward the direction of her cousin's 'friend', adjusting the box as she does. "I thought you came here to research star patterns, though?" she asks quietly as she approaches him, pausing long enough to give Silvera a polite nod and greeting, "G'day to you again, rider." Attention is returned to T'rell, her cinammon brown eyes sparkling with interest, "How are Kae and Brencia? I *still* haven't heard from her, you know."

Sejith glides low, wings half-spread to the Orchard Path.

T'rell raises his eyebrows, amused, as he watches Sejith about his business. "Eh, go on with ye," he teases, giving the dragon's departing tail an affectionate slap. "Well, yeah, stars too," he adds — of course, yeah, that's the primary reason, definitely.

Eowyn blinks in from ::between::!

Sejith senses Zoryanth looking at him.

Alister (#19570)
Fine sable locks sweep in straight lengths from a face that's finally lost the roundness of youth and is deeply tanned from Rukbat's rays. Whisps trip forward, barely brushing in wide, dark eyes, almost cinnamon in hue, which are thickly framed with ebony lashes. Pert nose is centered between a pair of always rosy cheeks, complimented by carmine lips. With her height currently peaking at just under 5', 4'11 to be exact, and gentle curves that fill her clothes oh-so-well, this young lady seems to have blossomed overnight.

Alis' loose shirt, made of a thin cotton, is lavender in color. The collar folds over just below her neck, and the edge is embroidered with small hearts, done in a darker purple color. The sleeves of the blouse are long, ending at her wrist with a single violet button. Several small buttons, the same shade as the ones on the sleeves, run down the front of the shirt, until they are tucked away under the skirt. The ankle length black skirt is made of a light linen, and it falls loosely till it touches the top of sturdy black wherhide boots. The skirt is gathered around the waist by a thin belt, matching the boots. Pockets adorn either side of the skirt, and the openings are trimmed with a line of violet embroidery. The hem of the dress also boasts that same embroidery.

Alister is 16 Turns, 1 month, and 5 days old.

"Stars?" Silvera blinks, voice touched with a faint ihint of horror. "What about wine? I've heard good things about the vintages produced near here, y'know." Faint smile plays across the woman's lips. "In fact, you could probably sntch up a few for discounted prices."

Glissandra whips her head around to glare at Jerek. "How in jays would I know?" she snaps. Hey, you can actually see the fire in her eyes! Neato! "I just hope those *things* don't eat my mangoes! If they do, there'll be all to pay…" Haha. Funny. Baker girl takes on dragon. Round one. *flame* Dragon: 1 Glissa: 0. Not a happy prospect.

"And both your cousin and… " T'rell raises his eyebrows as he considers Alister's relationship to his daughter… "your cousin," he finally settles on, "are fine. Ah, the wine." He grins to Silvera. "But more importantly, the cider. Ever seen how that's made?" Here's his own specialty, you see, a hobby somewhat recently acquired, and he's happy to pass on the knowledge.

Jerek blinks, and cowers back from Gliss a bit, "Hey, I'm not a dragon, don't get mad at me! I'm /not/ going to eat your trees, or the mangoes, I don't like them, well, I've never had them, so i don't guess I can say that, can I?" he grins some, "Hmm, do you think mangoes would be good in bubblies?" he grins, he's always thinking about those bubblies.

Alis grins again, shaking her head quickly, and finally deciding to put the heavy box of art supplies on the ground. "I've been testing out the things Kae sent up for our turnday, doing a little art in the bath house, but I think my assistants have all had to return to classes, so.." her words trail off as the conversation between the riders continues, her weight being shifted from foot to foot, showing the bottled up energy this sixteen turn old carries inside. "Bring them to see us sometime, will you?" she requests, during a pause of the conversation.

Sejith senses Zoryanth extends a bored tendril of thought, quicksilver threaded lazily through a slowly moving sea of violet. « I wonder what it all tastes like, here. It smells interesting. And it would be amusing to see Silv scream » A hint of wickedness is mixed with flirtation for an instant, then retreats once more.

T'rell seems to find that agreeable. "Sure. I'd take you back today," he feels the need to offer, "but I'm not sure we're headed straight back for a while." He shrugs. "Hard to say." He glances out toward the orchard, where Sejith is finding it impossible to hide behind trees.

"Cider?" One eyebrow lifts lazily, but teh way the words almost seem to leap from Silvera's mouth might be an indication of her willing ness to learn another art. Anything to do with alcohol, y'know. "I'm pretty busy , but I think I could spare the time." This time, the words are more smoothly and calmly pronounced, expression fcooled to near-indifference. Eyes drift back to Alister, interest sparking. "You're related?" The questionn is accompanied with a glance, comparing the appearances between the two.

Sejith's amusement flickers back, tangy and laughing. « I tried an apple once. Too small, not enough blood in it. » The summary is accompanied by a ripple of bronze skin over his shoulder, a draconic shrug of mild distaste.

After taking huuuuge gulps of air, Glissandra finally quiets. Legs uncross, cross again, and finally she grins. "Oh, Jerek lad, I'm sorry." breathe, blink, breathe… it's just that mangoes are so *important* in fruit salads and tarts! "Yes, perhaps they would go well. I don't know. Maybe." Somehow, Baker doesn't find the antics of the dragons amusing.

"Ash is in class anyway," Alis points out, shrugging her shoulders noncommitally, "and she'd be upset if I went without her, you know, not that I could blame her." A grin is given to Silvie, and her head shakes in negation, "Naw, my cousin is T'rell's, um," a confused look passes across her face and she shrugs, "/friend/, I guess? They've a daughter together, and I haven't seen her yet."

T'rell studies Alister too, as if trying to reconcile her features with those of the rest of his family. "Well, we are now," he tells Silvera by way of a not-very-precise explanation.

Sejith senses Zoryanth considers this. « Rider food can taste interesting. There was something once, Her family made it… » The memory is reached for, but has retreated back into haze, and her own mental shrug echoes his. While an ivy green nose pushes experimentally at a branch, she absent-mindedly extends a skein of lavender to try and twist it about his own mind.

Jerek grins at Gliss, and nods, "It's ok, just was suprised at you snapping at me, when I don't eat trees" he winks at her, "Well, not very often anyway!" he then smiles, at the thought of tarts, "tarts? are they any good? I don't think I've ever had one of those, of course, since I came to the starcraft hall, all I seem to eat are bubblies, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I really don't eat anything else!"

Glissandra beams at Jerek. Tarts are her speciality. 'Specially wierd ones: mango-bananna or carrot-klah. "Well, yes: i've got rather good returns on the ones I made with kiwi and blueberry." She did, too: which is surprising for something *Glissa* made. "I've got some in the Hold. Come in, try them some day."

T'rell gestures toward the orchard, perhaps wondering what trouble his dragon might be getting into without mentioning it to him. "Some kinds of fruit make better cider than others," he adds to Silvera, back on topic. "I haven't got that all down yet, but I'm experimenting." He puts a hand on Alister's shoulder aimiably. "Ever fallen in a vat?" he asks the girl, innocent yet mischievous all at once.

"Oooohhhkaaay." Shoulder lfts in a shrug, before the woman gives an oh-so sutblte flick of her hand. "anyway. Do you still want to show me that cider? I don't suppose that there are free samples that go wtih it?" As T'rell begins to outine the subject, eyes flick over towards the orchard. "Ooooh. So, say, redfruit cider wouldn't work?"

Sejith sniffs gingerly at a fruit tree, careful not to inhale any of the fruit. « T'rell has said they cook their meat. » This is nearly unbelievable.

Alister looks from T'rell's hand, up to his face, and down to his hand again. "You aren't planning on tossing me into one, are you?" she queries, both voice and expression showing her suspicions. "Can't say that I have, though that would be mostly by choice. I tend to stay away from the cider, because it makes me tired, and gives me hiccups. One mug and," she slips her finger across her throat.

Jerek nods, and smiles to Gliss, "Ok, I will do that." he grins some, "Kiwi and blueberry sound good. What is a tart anyway? Is it a kind of desert? is it sour? or is it yummy and good? What else do you cook?" he grins at Glissa, "And do you need a taste tester?"

"Well, it's possible," T'rell is saying as he strolls in the direction of the orchard, pulling Alister along with him without having yet promised not to toss her in a vat. "You might use it better to flavor a standard cider. What makes it different from juice is the skins, you know." You got him started on it; you deal with the consequences.

Oh, how cute. A rider of a giant flappy thing flirting with a crafter girl. Umgh. Glissandra hardly spares the pair a disapproving glance but keeps up the converstion with Jerek, ever-amiable starcrafter. What a cutie he is! Tastetester… "Um… a tart is kind of like a little pie, a very sweet and," indeed, quite "Yummy dessert.I cook all kinds of stuff. I like things with peppers, and I think I'm pretty good at using them… maybe I'll let you help me out in the kitchen sometime." Redhead adds in a teasing voice. Even though the boy'll likely blow up from all the cayenne she uses.

Alis tosses a glance over her shoulder at the box of supplies that is being abandoned as she's pulled toward the orchards. "Jerek, could you keep an eye on those for me?" she calls out as she is directed further and further away. "I'll be back for them in a bit!" she adds, before actually looking back in the direction she is being led. "If you toss me in there, you'll have to deal with Kae, you know!"

"The skins? Why the skins?" Silvera idly pinches the back of her hand, as if considering the effect that her skin would ave on a cider. "I never even eat the skins myself — I always skin it." Nod is given to Jerek and Gliss as she abandons them to follow the wo out to the orchards.

T'rell raises an innocent eyebrow to Alister — how could she even think such a thing? "The whole fruit is pressed, leaving all the pulp and skins in the mixture," he continues his explanation to Silvera.

You go to the Orchard Path.

Orchard Path (#4427)
You travel along a freshly resurfaced path through the middle of a large Orchard. You are surrounded on all sides by large trees reaching for the sky, making a large canopied roof over the path. This roof provides welcomed relief from both the hot afternoon sun and the rain. The trees seem to be divided into sections of Orangefruit, Yellowfruit, Greenfruit and Redfruit trees. A newly carved sign is placed just to the side. Carved on the sign is an arrow pointing North with the words Gar Hold' and an arrow pointing South with the words Grinstead Hold'.

It is a summer afternoon. To the north, you see four people. Green Zoryanth and bronze Sejith are here. You see Apple bush, Artaq, Ash plant, and Sunset here.

Obvious exits: Gar Hold Courtyard Gar Stables Gar Road

Alister walks in from the Gar Hold CourtYard. Silvera sweeps in from the Gar Hold CourtYard.

Alis just shakes her head at T'rell as they walk down the path toward the orchards, "I didn't realize that making cider was quite so, well, important to you, T'rell. Hey, you aren't using your daughter as your test subject, are you?" The teasing remark is offered, and she pauses, glaring up at T'rell as if she is actually serious.

Zoryanth pauses guiltily, head swinging around. She wasn't trying to headbutt a tree, to make fruit and branches fall off, oh no. Where would she have picked up a destructive streak like that from? The end of a small branch drops from her mouth to the ground, and the green seems to cast about for some other thing to draw attention from herself. Humans. They'll do.

"So all the flavor from the fruit gets into the mixture," T'rell finishes. "When it's fermented, there's more for the yeast to eat. There's even more when you add cousins to the vat." He nearly trips over Sejith's moving tail between the trees, only an instinctual feeling for where the dragon is having saved him. "You're not plucking the trees bare, are you?" he calls to the bronze and green jokingly.

Alis' gaze shifts from the bronze, which she at least kind of knows, to the green, which she doesn't, and then to their respective riders. "You know, you haven't introduced us," she pokes T'rell in the side, and nods her head in Silvera's direction, before introducing herself. "I'm Alister. I saw you the other day near the lake, but we haven't exactly been introduced."

T'rell knocks himself on the side of the head with an open palm. "I *didn't?* Shells and shards, Alis, all this hanging around with harpers is ruining my manners." He composes himself. "Alister, sister of Ashlyn and cousin of Kaeryn and now of Brencia, meet Silvera, rider of the lovely Zoryanth." He bows, even adding a flourish, though he glances up at the end to see what effect it all might've had.

Sejith senses Zoryanth extends a vastly more flirtatious contact now, blushing rose twining through her lavender. Caught eating trees. How embasrassing. « I don't think Silv's too pleased with us. Perhaps we should distact her…? »

Silvera comes to a halt, jaw dropping for a moment as she glares at Zoryanth's direction. Lips thin, expression hardening: "Can't you spend five minutes alone without destroying something?" Still, there's an almost fond note in her voice, despite the obvious annoyance. Alister is turned to: "Oh, just after I fed Zoryanth. You'd think she'd be satisfied, but no, sh'es worse than Silanki, just has to couse trouble every single moment of every single candlemark of every single day…" Silvie, with a faint hint of embarrassment, catches herself off. "I mean, ah, pleased to meet you, Alister." Anger returns. "Lovely? Hardly. How am I going to explain this, Zoryanth, now?"

Sejith's tail snakes around the trees, just brushing Silvera's ankles from behind with the barest of touches. T'rell, at least, turns to give the dragon a puzzled look. "What's with you?" he asks, bemused.

Zoryanth contrives to look almost embarassed, shuffling backwards. Unfortunately, this suceeds in nothing more than completely demolishing her already stripped fruit tree. Oops indeed. Her own tail snakes towards Sejith - there's a gentleman, providing distraction. Perhaps some of her own is in order. Head lowered to ground level, she snorts hard in the humans' direction, nose creeping forward to investigate. Hmmm.

A smile, even being a rather small one, tugs at the corners of Alis' mouth, causing her to bring a hand to her mouth to cover it, a muffled giggle sounding as well. "Well met, Silvera," she nods her head again, to show that she can be polite, despite the way she may be acting toward the bronze rider. "I don't think they'll mind all that much, about the trees, I mean," she suggests, moving toward one and poking at the fruit on it. "They're actually calling in the farmers, because the fruit has, well, spots," an explanation is offered, as well as one of the pieces of fruit, which is handed to Silvera for inspection.

"Spots!" T'rell, horrified that anything might go wrong with the year's cider production (and not for anything but personal, gastronomical reasons), leans forward to examine the fruit as well.

"But what if they did?" The tailtouch produced a high meep, Silvera leaping away — "A snake — oh." No snake. Just dragon. "Don't do that tome." Eyes, shift, however, back to Zoryanth — no the distraction didn't work that well. "And what about the cider?" One skin less would indeed, be a great trajedy.

Alixandre walks in from the Gar Hold CourtYard.

Alixandre (#20510)
A boy standing the height of the average mans midchest. He has dusty blonde hair, wether it is from dirt or because it is natural is known only to him. Bold blue eyes twinkle mischeviously, plotting pranks against the girls as may be seen normal for one his age.

He wears pants of a dark brown wher hide that look a bit to big for his thin frame. A light weight, once white shirt covers the top half of him hanging to his mid-thigh. Alixandre wears the knot of a StarCrat fosterling.

Alixandre is 6 Turns, 3 months, and 24 days old.

"Well, they'll just have to understand that perhaps," Alis waves her hand about as if searching for a word and grins sheepishly, "she was hungry? As long as the entire orchard isn't ruined, maybe?" Another piece of the fruit is pulled from a tree, studied, frowned at, and tossed to the side. "It's all going to be useless if the farmers can't do something about it, and soon."

T'rell, deep in his examination of a spotted fruit, pays only passing attention to the small, wandering boy. "It's not going rotten early, is it? As long as it's not some fungus, you should still be able to get a decent beverage out of it."

Alixandre's eye's grow wide. "Wow. Are you really a dragonrider?" he asks the small gathering of people.

Zylerion glides in from the Gar Hold CourtYard.

"It's still no excuse — shush, Zorry, you're not going to dis— :" Silvera trails off, eyes shifting to Zoryanth, and sliding over to Alister, and back agian. "I don't care. You're still wrong, and I'm not listening. Ladeladela." So there.

Sejith backs off from his attempt at distraction, instead peering between the trees at the boy and Alister. He spends all day with the other two, they're boring.

Zoryanth snorts. Is she trying to distract her rider? Possibly. Probably, in fact. But that won't stop this little green dragon. Tail creeps forwards, and forwards some more, and then, oops! Pausing to deal her beloved rider a small whack on the behind, it moves on, to settle near Alis. Interesting. And a good distraction, perhaps. She needs something, and fast.

T'rell looks curiously between Zoryanth and Silvera, then glances down to settle on Alixandre. "Aye, last I checked we both were," he answers, giving a nod in the greenrider's direction as well. "What do you do?"

"I'd say you'd have to ask someone with a little more knowledge than myself, I'm afraid," Alis informs T'rell as she moves toward another tree to investigate the fruit dangling from it's limbs. "I don't think it could *all* be bad, though, so there should at least be some new cider this season, right?" A grin is offered in Alix's direction, accompanied by a waggle of her fingers.

"Me?" Alix askes. "What do I do? I cause trouble and have fun." he grins.

"You must be kidding. No way. No, no no way." Silvera shakines her head, arms crossing as she looks the very image of a young, stubborn child. "Forget it." In an obvious attempt of her own to make the obvious issue closed, Silvera turns her attention to Alix. "Hello — yes, we have that great, horrible, burden laid apon us."

T'rell's smile spreads to a broad grin. "A boy after my own heart," he declares with a wink. "Think you can help me throw Alis here in a vat?" What an offer. He might still be kidding, as he seems to get distracted by something his dragon is doing.

Sejith's curious thoughts sidle over to Zoryanth. « Is she one? » The young girl is a focus of query.

Alixandre grins, "Sure. I'll help sounds like fun."

Zoryanth snorts insistantly, head swiming around towards Sejith, seeking his confirmation of something. Tail creeps forward to wind around Alis' lower legs, and the green ventures a rumble, quietly. This could just be the perfect thing to turn minds from that poor demolished tree over there.

Kezzra walks, the light scent of sweet roses following her, in from the Gar Hold CourtYard.

Sejith senses Zoryanth is quick to confirm. « I think so, and it's a better idea than talking about the trees… »

Sejith thinks to Zoryanth, « Good idea. »

Instead of peering through trees and poking greenriders, Sejith lifts his head out of the foliage and gazes down on the small gaggle of humans. He sniffs, importantly.

Alister's eyes open wide, and she slinks backwards and attempts to hide behind one of the trees, and finding herself standing face to face with the green in trouble, takes a step back in T'rell's direction. "Why do I have the feeling there's no escaping?" she mutters under her breath, before taking long, quick strides to find another tree to slip behind.

Alister senses that Zoryanth quietly extends a thread of pale lavender thought, the rose pink of blush still indicating her embarassment over the trees. « If she will not ask, I will ask… » Her voice is quiet, and there's mirth in there, somewhere.

"Here you are Alix." Kezzra says sounding a bit annoyed. "I've been looking all over for you."

T'rell's eyebrows furrow. Absently, he captures Alister's shoulders in his hands as he calls, nodding to Silvera as he indicates her green, "What's she saying?"

"Don't do that, Zorry —" Nose wrinkles. I said don't. "Zorry. I said don't." Silvera groans, before appologising in a worn voice. "My deepest appologies, Alister. That little ugly, tiny, horrible, impossible brat over there wishes me to ask if you would stand for search over at Ista. Of course, you say no. So, Zor, leave her alone, now. Pleeaasseee." Nose pis pinched. "It's just onot my day."

Alister stops in her tracks as T'rell's hand finds her shoulder again, which is fortunate, since she wobbles dangerously, all while staring over at the green, a look of disbelief in her eyes. Her hand reaches out to grab T'rell's arm in an attempt to steady herself. "She spo…" she starts to stammer the words out, but her jaw's dropping in disbelief causes the sentence to go unfinished. "Wha-what?"

Alixandre looks up at T'rell. "Can't you make her disappear or something?" he asks the man, glaning over at Kezzra as she is who he's talking about.

T'rell frowns to Silvera. "Hey, don't be so quick. Sejith seems to think she's on the mark." He glances down (just barely) to study Alister in a new light. "Hm."

Zoryanth lets out an insufferably smug snort, tail withdrawn from its pursuit of Alister, at least for now. That's that done, and threere's a bronze around to be flirted with. And so it's Sejith-wards the green sidles. Did you see that distraction technique? What a team!

Silvera looks just as smug, smile curving her lips as she glares spitefully at Zoryanth. "See? She doesn't want to be a candidate. So there." Nyah, nyah, nyah. Eyes flicker over to Alister, and Silvera shows the vaguest sign of unsureness. "You don't, do you? Its lot s of work, and even worse, you might end up stuck with something like *that* thing over there."

Sejith is more than willing to be sidled toward; in fact, now that he's convinced his own rider, he devotes his full attention to the green. Ain't he something?

Alixandre tugs on T'rell's shirt. "Can't you?" he asks again.

"Not to mention you'd be conned into babysitting for Brencia all the time," T'rell adds jokingly, though his gaze has gradually gotten a bit more serious. Serious? Shells. "But she's right. It's not easy." Almost startled, he glances down at Alixandre. "Um…" he wasn't actually listening… sorry. He shrugs, looks up at Kezzra, then back down to Alix.

Alister becomes a little more acquainted with one of the newest members of her family in a way that she hadn't originally planned, which is by leaning against him for support so she doesn't fall flat on the ground in shock. Her face slowly loses it's color, becoming only a pale echo of what it was only moments before, and she just blinks, slowly, confusement evident on her face and in her eyes. "A candidate? Me? For, for a.. dragon?"

Silvera blinks. "No, for a wherry. Of course a dragon — you don't want to be a candidate, do you." No pressure, no pressure at all.

Kezzra walks over to join the group. "I'm sorry." she appologizes. "He always seems to be bothering someone or getting in someone's way."

T'rell doesn't mind being a post, his hand steadying the girl. "That's the general idea, yes." He grins a bit at her reaction — really, it's rather satisfying. "Seriously, though." He stands her back on her own two feet and faces her. "The dragons think you have the potential, but that doesn't mean it's for everyone. If you don't Impress, you'll have done a lot of chores for your keep and you can either stay at the Weyr or come back here." He glances back at Sejith and Zoryanth, then grins to Silvera as he says, "If you do Impress…" back to Alis. "If you do Impress, your dragon and the Weyr becomes your life."

Gwyna appears, wings outstretched so that gilded saffron catches the light as she slips from ::between::!

Alis gulps slowly as she actually manages to put her weight on her *own* feet, and takes a step, however tiny it might be, away from T'rell to prove that she actually can stand on her own. "I guess they," she nods in the direction of the dragons, "think I actually have a chance then, if they're asking." By Faranth, the girl has reclaimed her tongue! "I'd like to try. I know it's hard work, Kae writes to me about you and all the things you have to do but, if I have a chance…" Her brown eyes flicker toward the dragon pair again, and she nods her head.

Silvera simply glares. "Fine. T'rell can take you home then. I'm going to go and get drunk." Eyes return to Zoryanth. "Stop being so smug, you."

T'rell shrugs to Silvera. "Sorry," he grins crookedly. "I'd recommend the wine pressing of three turns back, white," he tells the greenrider. "It's more potent." Flavor? Palate? Hah.

"Come on Alix." Kezzra says to the boy.

Alixandre looks pleadingly to T'rell. "Can't you make her disappear or something? I'm not bothering you. I can stay. Right? Tell her that."

Alister finds a tree to 'hug', leaning against it, and slipping her way down it until she's sitting on the ground. "Can I tell Ash, and Keris and get some things, or do I, do I have to go now? I could send word back, I guess but…" she licks her lips nervously, and shakes her head in disbelief.

T'rell raises his eyebrows as he stands in the orchard, steadily regarding Alister. Again, his attention is taken by the boy's insistence. "Uh, disappear? Sorry, kid. It don't work that way, quite." His expression melts back into a grin, and he shrugs apologetically. "No, you don't have to go right now if you don't want to," he adds to his indirect-cousin. "We can come back for you later if you need, Sejith and I." He shakes his head briefly. "Won't Kae be surprised. I'll let you tell her," he winks.

Kezzra looks from the boy to T'rell. "You really don't mind keeping an eye on him for awhile?" she asks a bit sceptical.

OOC: Alixandre bahs and has to go. Alixandre goes home.

Kezzra walks, the light scent of sweet roses following her, to the Gar Hold Courtyard.

"No, I didn't mean not go today," Alis shakes her head quickly and gives T'rell a somewhat weak grin, "just want to at least leave word for them before I go. Then again, I suppose sending word from the weyr would mean I wouldn't have to actually *tell* Ash I'm leaving her, again." A small frown touches her lips, but she shakes it away quickly. "At least I'll get to see the others, but…" It's as if all of her thoughts are trying to come pouring out at once.

T'rell watches the kid escape. "Well, I wasn't really going to offer…" he trails off, shrugging at the humor inherent in the situation, as the woman leaves as well. "C'mon, then, I'll help you." His steadying palm on her back, he starts to guide Alister toward the hold where he assumes her sister will be.

Alister takes a deep breath and nods her head, allowing herself to be guided back toward the hold, where her sister should be waiting. "I left once before, did you know that? Went to Southern with Kaltar, and Ash, well, she wasn't very happy about it." Her pace is slow and careful, not yet trusting her legs to be sturdy again. "Do they *really* think I have a chance, then, T'rell?" she voices her nervousness now that only he can hear her.

Gar Hold CourtYard (#4104)
To the east, you see one person. To the south, you see Zoryanth, Sejith, and one person. On the perch are Shadowfax, Erik, and Bruin. You see a wagonmaster, Rocking Chair, Rizza, and Istan Wagon Two here. Jerek is here.

Jerek watches the supplies, nope, they aren't moving, nor were they moving in the first place, but still, he watches them.

T'rell listens to an inner voice for a long moment before he replies. "They wouldn't pick you out if you didn't, even if they were trying to get Zoryanth out of trouble," he grins, amused; "Even so, we try to get more Candidates than there are eggs. Only the hatchlings know who they'll choose." He matches Alister's pace, escorting her back.

"Oh, I know that being asked to stand doesn't mean that I'll actually impress but still…" Alis' voice trails off as she pauses to gather the box of supplies she'd left behind just a short while ago. "Thank you for keeping an eye on these things for me, Jerek," gratitude is offered as she stands up straight again, even if it is a rather wobbly attempt at posture. "I think Ash'll probably be in here, working on her studies, as usual."

Gar Hold Entry Hall (#3026)
The Entry Hall of Gar Hold is roughly octagonal in shape. Eight doors lead out of it, one is the one you just entered from. The first thing you notice is the mural painted on the walls. It seems to be a panoramic depiction of a orchard in the spring. The artist took their time as everything is at nearly life size. Lining the sides of the Hall are padded stone benches, that seem to flow freely into the mural. Posted over the Door to the Holder's Office is the Hold Crest, A shield of Forest Green with a solitary Blue band placed diagonal across the shield. While the center of all movement in Gar Hold, it still remains a pleasant place to stop and talk anytime with friends, and enjoy the mural.

To the southeast, you see two people. On the perch is Alpha. You see Messenger Box and Tapestry here.

Obvious exits: The Happy Harper Dining Hall Holder's Office Main Hallway Steward's Office Gar Hold Shops CourtYard Spiral Staircase

T'rell offers to carry the box; "You can barely hold yourself up, let alone carry paints," he points out. "You're as good a Candidate as any, according to Sejith, and if there's anybody I trust, it's him." He smiles; of course a man would say that about his dragon. "Lead on."

Alis easily agrees to accept T'rell's assistance, carefully passing the box filled with paint jars over to him and giving him an appreciative smile. "I'll have to thank him for giving me a chance, at least," she laughs nervously and leans on a nearby door, pushing it open. "She's usually in here."

Main Hallway (#8286)
To the east, you see one person. On the perch are Waterjem and Faerie. You see Peanut, Keely, and Watchdragon Tapestry here.

Workroom (#5596)
Off the main hallway, the workroom glows with both light and activity. Several trestle tables, set up in parallel lines allow for all sorts of tasks: at one, wooden pieces sit in disarray, waiting to be assembled. At another supplies sit waiting for a new project. Off to the left is a cluster of chairs, each with a brightly colored pillow. If needlepoint or weaving is your desire, another corner hosts a small floor loom and chest of threads. On the right lies another table, this time with juices and glasses to reward hard work well done. At times, children play happily nearby, pulling toys from an oversized trunk. The black and white marble used to create a checkerboard pattern on the floor has been highly polished recently. The windows near the ceiling bring in filtered light and help vent the room to keep it cool, even in the heat of Ista's summers. Popular as a meeting place for both the young and young at heart, you'll always find something to do - it is, after all, a workroom.

To the east, you see one person. You see Starcraft Founding here. Ashlyn is here.

Obvious exits: Main Hallway Harper Classroom Gar Vintner Area StarCraft Main Hall

Alister walks in from the Main Hallway. T'rell follows Alister in.

T'rell catches the door, holding it for Alister while he holds the box in the other arm. "Need moral support?" His eyes twinkle — he knows about siblings.

Alis nods her head slightly as she enters the room, finding her sister exactly where she expected her to be. "Ash?" she calls out softly, not wanting to disturb her sister if she doing anything *too* important. "I need to talk to you for a second."

Ashlyn looks up from her books, gaze falling first on her mirror image, then slipping over to study T'rell. After a moment, a look of recognition touches her features as she realizes who the strange man is, and a nod is offered to him. "Left my cousin and your daughter at the weyr for the day?" she asks softly as her books are pushed away. "What do you need, Ali?"

T'rell nods quietly in return, only a silent smile for greeting as he waits by the door to back up the dragons' chosen.

Ashlyn (#16699)
Fine sable locks sweep in straight lengths from a face that's finally lost the roundness of youth and is deeply tanned from Rukbat's rays. Whisps trip forward, barely brushing in wide, dark eyes, almost cinnamon in hue, which are thickly framed with ebony lashes. Pert nose is centered between a pair of always rosy cheeks, complimented by carmine lips. With her height currently peaking at just under 5', 4'11 to be exact, and gentle curves that fill her clothes oh-so-well, this young lady seems to have blossomed overnight.

The sky blue cotton bodice of Ashlyn's dress and the cadet blue flannel of the straight cut skirt are blended by a navy satin ribbon around the empire waist. The bodice is fitted, made to be snug, and a tiny pattern of cadet blue embroidered flowers edges the round neckline. The sleeves are loose, ending just above her elbows, and the midcalf length skirt is soft, yet strong enough for hard play. A thin ribbon matching the thicker one around her waist ties Ashlyn's hair into a runner tail, and dark brown wherhide ankle boots protect her feet. Perched on Ashlyn's shoulder is Aurio.

A knot of red and silver adorns Ashy's shoulder. Two twisted cords formed into a loop and a small tail represent her rank as an Apprentice of the StarCraft Hall.

Ashlyn is 16 Turns, 1 month, and 5 days old.

"T'rell, and..and Sejith," Alis nods her head in T'rell's direction, just in case her sister doubts what she's about to be told. "They, and a greenrider and her dragon, that is, they asked me to go back with them to the weyr, see. They, um, they want me to stand on the sands for the next hatching." Shuffle, shuffle, her feet move nervously along the floor.

Ash's jaw drops and she jumps to her feet, covering the few paces between herself and her sister in an instant, and wrapping her arms about her. "Ooh, good luck!" she whispers fiercly into her older sister's ear. "Can I come visit her, sometime, would that be alright?" her attention is turned to T'rell, even as she continues to hug her sister.

T'rell raises his eyebrows, clearing his throat before he enters the conversation. "Sure, no reason why not."

"So, you don't mind then?" Alis blinks slowly, seeming to me more surprised at her sister's reaction than at her being asked to stand. "I thought you'd be upset that I'm leaving again, because, well, I have to go today."

"Upset? Alis, this is the chance of a lifetime, and, who knows, you might even impress, right?" Ash glances toward T'rell for confirmation, and takes a step backwards. "I'll miss you, and I would really rather have you here," a mischevious sparkle touches her eyes, "and Kerry is going to miss you but…"

T'rell nods, willingly giving the looked-for confirmation, content to stay in the background. Looks like Alis didn't need the moral support after all.

Alister grins and gives her sister's arm a squeeze. "Ker is in class now, so, could you tell him for me? I'll send Poli to him with word, but if he doesn't know when you see him, tell him for me, please?" A small frown tugs at her lips, and she gives T'rell a sheepish grin, "To think I just managed to win his heart, and now I'm leaving."

T'rell snaps his fingers ruefully. "Maybe he'll wait until you graduate," he jokes lightly.

"He'll miss you, you know," Ash squeezes Ali's fingers, and nudges her toward the door. "Send word to me when you're settled, and give Kae my love, will you?" T'rell is looked over, and request is made, "Take care of her, will you? She's my only sister, you know."

T'rell's amusement relaxes into a reassuring smile, and he nods. "I'll do my best. If I don't Kae'll have my hide too, you know." He pauses, then offers thoughtfully, "If you want to come for a visit, all you need to do is send word. We'll come as soon as we're off duty."

"Oh, here, I thought you might could use our supplies, since I can go to Kae for more if I want them," Alis motions at the box in T'rell's arm before she turns to head back out the door. "Send word if you need me, Ash. You still come first, you know," with a smile, she moves to the door to wait for the box to be handed over before they can go.

"Until you impress, of course," Ash corrects her sister with an optimistic prediction and a wave. "I'll see you soon, Alis. Take care of yourself, and stay out of *trouble*, will you?"

T'rell notices the box he's carrying again, and remembers to offer it, stepping forward to hand it over to Ashlyn. "Is there anyone you need to ask permission of?" With that thought, he looks to Alister, then Ashlyn — he's pretty sure he's kept track of who's who. Luckily, they dress differently.

"Naw, Cipri's kind of my only 'parent' here at the hall, and Ash'll tell him. I'll send word to dad as soon as I get settled," with this explanation, Alis can't help but grin, and she steps out the door, waving goodbye to her sister one more time.

"Thanks," Ash takes the box from T'rell's arms and sets it on the table. "I'll make sure 'Pri and Kerry both know where she is, and I'm sure she has leave to go. Since she's not an apprentice, she's always been able to go where she wants, within reason." As her sister slips from the room, she laughs and shakes her head. "She's going to fly there on her own, if you don't catch her." T'rell is given a wave, as if he's been dismissed, and her attentions return to her books.

T'rell quirks an eyebrow, chuckles softly, and turns to go.

Main Hallway (#8286)
On the perch are Waterjem and Faerie. You see Peanut, Keely, and Watchdragon Tapestry here.

"Well, that went better than you expected." T'rell comments briefly as he holds the next door for the girl.

Alister nods quickly, grinning from ear to ear. "I'll write Keris, it'll be easier that way, I think," she explains as she heads back to the courtyard. "Ash'll send things to the weyr for me, unless there's something I *need*?"

Gar Hold Entry Hall (#3026)
On the perch is Alpha. You see Messenger Box and Tapestry here.

T'rell shrugs. "Clothes? A towel? Your favorite marble?"

Alis laughs and nods her head, "Maybe we should get something like that, hmm?" As she pushes the door leading to the courtyard open, she adds, "I guess I could go grab things while you and Sejith get ready to go?"

T'rell nods agreeably. "Sure thing. We'll be out in the courtyard when you're ready. Will you need help carrying anything?" He starts out, pausing to wait for the answer.

"I'll just grab a small bag of things and be right out then," Alis dashes down the hallway with a "Nope! I'll get it!"

T'rell smiles, watching Alister dash off; he hooks his thumbs in his belt and picks up a light tune, whistling expertly as he strides out.

Gar Hold CourtYard (#4104)
To the northwest, you see one person. To the south, you see Zoryanth and Sejith. On the perch are Shadowfax, Erik, and Bruin. You see a wagonmaster, Rocking Chair, Rizza, and Istan Wagon Two here.

Sejith glides low, wings half-spread in from the Orchard Path.

Alister walks in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Alister bounces down the steps to the courtyard, a full carrysack bouncing over her shoulder as she does. "I'm all ready to go!" she calls out.

T'rell has just finished checking all the straps, a methodical process that he's done so many times it's second nature. "That was quick." He steps down from Sejith's shoulder, holding out a hand for the sack. "C'mon, I'll help you up."

Alis passes her bag up, and, after waiting for it to be stowed, reaches up with her hand and does her best to scramble up Sejith's foreleg, finally managing to make it behind T'rell. "Well, I guess I should be glad that I can't impress a bronze, because that was *hard*."

From Sejith's neck, T'rell chuckles. "Well, hang on tight." He passes back a set of fighting straps, briefly illustrating how they should go. "But we won't drop you ::between::, don't worry," he teases finally. "All set?"

Alis takes a deep breath and nods her head, gulping several times and squeezing her eyes shut. "How am I supposed to be a 'rider if I'm scared to death about just going up for the first time?"

"There's a first time for everything," T'rell reminds Alister kindly. "Just don't look down."

You take off.

Above Gar (#2246)
You soar high above the grassy plains of Gar. From here you can see the hold itself, nestled in the outcrop of a cliff face, and vast fields of farmland and grazing lands. Herds of animals roam the fields, under the watchful eye of Gar herders. It is a summer evening.

Obvious exits: Courtyard Central Ista Orchard Crossroads

Sejith glides over the landscape, flying through the evening air instead of popping ::between:: right away.

You soar inland, rising on the thermals.

Above Central Ista (#1843)
You soar on the turbulent winds that swirl around the ridgeline that forms the backbone of Ista Island. Far below, you can just make out the track of a road that winds its way along the side of the ridge. Forested valleys slope away to either side of the the ridgeline. The forests seem thick and lush on the south side, and you can see the ocean from here, far off to the south and west. North, past the forests that crowd the ridge, are the seemingly-endless grassy plains of central Ista. It is a summer evening.

Obvious exits: Gar Southeast Blacksands Weyr Silver Cove Northwest

Alister nods and opens her eyes again as soon as they are liften from the ground, a look of determination on her face as she tries to do anything *but* scream. Once they're actually up, she releases a deep breath and laughs, "Not so bad!"

You visualize Sky High Over Northeastern Bowl for Sejith. Sejith thinks to you, « Ok, I am now envisioning… »

T'rell glances back to give Alister an encouraging thumbs-up. "Count to three," he reminds the girl of the timing of ::between:: — the time it takes a person to cough thrice. He holds up his hand, and when he drops it…

Sejith winks into ::between::!

You hang, senseless, in the dark nothingness of ::between::… absolute
darkness surrounds you, and the profound cold stings you… you wait, and
Sky High Over Northeastern Bowl (#582)
Sejith blinks in from ::between::!

Sejith glides gently downward, wings spread in broad sails.

Alister is unable to keep herself from making a sound this time, but her scream comes out as a muffled squeak as the appear over Ista Weyr. Heat touches her cheeks in embarrassment at her reaction, and she concentrates on the back of T'rell's jacket.

You fly southwest across the bowl.

Sky High Over Central Bowl (#1217)
You fold your wings a little and descend.

Sky over Central Bowl (#3301)
You fly southeast across the bowl.

Sky Over Southeastern Bowl (#3094)
Below, you see Morath, Cherenth, Sevareth, Ilsinth, Magnolth, and Larisseth. Gliding around are Laddy and Kyuuri.

You spiral down for a landing in the bowl.

Southeastern Bowl (#529)
This area of the bowl is the highest point of the bowl floor; from here, it slopes down and to the northwest, spilling out to the plateau below the wide gap in the Weyr rim to the west. Various tunnels here lead into the Weyr's inner caverns; the living caverns, hatching grounds, and main Weyr tunnel all branch off from here. To the west lie the stables where the Weyr's runners are housed. There is also a stone stairway that leads up to the Weyrleader's weyrs.

It is a summer evening. Perched on rocky crags about the bowl are Etera and Pookah. Brown Morath, blue Cherenth, brown Sevareth, green Ilsinth, blue Magnolth, and green Larisseth are here.

Obvious exits: Hatching Cavern Central Bowl Weyr Tunnel Living Caverns

T'rell doesn't even mention Alister's squeak, if he heard it, and neither does the dragon. He turns on the neckridge to retrieve the fighting straps. "Not so bad, eh?" The man offers the girl a hand down.

Ivrylth circles in and lands.

"Pretty great, actually," Alis grins as she accepts T'rell's assistance and slips down to the ground. "All except for ::between::, that is," she admits with a wrinkle of her nose. "Cold and, well, I don't know. Do you ever get accustomed to that?"

Alister slithers down Sejith's shoulder to land with a thump.

You land with a thump. That was a long way down!

T'rell nods variably. "Yeah, I'm used to it by now. Not," he quips, "that it's my favorite spot, but it's very private. Want to get set up with a cot first, or visit your cousin?" He keeps her carrysack for the time being, carrying it for her as he gestures toward the lower caverns.

"I think I'd rather get settled in first," Alis quips as she heads in the direction pointed out, "if you don't think she'd mind too terribly if I visit with her later?" Her pace quickens, now in a hurry to get inside the weyr and get used to her new home, whether it will be temporary or not.

Living Cavern (#4190)
The smooth, rounded walls of the vast living cavern sweep upward from an oval base, two dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat every member of the Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava which forms these caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets abound, dotting the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle greenish light up toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in the ceiling. Ancient lustrous tables run along the long axis of the cavern, and at the far end is the raised dais and high table, where the Weyrleaders and their honored guests eat during formal occasions. Behind the high table, the Weyr's symbol is chiseled into the stone: a smoking mountain in black, on an orange shield, trimmed in gold.

Perched near the food are twenty-four firelizards. You see Ale Cabinet, Moufles, Sketch, Sea-food Pasta Bowl, Fish Pastry Pocket, What's for Dinner, Charred Thread Salad, Peanut Soup, Snow, Calandra, and Fish Cookies here. Alister is here.

Obvious exits: Northeast Caverns Kitchens Bowl Southern Caverns

"As long as you don't wait two days like Oli did," T'rell assures Alis, "I'm sure she'll be just as glad to see you later." His eyes twinkle. "I won't tell her before she sees you."

"Thanks!" Alis' excitement grows as they enter the caverns, and her big brown eyes scan the room, taking everything in at once. "It's kind of, scary, though. Just being here, and knowing *why* I'm here and everything," after glancing around, she drops her voice to a whisper and gives T'rell a desperate look, "what if I can't handle weyr life, or if I get scared?"

From T'rell's considering look, that's not an invalid question and it's probably come up before. "That's what this period is for. If you decide it's not for you, you can back out before Hatching," he explains, then points out the salient landmarks of the cavern — the klah pot, the buffet table, the particular bench in the corner that wobbles just right to make really odd noises.

Alis follows close behind T'rell, paying close attention to him and each thing he points out, but from the worried look on her face, it's obvious she's nervous about being there. "I wouldn't want to back out, but how do I know if I've got what it takes? Would a dragon choose a person that can't be capable of doing what it takes?"

T'rell smiles assuredly to Alister. "No." Simple and definitive, that's the way it is. "I've never known any rider who couldn't handle their new life."

Alister sighs softly and nods her head, "So if I *don't* have what it takes, they'll know, and won't pick me, right?" Whew, that makes her feel better, at least a little. "I'm not worried about the work, because I've been working at Gar for a couple turns now, in the gardens, you know, but… I was scared I wouldn't be fit to be a 'rider." With another glance around the room and then back to T'rell, she grins, "So, this is home?"

"Home enough when we've got the best cook on the island right here," T'rell nods. "I'll show you around a bit if you need it."

"I'd like that," Alis begins to outwardly relax as she's shown around the place she'll be staying for some time. "I'm just glad that I know someone here, or I don't know what I'd be doing right now. Probably ducking under the table, or something," she laughs nervously and shakes her head at herself.

T'rell leads toward the southern caverns, where the passageway twists off the main dining area into the deeper reaches of the mountain. "The barracks is back this way. You'll find Kaeryn in the Harper's area, off another passageway. Hey, don't worry, kiddo." The man chuckles. "You're doing just fine."

Alister grins and gives T'rell a bright smile, the bounce finding its way back into her step as she follows close behind him.

You go to the South Caverns.

South Caverns (#7009)
Caverns continue to twist and tangle into a labyrinth of ancient tunnels: from high, soaring, vaulted roofs to nothing more than crawl-space at times the weyr extends deep into the mountain. Most of the walls are the smooth and glossy obsidian of ancient volcanoes, dark but for the fickle light of green-tinted glows. The floor is likewise worn by feet and time to run smooth and unbroken off to the main caverns to the north, or into the dorms and barracks in the opposite direction.

Peeking at you from a ledge up high is Fussy. You see Nappa here. Kielyn and Alister are here.

Obvious exits: Crafters' Area Living Caverns Corridor Candidate Barracks Dorms

T'rell pauses at the door to the barracks. "Here you are. Far as I know you just pick a cot and make yourself at home." He grins, handing the girl her carrysack again. "We'll be just through there when you're settled," he points toward the crafters' area. "And if you get lost, don't be afraid to ask directions. Most of the locals don't bite," he jokes.

Alis gets courageous and plants a kiss on T'rell's cheek before stepping toward the door to the barracks. "Thanks for everything, T'rell, really. I appreciate it. And I'll see you as soon as I get settled, and after I send word to Keris. Anyway…" she waves her hand and slips off into the barracks.

T'rell sends Alister off with a pat to the shoulder, then picks up his tune again and whistles his way home.

Player Name On For Idle Title
Alister 00:34 2m StarCraft Garden Girl (IW Candidate)

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