Dragon: Alishath
Color: Green
Name: Annalysa
Egg: Wild Blueberry Strawberry Everyberry Scoop Egg Egg
Desc: Antoinette; Saria tweak
Dragonet: Witty and Wild Green
Dragonet Desc: Char
Messages: Annalysa; Char tweak
Inspiration: Char and Annalysa

Clutching Message:

Quarith warbles sweetly at the collection gathered thus far, turning fast-whirling eyes upon her lifemate as queen makes her way gingerly across toward Saria and T'rell, carrying herself like the grand dame she is. Tail held delicately above already-laid offspring, she creates a new impression in the sand with her forepaws, clawing deep into it. She positions herself carefully over the indentation and lids eyes briefly, focusing on the effort as Wild Blueberry Strawberry Everyberry Scoop Egg appears, sliding into its place, to be half-covered in warmth by more pawing of loose sands.

Wild Blueberry Strawberry Everyberry Scoop Egg

Beyond the richest flavor, beyond the deepest color delicate wisps of blueberry collide and crash like waves against the bewitching crimson raspberries that gather in wild, unruly clusters in the exotic background of this sultry egg. Upon hardening shell, violet, burgundy and rich green grapes flourish like grains of sand in small, circular pinpoints of light darkening in areas and beaming in others as if sweet candlelight was hidden inside the ovoid. Fruity sweeps of sugarcoated peach are softly brushed like warm breaths around the mouth-watering, elliptical silhouette of this dragonets ephemeral chateau.

Hatching Message:

Wild Blueberry Strawberry Everyberry Scoop Egg cracks, its smooth shell splintering from the top and running along the wispy lines of blueberry, till the egg is no more than a mess of sticky shell fragments clinging to the diminutive form of a small green hatchling. The little one stretches out of the egg-shaped position she was laying in, and shakes free the shards and shell fragments from her body like a great lady would dust from her gown.

Witty and Wild Green Hatchling

This pixy's strength lies hidden within the frangible figure of a dainty green, mischief-marked. Elongated headknobs form the semblance of horns, two inky blots on olive hide, matched in the upward curve of a manic grin tainting a petite muzzle. A serpentine length of lithe musculature results in a long, slender neck and an equally extended, flexible tail bordering on prehensile. Ebon dust, fae in nature, mars the perfect similitude of moss and sage along the lingering arch of her back, faint at shoulder and hip, but coalescing to puddles of oily darkness upon the backs of her wings. Black latticework traces across the inner membrane of delicate sails, saffron darkening to tangerine—a secret splash of color within their folded depths.

Impression Message:

The Wild and Witty Green stops for a moment, her eyes reexamining that blondish waif-like candidate she previously passed over. What is this? Has her heart just awakened? How can this girl, just scorned, now stand out like a shining star from the heavens? Can it be love at second sight? The dark green hatchling turns her head, stretching her slender neck in the direction of the candidate that has captured her heart so completely. A coo of curiosity slips from that elongated throat to become a slight warble before dying out. Soon, her body follows in a serpentine manner, gliding over the sands with youthful and wild excitement towards her goal, her heart's desire, that cute little girl with the reddened sungold locks: Libby.

Personal Impression Message:

A buttery softness invades your mind, bringing with it fresh summer breezes and the bubbling gurgle of water dancing over the curves and valleys of a tall fountain. Like a thief, this mind examines yours as though from afar. You catch yourself evaluating your faults and your graces—or is it this other mind taking over? Then, as it had begun, it fades again, barely lingering with careful consideration. Then, before you know it, a burst of honeyed ivory dances behind your eyes and the other speaks in an intense whisper, soft accent enhancing the midrange alto of a female voice. « Farewell, contempt and scorn, and maiden pride, adieu! Libby, I will love you, taming my wild heart to your loving hand. I am Alishath! »

Name Inspiration:

Ask and ye shall receive. You gave us some choices, all of which were good, but Alishath just sort of stuck out in my mind as being one of the more original names. It also went well with the personality, considering "Alisha" means Noble, Kind and Honest. You could pronounce it AL-i-shath or A-LI-shath or even Al-ish-ath!

Egg Inspiration:

Ice cream.. and the good kind! Ben and Jerry's. The woe of dieters all over the US.

Description Inspiration:

I tried my hardest to follow what you asked for in a dragon, but the word pixy got stuck and I was inspired. I recalled the fun-loving Faerie Dragons of AD&D and decided this would be your dragon.

Mind Voice:

Her voice is that of a midrange alto, suffused with the crispness of a soft upper class British accent. Visually, it covers the spectrum of gold and white (ivory, butter, lemon..) and, when angry or highly upset, will take on a very sharp edge, becoming brighter, but is otherwise as soft as it sounds. In scent, it is fresh breezes and clean clothes, refreshing. When she'’s excited, it might take on the acrid tang of ripe, but uncured olives, leaving a bitter taste in your mouth. Behind the carrying timbre of her voice might be the soft sound of water bubbling over the curves and edges of a fountain.


Alishath is small, bordering on tiny (but what dragon is every really /tiny/?). She's also very long, so that, while she might not match her clutchmates in bulk, she could very well match them in length, though she'd probably have to stretch for it. Her tail, like that of the Faerie Dragon, with its flexibility, can pick things up, grab at things-I wouldn't try having her hang from it, but it really is nigh prehensile and strong, to boot. The weight of what she can lift, I will leave up to you. In coloring, unless she opens her wings, she's relatively dark, a mix of dark greens and black. I tried to mingle them as you had asked and came up with a more subtle mix: her headknobs are solid black, and her wings are just smeared with it, but then, as it travels down her sides, it becomes more like spatterings or dustings and less like splotches. Inside her wings however, hidden, unless she spreads them, is this yellow that's such a contrast that it /seems/ bright-I couldn't help myself. The black latticework is like the 'veins' in butterfly wings, which is what a Faerie Dragon has. A proddy Alishath doesn't glow in the dark, nor does she turn neon like the signs in the red light district, advertising the fact. No, she sparkles, a flash of gold dancing over her otherwise dark skin, but only in the light where it can catch the many facets of her hide and send them ashimmer. Itchy places would probably include the darker membrane of her wings and those elongated headknobs of hers.


For inspirations, we went classical. We dove into the literature of one of my favorite authors and pulled out one of my favorite characters. We are talking about none other than Beatrice from Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing." If you haven’t seen the version starring Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branaugh, I highly recommend it. Naturally, it’s an edited version of the play, but it’s very good and Emma and Kenneth play the parts so excellently well.

Messenger: And a good soldier, too, lady.
Beatrice: And a good soldier to a lady, but what is he to a lord?
Messenger: A lord to a lord, a man to a man; stuffed with all honorable virtues.
Beatrice: It is so, indeed; he is no less than a stuffed man; but for the stuffing—well, we are all mortal.

Alishath is a strong-minded quick-witted little green with loyalties that are as deep as the shade of her hide. At first, she may seem flighty, but there is an amazing grain of profoundness in her witty musings. She has a habit of making somewhat biting but honest comments about the people and dragons she meets and sees.

She is an incredibly intelligent dragon, something not considered common in a green. She speaks with the vocabulary of a highly educated individual. You may find that she fills your head with witty comments and observations, whether you’re reclining with her on the beach, or are in the middle of an important meeting.

Alishath is always quite prim and proper, and ever the entertainer for her friends, especially at the expense of some poor male. Yet, when she gets excited about something, her true emotions are revealed. It might be the unfair treatment of a shy individual or the fact that someone is hoarding the soapsand; whatever it might be, her strong will and passion show through.

Most of the time, she seems condescending, and sends all her sharpest comments in the direction of males. Her loyalties, however, are strong and almost motherly. She's ready to champion anyone she believes in at the drop of a hat. At first she might seem more than you can handle, a real firebrand and a strong willed dragon, but all you need do is say her name, and she's your willing servant, your doting puppy.


Leonato: Well then, go you into hell?
Beatrice: No, but to the gate; and there the devil will meet me, like an old cuckold, with horns on his head, and say 'Get you to heaven, Beatrice, get you to heaven; here is no place for you maids:' so deliver me up my apes, and away to Saint Peter for the heavens; he shows me where the bachelors sit, and there live we as happy as the day is long.

Alishath states quiet often how she would rather be tied down in Threadfall, than to ever be caught by a male. When she goes proddy, her feelings towards male dragons, especially blues, which she considers her intellectual equal, go from strong to extremely passionate. She'll rant on and on about how much she despises them until she is perfectly done with the whole situation and begins to blood her prey without even thinking about it. Soon she's up in the sky leading the males on a merry chase, swooping closer every so often to a particular blue to harangue him about how he's flying improperly, or just plain not smart enough to be her equal, let alone her mate. However, the moment she's trapped by him, she'll give in willingly, loving every minute of it. She's a one dragon kind of green. Once she's been caught by that one she professes the most distaste for, she'll dote on him, almost as much as she dotes on you.

Harper's Tale's 29th PC Clutch

Ista Weyr
Saria's gold Quarith and T'rell's bronze Sejith
Sunday, April 29, 2001

E'an's green Fiareth
Yla's green Castaliath
Tstar's green Elbareth
Naomi's green Kaith
Jozzie's blue Riyth
Izz'y's blue Nuadayth
S'cen's brown Neolyth
Khaye's brown Itazurath
N'ano's bronze Bydelth
Hannah's gold Dhiammarath

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