Ali's Tapped

[[logged by Ali]]

Sejith alights at the edge; his rider waves as the bronze warbles politely. "Hey, guys, mind if we come in?"

Ali glances up from the straps she'd been concentrating on and shakes her head, motioning with one of her hands for the pair to come on in. With a smile, her attention returns to the straps.

T'rell slithers down Sejith's shoulder to land with a thump.

Sejith settles down in the sunlight, effectively blocking it from the rest of the cavern. As T'rell is covered in shadow, he turns back to the bronze. "Hey, save some of that sunshine for the rest of us, eh?" With a deep sigh, the dragon obliges, moving so that only half the light is blocked. The rider chuckles; "Hey, Ali. Heard you'd been keeping to yourself lately," he begins.

Sejith relaxes into the warmth of the sun, just beginning to slant in from the south. « I keep my rider on his toes. » A hint of mischief, deeply buried amid a calm and disciplined mind.

Ali lifts her shoulders into an unobligating shrug as she gets to her feet and turns to return the extra pair of straps to the pegs behind her. Uillauth, on the other hand, turns his large head in the direction of the outdoors and rumbles encouragingly.

Uillauth rumbles softly, envisioning a few of Ali's favorite outdoor places, and the flowers she adores when the visit. « My Ali chooses to stay indoors, but I'm afraid she will wilt. That's what she calls it. » An image of flowers, kept in a vase indoors slowly dying is brought to mind.

T'rell pauses in the silence, content to watch Ali at her task, glancing to Uillauth. "So, when I needed to find you, at least I knew where to go."

Sejith moves his head, allowing the sun's rays to find Ali in slanting warmth, and his eyes whirl in glints of light-tipped blue waves.

Turning once again, this time to face both dragons and T'rell, Ali frowns, "I'm keeping busy. Made new straps, just like C'ran said we should always have. An extra pair." As the sun slants in, touching her eyes, she squints and motions toward the other room, gathering up her tools. "I need to put this away, if you care to join me." Without waiting for an answer, she steps up into the inner portion of the weyr.

Sejith sighs, his attention following the riders for a moment. « He will talk to her. » Reassurance swirls through sea-green.

T'rell nods approvingly. "Good for you. You'll be needing 'em afore long, I'll wager." He glances around. "But," he begins, his tone almost concerned, "you can't avoid drills forever." He watches the girl, waiting for a reaction.

Ali drops the tools to the tiny bed near the back of the weyr and turns, eyes narrowing into a very un-Ali-like expression. Her voice is soft, though, as she speaks, the anger in her eyes apparently not in her heart, "I wouldn't ever skip drills, T'rell. 'lauth's safety depends on them." Gaze drops to the floor and the boots that cover her feet, "I haven't drills yet. I've graduated, so no more weyrling wing, and I haven't been asked to a wing yet, so.."

"Ah." T'rell nods, rubbing his fingers on his stubbled chin. "I think I can fix that." Straightening up, he clasps his hands behind his back. "G'ron has asked me to pass on a message to you and Uillauth. He and Garai noticed you two in the Weyrling Wing, and they would be honored to fly with you."

Ali's eyes open wide and she suddenly stands up straight, mouth forming the shape of an 'O' of surprise. "Oh, wavecutter. I was hoping they'd, you'd, all of you, would want me. Thank you, I'd be honored." She gulps softly, the color draining from her usually tanned face, "Oh.." when repeated it sounds much less enthusiastic than the first time it was uttered and excited look she gave when she heard the words.

T'rell's eyebrows raise, a smile slightly forestalled. "It'll be a good match — what's wrong?"

Ali slumps down onto the tiny bed, one of the few furnishings in the drab weyr. "Nothing, not really. I mean, I'm happy. Wavecutter. Really." The words are spoken, but lack the enthusiasm usually present in Ali's voice when she's speaking about riding and drills, always being the perfectionist there. "It's just that, well, I'll have to start going to drills again, and.." and she doesn't want anyone in the weyr to see her, if she can help it.

"And what?" T'rell's boots clump on the floor despite a soft tread as he approaches, crouching to sit on his heels to look up at Ali.

"And everyone's already talking about me and how I can't even be there for Uillauth during a flight, I'm sure they don't think I'm capable of helping him against Thread," Ali mumbles, her words spoken barely above the volume of a whisper. "They probably don't even think I should *be* a rider." Her tiny nose wrinkles and her eyes close in an effort to not actually look at T'rell while speaking to him. It's easier that way.

Sejith stretches out almost possessively on what used to be his ledge; « We will fly well together. » A vision of whirling skies, quickening pulse and the deep, warm feeling of phosphor flame fomenting, expelled between teeth to shrivel strands of silver. An eye opens, whirling a quick amber.

That's about the only way she could avoid it, since T'rell studies Ali's face. "And how do you know what everyone's talking about, since you've been up here for days?" he challenges. "Everyone has a rough first flight, Ali. How does Uillauth feel about it?"

"He thinks it was his fault," Ali replies with a deepening of her frown, "But it was my job to help him, not his job to help me." Her eyes open, showing that they've filled with tears that threaten to spill down her cheeks. "I don't even remember what happened after he dropped out of the flight or how he came back, I just know that I woke up the next morning and P'kar said I'd passed out."

Uillauth's too busy listening in on Ali's thoughts to really care that he's slowly losing the rights to his own ledge. Sejith's vision of the sky is replied to with a vision of the ledge they're resting upon. « Ali wants to stay inside, she's afraid of… people. » This idea is foreign to him, why his little person would be afraid of people, especially when he's there to take care of her. « She says they'll send her home to be a…watcher What's a watcher? and she doesn't think I'll be happy at Gar. »

T'rell nods equably. "Ah." He rises, just enough to perch on the edge of the bed, elbows on his knees. "And did P'kar tell you that's normal for young dragons?" He glances toward the curtained doorway, a gesture familiar but, in the new arrangement of the room, different. "Look, Ali, mating flights are something the dragons do on their own," he begins explaining. "You think I knew what to do? I barely knew what was going on," he snorts. "It's a matter of instinct, and we're just along for the ride. Sure, it helps Sejith to know that I'm there, but it's more that he knows that no matter whether he catches or not, I'll meet him on the beach for a swim." Okay, it's a little cooler than that, but that's hardly appropriate conversation right now. "Uillauth's a brown. He can't expect to catch a gold, and you can't expect him to either. He's still too young to expect to catch an experienced green, but he'll get there."

Sejith generously lets the sun in for Uillauth, too. « But you will fight with us. » Logic prevails and the cool sea breezes soothe his thoughts in confidence. « You cannot be at Gar and fight with us. »

"But deep down, I'm glad he didn't catch her," Ali admits with a shake of her head that causes the few locks of hair that refuse to stay braided to fall around her face. "Would that keep him from doing well, from not doing his best? I don't mean to, and I don't want to hold him back, but…" shoulders lift once again, but the young rider sits up straight. "One day, we'll figure it out, right?"

T'rell pats Ali's shoulder companionably. "And if he had won that flight, you'd be Weyrleader now, my friend," he grins. "I'm just as glad that Sejith didn't win, either, or I'd be up to my eyeballs in responsibility right now. Bad enough for poor T'nar."

"Weyrleader?" Ali scrunches up her nose in a childlike manner and shakes her head. "T'nar's weyrleader?" Gee, apparently she hasn't been paying much attention, even if Uillauth had tried to point that out when he, in all of his draconic knowledge, knew.

T'rell laughs abruptly. "Yes, T'nar, believe it or not," he confirms. "I think Vaelyth took a liking to Salbaheth, because Sejith swears up and down she practically fell into him." He shrugs. "So much for being up on the gossip, eh, kiddo?"

"How…odd," Ali grins and shakes her head. "Barely out of weyrlinghood and into weyrleader. And in Firestorm, nonetheless." She knows that much gossip, at least." After a few deep breaths, the brownrider pushes herself to her feet so she is, for once, looking down on T'rell. "When are drills?"

T'rell's reply is delayed by a fraction of a second, the information having to come from Sejith's brain instead of his own. "The wing is starting to gather about now." He stands; too bad, he's taller again by most of a handspan. "Basic formations today — should give us a chance to find your spot."

"/Now/?" Ali gulps, eyes, once again, opening wider than usual, having, apparently, expected at least a couple candlemarks to get used to the idea.

"It'll give you a chance to try out those new straps," T'rell chuckles. "C'mon, you've had your time off lately, and Uillauth's just dying to get you out, ye know."

"But those aren't finished yet," Ali protests, even as she moves toward the door. "The other pair is in good shape though, I'll just use those." As she slips out past the curtain, 'lauth receives an affectionate pat. "Guess we're going out, now."

T'rell follows with a grin. "You guys'll do just fine," he sums up a combination of the conversation and his musings on the subject. "C'mon, lazybones," he strides over to the edge of the eyrie where his dragon lounges. "Time for work."

Uillauth lifts himself up into a lazy stretching pose, rumbling gently as Ali fastens the many buckles and straps that make up his riding straps. "This is going to be really different, isn't it?" She asks once they're in place correctly and she's ready to mount.

T'rell checks the bronze's straps, well-worn and sturdily patched as they are. "It'll be a challenge," he predicts with a smile. "And if it ever gets easy, you'd better say something, 'cause we'll have to step up our drills."

Ali grins, "I was wingsecond of the weyrling wing, so I guess that means C'ran thought 'lauth and I listen and follow orders well enough. Let's just hope he's right." With another shrug, she grabs one of the straps and pulls herself up to 'lauth's neck. "Ready when you are."

T'rell grabs onto the fighting straps and swings up to Sejith's neck as the bronze picks himself up off the ledge floor. "Then here we go. Stay on my right wing."

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