Ali's First Flight

[[logged by Ali]]

Central Bowl
You stand in the center of the Ista Weyr bowl. You feel small as you crane your neck to look into the sky, at the towering five pinnacles of the Weyr rim, so tall they seem to reach into the clouds. The bowl floor slopes gently upward to the southeast, where various tunnels lead to the hatching grounds, ground weyrs, and living caverns. Across the bowl to the northeast are the weyrling barracks and training grounds. You can see the Weyr's artificial waterfall as it sheets down along the northern wall of the Bowl, its pool concealed at the base of the bowl by an ethereal cloud of mist. West, the entire wall of the bowl has been blown out by some long-distant eruption, and you can see clear out to the ocean from here. The view is breathtaking.

Upon looking at C'ran, attention is immidiately drawn to his eyes. Within the bright sapphire orbs glow a warm inviting fire that proclaims this rider to be your best friend and worthy of your trust and admiration. Below, a small nose is proportional to a pair of lips often set in a mischivious smile, one that speaks of a desire to play. Rounding out the picture, a full head of coppery red hair cascades down about his face. Much to his dismay, those shining locks never remain quiescent, blowing across his face or falling into his eyes at the worst moment. For all his prescence, the man is short of stature, having grown to a height of 5'6" and no heigher. Small or not, its still no stranger to work with a well muscled lean grace, every movement fluid and confident.
Liquid ebony pours over C'ran's lithe body, form-fitting leathers of cured, oiled wherhide leaving nothing to the imagination. Glistening jacket is devoid of decouration, cropped at his hips, small onyx buttons blending into shadow over his chest. A second supple skin of over-softened sable 'hide coats well-muscled legs; even his glossy black boots meld seamlessly to his calves.
C'ran is 34 Turns, 4 months, and 17 days old.

A small fellow, his shoulders are broad, his hands well-calloused, and his form compact and fit. His dirt-brown eyes sparkle with mischief and humor to lend a joke to his short and wavy hair, which has become quite a remarkable shade of light grey. His cleanshaven features are unlined except when he's laughing and are free and mobile with his expressions, such that all his five feet and four inches of height are alight with a juvenile and contagious spirit.
A collarless, roomy shirt of light, comfortable cloth drapes over his well-developed shoulders, half-tucked in to sturdy work trousers of an indeterminite brown. A worn belt somehow holds them up, its buckle the only ornament he wears, and that a stylized knot tooled into the bronze metal. His boots are well enough broken-in that their original color is no longer certain, instead being a combination of smudges and burns.
T'rell is 38 Turns and 22 days old.

Whisps trip forward, barely brushing in wide, dark eyes, almost cinnamon in hue, which are thickly framed with ebony lashes. Pert nose is centered between a pair of always rosy cheeks, complimented by carmine lips. Sable locks are tightly plaited together, complete with orange and black ribbons, into a french braid style that ends several fingerwidths above her shoulders. Her height has finally peaked, leaving her at just over 5', 5'1 to be exact, but the gentle curves that flow across her form detract from her smallness, showing that she is, in fact, leaving her childhood behind.
A loose shirt, overwhelmingly bright in all of its orangey-ness, clings slightly to Ali's gently curving figure. Its sleeves, baggy enough for easy movement but cut closely enough not to hamper any of her work, end about 3/4 of the way down to her elbows. The length of the finger-root colored shirt isn't really visible, with it being neatly tucked into the simple black trous that cover her legs. A thin belt encircles her waist, keeping the loose trousers comfortably on her hips, and a pair of black, wherhide boots peek out from beneath them.
Orange and black cords twist together, encircled by the single thread of brown representing Uillauth, forming the single looping knot that shows her rank as a Weyrling Rider of Ista Weyr.
Ali is 17 Turns, 11 months, and 23 days old.

Gold, copper, and amber mix into a molten river of flame-colored hair grown to just past her shoulders. Red-brown freckles smatter liberally over this young girl's button nose and plump cheeks, which are only emphasized by the tight braids worn behind each ear. Large eyes the shade of new leaves contrast nicely with her olive skin tone and the curls of escaped hair that frame her face. She's not a pretty child — scabbed over knees and a body not yet devoid of its baby-fat see to that. But there is a hint of promise in her smile; one day, perhaps, she will be almost pretty.
A slightly wrinkled canary yellow shirt is worn underneath jade green overalls, the long fabric rolled into cuffs at the ankles. Matching ribbons are tied at the ends of her braids, the bows obviously coming untied. Simple brown sandals are fastened by shiny clasps on the tops of her feet. Perched on Eileithyia's shoulder is Curious Bronze Hatchling.
Eileithyia is 12 Turns and 1 month old.

C'ran rather wearily slips down Celth's side to land on his feet, one should get more sleep before lessons generally. "Weyrlings!" he calls parade ground style, expecting them to be front and center within moments.

Ali bounces to attention, saluting C'ran as he calls them forward, already being as close to 'front and center' as she can be. There, she waits to see what she'll be asked to do today, at this ever-so-early morning lesson.

Kwanne isn't exactly front and center within /moments/ but she was slowly slinking 'er way 'cross the bowl when Celth landed and she tried her best to slither on closer to the living caverns. Eeeep! Bad C'ran, must hide, but she does get in front of him and stands there looking tired and innocent. "You… bellowed Weyrlingmaster?" Inquires the greenlet with a small little salute.

Uillauth is up, is up, is…settled beside Ali, that's what. Early mornings should be spent curled upon one's couch, not front and center. But if that is what is required, he shall be there, and be there we— okay, wrong metaphor. Or whatever. It's early.

Its early! And everyone's awake! Don't see that every day. But wait: Not everyone's awake… Curled up in a..very.. big mountain of minty green hue, Jhiateshyrth tries fruitlessly to dig her muzzle further under her wing. More. Sleep. Go away. However, the tip of her tail wiggles just slightly, lurking somewhere near the base of her neck.

C'ran just stares at Kwanne for a moment, he's not normally one who glares, however its morning, and one should never ever ever ever tease a non morning person. The look draws out further into uncomfortableness, waiting, watching. One would do best not to antagonize the man who about to teach you flight.

Ali reaches out and touches Uillauth's warm side, running her fingers over his soft, glossy hide as if trying to draw just a little of that warmth into her morning-chilled skin. Deciding that speaking obviously isn't the thing to do, not right now, she just waits, watching the interaction between C'ran and Kwanne in silence.

Kwanne wasn't teasing! And at that stare, or glare, or whatever it is C'ran is doing, she curls back and bumps right into Jhia in the process. "I… didn't mean anything by that, I was just… saying… I mean, you called us Weyrlingmaster?" Kwa manages to squeak out before looking to Ali for some sort of help… which of course is not given so the greenlet just sulks.

C'ran lapses into a smile, a warm and yet very toothy smile. Morning people are officially the worst people on the planet, they always feel the need to induce others to join them. "I did, I thought perhaps you four might enjoy a little practice flight this morning. Have you been practicing over the past few weeks?"

Rrrumble. A shift of wing brings out that icy muzzle which gently nudges the back of her weyrling. With that, there's no doubt: Jhia's awake. What's this about torturing her Kwanne? That's a big nono. Eyes whirl a lazy bluey tint as she stretches out her wings to their fullest, followed by an equal stretching of every available appendage.

Ali's eyes open wide, her enthusiasm cup brimeth over. "Ooh, flight!" It's impossible for her to stand still now, so she just squirms where she is. "Uillauth has been practicing, just flying around the bowl a little, and over the beach."

"As if I could keep Jhia out of the sky." Kwa says in a near purr as she reaches out to gently run her fingers 'long the nearest wing, fingering the soft surface quietly as she falls into a bit of a dream world. "I think she's definitely going to make a supurb flier…" Kwanne squeaks out before withdrawing her hand as the greenlet stretches.

Uillauth rumbles faintly, reserved yet faintly grumpy brown dragon pinning C'ran with a slightly put-out expression. And of course, Ali would be a mornign person, too. 'Lauth certainly isn't a morning dragon. He perks up a bit at the mention of flying, as yes, he's been doing that. Right. He thinks. Or maybe…no, no, that was him. Flying, yup.

C'ran nods in appreciation "Alright, that's good. I'm glad you all have been, you see today we're going ot find out just how much practice you've been getting. You're going to attempt to together." the other shoe drops.

Kwanne faulters at that as she was walking away from Jhiateshyrth's side, nearly toppling over to the floor in the process before she rights herself and brushes her hands down her long black cape. "Come again? We get to fly together this time? Really? Truly? Honestly? Eeee!" Hyper Kwa has entered the… bowl… yah…

Ali's jaw drops at this announcement, and she takes a step backwards, bumping into that large brown heap that's standing beside her. "Oh Faranth! We get to fly!" are the words that finally come from this little weyrling's mouth, though they only show a morsel of her excitement.

Jhiateshyrth even goes so far as to clear her throat in an ackward 'warble'. Relaxed and lanky, the dragonet watches her Kwanne walk away, flinching slightly as the other stumbles. The 'hyperness' rubbs off on greenling and before folding back to her sides, her wings fan the air heartily, creating a downrush of dust and dirt which blankets every nearby thing. Crooning softly, muzzle stretches..and stretches..and stretches, finally stopping to gently headbutt Kwanne. Flying! Together!

Ali's thoughts swirl with excitement, her mindvoice almost rising a full octave. « We get to fly! Together! »

C'ran shakes his head solemnly "No, no I'm not actually going to let you fly together, I'm just saying that to get your hopes up, I'm a horrible person. What do you think? Of course really, you've earned it, you've both been doing a wondereful job and so you get to be the first." Okay, maybe there's a smile lurking behind that grump, but if you tell anyone he'll eat you.

Kwanne gives a little squeal—just like one of those annoying school girls that just found out they were going to be princesses in homecoming or prom… "We get to fly! That's right! Fly!" Arms outstretch and wrap 'round Jhia's muzzle before she releases her and looks to C'ran for instructions. "Do… we mount up?" Yeah, do they?

Ali's face lights up with pride, and, is that adoration? All of which is aimed in C'ran's direction. For a moment, anyway, because it's immediately turned towards Uillauth as she shares this exciting moment with her lifemate.

Uillauth's still sleep-clouded thoughts swirl through yours, warmth infused through the morning's cold. « This is lovely, my dear. But perhaps at a better time? » Go 'way. Lemme sleep. You get the drill.

-Normally- that's the first step in flying together. But Jhiateshyrth's not complaining! She even goes so far as to follow that head and shimmy closer to Kwanne, lowering herself closer to the ground so the ling can easily climb those frosty-slivered straps. Tail swings around behind her, eventually making it's way around and trying to playfully curl around Kwa's feet.

Ali's thoughts grow louder, more demanding of attention. « But 'lauth, if you've forgotten *I* haven't flown yet. *You* have, but *I* haven't. » No wonder the poor lass is so excited.

C'ran nods, that smile finally peeking through a little, morning or not this is always a wonderful moment. "In just a moment, check your straps first, make sure that they're fastened tight, wouldn't do to have you fall off." always always always check your straps. "Then go ahead and mount up and wait for the signal."

Kwanne's face turns a lovely shade of crimson at that comment… probably because she fell of last time. "Of course…" And carefully Kwa runs her hands across the straps, tugging here, pulling here and making sure the buckles are well… securely buckled. No falling off this time! And when they get a clean bill of health, Kwa squeakles and scampers on up to the top of her not so small minty dragon.

Ali begins following instructions immediately, moving around to Uillauth's side so she can check the straps for safety. After checking the buckles, and the leather, tugging on each piece to make sure it's all secure, she nods, and scrambles up 'lauth's side, settling in and fastening herself to the straps. There we go.

Uillauth mmmphs, it seems, but shakes his head, soon turnign that same extremity to his rider. With a resigned -whuff- he shifts, angling down to aide her in mounting. Unfortunately, sleepy li'l dragon is a little on the slow side…but no matter. 'Tis only that which he does naturally, after all. The flying, that is. Slowly whirling gaze now falls on C'ran, awaiting further instruction.

C'ran watches each tug and pull on the leathers with a critical eye before nodding, they checked everything completely, well done. He pulls himself up his own dragon's side, sliding a leg over and settling into the seat. He checked his before he came down this morning, he can follow directions too. "Alright you lot, you feeling ready?" he queries across, that same slight grin present.

Jhiateshyrth croons softly, her head looking back at her rider with keen interest. She'd already forgotten what happened the last time her ling had been on her neck, so there's a pleasant dreamy gaze in her whirling eyes. Finally she pushes herself up with a 'whumph' and tests her wings experimentally. Again there goes the minitornados, though she doesn't lift off yet. She's the complete opposite of Uillauth: She's fully awake and rearing to go! The skies called once more, and this time Kwanne was coming along in more then spirit.

From Jhiateshyrth's neck, Kwanne straps herself on in and lets those pretty delicate lapis eyes of hers focus upon C'ran's form. Look! She's sitting here, beaming like an idiot and waiting not so patiently to fly. "I'm ready! And Jhia is too!" As if Jhia would be anything /but/ ready. Pfffft.

Ali bobs her head up and down, calling out her response as well, "We're ready!" We are, right? At least, she hopes they are. Gently, she pats the side of 'lauth's neck with the her hand, making sure he's ready to go.

Uillauth is ready. Right. Readyreadyready. Le's go. Because moving is good. Moving keeps one from falling back asleep. Which is likely to happen, should the brown remain stationary for much longer.

From Celth's neck, C'ran raises his arm in the traditional signal to the wings, this time his wing of three. "Alright ramblers… lets get rambling." and his drops his arm, time to go! Celth's wing snap out and push upward, causing a great burst of air to gust out from beneath as his legs uncoil like massive tensed springs. The dragons will know what to do.

Ali gives a soft squeak of excitement as they're told to…FLY! A deep breath is taken, after all, it's important to breathe, and she prepares herself for the moment she's been waiting for. Flight!

So naturally her wings fold to her back and she pushes sharply off the ground with her hindlegs. Just as the earth below threatens to claim her again, Shyrth's wings launch outwards with the sound of fresh leather snapping. She's airborn once more, only this time as she fans her sails quickly downwards, struggling against gravity, she's got her rider upon her kneck! Hopefully, should the weyrling falter, those riding straps would pin her to that minty neck beneath her. A gutteral trill announces her stake upon the skies as she rises!

Uillauth is off the ground with little more than a slight -oomph- at the difference in weight, wings snapping back as he propels them upwards. See? It's easy once you've got the hang of it…could even do it in his sleep. But he's awake now, for any who were wondering, steady rythmic beat of his wings taking precidence over even the desire for sleep.

From Jhiateshyrth's neck, Kwanne is actually bold enough to outstretch her arms during the take off, she has that firm strap 'bout her waist, there's no way she's going to fall. Pale pools of blue slowly close and she just lets the wind rush through her hair and enjoy every glorious moment of flight. Drool…

Ali gasps softly as they lift from the ground. Going up! "Aaaaaaaah!" the little weyrling half-croons at her first feeling of flight with her own lifemate. At first, her fingers girl around the straps to steady herself, but slowly, she releases her hold, allowing her hands to just rest against 'lauth's warm hide. Whee!

No drooling on the fresh hide deary, that's Jhia's job! It's almost disappointingly easy, how her wings grab at the air and propell her forward. However, she shares in Kwanne's thrill, and that adds to the excitement. Entire form wiggles with each downbeat and thrust of sails, and once high enough upon the sky, Jhia's head snakes around to watch her ling. Ooh, brave one, she is. Mischief playing across those minty-frost hued eyes, the dragon swiftly tucks her wings to the side. For an unknown breadth, they hover above Pern. Then suddenly, gravity claims them and both begin plummeting straight for the ground in a strangly ackward spiral!

From Celth's neck, C'ran calls out across the slightly louder wind "Alright, now we're all going to take a quick jaunt around the bowl. I want you to give each other enough room that you don't have to worry about where the rest are, we're worry about precision flying later. For now just enjoy your trip! I'll follow your lead!"

From Jhiateshyrth's neck, Kwanne's hands suddenly tighten 'round the straps at the mental command and her eyes snap open as air starts to rush by at a much quicker pace. Ack! "Jhiiiiaaaa! Be careful!" She squeaks out as her lifemate has entirely too much fun in the air. Don't want the poor girl hurt!

Uillauth ahems. Or would, were it physically possible. But that's undeniably disapproval crossing chiseled features, the brown turning in his path to observe the pair. Greens. Go figure.

Ali nods her head in C'ran's direction, letting him know that she did hear his instructions before allowing her eyes to slip closed so she can truly enjoy the thrill of this, their first flight together. The order is passed along to Uillauth, letting him know what he should be doing so he can stretch those gorgeous brown wings of his!

Aaww, well, Jhia won't let them distroy her jubilation at flight. With a warble that nears sonic-boom levels (or tries to), the greenlet spreads her wings, swooping her horizontal just before they smash into the ground. Twisting and turning with wigglable joy, Shyrth quickly pumps her wings, gaining altitude once more. See, she knows what she's doing: Greens just wanna have fun! She trills alluringly towards her clutchmate. Aaaw, loosen up. Then she turns her attention towards the weyrlingmaster, ready to follow Celth and Kwa's commands.

From Celth's neck, C'ran waves onwards, he'll follow "Its your flight now guys. Go for it!" he's quite proud of you, his kids are flying, and doing it well. "Alright Kwanne, Jhia, enough playing, we've gotta go about!"

R'kii steps tentatively out towards the bowl's broad center, stumbling to avoid crushing a spiderclaw beneath one muddied boot. A spiderclaw, in the bowl…? Shrugging, he

Together, Ali and Uillauth glide easily through the air. Brown wings spread as widely as possible, showing off the proud span. Glancing back, Ali checks to make sure C'ran isn't wanting them to land just yet, 'lauth not minding, though, continues to take the trip around the bowl, his pace slow and easy.

…Shrugging, he raises a sharp salute, stepping aside to gawk up at the weyrling pair. Ooooh!

From Celth's neck, Halfway around the bowl down, C'ran waves his hand downward, signaling that they should begin their downward spiral, a loss of elevation. Celth trumpets a congratulations to both riders and dragons on a job well done.

Down, the brown 'riding pair begins to spiral in a large, lazy circle back down towards the bowl. Ali laughs happily as they near the ground, Uillauth spreading his wings further to slow their descent and lightly touch the ground. A perfect landing, except for the puff of sand that appears behind them.

Jhiateshyrth's landings are never as graceful as her takeoffs. As she spirals towards the ground, fanning her wings to slow her pace, she watches the ground wearily. Finally, with a half back-flip of form, and a snap of sails, she backwings and touches down, hind legs first, followed jarringly by her fore. Eeew, well, she'd learn eventually.

From Celth's neck, C'ran simply touches down as always with a large grin "Well done all of you, though you might want to work on your landings a bit." he admonishes the green duo "You are now allowed to practice flying about, the same drill as before, a little more each day. The whole of Ista Weyr is yours to explore."

Ali sighs happily as they're settled on the ground, leaning forward to wrap her arms around Uillauth's neck in an affectionate hug before even bothering to remove her riding straps and dismounting. But she does, dropping easily to the ground, a look of pride causing her face to glow.

T'rell stands a distance away from the class, smiling as he watches the weyrlings without interrupting.

Ali offers C'ran a shy smile and a few words of gratitude, only the flush in her cheeks showing the effort it takes for the younger lady to speak to her weyrlingmaster. "Thank you for allowing us to fly this morning. It was the perfect time to go up, I think." Shuffle shuffle, she moves her feet across the sand.

Uillauth inserts his head at the small of Ali's back, and pushes eeever so gently. Talking to C'ran is gooood. Getting just a liiittle bit closer to C'ran is also good, in the brown's opinion.

C'ran smiles brightly, the last of his morning grumps thrown off at the happy smiles of his charges "You're welcome. You did wonderfully well. Though I'd argue that perfect time to be several hours of sleep later." he gives a little teasing wink before running his eyes over both dragons forms "Now if you'd both take them for a good oiling and rubdown, make sure that there are no strains. As before report to myself or one of my assistants immidiately if there is any problem."

Ali stumbles forward a few steps, thanks the the assistance of the overwhelmingly nosey brown, falling in C'ran's general direction. Arms stretch forward, trying to steady herself, desperate not to fall to the ground and make a complete food out of herself.

C'ran steps forward to catch the girl before she falls to the ground "Whoops, are you okay there?" he helps her gently to her feet "Looks like Uillauth isn't shy about letting you know he wants that oiling." yep, that's what he meant of course.

Uillauth is not smirking. That would be inappropriate. But an aaaalmost conspiratorial wink is given C'ran, dragon nearly slinking forward to peer expectantly at the two.

"I'm sorry," Ali gulps softly, giving C'ran an appreciative smile, which is followed by a glare sent dragon-wards. "Yeah, I guess he is trying to let me know that he want something." Oiling, yeah, that's it. T'rell is spotted, and the weyrling gives him a wave in greeting, grateful for the moment's chance to look away from both her dragon and the 'lingmaster.

T'rell waves to Ali, approaching as it becomes clear that the flying lesson is finished. "Looking good," he smiles to Uillauth as well as the young rider. "Eh, C'ran?"

Ali's cheeks flush a darker shade of red as T'rell walks up. He didn't see anything, did he? We can hope not. "Actually, Uillauth was just oiled this morning, though he did sleep through most of it," she feels the need to explain why they haven't hurried off towards the barracks just yet. "I, um, was just wondering, though…"

C'ran carefully helps her to her feet, poised to catch again should she prove unsteady "No harm done, just don't let him push you about too much, you two are a /partnership." he grins and steps back a little, fairly certain she can stand on her own "T'rell! Welcome, you just missed these two getting to go on their maiden flight." his attention is returned to the weyling "Yes?" he asks, waiting with a smile.

"It's just," Ali begins again, trying to find the 'right' way to ask the question. "Well, Uillauth is getting kind of big now, and he can't really get comfortable in the couch anymore, not with my stuff in there as well, so, I was wondering," she pauses, once again, this time to lick her lips, "when will we be moving *out* of the barracks?"

Uillauth nudges his rider yet again, approval for both her pause and C'ran's response apparent as he whuffs. Though, faint sigh is given as it's only -that'- that his little rider asks…shough he does peer intently at C'ran, awaiting the answer. He is getting big, after all.

T'rell shakes his head and chuckles. "I saw them from my ledge. Figured I'd head down to congratulate the pair of 'em," he adds in brief explanation, a bit of familial pride in his grin as he regards Ali. "Getting tired of the barracks already?"

C'ran chuckles a little and nods, he's noticed it too "You'll all be recieving your weyr assignments at the end of this week. You're all to fly around and scout things out and then we'll ask if you've any preferences. Keeping in mind that there aren't always open weyrs in places."

The bashful girl in Ali reappears onces again, and she just bobs her head up and down in response. "It isn't that I don't like being around the others, or anything, but it's so loud and I've no time to myself in there." Suddenly the ground becomes very interesting to study, easier to watch than the other riders, at least. "And there isn't exactly room for my plants there, so I have to wait before I can have them brought here." At C'ran's response, chin is lifted and the weyrling gives him a bright smile, "Really? Do you think, well, are there any weyrs open that are near the water? Like by the waterfall, I mean? It would make it that much easier…" for her garden, yup.

Once again, the little rider is nudged in the back, pushing her just hard enough to force a few steps forward and bump into C'ran's side with an 'oof', not even having the time to turn and glare this time.

T'rell raises an eyebrow. "I think I know of a place that might work for you," he notes to Ali consideringly, pausing only to give Uillauth an odd look. "Insistant, isn't he?"

C'ran shrugs a little "I don't know the what's open right now, the headwoman'll have the list though, T'rell, you know of a spot? I can keep it in mind as you're the one who asked first Al-" whoops, and he's catching her again "Ali, mayhaps you might want to find out what exactly it is he wants before he nudges you into a rock wall or something less yielding then my arms?"

All Ali can do is apologize, again, to C'ran for suddenly seeming to be so darned clumsy, and glare at her dragon for making her seem so, and manage to get herself upright once again. "I'm sorry, C'ran, I don't know what's gotten into him, honest," is the quiet apology as she looks away, hoping neither of the older riders will notice her blush. After a quick moment to force the embarrassment away, and to have a little silent 'chat' with her lifemate, T'rell is offered a shy smile, "Really? Somewhere that I might just be able to handle the little garden I'm hoping to create?"

Ali is confused, and flustered, and a little upset, not understanding just *why* she's being pushed forward as she is. And towards C'ran of all people. « Why do you keep doing that? I'm sure C'ran is going to get upset with me if I keep running into him like that. »

T'rell nods consideringly, glancing up at the northern wall of the weyr. "Southern exposure, too."

Eileithyia skips into the central bowl, humming under her breath and swinging a towel in one hand. The small girl stops when she spots people milling about, however. Her big green eyes dart from person to person and her lips start to quirk upwards into a smile. She heard the word garden. "I like to garden," she offers in her high pitched, almost squeaky, voice. Not shy about butting in at all.

C'ran chuckles with amusement "Yes well, sometimes our wonderful mates have their own ideas about things, don't Celth…" he tosses a fond glare over his shoulder at his dragon, who has the grace to turn his own gaze elsewhere. "It'll be alright I'm sure. Well, T'rell at some point this week will you show it to Ali? I'll be taking suggestions soon." gardening is not his area of specialization, nor are children. Thus he just offers warm smiles to both Ali and the little girl.

"Really?" Ali gives the younger girl a smile, obviously pleased to have an excuse to look away from the others, to attempt to make some sort of sense of what's going on. "I'm going to have one in my weyr, hopefully." Coughing to clear her throat, she lifts her chin again, looking C'ran square in the eye for what is probably the first time ever. "Maybe Celth," her gaze shifts to T'rell, "or Sejith can make sense of what 'lauth wants, because before this is over, I'm going to be one with that wall."

T'rell nods to the Weyrlingmaster. "Sure thing. Soon as she's ready, I could take her up. Eh, Sejith?" He grins back at his own dragon. "Yeah, it is a nice one, isn't it?"

Eileithyia returns the dragonrider's smile with a bright one of her own before she turns an equally bright grin toward Ali, two dimples evident. "Papa's taught me all about weeds and stuff," she prattles cheerily. "He's a gardner," she adds as an afterthought, tilting her head and jutting her chin out slightly in what can only pass for pride.

Sejith thinks « Good afternoon, Uillauth. »

Ali just stands there, unblinking, watching and listening, hoping that maybe she'll be out of the spotlight for just a moment, maybe. Ooh, weyr-talk again. "C'ran says we're alright to fly now, so maybe we can see it later today.." she pauses, looking to C'ran for the OK before continuing, "or tomorrow." To the girl, she grins, "I did gardening at Gar. It's a nice hobby, especially when I can make things look nice and smell good, which would be nice, after being in the barracks."

C'ran nods solemnly "Yep, you two are on your way. And speaking of which, I think I would like very much to get back to bed and recover those lost hours of sleep." its only fair, he does rather need them before he bites someone's head off.

T'rell chuckles. "Your fellow weyrlings a little more fragrant than they should be?" he teases Ali quietly before nodding to C'ran with a grin. "Nighty-night," he salutes the man casually.

Eileithyia looks over at C'ran. "Good night," she says, smiling again before she knits her eyebrows together over her nose. "Even though it's not even afternoon, yet. You really ought to try to sleep at night rather than during the day," she adds to him with a little nod for emphasis. "Momma's a healer and she says it's best to get lots of sleep every night."

Ali salutes C'ran, before waving him off to bed, "Sleep well, and thank you once again for the lesson." Quietly, she breathes a sigh of relief, appreciative that the weyrlingmaster is leaving so her dragon can't force her against him once again. "Oh, it isn't that, but it smells of oil and wherhide, and that's about it." Two smells that aren't exactly 'feminine' in the thoughts of this rider. Eileithyia is given a grin as the girl shares her knowledge with C'ran.

T'rell grins at the small girl's wisdom. "Your momma's right," he agrees, then turns back to Ali. "Well, whenever you've got Uillauth taken care of, let us know and we'll take you on a tour, how 'bout it?"

"Oh, he's fine, just being," Ali glares at her lifemate once again, shrugging to show her confusion, "pushy, I guess. He does like the idea of looking for a new home, though." Finally, a reason for the pair of them to agree, and not argue. This is a good thing

Eileithyia beams at Ali before a bright blush covers her plump cheeks. "Oh! I forgot. I'm s'posed to tell my name when I meet new people. I'm Eileithyia, but just call me Lethia. It's so much easier to say." She tugs idly on the end of her left braid, her nose scrunched up in thought. "What kind of garden do you want? Herb or flower? I like pepperment, best, 'cause it makes water taste colder when you chew it and then drink."

"Nice to meet you, Lethia," Ali nods her head politely towards the girl, tilting it slightly to the left to look at her. "I'm Ali, and this big brown fellow is Uillauth, or 'lauth, whichever." Apparently choosing to forgive her lifemate for his mischievious actions, she reaches a hand out to touch his warm brown muzzle. "I'll probably have a little of both herb and flower, I think. They've both useful, in their own way."

C'ran starts toward Celth, really he was going to go to bed, but the weyrlings just keep coming, he's never going to get to sleep. With a resigned mildly annoyed call he requests "You three, weyrlings! Over here." in other words, get your tails moving.

Uillauth senses Sejith makes a deep rumbling sound, like a summer storm thundering across the hills. « It is good to look out for your lifemate, » he approves. to him.

R'kii hastens towards the bowl, trying to squelch the decidedly unmanly eagerness that keeps trying to invade his expression. Doeshegettofly? Boing boing? He edges towards C'ran, abruptly remembering a salute for him and Orbit- yeah, it's a hard habit to break- and offering up a smile. Ain't he just the cutest thing. "Yessir?"

Zi'n, and not to forget - Orbyth, moves in from somewhere off north, looking like they're going for a nice, relaxing… or not. "C'ran, sir?" Squeak - bronzeling pauses, and moves in direction of the weyrlingmonster - after grabbing Orbyth's straps to haul him in the same direction. Kinda like watching a lizard trying to haul off a lump of firestone - hehe.

"Nice to meet you, Lethia. I'm T'rell, and this," he gestures up at the bronze dragon beside him, "is Sejith. Looks like you and Ali have something in common, eh?" He grins slightly, glancing around at the arriving weyrlings. "Looks like C'ran might not get back to bed after all, eh?"

Mhairie stops in her tracks a moment as she eyes C'ran. She peers over at Fiviath as if asking her if she thinks they should dare.. but one should never dare Fiviath. With one look at her rider Fiviath bounds off towards C'ran, and heads straight for him.

Uillauth is proud, very proud of his actions, and he isn't afraid to show it. « He's better for her than that *other* man, » the dislike evident through his refusal to use the man's name. « C'ran is here. My Ali needs that, but she is afraid of him. »

C'ran just shakes his head for a moment and grumbles good-naturedly in T'rell's direction "Come on then you lot, all of you gather round that's right. And please try not to squash the others."

T'rell grins to C'ran with a rueful shake of his head, gesturing to Ali and Lethia. "Let's get out of the way, eh? Don't want to get squished by any landing dragons."

"Maybe I could convince Lethia to help me start my garden," Ali suggests, offering a possible joint effort and friendship between the older girl and the younger. Glancing toward the others, she nods in agreement with T'rell, "Good idea. If they need to land suddenly, who wants to be in the way?"

No squashing? Aww - but he can whip around dirt, can't he? Though judging from Zi'n's expression, Orbyth won't stay popular for long by doing just that. "Orbyth! Oh, yes, sir. Sorry, sir." Embarrassed weyrling shuffles/is pushed in C'ran's direction, the others getting a slight grin in greeting.

Ivrylth scampers cutely in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Eileithyia glances to her side and watches the new people and their dragons enter the bowl. My, it's getting more and more crowded. "S'very nice to meet you Ali and T'rell and Sejith and Uillauth," she says, speaking the names so fast they nearly slur together into one long word. Looking over her shoulder, she watches C'ran. "Do you all have to go, too?" she asks, disappointment sounding in her voice. Then she perks up at the older girl's words. She bounces on the balls of her feet. "I'd help!"

Fiviath sqaush anyone? How undignified, how utterly rude. She gives a draconic sniff, as if she would /ever/ do something so disgraceful. She pauses a moment an peers around at the gathered dragons, her tail starting to twich in amost feline like manner.

"Well, let's head over towards the Living Caverns, and out of the way, and we'll make plans to collect things for my garden," Ali suggests, motioning in the other direction for them to move to. "We might even get T'rell to help us, since he says he knows where I can find a good weyr."

Eileithyia happily follows along, her towel slung over one shoulder now; swimming is apparently forgotten. "You don't have a weyr, yet?" she asks, brows furrowing toward her nose in confusion. "I thought all 'riders had weyrs."

"Tell ye what, Ali, I'll give you a hand after I check in with my wingleader," T'rell offers. "He's been mucking with the sweep schedule again." He sighs, the very picture of patience. "Sejith can keep you company if he wants, though." He grins, looking up — way up — at his dragon. "No matter how hard he tries, he still can't fit inside."

"I'm still a weyrling," Ali explains with a grin as they move out of the way, her brown dragon following closely behind. "We live in the barracks until we fly, which 'lauth and I just did, so we'll be moving into a weyr soon." Uillauth rumbles a little grumpily, causing his rider to sigh, "I'm afraid we need to get back to the barracks now, though. He's hungry, and I have to get his food."

Eileithyia nods and sighs softly. "Oh. I didn't know that, 'bout not living in weyrs till they got older." She beams at Ali. "If you still want help with your garden, just find healer Shathia, that's my momma. She'll know where I am."

"I will," Ali promises, giving the younger girl a smile before she and 'lauth trundle back towards the barracks, a tiny form beside a huge one.

T'rell smiles to both girls. "See you later on, then. Just have Uillauth give Sejith a holler." He turns toward the Caverns, disappearing into their shadows.

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