Ali's Consolation

[[Logged by Ali]]

R'kii obediantly traces hand lightly across carnation wingsails, scrubbing sand lightly over iron-rusted spars. Shymnith occupies himself sticking roseate muzzle under water and blowing bubbles. R'kii rolls his eyes, then moves on to twilight-barrelled sides for a good rub. The water around the young bronze is scummy with scrubbed-away muck. Eeeeew. Kii raises one sweetsand-gooped hand in salute to fellow clutchsib- "Heya, Ali!"

Ali wanders quietly along the path, and down toward the basin, stopping near the edge of the water. Hand raises in a quiet wave to her fellow weyrling and Orbit at once, before she drops to a nearby stone and begins pulling her boots off.

Orbit gives an approving nod to R'kii, beaming as the bronze starts becoming… pink again. Slipping out of the water, she steps over to Ali, sitting next to her and looking over, "How y'doing? Need me to braid your hair before y'get into the water?" She's trying her best here. Ivrylth, meanwhile, is siddling up toward Shymnith, crooning at the baby dragonet.

Uillauth makes his way in behind Ali, turning to whuffle at her once before heading to the water. Waaaater. Pretty. Wet. Goood. The brown acknowledges Orbit's presence with *whuff*, along with that of Ivrylth, R'kii, and Shymnith. The brown seems a bit subdued today, though that's easily traceable back to Ali. And that…that…/him/.

Shymnith burbles a calliope's greeting to the Ivrylth, some mostly-faded memory touching on the edges of his consciousness. Something about outside. He pokes a bluntly inquisitive muzzle towards the adult green, carnival-glass eyes squinting as R'kii finally gets around to scrubbing that particularly irritating spot on bubblegum neck. Much better. Said rider is industriously rubbing away at torso, and doing his best not to look at the brownrider. Orbit seems to be helping, and… it's a girl thing. Poor Ali.

Ali brushes her fingers through the not-quite-long sable locks that frame her face in an attempt to make it look better than it obviously does. "I guess it must look pretty bad, huh?" she replies with a small smile towards Orbit and nods her head. "Would you? I have trouble doing it as well as you do, with it behind my head and all." With a wave of her hand, she motions for 'lauth to head on into the water, "I'll join you soon," she speaks both in her thoughts and vocally.

Orbit beams a bit and moves over to begin braiding Ali's hair, pulling it back into a tight braid from her face, twining the ribbons into the braid and making it look pretty. "Oh.. it doesn't look bad, I was just wondering if you'd want me to braid it for you since you're getting into the water," is comforted quietly. Ivrylth croons at the brown and gives a little splash toward the weyrlings.

Uillauth almost nods, darting for the water. Once in, Ivrylth's splash is returned, though not intentionally. Of course not intentionally, waht /could/ you be thinking…

"I'm beginning to think that 'lauth and I are going to grow fins," Ali jokes softly, her cinammon hued eyes following the movements of her dragon, giggling a little as he slips into the water. "We spend so much time in the water, almost all of our free time, that we *must* be the cleanest pair in the barracks." Clean little fingers tug at the hem of the 17 turn old's bright orange shirt, straightening it to perfection

R'kii scoops out a new handful of sweetsand and begins soaping up titanium-clawed paws, one rotund forelimb at a time. Shymnith, deciding to be helpful, tries to lift two paws at once and promptly plunges under the water with a gargantuan ker-splunk. Kii, swallowing a laugh with no little difficulty, crouches to help reposition the bronze. /They're/ winning no awards for the cleanest pair in the barracks. Shym's hide is, however, finally beginning to come clean, to his bondmate's immense relief. Oh, the perils of sharing a couch with a thirty-foot, extremely grimy pink lump…

Orbit finishes the braid, giving it a pleased little pat and stepping back, "Well, the water certainly can't hurt you a bit. Stepping back into the water, she peers over at R'kii and Shym, "How're you two doing anyway? Shymnith getting clean?" As an aside, she turns to note to Ali, "If you need to talk later, Ali, you can always send a firelizard for me or any other weyrlingmaster." Obviously she's heard about the commotion a few nights earlier.

R'kii finishes the job with a satisfied pat for one bulky paper-pink shoulder, then begins to slosh his way back to shore. "I think he's fair clean, yep!" For the first time in sevendays, in fact. "So now I dry 'im off and oil 'im…?" the weyrling hazards, not able to resist a grin as a still-sopping Shym claws his way clumsily up from the water. He quickly stifles the expression, though, in a well-nigh futile effort to protect that precious machismo. Pink is a very masculine color, you know.

Ali's expression turns sad for a moment, but as she nods, a smile is flashed toward the 'older' rider, "I will. Thank you." Getting to her feet, she manages to shrug out of the shirt covering her upper body, revealing a simple black swimsuit. Pants are slithered out of, and all of her things are folded neatly and piled onto the rock she just left. Slipping into the cold water and over to 'lauth's side, a look of slight distress crosses her face, "I'm sure Uillauth didn't mean to alert the entire *weyr*, you know."

Sejith settles to ground not far from the weyrling dragons, watching them with the air of a curious older cousin. His rider waves and grins, dismounting with a cheerful greeting.

Orbit gestures R'kii off toward the bucket of oil sitting on the sands, "Yup. G'head and oil Shymnith all up and make him pretty." Orblet slips over toward Ali, "Don't worry about it, happens once or twice a weyrlinghood. Dragonet gets upset and the whole weyr knows about it." She's being comforting… right?

"Then it isn't that big a deal?" Ali seems relieved, her face brightening once again, and rewarding Orbit with a smile. "I was worried I was going to get in trouble. I didn't invite him here, he just *came*. I guess I should have told him to go home before he even had a chance to say anything to me, but…" but she's 17 and in love, what is she expected to do? A wave, followed by a somewhat belated salute are offered in T'rell's direction, a sheepish grin touching her lips. Saluting a relative. Who'da thunk it?

T'rell returns the salute, also a bit belatedly and with less than precise form. "How's the water?" He pulls off his helmet and gloves, running a hand back through compressed hair. "Hope you don't mind the visit," he adds, nodding to each of the pool's occupants.

Shymnith poses, nose in the air. He's already pretty. R'kii, catching the gist of banner-bright thoughts, chuckles quietly as he begins slicking oil across candy-cheer hide, rosetones shimmering, in all probability the cleanest they have ever been. The human half of the pair snaps off a neat salute to the newly entering rider, smearing hair with that same oozing oil. If it adds luster to hide, it'll do the same for scalp, right?

Orbit gives T'rell a polite nod and smile, "No problem, just giving R'kii some pointers on giving Shymnith a bath.." And comforting Ali. She's being a good assistant weyrlingmaster. Shaking her head at Ali, she shrugs and grins a bit, "Nah, it's fine if you talk with old friends. And don't fret about Uillauth telling the weyr about it, happens all the time with the weyrlings. You should've heard some of the stuff Ivrylth told the weyr," with that comment, Ivrylth is given a fondly loving look.

Uillauth, having dipped below the surface of the water some time ago, finally surfaces. It seems Ali's chest must bear a sign statin 'Insert Muzzle Here,' for the brown does so indeed, wedge-shaped head coming to rest squarely against her chest for a moment as the brown fairly beams happily. T'rell and Sejith rate an inquisitive glance, chiseled head leaving it's Ali-rest to face them, a *whuff* of recognition tossed Sejith's direction. I know yooou…

"Still worried about the other day?" T'rell grins to Ali with a sympathetic shake of his head and a glance to Sejith, who is enjoying the chance to study each of the young dragons in turn; his blue eyes whirl and then blink to Uillauth before he fidgets in his straps. "Rein in your runners, Sejith, I'll be there." He hops up onto the bronze's foreleg to reach the buckles as he agrees with Orbit. "She's right, every weyrling goes through something like that. Don't worry about it, we all know what it's like."

Uillauth's thoughts are fairly mellowed by his time in the water, though a tinge of excitement does color his thoughts as his head rests against your chest, browns and golds and reds drifting through your mind with the pronouncement: <>

Ali giggles as she's suddenly bumped in the torso with Uillauth's oversized head, the old chipper Ali almost immediately resurfacing. Gentle fingers reach up to affectionately scratch the underside of his muzzle. "Looks like 'lauth might be claiming himself a big brother," she points out, nodding her head in the larger bronze's direction and grinning.

R'kii smooths the soothing oil from bulbous headknobs all the way down to that rioutous roller-coaster of a tail, rubs hands together in satisfied gooeyness, and sits back to admire broad expanse of pink. "'Kay, Orbit, I think he's all set'n ready…" And the air around him has a good deal less personality, too. "Did you want to see his straps now-" a note of pride here; he's worked hard on those, doncha know- "-or can I run off?"

Ali's thoughts brighten dramatically, the dark swirls of color fading away to the shades of light slashing across them. « Fish? What kind of fish? » Question is accompanied by envisioning all the fish she can think of, one at a time, so he can point them out to her. « Fish are pretty, and very good to eat as well, but don't eat them without us making sure they're good for you first. »

Shymnith chokes out an enormous yawn and informs R'kii that it is Naptime. The latter retreats with a sigh, waving goodbyes to the basin's occupants and dandling off behind a considerably cleaner bronze.

T'rell expertly guides the bronze's fighting straps into a semi-coiled pile as they fall from his dragon's neck, leaving Sejith free to immerse himself in as much water as he likes. Jumping down to the pool's edge from the tall shoulder, the man chuckles. "He'd like nothing better than a little brother," he declares, slapping his draconic half affectionately. "And try not to swamp everyone, eh, Sejith?" The dragon, most of the way into the pool and already causing waves, halts and looks about innocently before he proceeds more carefully.

Uillauth's puzzlement swirls into the mix, then clarity, as colors coalesce to form brightly colored swimming forms. <> Even if he's not entirely sure what -these ones- are, you can figure that out well enough, riiight? <>

"How are you, then, T'rell?" Ali inquires softly, her fingers trailing lovingly across 'lauth's wet brown hide. "And Kae and the baby? I trust that they are well?" Her question is accented with a laugh and a nod of her head in the little brown's direction, replying to him aloud so T'rell can hear, "True. You shouldn't eat the pretty fish, because they add to the water. We'll make sure it's alright for you to eat fish before I let you try it, alright?"

Uillauth's thoughts are a mix of autumnal hues, darkest browns and vibrant gold forming the same pictures he sent to his Ali, fish-forms fluttering into the picture. <> Ali's comment causes the slightest hint of puzzlement to once more enter his mind, <> Irrelevant though the thoughts may be, they're important to him, at least for the moment. Just wait until he rediscoveres the fish tomorrow… to him. »

T'rell, in the process of shucking off boots, jacket, shirt and trousers, replies to each of Ali's queries in turn. "Tired and ready for a bath, myself. Kae and Bren are just fine, and Bren's learning new words every day, I think." He smiles proudly, pulling his shirt over his head and tossing it atop his jacket in a haphazard pile. "Now that they're letting you out, have you been in to visit?"

"Naw, we aren't allowed to go *that* far," Ali points out, the corners of her mouth tugging upwards into an amused smile at the knowledge Uillauth decides to share with T'rell. "Only to the Caverns for food, but that's a treat in itself. Eating at the same time that he's eating," her nose wrinkles in disgust and she shakes her head, "raw meat. It's a little hard on my stomach."

Sejith's advice floats, velvet bronze droplets in the water. « The yellow fish taste terrible. » A considered pause, filled with the images of shining fish slipping through the pool's murky water. Rainbow, their scales, reflecting the colors of sunlight in bright flashes as they move. « The pretty ones are better, but they are too small for a meal. » to him.

"The fact that he's enjoying his meal so much doesn't help yet, eh?" T'rell laughs, now clad only in colorful bathing shorts. With a few preparatory steps, he leaps off the bank and into the water, succeeding in primarily splashing Sejith — although several drops surely divert toward Ali and Uillauth.

Uillauth's attention returns to the fish in the water, and he submerges himself once again, trying to sneak up on the tiny creatures, which, of course, flee from him as quickly as possible. Slithering as much under the water as he can, he follows, imitating the colorful fish as best he can.

Nose wrinkling once again, Ali nods, "I don't really need to think about his food when I'm wanting my own. Makes my stomach most unhappy." Her hands fly up to her face, trying to protect her eyes from the splashing water, and she winces, "Cold. I thought water didn't even get cold in Ista, but I think I've been proven wrong, once again."

T'rell surfaces, shaking water from his hair in all directions. "Cold? This ain't cold. Up ye come, Sejith, let me get at ye." With a handful of lake sand, the man attacks a proffered wing with scrubbing. "I hope you at least eat meat yourself," he asks Ali.

"I think I'll be eating a little less of it now," Ali admits with a sheepish grin. "But I do like it, usually." Following T'rell's example, once 'lauth resurfaces, she begins to give the much smaller dragon a good scrubbing, beginning with his neck.

"Why less of it? It's easier if you can enjoy dinnertimes," T'rell points out, focussing more on itchy spots than on trying to cover every fingerlength of the immense bronze. "And getting disgusted from the get-go ain't gonna help you do that. It's just the way they eat," the man shrugs to Ali. "Sejith never understands why some people don't like to watch."

"I suppose it'll just take some time getting used to," Ali shrugs her shoulders and shakes her head all at once. "I guess I just never thought of raw meat as appetizing, much less directly from the animal itself."

T'rell climbs up the half-submerged shoulder, perching atop Sejith. "Just see it through his eyes," he suggests. "It's a completely new perspective." He grins crookedly, and scrubs at the dragon's neckridge.

Ali's nose wrinkles once again and she shakes her head, "I think seeing it through my own is plenty, but thanks." Ducking under one of 'lauth's overgrown wings so she can scrub at his side, she decides it's the best time to ask a dangerous question. "You guys planning on having more little ones, or going to be a one child couple?" Her head pokes up from under the wing and she flashes him a mischevious grin.

T'rell stops scrubbing, then slowly turns his head to fix Ali with a questioning gaze. "And since when is that *your* business, weyrling?" He grins to take any sting from his words, but doesn't answer the question.

*Fade To Black*

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