Ali and B'ane

[[logged by Ali]]

Living Cavern
The smooth, rounded walls of the vast living cavern sweep upward from an oval base, two dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat every member of the Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava which forms these caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets abound, dotting the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle greenish light up toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in the ceiling. Ancient lustrous tables run along the long axis of the cavern, and at the far end is the raised dais and high table, where the Weyrleaders and their honored guests eat during formal occasions. Behind the high table, the Weyr's symbol is chiseled into the stone: a smoking mountain in black, on an orange shield, trimmed in gold.

B'ane tramples in from the bowl, leather boots striking the floor evenly with a soft cadence. Back from flying all day leaves a growing boy hungry, and so the living cavern was a fitting place to tarry to. Not to mention the allure of comfy chairs by the fire.. He's also not alone in his quest. "Hey Gabi," calls he as he sees his friend. He's not met Ali, but that's never stopped him before. Thankfully Aboleoth supplies her name. "And to you, Ali. I'm B'ane, rider of bronze Aboleoth." Klah is poored in a quaintly blue mug, sans sweetener.

Ali pulls at the glove covering her right hand with her other, already bare, hand, and then shoves both of the gloves into the pockets of her long coat. As always, she pauses just inside the door, turning her head this way and that to glance around the room and take in the sights and sounds. Satisfied that the room isn't a Firestorm party waiting to happen, she continues in and heads toward the beverage table. "Good afternoon, B'ane, rider of bronze Aboleoth," the small rider responds, a brush of pink appearing in her cheeks. "Sounds like your Aboleoth is as helpful as my Uillauth when it comes to introductions?"

B'ane winces at Ali's latter statement, hoping to scrape by with that one. "Yes, he's extremely helpful in a bind I must say, though I suppose I could have done it the old-fashioned way.." The commodity of a dragon often triggers the easy way out. Taking up a chair by Gabi, he reveals to her, "It was my Turnday not long ago." Sip of the tart liquid.

Gabriella smiles at B'ane, "Well happy turnday boy!" The girl laugh and opens her arms, offering B'ane a turnday hug. Only her close friends get turnday hugs and turnday kisses on the cheeks. B'ane is close enough to get both if he likes.

Ali can't help but grin at B'ane's look of discomfort and she shakes her head, "I'd never get by without 'lauth to guide me through most social situations. Trust me." As the new bronzer's attention turns to his friend, she returns her own to the table of drinks before her, taking her time to fill a rather large mug with redfruit juice. "Has anyone tried the stew today? It smells good, but if Annly let one of her apprentices make it I'm not sure if I want to try it."

B'ane steps into the hug, even though the action seems slightly foreign to him. He's not had one in quite some time. "Thank you. I regret that I couldn't meet with you sooner, duty prevails." Such is the life of a dragonrider. "I haven't, though a bowl certainly would be welcoming.." Ensues Ali's inquiry. Whether made by master cooks or halfwits as long as food stays down, no criticism will come from him. "Would you care to join us, Ali?" The young man asks, not wanting to alienate the other visitant.

Gabriella gives B'ane a tight hug and laughs softly, "So your eighteen turns now eh? Welcome to the club." Gabi laughs. She's almost 19 turns herself but thats her little secret for now. Picking up her mug of red fruit juice she takes a drink, still slightly smiling at B'ane. Finally the young harper's eyes fall onto Ali, "O! Good day. I'm Gabirella, Harper Apprentice." Gabi nods to the other rider with a bright grin. She is rather found of the new title.

Ali plucks a tray from the stack near the fire and sets her mug on it, along with a small basket of bread, several bowls, and just as many spoons. With a practiced caution, she removes the hot lid and fills each of the bowls with some of the steaming stew. Just as cautiously, she returns the lid to the top of the pot, and then turns away from the fire. "I've brought stew for both you and your friend, Gabriella, as well," she explains to B'ane, since he was the first to introduce himself. "I'm pleased to meet you, harper. I've a cousin that's a harper, or, well, *the* harper here. It's a good craft, highly respected around the weyr, you know." With a smooth motion, she finds a place on the table for the large tray and sets it down.

B'ane gingerly accepts the bowls from the brownrider, his eyes mirroring his gratitude. "Thank you," He's really not used to people getting things for him either. What special mannerisms he's seen today! "And what wing are you in, Ali?" This knot system has yet to be decoded.. Carefully blowing on the calescent stew, he prudently takes a bite to fill in the time it takes Ali to reply. "Hmm, this is very good.." A hot meal can never be taken for granted.

Gabriella takes her own bowl with a bright smile as usual. "Thanks." She says about the soup. "I'm sure its a pleasure to meet you as well Ali." She's gotten good at listening and taking in information. With slightly puckered lips Gabi blows on the warm stew then takes a sip. She's been so busy that by the time she gets her meals they are usually cold…yucky..!

B'ane steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to someone.

"Wavecutter," Ali replies, lifting a hand to touch the wing patch on the left shoulder of her jacket, face lighting up with pride as she adds, "the weyrleader's wing. I'm wingsecond." With a crinkle of her nose, she slips down into the nearest chair and pulls her bowl of stew toward her, drops a spoon into the liquid, and plucks a piece of bread from the basket. "There, finally lunchtime," she mumbles, and takes a bite.

B'ane blinks. /Wingsecond?/ "I'm sorry, I had no idea.." A mental 'thanks a lot' targets Aboleoth as the dragon nonchalantly replies that 'you didn't ask about titles and should pay more attention to knots.' Remembering that little lesson, the young rider sops up the gravy with a bit of bread and chews on that for thought.

Lunch….a meal Gabi often misses since she she is ususal with her noise in some sort of book, resting in the Apprentice area studying. Thats one thing she's been rather good at. Studing and keeping her chores up to date. Her green eyes look up to Ali as she notes her poistion. The young harper nods, "Congradulations on your rank. One to be proud of I must say." Gabi gives the rider a grin before she takes anouther bite of her stew. Wiggles her noise as she feels a sneeze coming on. Turning her head to the side she sneezes her mouse sneezes. Sits up right again and wiggles her noise a few times, "Sorry about that." She moans softly as she listens to the riders talk.

"For? It isn't like it's a bad thing," Ali lifts her shoulders into a shrug and shakes her head just a bit. "And, while other riders may demand salutes and all that stuff when they're off duty as well as on, it doesn't matter that much to me. I'm wingsecond when we're on duty, but not off." With another shrug, she tears off a bit of the bread and dips it into the stew.

B'ane will remember that little piece as well. Slowly, but efficiently he will learn in due time. "Are you two going to attend the Dragon Games? I know I'm not going to miss it." It seems like that's all the dragons, riders and dwellers have on their mind and they have a right to. The event is very appealing and benefits everyone with a little fresh air, exercise and a good dose of ol' healthy competition.

"I have a feeling that T'rell will arrange for our wing to have the day off so he can 'preside' over the games the entire day," Ali admits with shake of her head. "I'm not sure if I'll go or not. I'll watch, but I don't know. All those people?"

Gabriella laughs softly, "I'll probably end up going cause its a big event and the harpers will probably make the Apprentices write something on it. And they need more then more person to write it down. For records and stuff. So yea I'll probably be at the Dragon Games." Gabi giggles softly as she plays with her stew, running her spoon threw it over and over.

B'ane finishes his meal and pushes the ware slightly ahead of him to make room for resting arms. "That's what makes it interesting, the audience is the backbone of any good event." And the support of a crowd can stir a feeling like no other. "I'm not sure about participating although Aboleoth wants to give it a try." Surely an adolescent should not compare with an adult dragon.

"I can watch just fine from my weyr, though," Ali argues quietly, attention now focused on the stew before her, the brownrider apparently crawling back into her 'shell' after only a few minutes of socializing. "It's just easier to not be in the middle of all those people. Drills and sweeps and Fall, that's different, but such gatherings. I'm just not comfortable."

B'ane pulls out a toothpick from among the niches of his jacket and sticks it in his mouth. Directing it to the corner of his mouth, "I can see what you mean. I don't particularly enjoy the masses either sometimes, but as long as they get a respectful distance, I don't mind. I bet you'll have the best view, though." B'ane includes to assuage his remark.

Gabriella leans back in her chiar, leaving her bowl where it is, "I don't mind the crowds. Maybe its cause I've been around them most my life that I don't," Gabi shrugs slightly and looks from B'ane to Ali then back to B'ane. Her own little flitts chitter back, both Preston and Dark Sky, to Autumn.

"Right across from the star stones, actually," Ali smiles again, a little less shyly. "I've been watching the weyrling training from my ledge, with the barracks right below us. It used to be T'rell's weyr, but he moved to the ground so his weyrmate and children had easy access to their home." To Gabriella, the brownrider grins and tilts her head slightly to the side, "I spent most of my time before coming to the weyr either in the starcraft library or in the gardens at Gar. I've never really been one for big crowds. I'd just rather having one someone that I could talk to at any given moment."

Autumn blinks in from ::between::!

Autumn chitters and grabs B'ane's shirt, as if urging him to stand up.

B'ane pivots his head to regard Ali more closely, wondering just how much she saw. "Really? You and Uillauth must have had a few private laughs." Oculars flicker with a spark of mirth before they once again become opaque and dark. "And what do you seem to want?" Never one to ignore the urgings of a firelizard, he arises to try to determine the bronze's wishes. His own two join in the fun and soon the sounds of wings and squawks fill the room with a mediocre ado.

Autumn snorts and then releases the shirt. He flies around in circles and heads towards the bowl.

Gabriella returns the smile to Ali and nods, "Yea that maybe why you don't care for them." Anouther thing she can research. O joy. Her flit Preston chitters madly at the one they called Autumn. He doesn't seem to want B'ane to leave. Not yet anyways. Gabi whines as the chitter makes all that noise right into her ears.

Autumn glides to the Bowl.

B'ane decides to humor the fair. "I'll be right back, I'm going to see just what the suss is about." Aboleoth hasn't interred about anything, so hopefully the situation can't be /that/ bad, right? "I'm going, I'm going.." As the horde of flizzes begin to herd him outside.

Gabriella blinks a few times then nods, "Umm…alright then. Yea." Blinking a few more time Gabi grabs her mug of red fruit juice and takes a long drink from it.

Ali watches quietly as B'ane leaves the room with the firelizard and shakes her head, "What's important enough to drag a weyrling away during one of his few moments of relaxation?" More bread is dipped into the stew, pushing it around a bit, before she lifts it and takes a bite, following it by a sip of juice. "So, how long have you known him? B'ane, I mean?"

Gabriella shrugs. "I have no idea what could drag him away like that." Her second question is followed by a heavy sigh, "How long have I known B'ane?" The girl bites her lower lip as she thinks about this, "I think I met him just before his candidacy but we got really close then cause he was always around the weyr and I was always off causing trouble with them. I'm thinking about a turn and a half." She nods to herself…that sounds right

"Are you just friends or..?" Ali pries just a little, frowning at herself even as she does. "I'm sorry, that's really none of my business. I'm not looking to get him in trouble, with the whole weyrling relationship rule, I'm just," she fumbles for words and then shakes her head again, "curious."

Gabriella laughs softly and shakes her head, "No were just friends." The young harper glances across the table, "I'll tell you something if you promise me you'll stay quite." The young harper can't let this get out so soon, she just got in this craft for good Pern's sake!

"And who will I tell? Uillauth?" Ali queries, but leans it toward the other girl all the same. "I can't keep things from him, he's in my head, but I promise not to tell anyone else?"

Autumn blinks in from ::between::!

Gabriella slightly rolls her eyes, "Well I didn't think you could help telling Uillauth anyways." she laughs softly, "Alright…"Gabi bites her lower lip and glances about the cavern. "I sorta have a crush on B'ane. I have so since I met him." She bites her lower lip and wrinkles her noise, "Thats not a good thing since he is a weyrling and I'm an apprentice."

Autumn chitters happily and then lands, peering at the bowl, as if waiting for the arrival of company..

Autumn chitters and looks like the cat who just ate the canary. Oh the secrets firelizard hear and can pass on.

Ali's mouth takes the shape of a small 'o', and her eyebrows raise slightly, "Ooooh, I see. Your secret is safe with me, I promise." Coughing slightly, she clears her throat, and turns her attention back to the now-cold stew, doing her best to ignore the hint of pink rising in her cheeks. "Looks like his little friend is back."

Gabriella watches Dark chiiter at Autumn not to tell his human pets secret…Her eyes turn back to Ali as sh nods, "Yea. I…I noticed that." Gabi shoots B'ane a grin as he enters the cavern. He'll find out now cause of that little flit. Drat!

Autumn chitters as if asking what took them so long and then flies down, selecting a meat roll from a platter. He does deserve a reward after all. Taking it upwards, he finds a place to stretch out and begins eating the wherry stuffed pastry.

Webandy smiles at autumn

Webandy nods a polite "Hello" to all

B'ane reappears looking the same as he did when he left, save for a fine film of dust on his outer garments. "I apologize for that, it seems we've got visitors," motion to Webandy. "Please, tell us where you're from and make yourself at home." Everyone likes to hear personal stories, right? Ahem.

Ali quickly scoops another spoonful of stew into her mouth, giving her time to sit quietly as long as it takes for her to chew the meat. B'ane is offered a shy smile and then the smaller rider glances past him toward the newly arrived. Slinking slightly, she slides down a little in her chair. Not the best representative of the wing or weyr in groups.

Webandy grabs a mug of klah and sits down to tell his story

Gabriella waves to the bew person, not sure what to think of him at this point. She's sure she won't see much of him since she'll be leaving tomorrow. "Gabirella, harper apprentice." She shoots of her name and title with a grin before she listens to his story…

Autumn finishes his roll and then chitters a goodbye, launching himself into the air and then poofing, his job here done. He dips a wing in a wave to B'ane and then is gone.

Autumn suddenly disappears ::between::!

Webandy says, "Yes, I should introduce myself first, I am Webandy, I hold no title as of yet but am looking at a few crafts."

Webandy continues "I was born in a remote hold that looks to Ista. I have no siblings and unfortunatly no mother also.

"Ali, rider of brown Uillauth, wingsecond of Wavecutter," Ali murmurs softly with a sheltered smile before scooping another spoonful of stew into her mouth.

Webandy says, "she was traveling to do some trading and never came back, we have yet to hear what happened to her"

Webandy says, "I lived with my father as his assistant up untill a few seven days ago"

B'ane takes a final draught from the acrid klah and sets the mug into the empty bowl that once housed stew. Getting up, he returns the dirty vessels to their proper place and then takes his seat once again. "I hope I didn't miss too much while I was gone." His Bond had told him something, but B'ane will not bring it up here. "I'm sorry." To Webandy. He knows how a less than perfect family operates from experience.

Webandy says, "having no real position my father gave me a little money and set me off to see the world and find something I like dooing."

Webandy says, "I now stay in the travelet cothold and got on little adventures"

Gabriella blinks a few times, "Well at lest you have a farther." The young girl points out. "I didn't even have that." And she came out alright didn't she? "I know when I have a kid they'll have both parents."She grins proudly as she takes a drink of her juice. Once B'ane metions not missing something she about chokes on her drink. Swallowing hard she looks at B'ane. "Miss something?" Gabi laughs softly, "No nothing….nothing at all." If that flit were still here it'd be in trouble!

Webandy chuckles a little " actually this is my first time in a weyr, firts time seeing a dragon to top it off"

Webandy takes a big drink of klah and looks at Gabriella, "oh, sorry to hear that"

B'ane passes an askance to Gabi, believing her. "Well, you must stay with us for a little longer, Webandy. The Dragon Games are coming up and I'm sure you may find something to buy there if you wish. At any rate, it promises to be a fabulous event." So he hopes, anyway.

Webandy wonders about Dragon Games. "I've never heard of them, what are they?"

Gabriella has one of those worried but I'm trying not to let you know faces on right now as she looks at B'ane. She relaxes slightly as she looks at Webandy. "Its not a big deal any more." Gabi shrugs it off both the whole family issue and the Dragon Games since she isn't really sure.

B'ane loves to be the bearer of all information wonderful and new. "They're competition sports that are broken down into categories such as races, tug of war, flame thrower contests and not to mention a bunch of things for riders to do. It promises to be a superb gala."

Webandy has a puzzled look on his face "I've never been to the market before, so I don't know how to buy things" then hears the description of the Dragon Games

Webandy says, "would you have any idea when abouts this will hapen?"

Ali finishes her stew, lightly drops the spoon into the bowl, and pushes them both away from herself. Finding that B'ane seems to have the conversation under control, and Gabriella's wonderful at assisting, she chooses to remain as a bystander. Just listening, not helping out.

Gabriella looks at Ali with a worried look in her eyes. He knows…great…Without much thought or anything her head is layed on the table. This isn't her day. She'll soon have to go back to the hall and now he knows…ahh…she's no longer as happy.

B'ane ponders, not really knowing if a date has been written in stone. "I'm not exactly sure, but it will certainly be within the month I'm positive." It looks as if this another bit o' klah is needed, and so th rider retreives one. "Can I get anyone anything while I'm here?" All kinds of delicacies people..

Webandy says, "good night all"

Webandy says, "hope to see ya latters"

"No thank you, I'm fine," Ali shakes her head, and reaches out to pat Gabriella on the shoulder while B'ane walks away. "You look like you fret as much as I do," her voice is barely higher than a whisper, but it's reassuring at least.

Gabriella laughs softly but it is muffled by her arms. Looking over her arms to Ali she just lets out a sigh as she accepts the pat. Looking over her arms and Ali she shakes her head, "No thanks B'ane." She wants to know what that rat of a firelizard told him.

B'ane turns back to the hearth and grabs his intended klah, using his same blue mug he had before. No sense in wasting dishes, right? "It's nice to see some fresh faces here." To the empty space where Wabandy previously was. With a sigh, he settles back into his chair with good company, good food and good.. decor?

Gabriella nods slight with a "uh-huh." leaving her but nothing more. Her head stays laying on the table with her arms under it so if she needs to hide she just has to look down. Good escape right? Of coarse it is!

"There are always new faces around here, though," Ali notes quietly. "People flock to the weyrs when they have no place else to go, but, unfortunately, they don't seem to realize that they won't just be pampered if they come here. And, when they learn they have to work to stay, they usually leave." Another head shake, something she seems to do quite often, and a shrug, "I wasn't even sure if I was going to stay, if I didn't have Uillauth. It's so different from what I knew before."

B'ane often had the notion to go off with Aboleoth and just live out by themselves away from the bustles of it all. But of course that option is not possible until they retire, and even then.. "It's almost like this place doesn't feel right sometimes, like I belong on the open road or something." Is that blasphemous to say in public?

Gabriella shrugs, her head still down, "I was on the road so long I loved the weyr. Until I became a harper. Now I'm always in the Archives or something studing and when I'm not doing that I am on the road but by foot." Gabi lets out a soft sigh, she's a bit surprised B'ane hasn't metioned something.

"I have a room, out at Paradise," Ali admits with a shy grin. "'lauth and I go there for our free days, just to get a little time alone. The folks there know that when we visit, we prefer to have some quiet time, and so we aren't really bothered all that much. It helps get me through the crazy days here, though." Glancing over at the still hiding, but now speaking, Gabriella, and echoes the younger woman's soft sigh.

"Do you? That does sound like a nice little retreat. I think I just need to give it more time." Techinally speaking, he hasn't even flown Thread yet, so it would be unwise to make any presumptuous notions at this time. Anyways. "How is your apprenticeship coming along?"

Gabriella has an aunt that lives at Paradise with her to be husband Ragnar. Wow…Pern is rather small huh? She looks up at B'ane, figuring he is talking to her since she is the only apprentice about here. "Alright. Alot of studing but I'm alright with that. I knew it was going to be when I applied to get in." Gabi lets a shrug pass her, "Its like going to the weyr for the first time all over again. I have to make all new friends and…"She shakes her head, lets out a sigh, then hides her face once more.

"I understand that completely," Ali offers a little first hand reassurance. "When I came here, I just wanted to go home at first. Even the possibility of Impressing didn't seem reason enough for me to stay away from my family but," she pauses and laughs lightly, shaking her head, "I do believe my dearest 'lauth needs more reassurances than the average dragon. But that's just it, now that I have him, this is home, but it doesn't mean that I don't need quiet time. But, honestly, sometimes I have too much of it. It would be nice if my quiet time wasn't so…quiet."

B'ane removes the toothpick from his mouth and places it behind his ear to get it out of the way. "We just have to take things slow and as they come." Mr. Philosophy should write a book. "You ok Gabi?" He's so clueless, it's not funny. Maybe it was that stew..

Ali licks her lips, and then stands, pushing back her chair, "I'll just bring these things to the kitchen so they can be washed, and check in to see if Annly needs anything." She walks away quickly, pausing just inside the entrance to the kitchen and glances back at B'ane. With a soft sigh, she shrugs, and continues into the other room.

Gabriella blinks a few times and then finally sits up, "uh…yea I'm fine." She looks at B'ane then tilts her head with a sudden bright grin. Just perky right? Okay no…but she can put on a good show..

B'ane starts to wonder if maybe Gabi's strain of that flu is coming back, but no. "Take deep breaths, that always seems to help. Then that cryptic messages from Aboleoth tugs at his mind once again, and things almost seem to fit into place. Thank Faranth this wasn't a timed exercise, he'd be dead last. "I think I know what the problem is." So he thinks.

Gabriella wrinkles her nose and lifts an eyebrow, "You do?" Her green eyes look worried again but she manages to cover it up quickly. "Then what is it B'ane? Whats wrong with lil' ol me?" Lifting her chin she looks at B'ane with one lifted eyebrow.

Ali returns from the kitchen, but turns and moves toward the fire, focusing her attention on the flames instead of the conversation going on at her old table. It's best that she stays out of it, since it isn't really any of her business. "After all, I did just meet them, right?" she mumbles to herself before slumping down into a chair.

B'ane looks as if it's perfectly natural, that it happens all the time. "I know you want a ride on Aboleoth, and I think we can have passengers now. You were just too shy to ask." Outside, the faint noise of a snort/whuffle signifies 'Leoth and the two firelizards just about stop in mid-flight. Duh. Too bad they can't spell.

Gabriella laughs and opens her mouth as if she is going to say something but nothing comes out, just a few strange noises. Pointing to B'ane with wide eyes she laughs again, "Yes! Thats it. Darn I didn't think you could read me that well." Gabi lets out a false she and a shrug as she lays her hands on her lap, "Guess you knew me better then I thought." She shrugs and looks at B'ane.

Oh this poor creature. Naive to a fault. "Well, just let me know when you want a ride, and we'll more than happy to oblige." It looks like his bronze is going to do some pretty heavy pep-talks tonight. "Speaking of which, I have to go and make sure he gets fed. Ladies, I've had a wonderful time and do hope we can do this again soon." Do what, talk about dragon rides?

Ali glances over her shoulder once again, and then pushes herself up out of her chair and to her feet, heading toward the door. On her way, she pauses near the pair at the table, even as B'ane is getting up to leave himself. Gabriella is given a slight shrug and a half smile, B'ane a shy smile accompanied by the hint of a blush. "I, um, I should get going. I promised 'lauth that we'd go for a swim this afternoon, and he'll be upset with me if I, um, if I don't come soon. Have a good day, both of you. I hope things, well, are good." With a quick shake of her head and a scowl at herself, she turns on one booted heal and walks out to the bowl.

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