Ali And Orb Talk About Weyrs

[[Logged by Ali]]

Orbit is lazily scrubbing at a green side, getting the last little bits of firestone ash out of her hide. Greenrider's stomach is visibly swollen… hence the reason she's not been hangin' with the weyrlings much.

Ali calls out softly to the dragon she's perched atop as they make their way towards the water, "'lauth, careful, you can hurt yourself!" As soon as the pair reaches the water's edge, the weyrling slips carefully down 'lauth's side, landing easily on the ground. "Good day, Orbit!" she calls out cheerfully.

Orbit gives a softly wistful glance at how easily Ali slips off of her dragon, dipping hand in the water, then scrubbing at a stubborn bit of ash. "G'day Ali. How goes the weyrling lessons?"

"Slowly," Ali replies, sounding a bit exhasperated as she works to pull Uillauth's straps free so the brown can reach his chosen destination… the cold water. "I don't mean to sound, well, impatient, but it gets a little, or I get a little, stircrazy being in the barracks so much." As soon as the straps are free, 'lauth makes a line straight for the water, leaving Ali standing alone on the shore, grinning at the brown's enthusiasm. "How about you, are you well?"

Orbit gives a soft grin and gestures at her stomach, "Oh.. I'm well. Expecting a little one eventually." She nudges at her dragon with a playful smile, "It's all this one's fault, really. Never let your dragon talk you into the need for them to have a playmate.." is teased at the younger girl.

Eyes opening wide, that's Ali's first reaction to the news, immediately followed by her hands clapping together enthusiastically. "A baby?! Wonderful!" Her smile broadens to the point of seeming to cut her face in half, and she moves closer to the water's edge, tugging her boots off quickly. "Don't worry, there's no chance of that happening with me, not the way *my* love life looks," she teases as her orange shirt is pulled over her head, revealing her simple black swimsuit.

Orbit gives a soft giggle, "So I thought too.." is confirmed with a quick nod. "Just remember to take the stuff the healers give and you'll be fine.." is reassured. Orblet beams a moment as she rests a hand on her stomach, "Not that I'd trade this little one for any amount of green stuff.."

"Uillauth and I have decided that once we get our own weyr, we're going to be staying there, alone," Ali announces as her black trousers are slithered out of and tossed to the side so she can make her way into the water to join her impatient dragon. "Who needs men, anywa? They're only good for breaking hearts."

Orbit gives a soft shrug, reaching up to give a nicely clean Ivrylth's shoulder a pat, "Oh… I don't know. I guess some women like'em." A pause, "I'm planning on sharing m'weyr with a woman, m'self.."

Ivrylth yawwwwwns, her eyes whirling slowly and languidly as her mucsles stretch with kittenish grace. A tell-tale glow of the hide alerts her rider to the beginnings of her temperament. Sexily, she slinks her tail around to almost cover her nose, peering at Uillauth with keen interest.

"Inya?" Ali asks softly, the question asked as though she isn't sure she should be saying it, turning the topic back to men, for the moment, "I *like* men, they just *hurt*."

Uillauth lifts his muzzle halfway out of the water, and blows, creating bubbles that rise lazily to the surface. His tail slithers across the cold water, reaching out for Ali, nudging her towards him before turning his attention back to what's important. Fish.

Orbit harumphs a bit at her dragon, nudging her none too gently in the side, "He's too young for that, /dear/.." is muttered dragonwards. "Yes, Inya.." is agreed, with a glowy smile. With a /tad/ bit of hesitancy, she smiles over at Ali, "I was meaning to ask you, Ali… you know how dangerous a dragonrider's life can be.. I'm sure you've heard the lectures.."

"Too young for…?" Ali begins to question, then, realizing, grins and nods her head, "he just wants to know where the fish are today. He likes them, thinks they're pretty." As the discussion turns, yet again, the weyrling cocks her head to the side, studying Orbit with a look of curiousity, "Lectures on?"

Ivrylth's interest remains unabated however. All dragons grow up.. Lime tail flicks back and forth as the green considers Uillauth. She is like the kitten that played with the too young mouse…

"Oh.. the lectures on how dangerous riding is, especially for fighting dragons.." Orbit pauses a moment, considering, "I suppose I'm asking that if something ever happens to me or Inya or Torey… or well.. that you'd look after the little one. Sort of… a big sister?"

Uillauth ducks his head beneath the water once again, bubbles rising to the surface as he slinks around, searching for the prize. Ah yes, there's one. A sparkly one. Perhaps this is what the green wants, and 'lauth, he aims to please. With a quick motion, he catches a rainbow colored fish in his teeth. Practice makes perfect, you see.

Uillauth's thoughts are proud, swirling bright colors as the fish is offered over. « A pretty fish. You want? »

Ali's eyes light up once again, and she nods her head, "I'd like that, Orbit, truly. Not that anything will happen to you." Denial, it's your friend. She opens her mouth, about to say something else, but pauses, shaking her head and laughing, "I don't think she wants the fish, love."

Orbit gives a soft beam, "Thank you.." and then a giggle as Ivry relays the offer of the fish. "Oh.. he's most definately too young then m'dearest.." She shakes her head a little at the green, "Oh well.. she could've waited to go proddy until I was months later along…"

Ivrylth purrs softly. « Yesyes.. thank you! » Her kittenish voice has a sexy overtone as a slinky mind-tail slithers through her words.

"I've a little sister of my own, you know," Ali points out, and grins, "Kind of. She's less than a candlemark younger than me, but I guess I always took care of her." Reaching out, she touches her hand to the brown's warm hide as 'lauth moves closer to Ivry, still offering the fish. All this talk of proddiness… "Orb, do you mind, I mean, can I ask you a question?"

Uillauth's pride glows brighter at the attention, obviously not aware of the reasoning behind it, nor does he care. « My Ali says they aren't good to eat, just pretty to look at. » Ah, the wisdom of a baby.

Orbit tilts her head to the side a bit and shakes her head, "Of course I don't. You can ask anything…" Rolling her eyes a bit, she pats at Ivry, "Go easy on the poor boy, will ya love.."

Attention turns, momentarily, to rub at an itchy patch on Uillauth's shoulder as Ali tries to gain the strength needed to ask such a question. Finally, after a deep breath, the words are spoken, "What's it like? When she's proddy, and flies. Is it horrible? Or…" the weyrling pauses, licking her lips nervously, "I mean. If, say, 'lauth flew her, or another green, would it mean that I *had* to…" *gulp*

Orbit tugs at a curl a bit, "Well… sometimes rider's'll make plans before a flight, plan on being with a certain person and all that." A pause while she considers Ali's question, fully. "Flights are nice, though.. I never know who I'm going to end up next to until after. If Uillauth ever does fly a green or gold though, you're going to want to make arrangements to have someone there for you, if you can't handle being with the rider of the green or gold."

Ivrylth's voice is velvety smooth with a rippling purr disturbing that smoothness. « I like to eat them.. I like to describe how tasty they are to my lifemate! » Is that a mischieveous glint in those mindtones..

Ivrylth is proddy and so therefore she doesn't understand the meaning of 'take it easy'. She nudges Orbit a little, wanting that bit of hide itched..

Ali cocks her head a little further to the side, like a curious child, as she listens, trying to put pieces together in her innocent mind. "I just don't *know*. I mean, how would I know if he'll catch who he's chasing or not, and if he does…" she runs her fingers across 'lauth's hide as she speaks, heat rising in her cheeks, "who I'd be winding up with, but, well, it isn't that I…. well…" Mumble mumble. "It's just that I wouldn't want my first time to be with someone I don't even *know*."

Orbit ahhs softly and gives a little nod, "I see. I left my first time up to my dragon, but not everyone has to do that." She considers the situation a moment. "Do you have a close friend that you trust, that you'd be comfortable being bedmates with?" Orblet is just the ultimate practical weyrbrat?

Uillauth dips back into the water, releasing the fish to swim once again, away from the green and her hunger. « But they're pretty to watch » he counters, not understanding why one would want to eat something so pretty. »

Ivrylth agrees, her eyes watching him play in the water. « Tasty, but pretty. They are fun to watch… but try one. Yuuummy. »

Ali shakes her head, "I did, but.." but he went off and got handfasted to someone else, perhaps? "It isn't that I care if it's a man or a woman, but I guess that maybe, perhaps, the best solution might be to, well… *before* his first flight? But how would I know that he was ready to understand and…" Shy little Ali, innocent little Ali just shakes her head, her current problem being one of the hardest decisions she's ever had to consider before. "I've heard stories. Some of the riders, when their dragons fly…"

Orbit ahhs softly and nods a bit, "I believe it's safe to assume that once you move into your own weyrs, it's safe to find yourself a bedmate." She gives a quick, firm nod. "It might be best to do so, in order to be sure that you don't hinder your dragon.."

Uillauth seems a little distraught at the idea of someone eating his little friends, and he pulls his attention away from the green that shares the water, focusing it, once again, on the fish that swim beneath the surface.

"But it isn't that easy, is it?" Ali replies, pulling herself out of the water enough to perch on a nearby rock while her lifemate chooses to swim and play with his new 'friends'. "I thought I had the person I wanted to share my bed with, but I don't now. Am I just supposed to go find someone in the weyr and ask them to join me?"

Orbit gives a soft grin, "That might be one way to go about things. Certainly there're riders that wouldn't be offended at all were you to make the offer…" Orblet gives a soft shrug, "You could speak with a friend from your weyrling class, perhaps?"

Ali's cheeks flush a bright crimson and she drops her gaze to the water, focusing on the ripples rushing toward the rocks. "I can't just go up to someone and *ask* them," her protests are soft, very unsure. "I mean, it just isn't something I could even consider."

Orbit ponders this just a bit, tugging on a curl and frowning a tad. "Well… have you anyone at the weyr that you're attracted to? In that sort of way?" Orblet isn't used to holdbred morals much?

Ali gulps, forcing her gaze to shift towards Orbit, revealing the wided eyed embarassment found there. "I haven't really had much time to pay attention to people that way, have I? I mean, Zi's my friend, but, I don't think he even likes girls *that* way, and I don't think I could like him that way either. T'nar and R'kii…" she shakes her head, unable to imagine.

Orbit hmms and gives a soft nod, "I can understand that. There wasn't really anyone in my weyrling class for me." A soft beam crosses her face as she thinks of Inya, "Twas just fate that led Inya here, I suppose…" She ponders quietly. "Any other riders you're friends with? Comfortable with?"

Ali idly pushes her hair back from her face as she ponders the thought. "I'm sure Kerry would come, if I asked him, but I don't think it would be a good idea of me to open myself up to him again. Not now," she objects to her own thoughts on the idea. "T'rell, but he's my cousin's weyrmate, and, shards, more than old enough to be my father." Her eyes light up, and she blushes even more deeply. "There is that one rider, blue.." her thoughts wander as she consults 'lauth for the names, "Bezath's rider. G'rwin. He's…nice."

Orbit oohs and gives a soft nod, "G'rwin… he's Nae's brother, yes? I remember him as being very nice." She beams at Ali a moment, "Just.. find someone you feel comfortable with and you'll be fine, I'm sure."

Ali's shoulders lift into a shrug, "Don't know, we've only met a few times, but he's very nice. Seems, I don't know, sweet. I'm not saying that I want him to, I mean, well…" flustered once again, she slips off the rock and into the water. "It'll happen when it does, I guess."

Orbit gives a soft grin and shrugs her shoulders just a bit, "Y'know… even if you wait for your dragon to decide for you, it likely won't be that bad. You'll want it at the time.."

"I just don't want it to be that way," Ali explains as she motions for 'lauth to head toward the shore and dry off, "but if that's the way it winds up being, then I won't fight it." As the brown makes his way to the side, she follows, turning to give Orbit a bright smile, "Thanks for listening though. I didn't know who to ask about it, not that would understand, anyway. But, I'm supposed to meet C'ran and a few of the others so the straps I've made can be inspected again."

Orbit gives a soft nod and slips out of the water, relaxing in the sand a bit. "Give Inya my love, should she be in the class with you. I think I'm going to stay here and sunbathe a bit.."

With a wave of her hand, a smile, and a nod, Ali bounces off to join her fellow classmates.

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