Ali And Orb Have A Chat

[[logged by Ali]]

Orbit peeks in quietly, looking about the room, a basket in each hand. One is filled with fresh flowers, the other is filled with blankets tucked snugly 'bout a baby. "Ali? You in here?" is called hesitantly, Orblet having heard 'bout the recent weyr restriction.

Ali tugs on her hair, trying to get the tangles out of the wet mess that hangs across her shoulder, leaving wet streaks down the front of her shirt. Without opening her eyes, a greeting is tossed out, be it quietly. "Come on in, Orbit, just fixing my hair."

Orbit steps in with a smile, setting sleeping baby on the floor, no sense in waking a sound asleep infant. Walking over to Ali, she sets the basket of flowers in front of her, reaching out to take the brush from her hands, "Here, let me brush your hair? While I do that, you can tell me how you've been doing lately.." Orb, older sister extrordinare?

"Are those for me?" Ali whispers, eyes fluttering open, fingers stretching out to touch the flowers that were placed before her. "They're pretty. Add a little color to this drab room." Eyes close again when the brush touches her hair, letting her words hang in the air for a moment without speaking.

Orbit gives a soft nod, gently working the brush through the younger girl's hair, smoothing out the tangles. "They're for you. You'd mentioned you like flowers, and I saw the patch of spring flowers and couldn't resist. Gave me an excuse to drop by too." A pause as she finishes brushing and starts to braid, "How've you been doing lately? I'm sorry I haven't seen you much, I've just been busy what with the baby and getting back into shape."

"Thank you. I haven't had a chance to get flowers yet, and I've missed them lately," Ali offers in a way of appreciation, lifting her shoulders into a slight shrug at the question, shifting the subject away from herself. "Should be taking care of the baby and yourself right now. Babies need their mothers when they're so young, right?"

Orbit finishes the braid and ties it off with a ribbon, gently patting a shoulder. "Well yes, I don't think Planit would be so happy with me if I left her alone for longer'n a fall. And even now the healers are insisting that I only ride half falls." A quick pout, then she shrugs a bit. "So how're you? I heard Uillauth chased in Tors' flight the other night?"

Ali's face drains of all its color and her head drops, chin almost touching her chest in a half-hearted nod. "He just…went. He was here, then he was gone, just like that." A shiver shakes through the brownrider's body and she shakes her head, the brain bouncing off the back of her neck. "P'kar came, but I didn't know what to do. I couldn't help him."

Orbit gently reaches out to rest her hands on Ali's shoulders, rubbing at the muscles soothingly. "You stayed with him though, right? That's the important thing, that you stay with him. As long as you do that, the dragons pretty much take care of themselves at that point." A pause, "P'kar helped you, right? He coached you on what to do…?"

Shoulders lift again and tears well up in Ali's dark eyes, threatening to spill out across her pale cheeks. "'lauth was chasing before P'kar got here. He didn't join the others in the corral when they were blooding their kill like we were taught they're supposed to. He just went.." Pink tongue slips across dry lips and she sighs, "P'kar tried to help, I think, but I don't remember. I couldn't hear him, I couldn't hear myself."

Orbit ohs softly and continues rubbing at shoulders, "I see." She pauses a moment to dig into her pocket, handing Ali a hankie, then continuing the massage. "It frightened you?"

"I guess so," Ali admits, her voice barely above a whisper. "P'kar, I heard him say to stay with him, and I tried, but I felt like I was spinning. I couldn't figure out where I was, so how was I supposed to help him?" The hankie is touched to the corners of her eyes, catching the tears that overflow. "He couldn't do it. Couldn't keep up. We were so tired, I don't even remember…"

Orbit nods softly and considers this a moment, "You'll do better when it comes to green flights. The both of you will. They're shorter, browns have a better chance at winning.." A pause, "First flights are confusing, Ali. You'll have a better handle on things next time though."

Ali gives her head a quick but determined shake, pushing the thought out of her mind completely, or trying to. "I couldn't help him, I could barely feel him over the pounding in my head. Everyone says they feel they're one with their lifemates when they fly, but I couldn't even touch him. I tried so hard, but he wasn't there part of the time." She takes a deep breath, trying to calm herself, still shaking her head, "I woke up this morning, and he was there again, but I don't even know when he came back or what he did after the flight. How can I help him like that?"

Orbit ahhs softly and nods, "Maybe you were trying too hard. Part of flights is just relaxing and letting the dragon take over." Orblet pauses, again, while she considers. "Have you asked Uillauth what he thinks? Your dragon would never lie to you.."

"He's been sleeping most of the day, and I haven't wanted to disturb him," Ali admits, looking toward the ledge where the brown is still sleeping peacefully. "I only woke because P'kar shook me out of sleep. And I'm afraid I wasn't very nice to him."

Orbit makes a little pshawing motion with her hand, "Oh, I wouldn't fret over it. P'kar is very understanding. When I was pregnant, I once threw a mug of juice at his head, he didn't even blink." She gives a quick nod, "When Uillauth wakes up, you should talk with him, /after/ you take him down to feed.

The color returns to Ali's face in a big flush of heat and she blinks quickly at the knowledge that she will, indeed, have to leave the privacy of her weyr. Her feeling of humiliation and despair must be pushed aside for Uillauth, regardless of how much she dislikes the idea. "I'll take him down *first* thing in the morning," she promises, likely planning to do it before dawn so she can return to hiding immediately following. "If you see P'kar, tell him I didn't mean to make him leave. Well, I did, but not, it wasn't his fault, I just couldn't see him."

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