Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that Akamieth is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Lyria (who read Fight Club in one weekend for you and dug out her copy of the Princess Bride and is now officially the Blurb/Quote Queen) and N'ano (who is a most excellent descer, message writer, and had a new insp/message to put up every night) have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. — N’ano, Trik, Jozzie

Dragon: Akamieth
Color: Bronze
Name: Rhaeyn
Egg: Tampopo Noodle Shop Egg
Egg Desc: Planit
Dragonet: Fire and Ice Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: N’ano
Messages: N’ano, Jozzie, Trik
Inspiration: N’ano, Trik, Jozzie

Clutching Message
Quarith takes advantage of the respite, taking up precious moments of time to attend to her egg trenches. Very quickly, though, the spasms are upon her, causing the sunset-kissed hide to jerk spasmodically. Difficulty in the clutching culminates in the culinary delicacy of Tampopo's Noodle Shop Egg, which is quickly ushered into a newly formed trench and lathered in the holding of sand.

Egg Description
Tampopo Noodle Shop Egg
A rambunctious mixture of bawdy colors such as bold golds and bright oranges collide against the sublime, muted earthen tones. Topped with a swirl of browns and tans accented by noodle-long streamers of cream lends weight to culinary delicacy. Bright splashes of reds, oranges, golds, greens and pinks reach up with boisterous fingers toward the top of the shell. Vulgar and uncouth, there is a decided clash where the two halves meet, yet somehow creating a strange harmony between the two sides of the egg.

Hatching Message
A crack appears across the swirl of browns and tans that are accented by the noodle-long streamers of cream that cut across the egg’s shell. That crack is followed by a cut through the muted earthen tones of the second half of the egg, where the clash of the two halves meet. All is silent before the shell itself bursts into a flurry of flying shards, revealing a shape of a bronze dragon. It cries out with hunger, a brassy voice which fills throughout the hatching cavern. Then it moves forward, seeking out the ice among the raging fire.

Fire and Ice Dragonet
Rukbat’s rays cascade over tropical terrain, plowed and sowed uniformly to produce the richest of bronzed and fertile hide; downy from rainfall’s abundance and poor absorption within. Specks of minerals reflect vigorously through the prism of day, out from every nook and cranny produced by the strapping muscularity of this dragon. Sails offer haven while unfurled, their elongation imperceptibly comparable to most. Haunches support his bulk with minor tribulations while unbalanced by his wings of glory. Bony knobs crown in angular fashion, melting like runoff into a skewed muzzle after passing by the radiance within his multi-faceted onyx orbs, and thus presenting the masterpiece of a capable bronze.

Impression Message
Fire and Ice Dragonet barges through the crowd, shoving past a few candidates that stand in his way. He looks regally up towards a few before deciding that they are not his burning desire. His flanks shift, giving an alluring twist of his form as he moves throughout the sands in sight of his perfect match. The bronze dragonet finally approaches an ash-brown haired lad wearing a tinged candidate’s robe that has been patched and rehemmed. His eyes look arrogantly up into the lad’s, crooning softly in whispering words of affection to his chosen lifemate, Rhaeyn.

Personal Impression Message
Some say that the world will end in fire, some say in ice. What is this taste that this dragon desires and what would he dare to sacrifice? His mind sets upon you, heavily weighted on your mind. « It ain't easy being leader. » His voice rings out in your mind in a deep baritone, with wisps of foggy cigar smoke. He pauses for a moment, « You want to create havoc too, don't you - Rh'yn? Well, I am Akamieth. How about I tell you about my romantic dream? »


Name Inspiration
'Namewise, I'm rather fond of Akamieth. It looks/sounds nice, combines well with Rh'yn, has some interesting Japanese-associations with 'kami' stuck in there.' —We loved the name so much that we decided that it was a keeper. :)

Egg Inspiration
I wanted to do an egg on something different than the obvious film genres. So, after discarding things like romance, comedy, mystery, horror and other popular types of film, I settled on a "Noodle Western" as Tampopo is so called by the film's creator. Tampopo may not be a popular film or even well known, but I enjoyed watching it in my Japanese class. It is not an ordinary film, but it's worth watching just get some idea of Japanese cinema. A link:
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wpsrv/style/longterm/movies/videos/tampoponrhinson_ 0c94d.htm

Description Inspiration
I thought that a simile to the uniformity you requested would be well represented by rich soil of the rainforest where unfortunately, trees have been deforested to make room for farmland. It’s affluent with those sparklies, and always moist to avoid the dry aridness of that found elsewhere. The creamy texture is seen as the soil bubbles up from the abundant rainfall… picture the way the water sits above the soil of a recently watered plant before it’s absorbed below. He’s big, /very/ big, evident in the wings and bulk described—but don’t let that affect your ego!

" Break the course of violence, don't break the wind of change." - Seifer from Final Fantasy 8.

Together as one, but becoming opposites, fire and ice clash and collide to be known as a notorious pair that somehow withholds a strong bond. Between you, Rh'yn, and Akamieth, nothing seems impossible to whatever feat it may be. However, as like Seifer, he understands the meaning of close-knitted relationships between others he can trust and rely on, and as your life mate, he'll do anything you ask of him without reason or rhyme but if anyone else were to ask, he may be unsure and wry. Short tempered, but able to keep his head above the water in tight-situations, he'll be uneasy and angered when things don't work in a smooth and organized fashion. Shining through a charming personality is a big of ego and cockiness - « Don't wish me luck on formations, Rh'yn. Save it for a pair that needs it! » His ideas run far; Imaginative but blunt when telling others about anything he has to say, though the social butterfly in him feels the need to leak gossip that has been stored inside his memory. Pride weighs down his mental status, aware of the weight he carries on his shoulders and he'll need your help to carry out major decisions. Being the bigger man doesn't seem fair to him, but justice is always served in a big loving spoonful when needed. He tends to find others with a low sort of intelligence to be incompetent and of no use to him, so thus there becomes a dark side to his controlled and calm aura. A malicious and cynical side can be seen when he's displeased or disappointed in you or others, leading to prone-accidents or having a disposition of feeling down. Otherwise, he'll become sort of a trademark to the Weyr and known as a reliable source of information, authority, and able to carry out any duty.

Mind Voice
The voice of your dragon is oddly combined with the musty overcoat of cigar smoke and fog; heavy, thick and always hanging low. Think of a cigar lounge in your mind. The air is always unclean but bitterly sweet with a tangy scent of cheap brandy and alcohol that is hung out to dry on patron’s lips. It’s a dark but mellow feeling of relaxation, lathering over in a deep baritone and heavy breaths of air. Nothing feathery or light is even taken into consideration, making every word he speaks sound assertive and meaningful, so it sounds as if something important is always needed to say. « "The air is not going anywhere, so breathe as much as you like when we get out of ::between!:: » It gains the attention of many for he always sounds wise and witty, even when it’s just mumbles and nonsensical words.

" I fear nothing. I love battles. The way I look at it, each battle gets you one step closer to your dream."
Thread. What’s more to say about it? It’s almost like a best friend to Akamieth. No matter how strongly it may be coming down, he’s ready to rock and roll. Pain? Hardly. Scores are merely icing on the cake… battle wounds, or what have you—a token of braveness and power, merely. "I can't stop. I gotta run till I see the finish line." He’ll never drop down in line until the very last fleck of silver is scored to its own grave. Perhaps one day he’ll have rid the planet of those spores… but one can only wish, right?
" I… lost!?"

Being steadfast and sturdy in the air hardly reciprocates an ability to maneuver much like his fellow wingmates. He’s quite bulky—certainly one of the largest bronzes within Ista Weyr, alleviating the challenging task of catching greens, as darling as they are. He knows to just sit out on most of those. No, Queens are more his game. Agility calls his name majestically when taking to the air for a gold’s mating flight. He’s still not as swift as some of the smaller chasers, but he’s fair competition for the older ones, no doubt.
" We don't need any boy scouts."

How about the military…He could probably be compared to a battleship, or better yet a barge with that bulk on his back made for the long-haul. He is slow to get up to speed, and his turns are not as graceful as even a browns. Being a young dragon he will be sort of undignified, slightly clumsy—but hey, he’s still full of love for you, his lifemate, so who really needs to compensate by winning a flight?

Plainly speaking, this bronze has the build of a battle ship - or perhaps a better word for it would be a barge. He is massively constructed, most likely being one of the biggest bronzes in the Weyr. For description, there is something natural about his appearance. The hue of his hide is very earthy with that bronze like luster. N'ano had taken your idea of sunstones and has added his own originally creativity to create a very alluring, appeasing figure. You'll also note because of his massive size, it is going to take a lot of work to keep this mineral specked beauty looking like he's worth more than gold.

Akamieth has a very down to earth scent to him, perhaps that of what you’d smell while walking though a humid, wooded forest after a rainfall where the air is thick and heavy—much like a tropical rain forest, actually. It’d probably be more distinguishable when wet himself while combined with Ista’s heat. Should Ista ever become cold one day, just a cuddle on up with your lifemate. He’s your own personal space heater! When occupying his couch/weyr together, it will get really, really warm. And to top it off, the heat will linger even if Akamieth steps away for a while! Good deal, eh?

Rh’yn’s Bronze Akamieth
Harper's Tale: 35th PC Clutch Ista Weyr
Saria's gold Quarith and G'deon's bronze Nylanth
April 27, 2003
Clutchmates: P'renn's brown Cinestioth, Drutoley’s brown Febanteurigith, Ozeunzi’s brown Beniodyth, Kaefe's Brown Tanzheth, Thistia’s blue Aeokiath, Ajala’s green Myrrheth, Khristeen’s green Imacinth

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