Yo, Trimaka! This iz da E. Congratulations on your Impression! I really hope you'll enjoy Agzanth - if not, well.. ahem. I'll be forced to kill you… or not. :D I want to remind you that this inspiration is just to /explain/ your dragon to you. You are not required to follow all or any of it. This dragon is /yours/. I've put many hours into him, and now I'd like you to put your own hours into him and adjust him to your character's needs. However, just as I spent many hours working on making your blue Agzanth, I would readily spend just as many hours making him over if you are unsatisfied it. I seriously mean it. Just as this is your first dragon on HT (or, at least on this alt; I don't know your HT history), this is the first one I've ever made. If there's one part of the inspiration you'd like redone, or perhaps the whole thing, I'd be glad to do it. Don't hesitate to ask me. Anyhow, this is getting quite long, so I'll end it here. I really hope you enjoy your dragon! — E'an

~* STATS *~

~ Oh, go hawk up a hairball. ~

Dragon: Agzanth
Color: Blue
Name: E'an
Egg: Planet X Egg
Egg Desc: D'baji; Hannah tweak
Dragonet: Secret Gnome of the Earth Blue Hatchling
Dragonet Desc: E'an (tweaking help from Yulianna and Lianta)
Adult Desc: E'an
Messages: E'an
Inspiration: E'an


~ Mike Flaherty: My grandmother thought that a homosexual was a person who slept with one person their whole life. We were gonna let it slide but she kept telling the mailman she was a homosexual. ~

Clutching Message:
Dhiammarath gives a shiver and a disdainful draconic snort, hide rippling over tensed muscles as she lumbers to the outskirts of her labored designs upon the sands. Another shiver as the faint contraction announces the arrival of Planet X Egg, forever on the edges of the platinum queen's methodical clutch arrangement. Though really, the only way that one can be certain the runt sphere is indeed an egg would be the fact that it's just been laid by the queen.

Planet X Egg:
Icy mists of aqua cloud over under-colors of frigid azure and ominous silvers. The egg itself is small and round; nary an imperfection of the minuteness of its form is discounted. A thin white line runs the circumference of the sphere, providing an orbital to a rounded blotch of charcoal that mars the underlying blues of the surface. A controversial enough entity, the egg could easily be considered not an
egg at all, rather a rock or a piece of debris that has somehow managed to gravitate its way onto the Sands.

Hatching Message:
Planet X Egg gives a final, timid shudder, before deciding that its waited just as long as it needs to. It's time for it to come out. That's right, it's coming out, and it wants the world know, it's got to let it go! Err. I mean… That's right, it's coming out, and with a final spin, uses the eggs next to it to help weaken its shell, the dragonet inside pushes the Planet X Egg over, and a crack is formed. Then, it uses its talon to pick at the shell, until finally the hatchling wiggles out. Tada! Now, presenting to you…

Secret Gnome of the Earth Hatchling (Unedited)
Rich, dark blue is the first thing to be noted about this dragonet, as it is the only color borne - no lighter shades throughout it are seen. Besides facets of emerald, and obsidian, sprinkled with peridot about the eyes, outlined in charcoal as if painted tenderly by the hand of a Creator, there is no other color. It is only dark, and dull, as the clang of metal brushing against stone. The dragonet's body is oddly angular; the skin taut to emphasize the bones, so that it is almost a ghoulish appearance the dragonet gives, except for the comical essence of baby fat that hangs upon the body - around the ribs, and about the pudgy face that crinkles in a draconic smile. The ridges above the eyes are in excess, giving almost an appearance of bushy 'brows. A thin tail snakes out behind the undersized dragonet - it's rather small, see - and wings to either side look quite unproportional when measured proportionally to the rest of the body.

Secret Gnome of the Earth Hatchling (Cut Length)
Rich, dark blue is the first thing to be noted about this dragonet, as it is the only color borne. Besides facets of emerald, and obsidian, sprinkled with peridot, outlined in charcoal as if painted, there is no other color. It is only dark, and dull, as the clang of metal brushing against stone. The dragonet's body is oddly angular; the skin taut to emphasize the bones, so that it is almost a ghoulish appearance the dragonet gives, except for the comical essence of baby fat that hangs upon the body - around the ribs, and about the pudgy face that crinkles in a draconic smile. The ridges above the eyes are in excess, giving almost an appearance of bushy 'brows. A thin tail snakes out behind the somewhat undersized dragonet and wings to either side look quite unproportional.

Impression Message:
Secret Gnome of the Earth Blue Hatchling decides that he should probably get along with narrowing down his current selection, and toddles up to the candidates.. I don't believe that the question is, "Which one of you am I going to choose?" I belive the question is, "Which one of you am I /not/ going to choose?" And that's you, you, and you! Even if that defeats the purpose of the quote. But, ah, well! The blue hatchling prances up to the brightly blonde-haired Candidate that he has chosen, and gazes into her eyes. So, have I /Impressed/ you, yet, Trimaka? *ba-shing*

Personal Impression Message:
Suddenly, there's a bright light, and you are temporarily blind. All you can feel is a light tingling sensation, and then you begin to visualize a small seed, falling and landing in a patch of dirt. A light drizzle begins - but this is a very magical rain. Thin roots protrude from the seed and begin to work their way into the ground. Then you realize that the fertile soil is /your/ mind, and the roots represent the mind of another. Your vision is regained, and you find yourself staring into the eyes of a beautiful blue dragon (to you, at least). « My name is Agzanth, » he says, « but you can call me Alagsangaielzanth. »

Alternate Personal Impression Message: (later decided against) Your senes begin to tingle, and you envision a lonely seed in a forest. A light rain starts to fall; thin roots protruding from the seed grow to embed themselves in the soft soil. Then, you realize that the soil is of /your/ mind, and the roots of another. Back in the real world, you find yourself face-to-face with a blue dragon. « I'm hungry, > are his first words, before: « Oh, yeah. And I'm your new lifemate, bound to you til' death to do us part, etc, etc, no return policy included. My name is Alagsangaielzanth, but you can call me Agzanth. »



~ Teacher: Bueller?…
Girl: Um, he's sick.
My best friend's sister's
boyfriend's brother's girlfriend
heard from this guy who knows this kid
who's going with a girl who saw
Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors
last night. I guess its
pretty serious. ~

Name Inspiration:
It took me forever to find a good name for your dragon! Why? Well, you weren't too specific - you just gave me the "-zanth" sound to work with. Well, I went to and played around with names such as "Michael" and "Ferris" to see what they meant. However, not much luck there. So, I decided to search for meaningful names. Under "Wonderful Experiences" for boys, I found two names that seemed to suit the personality you wanted best. Those two names were Yitzchak ("He Will Laugh") and Abayomi ("He Has Come to Bring Me Happiness"). Of course, I wasn't sure if you'd like a Yitzchakth or Abayomith. So, I decided to do a bit more research. Then, I remembered a site that had been the topic of some channel chatter a few nights back, and got the crazy idea to use it to help make a name for your dragon. So, just assuming that you didn't absolutely hate J.R.R. Tolkien, I went to a Middle-Earth name converter ( and typed in the name "Yitzchak Abayomi". Looking through the names (which are hilarious; you'll have to take a look), I figured the Elivsh form would be best. Now, let me try to explain the concept of two names to you clearly, since it seemed to confuse Hannah a lot - your dragon's name is Agzanth, but his nickname, so to speak, is Alagsangaielzanth. ;D If still confused, just ask me. Basically, he has two names, and that is all there is to it. How simple an idea! But, the name he is referred to as officially is Agzanth. I hope you like that unique detail about your dragon. Pronounciation is however you would like it - I've been saying agg-zanth (as you would say bag zanth). I suppose it is (by Tolkien's language) actually ahg-zahnth, which is nice, too. The fully name… go figure! I would say ahl-ahg-sahng-eey-ehl-zahnth.

Egg Inspiration:
Well, the description for the egg is pretty basic, I guess. When I think of Pluto (a.k.a. Planet X) I think of ice. Thus the first few lines in the desc being very blue, and the first word being "Icy." The line is the moon's orbit, the blotch is Pluto's moon, in a way. And then the last, about it looking like a rock or something, is because of the controversy as to whether or not Pluto is indeed a planet. Some say it's a comet or something… And then the idea itself came from a song. My dad was playing his Christine Lavin CD, and she has a song called "Planet X" that I had stuck in my head at school. So I got to work on the egg in my spare. Go here: for the lyrics, and a link at the bottom to hear the song. (—D'baji)

Description Inspiration:
I got a picture of a small tree, and a picture of a dwarf, and the paragraph you wrote on what you wanted your dragon to look like, then decided to meld them all into one. So, I tried to think of a young tree desperately growing in search of light, whilst putting the cartoonish image of a dwarf () over that, as well as imagining the description you gave in your dragon questionnaire. Phew! Well, I think I did a good enough job - only you know for sure, I guess. ;)



~ Cameron: The 1961 Ferrari 250GT
California. Less than a hundred were made.
My father spent three years restoring this car.
It is his love, it is his passion…
Ferris: is his fault he didn't
lock the garage. ~

Mind Voice:
The voice of your dragon is an odd combination of many things, meaning that it is a combination of both human voice and senses. There is the underlying, musty scent of soil, with the imagery of many trees in a foresty maze. The feeling is of a soft wind or light drizzle of rain through the canopy, and the sound is of the many forest creatures - the croaks of frogs, buzzing of insects, chirps of birds, howls of monkeys, and rustle of leaves in the wind. All of these sounds come together to mentally project the 'human' voice - a light, airy sort of tone is what Agzanth often caries, lined with mischief and constant suspicion, but also with a hint of suave-ity, as if Agzanth likes to believe everything he does is - well, right. But, that will be explained more in his personality.

Agzanth is small - just like you asked for. Very small, in fact. Smaller than the smallest blue on Pern. (Even if that is contradictory.) For walking on all four feet, he'll be less than perfect - quite clumsy, actually. His large wings can be the source of his constant tilting, and often he'll use his rather long tail to cling onto nearby objects to keep him from falling. As a weyrling he'll especially be awkward when walking. Just when he gets use to this, however, he'll begin to fly - and that he will excel at. Like most dragons, it'll take him more than just one try to learn how to stay in the air, but once he does, he'll take to it naturally. Wing formations and aerial feats will be a breeze for him to accomplish, and in the air is where he'll feel invincible - his large wings help propel him better than most dragons, and his tail helps much to balance him in the air.

Feel free to puzzle the mind that is Agzanth's as much as you want, and mess around with it. Because I know when I Impress a dragon I'm scared of playing it wrong, I'll try to leave this pretty free for you to pick and choose what you do and don't like about your blue dragon. Mostly, he'll be extremely curious, and awfully gullible - but soon he'll learn from his mistakes, so no worries. He /will/ be mischievous in a way, but not completely - see, to him, anything others deem as
out of place he'll see as perfectly innocent on his part. « What? I didn't do anything wrong! It's not my fault the hair wasn't real, thus fell off… » Like I said, he's curious! You'll often have to chide him from some of the things he does, if not join in with him! He's irresistible, really. He's friendly with all dragons he comes across, unless they get on his bad side, and then he'll be bent against them, see. And so he won't be polite or do favors for them - so, in the end, its best not to get on the bad side of your dragon. Your dragon will also be quite the helpful one, and will have trouble saying 'no' - but, eventually he'll be able to create his own schedule, and everyone will learn to follow by his own time. Like Ferris Bueller in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", Agzanth will become a sort of trademark to the Weyr - he'll be known for his numerous connections, and ability to help people in odd positions.

Growing Up:
The blue dragon that is Agzanth will be quite a handful growing up. When he's older, he'll more willingly accept the ideas of others, but as a youngster, he'll try to mold everything around him. Anything others point out as wrong he'll point as… not wrong. Such as: « That's a very suspicious painting! » "Perhaps you mean spectacular." « Oh, that's right! I mean, err - no, I said suspicious on purpose. Look at how that painting is looking at us. Very.. suspicious. » And the like. Also, he will make up words for things he's yet to properly recognize. « Remember that flipity-bob we saw the other day? » "What's a flipity-bob?" « It looks exactly like a woggle-heimer, except it doesn't have a bidibi. » "…/What/?" However, since Agzanth can pull up a pretty accurate picture of whatever he's talking about, you'll be able to correct him more than often. Only, you might start to catch onto his habits, and might start making up words yourself - or, even worse, using /his/ words. "Oh! Look! There's a flipity-bob." "Um, what's a flipity-bob?" "It looks just like a woggle-heimer, except it doesn't have a bidibi." "…Oh. /What/?"

Agzanth will be picky with just who he chooses to fly and who he doesn't. Often he'll be hesitant about chasing dragons from a different Weyr, and actually prefers to chase after dragons he's more familiar with - his friends, etc. Also he's picky about the personality of any potential mate. Stuck-up dragons just don't float his boat - he prefers the rebel types. Of course, he recognizes a good deal when he sees one, so if there's something in it for him by flying that dragon, he'll consider it in a new light. As for the actual flying part in… flights, Agzanth will be better than all the other blues - well, most of the other blues, at least. Even some of the other browns (don't even consider bronzes, now). Why? As we mentioned
in the physicalities section, his large wings are very powerfully, helping to shoot him high above everyone else. His tail helps balance him, so that he can make turns very quickly to chase that certain green (don't even consider golds, now). He's very small, and that means he's very fast, so there's another advantage. Overall, he's one of the best you could have in flights. Expect to be in bed a lot once you're out of Weyrlinghood, Trimaka. Here's a bit of information, however: once Agzanth has finds a female whom he really can relate with (which will be often, considering, as I said, he often only chases those whom he's familiar with) he will probably settle down with her (at least for a little while). As for you choosing a mate, it'd be best if it were one with a nice green dragon that Agzanth
liked - but he's open to suggestion.

In Threadfall, don't expect Agzanth to slack. He'll be up there with the rest of them, flying hard. Seeing as he excels in flying as he does, he might often get scolded for flying out of wing position - but he has good intentions, he's just flying faster than everyone else, see, and that's not his fault, it's /theirs/. He'll always be eager to fight Thread, and will never want to back out of the situation. He's very noble in he's willing to sacrifice his life for any other dragon-rider pairing (if that's okay with you, see). When harmed and being grounded, he'll desperately want to soar back up, but you'll have to explain how it is dangerous for him to do so. Still, he won't want to believe, and you'll probably give up eventually.


P.S.: I really hope you enjoy Agzanth. If parts of this inspiration seem incomplete, it's because when I was near the end of writing it Real Life struck really bad. If you want me to, I can later add/redux parts of the inspiration, or you can always ask me questions. However, I'd really enjoy you personalizing Agzanth. :D I had fun making him. The quotes above each section are respectively: Michael J. Fox as Chance in "Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey", Michael J. Fox as Mike Flaherty in "Spin City", a quote from the beginning of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", and then Ferris Bueller himself (played by Matthew Broderick) responding to a statement by Cameron (Alan Ruck). I used Michael J. Fox and Ferris Bueller as quotes because you specifically mentioned them in the questionnaire. XD

*Trimaka's Blue Agzanth
Harper's Tale: 33rd PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
*Hannah's Gold Dhiammarath and R'ave's Bronze Soquilith's &
+Yulianna's gold Miyakath and D'baji's bronze Nverath
August 30, 2002
*Lyrianna's Brown Rilskiath, +Brid's Green Kitiarath,
+Serafa's Green Phirath, +Jalir's Green Mauhinath,
*Kelana's Green Muireath

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