Aerial Acrobatics

IC: Each Weyr will field a team of 10 riders. Each team will create their own aerial display designed to woo the judges and show off the abilities of the dragons and riders of that Weyr. Teams will submit a list of formations, routines and moves that will be used in the program, as well as the order in which these will be presented. Use of fire and firestone is permitted.

Judges will grade on showmanship, accuracy, agility, and synchronisation. A trophy will be awarded to the winning team.

Competitors Judges
Ista Weyr D'baji and bronze Nverath H'ler and brown Kobaroth (Igen Weyr)
T'ab and bronze Tyroth Sopi and green Eupreth (High Reaches Weyr)
Coora and brown Sidaaeth Catra and blue Makyath (Telgar Weyr)
Norb't and brown Tinydoth
Cuba and blue Aeneath
Plat'o and blue Aristolth
T'ach and blue Argeiphonteth
T'zyn and green Nymerith
Lzi and green Izlasth
F'lix and green Sunatucheoth
High Reaches Weyr Rhaeyn and gold Aevryscienth M'gan and bronze Chlamuth (Benden Weyr)
Y'an and bronze Aojadinth Yigi and blue Sartoth (Telgar Weyr)
Nu'ra and bronze Ckiezeluth J'no and green Leiolath (Fort Weyr)
O'bi and brown Kenobith
Sallee and brown Forth
Dex and blue Nazkriuulth
S'lo and blue Tosiekoth
Tilla and green Amuirnith
Il'ad and green Szarabhayanath
Lila and green Alajaith

Results: HRW declared winner. (See the displays below.)

Ista Weyr Display

Nverath and D'baji had, just recently, flown to the 'launch pad' area designated for the performing teams of the event, and not long after were joined by T'zyn and bronze Tyroth, Coora and brown Sidaaeth, Norb't and brown Tinydoth, Cuba and blue Aeneath, Plat'o and blue Aristolth, T'ach and blue Argeiphonteth, T'zyn and green Nymerith, Lzi and green Izlasth, and F'lix and green Sunatucheoth. The team is in a tight diamond formation by the time the applause are sounded for the judges, all eyes on D'baji, leading the wing. When the Weyrleader pumps his fist, they're off the ground as one, climbing hard and allowing the formation to stretch out a bit to the sides - only for an about face once they've reached a good altitude, and an immediate dive toward the stands for a low pass, headed up by Nverath, with Nymerith and Izlasth on the outermost edges, with Tyroth keeping things tight from the back of the formation.

The wing splits once some height has been regained following the low spectator pass, the two bronzes - the front and back points of the diamond- flying straight ahead, while other groups peel off as three separate mini-wings: Sidaeeth, Argeiphonteth and Izlasth in one, Tinydoth, Aeneath and Nymerith in another, and Aristolth and Sunatucheoth as the third. The three wings begin to flame, skipping between as units here and there, a simulated Thread fighting. Coming back around to the centre stage, Tyroth is in the lead, flying awkwardly as he feigns a wounded right wing. As T'ab is unbuckling his straps, Nverath swoops beneath Tyroth in a disciplined flight. D'baji's arm is there to haul the younger bronzerider up behind him between Nverath's 'ridges. The rider transfer: an oldie, but a goodie. With the transfer successful, the bronzes break off again, while the scattered units between all at once, coming back in a broad formation far out over the ocean.

The mini-wings loop around, executing tight spirals in mirror image of each other as they loop back. They merge fluidly back together into a tight formation once more, and then split off into two; bronzes and browns flying high as the smaller greens and blues skim down low to the water. The higher flank begins to weave, bronzes and browns flying between each other, almost dangerously close as they fly back and forth, though their well-practiced formation never breaks its rhythm. Below, the blues and greens mirror their larger teammates — but close to the water, their talons skimming the ocean's surface to shoot up a patterned spray as they weave. At the end of their patterning, with the rest of the wing circling behind the spectators to re-group, a pair of greens and a pair of blues circle back over the water — Nymerith and Aeneath looping back in from the left, Izlasth and Aristolth coming from the right.

Nymerith and Aristolth hang back as Izlasth and Aeneath come in from their respective sides, diving back down towards the surface of the water. Both riders make a daring move by unbuckling themselves from their straps in perfect synchronization, to basically dangle from the sides of their dragons. Each unclip a bucket which then gets dumped onto the surface of the water, the dragons crossing each other to make an X with the fluid. Once the buckets are empty, the riders clip them back on before buckling themselves back in, quickly beating their wings to gain altitude, as Nymerith and Aristolth come in now, both emitting a ball of flame that lights the oil that was dumped in the water on fire, the flame across the surface of the water to make a big flaming X. As they light the oil, the rest of the wing comes flying forward from behind the stands in an X formation, every dragon giving a sharp bugle as the pair of greens and browns join their wingmates.

The flying 'X' formation breaks off into three groups as the flames on the water piddle out even as they're being disrupted by the waves: Nverath takes point in a small 'V' formation, followed by Izlasth and Aristolth, on the left side of the 'stage'; Tyroth, Sunatucheoth and Argeiphonteth make a symmetrical 'V' on the right side; and Sidaaeth leads a diamond formation, with Nymerith and Aeneath in the middle, and Tinydoth at the end. All the formations are still flying away from the audience, of course - up until the three formations fly a large loop, every dragon barrel-rolling out so that the same groups have reversed direction. On the re-entry, the diamond and two 'V's begin weaving in and out, as if braiding themselves, while descending. The final few weaves are uncomfortably close to the ground, and it's only with hard backwinging that snaps the air that the formations are able to set down safely - the diamond in front, with each V behind and to either side. At the end of the grande finale, the Istan wing emits a final bugling salute to the audience and judges.

High Reaches Display

The beach is silent, now, hovering in quiet expectation — but one, lone rider flies into the sky. The blackened wings of Nazkriuulth soar over the waters of the sea, before up… up… he begins to hurtle higher and higher, fading as a small blue dot in the sky. But the dot seperates. A roar echoes across the air, as something falls from him. Woman-sized. It tumbles towards the water, un-bound, un-secure, and as she seems to tumble like a ragdoll, the blue backwings after her. But halfway through the drop, the blue still roaring madly, flames begin to shoot from the lower figure. A flamethrower, surely — and just as her fire-shooting body seems like it's going to crash into the water, the blue shooting after her simply disappears. … And reappears. Just in time to catch her; the flames fade just in time, and Dex falls into Naz's clutch. From there, as the pair veers upwards and begins speeding along the lake's surface back towards the crowded beach, the dragon begins to spin… And from them, come flames. One set from his mouth, the other from his neck, each in opposing directions, and beginning to spin as he goes into a barrel-roll towards the onlookers. But just as the flaming jubilee is about to hit the crowd, mere dragonlengths away from setting them all ablaze…. VOOOOM. Nine dragons — assorted colors forming a V with a pale gold taking the lead — skim with daring speed over the crowd so intensely focused on the bluerider's performance: bellies nearly touching heads, and sending a gust of wind that tossles hair and sends fabrics flying. And from them comes a shower of white, snowpetals billowing like snowy sheets from each flier: a Reachian snowstorm… minus the snow. And as they cross out over the water, Nazkriuulth rejoins them, and all but the browns at the rear veer into the sky, still in a V pointing upwards to the heavens.

While the group begins to hurtle into the sky, the two browns hanging behind slowly begin to rise. An extra rider from one of the pair is, as a stretchy rope is tossed between the two dragons, strung between them. The moment the main group up above reaches a particular height — with the pale gold Aevryscienth hovering in the center of a slowly turning vertical circle composed of the rest — the browns begin to speed upwards. The intense vertical speed pulls the rope-holding woman between them taut back on the string, before: it stops. Both browns, before reaching the flying Reachians, suddenly halt midair… But Rhaeyn, their extra companion, does not. Physics dictates she must keep going up… and that she does, letting go of the stretched rope to soar far above the stopped browns, landing — with a little help of Aevryscienth's attention and aiming — upon the gold's back. Though Rhaeyn is not the only one moving. Circling, the rest of the dragons still are, and rejoined by the browns as the circle grows larger, then smaller, then larger again. It's size continues growing and shrinking, as between them, "firestone sacks" with visual shimmer, streamers, attached to their sides, are hurled between each other. Above, they appear as a whirling twirling kaleidoscope in the sky, ducking and spinning and throwing — and from them, the two bronzes, Aojadinth and Ckiezeluth, begin to do loops faster and faster, smaller and smaller, around the central force of Aevryscienth. The rest continue their movements, chromatics churning in a quickening display around those within that shine; and as the two bronzes pull in close to the gold, their mouths erupt in a roar, and Aevryscienth's wings start on fire. Well, actually, not really — it's really the bronzes behind her, making her glow… But they're difficult to see, cloaked behind her much larger hovering body.

As the flames dissappate, the circle begins to slow, the merry-go-round of flying dragons and streamer-sack tossing riders ceasing into a halt. They hover, there, just long enough for blues and browns (among them S'lo and Dex) to produce massive hoops they'd cumbersomely carried along. First, the blues begin to pull out, circling as they, with smaller versions of the Bronze's immense flames, alight their hoops on fire. How they manage to hold without getting burned is, at that height, impossible to tell, but the real display is not their bravery, but the sudden greens diving from their positions. Three, they are, in number — Szarabhayanath, Alajaith, Amuirnith — though nearly impossible to tell with how quickly they begin to move. Darting in and out of the hoops, which the blues constantly vary with height and distance, the three begin loop-dee-loops, twirls, rolls, dives, and spins that would make most men sick just to think about enduring. And to make matters worse, the browns with their hoops move in and alight as well, causing a trickier course for the greens to meet… But they are not alone, anymore, either. The bronzes begin the course as well… But the bronzes are too big for the hoops, aren't they? They, too, begin to quickly dive in and out of the hoops, but it is merely an illusion — there is no way a bronze could fit. Though, as the bronzes and greens continue their aerial display, it soon becomes obvious what they are doing — both Aojadinth and Ckiezeluth are ::betweening:: just as they are about to enter the hoop, popping out on the other side just far enough to make their larger parts through. In and out, the dragons dart, with Rhaeyn and Aevryscienth still circling about them, using a flamethrower here and there to increase the difficulty of the draconic acrobats. Sheer danger, is what they display: diving, darting, avoiding the merciless flames trying to impede the dragons from the beauty of their flight.

As the fires on the hoops begin to die out — or the hoops themselves begin to disinegrate — they are dropped within the waters below as they move on to their following routine. The massive, vertical circle is re-acquired, with some flourish; the smaller dragons somersault and dip, and the larger wink ::between:: around and about like twinkling lights. From there, a green — Amuirnith — erupts from the circle. Like a massive, Pernese game of Duck Duck Goose, she flies about the circle… And Tosiekoth suddenly gives chase. Around and around, they duck and chase; ::betweening::, twirling, spinning, a much more flourished game of cat and mouse than the typical mating flight display. As they go, various males teasingly jump out of the circle, as if attempt to catch Amuirnith as well, but it remains simply a game between a green and blue, darting around the flying dragons in a pinnacle duet. As before, as the dragons pass, flames shoot from the circle at them both, causing them to increase their speed and intensity… And finally, with a well-timed ::between:: in front of Amuirnith, the shiny blue catches the green, and intertwines… From there, they begin to loop in and out of the circle, colorful streamers flowing behind them, nearly lighting a'fire as they pass through the group, with all dragons flaming, towards the center, at once. Dangerous love, dangerous flight; the life of a dragonrider, on stage.

As the 'mating flight' dies away and the streamer-flowing pair rejoin the rest of the group, it begins to turn from circle to V, after a pirouette-like dance of dragons circling dragons, tossing off to the next partner, and the next, before Aevryscienth again takes point, and they shoot up, higher into the sky. Silvery, straining strings begin to drop from above them. Fake, as it may be, it is Thread: slung from the browns who'd sneakily ::betweened:: above, to let loose the dramatic foe. Together, flame unleashes to scour the substance from the sky, dragon's interweaving and coiling around each other as flames shoot from mouths (and flamethrowers, in one case) showering ash upon the water below. And as each finish their task, they wink ::between::. One by one, they appear just above the shoreline, forming a staggered step-like formation. Clank, clank, wood meets wood, as a structure is put together piece by piece between each dragon, riders working together to form a large, mountain-line shape between them. With a final hook, the structure is released, and alit with the flames of each of the ten dragons: and, with the flaming form of the Seven Spindles of High Reaches Weyr weightedly soaring into the water below, the dragons dive at the crowd, once again, causing another gust of wind as they barely pass over people's heads. But, with a toss of black and blue powders, enveloping their flying forms, just above the crowd's body, all the dragons wink ::between::, gone, completely, from their sights. Alas, they've disappeared in a makeshift puff of smoke, leaving behind only the burning, somehow floating Weyr outline on the water before them. And the Reachian team lands in a flurry of color and fluttering wingsails, to reassemble in a straight line down the beach, saluting their judges.

OOC: Only Ista Weyr and High Reaches Weyr teams will be shown on-camera. To make this less messy, posing will be done as a 'team' rather than an 'individual'. What we mean by this is, each team gets 5 poses to 'perform' their routine. Each team composes a preset 5 poses of what the group is doing for their display, each pose should be limited to one major acrobatic display. Each team member submits their pose to the 'Captain' or whoever will be @emitting to be included in the larger pose. Such as " P'ork does a loop de loop while C'ow banks left. F'root and L'oop shower them both with streamers." Things like that.

Judges will be NPC, and the winning team will be chosen at random.

IW competitors, 'addcom ifp=IstansFlyPrettier'
HRW competitors, 'addcom rfg=ReachiansFlyGloriously'

Contact Tilla for more information.

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