Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that Aeokaith is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. – M’er

Dragon: Aeokaith

Color: Blue

Name: M’er

Egg: Shall We Dance Egg

Egg Desc: Jobber

Dragonet: Nothing but Trouble Blue Dragonet

Dragonet Desc: M’er

Messages: M’er

Inspiration: M’er; Hannah tweak

Clutching Pose

Quarith steps left and leans back, neck arched, the struggle of clutching now long-practiced and almost perfected. This latest egg slips out with an ease that is undoubtedly appreciated, swirling the sands before coming to a natural rest.

Egg Description:

Shall We Dance Egg

There's a grace to this egg, a joie de verve that rests lightly on the sands - never buried, always visible, and seldom in the same spot twice; polished smooth and glossy, its base color is that reflective black that showcases rather than suppresses the rainbow's gamut. Small footprints weave an intricate dance around this stage, their patterns seemingly random but in fact placed with a detailed precision that's echoed in the romantic blues, energetic reds, and restful greens that flow through the rhythmic steps.

Hatching Message

Shall We Dance Egg's bright surface becomes heavily marred with hundreds of cracks veining up and out from the base. Brightness falls away to reveal dark against faded. Needless to say, he is here; be prepared.

Nothing but Trouble Blue Dragonet

Faded denim spirals out from a short muzzle, bathing apical eyeridges and keen neckridges. Straps of gunmetal flee from dorsal to ventral, tapering to fine points and stopping where the velvety skin lightens to powder blue. The stripes darken further down the neck until they lay as thick layers of navy across spurred shoulders. Sky blue swathes his scrawny chest, flecked with feathery platinum that congregates and deepens along his belly to form a titanium ring along the curve. His wings seem carved right from steel, complete with roughly hewn spars and pinions, and rusts that darkens the tips to twilight. Similarly, all four limbs consist of all too obvious joints and lankiness which ends in ebony-clawed midnight paws. Both the dark stripes and the edged ridges re-start at the peak of his haunches, and mar the surface of his unusually gaunt tail that ends in a noir spade.

Impression Message

Nothing but Trouble Blue Dragonet makes his final destination in one last stumble towards his new beloved. He nuzzles his short snout into Thistia's belly, and then creels pitifully up at her. He'll promise to behave if she promises to love him forever.

Personal Impression Message

A tingling sensation forms in the back of your mind, and then quickly recedes. Just as quickly as it left, it returns with a whole brigade to enter your mind and hug tightly around your thoughts. « Hi Tasi! » a voice cheerfully notes over the din. You sense a wave of confidence as the unfamiliar but loveable voice continues, « I'm Aeokaith, and I think you belong to me. »


Name Inspiration

After talking with Sapha about names, she gave me Ikaith, which is Hawaiin for strong. But, think of it more as an antonym or oxymoron or something. I liked the 'kaith' part of the name Sapha gave me, so I used it (after all, there already was a dragon named just Kaith) and came up with Aeokaith. I pronounce it: AE-oh-kay-th, but you're allowed to say it however you like.

Egg Inspiration

Shall We Dance Egg: name taken from Astaire/Rogers film "Shall We Dance".

Description Inspiration

I know you said you wanted dark with light highlights, but I inverted that and made him light (think, a more faded, grayish blue. Like a faded pair fo jeans) with dark stripes. Er, well, anyway, the inspiration for it was a mixture of Stitch (the dark stripes and short muzzle) and Zazu (the feathery colors on his belly, the dark tip of his tail, which eventually led to dark wingtips, neckridges and paws.)


Aeokaith's mindvoice fits his physique and personality quite nicely, as nothing makes a nosey, troublesome, little dragon more annoying than a high-pitched, whining voice. And, of course, it's at it's pinacle when he feels he must verbally highlight a word, drawing out the sounds and making it particularly loud. His favorite is the simply word 'I' usually used in this manner to brag about himself or you. And, yes there's more! A slightly humming or vibrating will sometimes be heard, as though an unseen bug were darting about around your ears.


Aeokaith is a rather small blue, to say the least. Sure, he's got length on his side, but it's not enough to save him from his emaciated look. If anything, the length of his tail and neck only worsen it, making him seem lanky and uncoordinated. Of course, he can walk and fly just fine, in fact, he's quite graceful, despite that awkward look.

No matter how much you feed him, he will always return to that bony physic, and it will continue to haunt him his whole life, though he will get a bit of muscle to even it out a bit. Just not enough to completely undo it.

With a small weight and large wings, Aeokaith is quite the flyer. He's agile and quick, even if he isn't always paying attention to where he's going unless he absolutely needs to (ie. Thread fall.)


Aeokaith, first of all, will always be devoted to you, and he'll voice this as often as possible, and he's fawn over you quite a bit. Don't like getting attention? That's too bad, because he'll just force it upon you. You will know everything that goes on with him, except, maybe a few things. If he sees anything, he'll report it to you before even thinking about what it could be. Of course, this can get ridiculous, « Tasi! There are little pink things all over the ground! By Faranth! Oh. Oh, no, wait. Those are just flowers. »

As for the things he won't tell you about, it's his trouble-making side. Just turn your head for a moment, and Aeokaith will have romped about the Weyr, leaving a trail of havoc in his wake. And don't forget who gets blamed when he creates the trouble. Yeah, you.

And he'll know more about you than even you do. He'll stick his nose into any of your business without a second thought, and he'll even feel be must speak on behalf of you sometimes. He'll have to know everyone that you talk to, keeping an especially close eye on anyone who gets too close to his beloved, and he isn't afraid to say if they are too close, « Ahem, step away from Tasi. Thank you. » And don't think he'll let anyone touch you without a very good reason. « Hey! Hey! Keep your nasty hands off of her! » He'll even go as far to having to know exactly what you ate and drank for dinner, making sure you aren't having too many sweet foods and too little healthy foods. He's quite possibly one of the most over-protective dragons on Pern.

Flight Message

If you like Flights, then Aeokaith is the dragon for you — he loves to fly, even when not chasing after a female or fighting Thread, so with all that practice, he's quite quick and agile. This isn't promising him the green, exactly, but he's sure a step above those klutzy browns and bronzes.

He'll show off, too, which may be his downfall. Worried with acrobatics, he often will find himself behind some dragons who choose the quicker way of going right for the green. But it certainly doesn't stop him from trying.


Thistia’s blue Aeokiath

Harper's Tale: 35th PC Clutch Ista Weyr

Saria's gold Quarith and G'deon's bronze Nylanth

April 27, 2003

Clutchmates: Rhaeyn’s bronze Akamieth, Drutoley’s brown Febanteurigith, Ozeunzi’s brown Beniodyth, Kaefe's Brown Tanzheth, P'renn's brown Cinestioth, Ajala’s green Myrrheth, Khristeen’s green Imacinth


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