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Logfile from Hannah.

Living Cavern (#4190)

The smooth, rounded walls cavern sweep upward from an oval base, two dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat every member of the Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava which forms these caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets abound, dotting the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle greenish light toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in the ceiling. Ancient, lustrous tables run along the axis of the cavern, and at the far end rests the raised dais and high table, where Weyrleaders and honored guests eat during formal occasions. Behind the high table, the Weyr's symbol is embedded into stone: a smoking mountain in black on an orange shield, trimmed in gold.
Perched near the food are twenty-seven firelizards.
You see Oogly and Moss here.
You notice Lyria asleep here.
S'nin, Rele, Iya, and Xveiya are here.
Obvious exits:
Northeast Caverns Kitchens Bowl Southern Caverns

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S'nin waves after the Iya. Wow, she left and no one got hurt before she did. Quite an accomplishment for this brownrider. His attention turns back to Rele. "So, are you still going to go or are you going to chicken out until another day?"

Iya steps swiftly to the Bowl.

Rele nods to Iya, waving as the bluerider disappears, before turning a glare on S'nin. "Chicken -out-? Excuse me? Who do you think I am?" Hmph. "I'm going. Of course I'm going. A swivel of the head catching sight of Xveiya. "Oh. Perfect. Hey Xveiya… want to come with us?" Uh oh. All this plotting and Rele doesn't notice Hannah. Yet.

Hannah slips into the living caverns as unobtrusively as possible in search of a hot cup of klah and something to nibble one. Once she's procured her items, she takes an empty seat, quite content to sip her klah and listen to the myriad of conversations around her.

Xveiya is discovered. Curses! She turns her nasty scowl Rele's way, opening her mouth to threaten…before she realizes who it is. "Rele!" She almost sounds happy. Something is wrong with this picture. "Go with you? Where?" She's suspicious, and squints at the greenrider as though she might be plotting Xvei's demise.

S'nin chuckles as he nods at Rele. See, he knew she'd go with the right prodding. Besides, there is no way he's going ot be going all by himself. A blink is given as he look towards Xveiya. Hmmm, more accomplices. "To High Reaches. We're up for a raid of some sort. You know, steal some wine, some candidates, a weyrleader." He's excited about and totally misses anyone besides who he talks to.

Hannah tilts her head slightly, catching snippets of the groups conversation, but outwardly does nothing but sip her klah and nibble her pastry.

Prodding is a cruel word, S'nin. Cruel. "Yes, a weyrleader," Though the words are murmured, Rele is -slowly- putting apprehension aside. "Would you like to come, Xveiya? There are Candidates up there to torture," Torture should appeal to Xveiya, no? Rele's eyes scan the cavern, and fall on Hannah. Uh oh. Best look casual, "Would you like to come, Weyrwoman?" Inviting the Weyrwoman on a pilfering raid, yes, best act as polite as can be. Hah.

Xveiya arches an eyebrow. "Steal some wine, candidates, and a weyrleader?" She looks positively evil, and actually rubs her hands together in true villain style. "If we get to kick anyone, I'm in. If not, I'll squeal and watch you two get in trouble, because that might be nearly as amusing." As Rele addresses Hannah, Xvei whirls around to stare. "You should. Unless you'd just be trouble."

What? huh? S'nin turns to see who the other two are now speaking to. Blink blink. Hmmm, she hasn't stopped them yet, perhaps the other two are going on the right track. Quickly he nods and pipes up as well. "Yes, you should come with us. Surely, you could help us get further than if we went alone."

Hannah slants the group a hooded look, toying with the edge of her mug. "Go where? To High Reaches to steal wine, candidates, and a weyrleader?" Her voice is bland when she asks her questions, yet a quick glance to Xveiya and she quickly replies with, "You are labeling me with Trouble? A little impertinent, don't you think?" Sitting up a tad straighter, Weyrwoman purses her lips at S'nin. "Surely, I am not quite hearing what I think I am hearing. Surely, you jest, eh?"

Um. Yeah. That was a bad thing to ask, Rele. Not quite so brave in the face of Hannah, the greenrider tones down her courage a few notches and sits in her chair. Did she say that? Not at all. "Of course not, I mean, it's all in good fun, right? It's just a friendly visit. You know, get us out of the weyr, give us something new to do." Ahem.

Xveiya blinks, completely nonchalant. "Impertinent? I think that depends on whether or not you would cause trouble." Knots, schmots. "I bite without discretion." She stalks her way over to Rele and plants herself behind the greenrider. "Do I get anything for helping?" Like raw fish, or something?

S'nin eyes Xveiya for a moment before grinning towards Hannah. "Come on, it would be fun. And just think, if we happened to snag a couple candidates and brought them back here for a short while, we can have a few personal cleaners for the Weyr. ANd then there's the wine that we could get."

Hannah ignores Rele for a moment to snap at Xveiya, "I would watch my mouth if I were you. You will not be cutting your milkteeth on me." Rele is given her attention, then. "Stealing, greenrider, is not a sport. I would hope that you and your cohorts would have better sence than that." S'nin garners a narrow-eyed gaze, "Let me remind you that stealing from High Reaches is not likely to gain their gratitude. I would hope that you would have more sense than that?"

Rele groans extra-soft at S'nin. Yeah, bad idea to bring up the Candidates… and then Xveiya, crawling over here by Rele. Does she look like the mastermind of this?… Okay, that aside, the greenrider doesn't precisely desire the weyrwoman's attentions at this moment. Oops, too late. "Yes ma'am. We do." Then her gaze is cast aside like a scolded puppy. That probably counts her out of the little plot; she -does- value her head. Somewhat.

Kia waddles, as gracefully as possible, in from the Southeastern Bowl.

"What're you talking about?" Xvei frowns, clueless. "Milkteeth are for babies and — oh." She snarls, oblivious to the fact that's she's just digging herself deeper. She eyes Rele, scowling as the other steps back. "What, you getting all wherry-headed and stupid on me, Rele?"

S'nin lets out a small sigh as he nods towards Hannah. "Of course we do. We would replace and return anything that we took. It would all be for just a little fun. Perhaps we could ever talk with them to make sure it was ok before hand." Though wouldn't that defeat the purpose? Rele and Xveiya are ignored right now.

Hannah gives Xveiya a cool glare, "You have deductive skills. For a moment there, I was concerned." Back to Rele, "I am glad you have more sense. Otherwise, maybe it would be best to put you back in the weyrling wing so that you may relearn skills you have lost?" S'nin is given a considering look, "Stealing, in any form, is beneath Ista's riders. If you want to go and have a bit of fun at High Reaches, perhaps you may ask their leaders if you can help them train the Candidates?"

Kia makes her way in yet again. She was here earlier you see but well she ended up having to use the outhouse? Hole in the ground? Well whatever she had to pee. Even left her plate of food which is gone by now. The people already here are looked at oddly perhaps it's the tone she's hearing but even before food she heads over towards S'nin and the rest.

Seidou blinks in from ::between::!

Yes, yes Xveiya, Rele is. "Wherry-headed and stupid? I'd rather have a wherry's head than no head 'tall." is muttered, and the greenrider leaves it at that, shrinking away - or trying to. A sidelong glance is given to S'nin with an inwardly given nod of approval. That's right, save Rele's butt, you know you want to— wait. Weyrling wing? "No ma'am," is given firmly, a nervous glance passed to her Thunderstreak badge. Please don't take it. It's shiny. And pretty. And Rele likes it. "Train them? They're" she stops short of claiming the little white-knotted creatures are beasts. "up to that sort of thing?" Hah, nice save.

Xveiya scowls. "Of course I have deductive skills. What do you think I am, stupid?" Never a good question to ask. She jabs her finger in Rele's direction threateningly. "Are you going to duck out on me? I was prepared to steal some candidates. I should at least get a consultation prize." Oy. Just give her fish or something, and she'll be fine. Unless she tries to do it herself.

S'nin almost seems to give the thought of asking about teaching the candidates some serious thoughts before he shakes his head again. His attention is caught by Kia for a moment befor ehe forces it back to Hannah. Great, now it's going to be a double team. "I think I shall just forget even going to High Reaches." he says a little quietly.

Kia perks up at the mention of 'Reaches "Oh snow? They have snow there S'nin." green eyes peer at him with a grin. Xveiya's words about stealing candidates have her gawking and then she's all gooey eyed at S'nin "You're going to get me some help? I could use some fetch and carriers." apparently she wasn't paying enough attention to Hannah's words it seems. See she's just seeing the good points. Yup good ones.

"Even closer," mutters Hannah in Xveiya's direction, possibly in response to the girl's question. S'nin is given a quick look, and then a nod. "Possibly a good idea. Certainly, you can have a rousing good time, that doesn't require stealing. Or sanction it with the leaders of High Reaches, first." She sips her now cooling klah, giving Kia a quick wave in greeting. Though expression darkens more at the mention of stealing again.

Kia perks up at the mention of 'Reaches "Oh snow? They have snow there S'nin." green eyes peer at him with a grin. Xveiya's words about stealing candidates have her gawking and then she's all gooey eyed at S'nin "You're going to get me some help? I could use some fetch and carriers." apparently she wasn't paying enough attention to Hannah's words it seems. See she's just seeing the good points. Yup good ones. Oh she does catch the words 'Good idea' from Hannah though. Fingers are waved in Hannah's direction but she's oogling S'nin again "You're so sweet. I want a girl one I think."

"I believe that's the wisest course of action," Rele agrees quickly with S'nin, slooowly scooting over toward the brownrider. Safety in numbers, and at least she'll be -somewhat- out of the way of Xveiya and Hannah. Then a glance to Kia. "We could ask to -borrow- their Candidates a little while… I've seen several shirking, and I'm almost positive that we at Ista can find them something to do in our delightful weather…" Especially when they're adjusting to 'Reaches. Rele's eyes glitter slightly. "And several of the 'riders here are pregnant, I know, and there are dirty weyrs…" Wheels are ticking in the greenrider's head now. "We could ask." she decides firmly. Yes, yes. Appease the Hannah.

Appeasing is /boring/. Xvei kicks a table, hard, and winces when it hurts. Imagine that. "Why do we need to train 'em? They'll get their stupid training on their own. Besides, candidates are /boring/. Stealing the Weyrleader sounded much more interesting." Hitting her on the head and dragging her into a closet might shut her up. Or bribing. Not much else will…"I wanted to kick someone." Scowl.

S'nin frowns towards Kia as he shakes his head. But then Rele speaks and he's looking to Hannah for her reaction to this. Borrowing isn't stealing and then he could get Kia that girl candidate that she always wanted to clean her weyr for her. Xveiya gets a momentary look. So violent… He likes.

Hannah stands quickly when Xveiya kicks the table. "Girl!" she snaps out as her patience wears thin, "You will not abuse the tables. Do you really want to get shipped back from wherever you came from?" Shaking her head at Xveiya's rather violent attitude, she adds, "Do you really think you can steal a weyrleader? His dragon would tear you from here to Nabol before you could successfully get away with it." Inclining her head at Rele, she says to the greenrider much more politely than previously, "You can certainly ask to borrow them. The Weyrleaders might agree with that, but if they don't you aren't to be stealing them. Ask to your hearts content."

Kia waves at hand around at the mention of pregnant riders "Yeah me! S'nin here isn't much help always running off to talk with other riders when I need him most." pointed look in his direction before she eyes Xvei "Get shoes made from a sturdier material if you're going to kick hard stuff" sage nod as she gives her advice. Hannah's yelling has her holding a hand up as if to dampen the snapping. A pleasant grin dawns on her lips though as she turns to Rele "You could ask the weyrleader if you could steal them? Then the candidates at least wouldn't know and it wouldn't be rude to High Reaches 'leaders and what not." there make everyone happy

Rele snaps a prompt salute to Hannah, nodding. "Yes ma'am." Kehehe. Candidate abduction… legally. That'll be more fun, because then when they whine and complain, the transports will have authority to tell them off. Sorta. Now plotting how best to put the Candidates to use, Xveiya is left to fend for herself… not that Xvei would really let anyone fend for her anyway, eh?

"What'll you do, send me back here?" Xvei scowls, forgetting that she did come from somewhere else, once. But anyone who would take care of her is here. "The tables don't give a dragon's arse who kicks them, so why can't I? It's not like I'm kicking you." Which she hopefully has enough sense not to do. "I could take a dragon any day. They're just oversized firelizards." She crosses her arms and looks smug. "They think they've got something on me just 'cause they're big? Pfft! I can get away with anything!"

S'nin cannot hold in the laughter that forces itself out at Xveiya's words. Even though he does his best to hide it from the weyrwoman. TUrning, he smiles widely towards Kia as he motions a little ways away from the others. "Perhaps we should go?" he asks the bluerider quietly. Flee, while the fleeing is good.

Rele definitely scoots out of the way at that little outburst. Xveiya is scary when she's angry, but Hannah is even moreso… and Rele is -not- intending to get caught in the crossfire. A concerned glance is passed toward S'nin and Kia, brow arched in a 'Should we knock her out and get her out of the way before she gets thrown out?' way.

Hannah lifts her eyebrows, staring at Xveiya. "First, child, you certainly did come from somewhere else than here. Second, I rather do not like your attitude and you are very quickly wearing on my nerves. Third, you cannot and never will be able to 'get away with anything'. Not at this weyr." S'nin and Rele are not forgotten, however, "Maybe you should remind your cohort what good manners are?"

Kia arches a brow at S'nin "Go where? I'm stuck here you know 'less you want to go up to my weyr or something." a roll of her eyes "Supposedly I'm supposed to be resting as much as possible. Healers are afraid since I'm so little and" she gestures to the stomach "this is so big I might hurt something. Hate staying in bed though." yes Kia lets ramble about now bored you are really. She does move closer to S'nin though rather curious about where they're going.

Jump? How high? No, seriously. Rele stands, clearing her throat at Xveiya. "Xvei-ya… Polaris can catch you some fish." Raw fish. The weyrwoman's hint certainly did its trick, for the greenrider is eager to both get out of these caverns and just… out. Somewhere. Away. Fear. "Raw fish, bring it right back to you. Just don't kick the tables. Please." Well, that's not really teaching Xveiya good manners… but it's close enough for Rele.

S'nin pauses and glances back towards the other three. He's not sure what to do with Xveiya and he's hesitant to knock her out like Rele suggests. If Hannah didn't like the idea of raiding another Weyr, he doubts she would entertain the thought of fighting and such. Oh… decisions decisions. A small smile is given back to Kia. "We can go to your weyr or something." he agrees with a small nod. GOod luck Rele.

Kia grins "Well I'll just go bribe Kismetath to take me back up. Think I might take a nap actually. Mind if I borrow Kismetath though? He's got bigger gaps between his ridges and they don't squeeze me like Valanth does."

Kia waddles, as gracefully as possible, to the Bowl.

Xveiya is stubborn. "My dad is here. And so he won't let you send me anywhere else. And Fangy'll bite you if you try to send me away." Not to mention Xvei's super-attack! The mention of fish catches her attention, and she narrows her eyes at Rele. "You're not trying to /bribe/ me, are you? 'Cause it won't work. I'm supervious." That'd be impervious. Pause. "How quick will the fish be here?"

Hannah gives Rele a sharp look at the mention of fish, then she turns her attention back to Xveiya. "Your father, my dear, cannot save you. Again, you will not be cutting your milkteeth on me. And since your have not yet learned the importance of manners, I suggest you learn. And quickly. Before your rotten attitude causes your friends extra work."

Despite knowing that is might cause him to have much more work to do, S'nin takes the moment to try to slip out towards the bowl and away from the three women. A glance over his shoulder is given before he slips outside. Poor Rele.

S'nin walks to the Bowl.

Xveiya has disconnected.

Rele has connected.

Rele glances at the stomping Xveiya, rubbing her forehead stressfully. "Oh man," she breathes near-silently, tempted to do the same. "I'm sorry about her, she's difficult. I'll find her later and" Do something. Mean. Or something. Yeah. "Chide her about it. I don't know what else to do." Does anyone?

Hannah turns slowly to look at Rele, giving her a thoughtful, considering look. "She needs to be taught some manners." Weyrwoman nibbles her lip and then adds, "I'll leave that to you, Rele, to teach her manners. The next time she displays such deplorable manners, I don't think it will go well for her."

"Yes ma'am, I'll agree to that. I will do my best." And that's really the best that Rele can offer, isn't it? "Sorry about the whole raiding… party… thing…" The greenrider's voice just trails off into embarassed silence. "It was honestly meant in good fun, and we'd take the stuff back. Drills and sweeps and all… it just gets a slight monotonous." Is that even a good thing to say to the Weyrwoman? Eesh. Rele's walking a thin line here, no?

Hannah slants the greenrider a look, "I can understand that. I really can, but stealing is not something to take lightly. Not when you chance the politics of the other place." She gives Rele a quick smile, "I am unfortunately going to have to go take care of other business. Make sure that girl learns to bite her tongue."

Rele sighs silently under that look. "Yes ma'am. I will, ma'am." All politeness here, yep. "I'll do my best," That's all she can promise when it comes to Xveiya, really. "Have a good evening." A rather well-performed salute is given to the Weyrwoman, and Rele remains standing out of respect.

Hannah smiles slightly, "No need to stress yourself Rele. Sometimes, it's good to know when to be relaxed. Respect doesn't always mean the salutes and the stiff standing." She pauses, then thoughtfully adds, "Mostly it means just being plain nice." With that, she lifts her hand in farewell and quickly exits the caverns.

You head out to the bowl.

[End of Log]

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