A Dip In The Lake

[[Logged by Ali, HRW Mudslide Wingrider]]

A soft roar sounds from crystalline water tumbling over rocks at the far side of the circular lake. Tiny fish, few in number, dart about beneath the mirror-like surface, jumping in and out of the frothy waves at the bottom of the fall. Large rocks, worn smooth by swimmers using them as jumping ledges, bracket the cooling waterfall, but taper into soft sand. To the left of the tumbling water, a few metres past the rocks, a jungle garden begins to grow with brightly coloured flowers, shading trees, and soft, lush grass. But it all halts abruptly to make room for a small stone building, the bathhouse.

Lilara bounces in, merrily humming a tune to which Sundae adds in his own croons every now and then.

Alis wanders tiredly, arms full of freshly picked flowers, along from the starry hall, yawning as she does. "Good afternoon," she calls out softly, waving one of her hands to each.

Naomi wades through the water, tossing her clothes on the shore of the lake. She shivers slightly as she sinks in deeper, covering herself up to her shoulders. Quietly, slowly, she glides out into the water and pushes off the ground below her feet, darting forward and under quickly. When she resurfaces, she shakes her head and spins around, treading water. "Oh… hi!" she calls out nervously, eyeing the clothes on the bank.

"How's the water feel?" Alis calls out as she clambers up to the top of one of the flat rocks and lays her bunch of flowers down beside her. "I'd considered a swim, but it just seems too, I dunno, cold looking, even in this heat." Fingers slip through her hair in a vain attempt to push those shiny brown locks out of her face, but as soon as she releases them, down they fall again. Sandals are removed, and dropped to the ground beside the boulder.

Lilara peers over into the water, tongue poking out. "Hey, Nao…you skinny dipping /again/" she singsongs out with a wave. Sundae is plonked onto the grass, the brown waddling over to chew on flowers (the nectar is sweeeeet). In any case, the bubbley apprentice makes her pitter patter way over to Alister. "Hey, you going swimming too?"

"Me?" Alis shakes her head as she moves forward on the rock so that her legs dangle over the side, toes just barely skimming the surface of the water. "I think I'll probably just lounge here above the water for a bit instead, not really in the mood to get wet at the moment though." Motioning at the rest of the rock, she grins, "You can join me, if you'd like."

Lilara shakes her head. "Nah, I'm going in" she says with a wink, quickly pulling off her shoes. She isn't in the mood to be stark naked either, so she leaves on her shirt and shorts she's been practically living in, in this weather. "Yahooooooo" she cries and with one running jump lands with a *kersplash* in the water.

Naomi swims back towards the shore, still keeping her shoulders covered. "It's nicer than it was in winter, that's for sure!" she calls out with a wink. She waves at Lilara, grinning. "I didn't expect an audience, 'Ara!" Still, she blushes a little, holding her arms over her chest and sinking low. "Isn't it great?" she asks Lilara from a good distance away.

Alister dips her toes into the water, and swings them around in circles, creating tiny waves around the edge of the lake. A flower is chosen, and one by one, the petals are plucked from it, and released so that they drift down to the water, where they float in the tiny waves.

Lilara blows a few bubbles briefly as she surfaces, nodding over to Naomi as she treads water. "It's delicious!" she notes, a few petals floating by her. Sundae now waddles over to join Alister on her rock, the brown firelizard creeling at his humanpet. He doesn't like the water, no way, no day. Doesn't stop 'Ara from diving deeper, and sticking her legs out of the water as she does a handstand on the bottom.

Archellian trails in after Alexander, forever on the guard for crazy starcraft-hating women. None spotted he breathes a sigh of relief, pushing his hair back from his eyes. "So well Alexander, this the place?" he asks looking around. "I've been here before."

Bubble, bubble, *pop*! Lilara returns to the surface, preceeded by bubbles of air. "Hiya" she hollers brightly, swimming over to the side of the pool. "You guys coming in too?" Of course the more the merrier….Atreyu, her bronze, circles above them, and with a warble, he dives into the water, shooting back out with water droplets spraying out behind him. With a hoot at this, 'Ara pushes back from the edge, a backflip gently done before she waves up at Alis again. "Come in…it's bew-di-ful"

Pluck. Drop. Pluck. Drop. Petals continue to be pulled from the flower and released so they can flutter down from Alis' fingers to the water, ocassionally one being lifted to her lips and blown outward into Lilara's direction. As the others approach, she turns her head, waving a flower, filled hand in Alexander and Archellian's direction, "good afternoon!"

Forever the intrepid explorer, Alexander hacks his way through the harsh wilderness between Gar Hold and StarCraft Lakeside. "We're looking for a big puddle of water.. so I guess this is it," he says frowning. "Hey, Soft Lady. Hey, Alister. Nice to see ya again, " he says obliviously, wading into the lake.

Naomi swims back towards the shore, still keeping her shoulders covered. "It's nicer than it was in winter, that's for sure!" she calls out with a wink. She waves at Lilara, grinning. "I didn't expect an audience, 'Ara!" Still, she blushes a little, holding her arms over her chest and sinking low. "Isn't it great?" she asks Lilara from a good distance away. (repose)

Archellian is most definitely not naked, he decides it's much safer to find himself some shady spot to sit in, forever the spoilsport he sits down on the ground and decides to study his hands, then stops, turquoise gaze flickering around searching the surroundings for crazy knife wielding maniacs.

Waist deep in water, Alex belatedly realizes the prescence of clothes, and tosses off shirt, shorts and sandals, the latter quite thoroughly soaked. He does a jungle war whoop and hails Arc. "Heya! You coming in? The water's nice!"

"No, I'm just gonna sit here" with the not naked people, "and remain perfectly dry," Archellian replies to Alexander. "I'm happy enough like this," which is the honest truth, even if it is rather hot. "You have fun I'll stay and fend off the knife wielding maniacs."

Lilara raises her eyebrows. She could get Arc really wet….but she won't. Instead she challenges Alex. "Hey can you do sommersaults, backflips, handstands?" she hollers, lazily floating on her back as the occaisonal petal sticks to her clothes.

Alexander glides over to the Floating Lady through the crystal clear water, leaving a bubbly trail in his wake. "Uh, no," he says, popping his head above the surface where several petals alight. "But I bet I could if I tried."

Lilara chuckles, and now flips up to swim in her usual manner. "I'm 'Ara" she says, extending a wet hand in greeting. "I can teach you to sommersault if you want?" she offers as Atreyu dives into the water once more a bronze missile.

Naomi smiles at the entrance of some new faces, gliding out to the shore by Arc. "Hey!" she calls, completely forgetting all modesty and crawls up on the bank to pick up the towel. After wrapping it all around her, she /finally/ realizes her clothing- or lack thereof- and blushes prettily. "Oops." The airheaded comment is nearly too quiet to hear, but she still walks over to sit near Arc, keeping the towel under her arms and around her midsection. "How are you?"

Alexander follows the Soft Lady's landing with his eyes. Oooh. "Okay," he says, returning his attention to the Floating Lady. His attention span is short. "Dya mean on land or under water. Cuz I can do somersalts and handstands underwater.."

"I'm doing good, how're you?" Archellian replies to Naomi flushing himself, you'd hardly believe that he grew up with zillions of siblings. "Have you been busy?" he searches around and fails miserably to find something else to add then finally remembers, "I made up with Orpheus," the last is said in barely a whisper.

Lilara crinkles her nose. "I mean like from the land /into. the water" she clarifies, pointing up to the rock Alis seems to be sitting on. "That's the best place to do it from…a somersault into the water, or a backflip" Paddling to the side she heaves herself onto the grass, darting over towards Alis, dripping wet of course.

Naomi's expression is a melting one, calm and controlled though extremely happy. "Oh!" she shouts happily, forgetting to whisper. "I mean… that's great!" she adds softer, leaning in a little more. "I thought it might be best for you two to talk this morning. I'm really, very happy. Have you been working hard today?" she asks casually, shifting the towel a little as she stretches out on the grass.

Archellian shakes his head slowly in response, "not as hard as I should have. And well me and Orpheus, well we've been sorting things out gradually. He ran off to class today though before we had a real chance to talk. I think things might work out though," he says rather hopefully. "It is great," soft smile on his lips proving that. "Have you been working hard?"

Alexander waddles up the side of the lake after Lilara in his turnday suit. He waves cheerfully to Archellian deep in discussion with a *lady* for once, the Soft Lady, no less, and scrabbles up the rock after the Floating one. "Hey, Alister!" he calls chipperly, hugging himself with his arms and shivering. He didn't realize it was so cold until he got out of the water..

"Whoa," Alis holds her hands up into the air and shakes her head, "You want to dive, from here? I'm going to get wet, aren't I?" An eyebrow is raised in question, and she looks about ready to run, except for the fact that she seems quite comfortable sitting where she is. Cinammon toned eyes scan the crowd of people that're gathering here, and gives Alexandar a grin, "Hello, Alexander!"

Lilara pushes her hands onto her hips. "But it's the best rock, around, Alis" she pleads. "And you won't get too wet, just a little, and it might be nice" her head tilts to the side, a pink petal stuck to her forehead from the lake.

"Weeeeell," Alis draws the word out, peering up at 'Ara from her *dry* place on the rock. "If you could maybe just, maybe jump out *far* so I don't get completely soaked?" she makes a pleading request, holding up a flower as a bribe.

Certainly not /acting/ like much of a lady, Nao lays back, throwing her hands up behind her head and closing her eyes, having complete confidence that the towel will stay where it should. "Oh… you know me. I'm a hard worker- /when/ I actually start myself up. But I've been coming up with a lot of excuses to /not/ start studying again lately, and… I admit, I've been slacking. But all work and no fun isn't healthy." She smiles, her eyes still closed, and sighs deeply. "The water's great."

Alexander brushes his hair back from his face, a storm of petals adhering to it. Gah. Flowers. He glances down nervously and the world seems to spin beneath him. Teeth chattering, he beams bravely at the Floating Lady and Alister just for show. It wouldn't do for him to be scared of just a little *water*. Of course not. "Uh.. ya.. you go first?"

"Well I'm sure once you do start working nothing'll stop you," Archellian replies, tucking strands of gold behind his ears, "and yeah all work no play and all that. You need to have fun and work to appreciate the other." He watches Alexander worry in his eyes, his conversation trailing off.

Lilara nods. "Of course I'll jump out, /far/, Alis" she says excitedly leaping onto the rock, absent-mindedly spraying droplets from her clothes. "And just use my Sundae there as a shield" she jokes, a foot poking her brown tubby firelizard in the belly. Then she pauses by the rock egde, toes hanging over. "Ok with a sommersault you have to leap up high, and curve round before you hit the water, Alex otherwise it hurts" she notes. And then with a hollering "yeeeehawwwww" the cowgirl apprentice jumps, perfectly balling up and tumbling into the water.

"Aaah!" Alis squeaks as she gets splashed from 'Ara's flip into the water, wiping her hand over her face and scowling playfully. She then stretches a hand out in Alex's direction, a motherly instinct poking it's evil head up. "Be careful, now, the rock, it's slick when it's wet, and we definitely don't want you to fall." As if to take the parentalness of her words out, she gives him a grin, "You can do it."

"I'm glad you see it my way, Arc." Naomi sighs contentedly and turns over on to her side towards Arc, fingers flicking at the ground idly. She quickly scrambles up the the towel as necessary and rests her head on a mound of sand, not really worried about the clinging effects of sand on her face too much. The noise that can only be described as Lilara gets a little jump out of the girl, but she resists the urge to walk over and see what's going on. Knowing 'Ara, she /doesn't/ want to know.

Alexander flings his hands over his face instinctively to ward off the tremendous amount of water rushing the rock. Placing one foot after the other, he steps up onto the rock and tries really really hard to distract himself from looking down by waving meekly to Alister. At the tip of the rock, he looks down anyways and swallos the lump in his throat. With a spring, he hops off, curving in midair…. and enters the water clumsily feet first.

Archellian chuckles in response, "well whatever way is there to see things?" he replies curiously, shifting so he's sitting more comfortably, stretching his legs out, "so well how was 'Reaches? What was it like staying at a weyr?" he asks rather curiously. "Did you enjoy it other than miss us? Would you go back?"

Lilara clambers up the side, a maniacal grin plastered across her face, and she claps. "You did it, Alex!" she cheers, making a slippery way onto the rock. She breathes deeply, waves excitedly to Nao and Arc and turns on her heel, backing with careful footsteps to the edge of the rock. "Now, a backflip is a little harder coz you don't wanna smack your chin on the rock as you go backwards" she says. Hmm, not the most resposible of people is she?

Alister claps her hands together for Alex's efforts, and grins as he slips feet first into the water. "Good try!" she calls out to him, laughing happily, despite the fact that she's all….wet now. A spray of petals float through the air as she blows them from her hands.

Alexander blinks, bobbing up and down in the lake like a cork next to more of them annoying petals. "Wha? I did?" He swims back towards the rock in alternating bursts of speed and stops, clambering back up behind Lilara. "Okay, sure I did…"

Naomi laughs lightly, lifting her head from the sand. Of course, the sand clings to her wet skin like April's oatmeal sticks to the throat. She wipes at it, trying- and failing- to brush it all off. With an irritated sigh, she drops the towel again and strides to the water again, diving in gracefully and coming up quickly after that. "Oh, it was alright… I suppose. I'm not the traveling type, though! I love Gar, and I don't see why I'd want to leave…"

Alexander watches the Floating Lady run off and shrugs. Standing up on top of the rock, he hops off again, yelling, "AAAAOOOOAAAAOOOOAAAAA!" before hitting the water with a splash, again feet first. After recovering his breath and treading water for several minutes, he drags himself to the lakeside next to Arc and the Soft Lady, panting like a lost canine. "Heya."

Alister sighs softly, leaning backwards on her now-wet rock until she's lying flat on it, her legs still dangling over the edge. With her arm, she shields her eyes from the brightness of the sun, and just lies there, resting.

Archellian nods in agreement with Naomi, "yeah that's exactly how I feel about the place. Well sort of. I think I'd like to get out and see more places if it didn't involve the whole travelling thing," he chuckles softly as he speaks. A glance is given to Alexander, "tired already?" he asks smirking. "Surely not."

Alexander reclines in the warm sand, letting the fine grains stick to his back.. and the annoying airborn petals stick to his chest. D'oh. "Uh.. not tired," he murmurs to Archellian sweetly . "Just gracing you and the Soft Lady with the joy of my presence." He props himself up with a sandy elbow, adding the afterthought, "Don't make me drown you."

Naomi scrambles back out of the water, shaking herself off much like a canine would. Slowly, she bends down and picks up her towel from the ground and shakes it out, still ignoring nakedness for the moment. "I'm sure someday I'll go somewhere again, but for now… It's just good to be home. You know?" She wrinkles her nose and slips the towel around her torso as she walks back over to Arc and Alexander.

Alexander wraps his arms around his knees, ignoring sand in places in places where it really shouldn't be, such as between the cracks of his toes. You can't know how irritating that is. "What's the towel for?" he asks the Soft Lady innocently. "And what were you talking about before."

Naomi laughs and crumples down to the ground, folding her legs beneath her. "The towel? To dry off, of course!" she says, winking at Arc. /Children/. "We were talking about High Reaches Weyr… I just went there for a couple of sevendays to visit with old friends who were posted there. That, and Kaz let me come along, reluctant as he was…" Her grin fades noticeably and she stares at the ground. "I wish I knew what's /wrong/ with him…"

Alister gathers her flowers, gives a wave to everyone, and wanders back toward the hall.

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