A Brief Overview Of What To Expect During Weyrlinghood

Now that you have Impressed and found your home in the weyrling barracks, you are set apart from the rest of the weyr until your training is done. You will learn to care properly for your new lifemate as well as learn to live with a new "person" inside your head. The adjustment from non-rider to dragonrider is a big one and it does take some getting used to. How would you feel if suddenly there was a voice in your head that knew all of your thoughts? That's how your character is feeling, and so it does take some getting used to. You will stay in the barracks until your first flight, upon which you'll get your own weyrs. However, until then your home will be in your Couches in the Weyrlingbarracks, so enjoy! This is a great time to meet and greet and get used to your fellow weyrlings.

As your lifemate grows and matures, the weyrlingmaster will assign duties and drills to prepare you for the ultimate goal of becoming a good fighter during Threadfall. Make no mistake, Thread is the ultimate enemy and dragonriding is not all fun and games. Some of the duties you may be asked to perform: making clothing, casting cookware, collecting medicinal herbs, tending weyr flocks and even cleaning latrines. While these might be tiresome and boring, these duties are designed so that you and your lifemate will be all that you can be as well as giving you further immersion in the weyr. Candidacy does provide that, but now that you are to be a fighting dragonrider pair, you'll need to know the ins and outs of dragonrider life. No more pranks; it's now down to business and good old fashioned hard work.

During the course of your weyrlinghood, you'll make your straps, select-size-and-bg firestone, as well as any other equipement or items necessary for fighting thread. During Threadfall, the weyrlings (once they are allowed to fly) will have the chore of passing firestone to the seasoned riders so that the seasoned riders will have enough to flame the Thread in the sky. This opens up possibilities of injuries and Thread-related RP, but remember you must get permission from your WLM staff first before attempting any type of angsty injury

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